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welcome everyone and then have 
We talk in prophecy and applications. 
for the last days 
when we join the prophecy of applying 
they went to study and move people 
compare our teachings with the teachings 
traditional church but other 
compare but do not bring in angola reviews 
and traditional in the church there are some 
similarities and some disparities and 
if it has some similarity of some 
everyone agrees that the end of time 
history will repeat itself 
everyone agrees that in order to 
time in history it is a clear sign 
in the bible and held clear in the bible 
because we're going to open Israel at 46 
still hit the crossbar and leaving at 46 in the 
verse 9 verse is not 
the verse to verse 9 10 verse 19 is worth 
only spanish 
going to read only 
spanish said 
waiting for things to happen since the 
ancient times because I am God and in the 
youtube or similar signals that 
notice of the seniority of the 
that one was not me, I say I get 
I will remain and air and all I want is a 
of the pilots who proves that history 
repeats that proving that history 
repeat now will open the text in 
message chosen volume 3 
Let's open selected messages. 
383 pages 239 page 3 and so on 
the bible has accumulated its treasures 
for this last generation was already coming 
accumulating with all the treasures to 
this last generation all the great 
solemn events to the achievements of the 
history of the Old Testament are 
repeating in the church in these last days 
all great events and solemn 
the achievements of the history of the 
testament giving elegance in their 
last days 
the question bible joined to 
last generation so I asked what he 
told that the bible joined and how 
treasures for this last generation between 
the island with tone and accumulate the woman made the 
last generation to continue in the text 
still try to warn this treasure are the 
major events or events that 
happened in the last in the old 
Testament are repeating today still 
you will see that your great treasures only 
us historical events that have happened and 
that is 
that are repeating the church in these 
last days worth avoiding anyone without 
We can say that I 'm going to give some 
examples of how what we teach 
money not revealed that has not 
More impact of the latest events 
days of sharing also has its 
we begin to speak of parables to 
We have the word of the bracco here in the 
Brazil does not work to look the way 
How do you understand the currency? 
symbol that people identify the currency 
as a way for object prophecy to be 
make turns into other things 
the lille is to prove if she is the fifth 
sector or anything else in the parable 
there is a coin and it has been lost by 
woman who was lost 
We're going to call this parable people. 
said that word a person still 
I do not know who knows 
wet that if the woman is persona that 
people turn money into a person then 
worked on the way in a person 
Does the condition of this good or 
then wonder is that he will beat 
met the character ox is not bad it is 
this person is in a condition of 
lost in this mesh because when 
happen is the thinnest person because 
if the person is not lost and worse than 
that this she is lost in the house 
and not realize why only who is there 
inside it's how we need it 
understand these small details in the 
if I understood the small details of the 
parable of who is to blame is that the 
coin was lost 
beijing in the curve is that he the woman still 
lost we look at the parable that 
lost the coin was the woman who ends 
it will be for looks who will lose way 
sheet on credit jesus will tell a 
another parable to extend the concept 
that he taught in the previous stop 
among services to raise the following 
to look at enlarge and beautiful conceptor 
parallel mother at first he will say 
that the kingdom of heaven is like a sheep that 
if it is lost and that it will be the one that he 
hymns like that I know you've lost 
there is a pastor who went to get his son 
of a shepherd fifth luiz carlos 
so the sheep are now subject is 
lost then hour vsr everything is 
What do you call the sheep and 
person is also in the person who 
lost in this parable of who is to blame 
without this parable that the thing in the 
parable of the coin to look the way 
that the woman to woman guilt her 
Blame the woman but we have another 
parable that teaches the same principle 
but we have to work with the same 
sure we have a sheep and a 
pastor who will not fall without passing 
the sheep is a human being. 
lost a sinner 
then he would take advantage of this one human being 
who is losing there that this sin that 
I'm seeing here it's passed on. 
