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oh man so before lunch earlier today I just about Morris Oregon maneuver we had a short study and it was just kind of like an introduction into how we approach the Bible the problems that we face when we're dealing with different languages because the Hebrew the Spanish in the English you know in both the English in the Spanish to a different Bible versions so we just had a short study on the problems that you face when you just go to a just a normal Bible verse so the object of it wasn't to actually end up knowing the answer for any particular information but it was just to show you the problems that you face so hopefully that was instructive so that you could see the issues that we are confronted with we're aware this probably was continuous and one things that I think you it's it's clear to see that when it comes to Spanish Bibles in the number of different rays they're actually very weak and no she I don't mean that in any kind of way to insult the language which is the reality of the situation we find ourselves in it don't have ego and it's not just in the Spanish it's in most most languages that we face so when I carry on with the studies that we were doing yesterday a year and we want to begin by witness para prophecy qual so it's it's in two different places you have evangelism or sermons and talks either one though okay so we'll go with evangelism its page 612 paragraphs ball quatro sinto quente Quatro Quatro Cinco luckily smoke devaki's quattro cosmopolitan to see so before we read that paragraph I want to read just a small portion from the paragraph that comes afterwards it begins with this phrase it says and many are doing the same thing today in 1897 hace muchos estan haciendo la misma cosa and we'll finish the rest so we're looking at this passage for a couple of reasons one of them is because I only continue the study that we've just been doing but also it's useful to it's useful is an exercise in trying to see how we approach the spirit prophecy passage so then who's who of you were reading it as we go along say see ya what is useful if you have it on your phones so you can follow along with us I want us to become more accustomed to is not to be so passive passive us especially when we're at a group meeting like this it's too easy so sit back and listen to the presenter speaking Farsi thousand thousand simple images which are locally say and what happens is if you allow the teacher to just guide and direct you three bad things happened I caught this causes mother you don't help the speaker you don't startle you don't help yourself and you don't help the movement because what you get is stagnation all you doing is just allowing the speaker to tell you what he thinks he has a misconception he won't learn here's a misconception you'll pick that up and copy it and then other people get there was a hurt leg it affected which is what I mean by the movement so we should be studying together we should not consider these to be sermons if I did we do that the first night I think we spoke about the methodology of sermonizing was not good it was upstairs when we had a discussion that thought we didn't hear the noise good technique simply no no no because I want us to do is understand how we approach just a passage we're gonna talk about this passage and if we just read it and I give you some some answers no one learns that way so this passage is evangelism so this is not the original passage is taken from another book a keyless if you don't break through and in 1997 we know that much of a mysterious critter meal so if you saw a passage that was written in 1897 where even if you are wrong where would it where would your first thoughts be directed to 15 hours to total students complete local nectarean premier Pentimento okay it would be I teen iti so that's the first thing you should observe the variables and I think the first thing you should be thinking about this is probably got something to do with that era the problem entity area and what you'll find in fact does so one thing you want to look for a key date which means you need to know the history if you don't know the key historical dates it's very difficult to analyze correctly what's happening neurosis lost features LA based on the east you see an early salad in there okay this because remember what we are trying to do is understand the original application the original history so that we can make an application so today a lot of that work has been done for us through a study that you you may be familiar with I'm not sure comes by different names were our Cooley the number four all four generations so if you familiar with a study on that subject then you'll know that there are four key dates after 1844 and those four key dates are really for dispensations and when you begin to understand what was going on in the church in those histories it explains a lot of things so a number of you seem to indicate that you were familiar with 1 to 1 about 1844 would be the star and then you have 1863 1888 1919 and 1957 and you can see that he had these four steps we might call the four generations so we're not going to really discuss this except to observe that we're in this history here in the second generation one thing I wanted to remember when we spoke about ladies here and we spoke about the birth of Jesus the birth of John what did we what did we say about my desire it was rose the ladies he had been in existence before had yeah so we made that comment I what would the two problems that the church was facing so when I when they come into the history of Jesus and John the two problems that they're facing or they're arguing against he's booing - the name seventh-day adventists defining both testifying the Sabbath and the adven but before Jesus or John was even born and the church is already gone into a latency and condition how did they get into that condition due to elements that brought them into this condition no skill is what's one of them so persecution is a physical one of them in fact the first one was that they began to imbibe the Grecian philosophy and if we were going to think our the Hebrew world a people and Hebron so heavily on and next to it Greek if we were to think about the Hebrew world like this there was an archer overarching theme that would cover the Hebrew way of thinking or Hebrew philosophy there was one for the Greeks so he