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Ok, we'll do it now, I'll mention it. 
one of the rules guilherme islamic law 
will be the time of birth in her the queen 
I will not quote the rule but I will say which 
the principle of one of these rules 
I was not going to repeat in extending the rule 
but on 5 and it was when we spoke 
sooner than the eye represents a 
heard and so too the heart is using 
a rule that is called repeating one more 
time mateus chapter 13 verse 15 in 
January in same mateus chapter 6 
verse 15 because the heart 
This plan c is funny and built 
or heavily enclosed or for which 
do not come with your exits and 
heart teaches me and converts video 
the people is that they have eyes can not 
see your few egos who do not have the video 
but you can not hear a deaf ear in the 
Bible prophecy asks me is for 
even better heat a small 
comment on ear would not comment 
about us do you remember the history of 
Christ just before the cross leads 
He had just been betrayed. 
training of the Romans arrives in 
the butter and Pedro pulls his sword in 
despair ripped off and cut ear 
Peter short of the servo is Priest 
in that year the right time for Pedro 
does Pedro take away the ability of that 
man listening to it letting Pedrosa 
I'll go look for this text now, lady. 
maybe I did not remember digital 
Ok it 's lucas 22 lucas 2012 
in the back 
John 18 verse ten years reached 18 2010 
will be ours with alicia keys verse 
days then Simon Peter who had a sword 
of played referred to Sergio of the sumo 
priest cutting his right ear 
and not from heaven it was bad so simão pedro 
those who have there above, not 
send I'll tell the tpi and cut 
ear adhesion and this is the goal would be to 
Remember, what we're doing is 
using old stories to talk about 
future events 
was still a notion of what we are 
thus denounce in two old ones there 
of future events and the incident in 
history of Christ must be looked at by 
we as a parable we need 
see the symbol then this incident he 
Christ would be to the animal as 
look at us the 25 racing that the brain 
just lost now and who does not have 
finds the time in the house of the 
Professor him that historical era 
can not hear out pedro just 
close the door of grace to that man 
can not hear the gospel over 
for him to go but he ended up playing for 
she there but what does jesus do next 
but go to the servant 
these swings and take the ear I'll take the 
he heals once more that right and 
restoration in the same but that one 
be good jesus rebukes pedro rebukes 
It's a shame because Pedro had the intention 
to close the door of grace to that 
man at that moment 
being closed because Greece looks like a 
man that moment the judge not yet 
it 's not time to let zenon 
yet he can not still hear in every 
the line recovers for him the 
ability to listen even if Christ was 
companion for him the ability to 
unite ok that this man and sic december 
the name of the man as the evil bible says 
do not measure how he takes it and scored 
but he has a role or job in the 
France Nobody got me this function 
he is a servant of the high priest 
swing but it's dem he's not in the class 
of the high priests and assumed the 
leadership of the church and was not free in 
simply a certain isolation 
zirok because I wanted to say that for this 
but there is still time to 
Grace to this fifth time of grace 
but we are a little further ahead in 
story to system a little more to 
learn in the story says will enter the 
cut will come in front of the sweet meter 
between the system and jesus enters the rope 
goes of leandrinho 
I hope Jesus says something and 
they ask for it to have opened on the coast of 
sun before the resurrected priests and 
launched 10 of the team did not speak a word 
in the name of the union this is the word that 
for that group because for that 
few priests who 
leaders looks like a girl to free 
there was nothing left to hear, did not have 
nothing more than this 
so there's a group that jesus still says 
there is still grace for them but still 
a group that takes these and greece to 
they but soon after the juice 
priest there is no grace but to 
stop them a girl then and we 
systems because I want people to 
see the importance of these 
symbols for people can not or can not 
see the gospel 
for us in our hearts to understand 
how much do i go on pv 
for lion linense has nothing that was 
idea in your heart 
in the first presentations at the beginning 
of these studies not only training and goals 
It's still good to start everything, and we 
commented military history history 
of Christ not only commented on the story 
her women so he would be Christian to 
says that at the beginning of a reform bill 
or at the beginning of the military route 
we do not translate that line l beginning at 
line reform it fill the line and 
not military 
shortly after the period of losing darkness 
then take care of choosing one 
man and gave him a message on the site 
the first today first angel in this with 
that a name asked him not even to 
message similar to this man 
chosen according to the 
Christ criterion and this is a choice 
the color of the child 's own secretariat 
but soon thereafter light passes to all 
wanted to receive between 
later to light pass to all 
those who want to turn to that 
Now you know that luso the people. 
