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and what we saw so far 
it was like me along with these words 
they work are like we put together 
how we unite or how the word 
it works in chubut to please you 
for a moment they are not serving 
dressed to talk about time or 
moment in which we are living in the 
real life 
several stop the páramos represent 
different concepts we 
we need several parables to 
show or present different concepts 
of the same reality force their models 
to understand our reality 
so we need to reinforce 
those models for us to understand 
our reality 
in these words the reason why 
we are seeing these parables 
it's because the wheat issue and the 
if youtube was shaken one more time 
this reality that he observed was 
identified the difference between tribe and 
what became reality is that the 
deer managed to distinguish between what 
it's wheat and tares 
and that is now causing a big 
shook within movement 
Freising teacher is missing a bit because 
these special causes do not get 
how does it work later? 
let's see what is the cause of why 
people do not get to understand how 
and that this parable works 
let's go back to the texts that 
we were reading before and we're going to 
continue reading and we will read 
testimonies for the church volume 5 
new tourists from countries excel 66 for 
almost 3 
Portuguese this page 
in Spanish 662 paragraph 1 
God will wake up his dust and other months 
to introduce introduction of energies 
which separately separate the 
Wheat straw is called to all who 
they believe his word so that dismissed are 
due to appreciate the appropriate light the 
days the biblical truth show us 
hurt oneself windows 
about the students the students must 
bring the leaders of the 
writings without further attention too 
criticized the positions that we maintain 
comments from which all foundations 
position those truths will be cured 
perseveringly of stickers hearts 
the writings do not mean in 
assumptions and bad and ill- defined entities 
that constitutes the truth suffers must 
be firmly established on words 
of god so that when time of 
try to arrive and discover the bases for 
the councils to hide was unable 
to give a reason for here 
for hope to finish as the 7th 
in Spanish it says the following God 
awaken your children and other means 
fail and other means fail 
they shall mount up heresies among them and 
they will make aran by separating the chaff from 
Wheat the Lord invites all those who 
believe your word to wake up has 
arrived a beautiful light appropriate for 
this time is the biblical truth that 
It shows the dangers that are 
overcoming this light should induce us to 
an intelligent study of the scriptures 
and a very critical examination of beliefs 
that we hold if God wants it to be 
examine thoroughly and perseveringly with 
prayer and fasting the opinions and 
fundamentals of truth the believers 
they do not have to trust their positions and 
more defined ideas of what constitutes 
the truth your faith must be firmly 
based on the word of God so 
that when the test time arrives and 
be brought before the council for 
answer for their faith can give reason to 
the hope that is in them 
meekness and fear 
the history of these series 10 that 
means like mega apostasy or mega 
for this reason when we look 
for this story people see 
these difficulties as heresies that 
we identify as apostasy 
the foundation of our idea allows 
that so that we can have a 
more accurate research more diligent 
and more accurate than were the 
foundation of our faith last reason 
let's continue reading not the 
next paragraph help help guitar 
or is associated with we present to a world of 
reserve us with more quality 
importance in defending the two 
options that we consider files 
fundamental the faith never allows us 
allow or impregnate moments that do not 
I truly know examples 
that is missing the adversary manigua more 
not the truth we should present as much 
legitimate that not only easy and we 
we oppose more and support more memorable 
and presenter inquiry when 
ready for discussions add order if 
you want not to forget culture and relationship 
word of god face the adversary 
of neighbors more serious force 
presenters in such a way that 
wake up from the conviction in your 
spirit instead of merely procuring 
inspire confidence or belief 
shake shake the topics we present 
the world should be for us a 
living reality it is important that 
defend the doctrines that we consider 
fundamental articles of faith never 
let us use arguments that do not 
be completely correct 
maybe they serve to silence an opponent 
but they do not honor the truth we should 
present solid arguments that not only 
silence our opponents but 
endure the most stringent examination and 
scrutineer those who have been educated as 
deputies and are in grave danger of 
do not handle the word of God with 
justice when we face a 
opponent in our fervent effort 
must have an object to present the themes 
in such a way that they wake up the 
conviction in your mind instead of trying 
simply to give confidence to the believer 
if this was a friend and as a model if 
we take the mileurist story 
as model 
has a game very much necessarily 
there is a process of that preparation 
we do not talk much but the 
history of the mileuristas has a 
process at the beginning that is the process of 
preparation for the story where god 
will give man his treasures to 
can we reveal the precious truths 
what he has for us in that 
history who is man 
vilsack guillermo to me the truth that the 
step in party that has seen me and when 
we see happen to the story a 
and chose the fundamental files 
