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although good night are all 
today's heads if you talk a little more children 
the prophets what we are going to do today is 
look a bit for the some lines of 
the prophets 
and let's start doing the line of 
previous studies this is one of 
the lines that we already did in the 
study in previous studies 
in the line of Christ as in the others 
prophetic lines we have a 
end time 
in time in the time of the end 
we have the birth of Christ 
and we also have the birth of Juan 
I am 
and that was a wind with this story 
then we saw that there is a 
increase of knowledge in this story 
and from scullion women and that chose a 
and that man in the history of Christ is 
missions there we have a man and that 
man is how 
the message is beyond 20 minutes 
Juan's message is a message from 
that message is to place our life 
in order because the savior is 
come that's the message of 
and what will happen after a 
event is going to mark there is going to score 
what is the event that we 
we found at that point what it is that 
will happen at this time 
that is to say successions that mark it 
baptism of Christ at that time 
we have a celestial being that 
descends and that is marked as the 
baptism of christ 
and that is the sequence that is marked in 
the history of Christ and the people are 
completed complete darkness in 
darkness there at this point 
when they are in the dark they 
they do not know anything and they can not see anything and 
they are completely blind 
and when the savior is born he is born to 
illuminate the evidence that darkness 
that existed before 
and the one who knew nothing suddenly 
now begins to see to understand the 
things and his illusion has already stolen a reason 
his look began to move their mails he 
is walking down a road suddenly 
for some reason things start to 
change inside your mind he are 
conflicts kubik steps are 
then they are convinced of them 
they happen to have conviction of sin in 
that they lived 
then there is a conviction 
a messenger who proclaims 
repentance and machismo 
and also the end that badly that is marked 
by the baptism that marks the 
repentance of people or the 
sealing of people who have 
abandoned a life of sin 
and if they remember you it was in that is in that 
same story where we mark 
the seed 
because in baptism when we 
we die and we are born for a new life 
as it illustrates all soon and from there in 
forward we have a life 
which is illustrated with the growth of 
a plant that is for position 
we are going to read that in words of 
jesús words of life of the great teacher 
parables of jesus 
in Spanish is in the text words of 
life of the great teacher page 
Four. Five 
in 6.4 
our 45 all 
there are mine doubts in mind I introduce myself 
beginning of spiritual end germination 
of the seeds represents the beginning of 
the spiritual life 
and the development of the plant 
tomato to the figure your growth 
crystal is a beautiful figure of 
Christian growth as natural power 
That fat lady like in nature 
so also in grace 
I can not have lived without growth 
there can be life without growth to 
proof of prices to grow or woman the 
plant needs to grow or die as its 
just as its growth is silent and 
imperceptible but continuous so is the 
development of the Christian life is not 
Well, they prefer each easy moment 
our life can be perfect in each 
phase of its development with everything to 
see the progress continued its purpose of 
God, if we meet 
but if the purpose of God is fulfilled 
to us there will be an advance 
I continued the sanctification of the work I 
rather sanctification is the work of 
a lifetime 
progressively for sins 
sanctification is a work of all 
life that does not mean that you're going to 
suddenly give progressively to 
explain that you are going to stop sinning 
what I want to say with that is that 
it's something like that you improve a little and 
then that falls then improves again and 
then relapses is not like that 
what the text says 
what it says is that in each degree of 
development of our life can be 
It is perfect and 
as well as it was on the plant it was perfect 
in each phase its take from you that 
movement is your mission in this 
it's me and tribas history and I'm 
mentioning this because this is part of 
the controversy that exists between what is 
the wheat and the tares explicit 
found the experiences through 
the perplexities that you will find 
in that experience 
future some people believe that it is not 
possible to live a perfect life that 
it's going to be more of a future experience 
maybe you do not like that 
at the beginning but if you live in your 
life the same thing the same principle 
and the example says that maybe you say 
the next things but in a moment 
I am prepared to say that I 
I hope at some point to be prepared 
for him when the decree arrives 
Sunday because now I'm not 
bitcomet is being here 
do not speak prepared arcane future like 
I consider what you virtually 
is saying is it is impossible 
prepare now that is in the future in 
some moment has to happen 
then what is also what you 
is saying is I do not believe in the 