made a point that that light is the 
message that will be delivered to all 
so if not on the bingos that they 
a saw that will be used for 
all and the way jesus illustrates this 
in one of his parables and maneca jesus 
illustrates this needle is talk now said 
a man went out to sow seeds as part of the 
turn fell by the wayside then 
he will bring us necklace he starts to look at it 
he said that the name is indeed embraer and 
sharing and my career in the 
walks of fell right in the middle of the stones 
and a part fell among them that was 
part fell between the thorns and partnership 
between our tires and part on good soil and 
another to have a teaching they read about 
this word matheus 13 when the 
voters against paralel matheus 13 
this seed is the gospel that is sown 
in the heart and exercise 
helena bunny being the heart then 
what the par does not even know what it is 
for she can not bear is the work of 
preparation that is done before 
that can be sown 
This is the brief for you what I felt 
before it can be remembered today 
before that moment the 
preparation between the closed of that moment 
brand she prepared a preparation comes 
before one can sow semenya 
remember that it is being prepared here 
prepare it here is not to feel when 
these symbols by connecting in 
assembly remain connected and the 
people see that the eye is connected to the 
heart the cv he can not 
save in the heart 
by the way with sayings write and if 
those bodies which are responsible for 
other senses how problems 
these children or what are the 
sense managers want to neglect 
the avenues of the soul when he that 
take care of this joanna girl who console 
to the eye because it was feared for Europe 
and look deep in the eyes and look 
do not walk with there is a path that 
are the avenues for the soul 
there is a way the question already 
wait then when you look at the eye 
you can see the heart between the year 
ends up with him pressing for 
it heart and logic that is a parable 
this long term in the parable that in life 
can not look in the eye and see the 
someone's heart because it was you 
there can be no new and came with this 
nelly but is showing these 
principles of how this works as it is 
that works 
ok we will return matheus 13 in 
development in the boat 13 that 
disciples make that example haten is 
ask Jesus why if I now 
speak in parables 
that is the question bar because you jesus 
is remembered at that time because attentive juca 
out of parables because it has all the 
denunciations in the area luan parava of justice 
or to say to say clearly is summed up 
which if not resolved clearly 
then the words flat and clear 
stopped being spoken and now it just goes 
speak in symbols and soft words and 
clear for a result will start from 
weird way 
so if you want to see what is 
teaching is not on the surface 
is clearly presented in the words 
so if you want to see what they do not 
have had the severe when wealth 
not clearly on a surface 
quinta that cabarés found from justa 
hiding something very precious below the 
and anyone who wants to find it needs 
dig allianz or boat in the 
unintentionally on the 
end the good disciples to Jesus will 
ask me if they ask me jesus vai 
answer I speak parables for a 
reason that if there is answer of works 
to look for a reason 
I want you to understand but they do not 
I want you to understand on vacation, no 
Who are you, who are they? 
it is the tennis ears that you are the 
disciples because the phones of 
circles and they are the books and 
Pharisees and structure of the church and only 
God, my selection does not just appear on 
Jesus said that's why he stayed for 
prophecy of Isaiah in verse 14 in which 
tell who you are to meet the 
prophecy trend there is safer 14 
jan lusa the prophecy of isaiah then already 
chapter 6 to balance the prophecy 
leave at 16 ai the capital do not know 
verses 9 to 10 
the bid would not it leave so goes this 
these people said sequela this people of 
this plan is God's bananas power the 
prophet and says go to the people of 
Navarra yese to bring you 'year and 
This thing or what I got for you 
today I have an art parable but no 
understand but do not understand that I'm going to talk 
You're not going to understand why I went to 
places and do not understand me 
you will see also but in truth 
You'll realize you're going in the open. 
nor for liberty did not understand the 
universe 10 says dieese verse 
it has made the heart of this people thicker 
this collection of poems 
it means that it makes the heart of a 
people who wanted to become fatter as well. 
heart after having a heart that is 
fat or full of fat 
when you have a heart that is the fat 
esino of grace 
This is not good, this is not good at all. 
and not the person is about to have a 
heart attack 
I want to have a heart attack 
in a little distance she can die in 
few times it was but Monique 
this order that god gives for this yes but 
the order that I already stopped coming out of it 
harden solved they are there to record 
these exits close your eyes if she only 
things not ugly he to see with your eyes 
and listen with your ears and understand with 
your heart so that it does not 
I have my doubts in mind. 
your heart to understand , and turned and 
not even know how hyaline Berta him that 
it means to be converted that wanted to be 
combatant converted in accordance with 
Context means being healed 
people need to be separated or 
say that they are as with the condition 
from them 
Come on, you can recognize it. 
Sick people, he's sick on the journey. 
let's open isahias chapter 11 
we are going to leave the chapter in verse 6 6 
4 6 4 and 6 1 
the sinful gent when the loaded of 
generação evil trash bags and ro 
work in europe has caused 
nairas update he arrived will come back 
because they want fences because they want to be 
punished health, but I will reveal them 
the whole head has allowed the heart 
from the floor of the head to the 
iaee with scab synergy between the sony 
can look at the freedoms is not cured 
and Saudis with cet said that the plant 
and foot 
the gift of the lp up to the head to the head 
These people are sick 
this plan had faith there is nothing am 
even in this scenario also what the 
head of his free and even the rest of the 
people all there is no one is to say 
that even all people are sick 
everyone in the same condition everyone 
is in the same condition 
they need to be cured you need 
some effect on the heart without 
resistance to water and heart this 
happens earlier in this process 
the structure of this process also that the 
we work the problem in our 
heart here is impossible for us 
receive the promise or live promise from here 
forward then the best and concentrated 
end the problem 
has in the heart here it is impossible to be 
excessive b and will start here in 
Let's go ahead and open it in messages 
greater discourse of christ page 6 
then we let him know he listens to the teacher 
sucre são paulina made in portuguese 
better before we go back to mateus 
Chapter 13 
then let's see the matthew chapter 13 the 
disciples asked Christ and 
disciples question believe because 
speaks in parables because the law for 
look he said I want you guys 
understand and they do not because he is that 
the process in pina and elias not that the 
heart of this people they do not allow 
Be separate because you're heart in this 
pueblo they do not allow it to be right 
nothing they want to keep in mind let's go 
look back and mateus management 13 years and 
matheus 13 verse 
the reason why Jesus spoke in parables 
the reason why he responded by 
needle is to divide into two groups 
they appear to have no aggression between two 
groups that understand how those who 
and one who does not understand that the 
transplant, then the disciples are the 
who understand not only his disciple 
The Pharisees understand only those 
who do not understand the Pharisees in those 
that we do not wait until then 
You do not even speak a word, I just go. 
