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I mean the last two presentations we can to develop the logic to show how we can make application of historical events at the end of the world what we need to do is look for the symbology in previous histories and then we need to carefully line them up one history with another history to develop a picture of what's going to happen at the end of the world in a convenient place to do that was the history of Jesus and in the history of the first time then we can learn many things so we saw that the church there was the seventh-day Adventist Church they have all the same dynamics all the the circumstances that typify dat the end of the world we saw the two main ones were the Sabbath and the Advent and we saw that God's church really failed those two tests let you space upon those two concepts there's many things that we can learn about the history of our church the seventh-day Adventist Church at the end of the world we only saw that their latest year and when they decide just that one concept out Punjab truths surprised many people so one of the things that is surprising is that many of the people in the history of Jesus when he came first Advent by all the Sabbath tests because they have no idea have to keep Sabbath and you see this this failure to understand how to keep Sabbath leashed the ultimate destruction another thing I want is to observe he's over and over again the church accuses Jesus and doing war he's accused of breaking the Sabbath isn't he now the Sabbath is part of the moral Commandments so something connected with endtime prophecy is the tension between morality and prophecy it's something that the church did not understand in the time of Christ and therefore we know is something that we're not gonna understand at the end of the world but we want to be clear about when these two men were raised up John in Jesus particularly Jesus was accused of essentially doing sin to commit that regard of being an immoral person and yet he was the most moral person that ever lived so when we come to the end of the world and messengers are raised up who typifies by John in Jesus you know one of the argument that's going to be leveled against these people is a very moral they had no regard to the law and I want is to keep the earth or at the forefront of our minds no idea these studies but as you study for yourselves the power of the argument is within God's church at the end of the world who is righteous and who is not righteous and you know you fellas that in the time of Christ we know who was righteous and it was unrighteous and we know that the church was accusing Jesus have been unrighteous only putting to one side the commandments of God there was that a true representation of what Jesus was doing of course it was not so keep that in your mind as I said there's an argument about righteousness now we speak about righteousness it's closely connected to the concept or the idea of justification yes you'll know about justification by faith now if you go back to the history of the Luther the correction that he wanted to make in the church was war justification by faith wasn't there that was the work that he was raised up to correct in the Catholic Church but we also know the Wagner and Jones who raised up in our church to deliver what message justification by faith the same dynamics so you know whether or not you're dealing with the history of regular in Jones Oh Martin loses the role repeating stories of the same tension in the church it is now when we think about justification by faith why is it such a big issue why is he so problematic because if you think about it it's really a simple subject the theology behind it is not that complicated so what's the issue I would suggest that God's people not only today but through the ages have not been really secure in their walk with God and they have this fear the they're not really in a relationship with him that we might be we might call a saved relationship the window experience in the grace that we read about in the scriptures we read about this experience we hope to have this experience but I could say the vast majority but the reality is all of us are all in the same boat though we don't experience justification by faith and what is justification by faith if you think about it it's not that difficult it's believing that you have been forgiven of your past debts now if I were to ask you that question most of you would say I believe that so I believe in forgiveness in justification by faith but today yeah as in all those previous generations we've invite this Grecian philosophy we spoke about that before and what we don't fully understand but we don't really accept and now we're not just going to be talking about Grecian philosophy we can be more specific about what the problem is because we've gone back to apostate Protestantism the post type Protestantism is nothing more than paganism because the post I party system has got its doctrines from the Catholic Church and Catholicism is nothing more than the sea God Dagon actually I would say dressed up in Christian clothes but they don't even wear Christian clothes this dealer in Bacchus because we know the dress code of the Catholic priests are not Christian do we know that do you know the jeweler sketch that oh yeah so you can do their mitre and you can do the old fashioned with these got fish tail on it and then you can do a modern version I'll do it you can do it better than the other so you if you look at the Catholic Church the priests there biter is now a stylized version of a very ancient dress code v1 and this mitre it really is a fish pescado and you still have a tail hanging how being dispensed with this hat with this tile on it was a symbol of Dagon the fish god yes canary Pisco they use their God Dagon is the God of the Philistines and he's the fish God the Philistines were coastal people and they believed that their God was more