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good afternoon everyone 
different is a garbage 
there is tension installed prophet 
and what we are going to do is 
study or at least try 
study the subject of the prophet theme that 
It is in our midst 
I'm going to do six presentations 
at 12 today I am going to give a 
introduction about where we are 
us now in the moment 
of history 
tomorrow I'm going to talk about the prophets and 
the role they play in history 
do not 
in the last two presentations I'm going 
to present the matter of how the 
prophets manifests in our days 
the system 
and you 
and if someone with a subject that is not 
I presented 
this topic is a topic that is aligned a lot 
to the theme of Brother Marko who is 
presenting the theme in the organization 
so if you attend both 
presentations will be of greater 
profit for you 
at the moment that we are today 
We are doing a job and I think 
which is a good job 
to tell how the beginning of the 
of the controversy 
and dell 
this platform 
when the white hand talks about the 
reference in terms of driving 
the platform of truth 
she talks about a group that leaves the 
platform of truth 
with such 
to history 
and the people who remain in the 
platform have to recount the 
story of how they came to that 
and when they tell the story of 
the people who came out 
they begin to return 
and it's not a coincidence that in the 
last weeks we have heard that 
again and again 
do not 
a time ago 
that of people who have left the 
movement and they are now coming back 
back to the movement 
and the reason why we 
we need to tell that story 
or better than telling the story 
it is because of heresies or false 
stories that came to the movement in 
the last years and that controversy already 
I'm with that conflict 
that the Lord opened us introduced us 
has shown in a way that before 
we had not seen 
what we now call the model 
of agriculture 
I'm going to start with a model of 
that's why for this reason that we 
let's start by trying again the 
model in agriculture 
at 4 the line of frames 4 the same 
they are basically an abyss stop it 
to the manifestos 
and the line of matte 13 that are 
practically the same parable only that 
both show a different aspect 
of history 
the reason why christ had to 
tell the parables 
different parables with aspects 
the words natural stories 
histories of asturias 
it's because the parables are stories 
natural are stories of nature 
and what to do 
forced to the real model to the model 
natural in which we live 
then when we see the 
parable of frames 44 and we bring the 
word of mateos 13 
four aspects christmas and stress you 
it takes like 23 
the reason why we 
we are 3 matteo 3 and matteo 4 is that 
mateos 4 does not tell us the whole story and 
we need to bring matte 13 to 
complete some aspects of this 
we are going to open frames chapter 4 
verse 28 
and it's going to be read in Portuguese and also 
in Spanish 
in Spanish he says so because his leads 
fruit the earth 
first grass then spike after 
grain full of the spike and what we 
teaches this parable is a sequence in 
three stages 
but the parable omits the phase where it 
sowing the grain 
to peace and preparation alone and also omits 
the part of the soil preparation that 
it would not be easy 
this module navigate and that gets 
show that is process 
what happens is that this model does not 
does not get to illustrate all the 
history only the final part of that 
that the grass exists first 
then what we have first 
it's the grass and then we have the fruit 
and then we have the fruit well 
and this story 
and now we are going to illustrate the 
same story in the parable of mateos 
13 of the wheat and the tares 
that word 
before doing it I want to finish the 
comment stands on the 4th 
that once when the fruit is soon 
then the harvest comes 
let's go to chapter 13 
beach 4 
verse 20 24 onwards 
and other paralysis 
He told them another word saying 
kingdom of heaven is like a 
man who sowed good seed in his 
but while they were sleeping the men came 
his enemy and sowed tares among the 
wheat and he left 
and when the grass came out and it came to fruition 
then the tares also appeared 
came then the servants of the father 
of the family and they said sir no 
you sow good seed in your field of 
where then it comes from where it has 
although I want people to see here 
that the kingdom the kingdom of heaven the 
is illustrating 
what is showing us is how 
the kingdom of heaven works 
as a moment 
he says he's like a man coming 
to the field and plant good seed well 
as its fruits 
as it is illustrated in the parable 
previous of matteo marcos 4 that goes to 
