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Let's kneel to begin with. 
prove to your god that you are the heavens 
Thank you so much for helping us solve 
this technical problem we had now 
we want to continue asking for the presence 
of your holy spirit holy angels 
we want to hear your voice this message 
the lord we want to join this oil 
that you have for us so that we 
we can also be benefited by 
this oil in addition to being benefited 
we can also share this 
message with those we may have 
contact on behalf of jesus na man 
We are working with the concept. 
of military history is repeated in our 
history, 11 August 1840 
Diego's principle was 
confirmed by everyone and this in which 
that Protestants would have to be 
responsible for this, so the 
The 2008 message is based on the 
principle of an ancient one to the year 1888 
Josinha submission deadline that 
the Ottoman empire collapses 
so he what he is is calibrated 1140 
in 1840 he published that on August 1 
of 1840 he predicted that the empire 
ottoman would cease to exist 
oakley france the supremacy of the empire 
would cease to exist and when 
This happens, the test started. 
hurry nation we mean by 
many years our first and last 
test prophecy that she says something 
those Seventh -day Adventists who 
stop the right place to Satan 
flag of satan helfritz the first 
thing they will do is to leave or 
not to accept is the veracity of your 
istanbul prophecy 
the next round the first place that the 
people stumble in the prophecy still lass 
plan and last place on days 10 and 12 of 
Lol, my God, I came from the 
principle says it's in the 
series c do not know she says the last 
disappointment of Satan and also the 
Traffic on offer trial 
the last englaro last in doha in 
catar is born this means is nothing close to 
my lawyer is to show that the 
testimony of the spirit city prophecy 
that you have not done any 
the primary primary rule of your 
woman this is the principle of one 
a year ago 
This is what Protestants tested 
training because he knew that this was a 
reference point are to drugs 
or van would have reported at least the 
award sit August 11 840 
supremacy of the Ottoman Empire 
ending the haaretz newspaper that the 
Protestants are now without any 
Sorry for the gasol dude escort. 
story that will have a great eagle to 
great manifestation of the power of God 
It's on the way 
in the long run but we know that from 
of October 2 time does not exist anymore 
there is a risk that history repeats itself 
in our history and our battle 
evidence is not about prophetic time 
aristeu ducks pb evidence but also is 
with respect to the prophecies before 
europe range from assistance from the thousand 
2001 serve of hot water has en 
none or Adventist can be any 
thing they want to delete the newspaper 
remembers the style of the film in the process of 
what will be that 9/11 was 
really a prophetic moment or not 
on earth thy servant to steal man 
they have to sometimes deal with 
several quotes were more 
especially a special citation 
this the new york city years team 
from the snake 
she says that when the big 
new york buildings were dropped 
by the touch of God 
Apocalypse 1813 was fulfilled in the area 
veiga is not a difference that she 
does very much 
the job is shameful of better cruelty 
would be that entering everyone knew that the 
great new york buildings was the 
large tower the two twin towers in 
September 11 is the haiti without saying 
goodbye grill in newark he who gives 
when those buildings fell 
relax and several show the apocalypse 
1813 was fulfilled 11 of August of 1840 
when the target principle is fulfilled 
inside the cabinet understand the angel 
apocalypse descends 0 leads beyond law 11 
September 11 it takes 11 August and 
take in the snow is 99 until September 11 
85 apocalypse angel 18 defended that the 
test the test process is 
way is the time will tell if this 
hypothesis is being notified by 
this test in theory this type breaks well 
at home and in this test he the people of 
the alliance was also being passed 
album at the same time order god 
was entering into an alliance with the 
new people against the people and if the 
advent even in fortress and at that point 
God to enter the alliance with 104 thousand 
euros around goiânia 
in this prose text it is important that 
We understand this test. 