powerful than the Sun God and they're very sophisticated theologians sysm is just basically paganism the same thing nice and they boast about it in their dress and you know that they were the purple the color scholar or purple and this coloration goes all the way back to Babylon which is probably more well known in the Roman Empire and this man who becomes this priest king he comes out the many names and one of them is the bridge builder pontifex maximus and this bridge builder you see it's basically replacing the role of Jesus he was a person who bridged the gulf between heaven and earth so we now invite many of these pagan estate concepts and one of the things that it's led us to accept that when we talk about justification all it's dealing with is the same problems of our past because the son knows big candles they pass out the great debt that we've incurred because of our sins Jesus has paid them in his death but what we don't believe because we've disengaged it from justification is that when a person is justified they're not only forgiven their sins but they receive power to live victorious Christian lives and you can demonstrate very easily I think we all believe this will test justification Pacifica's go when does that happen in a person's experience when are they justified so it's not just a belief that Jesus died ins of died for us and saved us it's a bit more than that but when we accept the Holy Spirit's work in our lives it's actually they'll be after that you can clearly identify the justification happens when we were baptized and the acceptance of who Jesus was in in the role that he takes and the role that he does where he came and died for us and the regeneration of a person so the work of the Holy Spirit all steps that leads to justification so we could simplify in a very nice way there's a nice passage from thoughts from the mount of blessings page 7 paragraph 2 now as we turning to that passage 7.2 you realize a powerful the kata sispann your partner dos uno yo creo yeah just a percentage I see we've spoken about the everlasting gospel and we've seen it in the framework of Revelation 14 there are the three angels who do this work the first angel is a warning the second angel talks about the response of an individual to that warning and in verse i what is the response it's a rejection there's a warning in the first angel to repaint the change of one's wicked ways before destruction occurs and in verse eight there's a group of people who respond in the negative they responded really I mean they reject this warning and they are identified as being a group of people who fall inside now we often think about these three angels as one two three steps particularly in the first I noosed face of history you can clearly lay out some steps you can lay out three specific steps in the work of the first angel so if you turn to John chapter 16 verse 8 here Jesus is almost ready to leave and before he leaves yeah having identified himself is the one who brings them comfort he promises them to give them another comforter when he leaves and his new comforter is the Holy Spirit and then he explains what the work of the Holy Spirit is says in verse 8 it says righteousness is Jane yeah so we've got sin righteousness and judgment and it says it's the work of the Holy Spirit to convince or taken bigoted sin so I want to pick up that conviction of sin it is a sea Primera men decreased reproduce a contraction in killed putana he is over the disputed son to come and say EPPICard so he says whom Christ pardons gonna he first makes penitent who say Khan tricked you and it's the work of the Holy Spirit to convict of sin so won't you see I wanted to see the anchor point is the conviction of sin so it talks about pardoning and then he talks about penitence and then he talks about sin so if we just write it down because I think we've got three piece that the next middle one is a three as well pardon penitent that contrition yeah yeah yeah when he turns yeah I'd say so we've got these three steps and it says the work of the Holy Spirit and here we know it's work at the Holy Spirit John 16:8 it means the most historic he is successful to say you can say that this is the first second and third steps and what we want to see is there in this first step we have all this this is the first spare of the everlasting gospel and the other thing you'll notice is it is in reverse order because the first thing that needs to happen the good news is that we need to be convicted of our sins tenemos que hacer cambios and when you're convicted of your sins what is it producing you you lose the contrition and contrition is sorrow so when we think about penitence which means to be sorry well go with contrition you say contrition so these for me doesn't work in the put in Spanish but in the English we can put a reinforcement or equally repentance all I want to say the difference between repentance and penitence is the intensity of the emotion but they're essentially the same concept you've done sinned and you're sorry now it's this thing that people stumble on wrong it's just a key source of the quality because the second step in the first day is more than just sorrow for sin and perhaps that's why you mentioned something about a Catholic understanding here because Maeby's infiltrated the Spanish language because this step here there's many things that we have lost understanding over we haven't understood we have lost the meaning of this this work that happens here not only is there sadness but there is also transformation the transformation of the human heart I think my sister said we accept Jesus is atonement for us give me a man and Joseph Thomas and my other sister was speaking about accepting the Holy Spirit the work of the Holy Spirit upon AHA that happens here and so I'm going to draw a symbol of aha those are going to see what a son so there's this new heart that you give in here and once that happens then you can