grow and it will bear good fruit 
this man sows a seed and he 
remove and leave the servants taking care 
then we have the seed here 
and what is it that the servants do 
they should be watching over them 
that you are 
there's the deer they should be 
doing a job more they sleep 
close your eyes if you can not see 
and when they sleep what is it 
the enemy well 
the birth good or bad bad truth 
that 's two are the same story we have 
now two foundations but this story 
fails to illustrate all aspects 
of real life 
then we have a seed that is 
good the seed 
and a seed that is bad 
what happens after 
and in the parable that is what happens 
following him after the seed 
that seed is going to grow and it's going to come back 
one grass one strand 
and what will happen to the other 
it seems to me with 
my family is going to look like I was going to grow 
like an herb with a strand of these 
more now the servants are awake and 
they have their eyes open 
more when they look for the field they go 
sant the plants what they see 
like it looks like that plant is good or 
it's bad 
well what does that plant say very good or 
they can not see the difference 
two different plants but they seem very 
similar then the plant will grow 
while you 
they have difference between the two 
what is each of the plants 
the two plants are doing together 
more how is the deer how do you treat 
different plants the two plants 
is for him and does not change the same amount 
that gives water for a plant too 
for the second 
as well as the fertilizer to the earth also 
It pays the first floor and also fertilizer 
the second 
next one next step more that is what 
that this parable teaches in the next 
He passed 
in that word that no third step to 
closed fruit plant 
what we see that in the third 
step this plant is going to bear fruit now 
and well this last meal will be the most 
of air of seeds 
here the plant system 
rain is not in an exaggerated way 
but this is the idea the idea is that it 
of the fruits this is a plant that 
now it has fruits 
and now the next plant 
the second plant also has fruit 
more fruit is different 
now I'm going to place a frame that 
for there 
because now when the servant sees the 
plants that is what he sees 
of the difference 
he sees for the wheat and he distinguishes 
clearly this is wheat but you see the 
fruit of the other plant and he says no 
this is tares 
then he goes to where his lord and he 
says Mr. press this planted 
good seed more now because we 
we have weeds 
and the man tells him it was the enemy who 
did that and then the servant asks 
sir you want us 
let's start the tares 
and not 
then the gentleman tells you not you 
I need to wait until the harvest 
and they need to wait 
up to that point before doing any 
the south and the gene 
my question of whether the servants are 
apt to distinguish who is wheat and 
who are at this point here 
at this point for the front clearly 
clearly they can distinguish it 
and what I want you to have 
this in the mind in a clear way 
although now they are not in the harvest 
and that it is already possible for us in this 
point see what is true what is 
false what is genuine what is a 
and we are at that point we are 
in real life living this stage 
long time 
for a long time we are in 
this process where we do not 
we could see or distinguish who was 
he who taught wrong and who 
taught correct 
more we come to a point where now we 
It is clear to see what is taught 
correct what is closed what are 
the correct and wrong teachings 
and now the servant can see and can 
say sir I already know what the wheat is and 
I know what the years he wants me to 
I started the strange ones and then the 
Sir says no you will wait 
until harvest 
it's a thing to get clear then 
that we can see the fruit 
and clear 
introduce greater 
now I want to introduce some 
information about how we 
we are at that moment 
sometimes two groups when we 
we look for these two groups and we 
we need to choose 
and we are going to give the name of 
wheat and tares and we'll call it 
prophet and the false prophet 
to make that clear, he's going to put it in 
picture and there we have the wheat 
and that is the true prophet 
the tares 
well sanz 
and AIDS 
and the wheat and the tares 
the wheat is true the true 
prophet who produces the true 
and teaches it in the false one that does not 
I should be there 
the prophets that is the false prophet 
and that is the matter that we are going to 
give more attention when the disciples 
they begin to ask Jesus what they are 
the signs of the end of time 
he spends almost the entire sermon and being 
cautious with the croc with the fake 
you can not see who in the fake 
