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welcome back 
so much that the girl was not what people 
made it here since if it is not here it was 
to put a logic a concept was 
Carioca champion in field with aspect to 
people worked are some parables and 
some stories dance in water 
stop up in water in this story 
we went to join several of them in 
a single model we did not want to count 
several and thus not only of models for 
trying to explain is the moment we are 
living now to try to explain in a 
moment that we are going away what 
happens when we have a period 
reduced to expose a logic is 
explain who happens when the 
people have such a short period of time to 
explain a logic that happens when 
we have a period too short 
to explain a crazy 
sometimes we fall into the danger of 
simply interpret texts instead 
explain the 
we often have to interpret not 
I know that I am simply explaining why 
we have to summarize many and 10 in 
a short time because I never wanted to have 
smtr it is important to make a small 
review of what we have done so far and 
let's make a small technical recession 
first page 240 in the 
first 50 pages 30 and 40 
We are going now again in Spanish. 
in Spanish all over the country yes all 
this to say my number of 
companies that seem to be united as 
in that many companies were in tires 
totals only you would be born to vacuum like this 
she did not seem to have been born in 
3 jesus pedro scattered in 10 different 
companies had characters whose 
faces looked lit and wedge 
rochelle vavvá marcelo de jesus and will be 
Dredge stamps announcements as rays of 
sun a mime network tominaga carefully 
send rangers who takes on each one 
of those who should remember 
that gives us burned angels the lion 
those who are in girls 
the little brother angeles cry out the first 
of 11 of joy because in the hour rose 
alleged that we see that some 
people who look up to then is 
only another we see here that has needles 
people and mines and the rhyme 
it's these people that god will choose 
to give a special message just do not 
I wanted a person in the mist to drip to 
give a special message 
so she has an angel who today 
life she asks to look at one then 
she hears a voice from an angel then cries out 
he is where he is you on the net by the brand 
and if the judge fears the god of glory 
for the time has come for your judgment miss 
rs determines God should look because there 
in every hour is his known touch this 
angel is the man that god chose 
then srs the one where I distrust 
there he who has the message that man 
here is entrusted the message of the 
first angel 
this is the same you have to think 
these are to name those with guarantor 
- that first street we have the 
Message from the first one here today 
then be queen also was in 
first window there when we look 
This story we saw the date or the 
the year 1818 marked here seems to 
close the elane have scored the ikea minutes 
English and another to know the name of this 
man free me 
we know there is no miracle 
but if the man also has other names 
parallel people with other stories 
but this is the British in other names 
which are to read the stories that were 
the other names that we saw that this 
marked at this moment what are the other 
not in the other biomes that it was 
awarded after at this moment in history 
John with this man very much changes 
as you look at stories 
many different 
he has a specific teaching in the 
work on proclaims the 
first public message about the work 
to prepare the way for the coming of 
Christ who was john has already prepared the 
way so that when Christ came 
should be established 
We'll read it half the paragraph. 
next glorious 
Okay, also improvements to the Portuguese are all 
about these companies to illuminate the 
all that pulling after her 
some of those in ms succeeded 
advertise the damn business 
another 60 year old she saying that we land 
my family to declare astray 
surrounds himself was the case in girls 
would have received the precision 
increased the presence of those who generate demand 
about them 
Pink complains so much joy gives me that 
will assume driving with a text 
interesting to line up the voice in harmony 
with New Zealand afraid of 11 
joy because at the time we met there 
connected to us we see that they have changed 
happening here 
I do not want problems here a way that 
is coming out while our history 
the light generated by the specifies the people 
that seem to result and it was given to us 
for specific people in their tasks 
but now there is a glorious pike 
a light but the hour watching in glory 
the students but it is not a light that this 
light that shows that the one verified in the 
text in order to be made in the light that 
people see that it is a message that we 
we see this message now your 
message other than that of the message was 
given here for everyone to receive and 
time it was given to everyone to 
everyone and everyone who gets what they 
so I do not want to, although I wanted to 
know what their behavior is now 
What is the behavior of that hour? 
they look to me this man appears 
andré or that angel 
the eternal that he proclaims the same 
message from this man 
not even moments to retain their 
meter in his voice is now heard their 
voices are now heard as in harmony 
with the voice the first angel now expanding 
happened in harmony when you 
First, what do they say? 