it was given from a story 
when we dream the articles 
fundamentals of that history and 
fundamental tribes of articles 
fundamentals of our faith 
they are found that the articles of 
there from that moment in yoke me and with 
trout hard and I took the projects 
his purposes so that history the 
they find that man has 
found a treasure where he has 
revealed all of God's purpose in 
this story and everything now is to find 
new stories then we 
we find in this story in that 
story with them and together the words 
of silva 
two houses bush categories and people 
so when we put this together 
history we see two kinds of 
people two categories of people 
distributing prophet and a false prophet 
we have a true genuine prophet 
and a false prophet 
and in the middle of that citation that we 
we have here we have to 
double check items 
our history 
we are going to place that in the background 
of our memory because we are going to 
declare this point more willing with 
problems that eat here at its origin 
and even if it was not his living yes because the 
problem that started here has its 
origin in something that was not resolved there 
although today we are going to continue reading 
and that series of writings 
first it is clear is the truth 
millet police appraisal study more 
intense light on how to do 
presented the others whatever 
the intellectual progress of a man does not 
you must think for a moment that you do not 
he needs to scrutinize and 
continuously writings for 
get more light as a people we are 
individually called to be 
students of prophecy we must watch 
fervently to notice any ray of 
light that God presents to us we must 
discerning the first reflections of the 
true through study accompanied 
of prayer 
we can get clearer light for 
communicate it to others 
then in the context of which she 
is talking about all the text that 
we are reading to 74 cunning and wheat 
as I said graphic we find 
the subject of wheat and weeds as 
we identify and that's it 
Saavedra Jesus and returning is necessary 
and that text is agitated among the 
people who are involved in this 
story then you and now the 
warning call if I confused 
position if I with just ability 
intellectual whatever your position 
or his intellectual capacity I did not think about 
a moment that you should not all those 
prophecies do not think you for any 
moment that you should not study this 
profession also specifies the jury 
for graffiti we owe to put the 
first steps of truth is she 
and more specific at the end of the paragraph and 
says we owe to accompany 
with prayer 
and we must discern the first 
reflections of the truth that today were the 
first clear they should give us some that 
history where the first ones were given 
rays of light from this story if you 
Place entry school 
if we place abcdy the rest 
we have to ask where 
the first bugles were given 
of our history on the water in the bo 
in the co in the of 
directs a conductive well your 
knowledge here where to squeeze your side 
it's really already seems I would say that the 
where we have the increase of 
knowledge where the first rays of 
light appears to be constitutive image 
award enter and that windows is hole your 
April messenger is written is like 
state will work if we put 
our mind there we can see 
that is where the Lord begins to 
work and put the first rays of 
light and the Lord will start in the field 
tickets experience for me this text 
it is a warning for us to know 
how can we get into that 
we are going to change a bit and go 
to read other written texts 
we are going to first writings 
53 in Portuguese 
and in a group 
of a group that remains diminished 
not the attention to take it to 
established faith of communities 
I saw that a company was standing 
well guarded and firm denying your support to 
those who wanted to upset the faith 
established body 
I folded to go his approval were 
shown three degrees to first 
second to be emissaries angels god 
I looked with approval to this company 
three steps were shown 
The first messages of the first 
second and the third autonomous angel 
island needs three of which the other 
name that people give for those 
three steps 
the eternal gospel truth and the eternal 
it's process interest in tapas and the 
eternal gospel is a process in three 
with a little generic form 
these three unpresentable stages 
then we are going to place this 
in a generic form in three stages that 
Were presented 
its three stages are the three stages of 
eternal gospel 
of the one who moves a block or a 
peg of those messages from those 
the true understanding of those 
messages is the vital importance the 
destiny of souls depends on the 
way they are received with auto 
dam of a bucket of liquids in his 
experience is again told 
these messages go and how high pathN 
price had obtained this experience 
from god's villages until they were tired 
through a lot of suffering and 
severe conflict he got for much 
suffering and severe conflict gave his 
blood driven step by step until 
expose its most solid platform 
unmovable god had led her step 
step up to put it on a 
solid platform and unshakable my weight 
is to approximate is the sandy platform 
and found 
to certain people approaching the 
platform and examine its foundation or 
I am looking for greater joy and also 
they went up for the other one began to 
find flaws foundation some 
they immediately went up to her with 
rejoicing others began to find 
flaws in the foundation must be a 
little happier 
they wanted improvements to be made then 
the platform would be more perfect and the 
much happier people 
some got off the platform to 
examine it and declare what was wrong 