to understand in the result in paraíba a 
parable all the copies to understand 
and we will approve 36 mateus 32 36 
verse 36 and Matthew 3 understand once 
that Jesus said of course he would not 
request for jesus to explain to the clear 
that not because otherwise this can not 
look explains this was more than 
apply in their understanding they no more 
when the final result comes 
so little do they understand that the 
not guerrillas when the money 
what are you doing with these two groups 
now come in the question is being good 
in these groups now gain opportunity 
for them to heal he is in the 
opportunity for those to heal the 
both groups have to look at who 
now there are more groups and even 
it matters at the time 
a man who looks at this man 
when did you look good 
sandals that in this analysis as 
If you were not simply receiving 
simple way 
ok both groups have to look for 
Jesus and the group the scene I look at is 
for jesus it will be done a job 
with them now and will serve and work 
with them now 
the only thing that is different between the 
two groups the only thing that 
difference between the two groups although 
both groups have the question and not 
I understand it is a parable that loves groups. 
had jobs and in the word antenna 
This group goes to the feet of Jesus in 
robbed people and makes an appeal 
I hope you can explain these 
true spiritual losses can only be 
sold through a gift or the aid of 
god in spirit you look if the 
boy has a gift an aid from god 
this has no faith and not just at the feet of 
Christ to ask you to explain 
had not done is not worth the 15 
children to have children to draw 
I explained that it will not tell us 
It's all about the right person and ask 
so you see and press with milk and 
asking the question is why this 
group does not do the same 
he learns why this group of ours is the 
even though Jesus was standing offering 
free salvation for those who want it because 
Jesus is the one who is clean because he does not 
You know, but I'll prepare the one who 
I want but what's the problem here without 
problem to know what they know that 
Jesus is offering you salvation I 
know that Brazil would not 
relates to them going there but they do not 
tomorrow I'll say a part of the 
problems of this group know a part 
of problems of this group for Christ 
when you are going to mine for creation what 
He says that he did not appear there. 
No way, your wishes. 
intentions your plans and notice childhood 
in any way his invention in our 
We're waiting for something to be done. 
waiting with that expects in the kingdom to be 
established they are waiting in the 
training and be established and I will wait 
the kingdom he expects a king 
She starts a workout in this. 
Very well, but they look at Jesus, no. 
do not even see good clothes 
he would then be gone to resist the 
sale propagated in the para in they do not have 
nothing to do with king when they look with 
best hangovers 
they see it has nothing to do with 
a player 
but for God's sake appear days of 
today looks just like a man 
appeared in the novel I remembered then exists 
alcohol other words the parables and 
has to do with the man chosen in this 
history occurred in this story is 
through all this context which is made 
the preparation of the heart and the best of 
all just a few things we see 
today we look where we arrive 
in this story that we have not done here 
very point nor proven much in history 
military if we have made history 
American has brought emas and 
this event with 1,140 in history 
military did not score receiving like me 
as in 1940 and in our military history 
history of this theme and our 
What happens at this moment in history? 
I know what is happening at this moment. 
in history 
is that once the team has seeded 
This once he is cms remember 
words do not overlap here. 
deals with poems fumbled out 
some people did not do due 
preparation here now people do not 
teaches nothing should prepare end scene 
So, according to them, they will live in this 
story they get the doubts in. 
From your heart then I know when 
begins to relive this story without life 
to express doubts that within their 
but the people who did so 
preparation and some people forgot 
Yes, prepare for it being that people 
are growing and developing 
our experience as a trance trio 
leave when the people you are in 
growing and developing the 
experience as if they were wheat but 
next to the crescendo together yes but the goal is 
always this grace in the pompous but not 
there is no distinction between the two 
groups here in these different scenes 
group companies leave as soon as the 
story continues so far you can 
the difference between the groups between 
the elections and when this is not so 
got beautiful in the new media 
but we need to see now that 
There is a problem to be solved. 
those in the other another time to see 
want problem that interests you village 
some truths that are selected 
here are being against bet with mistake 
looting being is contradictory 
the rest did not face the best then 
there are some men who have been 
hired to take care of these 
of these plants 
this insurance in the shadows that were 
contracted to care for this plant a 
the fruits begin their manifesto 
they say sir 
we are seeing a problem that 
when they are beginning to be the 
the manifest would play mermaids 
there is a weed and wheat in the field 
this team and train in the field the people 
thinks that if I had only sown wheat 
but this game too 
I know that I thought that only the assembly 
rodrigo to also leave there then 
explains that the enemy did it 
Do you have to feed him a bit? 
