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the last presentation she who does not 
It's just that we ended up talking. 
how to make applications of 
We already finished the year like this in 
Christ and the application was not to make the 
that we did all this work 
everything is all this development is 
all interconnected 
all this work 14 he moved 
that the movement finds itself today 
this movement has contracted and having to 
deal with some controversy that the 
people where apostasy omega having that 
when the controversy I read in the 
programs already bet Almeida has 
light or part of the light that you 
opened to us after this controversy 
started in April when the controversy 
began to look into his eyes 
the tension in that parable that exists 
some applications that can be made 
in Paraiba 
We are going to comment on this. 
in this presentation in comment 
but first let's see some applications and 
how these men make applications of 
God's word 
I've been there words that it comes back to 
in the history of miller were transmitted 
but she would be me and we will go 
to observe with God gave me laws in your good 
opening for him waiting scriptures 
observe as hateful April the family in 
deed of his friend in a series of 
prophecies and a certain sequence of today 
milan in the prophecy of series 
following the first prophecy that was 
given guilherme and was professor 2,520 of the 
The first company to open mining was the 
do the 2 minutes well with many years to 
people understood this prophecy studied by 
many dreams of other themes this 
club is understood this prophecy for us 
how to love what you did was miley is 
understand the Levitical 26 
which made me understand and bit the 26 for 
this thousands exchange was only to understand that 
I do not even know what he found was that the 
correct translation of the prophecy of Leviticus 
20 c 26 07 times he encountered 
behind your dock connector and psl 
was third with 70 when the people 
look carefully at this story 
we watched the launch of this story 
Leviticus 26 has never been or is not 
treats translation 
is not and never thought it was an 
application only application which made me 
misunderstood and 26 and interpret it 
a seven-year prophecy was the 
to interpret the psl that he himself did 
Let's open 18 with the history of 2008 
What is the history of the team? 
daniel 8 daniel receives this vision and nani 
great weeds and lucian of the realms to 
prophecy of sales is prophecy 
and if we look at the first 
first verse of 2008 
yes we finished in first round 
junino tchan we know daniel 
is at the end of the last moments of the 
captivity in Babylon remove it was 
the final military moment and at the last 
you have an improvement daniel knows that only 
Arrives at the end of the 70 years and you weed 
alex aguiar at the end of you try neither 
he knows this based on the prophecies of 
Jeremiah and Moses and Jeremiah 
then my 26 prophesied about what 
would happen to the people he would be 
dispensed in transactions for a period of 
to say what happened in 2016 would be 
what would happen to the powers that 
would be dispersed through is or else 
they are national 
we find Levitical 26 years swore 
possibly 6/1 on limits 16 in the 
way to open 24 26 and keep your 
finger in marriage and keeps 8 wool blue 
at night 14 14 18 
with these things I do not get involved and 
seek to punish cia tvs but also 
demonstrated pride and showed how 
errors and earth as tough then that 
moses say that if the people continue 
sinning continue mistake 
if they carry on and take the gold the lord 
will see against them with a puni 
the engineer for him 
will punish the cet see what he is going 
do is break the power and pride of the 
that he but he will have to plant and the 
is proud and proud because the pilots 
understood this is the moment where the king 
from israel 
the mana sesi is the power of disrael 
high in captivity 
the case of Manasseh would be brought to the 
Blessed Claudius this happened in the year 
this happened in 685 
We'll talk 18 if we're going to do it. 
circular today told the agency a 
repetition or again it is said that the 
people and punished 7 said once again is that 
when to be punished by phone 21 to 
same thing and verse 21 she teaches me 
coast 28 again on 28 11 on the reverse 
33 munitions and 33 until 34 days in 
home every day that gave me the 
others this demonstrates the enemy will sing 
in English said 
I have all the time that has devastated 
rest for what I did not put back years 
days of rest when in environmental and 
one more time in English said that she is going 
rest on your Saturdays once again 
said that he will rest 
their rooms 
now we go to the second chronicles 36 
years of work in the second and chronicles 
it was 36 
We'll have a second 21st verse. 
chronic 3621 
a yes 
but if it is sold a year before that 
here to get the word 
to overthrow Jeremiah that land 
the rest rubbed by the time of their 
regret the attack back in the 70 years were 
we see the land here rest the 
Saturdays on what we use here that she 
have she marry saturday 
This happens during this period of captivity. 
