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Publish Date: 1/13/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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you my wife's a brother is moving in a couple of days to his other sister's neck of the woods up in Washington State he's been here for some time he came here to partially if not primarily to take care of her other sister who's pretty much in and out of the hospital and he's put in his time now he's ready to move on and my son got to know him a little bit here recently but my son also got to know a cousin of mine here recently I my son knew that cousin of mine but from when he was a little kid but he went by there and the cousin of mine he got to know he and another cousin came to me during the Vietnam War while they were on leave and we hung out together for a long weekend and they convinced me that I needed to join the Air Force rather than get drafted in the army because they had just went through such a serious conflict in Vietnam they said there is no way you want to go there and when he was comparing notes with my wife's brother here recently it came to our attention that both her brother and my cousin who were in the Marines were in Khe Sanh which was the bloodiest battle in Vietnam and both her brother and my cousin watched everyone in their squad die in the Battle of Khe zom Khe Sanh her brother actually took another trip back to Vietnam he didn't have to but after his first tour of Vietnam he went to Okinawa and took up the task of being in a military police and he said he couldn't do it he said because there was a mixture there there was a group of brand-new fresh army Marine Air Force Navy guys that would come to Okinawa that hadn't been to Vietnam and all they wanted to do is get drunk and party and fight with each other because you're in the army and I'm in the Marines and that kind of teenage activity didn't just doesn't make sense to someone that's been in the trenches in Vietnam for a year and there was people that had been in those trenches in Okinawa so you had these two classes of veterans some that are getting ready to go into the conflict and some that have already been there and there were just their contrast to one another so he volunteered just to go back to Vietnam for another tour other than being military police there in Okinawa because he couldn't deal with the foolishness I have some concerns about households in this church family I hope you have concerns about households in this church family I think that's our responsibility as Christians some of my concerns are on this priority and some on other priority this presentation today is going to be about a certain concern that I think impacts at least four households in here but I'm here to tell you that if you do not understand that this is the heart of the battle then you're going to get discouraged you're frustrated because in this part of this warfare there isn't any time for this goody-goody religion as sister white calls it that emphasizes the love of God and the faith of God but somehow forgets that it's our responsibility when we're standing in this pulpit to exhort and rebuke with all long-suffering and show the house of Jacob their sins if you do not think that that is the responsibility of what is presented from this pulpit you're going to get beat up and probably the safest thing for you to do is consider locating somewhere else and that isn't what I'm encouraging anyone to do but you need to wake up to what this little church family it's it's peculiar to say the least last abbath I had one person directly asked me and I think I overheard I think I heard overheard brother Jim but this isn't negative but I may not have heard it directly he's asking what's going on you know the other guy directly was so I'm gonna give you my idea of what's going on but I could be wrong I've been wrong before we're dealing with a controversy now among many controversies about whether sin is simply choice or sin choice plus condition ok I didn't send in the bulletin sister Britney had to invent everything on her own thank you sister Brittany Hebrews chapter 5 is perfect there comes a time when you ought to be teachers but instead of being teachers you've got to go back and learn the beginnings of Christianity in order to handle the strong mean this here is kind of my explanation for a point of reference for this discernment sin is it choice or is it choice and condition okay there's there some that are very settled that it's choice and condition and there's a household here in this community that has taken up the banner for the group that is very settled on this and it's obvious that household doesn't even understand fully what the group teaches the group interacted with me this week and said please don't have that household be our representative at Lambert because I was saying it in those terms and I knew that they weren't because the group in Eatonville did settled on these kind of ideas here they understand the incarnation of Christ and there's a household in here that three Sabbath's ago told you in your presence that the incarnation of Christ took place at his birth brothers and sisters the incarnation of Christ did not take place at his birth and if you do not understand that basic understanding of the Incarnation and I think that household has just disqualified itself from being one on the walls trying to clarify the issue if they don't even understand the milk of that doctrine what authority they have to be defending the meat of that doctrine so the Brethren up meat and veal said please disassociate that household from us in a very long email so I'm doing that here but I associated that household with him because I could tell that this household here wasn't really worried so much about that doctrine as they were worried about attacking this message in this movement in this school and this ministry okay so this here is sin a choice or is a choice in a condition was being discussed at our last camp meeting and there was a group that believes this I'm brother Parminder had interacted with that group the week or two before camp meeting or at some point in time prior to it and he knows full well that they think that sin is a choice and therefore forgiveness is a choice if I choose this in the only way I'm going to resolve that sin is to choose to repent and come to the foot of the cross and make things right on that sand still choice either side of the issue but with condition there's something because I'm a human being there's something in my condition that is sin and the Brethren have no answer for when that takes place it's it's not hasn't happened yeah happen someplace in the future so because of that brother Parminder said well hey you're repeating the same thing that the tree of life and these guys are repeating because they're saying you can't overcome sin until you get into midnight when the judgment of the living starts and the Lord is going to remove that sin from you there so they were putting the removal of sin off into the future just like this argument is putting it off in the future okay if you think I'm if you wonder what I'm doing here I'm trying to clarify the issues that are going on here from my perspective to the best of my ability so is seeing a choice is redemption a choice or sin a choice in a condition if seeing is simply a choice brothers and sisters I'm here to tell you I got some good note news for you if you got sin in your life you can get rid of it right now right now but over here over here brothers and sisters you can't get rid of it now I'm gonna try to show you that today you can't