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I mean in the last presentation we spoke about the importance of understanding the time of the end and not only did we do that but we saw how another why we'll take a history that's not in the reform line and place that history within a reform line so I want us to just review how she did that so will you see that very simply so we have a line of history this is not a reformed line this is the Miller right line we know that Miller right line line upon line lines up with Christ and then Moses we can do that I think we're hopefully familiar with that concept and what we normally do it would only be up to here and that we do our line and so we'd line up these history understand our line and that's exactly what we should be doing a DVD but now I love whites doing this she's connecting this hour by the way she does this often and then we have all history here and what you'll see that she does very frequently is connect this history with our history this history with ours almost it's like this earlier and when she's doing these connections often the way she does here especially the history of Christ and the Millerites is not by doing this typification but she does it in the way of a beginning and an end and that's not again in the same way that we normally understand Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end I mean the demos that I Omega now when I say all of that I'm assuming you all do you understand Isaiah 46 verse 10 I will familiar with that verse okay so some on so let's read that verse because the way we're going to apply that verse is when we do this Moses Christ Miller right and our line this methodology of dropping the history's down like this yeah they collect analyze so read that verse this is the security Stas yeah who's your look Albany is there a procedure that's attacked without okay all are in a venture even because they open SNR so we could go into the context and look at this verse in detail all I want is to say is that there are many gods being discussed deities God and the true God says which one do you want to serve all of those gods or discard and he's speaking to the Jews because if you read into the first part of the chapter you'd see that the Jews are worshipping other gods or what we would call idols now in this chapter God the true God doesn't say their idols he says that they're gods and then he's going to tell you how you identify the true God and this is this passage is so important for a number of reasons but one of them is this the way you know who the true gold is it's not why how nice he is it's not the God that logs it's not the God that does good things to you the evidence to know which is the true God is that he's gonna show you things that happen at the end of the world and the way he does that he's not just by predicting like saying in 500 years this man is gonna rise up it's not that abstract it's very specific and the specificity is in that the end is going to be demonstrated by the beginning forgive me example if you're not sure what that means the end of the world if you want to know what it looks like it's given in a story at the beginning of the world story of Noah so at the end of the world is going to be identical to the story of Noah so he'll show you the end of the world by the beginning of the world that's what this verse means we do the end here beginning the beginning the beginning this is a possibility come in Rocky he said a poor me it doesn't really say the problem with this verse it's hard in the English and it's even worse when the gas translation in foreign languages so what I'm not doing is going to this verse like we did the other day ensure the complexities of it I'm just giving an overview so I know that you'll find problems in this verse but you have to go to the verse before and the verse after you see the context you can build up the strong argument to show how we apply is correct my point in bringing a stay is Allah why use these two techniques one of them is this one take you to the history of Christ and says it's like our history was near - to decrease - this is what he says the cry history of crises like the Miller a history but another technique that she uses if you take a singular message so you can it could be a message of seeing the message of righteousness we could go to one of the Angels first second or third something like that she what she won't do she won't say it was her field here and then it's going to be fulfilled here she's gonna use another technique and this is not going to use this system it's going to go horizontally now so I don't want to use Alpha and Omega but what I do want to use is the English version of that so we'll put star and finish now start and finish you could argue means Alpha and Omega first and the last or the most argument Erica to see is Omega but I would contend that I mean something slightly different so this would be the commencement of the message and this would be the end of the message singular message an example of this would be the second angels message second angels message was first in the middle I haste with it and he carries on all the way through to our history faculty going into communities that ye have answer as thermostat symbol so doing two methods we've discussed you take a history here and bring it into our history that's one then you take a message that began in Miller history and you bring it into our history nice to keep coming so I did it here with the second angel now you can do it with the Christ history but when it comes to Christ history you wouldn't use the angels to do this doesn't know do you