usually as we see this 
parable space to god 
usually like ours is you too 
sa paraná and pastors sent Jesus that 
was this person correct that he 
interpretation connect in stop 
previous to the woman's fault in that word 
who is to blame and the way 
guilty is a reference to look here 
my account 
In the last few studies, we spent a 
commenting on applications 
we spent some time commenting on the 
application only because as soon as the 
people will make an application in this 
parable that I love doing this 
in the application and a lot of word that we are going 
open mateus 16 and mateus 10 and banana 
trave and matheus ee mateus 10 in verse 3 
matheus de r 355 jesus chooses the 12 and 
now will give a mission for the 12 
matheus ten simple verses and 6/1 in 
mateus money circulates 5 and 6 are worth 
It's just you sent jesus islands and 
instructional way 
different new islands and girls 
Samaritans not in three if in Iran said 
her about the losses of the house of israel 
where are the lost sheep to him 
is now setting the 12 as 
the people who are going to get their sheep 
as revealing Achilles in Italy will seek 
also that we know clearly here 
this shepherd who goes after the sheep is 
christ the god himself had sex 
fully what happened that kill her 
also tends to be Christian properly 
but what is saying that the 
here we see that they will take care of the 
sheep they will seek to solve the crisis 
did nothing in the verse that the 
disciple of January also look for the 
question that it attracts so on stopping the 
people can see a real one with a 
between the role of Christ and the role of 
his disciples the relationship between what is 
when the year ends. 
former who lost the coin 
the doctor loses the sheep and who 
lose someone who is seeing you and loses 
will he say no to people 
will see that whoever loses sheep is the shepherd 
to know that this germa 
23/23 verse 12 of the 44 yen near the 
so so your goodbye to him 
pastors that peace among others 
1,090 characters stood up and our 
care is here that the punishment of 
malice bags brasiliense arrived to 
ask for the same to be done permanently 
about the serra injetoras 
the owner of the act and sand 
dwellings that have grown and multiplied 
and to think about the shepherds who 
this patient and did not fear was an idea 
nor will it start the legend will not be less 
Work says it's already done now. 
with the disciples who is speaking 
shepherds who have lost my sheep and 
You will seek them out. 
your ears have lost a thousand counties 
banal will seek my skill in the 
percentage is making the application of 
teacher jeremiah 23 your own 
time so I know it's being applied 
in my 23 own time that 
lost the shepherds who lost 
This house law was the pastor who goes 
finding the sheep are spaces is the 
pastor who will find there over there 
case and if it goes through everything the 
We understand some things when 
people begin to talk about parables and 
if not in the things that when we started 
read so I saw the prophecy people 
said a coin is a sheep 
delayed in a way that 91 
sheep is a person and that it is actually 
be on character 
it all depends on the methodology that people 
using this depending on the 
methodology that your blood in this 
parable the woman loses sheep but the 
also against the old but in the 
sabará not want to look l'équipe ervilhal 
made and also against the villa and also 
find someone at the beginning of the parable 
woman the woman represents a church 
who is not fulfilling his purpose 
initial is the parable is the woman 
receiving is representing there and if there is 
who does not comply with the law 
I came on purpose but in the end finds 
sheep and now represents a good church 
hero to find her alive and 
represent the region in good or 
when we see this parable 
we know that whoever loses the sheep 
it is these pastors who say the text 
When you hold me, look at you. 
team and thousands maybe to this past 
as well as 80 and holy two days for the 
pastors in israel who feed their 
osaka sheep shepherdesses is the 
want and that the patient does not put 
top what happened'm doing 
feeding the sheep since they are 
pastors even if they have not fed 
Look at the market once they 
food their sheep they are 
spreading the sheep and a 
since they have already learned that 
you and the women so he could 
to do in the morning there is still in 
of the herd had already come all the way 
within work but the reason why 
she was spread by the food she 
is receiving and cams and wide cams that 
They were spread the matches there to 
food that will be following what I think 
that both are lost within the same 
is indoors or in the herd 
lili goes though the shepherds have 
the old man's request to one of the 
lost or wrong will establish the 
his disciples his shepherds to 
recovering this herd disappears 
Cipullo down so the pastor and 
recover areas and lenny 
so this is one of the principles that I 
I want us to understand that people 
can the symbols they turn 
we need to correctly understand the 
symbol within the context that is 
being presented transforms and understands 
that he was not showing that he is 
showing that the same symbol that is 
Even so, tomorrow can be god, because 