if you can not see who is the fake 
prophet you will not be careful of 
what teaching will receive from them and 
then there will be a moment in you 
you need to see who is the real one and 
who is not fake 
because in the harvest that is going to be done 
a decision 
and it's going to be too late to decide 
another way we have to call 
the false teachings in our 
we call the omega apostasy 
are some issues that were taken to stress 
this is one of the issues that 
they became truly present and need to be 
brought for us now in these 
moments and reality now is this 
that people spent a lot of time 
looking towards both the fake and green 
prophet to distinguish what is the 
true and what is the false 
and when they look towards the real 
prophet they say that irma new 
I understood your point 
your message 
It is very strong and I can see a lot of light and 
a lot of power 
mike what is happening when they 
they look at the false prophet they listen to the false 
what happens when they 
they look for what is the mega contribution 
or the last post if it is not 
they get to see power and light 
if the answer is if they see power and 
come light 
then I will leave a question as 
and then we as we can not 
protect because both have power and 
They have light and now goes to show that 
it protects us 
Now I'm going to show you that both 
They have power and light and I am going to show you 
how is it that we should protect ourselves 
we go to the first responsible writings 
then we are going to open first writings 
page 55 
in its context and on that it feels 
proud his sanctuary 
here is in the context about the 
people who enter with Jesus in the 
and then a group jesus then there is 
a group that is put to the eyes and 
Looking towards Jesus 
and also the end for graffiti is 
They raised with Jesus 
and we send your affair to the sister white 
it says in the final part of the paragraph 
then I raise his right arm and we hear 
your beautiful voice say wait here I go 
for my father I go to my father 
or sorry he says in the paragraph between 
middle lines from which they 
they lifted when Jesus got up 
they had their eyes fixed on him while he 
he was moving away from the throne and leading them 
europe and give their spirit 
Thank you 
my father 
my father give us your spirit then we 
we astonish about the sun then this 
She blew on them the holy spirit 
his prow saw the light in that breath had 
light a power very your love a lot love and 
peace, joy and peace 
then we have two groups 
the tribe group 
at the beginning I'm going to place here I'm going to 
line up with the wheat group 
first what they had is 
Light light 
is love 
love, joy and peace 
the can and only that is not in Spanish 
no note 
this phrase this last sentence was removed 
from Spanish but we can see it in the 
English in the original 
so those are the characteristics 
of the first group 
another group ok then let's see a 
distinction with the other group 
for the group that was the curved but 
there is another no 
I turned around to look at the company that 
she remained prostrate before the throne and 
they did not know what jesus had 
satan seemed to be next to the throne 
trying to carry out the work of 
satan inspired them an influence 
in it there was light and a lot of power 
but nothing of sweet love, joy or peace 
and what this group receives is power 
and light and light 
but he does not receive love, joy, peace and love 
and peace what is love, joy and peace 
and these are the fruits of the spirit 
holy truth 
I do not remember the passage but I'm 
sure in Galatians 
mention the fruits of the holy spirit 
Galatians 5 for both and for their fruits 
He speaks of love, joy and peace as 
fruits of the holy spirit its fruits 
and those are the fruits of the holy spirit 
they are fruits and they are fruits what is a 
europe has fruit nuts and this 
group does not bear fruit 
when we look towards the 
parable fruits until the moment when 
the fruits are manifested 
we can not tell who is wheat 
and who is the year of its fruits and 
manifested more when the fruits were 
manifest and the servant sees 
and now the servant can define who he is 
wheat and who they are and if we 
we are going to have that clear is 
fixed in our mind now 
for us to protect us from danger 
will overlap message and we need 
look for the message and each of the 
two voices has its fruits 
the message 
so the last message we 
we need to learn and see that they 
which is the group that bear fruit 
because the message alone have 
power and have them if they can cheat us 
more me both messages 
then we are going to spend a 
time to see and distinguish which 
of the two messages is the true 