know what we did was you know what continuum would we have altar of this history Christian Church church I would say right around rain because she's gonna say the rain starts when yeah if the quantum is Alleluia will we start the rain a because Pentecost because this and now cook what Ryan is I did you early right early rain and then in our history at the end of the world she says it will be the latter rain so what I want is to see you now do you yeah Easter this rain goes all the way through it starts and ends the same rain and just like this angel starts in the history and goes all the way through now these are two very different techniques and some people think is either one or the other now because we are so strong in this movement about using this system when people bring us verses Spira prophecy kept passages that use this method it seems to being conflict with what we teach and they say haha we've got the evidence against you this is proof that you're wrong and I'm saying rather than we proof that we're wrong it's actually proof that we're correct now because we don't discuss this methodology in law we don't teach it often when you're confronted with this it comes as a shock some time do you think oh I don't have an answer produces Dao do you think maybe the message isn't so solid so strong as I thought we go for pizza and I wanna say look you see all of these arguments has been pretty much addressed and sorted out we have answers to those so that's two message that she's going to use and yesterday we discussed another one and what was that one work with you're not gonna take it history in the reform line now what are you gonna do or okay you're gonna take it history that's in the darkness see for darkness oh you can have this history that's in the darkness period the name was it's a historically put it in Toledo also put it yet and then what we're gonna do with that history so she took it back to Christ history but I'm just gonna do it simply I've seen this history here can also be brought into our history so you've got this line upon line method run you know you have got the commencement of the message in the end of the message method and then your videos then you've got a history in the darkness which is method 3 and what you have to be clear is when you're reading or someone's bringing you an argument the attacks the message you have to know which method is being addressed or used here because if it's one that you're familiar with you'll think we're wrong it'll sell that wasn't so healthy that's clear karaokes so that's the sum that's the other summary of what we wanted to I wanted to show you yesterday but it's really important principle for us to understand because it helps to establish your faith in the truthfulness of what we teach does anybody have any questions on that not the details but just the principle dynasty in this part which is the darkness when we align was just like is it that we can also see here like three messages sometimes you can see the three messages sometimes you can see the one message but what you have to be able to see once you see the principle being used you have to look at the symbology in that in that passage because I've got no history here and this point here you've got on no way to anchor this in this history so it's not necessarily gonna be here in the time of the aid element is that it could be somewhere else the anchor point so this here I'll do in red this could look like this at this point here is going to anchor into some point in our history so that's how you would approach the actual problem itself but it's built upon the premise that is actually a valid thing that's happening you know I hope I didn't overcook aromatic on this week okay should get nothing you gave the example on the second methodology of Bahrain que comienzan selfie that's the beginning illustrate the end again she's gonna take this principle that says its beginning in the end is all one history no no a sister who's a pretty good the calendar a fitness living missus total nine story hockey but you can use that history when you say the beginning illustrates the end community uses very thin yes is gonna show that as well see being used and this is where we begin you begin to have layer upon layer so if this doesn't confusion we've got the line of Christ in our line and here you got the full Moreno's rubia I and latter rain okay so you've had the full round and latter rain or diplomat you come here and you'd see it looks like this so it takes you from one a street to another and then you could also look in this history you see that the latter rain came in two parts and you see that the latter rain came in two parts early rain sorry and then what you could say in this history this full rain that comes in two steps we could actually call it the former rain and the latter rain and then this one would call the same former rain laterade so this history would typify this history and then we'd pour Pentecost here and here we put the 16th there the first month when Jesus resurrection sunday because he's gonna give them the Holy Spirit then and then here with not this annoying 11 and with not this at the Sunday dog healthy Dos Passos diffident this to me malaria's and ice to decrease aluminized steel annamaria most implemented River Anna so that's how you'd end up addressing this issue and waiting often done we know that if no get easy stream drop the underneath but then in the next break in the next sentence we we said that the latter rain began to be poured out here at nine eleven so you got it you got the Lateran in the form rain at the same time it becomes a problem