here is the same thing that this man speaks 
here in the key the anac in the same account that 
This is a beautiful one there is not any 
distinction between the message has these 
people do not exist there is no 
distinction between the message of these men 
nor did I feel any difference between him and 
Israeli brt is a rock shout it is 
are in harmony 
he is in harmony 
if you also remember that people 
brought another model to illustrate 
this story to illustrate this 
story in a model that we brought 
model was part of the model of 
agriculture was also a cultural and 
I have already left many 
gaps this model without comment and 
alert all the time who, since many 
That's the story like that. 
comment that standard purpose to discuss 
whole model of agriculture because it 
it is not the proposal of exclusive 
model of agriculture now make a 
specific point that is the point that the 
people are studying now will not want 1 
points and became smaller 
brought this model of agriculture 
introduce the concept of seed 
just like the seed here 
Jesus speaks of the seed he speaks of 
of this cake in various ways 
when various ways 
speaks of a man who went out to sow the 
road side 
half way on ground 
stony game fell a dream that he 
was in the private stone among the 
spines and from there the spines that the 
people have a lot of things 
happening here 
jaquelina would be up 
already on thorn stones and on the edge of the 
path between thorny themes 
cinemas to open hundreds of 
but we also have the soil without 
no be good soil lion where the seed 
Grows up that's a good flicker and msm is 
grow up 
Okay, I want us to see here in this 
control the seed is marked 
br press mr 
the message or the glorious light is to give 
all when he received the story of 
miller or in the text that we are reading 
the message here it is available to all 
it is there and available to everyone 
just as the seed is sown to 
all types of soil as well as ms 
sebrae in all 
Let's open matheus 13 in the village and matheus 
there are verses 18 appealing verse to 18 and 
Let's see only Spanish verse 7 
sinners the Spanish was therefore the others there 
the word debtor when some 
where the word of the kingdom and I did not understand 
very excited and snatches what was 
remembered in his heart and if he 
remembered as to the path of a 
message sms message that the seed 
strewn with gifts of history in soil and 
story to win but with jesus does 
application of the parable is in the heart but 
when he applied the parable he 
explains that your heart is introduced 
heart in design and decoration but with 
this stop does not she explains us that 
there is a process of preparing the 
dreams explains that the soil the heart is 
prepared before to prepare the heart 
Heart has a problem here in this story. 
if you have not been in the past 
The correct process when I got here is 
of no value 
receiving the seed so there is no 
since the last months 
the subject of the parable of the wheat of g 8 in 
bustling city in motion 
Trinity proof of wheat was in Spain 
the water that went to the capital and in the 
many different months and should appear 
our very different movement 
ideas that appeared in another moment 
two groups manifest themselves in two groups 
and manifest and as I said at the beginning both 
have a message as I said earlier in 
People want to see now how to identify 
who is who 
we said that this man also 
represented by him are we going 
look at the story of Alice that this 
is the path presented by him then 
Let's give them the letter l we have 
this story where two of the 
prophets two classes of prophets 
excellence and diversity of classics 
of properties where this was here 
we have there we thought the prophets 
of baal and there we will have mayor of slabs 
we have a class of people who 
They're looking at both of them. 
discussion what is happening what he 
is saying I'm a prophet 
ok I told them I am a prophet 
he is and if it is true that these men 
say that if the issue of dengue 
I am a prophet just was not perfect 
some people looking at what they say 
that there are three groups here because 
32 groups are saying I'm a prophet 
after a fire so take advantage of it 
one can say that it is the prophet 
raised among the people and say I am 
sex prophet can happen 
can it happen that in addition to 
to generate employment between after revenge 
to enjoy because it is exactly 
what's going on here because it 
follows also leaves I happen to you in 
two months a third group but says that 
the prophet who asks himself in this 
useful when both are the 
prophets the prophet of islam 
Ok, it 's important we see here is 
important thing to see here is that they only 
a condition that is due to 
Ensures that you are in this moment exists only 
a safe condition to fall short 
or in addition to being a safe dealer 
for the others remained in it 
this condition is not this people if this 
man if you want to be that prophet 
you have a voice is a message that I 
Speak, what do you also say a magazine? 