get rid of it this understanding here it's total contradiction to Jones and Waggoner because they said that you could be righteous right then and there in 1888 they don't make no mention about your condition you're a human being had to be specially cleansed they're saying right then and there you can be freed from sin it's all about righteousness by faith so I figure we need to start with righteousness righteousness obedience unrighteousness sin would it can everyone go with that that's why this morning the Sabbath school when we were defining righteousness is worship unrighteousness would be false worship everyone worships even if they don't profess to be religious okay so page one of your notes you have the definition of righteous from Webster's of sister White's day and age then you have the definition of righteous and righteousness from the Greek and the Hebrew in the Bible it's no different than what sister white says a little bit below that on right doing righteousness is Right doing you see bottom of page one and it is by their deeds that all will be judged our characters are revealed by what we do the work show whether the faith is genuine okay so this is about character according to her right doing the man who attempts to keep the commandments of God from a sense of obligation merely because he is required to do so will never enter into the joy of obedience he does not obey when the requirements of God are accounted a burden because they cut across human inclination we may know that the life is not a Christian life true obedience is the outworking of a principle in its Springs and I'm saying Springs because I want you to connect with something that either Jones Wagner says later on in the notes you know they're going to tell you that righteousness is right doing Jones will tell you that righteousness is right doing if you believe that same and sister who I just said it okay Wagner is going to tell you that righteousness is Right doing Amen and then Jones I already got it I have a passage in here where Jones is going to say do you believe that righteousness is right doing he's gonna say I hope you don't believe that and he's gonna show you why it isn't right doing he says both things because he says righteousness is something that we get from God and right doing is something that we do once we are righteous our right doing Springs from our righteousness like sister quite says that's the connection I want you to see he's not contradicting himself he's just broadening the understanding and the process I can't do anything right unless I first secure the righteousness of Christ if I have the righteousness of Christ all I can do is write doing okay so our right doing Springs from our righteousness which is not our righteousness it's Christ's righteousness true obedience is that working of a principle within it Springs from the love of righteousness the love of the law of God the essence of all righteousness is loyalty to our Redeemer this will lead us to do right because it is right or brother Parminder man he takes it for this one I've heard it in this group complaining when he says the very same thing that this prophetess says we should do right because it's right oh no that's that works isn't it that's saving yourself okay that's not that's not how sister white relates to that this will lead us to do right because it is right because right doing is pleasing to God okay the image of God this is another thought I'm just putting some things in place about righteous the image of God tell you something brothers and sisters I'm 20 some years in public labor when I get to the judgment bar of God he's gonna hold me accountable for the experience of these 20-some years and when you get to the bar of God he's gonna hold you accountable for the experience you've had he's gonna hold you accountable for watch for your watching the shakings that were involved who have went on here in front of you and if you thought oh I was just a bystander and I watch it happen I'm glad that they've moved on and the shaking is over or whatever you think that's all you're going to be held accountable for you're wrong you're going to be held accountable for what you saw as it took place and let me tell you something that I've seen in these shake hands invariably those people that are pushing air they're very guarded about their their understanding if you ask them direct questions they're going to be evasive okay and they're gonna throw out things that are designed to cause doubt they're not they're not going to sit down and have a one-on-one Bible study from beginning to end and throw their convictions out into the arena so they can be considered and tested by critical evaluation just something that seems to happen with all of these guys that go off and to left field okay keep that in mind as we head through this little thing on the image of God Genesis 1:26 1:27 we all know this were created in the image of God Romans 8:1 through 3 we were created in the image of God and when God determined a plan to save us the plan was that he was going to become human flesh but it wasn't going to be the flesh of Adam before the fall it's gonna be what the Bible calls sinful flesh Romans 8 the does that mean that I'm saying that Jesus sinned no I'm not saying that I'm saying that sinful flesh is it a characteristic of humanity that isn't equating an assigning sin because Jesus took sinful flesh and we know that Jesus did not sin okay there's something about what sinful flesh is that isn't sin that needs to be resolved in the judgment we just read a quote by the spirit of prophecy what gets resolved in the judgment character repeatedly character and how do I demonstrate my character by my actions okay that's not to do with my condition that my human body in my brother doing wasn't trying to make a point on the wrong side the issue that I know of last Sabbath but he read something from the spirit of prophecy where sister White says that Jesus body was perfect did you hear that so I asked him at lunch last Sabbah how tall was at him he says 18 foot so was Jesus 18 foot tall he had a perfect body wasn't Adam created in the perfect body of mankind so Jesus was given a perfect body but she's not speaking to a to the idea of a perfect body because a perfect body was 18-foot tall she's talking about a perfect body in the sense that he was designed to be what a sacrifice could he be born without a foot and be a sacrifice no he had to have a perfect body because every sacrifice in the sanctuary has to be perfect it doesn't have to be 18-foot tall it just has to be a perfect human specimen to be the sacrifice you follow the logic do you think that isn't why the Bible put the emphasis on those sacrificial animals having to be perfect so Jesus was perfect four thousand years after Adam Adam was 18-foot tall Jesus maybe six foot tall I don't know somewhere in that neighborhood but he was perfect though he was 1/3 as tall as the perfect Adam she wasn't speaking to his nature in terms of the nature of Adam before sin she was speaking to the design of God to have a perfect sacrifice we have to rightly divide the word of truth page 48 it would have been almost infinite humiliation for the Son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in his innocence in Eden but Jesus accepted humanity when the race had been weakened by 4000 years of sin like every child of Adam he accepted the results of the great working the working of the great law of heredity what these results were shown in the history of his earthly ancestors he came with such a heredity to share our sorrow and temptations and to give us an example