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I mean so I say I'm not sure if you if we're recording this or not but there are a number of Bible verses that we use quite frequently and sometimes it's easy to miss read what they're saying when you just read it straight from the English and what I found is - in the in those situations to get a clearer understanding of what's actually being said you need to be able to least go back into the original language to try and get some clues about what's being spoken in that verse to understand it clearly so I'm not sure if you're able to do that in this panic it seems that you are and so underneath this if people are all doing that and if you know I'd like to encourage you to do it because often it's not just a space but when they translated into any language space Portuguese German often the translations are not particularly good I found I should include the French in that and even when people say they have a King James French version as an example even then often the translations are still not accurate I'm true to the original of course I'm assuming that the English is the reference language for all of these studies clarify from you know getting this I'm saying I I'm assuming that the original is the standard the benchmark of of what is correct and what is incorrect which is a known a bit egotistical but pride there's a food rotation in the English but the thing is both the lexicons that we use and the spirit prophecies only in English as well when it's all tied together to the King James Version so I find it very difficult when we move away from that so as I say I don't know when you study by yourselves if you actually go back and break down verses in a systematic I guess kind of like an academic right instead of just reading those verses and assuming you know what they mean because someone told you what in there too much often when we study by ourselves I donate when you're studying and you pick up of a verse do you just accept what the standard understanding understanding of what that verse is or do make efforts to actually look at those verses yourselves in your group I don't mean individual a denominational simplemente commonly said so saying the only way you can do that is by going back to the original because if you done you know you liable to get into problems so are you so encourages to have that culture so you're saying you do have that culture here you do when you come together you go back to the Hebrew and Greek she doesn't and they too found KGB application translated into Spanish so they do and we study together because if you don't have a clue if you don't have a clue that you're supposed to do this now that there was an application and if you don't have a clue how to do this then you're really gonna rely upon another person to work things out for you I'll give you an example let's go to so you can ask questions this is just a thought I've been having recently so you can ask questions but this is I'm giving you this at all we are joke 37 joke 37 verse 6 so this is just an abstract I guess study it who you are because we're gonna carry on in the afternoon probably almost half so if you read joke 37 verse 6 ok so that does that seem a relatively straightforward verse s is equal Oh clatter party say clatter no no what's difficult about the verse to you ok so you already haven't go back to the English because she's not sure who the Spanish is getting translated there so you tell me in the Spanish what you've read not that we've perfected the English have you got one the Spanish version by the way you are using different Spanish versions same versions yeah okay so you tell me what that verse is in the Spanish yeah is there a secret on it so God orders the elements of the earth to away okay so God orders the elements of the earth to obey Him okay so but we want to go into a bit more detail than that you know that's our first okay because it's bringing up and subject to brain you know it we're going to look at this it's some kind of spiritual fashion so yeah it's an important verse for us to understand ability is important she says that Christ our census knowledge okay where you getting knowledge from you said we have to do in a spiritual way okay no that's not that much you need to break down the bit of the structure of the verse before we can make some application I was just indicating why would we even go here yeah so you're not asking what the application is but what the text says yeah we have to go with what the text says first before you can make an application first of all to make sure that text is translated correctly and if we understand what the translation of that text is every murder is internal silver see we left our emcee over recommend a is internal attribution visit so let's go with the first it's coming from less to more where's the Badou and then the rain and then it says okay so let's go through the first part of the verse so you're saying it goes from the Jew to regular super rain so it goes from rain to super 8 heavy rain and where'd you get that from because it's naming that what's the Watson was named the phrase that says those two things okay - yeah that won't help there's words but they're everything there's not in the Hebrew so the translator okay so there's words in the Spanish you don't even in the April okay so what do you do with that day guys ever kind of so the translators kind of fitted so it's it's good okay so that means you have to now go and check if that tries like this a good job or not I knew and does it I assume you figure in the name of charity our theater of dirty someone also organized here if they're green so to see if the sense the meaning didn't change yeah sometimes in the Spanish the problem is that we use a lot of words to say one one thing Oh finchy point whereas suave prima ballerina and Selena so the first word is looking in the Hebrew and it could mean like a do but also rain and different things okay present a scenario porque Nevada an aristocracy so he's saying two things in the in the Spanish if the translation is the same as in English and the reason worth why there's less humor words