God can be the disciples know the 
principles and ways to recover their 
sheep that do not even need ore 
a little earlier in the context of 
the parable of the shepherds that step 
loses sheep is not good example where 
history repeats itself at the end of the end 
times when I started saying that 
both we and the church teach that the 
history repeats itself because we 
resulting no leftover has 
that which is the sudden 
world knows that everyone only repeats 
knows that noah story that your 
work will tell us end of days 
It will be like in the days of Noah that in order 
to hear and see how I will be 
how was the 6 and 9 married citizens 
in divorce marriage said lotto too 
five years ago they ate what they 
want to get the economy begins to think 
in these things and when we started 
think of other things we do not 
be aware do not know what people 
are looking for a job 
we 're aware and we're stuck 
to see that your then we are looking for 
already overlook important truth 
the treasures 
we were not overlooking the 
truth is important not of people 
shows that are the events that 
repeated in the church in the last days and 
exerted the pressure of events 
on the amendments to be repeated in 
English history in the last days because 
it is easy to look at the history of 9 
people get married and take 
Why not bring it in is not only facilitate 
to transmit the Chilean national team and 
you see that the person in secação too 
time it is our story to say 
Look how everyone marries if and if 
divorce and will also cover 13min is 
everybody boxes and called the hour 
coming in tells the story is 
repeating in cv in history is 
repeating we go through some 
details of the story but not 
cluttered by some details of the 
look a little history to the 
noah's story 
we leave a bit to be enem is not 
this is not a message he went to 
message that 120 years and when it arrives 
end of the 120 years of a prepared ark 
and when it reaches the final and so too 
have the workout is not to beat unaca 
prepared because it is not easy and it is not 
the rule 
the event that happens at the end of the 120 
years when this element that happens 
after all, this is how we see the 
animals receiving the animations of two in 
two out of 12 in miami is a profession 
walking in a procession entered marco 
area and how long it takes 
that's how long it would take 
Then this democracy knew then which 
are the types of animals that will enter 
in Africa 
Pure animals the theme of this line is pure 
and unclean animals and painting 
This all at the end of time 
want it now so you do not need 
more people will change these animals if they 
turn into people either will not 
open more than if we go to 
history of acts chapter 10 chapter of 
we see 
Pedro receives a stone view of the sky 
with all kinds of pure animals and 
impurity of the heavens with all kinds of 
pure and impure animals, pure 
time that Pedro is living when 
he has this view of the change in 
dispensation of the gospel ceases to be 
for the Jews and goes to the world 
Today, the woman changes her 
Jewish church is the world's door 
Grace has just closed a class of 
So he's the doorman, the story is over. 
for a class of people and will start 
for a bad start the gospel nailed 
by another group of people 
he will start practicing for another 
passionate group then pedro receives 
vision of pure and impure animals he will 
need to get similar stone animals 
in pure and unclean animals he joined 
Look, you're going to start eating these animals. 
ok us back to the story of Noah 
humanity was 120 years old to 
repent and hear the message that no 
I was preaching to a waist line 
to repeat if I go 
message you are not practicing if you 
repent or do not want to learn not to 
people do not hear the message of noah 
therefore do not enter the law so they 
did not get better and so now the 
art is open to another group to 
pure and unclean animals the hour was who 
knows to the other the group is 
open to group the pure and 
impure that they start a 
powerful manifestation of the power of God 
two-by-two in improving 
Parisian demonstration to this income 
the fact that they within two in 
two will also represent the end of 2012 
also will soon mark the clamor 
midnight when we make the 
military history application 
This also marks the midnight cry 
when the idea is to apply if the idea is 
unprecedented with the second Gellius message or 
the second message and then click ok then 
us this time 120 and after a 
period of seven here previous 192 pt no 
period of study are some 
examples of how prophecy works 
future children at the end of time and 
mec science breaks like russia 
prophecy so in the times that it is not 
just about eating and drinking and getting married if 
to divorce 
this that not only of him what he wants 
eating or drinking or of couples in force if 
prophecy is not only about the morality 
prophecy in their own words 
but also prophetic symbols that the 
people need to recognize in the stories 
of Old Testament Treatment Above 
the prophet and coke in the other and should not 
recognize and in this area defending the 5 
We need to connect these stories. 
with the events 
You need to connect history when 
back now we mentioned this 
Let's absorb the time a week. 