if we had history today what 
we see our history today is 
experience is that in this experience 
crossed named genes 
fundamentals people started to 
review the foundation rule mine is 
deeply unsupportive and was placed 
here many truths uses chips 
fundamentals for an escape acts here 
they hated for the fundamentals that 
they were placed there and they were open to 
the fundamental files found 
from here and they were based on the 
fundamental articles in a cafe that 
they were placed there 
and they started saying that is wrong 
Mr. Emilio schedules we are going to 
improve this I have a little crisis of 
to be improved here is one thing that 
needs to be improved here crisis of 
Christmas if you feel fat bet of 0 
happened from 0 pasture and honey I 
the truth is that in the in the third step 
of the gospel there are two scriptures but 
we still have grace for us 
many other judges and many other things 
that just example this is just an example 
eighth was released listened to say to cease 
with his sketches but I saw that almost all 
They remained firm on the platform and 
they exhorted those who had come down from 
she who is is making her complaints 
god were this builder and the pse 
this will I against him because God 
he was the master craftsman and they were 
fighting against him 
in that way 
for him 
related in the wonderful work done 
by god who had led them to the 
firm platform and unison raised 
eyes to heaven and with a strong voice 
they glorified goodbye this affected 
some of those who had complained and 
left the platform and these with aspect 
humble they went back up to her 
so what is the work for this 
time and then quote room 
through perplexities and agitation 
all showcases seductive spirits 
by all wind of doctrine and 
many seductive spirits 
what is the work for this time 
that the filis and sima the platform that 
what we need to do to 
this time to keep people 
firm on our platform that without 
doubt necessary from here because they exist 
two messages here these power groups 
and light both groups have power and 
'blues' time is intellectual medium of 
both have intellectual knowledge 
of the vice message are a group has its 
merit teacher merit a group have 
the fruits of the spirit and their fruits 
manifested a huge heart and these 
fruits manifest in the heart and not 
in the mind and pretend to enjoy and 
we need to understand that 
also that this is the work for 
this time and these people who have 
or are genuine should phases of that time 
which is the work that the people who 
they have the genuine truth they should do 
for this time this emerges to count 
wonderful historical stories like 
gods driving and the estate here they 
they need to re tell the story the 
marveled until now that he gave he had 
done up here there are flats here 
that were not countable hair 
adwords but it was not frontal surely 
there are people here who were not 
Planted with the good seed of the Lord 
they were sown for looking bad and more 
they were sown by the son of the evil one 
per share for the next paragraph to 
gualeguaychú this culture this story 
is not this 
has superimposed was counting the 
history of the miners now 
we are going to tell the story 
minorities about putting in this model 
with months but milito saves initial 
beginning of the mileurist story which 
is the data the initial date 1798 
and what we call time 
of the end 
before that there is a period that we 
we call period of darkness 
and telling the mileurist story that 
what she is doing in the bermuda 
or issue of telling another story to fear and 
now she's going to change the matter was going to 
tell another story too but 
introduced the story of Christ that 
basically the same story attempts 
from hector live nice people because 
Christ now we call altar for the 
story of christ who spoke of this that 
is an illustration of the parable of the 
history of the milanistas I feel 
he was called to proclaim being 
first winds of christ then what 
that there was 16 I was reminded 
proclamation of the first advent of 
Christ was not the devil joel spirit 
Díaz defined prepares the way for 
Jesus John was sent in the spirit and 
the power of Elijah to prepare 
the way for Jesus with 4 news wow which 
it was the role of Juan what was the role of 
ready to do prepare the truth are 
symbols that about was on top of a 
perfect line on tour without forms is 
real life crisis 
those are symbols that we're in 
proposing to represent what 
happens in real life 
x we see that juan 
women wow now the name is juan 
He managua and says that Juan came with the 
power of Elijah and that he is Elijah too 
in this way they were benefited 
what they rejected the testimony of Juan 
they did not receive benefit from 
teachings of jesus 
everything tells us this story something like that 
that's what people who did not follow 
stop being there Christ the weights that 
they needed that first 
but I could not be benefited when 
christopher second second message 
while reviewing the history 
in the history of Christ the people do not 
they got to follow the first one was the 
bonus then the first test of this 
village was to see if they got 
accept or not the offer is asked 
John was a prophet 
if you ask Juan juan is a 
prophet himself answered me between his 
weights that is what John answers the most 
for those people then their prophet and 
neighbors without prophet you do not choose 
you happy 
the neighbor is not only one 10 the 
I'm not the ies, that's what I 
another prophet as you say please 
are you the other prophet of which 
I speak, I'm not 
if people ask in that for 
Juan, when he will always answer, not me 
I am not 