call the prophetic keys says rule 
number 12 or key number 12 on that 
magazine at the end of time 
the people of God I represented 
by the prophets who is the daughter of the prophet 
here ok 
there is an equal sign here in front and 
I ask who the prophet is. 
our response is true prophet 
What were you doing, in order for you to 
be in order to be god and umbanda made 
your message should be the same or should be 
the same message from the man who 
established in this story is equal to a 
body on earth is that the london that 
was from some other lines 
another line of Christ when people 
look at this model on the line of christ 
the model on the line in joão pessoa 
the enterprise of people the baptism 
indicated at that time in year 27 after 
of Christ and in Christ then choose 
his 12 disciples number 12 
It turns out that key number 12 found 
that identifies the prophet is that I am 
saying here in the magazine keys 
prophetic rule number 12 is the rule 
which identifies that the people of God of the 
last days is the represented prophet 
by the prophet 
the sp case shiller analyst who is 
this plan has always respected 
being the symbol is a separate thought 
a parallel thought this does not think 
in me with that thought the part 
technique is fundamental for better 
I really want to say what I'm going to say. 
now it is a parallel thought to the 
that he wanted me to want this love is 
your thinking in thought to 
establish the best 
when Christ is born and he becomes his 
childhood learned from her mother or father 
when Christ anything and it will be yes 
Doing learning with your father used to 
equity in which he will understand the whole 
its mission and purpose of the proposal with 
first time he will understand the 
he understands the whole purpose of his 
there 12 years ago that number marks or 
ministry someone called to be 
prophet when this woman is called 
to be mayor in 12 years the same 
thing for bass when he understands 
God's purposes for him to connect 
in the palace Egypt were mothers and when he 
understand the posture of his life he 
have appear at this moment all of them 
they are 12 years old when they understand this 
when they understand why we 
understand that the prophet or how the people 
identifies the prophet in this story 
is important to understand that the mayor 
It's strange and we 're stuck and it 's 
quickly needed first law kings 
18 in nazaré quickly the first era 
exhibition the verses 20 beginning 
verse we'll have to start there 
verse 2012 2022 sold then said 
as 1450 to him and to union the 
prophets in monte carmelo and zé carlos e 
elias actor by the who steel when 
the others among the 
Thoughts empty if you read the word and it 
it is good wine of the prophet's jewel of corn 
but the prophets and goes there and 450 works 
for this group that is undecided about 
what is happening in the movement in 
instant he would seem one 
little of what is happening in this 
at which time he addresses a rebuke to 
they will get cushion between 
two thoughts when you think of that 
which is applied between thoughts 
what thiago says thiago says about a 
man who has heart bend down to that 
It had no heart doble says 
heart man double and hunting all 
its way that is long and decoration of the 
rank this ranking in all 
paths there is none 
possibility of you keep whispering 
between two thoughts and finish the 
way to the right way 
there is no possibility of me 
on the way the correct way a decision 
a decision must be made today 
Other than hi there is not any 
preparation for our future 
during this time in preparation for the 
do not let go senator everything has to be 
resolved today everyone must be resolved 
the future or tomorrow the future tomorrow 
Someone said tomorrow I'll say tomorrow. 
When I organized the morning, Mother never 
Mother visits never arrive tomorrow, never there. 
tomorrow always tomorrow morning at 
assembly in the morning that the present is 
today because it represents that was what 
he is doing here he said I am the 
The only prophet that was left the people 
hence, he said, the sole proprietor who 
she wants everything was a duty to be 
Strange people when someone gets up 
and say I'm a prophet is this stranger 
for a thing when we take 
interest in reston enjoy 
Let's talk about this other group. 
on the reverse 26 years old alesia and livia 
Campaign in which I know, I only know that I'm going there. 