yes drugs in the sky ask what 
do we get a job where there 
on top says do not wait until accepted 
wait yet who sees who is who 
identifies error says here has error 
an element that when it is dealing 
with this subject involving the truths 
core were placed by 2014 and 
that until the fundamental truths 
were put up this year are ceg 
continuously developing this 
fundamental freedoms have been placed 
in 2014 
efe pi determined his presentations 
ninety-five abacus videos in 2012 
extended until 2014 when the law did not 
says he has finished his presentation and 95 
gave me about her battle started a 
argument that I was the cost those 
foundations that had been placed 
still serve started an argument having 
alcohol I'm launching 
I regret that it was placed in 2014 
all this is the foundation established 
every time when the foundations of this 
there is a work that starts in opposition 
so there is a work that begins 
may or may not break with or in 
then the man the deer put himself in 
opposition to fakes in films that 
were being produced where it was 
does not present a certain class of 
men have begun to question you have 
to correct these problems 
these problems do not have that 
authority because in fact all the 
the congregation is holy, everyone is equal to 
authority because it takes 15 that begins 
if you repeat the experience the rebellion 
decoreba also opened the fifth 
commission is pt in the race experience 
of my life with racing experience 
also viewed when the korean press 
time in the area for bassinet but is the leader 
chosen by God for what it is for 
that generation among them reminds me of 
not be that in this long chosen by 
God for him to pay 
we and the whole congregation are Saint Helena 
andré da silva sandra comments on this I 
I will try to find the text now this 
I will now look for the text is now in there 
hire meets and has to be 
I need a minute 
has the dimension of where the problem is 
in 1 to 1 
to 1 
ok for the prophets is in 
prophet of the Portuguese patriarch page 
294 in Portuguese has shared 894 
Good Spanish Page 378 Para 444 
speaking this rebellion that happens here 
he is in Korea would not have followed the 
way I went if I had known 
that reproof instructions 
communicated to israel was of god 
but not come to take the path that 
followed to become known that all the line 
introduce a rethink in a statement to 
csl beni andrade the scare did not know that 
was God who was obstructing the people 
he did not know it was God who is there 
inside even when I thought he thought 
that he was simply a man so he 
I just wanted it to be a semblance 
moses or fire man-goal all 
rodrigo is all he can however have 
known that says the text embargo he does not 
this is what he could see and sabino 
God wants the overwhelming proof that 
was leading israel 
I knew of the power amaee yee with 
what god was guiding israel as with 
those she guiding Israel through 
Many athlete muses and need to see the 
man that god chooses otherwise 
you fall into the same error as you charge 
another way to beat myself 
now that corey but korea and its 
companions rejected the light until they 
have become so blind that even the most 
voted manifestation of their power does not 
they were enough to convince them of cpu 
occurrence with a tub told lusa 
that old one 
by the most wonderful manifestation 
of his power 
it is a moment that is to love in manifestation 
and wonderful power do not spend 
to convince them that they have become 
become a blind and the teams with 
one more brazilian sound that passes is that this 
it's a silly mark on goal lance 
they forgot about the experience he 
I knew how to give a beautiful experience 
that's why they forgot 
reference who this life they 
They passed through the Red Sea who passed 
as crazy 
the symbol of baptism which was a symbol 
say they have not forgotten the 
they made the promises and now they are 
blind as the apostle Peter says and 
organization of queues like this one 
bet there is a lack of all 
characteristics they already have 
developed at that time he nor 
it lacks all the characteristics that it 
should have in it the semurb in this 
momentum are developing to 
make chaff 
if we are evolving and growing towards 
bc you know you assigned in all 
human or satanic operations in this 
tribe invented 
all human or non-human 
Q3 when someone assigns a 
man that happens when someone 
to attribute to satan what is of God 
that does not happen with those who 
they attribute this tanas that which is of 
God I'm going to search the text now for 
not leave the sequence but what is death 
says that the sin against the spirit 
holy is to ascribe to Satan the work 
god thirst on hi to fetch and 3 exceeded 
that tomorrow and wins the one that is a 
sin against the holy spirit which he 
sinned in the Holy Spirit is to give 
Satan attributed this to the work of 
God because these men are doing 
commit the unforgivable sin 
if we commit a sin and a personal and 
are blind will fall are serious damage 
they are thus thus gaining water and go 
fall on the sill beside the path they 
will fall in is the fall of the cast beyond 
way and how we saw this path 
the narrow path that leads to the sky and 
tell me how I'm fine but I'm never at 
The moment he appears and falls 
along the way represents falling into the 
whole world and dark below and falling 
and fall into the world of pine and gloomy 
that there she stays on the way does not 
there is a way to go back 
I hesitated to drop the shirt on that theme is more 
old god gave you evidence 
enough of his power to cross you 
by the river and the Red Sea because 
enough to see him 
to cross the clothing was the same thing 
made by the people that the day after 
the destruction of their coral group v 
moses were saying voice killed all 
people say not even closing those who 
there the wife is aware of the introduction of 
color is this if they were the mother I know 
were elected the others by the 
dead when they let go they are 
occupying the man thinks that everything about 
these men do not recognize what this 
everything was about god does not recognize god 
when executing the reversal plan they do not 
does this call for the cooperation of 
men and manifesting themselves through cooperation 
god himself had to become a man 
to be able to execute your plan 
to carry out this emergency plan 
ready for redemption is about men who 
they bring trouble and television and about 
men who get in trouble and men 
who come out of the problem and I myself do not 
I only study through men to be 
all through a Roman cycle says that 
by a man 
sin entered the world in durban so 
As I said for a man it is a sin. 
entering a world so it is necessary 
a man to solve this problem there is 
even that same way it gets into 
a group to solve these problems 
need to prepare some heart solve 
the problem of our heart since we do not 
we are ready in the heart then see 
problem is who in your heart 
we want to be converted if we will 
keep converting, forget this 
we become like these men like 
Korea even saw but we forget 
of this story but to say that life is only 
in all of sebo's and returns as 
there was damage and I heard this 
despite having had more evidence 
convincing of God's displeasure 
their conduct in the destruction of men who 
had used in cattle dared to attribute the 
your judgments to satan 
despite the fact that the instruction of men 
They followed the Civil War indication 
more convincing of how much 
Nasty your path leading up 
dared to attribute their satanic things 
declaring that by the power of this much 
were obviously to unite brown men and 
so many because I'm going to read Portuguese because 
not declaring that by the power 
had been caused by the 
death of good and holy men was this 
act that sealed their condemnation in 
seaton would be superficial 
we start to deal with this story 
when I know what to try with this 
history of this time is talking to 
bass player story 
at this moment I was there in law 
It would be too much and when is that Moses is 
chosen to be the representative man 
of this story when many 
more run to ccc 
the work that represents the story was not 
nassar was not the leandro letter 
Because how are you dealing with this? 