than Spanish words is because Hebrew sometimes that's the structure in a bit of the hero like one word in every pose many of a phrase in Spanish discussing the first part of the verse about my library and I part of a mercy cooler what's it what's the first part say oh you got to do it in Spanish because I want to see if this planet if you can do it in Spanish because to the snow he said yeah so you're gonna write this so God speaks to the snow yes I doubt any area is that what that says okay that's right here get up God speaks to the snow and what is inside yeah but he says hold on the earth never caught that falls on the earth and then what does it say before we get to the Rhine bits do you have a linking word I family also okay so what does that word mean you guys have a lot so in the same way the llama come I know he's gonna do all the rain and whoa what what is the likewise in the same way in the same way walk I'll give the pilgrim tambien damn pinky the same way he does through the retinas now what does he do to the snow speaks so this one's I wanted to see that oh yeah so he speaks to the snow and you know and so we'll put here either like wiser in the same way underneath here we're gonna put it here so in the same way he's going to do well so the same way he's gonna speak to the rain okay with that so he says likewise - that means likewise to this other thing which is the rain so when he speaks to the rain what's the first phrase least it mentions read the first phrase out also to the right to take also out it's like a most ambien through the rain so he just says the rain nothing else yeah yeah okay so we'll put the rain la sharika and in the next race that's the end of buzzer it's a report to disagree good we'll put super anal great rain here and the last phrase with your person there's no this is no more it just says great right okay so he doesn't have all of that information at the back end okay so so what I want you to do is if other who's got a because Spanish version with the connected with the King James let's link the words up so you've got that on your file and everyone okay so 3d you've got that there is you know he's got that you've got that actually had the app on your phone yeah well it's just yeah in Spanish but I thought is usually linked to Strong's so that means you have to be back link today but that's what I mean you Akane yeah okay so let's do that Dean I will there yeah so this would likewise come here will go that likewise what Hebrew word was that really is si en I just see the synthesis h77 shakes 4306 so you saying this word here is for 376 4306 yet the world likewise you agree with that correct on our water on its own no oh you don't agree with it yourself it 7776 and yeah I'll leaves I because you're gonna rub it out in a minute no yeah forget for now so you've read this word here which means likewise in the same way it's a belonging speaker is 77657 say agree with that you don't know who doesn't speak English you know this is Spanish I want to Spanish this word here like boys it doesn't market he says it does anything in America at the back is this is it or not it's not translated that was not used a okay so what the way seven seven six it's earth yeah okay so the word likewise learner that then isn't they're not dying so once to all know that yogibo promises so the translators notice did wall-e theorem they added okay so if we're gonna if they're added then in the English she should be italicized okay okay okay so he various versions of none of them so why have they chosen to put this word in here porque una lista para is it correct to do so a correct orthography could it be as well yeah likewise means as well meow meow no what does that mean doesn't that mean as well what does that mean yeah yeah so he's doing a singer in asking like you're asking this in English yes but you don't have a synonym in Spanish do you yeah you do so what would the synonym of that be you know you said you have one yeah what is it , means as well as well it doesn't just mean as well nothing because it doesn't accurate synonym because the word likewise by Leo doesn't just mean as well it means in the same way that America Bambi Encinos need any listening we got the lamby nominator so don't he have that subtlety in the Spanish it's not just talking to two different things yeah it means what you did to the first thing you do to the second thing if you look a little uneven across our dances unless it means in the same way yeah so if you innit if you look at synonym you need to make sure that the synonym portrays that saying store is you know anyone okay so this is the problem that people like us have become honest oh yeah when we begin to interrogate Bibles and the different versions so we might think if it doesn't have a Hebrew word they don't have a right to put it there I see your body on offense Atticus over there in an individual on a lie but translating from one language to another isn't that straightforward paradoxical Yama I'll see what these translators understand is the point that the Hebrew writers Ismay are making the point that they're making is they're doing a back to back comparison yeah no no particular a panacea Nona compassion and if you don't realize or appreciate that you know when is as a translator you wouldn't you would not put that word in you know in a quickness of Allah and you would go a translation that actually doesn't reflect what they originally trying to teach you you eros Albany on nitrogen can render him enough paint and tango the first thing I want us to recognize is that when people are translating is not as straightforward as you think well if I when you hear my translator you know that's the case I mean when there is a castle because not only you used to have to translate the words you have to have some idea of what I'm talking about forgive us other than it get that I was using because if I use if I said white what does that mean if you see he's already translated and he doesn't know what I mean he's dangerous to do that because he doesn't know if I'm talking about how heavy something is we if you ride it the weight of something like one kilogram of