that he cared for and did not prepare 
cuddle or not to carry since the morning 
improvement in responding 
9 to you and farms where in the meantime 
andaman islands jump around us dictate 
that eth also winning and danielle 
happened the improvement that assured him 
read yourself being British is good because 
God is military it in some work 
that there on the way through me 
awakened what does it mean to say 
someone is a prophet that means a 
prophet which means that to such a 
take advantage of the definition of prophet 
which is always done in the in agreement 
strong rancor of the word management 
prophet word h will seize this is 
the word of art if this is a symbol 
of the word prophet cat 5035 from 
take advantage of the word to the mayor 
that this 53 ante of the word comes it is 
originated from the word 5012 the word at 50 
of a prophet is a prophet is 
inspired by one or one inspired by 
following word falls which gives rise to 
word given originates the word 
previous previous means to prophesy 
that is to speak means always serious 
you to shine by inspiration may 
inspire someone who speaks by 
inspiration and in the secular definition or 
the internet of a prophet in a person who 
is considered as a teacher 
inspired a proclaimer of the will of 
God is that 
inspired or not a programmer of the 
God's will the prophet is the one who 
proclaims the will of god protects 
the one that best provides volunteers and 
also a teacher but not yet 
teacher who teaches him 
Do you remember Enoque the first? 
time prophet wants to remember and not 
always wanted meters and 500 his name 
means a teacher 
that does not mean he 
proclaims God's will and he 
proclaimed lanterns 
by continuing the definitions to a person 
which advocates or escom speaks in a way 
visionary about some cause that 
and the mouth 
o the orange visionary way on a 
pants or in theory or a person who 
I asked what will happen in the future 
the prophet of the old French through 
Greek from the Latin word prof you 
prophet prophets which means a 
a spokesman and that's it comes from the word pro 
before is a speaker is one who speaks 
before happen what happened 
the prophet is someone who teaches someone who 
is through the word of God speaks of 
things that happen 
and her property in which she finally 
about the parallel of days going on 
That was not the role John does not know. 
the cast was not delivering something 
what happened in the future 
before it happens it is not in the 
practicing the language that will happen in the 
future area that will be the role of 
mile to catch what happens in the future 
in your generation 
It was not why it is important to 
The prophet's role is to prophesy the skin 
Enjoy this professional let's open 
1a 2a pedro chapter 
Let's open the second is Pedro Chapter 
on the back in 1920 as a dark place 
it clarifies 10am in the morning in the saga and 
monsters heart of the event 
I understand the first thing that no 
prophecy of scripture is to sell 
private presentation miscellaneous 2010 said 
we have a daughter's word 
prophecy because it was ours we have the 
in the firm word is prophecy 
but first we need to know this 
but first we are not understanding is 
that no prophecy of the scriptures 
private interpretation that no 
prophecy that the scriptures 
private interpretation 
when someone gives a prophecy when the 
People give a prophecy when someone 
interprets a prophecy when she 
interpret itself is not to have production 
private sector is not independent 
camila that means that if she 
wanted to tell me 
for me people have a fake 
conception of what would have meant 
of people and not in a farce 
than say 5 
if we look at the context that I have already 
We talk about how strange it is in 
I'm telling you, come in. 
details but in this specific chapter 
We're open now, yes we give. 
a detail of this specific chapter 
we want to leave the whole context at all times 
of this chapter of Pedro or that letter 
beginning of that letter of 
opening of pedro 
The whole context of this letter is the opening 
of stone 
he is dealing with this model is 
dealing with this model that we are going to open 
the verse back to verse 3434 people 
It's only in Spanish and we're leaving. 
winning all the things that belong 
in life and she pity in the anxieties 
power divine power through the 
knowledge of Him who loved us course 
glory and excellence through which 
on Saturday you need a big one 
promise that by law to legal and 
participant of the divine nature 
there is the idol of corruption in 
a world causes her with clubs in 
that he says is through these things that 
by the things we receive 
promise is that giving us 
promise what you remember us 
began this study by speaking of the promise 
in trance tv when I start to 
monitor the promise that there is a 
class of people who are not 
satisfied that they do not understand the 
promises and what you have in that person 
that we are doing something promised 
yesterday in Argentina and do not profess faith in 
promise to profess faith in the 
does not live according to faith 
when tomorrow and so they abandon the 
faith and if it is abandoned 
so what I mean is that through 
these promises that through their 
we become participants in the 
divine nature 
We will return to participate in the 
divine nature 
Okay, when you wanted to present the message. 
