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oh man in our study yesterday we began to develop some introductory thoughts about their condition of God's church today and I hope that you could clearly see that there was a direct relationship between between the church in the time of Christ and the church today and you remember that we focused that connection in chapter 3 from revelation we saw that God's church at the time of Christ at first I'd bent it won't be so kind I guess that it had a problem with the Sabbath and had a problem with the Advent and at the end of the world we're addressing the subject of the Sabbath and also the second Advent so you see those parallels so I'm making the assertion the church at Christ's first Advent was the seventh-day Adventist Church but it was literal or ancient Israel and today other why calls this church modern or spiritual Israel your India in a white llama is the aggressor so I want us to say that if we have ancient Israel and literal Israel it parallels modern Israel and spiritual Israel and that's literal in that spiritual so it's the important point that we want to have firm in our thinking now yesterday we we connected this relationship between these two churches by using the latest C and concept which is the churches in a condition that is lost its lost its direction and its relationship with Jesus has been severed cars were severed car so what I want us to see he's even before the birth of Jesus before the birth of John the God's church had already settled into this condition in fact the last prophet that had risen our but to give a message of warning to God's people was Malachi like a severe Levantado adios Yamaha Kia's and it been a very long time from the Ministry of Malachi to the birth of Jesus during that time period the servitude or the captivity of God's people had got worse you know that the medo-persians essentially freed God's people but once they came off the scene in the Greek still cogsa what happened the Jews became attracted to the philosophies and the thought processes of the Greeks and the religion and the culture of the Jews began to slowly erode and as that relationship developed the Jews became essentially the servants of the greens now one staff philosophical bondage indeed occurred it didn't take long for it to turn into physical bondage or as I said we do the kisses the covetousness a we do Britain being physical and this is the history of Antiochus Epiphanes we often call the history of the Jewish league with the romans most storied in antigua the jews are in trouble they'd entered philosophically into the Roma into the Greek mindset and then they became physically subjected to these to this nation and so they turned to hell for help and a nominee turned to God for help but they turned to the Romans for help and little did they realize that they stormed one master for another and you're familiar with Daniel chapter 7 we has this beast here it's showing on this chart and here and if we were to read the verses that are connected to pagan Rome in Daniel chapter 7 we see the pagan Rome is identified as an iron Beast that destroys everything in his path it destroyed all the nations but it also put God's people into heavy bondage so it was a combination of the philosophies of Greece and the paganism of Rome the slowly laid at the condition that God's people became later seeing they'd invite Grecian philosophies which they didn't realize because they still held on to the forms of their religion and then on top of that when the Greeks left and the Romans came they didn't really bribe the Roman philosophy because rome was like an iron beast that stamped his authority on everything in front of it and in that climate what God's people did was resist now they could not resist physically the Romans were too powerful but what they did was that they turned to their religion and they used their religion as a form of isolation and they began to trust and they began to trust the forms of their religion to protect them from the Roman culture so instead of again going to God what they do is they turn to themselves so one is to see it it's a combination of the Grecian philosophy and also self-reliance Otto Otto confianza self reliance upon their religious practices slowly turned the church into a lady scene condition and this lady same condition as we discussed yesterday is a false religion it's a religion of hypocrites who have a form of godliness but they deny the power so when we talk about denying the power what power is that they denying that they are know the Holy Spirit Spiritu Sancto see so this is second Timothy chapter 3 verse 5 capital or dresses Prosecco so we'll read that verse now this group of people have a form of godliness but they deny the power another word for this power we someone insisted is the Holy Spirit is the work of grace so we'll just put power equals grace and the symbol of a ha yeah so poor power an equal sign and we'll put a similar heart this next to the grace so that's what this power is it's the application of grace to the heart or what we might say having a new heart or the Holy Spirit coming into our heart in the law written in aha synonymous terms of this experience is power because now when he says of form thank you a form of form means like a shape it looks like the right thing but it's not the genuine article this is the lady seeing condition it has the fall or the outside of religion but inside it's not clean and if you're not sure about that you could read verses 1 to 4 and it would tell you the experience in these people it's a list of extremely bad characteristics people who are boastful who are proud and also people who covet things so we talked about covetousness we know that this is the 10th commandment in the 10th commandment is a summary of all Ten Commandments really in fact if you look at the first Commandments in the same commandment the first commandment talks about 1 basically