was depending on what school you went to school educational system you went for it you'll be grow up in a certain way you'd be taught science and music and philosophy oh that will be the same as castles that's not on the problem with the Greek the Grecian velocity also your Haverhill you'll be brought up under the theme or principle of faith but if you have to up under the Grecian philosophy what would be the one word that we would Paul they wouldn't be fight it'd be doubt so you nothing is real nothing can be accepted unless one and as you can prove a that you can touch it or you can go through all the reasoned arguments to show that this thing is so argument or establish para demostrar que una cosa es se dice not that the Hebrews didn't understand causing effects noise kills appeals 19 you know Casa you Victor it's not that they weren't in or they weren't able to reason but the whole basis of approaching life was one of faith they didn't have to explain everything to no it was so so before the birth of Christ they began to change the theological perspective yes and it's gradually shifted from one of faith to one a Dow and of course the problem is when Christ comes on the scene or even John you're expected to believe everything that they're saying based upon wall Abbasid ek now you could say based upon the Scriptures but then if you've ever done a study from the Old Testament on the prophecies of Jesus if you've ever done a study studio basado en las promised your services and people to submit if you've ever tried that a lot of those prophecies are quite vague and they're not easy to pinpoint so you could find the number of prophecies in the Book of Psalms and it's not that clear if baby speaking about himself or someone else was in service WC before they were rappers so you could go to Isaiah chapter 11 what's Isaiah chapter 11 about how is it beginning have a look if we don't know the root of the root to Jesse I what else see special but they shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of his roots unaware the drama they say so who do we automatically think this is referring to we you know we automatically go to Jesus but you can you can develop a strong argument to show that it's not just Jesus this can be applied to his people it supposedly curses so this is just one simple example about the difficulty that these people have when you come to the prophecies of Daniel 9 again there's this complexity when is the Hay Street being fulfilled wonderful Estonia is it when the angels came down on the hills of Bethlehem or is it afterwards if you were trying to understand those prophecies what they would you go for would you know that Jesus was a priest and therefore he wasn't allowed to begin his ministry until he was thirty there's all these little pieces of information that today we are familiar with and we think they're almost trivial but the Jews and they have all of this for site that we have hindsight they didn't have a hindsight that we have they couldn't look they couldn't look back and say oh we know the answer so it's not that easy for them to work things out so in Jesus carbons they don't know who Jesus is even born because he claims to be from Bethlehem but when he's 12 years old he comes from Nazareth and his mother has a very interesting story yes you know you can put a positive spin on that what is the reality of their situation by the way we all do know that Mary was not Josie's first wife don't we and we all know that Josie was much older than Mary she was a young woman and he was probably middle-aged so the whole circumstances of their marriage is strange to say the least and Jesus used to get in trouble frequently with the leaders of the local church because he was disobedient to them so then if you know those little pieces of information so in the midst of all of that would you believe that Jesus was the Messiah well you don't have any hard evidence so that easy to put your finger on these things and know them for certain to do a necessary service for conservation especially if you blow up on the disk regime German take one or how do you know they blow under they broke up on the D string the Jews how do we know that can you think of any Bible verses record second vesicular biblical three and words excite it is in oil trees children where solve it you children after school all these various pieces not to the Greek Joe Chapter three oh yeah juggle thanks.thanks three six he should be redone mirela even these days use equals the Buddha evil equals a hero solemn and as a hos little egos but I have lost a superior the children so I would ask you a question when this is written is that actually happened when this book is written has that even actually happened okay I would suggest it hasn't happened yet and it's a prediction about the future let's go to Luke chapter 11 I'm also Lucas the Pattillo answer Luke chapter 11 verse 29 I'll say my secret orienting women so what is that verse tell us about what their problem is no problema because for them to believe anything they require a sign and Jesus tells them that he's not going to give them a sign and I'll just want to go to another passage this is 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 22 if every miracle in dos uno indeed owes this is a nice verse it's a very sequel role you know because it's going to combine these two philosophies and put them back to back first Corinthians the American Jews you know for those who do speed insignias in Las Vegas Wisconsin area so I told you what the Greeks warning he tells you what the Jews won and the Jews want signs because I don't believe and the Greeks want war okay they want with them if you can't explain it in a logical fashion it doesn't make any sense to them they won't accept it so I'm saying the Jews get themselves into a position when John and Jesus come on the scene they're actually not able to accept their ministry it's doomed to failure and the reason for that is because they vented into a lady same condition and the first step to that lady same condition is it they're shifted from a religion of faith to religion of Dao then the second step what did they do then after the Greeks who came on the same Filipinos scenario of the Greeks they came on the scene pagan Rome so pagan Rome comes on the scene pagan Rome don't care about religion or anything they don't make you enter into their philosophy or join their religion they