it's good for the yo-yo to sow the seed 
bunny or yes but mine that seed 
It has to go down and take time in our 
heart and what to defend and 
girlfriend in your heart not only 
about mind about intellect elements 
or intellectuals that if the test were 
anyone could pass 
because if the proof is intellectuals of 
everyone could pass on receiving 
the message in the heart and have the nature 
divine combined with human nature 
on the divine nature combine sheet 
in the baptism that the old man gives rise to 
a new man 
problem baptism was solved in the 
your life and now you will manifest a 
new will manifest here you are a 
follower of Christ to go to the head was 
reformed after Christ when 
this happens they rebels there are men 
who were rebels became 
completely obedient the hour passes 
to be completely the environment exists 
no doubt in the heart of people 
here if there were the condition of the 
people would be false prophets not of the 
true prophet if there were any 
doubt that the case we feed 
doubts here because at home that the 
food is hard here means you 
she was never born again and never in the scene she 
was buried alive 
you were integrated as well but even more so 
the fruits of old life but still 
manifest the fruits of the gazebo water and 
this context that Peter is speaking 
this chapter and without context you walk 
is still open in this chapter 
Ok let's go to verse 9 now we'll go 
open the back the name not to celebrate 
five years before 
I want to comment after Pedro 
to say that people 
based on the participant's promise in the act 
of divine nature 
after stone said that just not 
if the promise is not coming to 
be a participant 
he told us a number of things that the 
people have to add to this faith their 
characteristics of someone who is 
participating in the walk 
Christian wave will give us while 
do not have in those things who in life a lot 
short and equal novelty to 
purification of the former two sins 
classes of people here who 
accept the promise and have the nature 
divine nature combined with human nature and 
to combine participants in the 
Divine and non- invested nature 
Guess what, and if those who do not 
participate in the divine nature 
yes but you have one that does not 
participates in the entry and exit 
of these characteristics the copy of the 
process of writing and Sunday this 
characteristic of that pedro stédile 
in that people are blind to character 
chance and they can not see mr 
his eyes closed 
How long is Pedro living? He is a fan. 
of blind people here because he was 
thinking like that to leave 
Peter lived in the time of Christ stone 
lived the time of crisis is heading 
a class of people saying 'I are 
it is set in the classic character 
that he left in the text above but in 
last days but are blind are 
people leave because as soon as it is 
making an application of how it works 
this model of blindness in the time of 
some people who do not see people 
who come with open eyes to continue 
in these things of life too short and I follow 
my doubt in the purification of your 
that people have forgotten that 
they forgot about this process 
were spied on washed she was 
spied the space in this story in this 
experience comes with no chance that 
our sins have been erased and 
they go with a mirror if they look at their 
it is not possible that this model can 
to be sure my life is wrong 
another model 
in fact the preparation will be in the 
future reaches 10 to 12 
so much more to look for it this way 
or it will be bestowed on the generous centered on 
so it is no longer of careira remember 
always these things 
the other six brothers and indeed 
I will not be negligent in any way 
I'll remember the angels. 
I'll always remember them there that you already 
know one of 70 because they already know 
why people already know 
and because they already know what version by 
He who knows how Solomon says not 
there is nothing new under the sun 
just as Israel does not enforce anything 
do not take with this then but pedro does 
question to remind them to have it 
established in the present truth yes but 
I'll forgive if I was to remind you. 
them to see us that this work 
of laura present because only in this 
story and why you need to keep counting 
once again that people could 
understand the truth present here and 
I will need and raise a law 
about who is the new millennium that 
spent the night or first 
people are leaving the platform and 
another group needs to count once more 
with which people stand firm in the 
as I am neither the first enrolled 
It's cool for the silver to form that 
island for what was there that amplifies clean 
that's how you die retelling the 
a usl verse 13 to 15 now 530 15 because 
I have cost so much that I'm in 
mistake it awaken the communists knowing 
who must soon leave the body as 
Mr. Jesus Christ pleases me. 