weight what if I was saying what if I was saying stay there now in the Spanish there may be two different totally different words another failure in the English two different words but they're spelled differently but they're pronounced the same and you live anyone so if I just said why he can't just translate because he needs to understand it in the English it can mean two different things and he has to understand the context and an English in any context and this is the difference between a skills translator and someone who isn't skilled yes so when the King James whoever they are whoever's translating from the Hebrew they must have those skills in the video beginning at the minute sir they must be able to understand what the original writers were trying to portray in this particular situation the Hebrew authors were trying to do a back-to-back comparison so when they translate it they have to put the word likewise in there they have to do that I see one because in the original is employed by the context even though it's not even though the word isn't written because they don't need to write that word no necesita bring the English all the Spanish you have to when you're unconnected okay it's interesting but it's possible that in that act of interpreting the translators make errors let me stop you there when you take the word snow and we're going to translate it into our line we can call it snow how do you know it was snow in the original language how do you even know that you don't know you have to do a lot of research and study you have to understand the language contextually if you had a Hebrew person there a Jewish person you'd both be looking at the same thing and he'd give his word and you'd give your word and you can have some kind of assurance that what you're translating is actually the word snow that's a trivial example but there are many examples but I'm the when it was that Hebrew word that's given there the wonderful area isn't a word that's thousands of years old there is and you have to do some detective work to actually understand what that word means so the whole process itself is not as clean and tidy as you might think and leave you know Sariah you go to a lexicon let's see and we went to a 776 yeah we must I just need the service ace depends on who you ask in the room that's what that word actually means because one scholar will say in his opinion means this opinion significant and cosa and another would mean will tell you mean something different you're a failure because you apparently because he depends on the context or even the victim so 7 7 6 I think you said it was earth see if this year they say it ok yeah but it could mean a lot more than Earth but ever seen if you've got a neutral market all right it can mean people join us it can mean soil soil soil Swilly it can mean ground so it could mean the land of Canaan but you're right it can just mean a district like Judah it could mean the whole earth whereas Allah era it could mean a part of the earth it has many many different meanings that world and so when you get that word 776 hopalong acidity of the face and you translate it into English in a growl English it caught it won't just be translated as a singular word no I see a comparison symbol on as well of Allah if I actually what is translated as in the English nature they are silicon master drugs in an English land yeah there's a tell you gonna do that ground soil country is countries in the plural crazy dude I'll these places the world no common common field camp or Nations that's your honest so it's got all these different connotations you know penny on the context so when you said that how'd you know they didn't make a mistake his question was how do you know they didn't make a mistake putting this word go back to joke 37 6 you put the word Earthcare you you didn't put the word yeah how'd you know that's correct that he shouldn't be nations because nations is not be at least a different word different concept so you could say he puts he sends us no on to the nation's yong-su Ilona a month alone you I like messy honest so how do you know it shouldn't be awkward Nations here is that since Ricky speakers oh Allah yeah it's not to the nature's what nations underneath how do you know it should be earth not nations come on say is America Uranus Uranus by context okay so she says she knows by context ways a context quite as a professor the natural the the very prior to is talking about the natural things that God speaks to ok so although hazy earth yeah ok and here some see oh yeah yeah on the earth another and here's a country in place on the earth and here's another country the other words and this one has lots of people on it yes what do we call lots of people collect nations yeah okay so here's the nation so here is snowing near Ando I'll do a big cloud it snowed on everything what's his nothing on is he snowing on the water yes it's known on this land yes it's snowing on the nation's yeah so when you talk about snow it is most obvious context and their victim I saw you it doesn't snow upon nations not you I'm sorry it just knows you know everywhere anyway all right now so if it snows anywhere in your house the implication is that we would be snowing on the whole earth that's new because Venice yeah which is why they chose the word terror not nations so it's not as haphazard or you so making up as you might think yeah yeah a lot of for has to have gone into this mucho pensamiento you know and this is the problem that you face with it's a role Emma you've gotta trust the person who did that job in the persona cases which is what I spoke about egotism and that exalt in the English like well because I guess we are they getting so close trust the King James yeah above everything what so at all above any foreign translation and above any English translation or so and to me this is where you begin to see nations playing a prophetic role in history but I mean if condo vamos a la nación is one number of interfaith people and after you which can sound like self-exaltation but I don't think it is called where's another common example is here so thing you can demonstrate it everywhere