receive pardon and pardon another word for this is forgiveness oh I knew it wasn't gonna work so another word for this is justification so we'll write us a justification the same is it's not the same as this righteousness is it Simo you can put if you write justification because that's in righteousness I knew you're gonna say the same so it's difficult you know sometimes languages are beneficial and sometimes they're a hindrance so so we Spanish when you have sinned and you have righteousness here and you use the same word as justification Dyneema sake the gallery you see because you're Yamazaki Kumar it helps to explain some things Britta's lady with some problems because it doesn't give you the visibility of exactly what's happening so this is more like sanctification yeah so we're gonna - we're gonna we're gonna try our best to work through this but I want us to understand is here when you have pardoned and you're justified this is where you have baptism so this is where you have baptism and what is baptism a symbol of okay so most people say is a symbol of death and I would suggest it's not so what I would suggest you know is if we were going through this process and we wanted to put death where would you put there because most people put it here and this wouldn't be the place to put it so I think if you work work through the concept you'd find that baptism is what happens when you're baptized what was the mechanics of baptism you take a person who's in the air and then you put them into water and you submerge them yeah but we don't use the word submerge do it at least in the English we don't we use the word Barry I didn't if you use the same concept when you talk about baptism you bury them in the water see what see yeah I knew you would so when we talk about baptism baptism is not dead what this one was well baptism is burial but these boys it's burying someone in the watery grave so remember we had this picture of a tomb so this is the burial and before you bury happens you dead so we can see that happens here to put death here so death precedes baptism they say they tell about these four so when we talk about death the burial and then resurrection we then have resurrection and after baptism so when you resurrected what does that mean significance so this new life do you have really isn't a new life because we had the new life here because we're dead - Wow okay we dare to sing whether it become at least that's the theory which is what we're supposed to be practicing so when we talk about Resurrection in newness of life this new life this is a transfer from one kingdom to another now often we condense all of this into one point which we call baptism we'll talk about this one but remember this is the wrong way round because this is the first second and third step so we're going to flip this round and pray the right way and we see that under the first angels message is that a male angels message so under the first ideas message there are three steps the first step is war so it's conviction and the second step no it's contrition and the third step is justification baptism now this is an agreement with what we've been teaching in our reformed line for a long time so we're not this at a time at the end and it would be the arrival and the empowerment so here in baptism you can see we can start introducing the concept or the idea of 3 4 9 of Jesus because that's where this concept of baptism comes from yeah so I want to ask you a question because we're in the line of Christ and people getting baptized and who's actually getting baptized who's getting baptized Jews would be yours or Gentiles oh did you two get baptized no Gentiles are getting baptized yeah so if all the Jews are getting baptized why they get baptized for so then we are she dead another question so we're all familiar with circumcision and what is circumcision a symbol of kissing felicitously position we got baptism and the Lions of covenant so one of my sister said an alliance so let's go to Genesis 24 verse 2 homicide and a thief pentaquark over secretos now we go to 24 verse in Riverstone and then verse 3 verse 2 first the minimization assist with the quadrotors IDI habrá creado soooo a must be a ho de su casa Kirra a cake over Nava and told ok idea on our tamaño de Vaca TV news though so have you ever wondered his abraham sitting down and he brings his servant to him and he he says find a wife of my son and to give a sign to this he says put your hand under my thigh so what do you think that looks like it's the missile so much like do it now show me worried look what you think yeah he looks like ow okay so most people are doing this okay so if you read verse nine so he makes it he makes a promise he swears so when you swear to somebody it's a serious commitment or a covenant now if you go check back into the original language of what this is all about because in situ he's not putting his hand and wrist oi he's putting his hand was one in between his legs over his private parts that's what he's placing his hand it's not in your leg it's other your genitals and if we were to go forward a few chapters see I'm sorry I'm also part a capitalist to Genesis 32 25 now you might know why this happens four kids are contesting equally valid view cannot put ear canal to poignancy your back you see discomfort or the interest Corral each other have a guess where the angel puts his hand no way you might think when he puts his hand there it destroys his hip joint which is the nearest joy to your genitals so if you want to remember about a cover the you enter into with God every time you take a step and it hurts you remember the way God placed his hand was the place where you enter into covenant with him so the whole symbology of the force can be removed it's not only a symbol of car in a way of saying most implementations people of the resource of entering into covenant with God we agree with that that was a quarrel you okay so I've given