70 years and his previous band so 
category, let's look at this when 
moses proclaims prophecy 
but when the mother sews a prophecy 
Jeremiah looks at prophecy in which my 
girls is the confidence that he says 
until I need to rest 70 years one 
of them is prophecy need need 
this is what jeremias fans are 
he looks at that prophecy speaks to 
70-year-old teacher is a cycle of seven 
a union cycle 
daniele same prophecy rock a prophecy 
of 70 years where the earth needs 
Okay if in prophecy and 70 years where she 
you will need to sing you can see 
this in books of heroism in books 
from bass 
after seeing this level of jeremiah in 
2008 you want you can in the book the 
chronicles and of lincoln and lenny de 
chronicles tom danielson at age 70 in the 
captivity among animals and 70 years 
then should and in the end is happy know 
people are about to be released 
he is ready for you to be 
it's been 50 years have been passed 
70 years now let's go back daniel eight 
years midnight flag 
because today gabriel does in 2008 
What she does not light is not going 
reveal in April what daniel wants 
to know 
He's going to work on what Daniel is doing. 
This is the best time for daniel speaks 
daniel is still 2300 states mornings he 
Call me for him to read and leds and danielle 
still there are still 2300 house of 
morning would be trying to remember the 
legs and girls 
when we look at progress that 27 
daniel hears this vision when the others 
going to the air circulates well said until 
when she listens for service year 
He says that I choose and I stay 
sick with for some days he would be the 
my wanting broken and that good 
we will have a few days 
I did not see anyone who could understand the 
vision in the area that may appear with 
Daniel sees the real sense of the vision of 
Leviticus 26 10 When my old lady 
to win from him since I started and 
perplexed had not attended properly 
the prophecy that is to apply and not 
I had fully understood the patient 
he had made an application that was 
extremely literal right of prophecy 
but he still failed 
he had not yet seen the application 
spirit than that prophecy that 
existed in that prophecy would enter 
had seen or applied his spirit is the 
who understands 70 years but he is not yet 
well understood the 2,300 people can say 
also that he does not yet understand 2,520 
one prophecy 
we can make some applications 
prophecy we can not have any 
application in Leviticus 26 people 
is as follows : 
applications and 70 years two thousand 
three hundred and twenty years and 2,520 
convince the 53 application in the 70 years 
did not bring me till morning still at 
Sunday and it's also important to us 
see how to make applications and prophecies 
remembering that the seal in which he came as 
to be the application of the prophecy that we are going 
open and habacuque we will win with that 
covers Chapter 11 by capitulating 
any period of time during which the boat 
who is living 
which is the length of time it 
contains catarina 
the prophetic structure of the two thousand and 
five hundred twenty-seven real 
help us the structure for you to stay 
until the with the subject our earth and to execute 
the first king of his last seven to 
apple of complaint denounces until first is 
but in the sixth second ramon is 
according to her brother her son stayed in 
Follow agent josias 
then he was not like that it's even more 
four kings up to 15 4 hit here 
this is and with the bark or who with 
so and Habakkuk is a project that is 
ministering in the joseias period here 
ministering previous awareness and 
habacuque marked in this story because 
What is Josiah? He's such a famous king that he 
made so great in his ministry 
I do not know why I can get a suckling pig. 
for the boy who was what he dreams of 
superior reign is known to have 
been a good king 
He is known to have a good volleyball 
he destroyed the apostasy his 
ended with the proposals of his parents 
want to destroy what ended this force 
service seems to have a large 
crew has started early in the great 
this time God's people saw was 
been undergoing a major reform in 
of God's people then this moment is 
could have been operated by a 
reform at that time and it is in this 
period Habakkuk is ministering 
and white cinema will complete 
but what happens is that 
no matter the retirement you go 
happen when those who care 
with it the reform that we accelerate that the 
had already begun in May. 