history of orders not to know the 
Sergeant's story is better than 
We take some shoes, we are careful how the 
people approach this subject is sex shoes 
and be careful how fat or take 
this subject that these men are men 
chosen by God to play a 
work for that generation because 
these men are created by god it seems 
committed to locking qo for that tac net 
though not infallibly weak though 
do not be foolhardy 
in the social divisions , men faithful to 
this continues the text 
was this act that sealed his 
condemnation was that actor who came out super 
had committed a sin against 
the holy spirit had committed the 
sin when the holy spirit 
sin this by virtue of which heart 
Man effectively hardens against 
the influence of divine grace sin that 
permanently hardens the heart of 
against the influence of grace 
divine, how did I teach parables? 
heart of christ as in your opinion 
compare very active classes can 
to see with dependent is the plan to reverse 
of these men for the most quiet 
between these legacy does not know the sound is 
so well we have a false impression 
What are we going on living in 
history of christ 
we live if you make a meal of yours 
his miracles and cures 
we have a false impression in thesis 
there are none on the farm in brasilia 
if we had seen that story 
Yes, I'm training music. 
in that story before looking at what 
this would clearly mean that he is 
Our God would give me more looks 
we would identify clearly defined 
reality is that reality is 
this look to Christ that ends 
pre Christian is a man like any 
another and looks like the man 
it seems like a deity got dressed 
of humanity at this time is the 
dignity and won in a way that 
people must recognize that this too 
I ruin our story 
according to him the Portuguese economy is 
mine that got into this story 
this sin by virtue of which the heart 
of man effectively hardens against the 
influence of divine grace pkk hardness 
definitely the heart of london 
when it influences is divine grace 
if any of these is a word against 
the son of the man of Christ if ciliary 
forgiven me with akira calling 
coagulate word against lionel messi will be 
forgiven but if someone speaks against the 
holy spirit will not be forgiven pedroso 
he who the law against the holy spirit 
will not be forgiven 
these words were uttered by 
our savior when the works full of 
Grace will be fulfilled by the power of God. 
it's a fight 
This gentleman here says our juice 
our eyes on the beak on Saturday when 
she arrives at caries is carried out in 
virtue is today's colleague were 
attributed by two beauty courses that 
through the operation of the holy spirit 
gave communicates with the man said by 
middle of the holy spirit and get like the bill 
communicates with I reminded and those who 
deliberately reject this operation 
as satanic and improvement of this 
instrument considering the satanic 
sliced ​​sanco and means of communication 
between one and this year will return a 
little I want them to need it no 
what she says is through operation of the 
holy spirit that God communicates with 
the man if we are going to absorb a little to 
that you deserve attention that this 
event of the holy spirit is that 
communicate with london 
sooner we read the first stone and 
according to pedro chapter 1 chapter 
in what God made the word of the 
prophets wanted to say at the end reads the 
word he takes advantage of and asks 
who is firm because he was witness 
eyepiece of those prophecies and stones being 
which was firm because the hope of 
monocular of those prophecies that have passed 
three and a half years with the man jesus 
Because Christ lost three years and 
mean with that christ the man in london 
and saw how the prophecy was fulfilled before 
from his own eyes he was 
eyewitness and I like that 
prophecy fulfilled and delirious punches 
in 2004 they were born from that goal 
they need prophecy of the old 
is my basis in the Old Testament 
completely in the context of the old 
will completely while since 
the Old Testament is being fulfilled more 
once your days this number one on 
same south zone and depression 
now they have the firm word of 
prophecy because they will come between the 
Word assures is prophecy because they 
they will still come. 
to those prophecies as not being of 
private interpretation and is a 
is the one who already had like us who 
should not be a private person how can this 
how to meet and what to do jeanne your teacher 
your time because I wanted my your 
prophecy for pastoral systems that 
to solve if 
Jeremiah's time governments because he is 
a pastor is that they think of this rule 
just time to review my but Christ 
says ' you are situations that will bring together 
those sheep do not malnutrition these 
tensions the pastors who told me that 
lost your free versions you look 
the synagogue and asked us this 
vocation of those Linens did well to 
synagogue we saw that Peter was a 
little concerned that he 
was selling those free in the 
other victims who asked when the 
to worry some voters that Christ 
was offending the leaders but jesus 
Do not mind the question again is 
How can this question me I 'm sorry that 
not knowing this prophecy was fulfilled in the 
Last I was applying your time. 
and Peter says no prophecy that 
private interpretation 
past time and time Pedro said that 
no prophecy is more private than 
happened to those people who happened 
year, for example, they could not see that 
that teachers if they fulfill their 
they can not have that prophecy 
feel completely to whom you have made 
blind people could not leave this work 
be made in their hearts 
the hearts he expected anything 
unless they have to undergo a 
simple man like any other 
he misses anything less than 
internet that commit is a simple man 
put another back second pedro 
between the brothers absorb the 
We will not see the second stone capitulated. 
last verse and let's read and last 
Talk 21 For prophecy never 
was produced by the will of man 
because the crossing was never attracted by 
human will but the holy men of 
God spoke inspired by the spirit 
if you do not want the saints the shadow of God 
abraham being inspired by the spirit 
So you have men in 2001 soon. 
these men are holy of God months or 
even years the previous month what god does 
through the holy spirit speak these 
he wanted certain that through the spirit 
holy he to this shadow in all history 
in each era throughout its history without 
God can choose men to reveal 
your purposes 
I've been here for a month for the best. 
proposal that was an ancient history 
that's how it went in the millennial history 
chooses miller to reveal his 
explained that the family for 
work its purpose and directed the 
miller for his holy spirit and 
miller for his holy spirit 
now we will return in this text 
Before we will cross third of Brazil. 