worshiping the true God and the last commandment talks about not being jealous of things that don't belong to you and when you look at those two Commandments you'll see that they're the same so we've demonstrated hopefully the history of the Jews when Christ came his first I'd been is an example what the Bible calls an ensample slightly different word in Portuguese and anything they may not have the difference between the two of course you know men deny but the word in-sample is is a much stronger word palabra what you must forfeit the word the meaning of this word is because as a bolero means to be a spammer it's a significant say she thought about a standard and you had some clay and you stamp that clay that's what this word in sample means but the word example just means it's similar to or it's like something so if I had a bill a note a dollar bill this would look similar to a sterling bill so they similar but they're not the same but an inside poll is this concept of a direct copy exactly the same okay so the reason why this is important to understand is because God's people have forgotten this principle this idea we forgot on this and when we approach the Scriptures we approach them in a moral framework so we look around the world today and we see how bad it is and if you want to live in this wicked world we try to look for solutions and we're going to go to our Bibles to find some solutions to understand how we're supposed to react to this wicked world and the solutions that we come to a very similar to the solutions that the Jews came to which is to be good just behave properly follow the rules that God has given and everything we okay so that's our solution to the problem and as I say this is the same solution that the Jews came to Coolio's but what they didn't realize that they minded would have been corrupted okay okay what every single competitive abidos now as we come to the end of the world you know certainly gammas are fin del mundo have our minds being corrupted by Greece I would say yes because almost every single one of us was trained a Greek school and even if you went to an Adventist school the methodology and the techniques that they teach you by are the same Grecian methodology that the world uses so we can get the stamp and if you had two pieces of clay and you stamp them one with this one the stamp of ancient Israel only a new day and one so we could leave they would look identical now this is not just a moral concept of being identical what the Bible is trying to show us is that not only are we following our forefathers morally but prophetically and it's these concepts that people like myself I try to share with God's people that's what this message is all about it's to share and demonstrate not only are we following our forefathers morally but because they're in samples we've following them exactly prophetically as well now I've given the example of ancient Israel the modern Israel but this is not the only example because the Bible talks about all of these things all of these histories all of these stories the same imprints now when the Bible talks about this in Psalm Hall and you see that I've drawn it this way if you actually looked at what the Bible is trying to teach us in this passage identity you've ever seen someone who does metal work there's a really nice beautiful technique that they use they get a leather bag and fill it with sand and they turn it into this shape into a dome and they get a flat dish of metal and they place upon this mold and I get a special hammer with a very small head and this hammer with this small head they used to beat this sheet on this mold in regard for my inseam is equality it's not so fashionable nowadays but a number of years ago it used to be really fashionable technique Ilana Shapiro's I would give whatever and what they do is they get this play and they beat it over this mold and you get this shape of a nice dish but what's unique about this design it's not smooth you have hundreds of the old index so if you looked at this dish and you were formed into a bowl like this you see how it would have thousands of little facets and it's this example this is what this passage is teaching you about in samples it's not just one story North's implement the historian it says all of the Bible are in samples so each one of these little facets is a story and there are literally thousands of stories in the Bible in fact just in the Gospels there are tens of stories many many stories and each one would be a little faster and the Gospels themselves are one big story if you were a skilled artisan the way you were when you beat this dish out each one of these little facets are identical in size and shape so this is what these messages are all about the first to demonstrate the what we're teaching is all the histories in the Bible are perfect copies or examples of one another and all these copies were written for us at the end of the world so we would not have to behave no not only morally but prophetically and as God's people today we have forgotten that so let's just quickly review the time of Christ the years that preceded the birth of Jesus the church had become later seeing and that the birth of Christ and John there was an announcement made the God was about to restore his people now what's interesting is that the Jews knew that there was something can happen there was a clustering of prophesies connected with the birth of Jesus and moving on into his ministry because of the self-reliance and the Greek and Grecian philosophy the teachers in the church were not able to properly penetrate the symbology of those prophecies so they had a vague awareness that something was about to happen but they couldn't pinpoint exactly the details so God found himself in a difficult situation how does he arouse his church and make them aware of their lost condition Glacia the traveler so soon when their self-reliant and have taken Grecian philosophy on board