contradiction and I'm explaining what why a pace to be a contradiction because if we're looking and I use this phrasing if this is a dispensation we say inter dispensation so the rain spans this whole to dispensations so when we put the light rain at 9/11 we have to know what we're saying what we're meaning because Ellen White will never tell you that she'll never tell you that the latter rain is gonna happen you didn't even mention 9/11 of course you know means your nose when she talked about last rain she'll always take you to this point what one is it a delivery arrived CS should arrive earlier to Paris so the sub e to the latter rain is something that's confused adventism for a long while even and the white was alive and she was addressing this issue as a latter rain we have obviously all of her counsel and if we were to split it into two sections is information about what the last rain is and where it looks like I mean for Monsieur Dubois to be in the second half is correcting people's misunderstanding of what she said in the first half because her counsel is pretty clear but people just don't seem to want to listen because they have got these built-in misconceptions and we're at the very end of all of this problem and we were born like born Adventists we're born with all this bad information as heritage so it doesn't surprise me that you're saying actually is that even the right place so I'm saying this is exactly the right place you can prove that relatively easily from the spirit prophecy what we don't fully grasp is the implications of what that means what we need to remember is that this movement was created to store our the mess that Adventism has made for a he'll do but the movement is a church it's this thing but obviously there's lots of people and the people he's asked and we're the ones who were supposed to give it give the explanation to all of this and what's the problem that we're part of the problem we're the ones that need healing and curing and so in our so you can see God's got a really difficult job he has to saw us out and you can't say afterwards you've said at the same time when we use to solve the church and this is why this movement focuses so much on methodology if it is important we have to stick to these rules and if you don't you end up getting into a big problem when you start looking at how good or bad men are obviously men and women it's the methodology that we need to focus on and if we can get familiar with that a lot of these problems get sorted out now you talk about in latter rain we thought maybe it's before and this often I can show we can show we say and people who sit this thinking they just can't be even though you can show it and you write and you say did you click these five steps to prove that there so yes but they don't like the conclusion I'm saying we're right have some faith and I'm saying being rye is being justified its justification by faith and we're still being controlled by our emotions most of us and we have to be really cautious and self-aware okay so ultimately by faith what I'm saying is this we read this passage from evangelism it was when you see the implications of this passage do you believe what's written here or you bring in your preconceived ideas and say they seem to be in contradiction to my preconceived ideas and often those preconceived ideas and bill and they defend it because many people believe them not because they correct so we willing to have the enough price if it can be showing what we're teaching is correct that you believe it and follow through it's one thing to say in a class since I feel that looks okay it doesn't take a lost faith but if you believed the salvation is only in the church and the church said if you carry on what you do and within a dispelling shape he said aramis would you have enough ice to carry on to continue our constant bicep on the evidence in front of you that's what I mean by justification by faith we arrive by faith the Miller rights could go to a Bible verse not just one a number of them and they could prove the Jesus was about to return and no one believed them there was no evidence none of the church believed there so would they have enough faith to stand their ground and carry on especially after April the 19th at faith to know that they were right righteous by faith and many didn't so that's what I mean about Isis by faith justification by faith despite all the evidence around you you can rely upon the Word of God in the methodology that has been proven to be correct upon other things I was at the war in the educated reserve allow the ultras courses which often ends up being about numbers and about women's education that you up against this system is well qualified well financed and has huge numbers and there you are on your own and it's very difficult to stand up against that especially when they have some good arguments that's what I mean about fight arguments to show that the message is correct but I mean circumstances ophea life whatever you can decide against it you can other arguments yes so the blind man's parents they have all the evidence in front of them but they don't have enough faith to join the movement because they see the implications of that and they get scared it so we agree we spoke earlier from mount talk some amount of blessings page 7 we spoke about those three steps of the first angels message in the passages backwards so we're gonna put it in the right order it begins with wall it says it's the work of the Holy Spirit to convict or convince of sin so you've got sin and you got conviction or convenience then the next day he says penitent so you've got this