the England United Kingdom it would be Batum you played a role in Bible prophecy and one of the roles that they played was the creation of this Bible version you know the horrific war like this young Bolivia because it really has dominated Bible study okay I love me now from the moment it was created all the way up to the end of the world and I don't think that's just my opinion I think it's a fact opinion of the peaceful nature so that's why me and I guess many of us but it's okay sure you know - especially if you can read English settlements in less use the King James is the benchmark the reference point you can't come without a financier and when I say earth one no listen yeah we trusted I got it correct chemical or unless I mean okay there's really good evidence to show that they made a mistake I know yet and sometimes they do yes but it's rare and if they do make a mistake we have to explain how they made the mistake and what the correct answer is we're gonna say they got it wrong it should have been nations nor earth you could explain why okay you can find the mechanism of what they mistake was you gotta make any requests for time but the whole point I'm trying to make on that issue is that you have to have faith in the translators pero el punto it benneferre and toilets that's my opinion and the problem would be a peril emissary ax is it if I understood Greek and Hebrew very well sure you know video we've been every other verse I say oh they made the mistake here they could have done a bad job here and in Kosovo yes ehm Caraga and you end up if you're not careful creating your own Bible version I mean as you know we are an appropriate symbol which is what we've got all these Bible versions okay there are some like the name of tortilla so far ignorant is actually I think a safety feature for us okay so enough on that point so he's in the so many for other people that not know you then no more can you explain what and how they made the King James Version which with many people translated to me all the difficulties and the intricacies of that already rather than I mean to me the point is more important is that when the people translated from the original to the English they had a self-awareness of what they were doing danyoung yeah self-awareness they will aware what they were doing Aaron Garcia Garcia Indian original book original Bible and have you know they had it they had an introduction and young and it's quite large it's over 30 40 pages I think it's a long introduction below but ain't but one in my box and they tend not to publish it anymore in when they print King James Version which you go back and check what they said they said the reason they produce this book it was to deliver a deadly wound to the papacy for any amount of time so more than all the intricacies of how they put the book together your mother come here and talk for me the important concept is that this book was meant to strike a blow against the pipe of church if the leader of where Quentin see another idea about and I think that's the point that we should get their gazes are going to Ramos at the gun we were gonna have to learn to speak English it really is helpful yeah because a lot it was worse than the Bible is actually the Alawite translation that's really bad the Bible translations normally are not too bad in my life because they were translated by professional theologians and often that work was peer-reviewed way but when we when you get the spare prophecy those translations they were just done by normal people but I wonder is it rather a PDF - and of the sanitized translation work is not being done properly he was well made a municipality appropriate okay so coming back to us we've seen that this word like why shouldn't really be there this idea originally tonight but we have to put it in there because contextually that's what so sometimes you get Hebrew word and this would be Hebrew just a made-up word and it could be a single Hebrew word so that's the word in Hebrew that's the coding of it is very for you now in built into that word in three different it's a banana it would have to English words video clarinets in business now we've got another word other below this Hebrew word apple area means to run see me figure Carell one single word but this single Hebrew word veritable Arizona beings run away it's just like both words are running yes they mean different things and if you want to do this in the English see it is very

less so how to do in English

selectiveness this will be run at this video and you can't decide this is run in Syria so this would be run away yeah and this word it would probably say the root of this word is here so that actually probably have to do it this way because of the coding should be original word this word comes from me and so the root of this word means to run really English to explain it to explain escape you could say run away one with you so it has an implied second word here you know which isn't in the original you know panic you know so I think that's what brother marker was passing but in this case it's a totally independent word but unethical that's not in the passage they're not an aggressor okay so if you've got your Bibles ours it's really--it he says likewise I meet my mother then what's the next word I mean - okay after - yeah because - is just going to use to construct the sentence perfectly ah both of yourself but I've got three laughs - yeah okay so what masking is the Hebrew word about area give me the coding for it and what word is that though in Spanish so we'll put that down all of that and that means the yeah okay so you've got that yes and what does that mean because you need for you guys so in the Spanish it means small there's two words in the birds that can be translated to Spanish as rain this one to our what I want to do is I want to under I want to go with the Hebrew words the first Hebrew word is this one so tell me what the word is that's connected with this one because you just told me it was that word okay so you have one word and he says to Hebrew words next to it are you I say the second one I say one that is 1653 yay is that correct so you've got