someone we started this week 
small water 
during this week we open the 
first is the second by chapter 11 
we do not know the second is pedro capitulated 
not verse 19/21 21/19 and 21/16 
we have family to practice safer 
which the six wines attentive as one 
antonov the break in the dark car as 
those bald and helene days will be tomorrow 
the Serbian showed hearts understanding the 
first that no prophecy and 
deed is private interpretation because 
never is prophecy betrayed by a given 
if not that the saints the shadow of them 
abrahamzinho inspired by the spirit 
holy, which means that none 
prophecy was given for interpretation 
private means that which means that 
no prophecy was given as 
private interpretation because when 
Peter said that the word of prophecy 
firm and says that we need to know 
something first 
it ensures between a pendulum of knowing the 
language, no prophecy is given by 
interpretation of man or 
private interpretation that no one 
cross and private interpretation 
Ok, so we commented, we made a 
point on top of this no 
commented on umbundu 11 mar efe people 
saw that what Pedro is discussing are 
the events that will happen in your days 
between the sale that perishes arguing 
about the event that happened last 
time it happens the whole chapter it 
is talking about two groups with 
Chapter deflectors were nervous 
groups a group that can see in 
a group that can not see a group that 
can raise in a group and can not see 
who have forgotten the promise because he 
his life in the province and now that 
group that can see they have been 
living witnesses or witnesses 
ocular group that could see in 
hung born between research bi 
eye butters they 
have witnessed and that since he 
to witness the prophecies of the old 
testament if it fulfills his days he 
if you stay where the prophecy of the old 
testament the government without us 
it has been three and a half years 
being prepared with jesus 
they spent three and a half years being the 
prepare the leaflets and see in Christ 
making applications of prophecies that 
had been given ready will 
to meet their own they dias.no 
I saw they saw Christ they do not believe 
making applications of teachers who 
had fulfilled in the Old Testament the 
and will apply that prediction is 
follow with old life testament if 
fulfilling their own days combines 
You too and in the growing days of 
an example was the prophecy of Jeremiah and 
in your right but I do not remember when 
pgr is mine 
The GM is talking about their own time. 
men who are spreading the people of 
israel and the cdma italian ansa own 
time of men who were dispersing 
wake her and jesus now it's catching 
this same prophecy saying that 
in his story 
This still needs to be done even in 
own dr 
ok to go back then in verse to verse 9 
so come on there will be verse is not 
said he had not and he had not 
these things have a very short life is 
I continue my doubt of the purification of 
your old sins that will not 
comment a little on the 
distinction that Pedro is making between 
the hardware so let's recommend a 
bit about the license and operates is being 
The question I ask is which period 
of time that Pedro is living in 
tents and ask that Dago was a 
First time, Pedro is much better. 
that Pedro lives in that time period of the 
the cross is the beginning of the dispensation 
christian church lived in the profit period 
without this unfortunate period 
emagrecesse anna eshoo 15,15 
he'll say something let's see if it goes 
be the following, I will also 
disability me part of the bag 
other modes at all times have 
memory of these things because it has no 
given to know and power and our avenue 
lady and sucre I'm following fables 
You do not want to get involved 
in this as trans or own boots not 
usually result because at the moment 
he is saying that we can see 
at this moment that we can not well 
he said that people who 
they forgot the promise and had their 
closed eyes were blind but I go with the 
my life 
where the Italian promises are 
considered not to be old when the 
people find this symbol of the blind in 
two of the 55 years had on the island what 
represents someone realizes that they want 
in which they follow this state of 
blindness is the state of this year 
he was coming down to open 3 
stress in the verse to verse 17 verse 
Spanish Tell me why you say José 
rich spliced ​​forgotten and tongue-twister thing 
I have need and our time that you are 
one wretched and poor me will be equal 
destination because someone who is blind is 
someone she says is right no one 
like it did not work 
dom pedro ii identifying in the time of 
a group of people who do not 
can see close to stay in 
Christian history persona group not 
you can see who are the people with 
your duty in tone and da sakineh in person 
who can see a distinction here 
Why this group of the church that Jesus 
It's not working. 
group ze elias if the child is 
forming as and only then the theme of 
follow the topic logo de laudes esta 
fully present in this history of 
his system following the presence of this 
totally the story of christ 
the team needs to keep in mind that 
laudicea is a story that happens in the 
End of Times 
but to keep in mind that he leaves 
It's happening at the end of time. 
here was perhaps the fifth audience and 
Pedro is saying that this scenario is 
happening here in its time and at the time 
I thought if this scenario is 
happening at 15 time opens in mateus 
chapter 15 so let's go mathew 
chapter 15 verse 
oh ok 
the feast of the twelve old verse twelve years and 
A woman broadcast after we go. 