more that is what managua and sad of 
juan de juanes elías yes with assumptions 
questions for jesus that I and when the 
people ask those you have juan 
he answers 
there is the aunts in him and it is that you 
they expected 
was born and Müller was born from a womb 
of woman there is no one older than Juan 
from the one who considers government more 
that the one considered the least decision 
He kept that if he's older than Juan 
to reading 
his opposition to the message he had 
predicted the avenue of he placed them 
where it will not be easy for you to receive 
more categorical evidence that he was 
the messiah through those who 
will need this decision master queen 
puntaillita christ crucified satan 
induced those who had rejected 
Juan's message that they were even more 
away and know to know that they reject 
even to crucify nach is christ 
with first citizen suits with his 
knows which was the first test the first 
nation test 
was john and so pick up that story if 
it is had not rejected john them if 
they would have been with them and not 
could have 
wow if they reject juan 
if you prefer, this would have been 
impossible for them to receive Christ and 
that's exactly what happened with 
we are going to read a text 
first you talking about that idea of 
first the first test 
there are many messages chosen volume 
and trace selected messages volume test 
electrical messages 
chris paisley 74 
minister young 93.3 
before that picture that happening 
this this may personal I received against him 
and one thing is here 
what else 
well that is possible 
this what sister why says one thing 
is true and Seventh-day Adventists 
day they are placed on soldiers used 
tamales that are adopted their low position 
the flag of satan first what 
you want to offer the first thing that 
they are going to miss is to leave 
surfer is to abandon your faith 
in the warnings of their faith in the 
warnings and reproaches contained in 
that of the testimonies of the spirit of 
God first the prophet or prophet the 
first thing they do is reject 
the recorded prophecy spirit of 
and I hope you can see that 
up here now 
present a text try to find something 
I need a text more and I will try 
to find now 
let's lend military let's go back to 
the history of thousands of history I 
the list 
first written page 231 
when I read encounter 
it's great 
understood by power m what he tried 
again the time of sale of the 
mafiosi chosen that with clear of no 
be able to spirit it by diverting 
prophecies and show the world the 
presence of equal snow and other parts 
of the bible and face for the operation of 
the times until big is to say those 
words of God to prepare for 
the end of the end sleeps with the role of 
be choosing 
if people had understood the 
visions of Daniel had understood 
better those of Juan but in his due 
time god worked in his chosen servant and 
he with clarity and the power of the spirit 
saint explained the prophecies proving 
the concordance between the visions of 
danielle and those of juan well with others 
passages of the bible and instilled in the 
encouragement of the people the sacred and 
fearsome writing banns 
to prepare for the advent of 
son of man who heard him 
they were deeply convinced and 
clergy and sinful and unbelieving peoples 
they turned to the Lord and looked 
the preparation to stand in the 
and she says they looked for the preparation for 
stand on the day of judgment 
that is the work of the chosen one of God 
from the mobile or the word prepared way 
this is John's time to prepare the 
path is the time to from 
road preparation lives prepared for 
live and tom miller prepared the town 
for the coming of the son of man so 
confirmed as well as did juan 
although the following paragraph 
suicides accompanied by the family and their 
he was firm and naked proclaimed 
carefully message of trust 
the angels of god accompanied 
William Miller in his firm mission 
intrepid proclaimed the message that 
I had entrusted him 
as a specific message then 
miller had angels accompanying 
then what he was doing was a 
work that was being directed by god 
and then there's a message 
missionaries and messages 
to the message 
no m chay 
in the fight 
and first writings now let's open 
again in first writings 
then we will continue the first 
described but let's change the 
the chapter that we go is called 
Illustrated Adventist movement 
page 240 paragraph 1 
this will let us feel this we are going 
to read each sentence in the text 
chapter the first one talks a little bit about what 
which is the title of the chapter 
the chapter is called the movement 
Adventist illustrated 
when we say movement of the 
advent that is what comes in 
our mind 
is the movement that awaits the coming of 
in this case it shows that in this 
case what elena that is describing 
is already talking about the advent of 
that the group that awaits the coming of 
Christ of the Second English Coming 
it is also his story 
we can make a point that 
this movement illustrates the coming of the 
second coming of the son of man the 
proposed to revive yoke and purpose 
miller is not which 
for me it is not the messenger who prepares 
the way and that is what we are going to 
read now 
says to these numerous groups that it seems 
be linked together in both ways 
certain number of companies that seemed 
joined with as in aces by ropes 
many of these groups were in fetters 
total in this company many were 
in total darkness where we 
we mark darkness in our line 
imac through us we mark 
darkness there in that period in the 
period of darkness 
what we see is that this 
illustrated movement 
our star from here and now she 
is seeing that darkness there 