one Spanish word to cover these two we've got different versions so it's not working the same then okay so what it is so this one is this one and this one is now we are here you've got a Spanish version of Internet person Ponyo yeah I we're at likewise if Thomas M tambien you tell me the coding in order was the first Hebrew word for 80-43 action is it that so the first word is 1653 attain you've only got three Hebrew words yeah okay so the first thing I want to tell you is that whatever Bible version that's been translated from it's not the same as the King James give us our chance you go see it won't get you killed okay so it's different to begin with and if so you're asking about can you give some history of you know how the King James trial was translated when you know whatever that was translated for me the original manuscript was different whoever do whatever manuscript the King James was translated from your one is from a different manuscript it's a different document change oh they just I don't know what they've done okay so you tell me the word here right the three Spanish words okay so that's what it says in the Spanish and what is this word mean because in if you guys have allowed three that word means little rain and this one means and this means we don't even know what it means it's an so the word heavy here below your 20 was trying to say he comes from here what she saying this means heavy rain and this myth means story or okay so this is an adjective this but this in and of itself means heavy yeah you can use it right so you could use it by itself okay yeah that mean it should be for it not to be a doubling it should be disconnected to this and then it would be heavier but this is alone okay okay so you're okay with that let's go back to the original no I told me what 1653 means so that word when you translate it into Spanish it means light rain yes are you sure that's the other is Africa show it now how should we light rain and also rain it gives you so it could just be right we are okay we have previously found different versions but strong I usually same one your Spanish one is the same as his he doesn't know his brain is the sisters one at the back he's her Spanish the same as his there is okay so what is it saying for this word rain well separate of Allah it's basically the same but it has heavy rain the same says this one light rain rain and heavy rain because well that's already telling me as well say that game so it means heavy rain light rain and rain so it can mean light rain and heavy and right yeah and this one only means light rain this one means the same no means rain and light rain but nothing right yes it's right in light right yeah so what he said in me is that when you're using your Strong's they're not actually being treated original they're not accurate to the original so strong they're using they adapted the English strong but to the Spanish version not made with the intention of digging deeper in their region what you're strong he's doing it's not going back to the definition of the words when it's doing he's going back to the English words that were used in the Bible and translating them directly into Spanish English you know that's why alone us going to the English and translate it to this man so if you've got a word and you go to the dictionary you got word in English and I want to know what it means so I go to a dictionary or every scenario and he says it means this thing and then afterwards it will give examples I or synonyms and the synonyms are a list of words they're equivalent to this one URL but they're not the definition and I think what's happening here is that when you've got your Strong's instead of giving a definition of the word they've gone and just given synonyms and in the King James when you go to an English Strong's it gives you the definition and the synonyms so it's clear what you're doing when explained sometimes it does that but not in this case so let's have a look what it is in the original if you're gonna learn this the original that we're using from a King James translation because it's a lot different yeah so the first word is H four-30 saying services and then the next word is 1653 is when they please yeah what's the next word quality and the word are eight four three six again so the next word is 4306 and then the next word is one six and in the last word so that's what it is in the original no not any English in the Hebrew in the original manuscript that the King James is gonna use so you can see the devotee got it once here but it's doubled here they repeat those words so when they repeat them today say the exact same phrase here okay so is here okay so what you're going to say then is that you have rain some hard right and you're gonna have rain be to the rain yeah so that would indicate that these are identical right so that if it's identical rain he's totally different to this translation the reason why this is the important issue is what is this indicating your light rain in heavy rain what dowhat phraseology do we use when we do our vetting studies what do we call this my mom I thought I said well okay just give me the two letters just eat just tail now although Rhino from DLC yeah so this would be the formal writing this would be like that our LT our game you got a former and latter rain uppercase or lowercase they're good so you got a former in the latter rain and s2 are an attribute novel yeah but these are versions are saying it's just a doubling of the rain how in another version okay so usually just a drain right speak to troll it was the same thing okay so is that wrong or is this wrong first start we know this is wrong exactly got the words once and there twice first thing I wanted to say brief you can do if you're going to say this was the former rain and this was the latter rain if that was the case and it was translated correctly in the King James translated in the King James it says likewise to the small rain and the great rain you know what's there it's a small raining great rain wants it so if that was translated correctly small rain great rain because I don't know you can really do what's being done here this