carry on but at first only the 
verses 12 the verse 12 poems the following 
We are asking 12 
then he says about his disciples 
elected since appeared only sold 
when will this word some point in 
above this universe then nobody in 
top sundance meteoric disciples are 
living with jesus disciples now is 
seeing me things come to jesus heard 
what did you just say said you are 
offending the safety Pharisees reduce 
and say 'you 're meeting the 
the Pharisees are a conference the people 
I should not be doing this to them. 
you end up at the conference being 
because you will have Japanese finances in fact 
we avoid together with them it 's true 
we want to be with tons 
apparently the disciples have just 
forget what happened five 
chapters before that was when 
Christ has placed them as pastors of the 
apparently the verses had 
happened five chapters before when 
with the pastors of 
sheep when Jesus did not put the 
takes up the pastor adelasoye then the five 
they are worried but jesus is not 
it matters 
on the ball was worried about the 
Jesus simply says not to 
it matters that users use salt 
Jesus speaks and does not care 
Pharisees did not offend not exhale 
matter what she does and then in November 
is that he knows what will happen in this 
story because I want 
happen then it will destroy the 
temple and build a new time it goes 
destroy in a temple and build and 
lifting the time will go through 
auditing those people who do not want to 
see that it will establish a new alliance 
with those who want to see 
will lay aside the dollar up to 
do not want to see will start in the same 
line already on the area that those who see the 
that the long films 13 and 14 of the cinema 
verses 13 and 14 for responding to 
I clean every plant that has not planted me. 
seems essential it will be in charge of 
wrong the signno's sound guide of the blind and if 
this guide came to seek in law the 
what will happen if a blind from others 
left angles that will happen if a 
single and continue to work 
those free of the blind in 13 regions 
interest and likes to say 
there is a way here a way here 
are here on the way of the year and driving 
other servants of god and this man leave 
path and this guide is driving 
other acronyms are blind on the way 
extension will be halfway going 
happen to you 
according to Jesus who have just been 
when to grow according to the word 
prayers will fall will fall into the hole here 
from the road side to the side hole 
It's you and the home of the narrow world way 
dark and down and caeté in mines 3 Jan 
For a little while I'm there, she 's what I 
I want us to see that there is a 
present in the time of Christ that 
they need to deal with it 
that has been present in history 
child you are given to understand 
that we'll open and matheus 13 so let's go 
slaughtered 13 
and verse 10 verse of s 
13.3 the back of 14 fourteen say why 
know in the ministries because anyone 
coming in a way that made him go out into the 
thinking and closing your face to 
that do not come with us and today when I 
am old and with the heart understand , and was 
covered and the launch is approaching 
jesus asks in parables of jesus 
I want you to understand that the 
group text 
I do not want you to understand that the purpose of 
say something you do not want 
the other person understands what the 
purpose of being a thing that here is 
another group is good and has eyes 
he nor I am the voice of your eyes are 
have to vote or be the ones who 
when someone has eyes but can not 
see what that person is like when his 
so tire if he can not see that 
this character that he is just a blind in the 
French league 
people have more wealth simply to 
cnn have ears and brides I will change one 
Little does this have eyes on low cost 
they also have ears at this release 
coins have eyes but do not see and 
ears but do not understand what does not 
come on so do not listen to not 80 as 
say verse 15 let's see if 15 plus one 
time is said as verse 15 years 
helena more because the heart of this 
for the funny and the ears today in 
heavily and close the 
that do not come with us and today with 
out with your heart and understand and 
breach of the principle of 
repeat and magnify what I have to 
reply by extended repeat and 
repeat and expand 
eyes and ears have the same function 
when it comes to parables but 
it's in my heart 
this is also the heart that told you 
I have eyes do not see involved not 
listen and your heart 
so why should the almost 90 
and ground - cut yet the heart we 
converted to ok 
to bus 
Let's make a brief comment I do not think 
Let's skip this. 
us to say a prayer after the 
new then do nothing so they will 
to speak the truth will not miss dear 
God, the passion of heaven for wanting 
present in the scenes they asked us a 
good about so on these 
studies we have also created special licenses 
about this story I might be 
help us in the clarity of our 
mind to make the correct corrections 
that if it was ours ours brought some 
serenely await installments due 
Canadian Alanis can be with us 
open and try to understand that you have 
prepared for us and that we care 
understand the things you do not know 
tries to open and show for that 
smile let's understand personal jesus christ 
she asked for a resurrection scene too