groups I am among them the groups 
they are standing in darkness luisa valleys 
many of his groups were clear 
countable and already says many of these 
groups were in total darkness their 
you hate their projects to sell this 
flag and seemed to have no supply of 
jesus skins his eyes and his eyes are 
they directed down towards the earth and 
there seemed to be no relationship between them and 
Jesus just the facts judged 
then they were in darkness 
they had their eyes turned to where 
layers down near them they do not 
they looked up and showed their solos 
vowels prepare 
then he is going to illustrate the eye by looking 
that's how they were looking towards 
down the backs for each other their 
rights groups had uniservice kisses 
similar vinegar consortium art show but 
scattered among those different 
companies had people whose face 
They appeared illuminated and whose eyes 
they lifted up to heaven like this their 
stanzas of the cutlery and just another 
top more then there were some 
people who were not looking for 
down if they were not looking up 
against those excesses and that what with 
said with that person what is 
several of the events and jesus as hans 
of the other tribe and the three rays of 
light that came from jesus were 
distributed towards them 
who are those who receive the 
rays of light group or this group is the 
who looks down the one who looks for 
above which group is the one that goes to 
top top 
then that is the group that receives light 
and that looks up 
more of this group receives those of whom 
Jesus' own jesus are the gestures of 
health for everyone only for the 
who have their eyes on top 
an angel invited me to look carefully and 
I saw an angel that watched over each of 
those who had a ray of light 
while evil angels surrounded 
those who were in darkness and if 
we continue another let's do 
a point there 
ours is also illustrated by the 
history of Christ and traces in the 
history of Christ the men were walking 
in the in the period of darkness until 
that the prophecy was fulfilled and the 
has announced then at this time the 
Brother White says that God sent the 
angels for 
illuminate the earth and show your 
they sought to find a Jesus for all 
the face of the future earth itself and 
subscribe July next 
these angels look for the person who 
I had laid eyes upwards me 
like you should find and they asked 
they found they did not find it 
and they did not find them no no 
They found someone who was 
put his eyes and he was then 
they entered the town of the village of 
god and they asked here we 
they thought here let's find what 
they found them and find them 
clear tv forum its leaders 
they supposedly saw that we were 
wishing autistic problems I return 
next and they found them and they 
they entered the temple and asked they said 
here there must be someone who knows the 
prophecies and they know what it is 
will come more and the 
only because I love him 
the only house they saw 2.1 
making their lemons and sacrifices 
ares violen trying to catch is the 
The only thing they saw were the 
priests placed on the pomp of 
their pride and they looked at what they 
they had their eyes down 
looking at earthly things and 
only got the braves not 
got more of the pro process other 
prophecies those priests only 
they managed to look down not 
they never looked again 
up towards the sky 
then the angels were ready to 
return from aaron cook once again they 
they looked a little more if you want to find 
what was it they found how many 
people i am that i never knew your viles 
found or how many groups of people 
they were found 
we can give a name for 
this people 
shepherds us if we go for 
that story and look more towards the 
shepherds the shepherds so easy more 
that history is what the 
shepherds were doing in this 
history this will for a next 
been looking down I was looking 
up cable a next seeks a 
prophecy that was fulfilling in is 
looking up to see the 
prophecy was to meet him 
just a little bit to find the magicians and 
He waited a little longer and found the 
the wise of the wise yes to the tasks 
from the east he used this problem also 
next profession and the wise ones also 
they were looking at the prophecies too 
they had their eyes on the sky 
with solid prophecy and wise that also 
have other stories in other people 
you were the prophet symeon was at 
perfect and healthy that they also had 
put their eyes on the older ones 
events in the history of the earth are 
four groups 
we are since it was condition that are 
four groups that were aware of 
what was happening photos that 
few people to life truth present 
so that truth should not be 
considered the fact that they are which of 
that are few people or four 
people who were aware of what 
what was happening does not mean 
that they were wrong 
what people do when they look 
do not look at the movement and the design does not 
I see the glory in September 11 
ceases to be illuminated when many 
if they say if there had been glory 
on September 11 then all the 
earth would have been illuminated with the 
glory and I would not have had so much 
you have been enlightened by glory more 
years ignore the testimony of 
lena white when she speaks and says that 
at that moment in the history of the 
earth if it was illuminated with all the 
glory of the Lord four groups open 
even though only four groups 
they had managed to see that glory 
naturist existence kingdom the form 
enter what we need 
understand the nature of the way 
correct so that we can 
enter the kingdom and in the history thousand 
edges your muscles the strange was 
under all the Protestants were there 
there were only a few men looking 