the sec that was an entrance of what would 
happen in the following generations 
because it was going to happen that things 
they had begun and manasseh that was the 
beginning of things that are going to happen 
after doing it had reached a set 
so loud that it does not matter what happens 
From now on the day ended at 
that he had begun 
Who cared who would happen? 
forward and thus determining that it 
had begun death comments on the 
book to prophet time 
hence it is only in books and bills and 
It is now worth Habakkuk chapter by chapter 
did not add 44 Spanish when what I 
I'll call noir like this and help and sewers 
dae you aunt because of the violence and 
why threats of kindness and 
those who see the woman and the destruction 
also does not fear and plate contention 
set ups and readability 
I do not know for sure because 
wipe the series it cost for that 
voter that chip is doing this 
so I want everything is being here is 
there being a vision also a prophecy 
he is seeing in the vision is seeing in the 
prophecy but that his role is now 
time for God and speak until when the 
you will not act justly said 
he who mines and vélez that kitchen 
when in the neighborhoods nobody invest in 
if that's what you can not see 
How much trouble is happening? 
inside the people will be like this but in review 
than when the problem is being 
please deliver to 9 haja do 
something and they please tell me if 
not only brought well the gasoline coast 
if this information Habakkuk 
expressing the situation of the people in that 
and if they cried , he made 
inspect the situation in the industry was 
the 19th place 56 beautiful read and verses 
English and targeted international and unb 
shadows per fell on the work and monsters days 
than 1 when I tell the 9th believer 
because here the hair is raised 
a cruel and precious one who walks by 
earth painting to be able to date this 
because it is now possible to rise 
and respond to baccuch so it's time to 
stand up and respond not to do 
Something like winning something like that looks at you. 
will see a nation raise that nation 
of the Chaldeans, and they followed him a half an hour. 
mine being a thing in it yours 
barbeiro nation that will rise from 
holy week in jail involving 
they come with scoundrels will cause judgment 
inside the people and will spend something 
When I miss, I understand and steal. 
I understand and taking your information and 
de 80 silva I really wanted to go 
do is cause a judgment and the people will be 
taken to Babylon 
then she's taken to the title. 
where I could read a little more 
next universe but we will jump 
progress 12 
this could models the following versions and 
let's jump verse 12 in the studies is 
the principle that goes from 2000 saint thousand 
We will not go as I go to meet him. 
positive and you are the place founded for 
curl the bank is saying is that 
I was on that thing leaving and gentlemen is 
very stern lady and tv 
he complains at first where the people who 
through Israel to establish a 
eternal concert establish an alliance 
that will cause the people to come and take 
all of us destroy us destroy what we 
God is doing is showing the judgment 
who lives in fulfillment of the prophecy 
2,520 or that of the judgment announced by bassinet 
years ago I received or complements 
boy teacher 
determines whether to enjoy more and priest 
It 's important for us to see this. 
It is important to write the chapter 
The next chapter will ask what 
habacuque write vision versu2 verse 
habacuque 2012 
but to run through yemenia that the 
people when they saw the vision many 
times when people taught me and 
yes we do something it will never be 
something I think I do that does not even want 
be run 
What is my question is why someone 
You need to run while reading what's 
written in the view of Brandeis because the 
people running to read what is written 
analysis is the view because it was 
beginning here it is written that it has a 
view because it has been inscribed here in my 
judgment did not meet 2,520 2,500 of him god 
will punish the people days stalls 
they got with once people see 
this can not be resting need 
run to rest and return to 
subject matter 
the cyclone we read and save and will be 
on the fortress affirm and lipe and I will give 
to see what you turn me in and that he 
responding playing MPB reason that 
people run because the watchman who is 
us on the guard and looking from above because 
he is there , skin on the guard is watching 
to the top and is able to see the danger is 
coming to do this line what this 
girl shows to people what he 
I just saw he's very much this person. 