just tell you to obey any rule that they invent and one of the Jews did they begin to resist and fight back but they can't fight physically because this power has got my teeth and I enclose a knee and it crushes everything that opposes it so how did the Jews resist they pull back to their religion and they start using their religion really as a form of resistance and he ends up becoming will worship so to protect their national identity because they don't want to become absorbed into pagan Rome into paganism all the ceremonies begin to take the Prem preeminence ceremony an hour and who helps them do that work what's the man's name King Herod roley's King Harry what is he do for them chaos the perennial garden if we know but King Herod was no his little job but he was an architect he was a builder this is already he built many many beautiful buildings and he helped to the Jews to construe construct the temple he actually got built from scratch basically and it became one of the most beautiful buildings in the world probably second only to the original temple or lime in the casinos and he became a symbol of national pride Koguryo an uncivil nationale we know that because when Jesus says the temple is going to be destroyed one of the his disciples say look at it you know this can't get destroyed look at the size of the stones they're just not gonna move in fact some of those stones even the Babylonians couldn't shared so their religion fools of their religion the form become the safety even their salvation so these two problems that they've got are going to stop them from accepting Jesus because when Jesus comes on the scene what's the first thing you gotta do you have faith that this baby is the Messiah that everything that you thought about the Messiah was all wrong you still got to start believing people who are uneducated you have to stop believing uneducated people like you have to accept the testimony of Mary the adulterous woman so it becomes very difficult do you not wait the adulteress okay so that's one thing then you've got all the forms your religion and what Jesus doing he's dismantling them he's redefining what Sabbath means he's about to destroy the ceremonial system he destroys all the money-making schemes in the temple he attacks and attacks their religious forms they have no how they're gonna fail so I want us to know and understand that when you come to the history of Christ and it is the time at the end and here you've got John and Jesus there is in this history before which you put as darkness we will familiar with some of these Phase II ology the two thing that cause is this darkness la cosa que causa in South Korea is the association of God's people with the world and God's people in the world let me think about the world we want to think about Greece and we want to think about pagan Rome Roma by oh it's that is the world that they're engaging with so if you see presentations before you'll see that they don't say Greece and pagan Rome they say the mystery of iniquity and I'm saying they're the same if you try if you break down what mystery of iniquity actually means now this dog is the demented to interview is going to make it impossible than to accept this reform except for very few people and in this history here we come all these four steps generation and what we want to see is it this last generation the fourth generation what comes into existence before the time of the end and then the people who are living in this history in fact trees it's much further down this is where they begin to struggle let's come back to a spirit prophecy quote so there's these people who never had an experience in the 1st 2nd or 3rd angels messages and now they're gonna struggle to understand what's going on she begins by saying many are doing the same thing so if I said I know if I said you're all doing the same thing you do see how would you respond correspond to the yet and didn't understand the question so if I say do all doing the same thing what would you say yeah Simon's war same as home so she's gonna take you back and tell you doesn't mean like repeating these three before so she's gonna explain what exactly what they what she means by this statement so we're gonna go to the paragraph before would read the whole paragraph and then we'll comment we should be in 612 paragraph four now this one what what the quadruple to see tranquilo estamos esperando okay lost irises maestro's interpret and Melinda's prophecy has he broken tile como Caribbean goes Diez de Cristo Haruna operation in the pedestrian Iranian lattice pectorals Co studios who Baroness to the Alamos bhatooras confirm all recon Horacio su investigation Rosa Maria recompensa conveyer conocimiento de tiempo not-so-little team was he not Amendola manera de cristo a para sevilla no real confront II don't agree hace una be near the Christo consumer an event oh the Nina testimonial near the new receive only say yes Justinian resonance at the Moises the estimate lifted million euros in todavía investiga vs. tourism busca the evidence yes person enters a souvenir yes Tom on haciendo Cristo the Swiss Moscow Zoe's prophetess Alice area Esteban danced a goddess kill no civilian okie estaba haciendo and then we'll read the first part of the next paragraph up to here Stan yeah and many are doing as he's my boy okay so we know now what it means many are doing the same thing there's not a seesaw famous que significa para DC what are they doing the same thing as come on kill mr. nice enemies Mikasa as soon kill Jews as the Jews Nona Williams but the Jews windows will use cuando yes he says in our day as in Christ's day Koko's Diez de Cristo okay so we all together so one is to say something the Ellen White has done and she's she's actually done something that's quite complicated people often we people use other white to prove many of our truths but in the using her writings to prove our point sometimes I don't think we actually realize what we doing and what she's doing so I'm gonna put here Miller right history or were communities that and we'll pull three steps so this would be one this is really knows what days so this is the October 44 they can be done and then we'd do a line here and I'll call this the line of the 144,000 got your business and what they would be put here Jackie and what would you put here Korea was a car so so always have different Alice's for that one requestors para esto