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I mean when Evangeline paragraph four then once a neighbor PD small but it was quite a Quattro keep the powerful we saw that the days of Christ are the same as the days in the millerite history in the 1848 e98 time period we saw the Ellen White's make an application of this period of darkness with a reformed line and if she's applying history for line so can we so this opens the possibility for us to they'll go into the 1888 history and understand that to be a simplification of a reformed line was at the same time recognizing there is only the second generation of this mystery of iniquity or this dog mr. Coss people entering said just wanna add one more point when we spoke about the Jews and they go need to Imperial darkness booyah before they get to the time at the end and the city got a typography who they've been held captive by the Greeks and the Romans so we know the Rome is connected with this darkness and we've got the mystery of iniquity which we've taken off somewhere so we'd put the mystery of iniquity here parties darkness we can see the nexus 1260 so we know this history here God's people have been held captive by whom by Rome but it's not pagan Rome it's painful Rome and house papal Rome holding God's people captive two principles the principles remember the philosophies doubt and all that is connected all is connected to that and our insistence of using our doctrinal knowledge and information and our insistence that we use our doctrinal knowledge the truths that we understand as the means of saving us instead of relying upon Jesus instead of relying upon Jesus instead of so in resisting this darkness we end up doing it by our own strength lost at sea the maintenance of rock enforcer and if that wasn't bad enough our strength has been weakened force I see the DVD data because of all these forceful ASSA fees so all I'm doing is giving an explanation of what this darkness means or what this mist of iniquity means which in terms that we use frequently so I'm saying from 63 to 89 our church is falling into captivity and we've had this progressive degeneration in our theology in our religion now it's not a degradation morally we understand as much about the morality of the law today than we did before so the degradation is not in the morality it's in the prophecy so what's happened with imbibed papal philosophies and people ideas and they destroyed our prophetic heritage one step after another and if you wanted to give an authorizing theme of what this degradation was it would be the 2520 this is the prophetic heritage that we've lost and if you were to analyze the history at least for waymarks you would see that they're all connected to the 2520 some shape or form they all had their unique history their unique battles they unique failures values but an overarching theme or concept would be the 25 20 25 24 so long when he comes back in the history today there is literally virtually no possibility of the church accepting it and only a remnant a few people can accept these truths so that's his history here we read that the misreading misinterpretation was deliberate and it says if they had searched prayerfully they would have been rewarded they will be rewarded with a correct ability to read and the correct ability to interpret so we're going to now read what that looks like what is this issue about reading and interpreting so you'll see if we finish the sentence it tells you so we say that they would have been rewarded and we stopped there so we're going to finish the sentence here so there's two things what were the two things time and the manor the manor of the appearing so I'll say another way is related to time and when that time occurs what it looks like so they did two things they would have understood and they're the two things they reject so the first thing they're rejecting is the time they don't understand the time where they're getting that from the second answer is that does that take interpreting time does interpret this time take interpreting just interpret scriptures to work out this time I would say no no you just go to Daniel chapter 9 and you just do some mathematics if you do prayerfully you won't make mistakes all you need to do is work out the year before 57 you get that correct miss read your history and you're gonna get to where the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar which is 27 ad Daniel I will take you there so if you got your history correct and you prayed carefully you wouldn't miss read this is the young man and the miss reading makes you make a mistake on one subject on time if you mistreat you make a mistake on time that's the first point now interpretation all right Jesus is 12 he's guy did you Rousillon I was he gonna teach them what does he teach them when he's 12 years old and he goes to the school of the prophets there by the way school of the prophets it school of the bigots this is William Ellis wrote intro you can't be Maine you just copy them copy hats clothes yes you stamp them with your thinking today say if you read William Miller's 1414 true you know what talking about ok so what's he trying to teach them we done the Miss reading was he trying to teach him when he's 12 interpretation he was teaching by interpretation so what did I need to interpret when he's 12 when Jesus begins his ministry was the first thing he does