theology of them but I live the 
Theology of writing is a thought 
patxi new chapter that's a 
thought very apart but we 
let's go back to the studio connection 
Marxism when the crisis when 
we mark the baptism in the history of 
with the date 
then if you think 
the year 27 after Christ 
at that time we have a framework 
what does it mean that symbolizes baptism 
of Christ 
this date is a prophetic date by 
so to speak 
it's a profession the bible does not exist 
prophecy in the bible that identifies that 
and it is for this reason of 7 juana and me 
messaggero stanton sprinklers 
and pointed out the profession that is imprisoned 
meet which is the messenger that aims 
to these people and point the prophecy 
that is about to be about to 
be fulfilled and a prophet juanes a prophet 
sitting still when a prophet who gathers 
what together 
to united a 
gathered prophet helping 
is the proper feature and we 
let's read is 
give us a second to find the appointment 
the mateos chapter 3 driver I invite you to 
his bible in matéos chapter 3 the 
verses 1 to 7 
We will read it only in Spanish 
says if in those days came John the 
Baptist preaching in the desert of 
Judea and saying repentant because the 
kingdom of heaven has approached then 
this is the one from China the prophet spoke 
Isaiah when you said you cry in the 
desert prepared the way of the lord 
straightens his paths and Juan was 
camel hair dress and had a 
leather belt around his loins and 
their food was locusts and wild honey 
and went out to him and the Jerusalem came out and all 
Judea and every province around the 
and they were baptized by him in the Jordan 
confessing their sins by seeing the one 
many of the Pharisees and the Sadducees 
they came to his baptism he told them 
generation of vipers who taught us to 
flee from the wrath to come 
all all the peoples of help of the 
region of all the towns of Judea and 
in the region that they did 
they met with Juan they went to where Juan 
was and were youtube prophets 
John was a prophet who gathered that 
I joined the people I am at the end of 
an itp prophecy proclaiming the 
profession for jesus juanes is standing 
in the prophecy of the time of the end and he 
is standing there proclaiming a message 
that brings people together 
and introduce the concept of the so-called 
prophets of time then what 
we are going to do now is 
introduce the concept of what 
we call the prophet that by 
time factors of the prophet 
of time 11 there in Chile or 1918 
yesterday we read and we are not going to 
do today again that you want to take off 
this reason you have to enjoy the 
same as those who rejected john 
who need the testimony of Juan not 
could be benefited by Christ not 
could be benefited by Christ 
joe the first verse john was the first 
test he imputed them first something 
unusual he was a symbol of the first 
angelic month light and bildu first world 
It was the symbol of the first angel 
we saw that miller was 
represented by the first angel that 
proclaimed the message fears God gives 
glory because he opens his trial has 
here we are going to place that logic 
now I'm going to erase this here I'm going to 
place john here at the end of the line 
and later more this concept is 
important because we are going to use 
this concept later 
different at the end 
79 weeks the olympique of snow 
so we have Juan al 
end of the 69 weeks of the book of 
daniel simon property and juan in a 
a prophet who gathers together 
that being in the beginning of the profession and is 
the one at the beginning of the prophecy 
jesus region videos because as well as 
we have a prophet in the time of the end 
to gather the people of God before a 
Initial project test prophecy 
we are also going to have a prophet to 
home who proclaims the prophecy 
and that prophet we call him a 
proclaimed prophet 
the prophet who proclaimed seven 
weeks who is the prophet who proclaims 
the 69 weeks 
but let's go to daniel 
chapter 9 to its beginning chapter 9 
verse 25 
we are not going to read in Portuguese 
only in Spanish 
in circles 55 25 years 
ok chapter 9 verse 25 says what 
next you know then if you understand that 
from the exit of the order to 
restore and build Jerusalem open the 
month to the messiah prince there will be 
seven weeks and 62 weeks will return to 
build the square and the wall in times 
then it's seven weeks plus sixty and 
two weeks the prophecy remain and he 
then that is Daniel and what is his and he 
he is a prophet 
and he is a proclaimed prophet 
the subject of the subject that we are 
studying who is the prophet of time 
those concepts the basic fundamentals 
against that matter there is a concept or 
basic foundation regarding that matter 
and present that matter was presented 
first in our history before 
from September 11th so although 
maybe its fundamentals 
so this is one of the articles 
fundamentals that form the fundamentals 
of our faith 
one of the thing that we need 
understand when we study in 
the prophets of time the prophet of the 
area about that is that the name of the 
prophet is related to his work and 
with your mission 
What does honey mean? 