I will diligently seek those two 
emmy departure votes however every time to 
memory of these things you mean 
I live while he's going to tell those 
stories always for you shall count 
these stories also here christ 
showed him he's going to die say 
that Christ does not stop there that he would react 
If you had talked about your future years 
before it happens to an experience 
live savior 
beyond verses 16 to 18 
so because I do not have competence 
and were not going to follow this way and when 
we were with him to start 
Pedro says now is that he saw with his 
own eyes what do you think of the ladies 
what is the line with the teachers 
at first he told us that people 
that by not keeping the faith in the promise 
have your eyes closed and people by 
nothing, I do not even know when it will be but Pedro is 
of those people who have their eyes 
open who trusts the promise 
Pedro and Nina I did not know 
as it came in the province for this 
reason it is possible that it is a 
Eyewitness and for that reason is that 
it is possible that this is a destination or 
spoon that Pedro is seeing in his 
days that knew nothing of him 
with the experience that he is having 
he can so clearly and say 'we 
we are an eyewitness of experience 
that they met so clearly 
he knows our attention CTMO 
spoon we are not we are Laodicea 
pedro old days is his prophecy that 
It meets in what was called and came to 
observe the prophecies if they fulfill the 
your days 
he was tied he went to observe 
which is an example of this 
Let's open in Mateus 15 until the fifth 
ok ah but it's the 12th verse of the second dose o 
what is happening here is that jesus 
direct words to the people's leaders 
at that time I was acting here that 
emerges from leading antics what is 
happening in the time of Jesus offends the 
Pharisees and that those sheep the wealth 
of disciples comes Jesus saying the 
You are insulting the leaders of 
law lines Mrs.'re combined the 
leadership if an idea that still 
needed to be corrected 
work should be done not 
to offend the leaders, but to 
try to join the leaders but not to 
offend and yes we read verse 1212 
Jesus does not care how he responds 
responding to every plant that is not 
Just the way you see it's jesus 
those Pharisees and flame we analyzed the 
people driving other years can not 
not even close as Pedro says 
they will make it fall by the wayside 
will fall in the water also this way is a 
narrow path that leads to heaven 
this affection is a narrow path that 
it appears to be drying the way to dry on 
world interio down paths and fall 
Worst world that there she is 
In addition, they are doing with Jesus 
question him and why are you 
offending the Pharisees is proof that 
They are actually forgetting something. 
that happened some time before 
happened to open bone mateus five 
chapters before Matthew 10 12 556 by 
islands in the hotels of the city and 
not in three 
they will lose in the house of israel 
already the time before jesus said 
the pastors are now you there is a 
time for here my sheep 
said by already placing the center for 
will participate in law 
when it arrives in the verse that in chapter 15 
municipalities seem 30 to have forgotten 
This when we win is chapter 
The fifth hit would look like a 
but this is part of the process of 
sanitation where things are with 
style center the truth are still 
taking their place in the hearts of 
disciples as the truth is now 
placing in the heart of Jesus but what 
that I am speaking to the disciples the 
time but even needed to help the 
there you are saying 
Now you need to take care of my sheep. 
that time and requires careful because the 
my children were scattered because 
they were also this profile 
the shepherds to the ancient shepherds 
porn old story is making a 
application of jeremiah 23 in the application of 
jeremias in 3d we'll read some 
food verses 2332 hopes 
Therefore thus no dispute that the adilson 
go to the shepherds that the others 
I will amaze and not know how careful it is here 
that the punishment to be liked 
jesus christ story takes prophecy 
of Jeremiah, and most certainly I know 
that the geninho spoke was that his time 
in order to have power the teacher of 
days indicates an event that 
happens here in the history of 
jeremy tse and make it cool huh 
on the thigh will reap that suggested the unprecedented 
between the time line I also hope 
that the prophecy eng 
here this professional complies if he 
here he crosses the complete story 
Is that how we understand it? 
when Pedro says that no prophecy of 
private interpretation more in what we 
we mean being done does not mean that 
he is being deprived of that Jeremiah 
a message for your time because he 
it really seems like we have and 
when the disciples came and learned 
Christ's feet on the waiting prophecy 
by the messages that say the 
fulfillment of them is here 
fulfillment of the prophecies 
private interpretation professional 
we need spiritual eye drops 
of us have not picked our eyes 
closed must come to be harvested in 
people can not discern or 
time we are living 
Pedro saw that doing this time after 
time in his ministry Pedro II. 