up we can name 
for living and the first we 
we know it is miller after culé others 
young people we can choose other names or 
in latin america the european americas 
which they prophesied Europeans to 
children who prophesy in the north of 
europe all journalists all in that 
period since in that time in this 
period are four were only the four 
groups for this one 
back to level then they came back for 
I will tell you then let's go back 
to the matter of miller we have to support 
any writing 
so what the testimony says is 
that angels accompanied those who 
they had the testimony of him with the rays 
of light our partner women or their 
progressive studies the angels 
they accompanied all of them in their study 
of the study of prophecy so he 
began to enjoy and discover zizur 
you prefer prayer so I started it 
to study and discover the treasures of 
the truths that I had for our 
general soccer fpf and thousands of light 
feasible did with being able to be already and in the 
end time in the thousands received 
his bible and his illusion concordance 
I live and socom can be 
and April against the hidden treasures 
from the center then he through his 
bible he got to open the treasures and 
find those great truths for 
its time 
we can not illustrate all that 
with drawings or with examples to improve 
and you to hit is this very about this 
then I encourage you to watch read 
the testimonies of guillermo miller and 
see how all those truths fit 
perfectly in that line james jones 
it is with ya in 1818 
with everything proposed and god caution and 
that the miller wilderness had understood 
all God's purpose for that 
generation of uncuyo women god chooses 
a man to elevate his purposes 
to reveal their purposes and placed 
your support for the advice you acquire own 
teacher jesus and put in his mouth the 
message that he was to proclaim to 
then we are going to see in 
Deuteronomy 1818 
they are in prophet 2016 hands with a 
tube and you could my words in their mouths 
and ordered nonsense 
prophet I will raise you from the midst of 
between his brothers of his brothers as 
you and I will put my words in his mouth and he 
he will tell you everything that I will send him 
I am a raised prophète which is a 
prophet raised the youtube note 
what types of prisoners raised between 
what kind of people same in common 
among the brothers of the common people 
directed facebook perfect and what is it 
that he should be with this prophet 
quincho was in the industry a 
homicide which is what we 
we just read in Deuteronomy 1818 
he better wins his xbox his words he 
placed in his mouth his words his 
false teacher and I believe that prophets 
and it was placed in your album simply 
spit what was placed in his mouth 
prophet please what he authorized 
he simply speaks what God 
he said 
so when the prophet speaks he speaks 
without making a mistake in your message 
but prophet and what happens with 
those people who did not flee to 
prophet verse anyone who does not 
there would be more words the Aramaic norm sge 
or requires him 
to anyone who does not get my words 
and that speaking in my name I 
I will ask for an account 
and what is the account that we are 
will ask 
Felix that counts we are going to present 
ours in the end if we do not hear 
the prophet who is not sent not 
compelled by its chapters 3 
we are going to open these chapter 3 jesus 
verse 22 
13 and 23 because I do not know if you're a country 
studies will raise between you we sign in 
prophets emilia min 
you will see it from all control system and 
it will happen that every soul that does not 
will enjoy this prophet will be exterminate 
says because Moses said to the parents the 
Lord your god will rise prophet 
from among your brothers like me and 
hearing is in all things that you 
I will speak and every soul that does not hear that the 
prophet will be led astray uprooted 
from town 
anyone who does not hear this prophet is going to 
lose your life 
the prophet's message is of life or 
and when when the prophet declares that 
in so many days count two years you go 
to return then you are without 
opportunity says I will not listen 
our words exposed 267 because 
then in other words people 
what they do are sealing their sentence of 
death not shown our spirit 
we will have eternal is not a literal death 
but if it is a spiritual death it is a 
eternal death 
listen to identify who is the 
true prophet you can look for a 
little more for a matter of time I'm going to 
go faster 
that there is a story between your 
different voices as if already present 
here because we have a 
story between two different voices that 
we already present here 
before doing this we are not just going to 
continue reading a text 
but his words 
first writings are sensual for the 
glorious amman himself 
so you will not be occupied by the previous 
chromed support materials and means 
dalí gloria can arrive right now 
let's read the previous paragraph not 
we're done and we're going to finish it says 
so an angel invited me to look with 
careful and I saw an angel that watched over 
each one of those I had from 
those who had a ray of light 
while evil angels surrounded 
those who were in darkness heard the 
voice of an angel cry fear to god and 
give him glory because the hour of his judgment 
has arrived if it is crying out here 
miller to 15 actions to message miller 
is he who received a ray of light from 
jesus in symbolic form more in shape 
symbolic his first goal I'm the first 
Angel convive cowboys wrote that 
it means local mental then thousands 
of that first angel that received that 
if we think about the history of 
jesus once again 