of a sinless life heredity this is just off line you can check it on any dictionary the transmission of genetic characters from parents to offspring and Christ accepted the genetics of 4,000 years of sin from Adam to Mary didn't make him a sinner but his entire human entity had been impacted by the degradation of 4,000 years of transgression his heredity okay 80 Jones we're gonna have a problem with our understanding if we're going to get to the point to where we decide that Jones and Waggoner in the 1888 time period are out in left field because sister qui puts too strong with endorsement of father to throw that time period out and their message in that time period is to throw out Ellen White brother Daniel was referring to 1893 in 1895 with 18 Jones the general conference sessions those are my favorite not that that matters 1888 was probably better but it's not recorded all right but this is 1895 80 Jones now that is simply an illustration of this law of human nature if man had remained where God put him and as he put him the law would have worked directly and easily since man has got out of harmony with it it still works directly but it hurts talking about the role of the law in conversion now that law of heredity reached from Adam to the flesh of Jesus Christ as certainly as it reaches from Adam to the flesh of any of the rest of us for he was one of us in him there were things that reached him from Adam in him there were things that reached him from David from Manasseh from the genealogy a way back from the beginning until his birth thus the flesh of Jesus Christ not in himself but in his flesh our flesh which he took in the human nature there were just the same tendencies and the word that we get struggle with in Adventism isn't tendency it's called propensity x' and it means ten tendencies bents okay so when she's talking about tendencies she's talking about propensity Zoar close to it and I'm not trying to force her this isn't her anyway this is 18 Jones they were just the same tendency to sin that are in you and me oh really Jesus had said just the same tendency to sin that I have and you have and he was tempted and when he was tempted it was the drawing away of these desires that were in his flesh these tendencies to sin that were in his flesh drew upon him and sought to entice him to consent to the wrong but by the love of God and by his trust in God he received the power and strength and the grace to say no to all of it and put it all under foot and the subpoena in the likeness of sinful he condemned sin in the flesh all the tendencies to sin that are in me were in him and not one of them was ever allowed to appear in him all the tendencies to sin that are in you were in him and not one of them was ever allowed to appear every one was put under foot and kept there all the tendencies to sin that are in in the other man were in him and not one of them was ever allowed to appear that is simply saying that all the tendencies to sin that are in the human flesh were in his human flesh and not one of them was ever allowed to appear he conquered them all and in him we have victory over them all okay you can see the definition of propensity they're a bent of mind natural required inclination there you go natural or acquired in the writings of Ellen White when she talks about weakened propensity Zoar animal propensities those are the ones that Christ had when she talks about wicked propensity and evil propensity he never had them because a wicked or an ebow propensity is a tendency that I have to do something that I've experienced before okay I I've eaten at Baskin Robbins before all right so I know that Christ never did that Christ never had an evil propensity he never had a wicked propensity because he never had an experience with sin but he had tendencies in the human flesh animal tense tendencies animal propensities that had been weakened by 4000 years of sin and he came to gives us an example on how to overcome not only the cultivated but the acquired tendencies to evil that the definition sets forth and sister white deals with that's what we're dealing with in here whether you understand it or not I I hope to deal with the Baker letter at some point in time but it needs to be done all by itself there's one statement from the Baker letter that everyone that not everyone almost all the people that we would call new theology that believe that you're gonna sin until Jesus returns use the Baker letter to say looky there sister White says it's wrong to say Christ had any propensity 'he's no yeah but that's outside the scope of what i'm saying so i have to be educated on the logic of it before i can incorporate it into a sermon and and i have to evaluate it so probably so he's saying that once i've experienced at baskin-robbins sunday that it's I'm captivated by it Christ was never captivated by the taste of that baskin-robbins Sunday that was an acquired propensity on my part it's evil and wicked doesn't yours okay this is our example in all things only when you're born again okay but we digress all right yeah the I'm under I'm below propensity in Adventist home this is where this all started and it wasn't at par menders initiative it was at Kathy's not my Kathy Kathy and I don't know why I'm McGraw went into class wrote this quote so on the board in advance of the first class so Parminder went ahead and addressed first quote quote and the floodgates seemed to be open okay they were already opening but the lower passions have their seed in the body and work through it the word flesh or fleshly are carnal less embraced the lower corrupt nature the flesh of itself cannot act contrary to the will of God the lower nature the carnal less the flesh the fleshy cannot do anything without the participation of your will your flesh contempt you to do a variety of things things that temptations that you've cultivated in your past experience or temptations that you inherited from your mom and dad on up through the genetic tree you can be tempted to do that but your will can choose not to okay so this is the the this here is the argument the condition the flesh is what I'm gonna say the mind the flesh it can only tempt the mind to participate but the mind can choose not to choice as to white says it all depends on the right exercise of will okay next quote is also about higher and lower powers because we were created in God's image so our higher nature our lower nature that's after the design of God and Christ took that nature of sinful flesh after four thousand years of degeneration when he came here and three Sabbath's ago we had a question I had a question repeatedly asked to me three times what about Psalms 51 five you know what my answer to that was every time every time and I never got an answer this is being this is being thrown into this environment Psalms 51 verse five says David says the Holy Spirit says behold I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me my question in response to that question was was Jesus shapen in iniquity no answer this gets thrown out well what about Psalms 51 five well answer me where's you this is the agenda you're pushing you should be prepared to defend it was Jesus shapen in iniquity was he born any differently than David well yeah yeah but what does it mean that he was shapen in iniquity my point is is I never got an answer this question is designed to raise doubts without providing any answers read the first chapter of patriarchs and prophets at some point in time sin defined brother Nathan hit me up a couple Sabbath's ago he was not hitting me up it wasn't confrontational we just had a brief discussion there's only one