isn't actually correct because what they've done is they've taken these two words and made them into two different rains but in the original you know those two words he's one type of rain and those two words are another type of race but you've got these repeats so how'd you do how'd you change from a former aide to a latter rain if they're identical words okay so we're going to get this word and we're going to connect it to this one I think so it's this one that's gonna do the work for us is it okay so this is a verse that should be relatively important to us talks about rain yeah but you can see that unless you using a correct Bible version you could make a lot of mistakes and then you have to ask yourself the question is there a doubling or not a doubling this either doubling or it's a progression is one of the two and we and we haven't even discussed the issue of the snow or why snow has even been introduced into the subject so if you go back to the original and we'll use the in English Scrolls if you go back to the English this word here is small if you put small rain and then here it says great rain and this is strength so hopefully you can see that there's a problem here because they're using this word to mean small and great so you can see why when they try it when they got this strong here they call it had this these multiple thoughts connected to it I mean but we did this now if you actually go to 40 603 today 4300 dxtory 43068 this set of sex little little big it's what they translate originally now that's in the English that's yeah in the King James II the words being used but in the original in the hey bro what is this word main reason if you guys have a lot it just means rain yeah so it just means rain and this word yeah capillary means wall see if we got gay so it comes from a root word you know nobody's which means a violent shower Berlin or a heavy rain on actually a facade which is actually opposite to what's here during the boiler die so that just means rain yeah and yeah I didn't want to please that word died you don't want to go this word means ignorant yeah did you have a word for will use that one because that's an adjective you can say I can't do this you do that put it by that yeah the other way around okay so if we were going to be technical about this it would look like this which it may no these revised versions that you've got it was great if you're going to be if you're going to be accurate to these what is that what this is saying this is how it would work wouldn't it would just be a doubling of rain no Easter a space translated this way in the kgv its pathways but that's the way it's done in the King James so it's different to where it's translated to or what the original words are so you have to ask yourself the question I get why the King James translators change from this doubling to this maybe they look this is a hole and this so another thing that we want to realize is when you translate from one language to another sometimes the words are put in a different order compared to what they were in the original you know and these that in this situation in the Hebrew that I hear all the way around so the other thing I want is to notice you've got the Hebrew coding here and at first sight this word looks identical to this word because it's got the same Hebrew coding but if you check a little bit deeper you'll see that there's subtle differences between them and it's these subtle differences the translate is a picked up to turn this one he said from a double link to a progression when you go to these Strong's coding these numbers if you got a strain you know same strong that I've got so forty six oh three why don't they simply state it says let me find it it says I'd have to pronounce this more tall and it just means rain no no it's a scenario it just means rain Azul it means so if you look at the Hebrew word when we when it just says rain on the ouya and we have in the King James it doesn't give us all the details or the nuances so if we pick the word run and we said this this was Hebrew one one one they would have the same coding for the word run for the word running corriendo for the word she ran he ran in Korea and he ran so all of these different words or phrases about running I said ago are all going to be under one number 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 this is not the real coding system example so when you get and this is what brother Marco was saying before in the King James it might say and he ran then didn't make that all the gender and the connecting word and can be found in the original where you just you strong he doesn't tell you that so this is the difference between a theologian and us you get a fence here an expert translator and an ask we don't know that so when you come to this the reason they're making this a light rain in the heavy rain is because the translators know when this is rain this is in the singular and this one is in the plural and it's this difference which talks about rain and rains the help them to pick up this is not a repeat that is a progression and so it was this clue that helped them to understand that this was the former rain and the latter rains and then on top of that it talks about so we read the verse again since he says likewise he's gonna speak to the small rain would have paraphrase in the same way he will speak to the small rain también la la la serena and virginia i to the great rain yeah hurry of his strength this worth so different people have come to different understanding of what this strength is connected to the neck down is it just connected to this lost bit or ism trained his spring element ironic though I begin ups so once you see that this is the different type of Iranian cuz he's he's single at the plural it tells you what what that difference is trying to show you by this word here this strength so because this is singular and this is plural for the literally there's a difference in these rains even though the number coding is the same so it's not the fact that this word here which means a heavy shower or torrential rain because they're both torrential rains what's showing is that this is