what is happening is the person who 
they reject Juan's message 
the snow will be benefited for 
receive the following messages messages 
is to identify that a foreigner and that 
a women is history then we 
we need to identify who is the 
messenger who is the man in that 
history and cristian mode and its singular 
because it is an angel in singular an angel 
is a man chosen to present to 
town the designs of god 
and he receives the treasure because he has the 
correct method 
if we are not you so 
familiar with that you need 
go to study the dream of guillermo 
miller in first this writing 
a house like xavi 
and from this street under construction 
then you will see in this 
story that he receives a box with those 
treasures and he has a key for that 
the thousand days but we should see 
that at that point we have their 
name juan that is elías and miller in the 
history of the milanistas 
and I will not go into much detail 
about the events of these stories 
although they are very important and will go to 
another prophetic framework of history 
mileurista that was in the year 1840 
that according to the pioneers in this year the 
message moved around the world and 
your project was confirmed 
you're Hollywood because that year was 
confirmed that the prophet was chosen 
by god 
and describes this described to horn be 
shoot and that's what it's going to be 
described in the next paragraph of 
first writings nuns we go in post 
window on their groups in order to undermine 
all that this month 
a glorious light rest then on 
those companies to enlighten everyone what 
that if they wanted to receive it antinómica 
tribute to the bus to Korea for you if not 
he has some kisses left now 
we can see that the dynamics here changed 
a little because the light is no longer for that 
group that looked up is for all is 
say serve power and whoever wants 
receive will be able to receive the failures of 
the abuses that we are among those of the pse 
but something was negotiated some that 
they were in darkness they received the light and 
others rejoiced 
others instead rejected the light of 
they want to travel to informed or deviant 
saying that that light went and came to 
the land for what to cheat and the 
deviate from the delivery path 
then the light went through them and they were 
left in darkness now they no longer 
can see more nothing 
they have eyes more they can not see the 
book of parable mateos 3 and if you guys 
remember the parable of mateos 13 months 
for his previous words Jesus began 
to speak the parable to them if you 
says stop the months they asked 
why you do not leave for grandparents 
and he answers so that you watching 
and then there people can see that 
when the glorious appears them 
having eyes to see can not see 
this was because they rejected the light and 
they were whole if you are in 
darkness then his eyes are 
blocked or closed and it is no longer 
helpful to have eyes 
if you do not get to see anything of what 
is near today or inside you as if 
be a being is like as if you 
were blind 
If you are blind and you lead, you are 
a blind man leading another seven 
and what happens with you is that you 
is leading people towards a 
narrow road and it's not the high road and 
elevated if you exist on the road 
high and high are you want groups 
they say yucca while our french is 
go for your tips living in a world 
tenebrous athar abbas you are blind not 
get to see that the road is 
putting dangerous and you are going to lead 
to all the people towards him towards the 
gully to the precipice and will fall towards 
just after and groups people who 
they take message 
and that is what happens with this group 
of people who have a message that 
It has power and light 
but they are blind guiding blind people always to 
change as a contest that we are going 
to move to a conclusion now 
had extended to the bus and Jesus 
happily estimate an increase in 
pressure that light that is on him outside of 
the hand your users shined with your 
bag find chosen for jesus 
happy interest and their spokesmen 
harmony with water already has God the 
glory can come now from his son 
some who were in 
the light to those who had received the light 
of Jesus appears joyously appreciated 
the increase in health appreciation that was 
spilled on them his face is 
they shone with holy joy while 
his gaze was directed with intense interest 
up towards Jesus and their voices are 
hear in harmony with the voice of the angel you 
means and give glory because the time of 
his trial has arrived and what happens with 
the people who receive the light 
what is changing in this story 
who is the one delivering the message now 
gomez decision and pass all and that 
but light here at that point no longer 
a man and now they happen to be all 
those who received the light 
storaker jung woo passed me six neighborhoods 
women's the story that at the beginning was 
a man now becomes a group 
of men 
men and women 
the cb message of the last message 
men and women now come together and give a 
message that is in harmony with the 
first month the first message that the 
first angel brought fear to god and give him 
glory because the time his trial has 
come here 
sound is important that we see 
that man and men are in 
harmony and now the stigma sips and 
now they have more voice robberies 
they have a single voice forgiveness voices and 
you have to 
our message then when I am today 
that voice you understand that is only 
a message they want to live here lives in 
auschwitz loves do not want miller 
here is miller carlos fitz samuel snow 
etcetera your partner like new mobile 
pitcheo king jersey shore case is 
story then this or listen to 