miracle sarcasm he cleans the temple repented of all the wall the animals rosary mammoth yeah all those lands and he stays where in the temple in because he's reinforcing the lesson that he gained 18 years before and to be honest every dollar gives your chanyeol panties so what was he teaching them when he was twelve fifteen younger one engineer those about lands they don't understand what lands are all about because the lamb is a wall it's a symbol of Jesus now it's so obvious to us I don't think we can even imagine what the Jews who think but maybe we could I would say I do this off camera but I'll forget so I'll take the old camera but maybe edit this hour per second Evita yeah okay so they would have been saved from the problem of time and the the manner in which Christ appeared okay so the first thing I want to make a point on is this we're here and she's gonna take us back to here which gives us the ability to come to here we okay with all of that okay now do we believe in line upon line or we don't believe in line upon line no it's obvious who will say we all believe of your mental muscle easy to see until he's always an until here what did I need to understand video sake when they're doing this miss reading what's reading do it connected to the connector we get spot read and in an arrow yeah just to sort like a like an error like that because I want to put another word in opposite I want to reading lead you to wall was it connected to that we just say time reading is to do with time and then the other one is interpret underneath and interpret I don't know if you went to a picture Buddhist you know maybe control picture a man is what you look like what's the problem that the Jews are having Jesus just come back from the 40 days of temptation he stole a couple they were visiting Monica Diaz detective and John looks at him one levira and he says look there's the land the minister Cordero by the way John didn't know what the lamb was Ayla and I mean I already know that eating's I'm done Samia almost the video I learned that in that forty days so when he comes back he says that he still doesn't fully understand what it means any points and there will be always turn in that direction and they see I didn't know maybe fifty main and what did they see fifty main nothing strange so they say can you point him out please because the manner of his appearing is not what you expect what is he look like the way it looks like a nothing in fact if you looked at me looks worse than the common he looks a bit thinner he looks tired jab the word Haggard like honorably faced this looks bad there was a out delay but he looks good she's know we expect can we say all of that so if she's making an application of time here and appearance I'm saying line upon line Study Center usually when you come to our line what are the two things you have to be looking for and you're gonna make a Mis application over time and the parents and that's what the church is making a mistake over but now lead the church even John was making this mistake certainly the disciples were they don't understand the time I don't understand the appearing of what Gio what Jesus looks like so I'm saying no just based upon this one passage suplement about some may say there are others we're gonna have a misconception about time and appearance Maria and when I say we people in the structure and people in the movement and why we making that mistake but guess that was for my gender zero we're making the mistake because we're not prayerfully we're not searching scripted with prayerful earnest hearts volcano Vista Hamas las esculturas con corazones since arrows II so I unconverted convert videos did God have a solution for all of this Costas annuity una solución Paraiso yep kara pc before the time under 30 a book and before the appearing what do you got provide all of us three so we'll call it a new heart and didn't provide this new heart for us John the Baptist isn't that crazy six months before the time six months before the appearing John's ministry starts and a prophet is born and this is our privilege of not making a mistake on two subjects on time and appearing look what they do and I'm telling you this is what's happening today in our movement as well as our church when I guess so it took about if they pride in studies they would have understood the time and appearing obvious until happening next sentence they would no they would not have okay they would not have made the mistake of we're in the second Advent I put it into the first so that's here this is a key goes - here goes - here what mistake are we making sewed you right here they're ascribing the second Advent to the first Advent and then all understanding that there are two separate things it says second and first it doesn't say Advan he says of pairing so she chooses the words very carefully we're not going to look at the idea how we're just going to look at this escort first and second previously wouldn't know how do we understand that Annamayya the beginning and the end does everybody understand that concept yeah starts here and ends here it's a key banana so we have to have an understanding here we're making the mistake here our movement is no momentum and what we're doing is we're looking at what's going on here minerals are okikuta second and we're saying our movement can't be correct tormented no Buddha started because he