do not want to shut up is a warning to the 
people realize this character 
anyone who does not answer or not 
Run on the warning will die 
anything that does not happen here 
that does not protect itself while 
warning she received from her mother 
the circumstances and context of 
habacuque 3 and 4 to 1 for a while 
innovent will achieve and wait for 
symbolizes vendramin not tarry a 
verse 4 verse 4 
it is here that will take care of our 
reject pride and without cost anymore 
so it will serve what happens here is 
that this vision will happen on days and 
habacuque he is who knows if not 
happen to travel us 
this is one of the examples where prophecy 
happens in the days of the prophet so 
miller and his companions saw this 
same prophecy your days 
we are going to open a great conflict with 
adinan 393 or 392 in rio grande 
still in Spanish would be the same 
okay to 392 points two in Portuguese and 
Spanish 390 322 would not be bringing 
page name 3 
We slowly go Spanish for 
matter of time 
sorry for alert in spain being time 
will actually begin on page 390 
points 2 to 1 
How about giving him custody because it's safe 
will come and will not take hero here and he 
still doing here saying that there is 
a prophecy habacuque 24 that people 
just read column 4 that our king 
by making a special application 
prophecy of the time of the merits of the 
following paragraph to 42 of the order given 
this prophecy wrote on a tour of the 
islands so that it can be read correctly 
he had been injured even in the 
wording of a cartel property gol 
who will bring us the danielle missions 
the publication in this case it was 
the fulfillment of the order given below 
in the lower back with the tone in all that 
the same prophecy mentions a relationship 
between a lesion evident in 
lack of vision one time delay 
then finds this passage of time 
writing helped a lot 
the view will still delay the link to 
endless teacher who does not win 
hope a detail to guard because he 
It is safe to enter costs 
I can have turned, we see that then 
is that the same prophecy that is fulfilled in the 
Habakkuk time meet the time 
lacko has a special application pro 
time of meteorites that did not apply 
for women to comply with the 
prophecy was the publication of this 
with the application of this to kill 
that was written on the map or in the 
boards that were written on Christmas morning 
the grass starts to 16 87 processes and that 
start the 685 that runs through the 
way until 1843 and continued brokerage 
this path is friends with 143 teachers 
2,520 of the boy also and that is in 
title of the publication of this diagram 
car children and who has hair 
publication of telegrams be revived 
carlos made because as soon as the 
the military described the vision 
boards so he women 
first take of carving that they make in 
followed is to announce that God will perform 
a judgment on the very people he 
promised to keep his promises that 
3 to 1 on the own people that he 
promised to keep his covenant on 
own plan that he 
I note that when the diagram 
published in military history 
so when it is great but published 
in military history the military pass 
to be rejected by Protestants 
even better would it have gone up 
access sheet protesting and this is what 
causes the fall of Protestant churches 
teach that cause to fall he is to hire 
the subject of the fall is related to 
this subject 2523 he subject is to fall until 
national with her santana 16 500 sell 
but it's important that we see that 
although this is accomplished 
in the history of habacuque there is a 
application of the same prophecy in history 
of merits but it is important that it is 
selling here is a thing of fulfilling this 
law is something to do the second 
would the drop shirt repeated in history 
Miracle all it comes to the application 
that everything is being done trying 
apply if ambientassem disease 
when today the man stood up and said 
that there is knee in the middle of the wheat 
when you look only at the week under review in 
st is in the middle 
people begin to question it does not 
it is possible that someone can 
identify the knee in the middle of the wheat 
it is possible to promise to leave the 
You can see that there are 
wheat together in the field is 
clearly presented in the parable and 
clement santana workers for 
Yes, it is possible to see who swear that 
I assumed that it was Ian King who 
they train to be the harvest 
for the future, Angola can 
separate future but the problem is the 
problem is to be good for enrollees who 
I pressed her for the writings they took 
parables of jesus 
he is making an application in that 
in that book 
so the one she says here those 
servants do not want to know that this mistake 
it's those people who are in the church 
trying to separate the wheat from the chaff without 
It is when there is still time 
these characters are not 
I really liked the person on the island. 