definition of sin in the Bible and he says well you know what about this one in that one so if you want to get into this one and that one I have four definitions of sin from the Bible here but I don't know why Ellen White repeatedly says there's only one definition when there's four unless these four are expressions of the same one okay which they are romans four teen 17 through 23 if you read that it says whatever is not a faith is sin if it's not a faith it's sin there's one type of sin okay the classic one John sin is the transgression of the law that's the one that sister white says there's only one definition the transgression of the law in James it says if I know to do right and don't do it it's sin and then in 1st John 5 16 through 18 let's read this one it's first John 5 16 through 18 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death he shall ask and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death there is a sin unto death I do not say that he shall pray for it I guess there is a time when we're not supposed to pray for those issues all unrighteousness is sin there is another definition of sin for you unrighteousness is sin all right and there is a Santa there is a sin not unto death we know that whosoever is born of God sitteth not because he that has begotten of God keepeth himself and the wicked one touches him not okay so I'm saying that all these definitions have sin in the Bible are the same thing there's only one definition of sin in the Bible it's a transgression of law of the law of God and when I transgress God's law it's because I choose to do so I exercise my will and it's the same if I choose to do bad instead of good I just exercised my will in fact anything that I do that is unrighteous is sin but it's an exercise a choice of my will either way there is no room in this discussion at faith what we're gonna do a little bit with faith if I don't run out of time what's faith based upon the Word of God and what are we supposed to do with the Word of God we're to eat it but were to rightly divide it we have to make some choices right at some point in time I personally had to make choice between Sunday and Sabbath when I was first study in the Bible my best friend was the Sun - keeper I didn't know anything about anything I had to make choice about Sabbath and I believe my choice was base it was an act of faith okay any of these definitions of sin require a choice you follow me if they're not connected to the human condition that we inherit from the first Adam that yeah but it's maybe you can choose wrongly and it's called presumption you can choose rightly and it's called faith either case it's choice all the way through court Parminder does with this and he doesn't get allowed any credit for it is he good he starts at the rebellion in heaven before the rebellion in heaven before the rebellion in heaven the father and son both made a choice on the plan of redemption if this happens this is what we'll do as Lucifer's rebellion grew he made a choice to go into rebellion all the way through Eve made a choice Adam made a choice so Parminder saying if you're going to solve these doctrinal arguments you're supposed to use in line upon line and line upon line sin and righteousness is associated with a choice exclusively here's the one we're talking about or what what is several if type of Zinio caesar well now this is faith and works now we want to understand what sin is that is the transgression of God's law this is the only definition given in the scriptures what about Psalms 51 five no sin is the transgression of the law what about Psalms 51 five David was shapen in iniquity if this is the only definition of sin in the scriptures if you want to wrap your mind around Psalms 51 five you better make sure your understanding of Psalms 51 five agree with the definition of sin you don't invent a new what they do yeah it's here okay this here this is somewhere off in the future and I'm here to tell you in this one there is no now for a choice there's no no there's no righteousness on that side of the issue but I'll try to set that forth so we go next quote signs of the times March 3rd 1890 in order to let Jesus in our hearts we must stop sinning how can I stop sinning if it's my condition do you get me this is keeping it real simple if this is my condition until Jesus takes that condition away from me how can I stop sinning I can't brothers and sisters and if I can't stop sinning I can't obtain the righteousness and everything that Jones and Waggoner taught was a bunch of foolishness because you can't stop sinning because your condition is sin you see in the logic here brothers and sisters can a leopard change his spot ok and now the next few quotes I think you're probably all familiar with and I just I'm therein therefore this in this alone I don't intend to read him because of time I didn't intend to read him it says righteousness and unrighteousness and these are three passages there are other where you can see that err error is associated with unrighteousness and truth is associated with righteousness now brothers and sisters this is this is an important point of my logic because I'm arguing that to have genuine faith your faith has to be based upon truth if your faith is based upon error it's not genuine faith and if your faith isn't based upon truth then you can't the righteousness of Christ okay whereas truth established in God's Word so if you're going to have faith it's going to be derived from what God's Word teaches you and if God's Word is teaching you an error then your understanding God's Word wrong okay Lord willing I'll try to make that point as we go in it now further but Romans 3:23 Romans 3:23 everyone knows this right Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God but so all I'm gonna do here in this passage here is try to define what glory is we all know what glory is don't we all have sinned had have fallen short of God's character right next quote through trial and persecution the glory the character of God is revealed in his chosen ones all of sinned and fallen short of the glory of God what's his glory his character we've fallen short of his character in fact this passage goes on to say this is the last message of mercy for a dying world is a message of his character and his character is God is love okay so his character is his glory and every one of us in this room have sinned and fallen short of his character you followed to follow the logic maybe you read the next quotes here from Isaiah 44 23 49 3 50 55 and 60 verse 9 you're going to see that the Lord promises that he's going to glorify himself in his people he's going to give us his character that's the promise of the scripture so we can carry this message to the not in an intellectual form but in an experiential testimony okay so it's about his character next page skipping over Christ object lessons to her it says character by the way Paul talks about our mind and our flesh sister white would call this higher and lower but she would also say that in our mind this is where our thoughts take place and down here in our flesh this is where I feel hungry or tired or angry all right so let's read the next quote you should keep off Satan's enchanted ground and not allow your minds to be swayed from allegiance of God through Christ you may and should be happy and should acquire habits of self-control even your thoughts must be brought into subjection to the will of God and your feelings under the control of reason and religion your imagination was not given you to be allowed to run riot and have its own way without any effort at restraint or discipline if