contrition and the last step it says pardon this is the work of Christ of pardon so we'll call forgiveness are we still going to be the same probably forget okay PR so we've got conviction penitence and pardon vision when it mentions the penitence in the sentence it says whom Christ pardons then he says he first did you say that in Spanish saying gives an order first penitence then pardon I want us to see that so that's why it's in these two steps first penitence then pardon I will mark that this part in here is baptism we okay with that so we want to look at this our reform line any reform line in a generic sense now Leslie the Bible verse revelation 19 so I want to give another methods principle that we should employ in study so you've seen that we spoke about those three different ways of understanding histories one reform line or another connecting to reform lines together and then getting history in the darkness and turning that into reform life so so what's he talking about there mr. Arky talking about why who's gonna be married and what has she done by the time you get to verse 7 she's ready so keep that thought in your mind and then if we went to Matthew 25 where that massive 25 the first part of the chapter is a parable dealing with wall so we know me say the parable of the 10 virgins but I wanna suggest it's actually not about ten virgins really he speaks about them but it's not really about virgins it's about the wedding so we've got two passages here that deal about weddings and we know that massive 25 is the parable of ten virgins it's a parable of Adventism so what we do is in a very simple way we say Milla right history is the same as a parable of the ten virgins we make the application it's a bigger sort of service and now we've also just said don't open it and we can make this 144,000 it work out the same and then we've got revelation 19 verse 7 the wife is ready and what's the definition of being ready we didn't read the verse it was the next verse what's she gonna be wearing she's ready to be married so she's gonna be wearing white similar purity so what we can see is when we talk about a reformed lying like this we can have a theme of marriage so are you running through all these Bible stories or Bible verses was notorious he talks about women or wives or husbands fornication and adultery do all these ideas cluster around one concept which is marriage so when we have a reformed line the first model that we think about is marriage yeah it's okay it will be fine there so the first one is we have marriage you know it was casamento now another model that we have and we can find this in many different places but let's go to John chapter 2 letti John chapter 2 and if you're gonna start reading you know we begin from about verse 17 but we'll just pick up from verse 20 we'll do the general rules would use in Quetta he says anyway difficult attempt of e2 in 2011 Tara's okay so it talks about the building of the temple I can say that and we could also go to Revelation chapter 21 we're not going to read a verse from there you know but revelation 21 talks about a city Jerusalem and Jerusalem is already if you went to the Book of Ezekiel beginning around chapter 40 you'll see description of a new sanctuary that's being built so you can see many stories about building things tooks a man about a man who built upon sand or rock so I'm saying there's another theme when we deal with the reformed line which is not married but it's construction it noise because I mean does he know it's possible so when you start seeing stories about construction you'd want to try and cluster them together to build up a picture and then the third one that we use this third model of concept we already spoke about because we were speaking about rain remember we speak about rain and often so what model would the rain be we've got marriage construction and the third one would be you know agriculture or Tudor now the agricultural model is one that the Bible uses very frequently in fact more frequently than the other models so an example of the construction model you can go to the Tower of Babel you could go to the building of the Ark so you can see how these models can be built to develop a picture about what's gonna happen at the end of the world and all we are doing is trying to look at those stories in detail so that we can make sense of them because you'll find that there's a lot of information a lot of symbols in those stories and instead of just reading them and thinking that's a nice story we want to think about the detail so I'm sure buddy it's similar with the story of saying Ezra what story bears are all about since a bad trip but listen let's think about this construction of the temple the rebuilding of the temple the story through simple one-story Vesta yeah so once you get fixed in this into this mindset then when you start say reading the story Vesta you know what the story of Esther must be talking about it's not a story about a love of day it's a story about a reformed line that's being built around a love story so what you need to do then is the way you approach the story would be different because you'd want to know who does vastly represent who does Esther represents there now the reason why this is important and interesting is because this ties into Daniel chapter 11 part of the studies that we've been having this week because the king in the story of Esther is the same King that's in Daniel 11 the pits king the pits Persian king so when you begin to see that then you can begin to make some connections because it doesn't say v king he says the fourth King doesn't it in Daniel 11 the reason