because both have power and light things 
good and bad things look good 
both both use the line method 
on line 
says that both use symbols since 
you enter chapter 7 verse 9 it was 
open for this movement 
they both seem to be talking about the same 
thing when we look at the line 
but there are differences 
and now we are going to read some 
texts of prophecy spirit 
and we are going to read testimony for 
church of volume 5 66 in my parents 16 
and 61 in Spanish is testimony for the 
church volume 5 page 66 paragraph 1 
I am going to read the paragraph in Portuguese and 
then in Spanish 
of faith we must contemplate which and take 
party by 24 the movements of the 
intellects eating knowing their lives 
uniting with the divine the faculties 
human and put in direct contact with 
source of light all faculties dawn 
we can leave ourselves for all who 
providences and options where 
origins and needs as it is difficult 
understand find an explanation and 
today our finite mind was discovered 
with unsuccessful proposed functions 
we have the most effective theory of its 
bet for now we see by empire and 
minimum plus we will see easy phase now 
which is a patch I feel more like 
It is also offered in Spanish from 
faith we must look to the beyond and 
accept the promise of god 
of god that the intellect will grow and 
the human faculties as they will be joined 
with the divine so that all 
power of the soul will be put into 
direct contact with the source of light 
We can rejoice that everything 
it perplexed us in the providence of 
will then be clarified things 
difficult to understand will be explained and 
where our finite mind discovered so 
only confusion and incoherent purposes 
we will see the most perfect and beautiful 
harmony says the Apostle Paul now 
we see by mirror in darkness more 
then we will see each face now I know 
in part more then I will know how I am 
known thus through the word 
it in my everything 
in Spanish the translation of the word 
in Portuguese in Spanish is promise is 
very good 
but also weird that the promises pledges 
some words like rock for example 
translated in average Spanish understand 
which is a promise but in Spanish 
clearly said the one who has faith in the 
promises that is what is going to happen 
with that person 
there is going to be a union between the divine and 
the human 
it is by faith in the promises 
present the promise 
the moment you put your faith 
in the promises the human and the divine are 
have to combine and that is very important 
that we do not have in mind 
another 10 more games the text says more 
two plebiscite processes the text 
says that during that process there will be 
things difficult to understand six months 
speeches and explained what else if you 
have faith and hope things will be 
explained and are not well defined 
only discovered confusion proposed 
unsuccessful we will see the most effective June 
and where our infinite mind is 
he only discovered confusion and 
Incoherent purposes we will see 
the most perfect harmony 
like Pablo from what we now 
we see in the mirror in enigmas 
we are going to see clearly face 
us what we know in part what 
let's see what is really like 
more for that to happen we 
we need to understand correctly what 
what happens in this story 
If we do not have faith in 
promises about function we just 
let's see confusion and we will not see 
hope some 
and you have to eat those problems 
for those people who 
who attended that message and saw and 
they heard both messages found 
confusion and forgot that there were the 
promises then they were lost 
and they could not see clearly anymore 
this experience from the experience of 
a life 
in that experience we are going to 
receive at the end the seal of God 
receiving the manor is not a process not 
is to receive it with a moment 
yamasá in a time that you need 
find a text now 
first writings 
there is a 
my Spanish 
to 66.6 
Perez Lizano 
then the last ones 
after the people of God are 
sealed on his forehead new sky image 
with intellectual publishing systems 
with spirit mind their being turned off they do not 
it's about a trademark that can be seen 
but a consolidation in the truth 
both intellectually and spiritually 
so that the serials are 
unshakable and if we go to 
English the way it was written 
precisely be link 
says that the seal of God is not something that 
may is a brand or this that you 
can be seen is rather a fixed 
an establishment 
it is a process 
yes what that tells us that 
that is a process where you 
can establish and that starts and goes to 
having an end not in the same instant is 
a process and a way to illustrate that 
we substitute that if you are clear if you 