Christ, if this is it 
this time I do not know everything he says I 
I am an eyewitness to those prophecies 
those prophecies of the old testament 
all who went to that time were 
fulfilled in my story that everyone 
were stop have for me 
I can say that we have a firm 
word of prophecy as diverse as 19 and 
prophecy prophecy with his eyes 
fulfill the word of prophecy in your day 
as we do today at the end of time, even 
sure that Pedro had as much as possible 
understand the condition in which we are 
have your eyes open and prophecies 
keep our days 
We need to see the events. 
need kisses and goals and see with 
that they are prophetic 
So we'll come back the next time. 
lecture she tava seeing the next time the 
earth is to expand the concept of what is 
application and from Italy and the 
spain in africa because what is 
doing here 
are applications of prophecies that were 
given in the past we do not understand 
some attacks against the church of the seventh 
day of one of the great and technology 
writers of the authentic new testament 
its members to Christ and to the 
gospel the reality for which the 
the old testament kept citing the 
Old Testament passages and 
applying within the perspective of the 
history of salvation of the new testament 
the business was not the context 
literary in the old testament 
the entire passage of the Old Testament which 
they apply exclusively to the 
its own historical context without 
no indication connotation of application 
that writers in the New Testament saw 
it originates in the former 
testament is all past and old 
testament to recite applying 
including the context itself 
history, but in a statement with 
or connotation of application that does not 
every night is nobody too 
they stay in the passages of the old 
testament the meaning that it was not 
explicitly as determined by your 
context its own context or its 
even implicitly well is Old Testament 
shame will not mean that 
was not even explicit how to determine 
by itself even implicit context 
more on the piece than he says do not see one 
bit the way they did in 17 times 
mateus and joão cite passages of the old 
testament as it has its fulfillment in the 
life ministry of jesus so went 
fulfilled who spoke by the prophet said 
tvs mathew while you're going through 
the Old Testament as having his 
length and lower life than all 
so what was failed has been accomplished and 
take advantage of the Greek word to 
the ucl player literally means 
completely fill these writers 
of the new testament to fulfill its 
testimonies of the life and mission of jesus 
full meaning for voters 
Jews in comparing this to incidents 
in your life and mission with 
similar situations in times of old 
the movie the angel completing a year 
leprosy more leagues to be fulfilled in 
literally means 
complete these completely 
reflectors and there is no thought to complete 
witness to the life and mission of 
cristiano meaning for the readers 
curious to compare incidents 
specifics in the life of submission hides 
similar situations in an old 
testament is no clue in the old 
testament that the passages they 
citations were intended as predictions and 
there is no vague reason for 
get it considered as such or 
its use in the New Testament as 
implying being prediction fulfillment not 
I swallowed the will as not 
to pass on what was intended as 
vocational education in language teaching in 
battle to consider it as such the use 
of a budget not implying 
publication and fulfillment must comply 
not close with two thoughts 
mercenary when thoughts 
we agree with it I do not açodo 
have agreed with him is that these 
really talk about their times and 
I want to enjoy this is really the 
people do not seem like time but we 
disagrees is that these prophecies do not 
were applied to the time of Jesus as 
jesus even made applications - ago 
disagree but who is not 
it is applied time connected to 
advent condition today is full 
keep growing and cleaning is not 
complete if you go to the internet and 
search for the events that are 
happening today to 
internet and searches and I see that it is 
happening and brought time to look at 
horn and putin week for also to 
punish back a little look at the 
History September 11 
Good, I'll go with my strange skin. 
fall of the berlin wall on fall is woman 
in all of these are prophetic events if 
complying our days with all the amendments 
prefect and conquer with 
environment but because of the 
blindness that we are witnessing 
as a people of laudiceia but because of 
it happened there I got here in 
other hand being present as he met 
severing p when they and we do not 
we can identify these events at 
we can not identify and 
nor the man whom God chose to 
drive this story 
connected with the events you have chosen 
to guide your people 
the movement of people through the back 
next talk that closes this subject 
Why have you accompanied us in our studies? 
so far as I am interested, is that in our 
campaign here for years of clarity 
let's study these prophecies to look at those 
those passages of the bible find 
eyewitnesses their events 
Our days that we can not have is 
prophecy of finding and instigated to reap 
of this prophecy living witnesses plans 
and placed on the right side that in the plans 
put straight beside the Lord 
we thank you in the name of Jesus Christ and 
thus offering in my writing also