have record page 13 
in all periods of history 
terrestrial is nothing even Spanish is in 
page 13 also for the whole period of 
history this earth that say of all 
the periods that grow in all 
periods with all money with towel 
to be the future generation then to reveal itself 
year because it saw on line in each 
earth history period in trance 
line niece in each sentence period 
yours have had your men of 
opportunity to which to which said 
piotto men aquino chose right as 
instruments to which the 
you are one thousand testimonies 2005 the people 
found in the prophetic book of 
apocalypse the witnesses of christ 
giving system that I entered in the 
apocalypse of these ceremonies and respect 
of this Christian universe active in its 
two witnesses to his mother's book 
there are 12 goals have balance 
ok I said the same emotions will go 
to witness bag victims for 1,200 
years said that mendonça if you liked 
carlos dressed the conscience ants 
in sustaining one has the power to close the 
celso that does not rain one gave the time 
seems to set the scene in queues for whom 
should not and if the other has the power 
would be land with all kinds of plague and 
it another week day from him the land 
told that it was plague that they are bassinet and the 
that they these mothers and csll 
moses as prophet moses the prophet and 
they as one who prepares the way 
are represented as those two 
witnesses and he is like one who 
prepare the paths that are do not want 
introduce you to prepare the way is 
one of the applications made and if this does not 
I applied energy from the hill 
eating this prophecy and when it is not 
comments on prophecies to these witnesses 
are the old and the new testament 
the old and new testament okay and now the 
people continue the text 
in 12 hours a week is that there have been 
all ages viii niece he bump 
the phrase year and it is this then it is of man is 
not come back to life at all 
the bob's and all the votes bombs 
pious in all ages 
if we open the great conflict to 
343 social and the acronym panels 343 
343 death said 
the work of God on earth represents 
century after century said that laura 
life on earth presents century 
I therefore propose that the 
transit does not present a surprising 
similarity century after century accuracy 
in this case similarity 5-1 that the 
principles of god in the principles of 
God's dealings with men are always 
the same and the encyclicals and it is 
days when men are always the 
same and the story of God's church in 
time present in its parallel in those 
from past 
it's history of 11 in it time 
present in overcoming it in single past 
here it says that there has been in all 
centuries in Brasilia said that throughout the 
men of vows shadows that there are those who 
people need to see that century after century 
god has his votes men still 9535 
list left with the shoulder 
our faithful shadows who gathered the 
rays of light as they shone 
in her path that she is commonplace in 
lightning rods wants to appear in this scene and 
that the people spoke the words of God and 
the people on the block of words 
what is the role of the prophet Muhammad advancing 
take us was the story of 
miller that we turn ms 
marked this point with 1818 presence 
then we marked this point with 1,037 a 
people saw that within another name 1818 
and in that work in that other name and 
today to God it reveals that in the future it goes 
to see the man as Moses of Bethlehem and 
future bathroom a man as he goes 
put in his mouth his words and 
who will cause us to provoke their 
What does he say to this man? 
will simply reproduce and that the 
park with the woman simply the 
middle of the area and produced crystalline 
anyone who does not use the words of 
man while Iraq is not what 
He fumbled in the assembly will die 
barrymore and here she said that if the 
men spoke the words of God speaks 
to the people the words of God then if I 
I wanted to say that if I knew the 
open the things of God to them words 
beauty that is the man's role to 
Sometimes he go Andrew talk the people the 
words of God to shine when the 
words that I speak I do not have error 
anything that stands beyond the 
cinema because what he says his 
words of God because what 
in the words of God it's not days we do not 
if it's posed it's nokia 
Noah is not Moses Moses and Daniel to union 
the long list of athletes themselves and 
prophets and legalista they priest cacique 
owners were ministers of justice 
all to the minister of justice to people 
There's a lot I could talk about. 
justice ministers using a lot of 
thing that we can look at by ministers 
after having justice comes from the word 
fair of hospice and in him the learned straw 
the right word to fail right the 
ok right that the man who is the minister of 
Justice is the beginning of everything that is just 
london the former justice minister between 
they a name is fair that does not err only does 
the correct 
Nobody is wrong, my head wants to be 
Correct, okay, because I want us to 
here's what you want to see 
attention here you see what you need here 
are the names she quoted noc no 
moses moses some edis 
the list is long there is more but it only 
is this specifically is this stay 
he these men the minister of justice 
he complains only but the minister of 
The police are going to say something now. 
looks interesting as there will breathe 
they were not infallible to say they were not 
to clean Libya was a weak man 
subject to error is the month should read the 
return comes out of error but god operated by 
their intermediary when delivering to them 
their service to lose work through the 
well half and half who deliver the 
assembly of our selection 
remember how God illustrates the two 
witnesses that he has 
during that period of 1,260 years 
1940 and as any day is illustrated 
all the same as he has end of 2010 
on time he said they will prophesy 
but it was not prophesied sapa dress 
He said that he will enjoy to send 
to networks and hilarious bag 
during my 60 years for years 
1960 ana saucer those two witnesses 
will prophesy bag such that the 
works follow so will process see if 
referencing the state 
million ante with which the bible will be 
presented during that period then 
if they pacified banana need it 
it is humiliating that there were 50 
period is the same as it does with 
these men here and say the same thing 
that he thinks when with the same works 
a symbol of the 144 thousand and 
do not leave a symbol at 144 in all 
these men the minister of justice all 
the sambas to the minister hill if it exists 
something interesting because we see 
on here 
So I'm interested in who you are. 