the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combined make up moral character this is character right here thoughts and feelings combined and she says if the if the how does she say it because I want to reverse it if if the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong so what's the opposite of that if the thoughts are right here then the feelings will be right okay so what is the governing entity in these two parts of human make up the higher the mind the thought is to rule over the lower feelings the mind of Christ okay go to first john one okay so I was gonna read the whole chapter but we don't have time I'm going to just read a few verses towards the end of this first chapter verse 8 through 10 but a whole chapter would be better verse 8 says if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from unrighteousness oh really so if I come to the Lord and truly ask for forgiveness because later scene Adventist they don't really know what it means to truly ask for forgiveness it's the Laodicean deception but if I come to the Lord and truly meet the conditions of the gospel you're telling me he's willing to forgive all my unrighteousness really because over here in this condition in this church family some are teaching that this condition is sin it's unrighteousness and first John 1 tells me that if I'll come and confess my sins he'll forgive them every one of them all of them I don't have to wait to the future for this to happen because to put it off to the future that is the Omega principle of these apostasy z' that are in our midst putting the work of character perfection off in the future the argument here isn't the argument of the people off in Europe about the judgment of the living in midnight the argument here is is that we're we have a sinful condition right right brother Jax Tom 51:5 we have a sinful condition that is not resolved yet and it's getting put off into the future that's why the 1888 message must have been error because they were teaching that we could have righteousness right then and there but no no we can't because we have this condition in this condition it's unrighteousness it's sin do you see the problem with the logic I have going on here faith Hebrews 11:1 I'd cut you would not believe how much I'm sorry I'm probably going to go a little bit over time I tell you to advance and you you would not really believe all this stuff I cut out of this to try to bring it in on time which isn't going to happen but one of them I had a little diversion here called witnesses I'm going to tell you what it was because I'm Tanya if you hold to this idea over here that's been promoted here over the past several weeks if you hold to this idea here then the Bible was bearing false witness by witness is my little subtitle I didn't go to is there's there's people in the Bible that are used as illustration of genuine righteousness Noah was a righteous man Abraham was a righteous man Enoch was a righteous man have you read those passages in Hebrews 11 and throughout the scriptures where certain characters and descriptors are called righteous maybe the scriptures didn't understand that they had this fallen condition Noah and Abraham and Enoch just like we do and that they still had unrighteousness in them and the Scriptures was just overlooking it it's just calling them righteous in kind of a forensic legal way that's the way the theologians do it in contradiction to what Jones and Waggoner talked Jones and Waggoner taught that if I secure the righteousness of Christ it is genuinely and fully his righteousness it's not simply a legal declaration so was Abraham a righteous man because Abraham he had the same human condition you and I did do was he righteous the Bible says he was okay our faith has to be based upon the Bible and has to be true we have to understand it truly the way that a ham overcomes sin that he could be declared a righteous man we have no information about him or Noah or Enoch or any other biblical character that not only did they overcome by choice but they somehow had their condition resolved before the Lord either in fact I don't know how you could make that argument when you're plainly saying that the resolution of the condition in our history is still future that would make it future to Abraham and Noah and Enoch and all the others that were witnesses of faith Hebrews 11:1 says I'm not there I was there now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen now I just want to throw in one thing it's kind of outside the scope of this but you'll notice in here this word things the Greek for 2 to 9 from 4 to 3/8 it's a deed faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of deeds not seen you follow me the evidence of actions not seen but it comes from 4 to 3/8 and it says primarily verb to practice that is perform repeatedly or habitually in fact I cut part of this definition out just to save time in the paper it says this particular word is making a direct distinction that it this thing is not a single thing it's multiple things faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen the things that you don't see that is evidence are the line up online that are repeated over and over again that's where your faith is established now face it the substance of things hoped for what are you hoping for our brothers and sisters aren't you open for righteousness what are their hope is their if you haven't got that you haven't got anything but death how can you expect to have righteousness well you have to exercise faith where you gonna get your faith from from the Word of God the Word of God line upon line is going to teach you what faith what righteousness is there's no evidence that righteousness speaks anything to a condition as sin it's not there in the scriptures it's twisted out of the baker letter it's thrown out there with Psalms 51 5 like that's speaking to uphold some argument along that line but it isn't the forgiveness of sin is promised to him who repents and believes you have to repent to repent you mean if I get mad at Duane and I take a beef baseball bat and I break out every window in his car in the middle of night where you don't see it and I finally repent for it all I have to do is go back to Duane say him out I'm sorry I'm sorry I beat those windows off I have to pay for it if he allows me to pay for it he might say no it was you I'm calling the cops I want to prosecute you but I have to go to him I have to make my confession and my restitution my repentance has to be specific it has to be genuine Laodiceans we don't believe that I can do several things to do Wayne and when I finally realized that I'm irritated him a little bit too much I can go on say I'm sorry brother let's just move on and forget it that is not forgiveness that is not repentant that is a Laodicean deception because when we exercise his faith we get Christ's righteousness and he does not give us give his righteousness to cover sin and if it isn't dealt with and it's still on the record books the second paragraph if we were to if we were to have pardon for our sins we must first have a realization of what sin is that we may reprint repent and bring forth fruits for repentance we must have a solid foundation for our faith that's the Word of God it must be founded on the Word of God and its result will be seen in obedience to God's will expressed will says the Apostle without holiness no man shall see the Lord faith and works will keep us evenly balanced and make us successful in the work of perfecting the kingdom of heaven go to Hebrews 11:6 which says but without faith it is impossible to please him now when I'm entering