rain in the plural this is raining the singular and that this word strength here it's connected to this because this rain is stronger than this one because there's more of them because they're in the plural not singular so this was just an example all the complexity of making sure that what we're teaching and understanding is correct now this may be you might say well he's too technical we don't need to understand all of this we just trust what the King James translators said but if you just as I said a cursory review of the Hebrew words just out just a casual reading of the Hebrew words would indicate that the translators were wrong because it's a doubling so we do want to know how why they made these changes it also shows you the weakness of the Spanish translations that you're using and you know I really don't know what the solution is it's easy for me to say learn English because learning English is one thing having the skill to use the English to actually study is a totally different thing yeah I can learn a few Spanish phrases but it doesn't mean I could study in English I study in Spanish the big difference between the two so the only thing that I can do he's not decided to still take my word for it trust me is to try and show you how some of these things work so that in your group and personal studies you don't take things for granted you have to be careful okay now the reason we went to this passage is because the one that we're really interested in a Zechariah chapter 10 verse 1 it's a Korea's capital is a particular yes now when I'm just going to do a brief I'll give you who read Jack writing one very you are truly an attachment Andrea here are a lamppost Yoda - we are done te arawa better than a sample gown so we know this is talking about the last rain he mentioned the latter rain another field over here they talked about these bright clouds yes and then it says showers of rain which you may not have in the Spanish it doesn't say that so we're not going to go through the Hebrew of this verse in the King James if you could try and trace it through in the Spanish you try tracing through it says the Lord shall make bright clouds either you could you can find that el señor you know can you find the bright clouds its it lightning okay take a with that it's in your here are the real ambos and then he says I give them showers of rain we didn't have that yeah okay and then he says to everyone grass in the field you're the newcomer God so when it says showers of rain from the research we are on mountain that showers of rain it's a hurry or nothing they speaking of is these two same Hebrew words here so he says showers right and you can connect Zachariah 10:1 to jog 37 verse 6 so if you were gonna do a study on this subject to do so that you know that you would have to connect Zachariah 10 with joke 37 Bennett connect because it picks up the same Hebrew coding 4306 1653 si si si si si manipulation so the question you'd want to ask a secular parent a key Korea talks about Lorraine when it says the showers of rain under this issue young man T is that I repeat if it's honorable or a progression of naturalism so if it's progression the new sign then the showers of rain would be this and then it says the latter rain you with this yeah so you either have to come to that conclusion it's a progression it's a double link and that the showers of rain in this verse is the latter rain we are in Bavaria showers of rain we should make it a Dublin cleave I've got one of the two options and exactly i-10 one it makes a big difference between them two if its progression or doubling it makes a big difference and the reason makes a difference is because it talks about asking God for the rain in the time of the latter rain so we need to understand what's going on in this verse you'd have to go to job to try and help you to find out so I hope this doesn't seem sort of too academic but what I want to point out is that not only this for many the technical pieces of information we have in our message not just in this case but many of the technical pieces of information we have has been that's you really thought out or thought through carefully it's ours sometimes we think that they just casual statements that people make but each of us is required to our best ability to make showed up what we've been teaching is correct so if you were going to use a crow right n1 and we were to try or understand that passage I would suggest should be forced to go to join 37 to try to understand it and you saw in joke 37 how it was translated very badly in the Spanish even though they end up getting the right answer he says like rain heavy rain an adjective connected to so you know in this one you're okay but in other cases they get wrong and to me that's why it's essential not only that we do private study but we come together and when we come together we study critically it's very easy to take things for granted but many many people and we see this more now increasingly that many people are leaving the movement and the reason they leaving the movement is because when we start making some applications people say these applications are strange and it's because they have a misunderstanding of what some of these Bible passages mean so let's with grounding firmly on these concepts is your romantic concept you will end up getting swept away I mean I know many of us think these are interesting Bible studies many people think the interesting Bible studies but I want to suggest it's not just a Bible study we're doing these conclusions affect your salvation and the salvation of your family if we make mistakes and that's why I said the other evening that this is a life and death message a very fearful message because just simple mistakes intellectually take you down the path well you will have the wrong experience and I don't think that we can use ignorant as an excuse the best of our ability we're required to study so I wanted this to just have a look at these things to show you some of the difficulties that you face we all face when we approach Bible study and how easy is to get things wrong but also how easy is to get things right I see lives pray