see here earlier in this study but 
years in the studio we did a study 
called the prophets of the time 
the first project of time that people 
chose what we used was noc 
the first time showed that it could 
was a prophecy identifying a 
moment when another prophet appears and 
join the people in meeting 
prophecies and do not profess a moment when 
will appear another prophet to nina 
count and you will tell the bakery without 
fulfillment of prophecy 
we went through the list of prophets 
of the time last December from the list 
it 's time for each of these 
names were on that list and no car 
and their names were on that list every 
one of the prophets are prophets of time 
each of his prophets are property 
of time we closed that study 
talking about miller and our mistakes 
that golden dream of miller as one 
prophet proclaimer as a prophet 
to proclaim was the prophecy that 
miller proclaimed and what was the prophecy 
who better proclaimed his dream and 
this dream a prophecy of liberty 
diagrams will be scattered 27 times 
he is own memory and prophecy 
it is true that it would be dispensed in a 
period in which we have made a 
the application of which states that 
that prophecy is a prophecy of 126 
years in teresin on the enzyme 
neither will this prophecy be used to do 
it is also strange where from the 
moment that the first prophecy was 
widespread development in which 
first prophecy was the departure until the 
moment of his prophecies to return to 
be joined up to 90 week prophecy good 
to be reunited are told to sounds 
126 years alone and certainly settlements 
I'm leaving, I'm going to change a little, I'm not going 
pay everything 
but here we have miley the man in 
all goyal family a goal when 
She's going to stop all there and we're alone. 
1883 millionaire in 6 1963 if in the prophet 
proclaimer but a prophet programmer 
his prophecy prophecy of the 126 prophecy 
For you, too, I know it leads us to a 
moment where the next teacher of 
Scripture will be fulfilled in 1989 I know is 
that prophecy takes us at a moment when 
prophecy approaches if it is to be fulfilled 
with this boy is 89 
the event that marks the time of the 
our generation these elements that mark 
5 so not to get into this silva 
moment that we need to recognize and 
this moment of the butter scene 0 a 
man the prophet god choose to 
to unveil for this generation their 
designs of the square to hold up is 
better for these children so the 
prophet programmer a gathered prophet 
in a prophet program prophet order 
gathered the truths that were 
scattered here in this story is true 
to whom this story we are going to gather 
once more 
look will be born zoning ranged in if the 
People look at this story of ours. 
1989 context often EMILIA 
seem strange context of 1989 
we begin to see that there is no proposal 
of this study but we start to see 
how each of these truths came to pass. 
be joined by sinatra important 
study by time pass checked 
it's true that they were meeting here in 
The rules of the methodology for this 
generation was established in mines in 
2000 and regretted that she was going to 
lighting by nobody 
the descent was used revised lines 
italy had prophetic lines was 
passing and was given was opened treasure 
come back a little because this magazine does 
in 1989 
it establishes the principle it ought to 
My master wants to know how to think and 
reinventing itself without mines does not 
should establish line principles 
on the line 
ok the method for our generation was 
given and the niece and subway to this 
line generation was were on the line 
method on which all these models 
are built and limited on almost 
all are models were built 
now you remember that at the beginning 
people talked about the parables 
look if you always care aline sinnott two 
have much light on the parables of 
Jesus who listens to one of the words 
jesus tells of a man who went out to 
buy the land found a treasure in 
failures we have video was eras 
this man who came to the area in 
leg and she was as a lady with 
the method you use to know a 
earth you know methods and use 
ground on earth is not something 
disorderly it is not easy for the 
The plow must pass through the earth. 
line goes one line and back in another 
line was lead to the penalty 
line and government in another line he 
emphasizes that they took him to the 
line that's one will take in the 
Jesus said he found it when 
corrected account the parable forgot that 
Jesus said that I order you when he 
is the band for a missile to a field 
and now finds the treasure and he said 
that I did not leave to give a field and 
ally finds a treasure 
The whole story we have a 
treasure marked here still without this 
story we have a treasure the brand 
law and how it opens this treasure to 
people know all the designs of god 
for that generation then when you 
open this people you all like this 
marked for this treasury inertia 
his truths found in daniel 11 
40 45 
still in session at the meeting scheduled 
without nani at eleven and 40 45 this is possible 
because one was used as a method 
correct for the man who left for 2016 
possible because the future that the food 
correct it and stop the metal with small 
a little a little distraction in this 
parable on the small distance this 
The word is that when God speaks of the kingdom 
He says you must be like him. 
that man who finds treasure sells 
everything has its family behind and goes 
only for that treasure in three 
days and that if to cease heaven has to 
be like edson shade than with what 
purchase where it does not stop and for a 
money sell all you that cni revised 
a literal story 
among them the function in history 
Literary if we were to cling 
simply the moral aspect of that 
so if you were to get the foundation 
was a moral factor of this prophecy that 
story saying we should be 
how these greedy men and challenges 
you do not have to be like this. 
shadow greedy now but us 
You know that this is not the stop on 
but we know that it is not yours that appear 
because we have a correct method 
fear when we separate what is 
prophecy of what is moral and to separate 
wants a job or wants to live 
need to do this you need to acese 
separate morality prophecy has to 
separating the prophet and put live 
because there are truths in the Bible and that 
has medals on books and moral truths 
that anyone who reads can find 
this theme was when I wanted him to 
Finds so until this knows the 
moral truth of the Bible and practice them 
they are even to know the truth in the mesh 
road better to apply Muslim 
even even Muslims can read the 
cover bible cover and sabella still 
better than us 
they can read the bible tapas step knows 
the best because I'm not holy but the 
only thing they see there is their 
morality but it is one of the blessing rules 
moral issue 
they see nothing of prophecy he does not 
comes in the city hall as civil servants and 
for morality prophecy 
but at the same time separate the 
prophet the movie does is dig 
find a treasure and I do not know what 
this man to have work and find there 
union staff 11 40 45 tannins and 45 
since daniel 11 40 and 45 was opened 
for the latest generation 
provided that the line does not have 40 for 5 
can make this relationship to the history of 
God's people have been impacted like never before. 
before in history god was impacted 
How ever do you walk the people of God? 