goodbye god is my judge 
He is also a leader 
I would say or it means that the gods of Luis 
daniel means god is my game 
my judge 
I played 
in the time of Daniel God is 
executing some kind of judgment yes clear 
babylon is making babylon fist 
is doing 
submitted or punished 
in this country 
we are going to read that in Jeremiah 25 
verse 12 
reads and when they have met 70 
years I will punish the king of Babylon and 
that nation for its evil has said 
jehovah and the land of the Chaldeans and the 
turn into desert forever 
then god at the end of 70 years goes 
to punish that land 
and he's going to execute his trial and Danielle is 
the prophet present in that story 
at this time then what I 
I want you to see is that the name 
of the prophet is related to his work 
and with your mission 
and coming back to John the Baptist 
of that period by facebook 
John the Baptist is the person 
who brings the people together for the end in 
that story means that what 
means how much 
What is the meaning of your job name? 
to jehovah 
not with h 
we are going 
it is funny 
it's my grace 
all thicker 
I go, thank you, thank you, thank you 
Thank you 
such a crisis 
it's funny funny 
to thank 
Thank you 
I danced grace is a man 
but the message will be that the message of 
juanes a message of grace but the 
funny goals will be that it is a 
message that god misfortune 
these nations we are going to read you want to 
all the people 
of 63.6 Portuguese 
and 74 pages 79.4 in Spanish 
severe and more full of hope 
between these four conflicts between 
discord and conflict obvious his mambo his 
desert you hear a voice in the desert 
Ever snaps without vibrant voice and 
severe and the plans but they are more full 
full of hope 
Thank you 
the message of Juanes a message from 
hope and grace 
in spite of also being a message of is 
severe and judgment day 
we got from selgua for the ipad 
they do not get them 
before finishing the first project what 
what we're going to do now is go back to 
first time prophet 
and his name was in ok 
and so 
the islands themselves 
it does not only mean teacher 
his name means teacher a teacher 
a teacher 
then we know that the name 
of the prophet is related to his 
we are going to see in looking towards what 
high on page 228 in English that is no 
there will be a public teacher who is 
of him was not a public teacher the 
stone of this building of truth in 
the time he lived in him taught 
the truth is true he lived the truth 
you karate your teacher who was with 
god and the character of the teacher who 
I walked with God 
it was in all forms and in harmonious and 
sacred his mission 
it was a prophet that word as it was 
moved from the spirit of god thinking of 
it was not a prophet who spoke like him 
was moved by the spirit of God for 
the holy spirit in what they gave us 
teacher then he was not a prophet and 
he was a teacher's teacher 
characteristic 21 teachers of the 
feature that was connected to your 
first name 
and we also know that not that 
he was a proclaimed prophet 
proclaim and that was the prophecy that did not 
we are going for testimony for the 
church volume 6 
page 292 
It's in english 
if it is 
we do not continue 
all right 
in Spanish it's the same too 
with God who is on the way with God 
and he was not anymore because then god 
she had taken him and was commissioned 
messages and turning he was 
entrusted the message of the second 
coming of Christ was to whom he was given 
that message of the second coming of 
Christ that was a drained message 
bordeaux fra plus proposed by god 
second final account that was the 
messenger that was chosen by god to 
carry out that purpose of the 
second coming 
and in not also was the seventh since 
Adam are those things wishing 
prophesying of those things said 
the saints is that the Lord comes with 
10,000 of his saints project to 
trial to execute the trial 
the message at night 
we the dation to know a 
convincing argument for all 
the message preached by the not in his 
in his transfer to heaven was to convince 
it was a convincing argument for 
everyone wrote and its time for all 
those who lived at that time those 
things but argued that Methuselah 9 
these things were an argument that 
Methuselah and could not use with power 
to show the righteous who could be 
moved so that nobody comes out 
and they could not use as youtube with 
he has shown fair scares with 
power to show that the righteous 
could be moved could also 
being moved the most serious thing is that you 
hit these there are a number of things that 
we are going to take from this text 
Christ received the message of the second 
coming of Christ 
when I want to be I was the seventh 
after adam from adam he was 
then the seventh day will be read 
r2 and execute his vice and in his prophecy 
God was to come to execute a 
how is he correct 
and if you mind and kill and also 
we have Methuselah and it is no longer who is 