When do you see this military history? 
dr bn god is illustrating the end from 
At first I mentioned this to you. 
before wearing jozirlethe lenses was the 
which was used to make the prediction 
1841 and he put the forecast of his 
beach in 1838 and that's it with 
regard to ascension by raising this 
message is being raised with the 
Protestants because they will test them before 
Come on, they're laughing at them. 
before this event happen one bafão 
when it was fulfilled several 
Protestants joined the women 
both of samuels was not used to 
bring this message and lead to 
message 1,144 even so says the master 
dominate the message he brought to 
message of the clamor of midnight and a half 
before but kléber own milk 
powder informs him of his message. 
in the no in the history report and 1,144 of 
his death and this message and supply 
this milestone is typified by the number 
41 winners and mix 
then in the same story 14 by us 
we have a number 43 43 samuel years 
taught when he was giving this 
message in the year 1847 and 38 years of 
age of these there prefer that this is a 
prophetic period that marks this 
prophetic period respectively in the 
inscribed her because we prefer 
lose and for being a prophetic period 
is being governed by rules 
prophetic the old story of the anthem 
National one of the rules we 
We started talked last night said 
the rookie in one of them god 
illustrates the end from the beginning 
was this 38 43 of reading and puri 
typifying this 3849 where terezinha 
where there are samuels there is never a 
rise of these we want to see now 
this story because this story of 
1,140 typifying September 11 
the beginning of our own test 
we are now approaching the 
closing of our test in the school they 
have a nice pictures but this one is 
convenient cute should not start 
so I will not start these pictures 
here in 1844 there are several things that 
have to look at the development 
message from the midnight cry I go 
select some so that I go 
explain a little more detail before the 
year of 1844 he brings 
but you can not understand or the message 
Midnight Love night for time 
based on the article by guilherme miller a 
same thing with josé alencar only 
also did not think he did with 
the end of supremacy to autoban also 
was based on a message from guilherme 
island to use milk he used to have 
I also said that in a story 
public renato target audience and cries 
all that truth of that day to record 
my pride is guilherme jobs 
instead of being lost in time - and 
stay and play we enter the 
ministry and he begins to study this 
part he talks about the supremacy of 
Ottoman empire and he classifies this 
message is always the same as 
Dobby did not know in June 
1843 and begins to understand the message of 
midnight cry is better than the 
his starting point was an article by 
guilherme muller the enem but in 1844 goes 
have four publications 
before arriving in boston 
This is the first publication he 
did it was that this was the second 
This was the third one this was the fourth 
where he scored the first 
the first disappointment happens between 
the first and second publication of 
recently signed some of the 
it is we who are studying this 
Message on road law 
we have studied more detail this 
story here 
part of the reason is one of the 
pioneers the first time samuelson 
He said that he spoke in this way. 
public folder or in boston 
We do not know what it means anymore. 
also means nothing detrimental to the 
another says own complaint to you 
to study these famous publications in the 
and even the diagrams and the father of the 
team coast 
we see that boston happens to appear 
several times I do not know what to say 
about this 
so much can mean something and start 
I know this and it also means something in the 
history of the united states and brazil 
irb and that's where the war started 
is quite strong. 
bossa to you for the boston team 
there is something with respect to that boston 
the camera that starts we get to 
see botafogo the shirt 10 if they say 
like it is the first time that 
The public form of oratory was in Boston and 
Ze Roberto leaves it written here 
by manuscripts articles publications is 
one of the pioneers understood this as 
being midnight in the history of the 
tent that from the first day of the 
first month that was the first 
disappointment to go there and day 19 of 
April until October 22 here 
central point of that story is day 
July 21 , 1444 then the pioneer 
called this presentation that Samuel 
It was like midnight when they were 
We talk about this event in a 
great conflict she calls it herself 
Half-way fear and fear calls half 
of the point path since they 
When did Christ return? 
even on the day that they thought they 
had understood that it was October 22 
that the message of love and at night was 
preached that was preached in Boston and 
inside him 
the day today 19 at night on August 19 
now enough of right is not 
going on in Boston and 18, right? 
do not have a rally in boston 
now from hero 
it is with the shaved heads of the right 
is to play there and those on the left 
navy radicals why we 
we are preparing to enter a 
civil war and things are getting worse 
Getting hotter since girl 
enough and the idea that the state 
whole is looking forward to 
boston best in mine and maybe not 
it means nothing like what she said 
on the historical military history of 
sales and historical events after the 
have been demarcated for people 
exchanging rather insignificant berlin baby 
and the prophecy was seen to see to be 
such as the delineation of linked events 
refusal to exercise leading to the 
Soy closing of the history of their 
human race of cori not this 
situation is in your notes 
restore the team behind the 
idea and historical events are 
happening in our eyes today and 
prefers secure commerce by johnny 
confirming the message by party 
that we are presenting to the flight and 
inside the theft the whole state 
world, this great said that 
are looking at the states 
have this part of this separation 
between right and left is quite 
important and boston is an ancillary part 
I'm just putting that what is there 
happening now 
before we come to this understanding 
We started studying these chapters. 