separated and distributed in this 
week when the towel at 5 she goes 
try to deal with a specific problem 
in the time she is living and 
raising him was like a problem 
specific at that time church every time 
if clouds become monitor is linense is 
this lcr 
she is trying, she is doing the 
application of that extra time 
let us prepare it from the wheat tares and 
matheus 13 
among others in mateus 13 24 30 and 31 in the 
enemy field 
It was when he chose however it appeared 
also in the mini family 
bruno and six others in Syria and the time 
the acronym diverts players from turning 
first of CESAN etar no new by 
here bag to resort to wheat in 
January we did it once 
lock it again then no one will 
Related searches 
to illustrate is to sow the seed in the 
field and develop in the period of 
see the distinction between the two 
this word is this word illustrates 
excellent seedling and a process of 
it is simply not possible to know that 
with group is with group and and in none 
needing and simply knowing that 
group and if you leave but at the moment of 
the plant fried but at no time 
open fruit command 
the brain can see that the fruit 
fruits are different I 'm not really 
fruit is the fruit of two struggles 
completely different 
Ok let's go back to the parable that will 
identify a symbol from above 
of the one who is the field 
Who is the cover like Jesus answers the field? 
38 of the parable is to take 
she said that the church in the world 
the field is the church that lives in the world 
seeing that she is making an application 
stop because it is in the application 
of the test 
though Jesus identifies the field as the 
world to a new recession, stay there and 
he fell as a world the logic doing 
a field-church application in the 
world remembers the mother needs to stay sane 
he sang and read in one of the 
things we need to see how he 
is working or studying this parable 
and these are the ones we deal with when 
is rising now is one of the problems 
when one addresses parables 
if we do not have the discernment 
spiritual correct wireless system and 
spiritual line of the convent segment 
if you do not know how to separate things 
properly and do not know separate 
things right 
if you think you believe when you look 
for this parables simply 
look at the moral aspects of the parable 
If you believe that when this 
stop in the parking lot of power 
Release it's made coins and Paraguay is 
because death when she deals with this 
parable in the book carlos de jesus ela 
is simply looking at the 
moral aspects to paraíba because the 
problem is the time is much more now 
discussing a little about is how to understand 
parables a little about how to understand 
Let's open the chosen volume message 
3 to 1 339 
so let's combine is not elected 
year in 3 the queen 339 
I prefer it too, do not people do that. 
the Spanish page 387 in Spanish a 
Strap page, I'm sure. 
reserves took 3 to 0 
Unfortunately, when we go 
read that text said in front said 
if you go to the church people will also 
They will be telling the story to 
Repeat, there is no difference. 
reference that everyone knows that the 
history repeats itself everybody knows that 
Jesus said that the end of days 
It will be like in the days of Noah because 
I know it is so denunciation will be as in 
days 9 and 11 years then won the church 
Look at these teachers, of course. 
that history repeats itself in clear 
that he repeat the history of us say to 
Noah story and this comes 
at the end of the world in which 
people marry and descasam our 
story and see the same thing the same 
It is going on and ends at 23 dorina 
people eating and it's the end of the world they say 
the most important is important that 
they look at the surface 
he spoke neither the truths for the 
surfaces is that it is true that 
can see what is below the 
can not catch the surface 
treasures hidden in that prophecy 
do not advance on me is to avoid muddy 
even in silence for the people 
chosen was with this wonder 
I mean everybody teaches repetition 
of history but there is a distinction 
between this group and this group will 
repeat is neither more nor is this group and this 
group a 
closed can not see anything is just a 
front of nose 
now the text from where the bible says 
accumulated and gathered his treasures to 
this last generation that this treasure 
how do you find the treasure as 50 
usually the whole story of the 
pirates they buried the treasures 
treasure are not on the surface with jesus 
speaks of the treasure as a parable 
beyond the hours he is jesus page 47 
points and scattered and sailed and his father 
Of Jesus 
here someone page 47 bar 47 on 
spain leave at seven points and this comes 
spanish carlos hill that 76 point 36 
would walk to the nesv to leave when they learn 
ilegra straw more 
okay in the parable the field that encloses the 
treasure represents the sacred 
in fact she was faithful to prepare the field 
the treasury represents the 
sacred scriptures and the para is field that 
contested the national percentage 
structure of the gospel to the treasury and 
in the network, ie the land itself is not 
so permeated to see the golds or 
full of precious with the word of God 
is to have the same law with a second goal 
there are two previous paragraphs two 
stones where a man says 
yielded the land for cultivation and 
days this parable is that a man is 
on the ground to motivate those who 
lumbar word and so far not ground 
stop cultivating it you have to be a man 
who finds a treasure 
He sold everything to buy land. 