into a little bit of a something you've got to think about here there's two steps in this verse Jones and Waggoner both address these two steps these two steps are recognized in different expressions in the Bible okay but without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those of them that diligently seek Him okay so go to back to chapter 6 of Hebrews verse 18 verse stay in chapter 6 I'm just going to refresh you 11:1 now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen verse 6 of chapter 11 without faith it is impossible to please God now in chapter 6 verse 18 it says that by two immutable things in which it was impossible for God to lie we might have strong consolation who fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us God gives an oath in the previous verses and then Paul is saying based upon these two mutable things his oath and the fact that he cannot lie do you believe that God cannot lie I mean just just a logic of F even if he chose to lie which he would never do his character is his law thou shall not bear false witness but even if he chose to because his word is creative it would instantly be true somehow some way but I I'm not arguing that I'm not arguing that that's one of those you know can God invent a rock that's too big for him to pick up type thing but I want you to be settled on the fact that God can't lie that's got to be part of your faith okay alright so here's where Jones I think it is maybe Wagner they both address this this is a T Jones these two things if you go back to eleven verse six so you can follow my logic maybe Hebrews 11 verse 6 but without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to him cometh to God must believe that he is that's the first thing and that he's a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him you got to believe God is God and you got to believe that he's a God that will reward you you can't believe that he's a God that will punish you that's the wrong God okay but this two steps who God is in terms of being God and what his character is are repeatedly referred to in the scriptures and Jones and Waggoner pick up on this Jones says when the Lord told Moses to go to the children of Israel and had them and had them out of Egypt Moses inquired behold when I came into the children or Israel and shall say into them the god of your father's has sent me unto you and they shall say and say to me what is his name what shall I say into them and God said unto Moses I am I am there's a tool I am that I am this is my name forever you might not see the two but Jones is gonna explain it for us the name of the Lord expresses both the existence and character I've cut into a passage here he's already put some thought into it I am that's his existence that I am is his character you must believe that he is and that his character will reward you if you will come to him okay the Jones and Waggoner pickup with these two elements his existence and character I am expresses existence I am that or that which I am expresses character and to believe and God is to believe in both his existence and his character it is a not enough to believe only in the existence of God to believe only that he is and not to believe that he is what he is is not to believe in him at all for even to believe in his existence and then to believe him to be of a character different than that which he really is this is only to believe a different God from that which he really is and to believe in a different God from what he is in is really to believe in another god but in reality there's no other God than he all others are only imaginary therefore even to believe that he is and then believe him to be different in character than from that which he really is this this in reality is not to believe in him at all it is to believe in another than he it is only to have another god and so in idolatry you're following that accordingly it is written he that cometh to God must believe that he is and more he must believe that he is and that he's a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him Hebrews 11:6 in other words he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is what he is he must believe both in his existence and in his character this and this alone is to believe in God this and this alone is what it is to believe in his name what then is character what is his name what is he in one word the name is this if I did this man the critics would shouting in one word this is what he is god is love you get it alright I guess the word is love in another place in his name is given in a more extended form so that we may more fully understand what it really is when Moses asked the Lord to show him his way the Lord said I will do this thing also that thou has spoken I will make all my goodness pass before thee and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee and the Lord descended in a cloud and stood with him there and proclaim the name of the Lord and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God this is Jehovah Jehovah God yah and corresponds to I am expressing existence and now comes that which expresses his character merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant and goodness and truth and keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin that is his name and that's what he is he God and his character my point is the point I want to derive from there I hope you can get if you have if you have any misconceptions about who he is or what his character is if you have an erroneous idea you got a false religion going your faith must be based upon truth and God's Word is truth you follow me so when God's Word says you can have the mind of Christ right here and now you can have the righteousness of Christ right here and now can I really because unrighteousness is sin and if my condition is unrighteousness I have sinned still you follow the logic that's what we're dealing with here brothers and sisters people that are pushing this they're following another God there's really only two right this is Jones I think as well just I'm just going to take a little bit of time I'm right to the punchline I'm gonna take a little bit of time this crisis is now in another country in the world already getting feedback it's already in another country I'm gonna take the time the righteousness of God is revealed to faith faith is complete dependence upon the Word of God expecting the word do to do what the word itself says do you believe that if there then righteousness spoken but is there then righteousness spoken by the Word of God so that people can depend completely upon that word that the word shall accomplish what the word says brothers and sisters if you think you have a sinful condition that needs to get cleaned up sundown someplace down the road that sinful condition is unrighteousness and you can't secure righteousness by faith until that sinful condition is dealt with so you may as well not even repent because until that condition is dealt with all the the process that you would go through asking for repentance to get righteousness it couldn't happen because he'll never put righteousness over sin he doesn't cloaks in with his righteousness you following the logic here there if there is indeed that is the very object of the gift of Christ for him God has set for it to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are passed through for parents of God seeing then that God has set forth Christ expressly to declare to speak the righteousness of God it is certain that the Word of God has been spoken upon which there can be complete dependence inspecting the word to do what word says in