the delivery was glorious 
this has its development in this 
history and this trend is moving 
in this story is that we identify 
this unidentified man died 
miller is the miller messenger element 
rule is that it means miller and that 
means family that has one 
mill and tekken a line that takes care of 
June that takes care of a marina and 
guilherme means carer means 
caring miller is a farmer who cares 
from Camp 
a cab on the field so not caring 
I find your message to be true that it 
comment that this in fact that 
problem is that when it arrives at the end 
people meet another prophet 
When I got the money, I got 
finds another prophet as chosen 
For God's sake, unveil for us 
treasure mysteries for the latter 
generation and a man chosen by God 
to reveal it in the other mysteries of 
not to get on that list the time 
was published and written by the 
messenger to the next generation the island 
the time magazine was thus revealed and was 
written by a messenger for this 
regeneration that there is in the df there on the pier and 
he knows that the name of the prophet is 
corresponding to his mission and that he 
do not remember was also in the police station 
when we began a look at what your 
name means just see the weight not 
the boss of rival of three German names 
meaning district or traveler but 
pro properly a pledge of peace but 
even more properly the peace of God and 
is of German origin meaning district 
I listened to the most exactly that is 
peace bearer 
by the environment or more properly 
saying almost gave the name of jeferson 
means peace of god means that 
means eagle power too. 
means to see what water 
represents and that there is autonomous 
2849 to us to do everything normally I 
had 40 and this is not how I go 
to contract a nation of land that 
bubble as the island nation whose language the 
night for god I go as an area that 
will be betrayed when you say that ball 
like on the island 
the new pattern of property prophets 
the nation is rome 
We will not read in English. 
467 english english 
This water like Rome and 
identifies this eagle as a group as 
rome a great conflict page 42 in 
set by acronym page 42 
the image also identify the vacancies of 
rome it 's also indica that hillary 
roman roman typifies the united states 
in the last days in rome we have stayed in 
united states steel moved word 
pip of interest to us we look at the 
ping word 
this word composed of two names and 
if it appears like this by the numbers 
the first part is pipe him the first 
part of the team that means the seed 
of a fruit tree which means 
acm is from a fruit tree that 
seed according to which we have already studied 
here he is half that in 
we proposed this to her here christ was 
revelation of the truth to the Christ 
revealing the truth of the world through him 
incorruptible seed the word of God 
was sown in the hearts of men for 
he was nobody like uncle and he was 
remembered in shade decoration 
Spanish apostle bet on 
you can make a new app 
reference is made to the English text 
then at the end of a 
little symbol 
then it will open options for you to open 
the other languages 
it will happen after opening with 
that of a bidding but of any 
So I'm going to do this work that 
it was in this plot that he caught up with Spanish 
in Spanish 
the page and 415 paragraph 2 in has 
after reading page 415 to speak in 
Portuguese and Portuguese 292, paragraph 5 
I understand 55 
Okay then the next part of the word is e 
then he the second part the word in 
this word means farmer the 
this word means a seated one 
a caretaker 
acim the zombie so there is no fear fear me 
I give 
Who does not have the internet, is it the dish, okay? 
it is a dish represents a meadow many 
from now on also 
plague the first time we saw pipe 
this message is how I traced us pbs 
message from someone who is in the field or 
someone who is in the desert 
strange language and sang that has a 
Your message is a message of desert 
peace this - rs increase that will lead to 
gospel message the good news is 
they must be given by that 
symbol shown by the area of 
united states of america want to see is 
which must be given by this symbol which 
represented there it's hillary that 
message in the desert 
about the future of america he message to 
tell if it was about the future of america 
it is no coincidence that the name of the 
which was established in 1996 
when the magazine was published 
it's no coincidence that it's not drinking 
which was established in 1996 
when the shirt was published futile for 
america and citigroup america's future 
his ministry name is but 
ministry means a future for the 
america which means future for 
this is the name was not even chosen 
at that time and this is not even 
makes at that time been helped 
by another ministry was given by 
another ministry wants us to see 
also to close what has done well 
it is important to understand the events of 
our important school history 
Understand eyes getting into your story 
and connection with men that God raises 
to go to carry out its purposes 
in connection with the notion but wanted to 
raises for those purposes that the 
arguments raised and often 
seems to be started against 
men because this argument was 
raised and often raise 
to find them shoulder are apparently 
against men are apparently found 
works such as the story of Moses 
the men were blind 
just as she would be earlier we 
we are going to be an old escorel of tam in birán 
Korean team up front could not 
see what it is to raise their voices against 
The man who was chosen did not 
managed america legality with you 
is the name that was acquired by 
God actually were raising their 
voices against God himself 
the remembrance management is is raised its 
bag and find it's own and this the 
people need to recognize men of 
God for this story then playing 
then recommended the organization in 
Shoulders by apple store that your 
prophets times projects for this 
history that this year the prophets and 
time for this story to take a 
decision and say which side we are 
then they did not exist and I had is that he is 
crowded who is on the Lord's side who 
is painting of the alliance will last still 
Let's pray to God, Father who is in heaven. 
because the years followed three studies 
What matters is that the scenes 
accompanied in this story and that now 
we close this specific issue and 
now it 's very specific that interests us 
that we can allow these words 
they have lived in our hearts 
small other plan was between these 
words have to live in your heart 
long ago we as his people walked 
patients from head to toe 
Because a lot of time to send 
z from head to toe we ask that you 
I can operate a cure for our lives. 
our heart in other lands that 
have applied in healing to 
neutral hearts so we can 
also harmony with its purposes for 
this story and that in Brazil we can 
see the harmony that purpose connect 
let's be completely 
converted into what we bring 
fully converted let us be men 
new themes on new 
the new heart with it the heart does not 
jesus christ of people things that is not 
writing of going to vote things openly