has a container with water 
and you have a punching bag or if you 
Place the sand inside the container 
with water 
you can see with a magnifying glass 
if you are going to see that the grains more 
heavy sand they will fall 
quickly to the bottom and they're going to 
establish immediately 
but instead small particles 
they are still establishing themselves more 
there they did not get to the bottom 
You need a time for that 
and so he has bitten too and this too 
In our life 
that establishment establishes a truth 
That establishment is the 
establishment in the truth 
and the truth what is in that 
what is the truth in that little 
parable that is telling you of the 
that is going to be placed in your heart 
and 2a 
that a few things do not reach the 
will arrive and will get a place 
special in his heart and he's going to 
set there so that you can not 
be moved easy no more 
another way to illustrate with the seed 
of the gospel 
which is planted in the soil of the heart 
if there were many that unfolds and 
until it bears fruit and it was julia and 
is ready for the harvest 
donate forever 
we are going to cook reading what 
we read here is what I wanted 
rescue from the testimony text for the 
church volume 5 
through those perplexities is the 
difficulty of when yoyo appears 
we let such early when 
come the coming crisis 
then let's read the paragraph 
Pedro and two of the children grow fat 
in the growth of a restorer 
Jesus Christ 
at its levels the sacred truths and if 
you check all the dry 
deeper scriptures all 
conservatives and tried to avoid the dirty 
Pedro pleads with his brothers to 
grow in the grace and knowledge of 
our lord and savior Jesus Christ 
as long as the children of God are 
growing in grace will get from 
continued a clearer understanding of his 
word will discover new light and 
beauty in its sacred truths 
such has been the case in the history of the 
church in all the centuries and so it will be 
until the end 
but when the truth decays 
true spiritual life is procured 
always to stop progressing in the 
knowledge of the truth men are 
satisfy with the light already received from the 
word of God and reject any 
another investigation of the scriptures is 
they become conservative and try to avoid 
the discussion 
then we see that people are left 
satisfied with the light that they have already 
received and believe that they no longer need 
if they are going to rest 
and let's talk for the next 
all these mountains with firmness this 
the fact that there is no controversy nor 
turmoil among the people of god- no 
should be considered as evidence 
conclusive that it is firmly held 
the sound doctrine and there are no reasons for 
believe that they do not clearly defend between 
the error and the truth that is what it does 
the person here is that they fear 
that you can not distinguish between what 
it's wheat and tares 
then she prefers and they say let's 
everything is fine because that's how it is best 
more comfortable for them 
when we and new ones I'm in the 
research status of the 
scriptures issues appear 
differences of opinion that follow 2006 
the biblical miner himself for 
certify this position truth there will be 
many now as in the past 
when no new questions arise 
effect of the investigation of 
scriptures when none is raised 
difference of opinion that induces 
men to scrutinize the bible for their 
account to make sure they have the 
there will be many like those in the 
ancient times that will cling to the 
tradition and will worship what they do not know 
for jesus with the bassinet encourages 
when we go to the parable 
of Jesus when we when he speaks 
in mateos 13 of the seed of the 
seed that is being sown 
and if you what managua says that 
word the parable of the sower 
caused much 
questions about what is the 
among people many questions 
among them 
then when Jesus presents the 
parable of the sower the people 
they begin to question 
Go ahead 
and then when people start 
to ask themselves they begin to have 
fear because they say then no 
we can distinguish which is the 
wheat and the tares and 
when elena way says when they do not arise 
new issues the result that 
causes the result of investigations 
and then in that context that we 
we are living now 
for this we will continue reading 
some more paragraphs 
others came to positions against and 
verified they verified exact 
before serious and proven strangers his 
liked ignored and now and multipoint 
certainly he understands here what 
believe the left his last expulsion 
money on that with separated from the 
same faith and force these solutions 
few themselves set surprised of 
to see with society is just that it has 