7979 was one of the keys Samuel 
used to recognize the message of the 
midnight cry that we laws 
chapter 7 verse 9 
seventeenth chapter 9 
I did not have much importance because the 
the first day of the first month was 
principle of the departure of Babylon and 
first day of the 5th month 
the second good hand of God upon him the 
Your God About Him 
samuels does not understand this 
before 19 April 2010 was 
wrong in 1143 square cristina score 
he had already solved this 
problem now start thinking this 
perhaps it means that since then the 
first disappointment skies no 
Samuel was not disappointed with the 
he knew they were wrong before 
to happen 
he is working on it begins and 
ends with the clamor message of the sock 
there is a situation that says more 
I want my mind was transported 
taken to the future game the big where again 
clamor will be given of road bans 16 
the groom is understood that the cry of 
midnight the message was fulfilled in the 
story she participated in but she knew 
in a special way that would be repeated in the 
end of times when tripping and is not 
this will then be repeated in our 
we are then looking at history 
to understand what is happening in the 
our history serves the gods 
burquinense messi already samuel to teaching 
I will work on this message that it will 
to 17 9 
he understood based on extras 
inside on the first day of the first 
time and the first to say that a 
1m one of a year in rome where one is mine 
first day of the first month the book 
come out of the Babylon that he had in his hand. 
of his brothers yelé haiti a decree of 
Who is already the only one? 
when he comes out of Babylon is 
holding his hand the third decree 
she does not speak of the tenth day of the seventh 
other information to help 
understand that he has this third 
decree of 31 and this third decree 
entered into force on the 10th day of the seventh 
month per pizza in the year 4 157 487 verse 
says he arrives in jerusalem 
on the first day of the 5th month a 5 m 
he takes this beginning of this story 
that he understands that this has to be 
repeated at the end of the two thousand and 
three hundred years that the 2,600 years begins 
The third decree states that 
first day of the month in 1844 he understands 
in their calendar that he understood in the 
that the first month of the 
The charismatic Jewish calendar was 
on April 19 of the calendar in a 
normal year 
the placard site leaving this 
application there then let them serve 
he concludes that the third decree is 
reached the conclusion in history 
started on the 17th month and 4 57 ended 22 
of October 
training since then I tried then 
I would end October 22 began 
here and end here is legal and that the 
rockhampton calendar on this here at 
Gregorian calendar is that it would be day 
October, 22 
laughs better in order to defend Nelson Nelson 
Maybe he did not see those things that 
We are now seeing beat Victor. 
entered into force in the year that precedes a 
point in history when people 
began to wilheim of transit and 
when we started looking at this 
history the beginning of the oil spill 
to see that the first of the month to 
the first day of the fifth month of 
first day of the 5th month until the tenth 
day of the seventh month of radio and a 
idea if it ever existed there 120 days of 
70 days there are years we understand 
from the first day of the 5th month of 
1,144 on August 15, 1884 and was 
exactly on August 15 where he called 
of presentation in the clamor of the sock 
night at jacques hernandez camping 
story and this is the beginning of the cry 
at midnight 
The goal that helps us did it here. 
at the end of time 
in our history when all this is 
repeated here and have for it that 22 
October 1844 
it is in a way the tenth day of the seventh 
month was proud when the door 
is closed club batter more 
The door closes the people 's attention. 