samuel snow carlos physio anyone who 
be in this story as your ex see your 
final voice of is profert is more voice is 
like if he was hearing the voice 
from William Miller the same prophet 
because it's the same witness voice have 
bitten and have a harmony have a 
same message the same prophet 
then in this story you get 
identify a the same prophet that 
such as minister offer then what 
is the name that prophet 
then according to the model that 
we chose we have three 
options well wow today juan 
for elías wen thousands of six months are 
three may be more but those are the 
models that we have taken we have three 
hello for the miller award as the ies 
now we are going to look at miller 
as elias 
to finish to finish what 
we want to talk about this 
model that started these three words 
hours for three this is how is the 
first for ballast because we started the 
first lecture and we are from 
monuments identifying the situation in 
that we are in this moment 
can tell your story what we 
we did during the last months 
past was re recount the 
history crisis groups because they existed 
two groups 
how is it that these examples groups and 
there were some people who were 
looking towards the two crisis groups so 
strained from their houses but platform and 
we need that this person 
go back to the platform 
the god then we have a 
and series 
that is the aunts 
and there is 
It's perfect if I paid 
and we have the prophets of val 
and a third group or lion and a third 
group that is watching 
then we look and choose 
who is the true prophet 
the present 
with the roles of so many stars that 
we are the following days for this 
question between two thoughts that is 
you have to be described as crisis 
false professor participated then 
we need to look at these three 
groups and ask ourselves which one in the group 
we are we, we are this 
prophet or are we this prophet who is 
between two we think we are this group that 
is between two thoughts are we this 
prophet who is rejecting the light 
and I'm going to tell you that the safest 
that we need to get to do 
is to become the excursion days 
among our friends then the time 
in which we are living is not 
a time to be rambling between two 
thoughts in this group all of the 
been expected to be in this group is 
almost the same as being in this group 
the choice that we make the decision that 
we must take now it has to be based 
in whom is the true prophet 
and as we know who is the 
true prophet presse history us 
takes a perfect moment discussion 
we need to go back to that 
history and look at the moment when the 
prophet was chosen thus arose through 
that story back here 
that starts in time at last in 
Chiapas processes he is a young man we passed 
we then the process of 
old man selection I found 
many hard we see a man 
finding a treasure 
this collection is true archives 
fundamental warfare that this one goes 
establishing the truth of the articles 
fundamentals of our faith that we are going to 
place your foundation the stories the 
truths put on social grama that are 
placed on the foundation of our 
history that are the truths placed 
in these diagram also above and now 
we have a foundation and 
we need to stay on top 
seductive stories appear and 
whatever the wind of doctrine 
or the seductive spirit that appears in 
this story years speak a son peter and 
I already have some driving us 
we know where we are standing and 
where and to what extent did the Lord 
when stephen uom and the pitfalls 
because of the happy neck and placed and 
and quiz asked me 
We have faith in this man because God 
He chose that man and we can 
follow that man 
finalized arch very useful and we 
let's finish now with another text 
this text is only in Portuguese and 
it is life to be taught on page 2 and 4 204 
paragraphs pass said parties more history 
going through our history 
walking all the steps of our 
progress to the current state and I 
I can say the fords and I god 
praise be god when he believed that I 
be executed when I see that God has 
fills me with admiration for Christ and for 
confidence in him as a leader nothing 
we have to manage the future nothing 
we have to fear in the future the 
children is that if we are a way of what 
which of your crews unless 
we forget the way by which 
the Lord has led us then we have 
also talked about his story point 
future then we have nothing 
to fear in this story about the 
future god jesus that if we are comfortable 
consultants here unless we 
let's not forget in this process how it was 
that the Lord has led us here 
and how it was ridiculous and when the 
People spend magazine this story 
the people are surely with security 
that is praised be God 
Let's pray 
but you have to put more studies to 
avoid that you are in the heavens you 
we want to thank for the behavior 
company here in this study the 
physical or capture them from our 
history we want to ask that you us 
continue accompanying and guiding the 
camperas of our history we 
we understand that we are 
making the memorial that we are without 
in which we are close to 
about the glory of the coming glory 
what we had 
chile with this mortal body has to 
turn into an incorruptible body 
and now we ask that the Lord 
continue remembering this story of 
how it was that the Lord led us to 
here its beginning 
that the beginning of our trust in 
he remains unchanged 
in states that we can have faith in that 
the Lord is still guiding us through 
of social joules through their 
chosen servants designated exclusive 
designated by the gentleman but he met 
this work and about that to drive this 
work of salvation of many you subscribed 
the name of Jesus Christ