you some passages that I think prove this so there's a problem problem my brother said that circumcision is the same as baptism is he correct yeah see so all the Jews when they eight days old when I joined the church they were baptized to support ourselves are they yeah because they're all having their foreskin scow the rule entering the covenant with God so officer solve this question what's going on here when John is grating rice down what's he saying you study and know about all their circumcision all their covenant that they've ended into this baptism that they have experienced with God no Ballack particles so can I hope we can all say that he says we've now come to a place a time where we have to address the real issue and the real issue is this the to worship the form of worship that you have remember we discussed this and the theology all this wrong so now we all have to be rebaptised so we often think this is being baptism but this is no Baptist and this is rebaptised for who for the Jews is Jiri baptism for the world the Gentiles no because they have not been circumcised this is why Paul threw most of the New Testament argue so strongly against circumcision of the Gentiles because if you're a Gentile and you'll be baptized if you get circumcised after that what are you saying you saying what John the Baptist said your original relationship with God was wrong and so it needs to be made better now when we study sometimes it's very useful to see patterns and sequences in the Bible so one of the ones I wanted to say now was kill kill kill I was outta well Jim what's the first thing that happens to you when you write dies circumcision so you circumcised which didn't do much for you because you live in a society there is now one revelation 3 verse 13 it's later seeing now you see yeah so when you later see you in the circumcision doesn't do anything for you so what do you need to have baptism but here you are now you're a Jew you're a Gentile and now you're going to enter the church and what's the entrance requirement but ism and what all the jews want you to do the way to be circumcised so can you see this mirror in effect can you see how the jews were to drag you back into death into sin this is why Paul resists this this argument so strongly don't think we realize the implications the consequences of what he's having to deal with one is to remember the people who want this happening are they Jews or are they Christians when I mean Jews are they part of the Sanhedrin structure or are they Christians those are Christians these are Christian Jews that want to do this they want to resist the gospel and they will take these Gentiles and put them into what condition into a later scene condition and Paul is going to resist this and what's so interesting look at anything something is that he's doing this single-handedly by himself he's fighting against most of the Christians most the Apostles don't understand what's going on Paul does now one is to realize the Paul has to be here at the end of the world but Paul is not an individual person Paul is a symbol of an understanding amongst God's people who are in this experience not this one and what they understand is that you're not allowed to go back to the latest seein doctrines and theology so we know that the latest scenes here the conference structure a struggling with another group of people now in this church here it's against a key who's in night give me their names say the Jews will point the Jews with yours and who's in this group and it's a mess a little wonky ok let's concentrate here who's in this group here is a group all these are Jews who is pulling this group of this group here was his nationality the Jews so we've got Jews here what what do you like so who else is with him Gentiles so we got Gentiles with him so we will read from Philippians chapter 3 verse 3 depends tres tres to prove this fee depends on stress transfer from arrest for the pain 3 verse 3 nosotros somos los ecosystem the spirit to serving others it was Gloria was increased officers not in en de confianza so he says we Arizona so truth and the way is him and and the Gentiles so we put Gentiles here and he says we are the circumcision now here's gonna explain in another place that this is the circumcision of the ha it is where the circumcision and we have no confidence in the flesh now you can make an application which means the flesh it means the literal circumcision okay so we've got Jews and Gentiles here we've shown that from Philippians 3 verse 3 let's go to Romans chapter 3 almost romanos could be addressed and I think we read this yesterday verse 9 the supermoon where he plays some sort of notorious in illuminator on a Moustakas Allah videos let me read this on the first night when we show God's church who a lady seeing which are hypocrites actors because they clean on the outside and one on the inside what condition are they in lost or saved they're lost if you lost your cold you did you like the same situation or condition as a Gentile and then we read this passage so in 390 says what then are we it wasn't rest nobody say entonces que nosotros now when he says we this is nosotros does he mean him Paul no no in this case a second so no when he says we know he means way the Jews photo studios so he's speaking about the Jews when he says we see the way Jew is better than dying they Gentiles because he says in nowise recently Kuna manera because we're all on the same ok so these lay the scenes here IANA sake they're on the same all day and they're in the same condition as the Gentiles so we can put Gentiles here I mean putting American deals so we've got this church here churches later sale life here and the one is to see that when we talk about and later see ya we talk about seven day Adventists by the way what is the word later see or even mean it means judgment it means the church that is going to bring judgment and the church that is judged it's the