other words there is righteousness that can be received by faith wearin is the word spoken it is spoken in the word forgiveness now please follow this through where is this word spoken it is spoken in the word forgiveness he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins there is forgiveness with thee now what is the meaning of forgive the word forgive is composed of four and give which otherwise is give for to forgive therefore is simply to give four for the Lord to forgive sin is to give four sin but what does the Lord give for sin he declares his righteousness for the remission of sins I give him my sins he gives me his righteousness that's what forgiveness is what he gives me for my sins forgiveness is his righteousness according to Jonas therefore therefore when the Lord forgives gives for sin he gives righteousness for sin and only is righteousness that the Lord had and the only righteousness the Lord has is his own it follows that the only righteousness that God gives or can give for sin is the righteousness of God this is the righteousness of God as a gift as all men have only sin and if they are ever clear must have forgiveness entirely free and as the forgiveness of sin the righteousness of God given for sin is entirely free this is the righteousness of God as a free gift upon all men unto the justification of life every soul for therefore whoever asked God for forgiveness of sin in that very thing asks it's solely upon the Word of God which speaks forgiveness and faith is entire dependence upon the word for what the word speaks thus righteousness is altogether of faith every one that asketh receiveth you have asked the Lord many a time to forgive your sins that is you've asked him to give you for your sin but when you ask the Lord to give you for your sin in that you ask him to give the only thing he does or can give for sin which is righteousness that is what it is to ask for Vietnam the door and he does forgive he did does give for your sins when you ask him he says he does and he does he is faithful that is he will never fail and just forgive us our sins and the only thing he gives for our sins is his righteousness then why not thank him for the righteousness that he freely gives you for your sin you asked him to do you not yet see that righteousness by faith is just as plain as simple as asking God for forgiveness of sin indeed it is just that to believe that the righteousness is given for you for your sin when you ask for ask forgiveness and thankfully to receive that righteousness as a gift of God this is what it is to exercise faith yet how true it is faith is the substance of things hoped for faith is the substance of wishing the righteousness of Christ to be part to be your experience that's faith and that faith is based upon God's Word and God's Word illustrates that faith with the things that are line upon line you got to read the next quote by sister white I'm gonna let you promise me that you'll do it later on but I'm gonna skip to the next quote also by Jones impossible page 9 impossible he has to be righteous in order to do righteousness for in the nature of things it is impossible for one who is unrighteous to do righteousness it is impossible for someone who is unrighteous to do righteousness if my condition is sin and my choice is sin you got to up or two together here if my condition is sin it is unrighteousness and it is impossible for me to do righteousness while my condition is unrighteousness this idea this concept it destroys the 1888 message in righteousness by faith I don't have the slightest idea how it got a foothold in this congregation this congregation in theory was beyond the milk of the word a long time ago it is impossible for a sinner while he is a sinner to do good the law is perfect with with the very perfection of God therefore in the very of nature of the nature of things it is impossible for an imperfect person to do the law next paragraph every soul must be righteous to begin with before he can by any possibility do righteousness there is no true righteousness except the righteousness of God therefore every soul must have the righteousness of God to begin with how do you get it by faith meeting the conditions of the gospel not enough of the by faith is in genuine faith if I don't include in the exercise of that faith going and asking to Wayne fer to forgive me for breaking all his windows out of his car I have to meet the conditions of the gospel that's part of the exercise of faith because if I don't exercise the forgiveness he doesn't give for my sin his righteousness you following the logic you got to read that one too I'm out of time but there's a couple more the next one on page 10 is Wagner we don't want to get overloaded on Jones let no man deceive you he that doeth righteousness is righteous really how is it that I can do righteousness if my condition is a lost condition I can't it's it can't be done that is right but if he acts wrong then it's not right that's all these are facts simple plain self-evident truths they do not need any argument a man's life is composed of the actions he performs that is all the Lord brings to the judgment the things that men have done it's the brothers that this is a different teaching than what we're hearing now he's gonna say all we bring to the judgement is our actions our choices our activities but we're hearing that there's more to it than that there's also an element of our human existence our human condition I don't know exactly how to say it but that's not what Wagner was teaching he's saying all we bring to the judgement a man's life is composed of the actions he performs that is all the Lord brings to the judgment the things that men have done now - how much of a man's life made the adjective righteousness and unrighteousness apply to every act of a man's life is that clear then righteousness by faith or the absence of that unrighteousness without any help whatsoever has to do with a man's whole life with every act doesn't it a voice from the audience says yes well that is righteousness is a man a righteous man and can he be a righteous man and do things in some particulars and then do in other particulars go wrong no no the man is composed of his acts and righteousness or unrighteousness has to do with all the acts of men he that doeth righteousness is righteous the righteous man does the right thing under all circumstances of life and does it in the right way now then we say we accept the doctrine of righteousness by faith what does that mean right doing by faith brothers you can't do right by faith if your condition is a lost condition you can't do righteousness if you're unrighteous it's what they're saying and the element on this it is some place in the future where our condition is going to get resolved in brothers and sisters this condition does get resolved in the future at the second coming of Christ when we're given a new body and the weakened lower passions that have for spend six thousand years getting to us those are replaced with a body I'm not gonna say like Adam and Eve because we have to grow up and he was 18 foot tall supposedly all right okay another one by Wagner but I will pass over that and I will close with this long one sorry this is just Wagner Jones this is Jones guess if you're gonna evaluate I picked a lot more Jones and Waggoner but they're on the same the reason for that all right the reason for that everyone knows that Wagner had a dad that was active in Adventism before him right so in the Ellen White cd-rom when the pioneers when I was searching I was gonna search suits Jones and Waggoner Wagner I knew Wagner had statements