who is this they were also going to 
use the same message and judgment 
for message 
so what is the message 
what was the message 
what was the prophecy that the god 
surface the prophecy of the prophecy of 
he was the prophecy of his son's life 
and we go to our bible in Genesis 5 21 
at 26 10 
from 21 to 27 says the following 
he lived in the 75 years and fathered 
Methuselah and walked in or with God after 
that he fathered three hundred 
years and fathered sons and daughters and they were 
every day of not 365 years on the road 
Well, breast with God and disappeared because 
it took him God lived matusalén 187 years and 
He fathered the ahmed and lived the Methuselah 
after he spawned the mex 682 years and 
begot sons and daughters were all then 
the days of matusalem 900 69 years and 
general of human beings then with the 
nine hundred sixty-five years old 
when he is 65 years old 
he goes general a son 
and his son is called Methuselah 
it's more to the east than when he dies 
this will come 
out dies that is what will come 
then for the period of time of the 
life of Methuselah 
that is the time for this prophecy 
is fulfilled 
and how many years he lived sent out the 7 
969 years 
and what not 
and that is the longest period of life that 
Some human being has lived and does not exist 
another human being who has lived more 
time that mathusalem 
So if the Bible says that Methuselah 
it is a prophecy and that is a prophecy of 
time probably symbolically 
because scioli time and then we're 
talking about symbolically that is a 
prophecy of time is the greatest prophecy 
that is the greatest prophecy 
then with the boyfriend who is the seventh 
let's put number seven here and 
then when he is 65 years old he is the 
proclaims the greatest prophecy that is the 
life of your child that is the longest 
at the end of that Prophet prophecy management 
result then at the end of the 
prophecy you have a prophet that brings together 
what is the name this prophet does not 
it's not that it's pre - selected from 
surface then it is not the prophet who 
is present at the end of this prophecy 
which means that he comforter 
we confuse the one that brings comfort 
yes peace 
and then we are going to read genes 
of 5 28 and 29 
says if he lived the goal 182 years and 
begot a son we would say a man not 
is saying this will relieve us of 
our works and the work of our 
hands because of the land that jehovah 
and what is interesting in this story 
is that it is not also on its own 
history has a minor prophecy 
and we're going to read that in Genesis 6 
verse 3 says well and said jehovah not 
will contend my spirit with man 
forever because he is certainly 
meat more will their days be 120 years their 
superficial divisions of your profession 
then they are 120 years of a prophecy 
which is within the largest 
longest prophecy 
78 now we are going to read signals 
from the times of January 3, 1878 
continue proclaimed scolari message 
when the solemn message was not proclaimed 
in 1722 god 
about 120 years of the trial that God 
of god in a flood in georgia bush in 
a flood of waters 
should destroy the world to those 
zeberio men would not receive it and 
that was the last present and so too 
in the present time 
is a structure then there is a 
structure that the prophetic proclaims with 
17 5 from the obsession 
a prophet who proclaims at the age of 75 
years and he is the seventh 
it is a prophecy 
based on the longest period of time 
that a person can live or that 
someone already lived 
and within that prophecy you have a 
little prophecy coupled within this 
what we are going to do now is more 
detours and I already a little be my book 
it's just a detour and we're going to look 
a little bit to what the story was 
mileurist then let's make a 
parallel here 
here was given to message of the second 
Christ to whom the message of the 
second coming of Christ 
that he sent messages to seconds who 
was the prophet or the person who received 
the message of the second coming of 
the message has arrived that says to fear 
god and give him glory because he is now 
his judgment has come the being was thousands 
the first profession that thousands proclaimed 
also 50 mm and the first prophecy that 
he proclaimed to me was the greatest prophecy 
found in the bible was not like 
profession or it was first profession 
quimilí proclaimed which was the biggest 
prophecy what was the first prophecy 
that miller proclaimed his times 
it is the prophecy of the seven times 
or the prophecy of the 2,520 
44s that ends we close in 1844 
and within another 
within this prophecy there is also 
another prophecy that was discovered 
also by william thousands scale himself 
placed at the end as a tenth is not in 
but I 'm going to place it here 
order to align with this design from above 
with the two and the second prophecy the 
2,300 years 
our to the merit in history 