his aim was to use the existing teachers to do this work now he tried this before but he hadn't worked then and even though God was hoping against hope it didn't work again so God's gonna raise up somebody and who's his person he's gonna raise up this is John and John to effectively do his ministry he has to overcome two difficulties and what the two difficulties one of them is self-reliance can't trust in his own strength and the other thing he can't trusting is this Grecian philosophy the way he would approach the study of the word so this man need is a special training and he was selected from birth to accomplish his work now what we want to understand is when we go from ancient Israel to modern Israel we're also going from literal to symbolic spiritual so when we talk about the birth we talk about singular man in this little history we can't think about it in the same way when we come to the spiritual history there are some differences so God is gonna raise up this man he requires a special training and I'm sure you're aware the part that training was the reform of his dress and reform of his food so we can see before he even began his ministry he begins his ministry when he's 30 he's born in 4 BC and he begins in 27 ad before he begins his work he's gonna have an experience and they testimony of a reformed life so one is to say that reforms prepare for the world to be done so the reforms come at the beginning not afterwards so I want us to see that so we'll put reforms here four of us and then we put the water work after and this concept this this structure is important for us to understand and the reason why we want to go into detail in this history is because it is concept of in-sample it's in the details of the life and Ministry of John though we're going to understand how we're supposed to behave in a corrupt and wicked world at the end of the world it's not good enough just to be well we hide and morally good as a people we were created for more than that we have a work to do and we discussed that yesterday our work is to give the gospel this here we supposed to go to the world this is the product and give them a message of power a power that they can experience the problem is they'll look house the first question going to ask is does it work does your message actually work we kind of say well in theory yes and they just shut the door on you yes and we know that's really how we operate so we know before these verses can have their ultimate fulfillment this experience here needs to be a living reality in this church in later seer and how's that gonna happen God is gonna raise up a man John the Baptist and he's gonna give a message after having been reformed himself in this message he's gonna undo two things the Grecian mindset and the self-reliance now let's not miss be mistaken in the time of Christ this Grecian mindset was not that you can mess around and be bad the Jews understood about right and wrong they understood about stealing and not stealing what did what been introduced into their thinking was a philosophy that struck at the very heart of the problem and what is the heart of the problem thank you all the way back to Genesis and the problem is this can you be saved in your own strength of self-reliance we know the answer to that is obviously no and if you were to disobey God would he really kill you would you really be destroyed no and we know the answer to that question in the book of Genesis so these concept had been developed and refined by the world and now well alive and well in the church so one group in the church they don't believe in the resurrection they don't believe in angels and there's another group they say of course there are angels and of course is a resurrection and if you work hard enough in this life in your own strength you can achieve that resurrection so the problem is wherever you turn to you're in trouble either you don't believe in the resurrection or if you do believe in it you'll achieve it in your own strength ask any Adventist do they believe any of those two sides of the arguments and they'll say no I'm saying they're lying not maliciously deliberately every single one of us really does believe one of those two ideas so if I were to ask your question now I know some of you would say no because we had different people in this congregation but for those of you who are Adventist you baptized who signed up to the Kingdom of Heaven I don't think you've got your name in the church books yourself Christians which means is supposed to be a follower or a disciple of Christ now if you've been on this message any length of time you know we speak about midnight in the midnight cry or Sunday law or Jacobs time of trouble and sometimes that we're talking about prediction before midnight we have all these way marks in front of us so if I were to ask you are you ready for these things and if your response was I hope I'm gonna be ready I'm not sure I want to be ready then you fall into one of those categories you're either a Pharisee or Assad you see one of the two because that is not the model that Paul that speaks of in the New Testament now many of us rented into this message because we're scared you know is that a good motivation to come into this movement I would say yes it's a perfectly good motivation in fact he's about the only one that's ever going to work because if God had given you a message of love he just stayed where you were and you wouldn't be here it's because someone scared you enough if you remain in your condition you're going to be eternally lost they decided at least to investigate so the first thing I want to say this motivation of fear is a good motivation in fact well my comments on John's message she says he's was the most fearful message ever given which means our message must be the most fearful messages ever given evolution 14 verse 7 when that angel speaks that first angel he says fear God give him glory because the hour ease