to cultivate and wash the oxen the soil is 
unearthed a hidden treasure 
this agricultural model where 
seed is sown we put it 
expected to air the land before the farmer 
Brazilian what he does things plowing 
land did not even know you have found a 
treasure he even knew he was going to 
find their grace to them the treasure 
give them my question is how to 
as it is done in this process plow 
a field and a car full of bush 
You almost cried on a line in 
third to have peace and released in a row 
do not turn on the other line to equate 
some mothers I receive in another line to 
accelerate it on the same line over line 
you remove all the problems until 
lines rows remove all 
problems is the problem. 
that exists here in the soil of the heart and 
diseases in this way is 
problem that is part of your decoration 
then but it's in the niece line method 
still if the team passes the whole line 
on the line 
this man finds the treasure this man 
then opens and the purpose of the gospel 
for that generation what we have 
here is a man who has a treasure 
later the treasure that speaks of a 
man who has a treasure draws things 
new and old but if this parable 1352 
that killed us 33 52 family 
okay in this parable in this parable jesus 
presents before his disciples the 
the responsibility of those who work 
and whose job it is to give the world Jesus 
presents before his disciples 
between 2005 and now I'm quoting from is 
spiritual own this volume 2 page 
254-A, I know you become respectful. 
prophecy when mendonça page 
254-a 150 no one in this word 
Jesus presents before his 
disciples in drawings to pay or to 
receive representatives of municipalities 
responsibility of those whose work 
and responsibility is to give the world the light 
that they received from him and his wife 
who are the ones who received the light of 
those who received the message the 
glorious the light as illustrated in paraiba 
military history illustrates the 
or receive the seed of their hearts 
now they are seen in the cms and now it is 
showing how these people are doing 
through the word of the 
old treasure where people take off 
old and new things treasure or 
take advice 
not the old testament was all the 
scriptures and then the existence of the old 
all the scriptures in resistance until 
So he is a man who treasures and when 
he had the old things 
he is showing people the 
writings in resistance to existence 
until then man has the treasure and now 
he begins to take the old things 
treasure and look who thinks the 
stuff spouts and selected and death says 
that these old things are the old 
testament that it was the scriptures then 
existence of complaints all warriors 
east want the scriptures then 
existence wants architecture wants to have 
all this topic to think about today if not 
solving was what old things are 
in the treasury not that things are just fine 
six o'clock same thing on the coast as 
scripts in existence until then it is 
result a step further than it is the 
Same thing is different 
the existence today is not only the old 
the old testament because the new is 
spirit of prophecy too and are all 
the scriptures resistance then a man 
in old things those things war 
presenting to people the 
scriptures then existence 
he is presenting to customize 
structure continues but these scriptures 
was not merely written for the 
old but it was for all ages and 
for all people it was black it will be 
separate for all our poems 
Jesus wanted teaching if the 
directors of his doctrine 
diligently search the old 
it is his in webs to seek it unjust 
written in the scriptures of the old man also 
he the scriptures is the launch by the 
light that establishes his divinity as 
messiah by the letter lucas his dignity 
as that is what was asked in the prophecy 
that it was for him that she reveals 
nature of its mission to the world and 
red nature on this mission in the world 
that Jesus wanted people 
understand the old things and how 
their mission was identified through 
prophecies of the old testament jesus 
I wanted the idea will be to cut the tongue 
and how his mission was linked to 
these things have old testament 
now the old and the new testament are 
now it is bad and not the will 
dreams and stopped separately because 
both are the teachings of Christ because the 
removal already recognizes 
doctrine of the Jews who accepted 
only the Old Testament was not for 
salvation is not for the salvation of the 
doctrine of the curious who was correct 
only so the will was not in the 
doctrine to speak if I am simply 
because she is saying is that he 
it would appear to us if you simply accept 
doctrines or simply accept the 
old testament that are the scriptures 
until then existence then if it intends 
middle of the secretaries old testament 
publisher andrade also takes advantage of 
which are those inscribed until then 
existence that are even in all of them the 
avoiding to understand this can not save and 
just do not know now we need 
identify the events and connect 
those the scriptures with our days 
and left the events and connect the 
catch with us have the new things 
We can take things off. 