let's take an earlier step and let's 
see that this prophecy that miller 
has the beginning the beginning in the year 
677 and its end and its end in 1844 
and 6-0 
then we are going to open in 
our bibles in Isaiah 7 now 
the night cycle dream 
and 67 is isaiahs warning of help from 
judgment that was to come 
Isaiah was announcing the point or the 
beginning of the prophecy of the 2,520 or 
that reached 28 points in Chile and now 
well within that context we 
let's read verse 8 of Isaiah 7 
says because the head of Syria is 
damask and head damask racing and 
in 65 years, efraín will be 
broken to stop being a people 
to an initial period of 65 years then 
the initial time period before 
that this period begins those 65 years 
to this same structure 
first time prophet for our 
goal then we see the same 
structure since the first one begins 
prophet of time we see the 
same structure 
in family history and sta 
then we will move forward and find 
then who the next prophet of 
time that we are going to find 
mentioned briefly and the proposed one now 
it's all 
that information then we 
let's briefly advance only the 
purpose of this is to give some guidelines 
of the information yogis prophets that 
I have crisis I do not believe in your 
story of some prophets that 
they existed before our history 
what is important to keep in mind in 
our study the boy who lives or who 
in any occasion he takes profession like that 
fulfilling is that any time 
any occasion when a prophecy is 
is fulfilling that price is 
identify what is a project 
related because the teachers you 
you need to identify that there is a 
prophet related to that prophecy 
then he's going to talk about we'll have 
to make the mention of abraham 
which prophecy that there will be a program which 
is the time prophecy that will have 
and in the milan 
they will have 
it means brawn which means open for 
the parents of a crowd that will be that 
abrams the father of a large crowd 
Of course it was really paid by the 
users he is the father of the nation 
and what was the prophecy proclaimed by 
talking about the genesis 15 pesos 
let's go to genesis 15 verse 13 and 14 
says well then jehovah said abraham 
be certain that your offspring 
will dwell in another's land and will be a slave 
there and there will be and will be oppressed to 
four hundred plus years also to the 
nation to which they will serve will judge me and 
after they come out with great wealth 
then the prophecy that abraham 
proclamation is the prophecy of the 
four hundred years of pilgrimage 
at the end of that prophecy and at the end 
of that prophecy and control of the prophet 
equivalent we find another 
prophet who is going to gather the people with his 
first name 
what is the name of bassinet 
it means bassinet and that means bassinet 
out of water that was taken out of 
waters like prison cars 
the one that rotates another definition also 
the one that brings out two sides was not 
Moses who was taken from the waters of 
Youtube was not a Moses who withdrew 
Egypt town our domain 
national his ministry is not a name 
related to the ministry with the 
new message of love your message in your 
life or death message 
or prophet or do not know if you hear the 
prophet or not depending on this is going to 
depend all your life 
then you need to understand is very 
alright I'm a kind samples since the one that 
together with the town that brings together the people of 
egypt and that removes it from egypt 
l patriarchs and prophets then we go to 
read on patriarchs and prophets 
from champix to the boy 
in positions paisaxe 96.4 
in portuguese page doing in 6.4 in 
Spanish 2 673 3,287 point 1 
254 points are 254 points the last 
that full day the story revealed 
will have in prophetic vision centuries before 
she is now talking about the prophecy 
of egypt exit 
in your hands pilgrimage will be 
be certain that your offspring 
will live in another's land will be a slave and 
will be oppressed four hundred years more 
but also to the nation in which 
they will serve I will judge and after this 
they will come out with great wealth when they 
they had turned four hundred 
on that same day I take out jehovah jehovah to 
the children of israel from the land of 
Egypt by groups to his page play it 
Israelites raised for their precious 
bequeathed the other children of how much 
time they waited for the fulfillment of 
promise and that last evolutions 
technological but that had been wrong 
printed for release and ceo 
when leaving egypt the Israelites 
They brought with them a precious legacy the 
bones of jose that had waited for 
so much time to comply with the 
promise of god and that during 
tenebrous years of slavery had 
Served as a reminder 
announcing the liberation of Israel from 
the realists 
but in that same structure there existed 
prophet who proclaims prophecy against the 
prophet who played then in the same 