doesn't look like war or cannot stay become okay there's a little like a second Advent they're saying this is record be correct because it doesn't look like war it is initiative on AAPIs the correct approach a most felicitous Epirus their king does not lie the second Advent because they don't know what don't they know you know something they don't know what the first dad we need supposed to look like what's he supposed to look like mostly video the appearing in co2 fight that so my brother put glory here but it's not any glory and that's the problem because where is the glory on a salicornia so the inside hidden no one can say not a believer so the problem is they're expecting glory on the outside very important of whether they expecting this here and if you can't say a lot of words when they say in this mess we have told smooth man listen I want is to say all the problems that are here we're facing the same problem today connected with timing and connect with the parents next sentence they had been they had the testimony the leaders he wanted the counter testimonies acquaintance of testimonials the energy security is a years his prophetess he hasn't seen as the Des Moines says here is lava crystal Middle Ages to the DA recover the Tudors and busca evidences consonant SS business weenie so how many testimonies that I had okay so he says three explicitly he says Daniel Isaiah Moses and then he says the other profits as well is that say that yeah so you got three explicit profits so you know they each of those three profits speaking about this history therefore they're speaking about our history and when they're speaking about this history he's speaking about when Christ is doing his ministry which is before the end it's not just the cross or the stoniest even it's what Jesus looks like when he comes and about the timing and the timing begins at the baptism can we agree with that it's the end of the 69th week so I'm not teaching anything strange you get a 70 week prophecy of Daniel 9 it begins in 27 ends in 34 so you need to know what Jesus looked like in between that history in Astoria and who's going to teach him that Daniel Isaiah and Moses these three prophets on a teaching this history and if you believe in light up online these three profits gonna teach us about our evil line and they're gonna teach us about the timing and even the teachers about the appearing you know so what is the might be really clear about all of that and then he said the other prophets so we could go to different places that was it a different who got it some examples some obvious ones Zephaniah Haggai Joel Zechariah Malachi I mean there are obvious ones that we talked about and there are others that are not so obvious so you got all of these testimonies are they going the excuse for misunderstanding or misinterpreting no it's because they're not doing it with prayerful earnest heart Sony's you know they wanna you study you understand what that means if you guess it doesn't mean they're not trying it doesn't mean they don't spend six hours days on their knees asking does most of us really don't know because the Bible says you ask but what kind of asking you doing you ask to yourselves let's go to James chapter 4 verse 3 so it's not that they're not asking these properties gonna show this so it's not about quantity it's not even talking about your seriousness it's gonna tell you why you don't we save why you not only save the truth Santiago cuatro tres police in or ECB's or DVD smile but I got an investor of the natives so you ask into something and you not going to receive what you're asking for because you ask amiss over the wrong reasons and what's the reason you're asking so you can exalt your own last and your own desires DeSales so the Jews want to understand about messiahs and the destroy Romans wouldn't see a key is true you know Romano's so they pray about understanding who the master is Macias but they want the wrong kind of Messiah they're never going to find out they asking for the wrong Messiah so they're never gonna find out the truth so this is our problem we say call me anytime you people don't look righteous enough appearances so this can't be correct of course the correct oh because you're praying and asking but you're not doing this genuinely so they have all of this stuff and it's not doing them any good so they have all of those testimonies Daniel Isaiah Moses and all the prophets and have one more really counted for is one more what's the other testimony Jesus himself he doesn't say that here are you threw it away he says he says and here was Christ in there very amazed says here in front of them and what they doing they're not doing that what they're doing it's a nasty-looking where we're done we'll be done where they looking with the verse were they looking no not the birds in the boat you got DisplayPort seek while we are waiting for her to say I know you say he's find it Rhian her father so he's in front of them and they say we don't want to look at that we can look at the Scriptures you know why she's not supposed to look at man any man even the man Jesus you go look at the Bible the Bible only except if the man Jesus looks like the kind of man you like then you look at him if he's got some benefit to give to you but if he doesn't give you what you want be how you like you wanna know then you say we look at the Bible survival and Bible only