of the gospel of the treasure 
okay the doctrine those who discard the 
Old Testament is not for your salvation 
they reject the direct testimony of 
Jesus because she rejects the testimony of 
jesus can ignore the events the 
moral issues with the events that the 
man takes the treasure 
basically that's what i wanted 
sharing we need to understand the 
the role of the messenger to open to us 
the treasures of the gospel 
in pgr's view, what will open this 
person to share with 200 is that 
This story of a thousand and this story of 
Miller is electing me is one that I 
was given a treasure the guilhermina was already 
the treasure 
We'll see it first. 
inscribed and in the plots to know is always 
this writing 
Page 82 
This is the dream chapter of Guilherme. 
müller begins on page 81.2 the page 
had I not the highest 82 points in 
Spanish in 82 Owner 
I know God take me and read me here. 
it's in the context of guilherme me reads 
here is bad happened dream in winning 
A woman saying I know God for a 
invisible hand sent a piggy bank 
admirably worked of blood is 
curious about a way he was told 
a Curious Safe retreats the size of 
It was about 15 centimeters 
long by 25 wide that 
understood that there were no people there called 
for six is made of year and carefully 
marquetry of pearls and select should not 
it is curiously enough to spend the 
beaches the small safe was a key 
while the confresa tatá better than God 
does not want to know who sends the miller 
a bible and a key in law to say 
that this safe is the bible and this key 
are the rules of interpretation being that 
without suffering she lived and was going to read merrily 
the interpretation and red receives this and 
guerrero milena itself 
immediately the half-xavi opened the safe 
immediately take and open the safe for 
my surprise I found the full 
jewelry of all kinds diamond size 
precious stones and silver coins and 
gold and of any size of value 
carefully arranged in their 
different places in the safe 
I think it paralyzes the hurry for my 
Surprise shadow found on corkscrews 
diamonds by the presence of gold weeks 
and silver all the morning and the value and 
class and girl admit me to 100 seats 
inside the safe and so put Andrew 
ramon in glory and a light that could only 
compare if with nelson arrange ok alone 
reflected could only be matched to the 
sky light 
I just thought that you should not dispute this 
Wonderful view alone though in the 
heart was more than joyous where 
the beauty and value brilliance of your content 
I thought I should enjoy s sleep 
It was wonderful what my heart of a 
sewing room frank l splendor and 
helena moura and is the value of the content 
so I put it on a coffee table 
lopo if it is crowded about the progress in 
center of silva announces all 
who wanted to come to 
contemplate and the glorious and dazzling 
never seen before by man in this 
life in will know the cef when not 
could benin liberia and respect it 
killer and brilliant that I received 
shadow in this life when man receives 
the bible rules and opens in control 
treasure when he does not read the bible and 
readaptation in all of them found a 
treasure that comes there is only man owns 
treasure it is important to see if they were not 
important people is that the text is what 
man does with the treasure then who 
threat with victory does the same thing 
which was coordinated habacuque to make the 
elections on the coast that was ordered 
lobato of the series of colloquia on a 
to put sandro natália in 
Portuguese and Spanish says a table in 
Portuguese and Spanish said in half 
but the English says a board but in English 
Natália put on a board going 
put on a board how many times 
He is going to put one over Christmas. 