structure we have at the beginning 
a prophet who proclaims prophecy and 
final we have a prophet who brings together the 
type management system there are more 
details in this study that we 
now for a matter of time we are going to 
omit because he and xavi wore virus 
strong used but we also 
we know that the bible also makes 
mention of a period of 430 years with 
this system 
That's when we combine 
these 2 these two dates we see 
that there is a combination of that of 
the structure that we should look at 
more closely and 
what we are going to see now 
there is the prophet Daniel once more 
we were professed we are going to 
jump some other prophets 
and let's focus on the prophet 
Daniel gives us the key to enter 
the history of the mileuristas 
I had one 
that does not mean the sun 
daniel we have already mentioned some 
things about what the prophet daniel is 
its meaning and its name 
which is the most known prophecy in the 
Daniel's book 
14 we are going to open Daniel 8 verse 14 
and we are going to read in daniel 8 14 only in 
says yes 
and he said up to 2300 evenings and mornings 
after the sanctuary will be purified 
that is the most famous prophecy more 
known that everyone see you know 
in Daniel's book 
then the prophecy begins in the year 
457 before Christ finished in 
and it's going to end in 1844 after 
my question is that you are going to 
find a prophet being raised in 
this farc period yes, of course, yes 
in the language and her name is elena 
elena institutions 
a frame 
then we already mentioned to 
daniel daniel and we will not spend 
a lot of time mentioning about that 
we are going to mention or explain the 
name of the of the prophet in web 
means greater power that shines elena 
means light or a lamp that shines 
woods is the word 
english gold is a variation of the 
Gold word meaning gold in English 
and white translated from English is white 
and if you guys are pretty 
pay attention to the name of the prophet 
a lamp so that what we 
we use a lamp is possible with a bus 
so that we can see when not 
let's have light 
illuminated this is to illuminate to give 
then now and white we're going to 
apply in some no instant 
now meters above stern 
profession more about he's going to superimpose 
one more prophecy here 
It is the prophecy of Moses 
what is the prophecy of the 2,520 and that 
also ends in 1844 
6 joel m was actually on July 23 
of 1889 paragraph 16 
at all points of the conference 
general in all meetings of the 
general conference from the conference 
general even more if you 
greatly shaved at prices 
messages of 17 christ the souls have 
have been widely accepted in the 
the precious message of justice 
Christ we thank God that 
exist and that if don j 
if you want is the need for 
disney in us we thank god 
that there are souls your gift hutto you have 
they understand that there is this in this city the 
Tourism percent of them are in 
need something that they do not 
they possess gold gold the faith the love of faith and of 
love to know your broncos vestments 
white the partners of christ who is the 
justice of christ and a lily the cenima 
spiritual and the eye drop that is the 
spiritual discernment 
that is the message the ministry wishes 
the whole ministry of the sister wide is 
is to warn of a ministry that is 
the odyssey of the church that is called the 
his message is for a people who do not see 
that the lamp needs 
that needs gold that is faith and love 
who needs the white robes that 
it is the righteousness of Christ 
and then we are going to close the 
study here and has kidnapped figures 
and in the sequence of studies we are going to 
give more a basis on the sequence of 
time rectifies roles as a prophet 
proclaimed then we go to 
identify the role of miller as a 
prophet proclaimed that you remember said 
that a living as you are a prophet is a 
testament because we also saw 
to miller as being a prophet that 
it also gathers 
and that we're going to do in the next 
study then let's pray 
and it has required that you are in heaven 
we want to thank you for the 
blessings of this day of studies not 
We can conclude that by these 
studies where we can have 
communion with the Lord bound because if 
I have just you buy your 
skills for your audience time 
grateful because the gentleman has open 
to all those precious truths for your 
village at this time because I had 
school and you or more and messengers that are 
prophets re proclaimed started little in a 
specific time because sir has 
chosen men to be like 
prophets who have to proclaim and 
also that they have to give in him 
light for this time 
that these truths that we are 
studying at this time because it 
understood by an electro teacher 
can be understood by our 
intellect love heart and our sum 
it can also be dwelling in our 
heart and can also transform us 
and if we ask you for everything in the name of 
Jesus Christ