is doing that why is it Davina because it's the fifth Persian King is not before because God wants to highlight something the number four because number four is a symbol can mean a number of different things but one of the things it means is the end of something the end of a kingdom now it doesn't mean the literal end it can mean the beginning of the end yes there you saw me speaking about those four days spoke about four generations that's why Daniel Emily says it's the fourth King because he says today there is Cyrus and is going to be for others this in literal life is number five so you can dovetail the story of Esther into Daniel 11 so then you'd want to understand who these people are symbolizing and that introduces us to another principle the the symbol of this King can mean two different things he can represent a good man and he can represent a bad man depending upon the point that you're developing or the perspective that you have now in real life was he good or was he bad he was bugs it was actually good night for know he has faced and he doesn't force people to do anything everyone's free to make their own choices has level of liberality Streamy generous very loyal oh yeah so he has been characteristics about him but the point I want to make it's not about the human man it's a it's about the prophetic application of who that man is and what he means at the end of the world and this is how we approach Bible study and if you can see the themes then you can begin to understand how to approach the story I know you need is a few keys so if we were to say and you're all know revelation 17 Hey can we say there's a woman and he told you who she is Parag Ibis is the church so just from this simple thing which I even go to a Bible verse you know that a woman is symbolizing a church you got the story of Esther using this concept of marry a Jew or a Gentile this is a Jew so you can develop an argument that this is about the Jewish Church you got the story of Ruth what nation is Ruth not remember she's a Mogwai or Gentile there's no coincidence in Daniel 11 verse 41 talk about Edom Moab so Ruth could be a symbol of a Gentile church who's not the new coming to a relationship with a Jewish man so what we will be doing if you want to understand who the Jewish man is who the Gentile woman is and she's got a guide she has a guide who's the guide her mother-in-law who's a Jew given their all the detailed instructions of how to live like a Jew you and all of that story we should understand prophetically just based upon this principle here I'm trying to give an explanation of how we approach Bible study it don't say source and I'm hoping that we get excited in thinking maybe lucky should we look at these things try start looking the symbols our problem is often which is too scared to make mistakes all we think we're not clever enough we don't know where to start and I recognize that difficulty because it's not that straightforward but there's some general guidelines the most basic one is say that it fits into one of these stories so then you know that the story of Esther has to be a story about reform line and if you keep on persevering you begin to be able to break down the book to understand it so it's more about the philosophy in the approach than it is about the details and we do be encouraging one another and be encouraged to actually approach our studies in this manner when you do that you'll see that you've come up with some funny conclusions and this is when I talk about having pie if you follow Miller's rules he says if you do everything correct you can be sure you haven't made a mistake and if you've got to that stage you should believe what your your conclusion is to be true even though it looks unusual as an example in the story of Esther you can see that one King is going to marry two wives and when you start trying that book prophetically he's married to both people at the same time now morally that's whoredom fornication but prophetically it all begins to make sense so that's just a clue of how you approach these problems I agree with the history job a part of a he gets remarried is these new children his wife dies seems to me all about his family says the I did we approached it from the marriage perspective okay so if you got that question what we're going to look at is this agricultural model and we want to see how we can develop the reform line using that model so this is not a new study but it's a fundamental wonder I want to quickly review to make sure that we all agree with these things because once especially this model is firm in your mind it explains many of the difficulties that we have so we're gonna be looking at the second the senior most impressed upon a civilian to Campo with on the question is he said he sho only Nene oh my chest oh he knows here mostly clear skies hasta la Vega yeah Kim bada - Vega - dili investigadores rico ramirez a Sonya Yin totally in enormous panic Kamala so that's the powerful that is given and no one understands what Jesus is saying so that's the first thing I wanted to know this lovely maid I was like you know when I say nobody I mean including the disciples yeah so you do not en dos you so from verse 36 onwards it was Philadelphia London in verse 42 Jesus is going to interpret the verse the parable in fact in verse 36 he says when everybody leaves the disciples come to Jesus privately and asked him what a parable means and he explains it to them I just want to ask to read verse 35 Gracie will be chocolate phosphate that for the do you have a particular reason so it says in verse 33 he's hardly gonna speak to them in parables now and verse 