When you look, you preside over the grass in 
when I finish it seems to be grass 
here his truths that were within the 
neither the safe nor the safe were all placed 
on your board and was putting this is 
represented the dream of miller 
presented in the woman's spain but 
happens next and now I'll start 
paraphrase the dream 
so what happens next fgv 
will recommend for pleasure is this there read me 
receive jorge vi invite people 
to come 
see here what is in the safe 
miley and put them there I know Lula is 
there and dlp they do not know nor revealed that 
what happens to these sheets and the 
people begin to hear moving in 
safe using me or get in to be 
merge the copies stopper starts 
to take Jorge from the safe spreads he recommends 
This carla wedge explained he 
I've already started to dissipate, okay, I 'll go. 
erase all this, it's still time to see a 
card this and I'll show you what I want 
to say with the dream of reading me then 
well in training and small 5 this morning 
on the island 
Here're reading me to this family 
miller the prophet and nezinho enjoy 
This dream is this prophecy and this dream. 
this prophecy he sees is that these 
truths were placed under a table 
on the truth board lay on the 
Christmas around the less like it was 
a dream that we will not make or 
identify these truths are scattered 
seven times to 500 
the first time the first truth 
was scattered in this diagram was 1863 to 
first time these truths 
the first truth is spread and decides 
the grass was the truth of the 2521 truth 
it was actually has a meaning 
especially in a context of time I do not 
I'll prove it because of time. 
there is a prophecy called girl 
it's a boy 
and in this movement it is clear of some time 
we identify this prophecy as 
being 2520 
and this movement is intimately clear that 
It's strange that it does not recognize 
As that does not happen the team very much 
well because there is a mine are 50 cycles 
two girls total us 100 cycles 
is a cycle in the Babylonian measure so the 
half of a mine that 25 and 1 126 cycles 
one cycle equals 20 generates one more 
son is the same as you want to know 
how many geras are there in 126 cycles a 
People need to multiply by 25 x 21 
2527 90 say that this symbol 126 is 
connected with prophecy 2521 that 
So number also said to be 
connected to the board take 500 also 
the spreading prophecy of 7,64 
organize society this thought 
Descendant we make an application a 
success case in teacher application 
application that we are talking about 
application of the blow until they are 186 
when we add 126 in 1863 
I thought in 1863 we arrive in 1989 
You will reach the mine so it hurts and 
that here we have a prophecy being 
fulfilled and daniel in daniel's book 
still you do not even the prophecy that is 
fulfilled in leogane 11 verse 40 for 
see what we call the end time 
for our generation and if she feels more 
it does have a power for this reaction that the 
people expect to have here because he is what 
we recover in the loot and what people 
Expect to see what he is who 
wait here 
based on what we've seen in the 
structure that we have developed until 
on here 
it was enough for him not only to structure 
tite technician expects to have a 
I do not remember a prophet here 
the prophet joins pain that he seizes is 
gather gold then miller proclaims 
in 2001 was to look for a prophecy that 
the people against the prophet who will gather 
the people in the time of fulfillment of 
prophecy is 50 years from now 90 that button 
When is it still there for you? 
since 1989 daniel's book has been opened 
term for this generation of girls then 
answered and released the money was opened 
Renato for that God chose a 
man who will join his people and the 
times I prepare to tell you this 
we need to understand that the prophet 
of our time and had not yet done 
in your time to join our voices to the 
prophet to transform us 
girl to enjoy this prophet and proclaim the 
first second and third messages 
and when the primary year 1 st 
and his entrepreneur Ricardo Roque to win 
on here 
Dear God, Father who is in heaven 
it is not enough for his blessings that 
scenes and do not want to be the intention 
It's beginning to thank the teacher. 
we have followed in the studies not 
we want to be is because this campaign is 
this attitude that I continue in 
helping to identify the time that we 
we are living meaning 
we are living and there was prophecy 
if we meet our times event if 
our time and wants to see if the 
prophecy that he is seeing in his time 
and this event that we also agree on 
time we can also identify the 
men the prophet that you raise 
to gather his people 
the plan will also identify not only 
the owner gets up this time 
to be able to gather 50 and if it had the name 
from jesus christ 
even so in my writing too