with if they didn't come up they didn't come up they didn't come up and it's too late to figure out why I figured out why I had plugged in his dad's name and I saw it wasn't searching EJ I was searching JH it's a little box there I've missed it only by a little bit the gospel is the power of God in his right to have forms which God hath or has ordained when we first have the power of God but is only Perdition to have only forms it's right to have a Christian experience when I have secured the righteousness of Christ because that's the power if I have secured the power through meeting the conditions of the gospel then the Christian forms the Christian activities the Christian worship that I do will be right but having if I have not secured that power even if I do the right forms I'm a lost man okay that's what he's talking about here first of all in the gospel of God is the power first of all in the gospel of God is the power of God first of all in that other gospel all forms are forms and ceremonies that's what we're talking about here in our myths in that other gospel the way is do this do that do the other and you will be alright the first thing in the gospel of God is be alright the first thing in the gospel of God is be alright you've got to be alright to start you have to secure the righteousness of Christ to even begin your Christian experience and you can only do that if you're willing to be still and let the Holy Spirit clearly and conclusively and Folie convict you of the sin in your life that needs to be resolved when you start feeling nervous about the Holy Spirit convicting you of something and you just come to your knees and say Lord forgive me it's an excuse just to shut the Holy Spirit up the Holy Spirit needs to take you to where he wants you to go so that you can really have conviction that will motivate you to really secure the righteousness of Christ Laodicea Adventists this is my personal observation I know it's right we sidetrack the work of the Holy Spirit which is to convict us of sin and righteousness and judgment have come because anytime we get some conviction if we do anything at all we ask for forgiveness in such a mild and shallow way that it soothes our consciousness conscience but it doesn't allow the Holy Spirit to take us to where we need to go to resolve the actual problem of sin that's in our life in order to secure the righteousness so we walk around pretending to be righteous in a false religion first of all they got powered up for it you got to be right first and right here is where seventh-day Adventists are in danger of making a mistake in these times and with relation to this very thing that is given to us to preach to the world you've heard it said that righteousness is right doing it is no such thing except as consequence if you've had the idea rightly speaking primarily in and in itself righteousness right doing please abandon that idea before you leave home house leave the house amen amen amen righteousness is not that listen consider something familiar you speak of sweetness now in speaking of sweetness do you did you ever in your life mean or expect to be understood that sweetness is sweet doing is sweetness sweet doing no true what is it it is the thing itself it is this sweet being richness is that rich doing as a consequence of the doing comes just as the quality of sweetness will impart sweetness to other things but the sweetness itself is not the sweet doing no more than righteousness itself is Right doing I have to be sweet before you are going to be impacted by my sweetness I have to be righteous before I can actually have genuine right doings that's what he's saying here they're very construction of the word itself excludes the idea of righteousness being in itself right doing is the word righteous II know it is right just Ness there's the suffix Ness signify action no never it signifies quality the fuss suffix in signifies action sweetening tells up doing something sweet Ness tells only of being something right - right Ness is being that signifies quality essence for the word righteousness is only the length and form of the word rightness which has descended from rightness through right wiseness to righteousness do you not all now see that there is no difference between righteousness that there is difference between righteousness and right doing do you I'm gonna be judged by my actions if they are righteous actions if I'm actually carrying out righteous actions the only way I could actually be producing righteous actions is if before those actions begin I have secured the righteousness of Christ if I have the righteousness of Christ I can't help but produce sweetness righteousness right actions that's what he's focusing in on here this subject much bigger than I thought it would be I had to cut a lot out of this and I went 20 minutes overtime for those of you that are wondering what's going on this message this movement is being shaken by an idea that sin is defined not only as choice but also as by condition those people that believe this are not all unified in their understanding here the person that the household that's promoting this idea here the Brethren up in the northwest have asked don't identify that household as our spokesman okay so all I'm not making that distinction now I'm saying that error will always have a variety of manifestations okay that's what what we got going on here but brothers and sisters choice you can have the righteousness of Christ this very day if you choose to by meeting the conditions of the gospel coming to the foot of the Gras cross confessing your sins you can have the mind of Christ here and now and with the mind of Christ comes righteousness but you can't do that here you can go through this identical process here and do all the prayer you want to include up all the mess all the forgiveness you want to ask where you can do it all but you still have sin your condition is still keeping you out of the kingdom of heaven until the Lord somehow someway removes that from you that's how it's being what's going on here so what brother apartment here takes the heat for it even though he didn't open it up what he said it can be ting is this as the Omega not because it's the same teaching that the guys in Europe are teaching but because it's putting off character perfection somewhere in the unknown future when you and I know that today is the day of our salvation not somewhere in the future our closing hymn Heavenly Father we want to have genuine right doing in our actions but we know for that to happen we have to have your righteousness but we know to secure your righteousness that mean we have to allow the Holy Spirit to soak and victus of whatever we need to resolve with you in the record keeping in heaven we must clean all of that up that the Holy Spirit has convicted us of in order for you to give your righteousness for our sins and the testimony of Adventism in this sin and repent sin and repent experience over this hundred plus years shows us that we have a very flawed idea of what forgiveness is far too often even in our just church interaction the forgiveness we ask for for brothers and sisters it lacks any specifics it's just a general a general request Heavenly Father those of us that ultimately stand on the sea of glass will realize that the work that we have to do in terms of our own personal salvation has to be deep and broad it can't be shallow we need every sin removed if we're to receive your righteousness we ask that you will do that work and each of us as individuals and in this little corporate body here and we thank you for these things in Jesus name you