35 says why the prophecy might be fulfilled that was written by the Prophet and he tells you what the prophecy what the Prophet said and then we read through them verse 36 we commented on everyone leaves and the disciples go to the house and they say explain the parable to us and do we know who this prophet is so we must kill a turkey so the Prophet is David comes from the Book of Psalms and there are two psalms that he's quoting and it sent a direct quote but it's also referring back to 49 we're not going to read those verses but just for your references it's 78 and 49 they're the two Psalms so the other point I wanted to pick up on is the s10 he gives the parable and then the disciples asked him a question in verse 10 and tone says our second design was to see who knows maybe here on hora que les arbres for parabolas and then verse 11 in verse 11 say is his answer esther respuesta it is pon genderless taeho porque about short rows of Estados of arrows mysterious their plane of the most he knows my alias so it says in verse 11 you and then who is the you and who is the them the people not just in general it's the church in the specific context figure two groups you got the movement the disciples and the church I do the disciples they do they know what Jesus is talking about but he says that it is really parable so that they might understand so what does that teach you there are some as if you can understand so a teacher is a number of things the primary one is that the disciples are required to understand parables because it's given to them so they may understand that's one principle the next one is how do you understand parables years ago and ask Jesus so we have to work out what that would mean but as a minimum it means he's not in your own wisdom in your own strength and then the third point is that the general Church will not understand what's being written and you get stronger language in that we do us if we read verse 13 and verse 14 Jessica tolleson Caressa is our love for S&S a blow must for a sunless a blow for parabolas por que vienen no vain you will yell moyen in theanine the magnetic issyk-kul play a neighbor the prophecy say yes que dijo the oh you always anointing the days if you say with 13 and 14 so now it talks about another prophet who is this prophet Isaiah and this is a reference back to Isaiah chapter 6 so the prophet David's message is gonna be fulfilled and the Prophet Isaiah's message is going to be fulfilled to profits are going to be fulfilled to prophecy so when you priest all the put all the pieces together why is Jesus speaking in parables I'll give you a choice is it to help people or to hinder people make it harder what's the purpose of parables to make it easier or harder it almost passed when he goes through the disciples is it easier for them no because they don't understand it's not made it easy for them but they have to now go to Jesus and ask the special help so it's not really easier if I if there was a Bible verse and he said 911 I mean that would be easy but the disciples aren't given the information like that it's all coding so I would suggest it's not easy to the disciples so the parable teaching was given to make things harder not easier otherwise if you telescope a sadita why would God want to make things harder for kiddos study ball they can oh my I suggest you know the reason that he makes it harder I work you know a mastiff you see it's the humble of proud people because who do these people think they are curious beautiful goose or what did they think they are great wrinkles I increased with Goods and that's not money that's with spiritual knowledge and I God's gonna show them without him they can do nothing and if suddenly it's gonna become extremely difficult to understand what's going on more than typical mask a dismissive as people sibling and that's why he's doing this did you recognize your weakness in your inability and then what would you do you'd be humble to the dust and you'd be groveling to God groveling kneeling as I helped me because I'm weak I don't know anything so when you approach these studies and you think I don't understand this this is no evidence that the message is wrong it's evidence wall that is correct it's the proof that is correct cuz it feels so easy like just believe and God loves you if that was what this message is about you know it's a false message because everyone can understand the fact that you struggle in your humanity is the proof that this is the message from God because it demands humility from you that you have to be subservient to a power this above you in order to understand even the most basic things so then about you but you know I've struggled on things then I watched a video or came to prophecy school and someone explained something and you look at it and you think how are so straightforward how comes I couldn't say that before and you realize how weak you are and the vast experience what God wants to bring this that's the backdrop of Matthew 13 so the next presentation we're gonna lay out some right marks and build a reformed line based upon an agricultural model and once you do that you can get that modern as a template and apply in many different circumstances and once you have confidence that this template is correct it will serve you well in your future studies yes play our Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy that we want to ask and pray for a blessing that you might guide and direct us help us to rely upon you in your wisdom as we study your word through parables may we recognize our own weakness and more than that may we turn to you for help in Jesus name we pray