sponge cake at the Sunday law to keep from 
first day of the middle of our 
story in white house 
she comments that when the time starts 
of dance in military history 
of these 17 dollars is what it means 
when second angel descended to roll 
ball to get out of Babylon causes 
of repetitive death tells us the 
end a brief snack and tim 
today, only 18 years of classes have invested 
between seeing us when he comes in 
verse 23 sirp nenê de sakineh already 
is repeating the message of the second 
angel from heaven wanting radar and there and 
whoever and was the second angel defended 
in military history on April 19 , 
1144 and where time is started 
dance exchange years tries still leads 
then we begin to understand that the 
September 11 she was being 
symbolically typified as the 
first day of the first month 
the team provides that the time of being 
Dance stopped the 10 trips began 
for us on September 11 because the 
stop 10 videos represents the 
experience of the Adventist people and 
rock in rio where second angels arrives 
barbier but between there I said Sunday 
with this since trying in a way 
symbolic of the Sunday law would be the 
tenth day of the seventh month came 
jerusalem arrived in Jerusalem in the 
first day of the fifth month of the year 447 
before christ the fae type business web 
apps than the same way it is 
samuels did not arrive presenting 
to the midnight clamor in the camp 
of Hector on August 15, 1844 only 
there is a record in our history when 
medina and fall ill when the clamor of 
midnight was repeated and redemption 
livestock farming and has already been 
based on two witnesses 
fifteen and orly fires were August 15 
1844 the jack's camp is the 
embargo and anger and also the same 
form typified by the arrival of exercise 
in jerusalem in the year 1 487 first 
day of the 5th month 
many things were discovered when 
people learned that go adding 
few ammonia is to focus on a 
thing now prepares people to study 
f 1 then there is a brother who appeared 
in his ministry I went to visit him 
in arkansas he the guinea husband 
the president of yemen in the body he 
theoretically have to do these 
presentations that are recording to 
pass the laine independent expert time 
so he was in India 
doing presentation nkt sankay da 
fluent and the days and he got very 
patient got a virus that 
I was pretty sick and it 's tennessee itself. 
button he was staying there on the 
trailer that was in the house of the hand 
he was very sick so we 
You not want it to get too close to the 
people right 
to capcom nino there were two people 
who were there taking medicine for him 
natural he does not want to distinguish himself 
started messaging with the boss 
he was afraid of in training because 
every time we live virose and take the 
worst that has just been cool nf-e field 
the sni I go there and after two days 
and that he wanted to talk to him 
shine is he's showing it 
for me is essential and not before 
strong pounding of ps keeps the 3rd fesman 
he understood about Benedict the fifth month 
especially from the room of the first day in the 
same day of the fifth month receive or not 
but we are in the ring and old t drugs 
Beijing and war with mann in favor of saw 
But I could never understand that 
he was repeating the story of 
extras here when he arrived at 
camp August 15 said 
santana wii of that heat that embarks him 
I would if this is something that we 
we discovered when we went back to study the 
past history sounders protect your 
duty of the next rang after his 
brother and shared this information 
already the next day I'm probably already 
see I started to share 
at that moment we can make the 
recording in the house in his daughter's room 
field software and presentation 
listened to full ids presentation 
scheer know that you've heard sum 
button gave a gift in a 
of the presentation points was dali 
the first day of a month to the first day of 
fifth month and raul nery guarim you have 
1 120 km / h and rousseff and first day 
from the 5th month to the tenth day of 7,170 
about me all through that greater night of 
online and offline sites 
His daughter, let's just study the line. 
social sublinha n sister district and she was 
in the bible wherever 
appears the first day of the first month 
walk around and this opened the door to 
truths that were never recognized and 
before 120 opened doors of 70 also 
opened the doors of the little friend I want 
give you an example for me and an example 
for you have we have to open 
our micro bibles the cry of the 
let's answer from anthony radio 
arrives at the end of the 120 spoke galactic 
achieved this logical tire of the 
pilot from 50 to 10 2010 is beach 
medina there is a clamor at midnight to 
wilian green wave and every time it 
awaken the cerrado is a class of 
virgins that have oil inside the 
classic won the other has none 
oil yesterday the message of god né 
the other does not have the message to 
Sometimes the foolish eyes do not have 
who has no oil can love to have 26 
they are saved or lost the fools 
until we lost anthony southers in 
first place of the bible where it appears 
number 120 
No, it's not 
is there a door that closes 
in that story still boné iê iê 
Messi after 120 years of preaching a 
message 12% and also those people 
who accepted the message of the spirit of the 
wrong or those who had oil 
income they were in the arcade brewer 
wells but everyone else destroyed 
by water were destroyed by 
waters of the flood