and then the point that we want to make this year well I'll show you guys phone 310 you talk one Sunday law and Utah one 911 AK Alfred Daniel 12:1 in that's more accurate so we have put one two three here and remember we had these four generations here so we've got these four generations we have these dates in the special 6388 of nineteen and fifty seven remember all of that where are we in this passage oh yeah what year are we in this passage suitable reading okay so we're here 1897 and she says this is today today are you David I'll hide your wife so he says today so why don't you like 1897 yes so this P 1853 1869 yeah because we had a very object so we're okay with that so this is today oh and this today I'm gonna call this a reform line alright this was for nine uniform and this is a reform line so it's duster is fall on and that's reform line what's this history is it's a story the process in which that the mystery of iniquity is developing okay so we'll call this darkness you can write that now because someone's gonna pick me up on this afterwards okay I kinda miss to this place what I want to do is make sure it's technically correct it's not technically correct at the moment a moment of noise or director thing so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add some information I've got the reformed line going up to Daniel 12:1 yay it's not correct at the moment I'm gonna make it correct for you okay so I'm going to extend this line here and expand the reformed line and this would be the second advent okay with that okay even if you know that's correct okay so if you've extended this line well then they with this line I can extend a I mean so we can extend it to here we're going to extend the line to here which means that this darkness begins here does it occur okay so now it's correct so today he's here what are you looking okay with that were you standing in today are you in a reformed line now you're in darkness and there was no school again okay we okay with that but she's gonna say in our day is in Christ day and rest refika monastere de cristo or if you take the first phrase in the one how often the same phrase in the next paragraph it says Christ day the same today I will together okay all I've done is I've gone to the middle right line our line put them on a on a line got to time of the ends one here and one here so that should we stand it and we know the day 1897 in 1897 is not in a reformed line it's in this period here you're lucky there's a whole lot done so I think everybody should be happy with that if you're familiar with reformed lines I'm assuming that she was told me yeah she just wants her she was just a contractor that's so good okay everything everything's good we'll be okay so yeah party ponies and after on the book we can rub things are in this movie thing then you can't do it on your paper because light now and I'm just attempted to change the little bits but okay so I'll just add one piece of information so we're here the period of darkness I was lucky with a vehicle it was booted up what year did it begin Wonder Woman so got 63 we can say that yeah cuz I'm thinking you see that's why I'm saying yeah it's correct I'm saying Smith doesn't make mistakes 89 the end the darkness okay with that so if we do this the same as this and we calculate how long days so if you do 1989 take away 1863 so this is 126 in DC and if you're not familiar with that in every store just think that just think of this it looks like a 1260 Jessie but is it go he was so you think 1261 to six it was surely business features yet this is the period darkness okay so we're here today and we're not in the reform line but Ellen White says that that today is the same as what dangers same as Christ day now I've got Miller right history here but I could have put he said Miller I can put another history I like to put the history of Christ we can do that line upon line see you got the time of the end we'd have John the Baptist and then we got Jesus are we okay with that so we've got today here why is that being compared to compare apparently what what other today Christ died so this problem marking here I'm not running give it a particular way mark but I'm saying that's today or in Astoria and we got this marker here so she's saying this today in this history I'm not saying it specifically 1897 but there is something specific about that day but in the history here mr. Issa same as the history here can we say that that's what she says but the problem is this is a reformed line this is not a reformed line so now what she's doing she's taking this history here which is outside the room of a reformed line it's the second generation and she says it has characteristics of darkness of degeneration but it also has characteristics of war the character of a reformed line so then what we're able to do we can take this history which is the same as this history and we can put it into our history so therefore we could put a line here with the same star and this also would be today so unless it gets pointed out you people don't normally see that so what she's doing he's taking a history tomorrow no story oh she's not povery form lying and she's using that history as a reformed line so we have to be aware of some of the techniques and the methodology that Ellen White uses to explain truth so we lost by what I've just said what she's saying is this this history here director is typifying a history in a reformed line even though it's not in the reformed line so you think about how unusual that might be because you've seen people say this the darkness time at the end will be one two three and then close the probation so that's what normal reform night looks like and then you'd get reformed lined up on reform line looking the same and we distinguish or separate the two the darkness and the line but what we're also able to do often we don't realize is that we can take a history here in the darkness and make an application of it in the reformed line yes that's what we do in here you can see we've taken this history and brought it here and the license for doing that is because I don't know why I said this remark you know what was the same as this why not she did that work for us so I'll draw this concept again you have a reformed line and another reformed line we probably in this history and we take that line and we bring it underneath is not what we do like this line upon line