oil as truth is true that has 
there were between new treatments of 
God alive and when they gather together for men 
when wisdom a way in the place of 
its end 
I have been shown that many of those who 
profess to know the present truth not 
they know what they think they do not understand 
evidences of their faith do not have fair 
appreciation of the work for the current time 
when the test time comes they will have 
men who are preaching though 
now to others when examining their beliefs 
You will find that there are many things about 
which can not give a reason 
satisfactory until they are not 
tested will not know their great ignorance 
and the church and in the church are many 
those who figure to understand and what 
they believe and they do not realize their own 
weakness as long as a 
controversy when they are separated from 
those who hold the same faith and are 
forced to declare only to 
explain your belief you will be surprised at 
see how confusing are your ideas of what 
that they had accepted as truth what 
true is that he had the truth is that he has 
there was an apartment between us 
of the living god a deviation towards the 
men and he gets human wisdom 
instead of the divine 
the word that I want to take from this 
text is the word of truth 
present the question is that it is true 
present as we understand the 
true present that is the truth 
how is it that the bible illustrates the word 
truth or truth is the bible sometimes 
Illustrates the word truths as treasures 
then I'm going to extract a field here 
here they have here I have to ask 
so what I 'm going to do here, I'm going 
to put a mountain of truths those are 
treasures that were extracted from the field 
all are true is the present truth 
it's something a truth that has been 
found now 
because it is present 
then the present truth is the truth 
that a man that the man who is 
working the field I just found 
and then what she is saying that 
many of those who profess to believe in the 
present truth do not know what is the 
present truth and do not understand and do not 
you can defend your faith then we have 
a question in this case 
meets the 4 
like I find that truth 
I presented 
that what I need to do to find 
that truth 
catch beaches 
I need proofs I need the 
correct method to find those 
it is useful are disputed 23 
if we are going to kill 13 chapters 
this chapter is well known for the 
series of parables that Jesus speaks for 
us two 
and all the time he is trying to 
show you the same thing these two 
accept and shade preparation and as we saw 
that the parabola of frames 4 is not no 
the whole process is illustrated 
of preparing the soil to start 
to plant the seeds 
but we know that for this 
seed can be planted in this doing 
have a preparation process before 
and when Jesus talks about this process of 
preparation he talks about a father of 
family that went to talk about the field and 
when he is plowing what is it that 
find before now 
so what you need is a method or 
a test to find that treasure 
and when you were a field you 
you need that lines on lines 
then it can happen to you once 
straight line 
to see 
and then you come back 
again in a parallel line and now 
again then if you want 
find this treasure that is what 
happened to that man 
you are using the correct method 
and the line-by-line method more 
to close this presentation time 
I want to make clear that this process 
happens there in the preparation phase 
before the seed to the 
seed can be sown 
in that moment in that prophetic frame 
I have me 
you have a man 
man i 
5 who finds a treasure 
very much 
also there is a treasure a trunk that 
was found at that time when 
you started the preparation process 
it is important to keep this in mind that 
that treasure has been found here before 
to start this whole process 
because everything that is going to happen in 
this story 
it depends on this one that was found 
at that level 
there are more things that we want to read 
but let's close now and we're going to 
continue the next hour 
let's pray 
father benito we want to thank you for 
your blessings in this hour of study 
Yeah sure 
we want to thank you because you have 
made all this clear at this time in 
that time we are 
and that you can not help having a 
correct understanding of the things that 
they happen and we find in the treasure 
that in the midst of perplexities and 
difficulties we will be moved 
we have it 
and that we can stick to 
treasure and have faith in that treasure that you 
you have for us 
what are the most precious truths that 
they prepare us for the moment that is 
soon to arrive 
All this we ask in the name of 
Jesus Christ