judgment is come and that one phrase is come he's present tense you are now in the period of the judgment which is another misconception Adventists have because the judgment is progressive it has certain steps and if you're not familiar with the details of those steps it's family so does the Dallas business buses you're likely to make a lot of mistakes when he says fear God first angels message it means be scared because you are lost now everyone's lost when they first start their journey but it's God's will by coming into this movement accepting these truths not only a work of reform and occurs both dress and dire spurred on by the motivation that you're about to be destroyed but you have to recognize you're still in a dead condition because this progression from death to life is exactly that of progression you know when God created Adam he didn't just happen he gathered some dust together and what did he do with the dust he formed it which is year you get this word reform the word Reid means to do again so before Adam ever received life he was formed and then God breathes into him the breath of life and this is the steps of creation and you can see those identical steps when you go to Ezekiel chapter 37 if you go to syke chapter 37 verse 1 and we'll read that it's equal 37 verse 1 you'll see that it introduces a picture that there are bones in a valley these bones are dead and there's a discussion between Ezekiel and God whether or not these bones can come alive there you know as well as I do bones don't walk around you don't get an individual bone and he doesn't jump around doing its thing that one begins to move when it was formed into a Skellington and then the bones need to be connected together and you need muscles to move those bones if you read through the first few verses it tells you that it tells you how the bones came together and the flesh and the sinew join onto the bow we won't read the verse because I think you can read at night when it's very simple to see and these bones now turning to bodies and these bodies are still dead but the passage teaches us how this Reformation occurred these Reformation occurred is that a formal through a prophecy that was given to the bones so there's a prophecy that's given to these bones and now they come together talks about a noise in the shaking so verse six talks about the sinews cut the flesh coming together verse seven talks about this noise in this shaking and by time you get to verse a it's a fully formed human being and if you read the first part of verse seven he says I prophesied so is this prophecy that turns these bones and reforms them and he's always this way there's a prophecy that's given and it's this that creates the motivation to reform our lives another way to express reform for each decide that you begin to do good so these passages are teaching the prophecy prophecy a' has the fruit of morality then in verse knowing God is prophesy again and here you got a prophesy to the winds so the winds can breathe into this so we can see that they become alive and there this army now in verse 11 it tells you who these bones were these bones are the house of Israel and he tells you what it means to be dry the last part of the verse about anything we'll read that about the dry so it says the reason it dries because they have know-how and if you were to read the first few chapters of desire wages Ellen White will tell you before the birth of John he says the voices of the prophets had stopped and God's people were without hope their hopeless and that's why the birth of John and the birth of Jesus here gave not only the nation but the world so much hope so when we spoke about John the Baptist with these reforms the beginning of this world was that his birth for BC begins in 27 and this is the time of the end it's the end it's a feel of this hopeless condition now when I say John we will mark police the birth of John and Jesus here and you know the story at the hills of Bethlehem with the soul of the Angels Los Angeles it was one that filled the whole earth with Holly so these bones are here as always thank you in this history before the time of the end it is their hopeless and is we are cut off for our parts everything or penises everything is fragmented and broken this can be understood on a number of levels brother with brother separated man with God he separated also when the Jews would study the Scriptures they were just a mass of information and they could not connect the dots together or as Isaiah 28 verse 10 and 13 say they didn't know how to trace the lines of prophecy through the scriptures things had become so bad by the time Jesus is 12 when he goes to Jerusalem at the Passover and they're killing all these lambs they actually don't even know why they're killing them they don't even know what that man symbolizes as a coordinator so you think about the darkness that there in the hopeless condition there under my condition they don't even know why they killing these lamb and who it's symbolizing because they knew he couldn't symbolize the Messiah because the Messiah was a warrior king they'd read about him you have books here for children called door-to-door I'm sure you don't actually you do yeah and he has numbers and you connect the dots together and you make a picture this is what the Bible is expect you to connect the dots and because the Jews had become self-reliant when they read their Bible then they connected the dots together they thought look like this what was that picture of was it a cross or a sword they couldn't tell is there a difference depends how you look at it so this is the problem that they had it's the same problem that we have you can see the verses you can read the words we can't connect the dots correctly together some said it's a sword to kill the Romans some said it was the hero no it's a cross because we're going to crucify these Romans whatever plan you came up with yes they didn't say that it was a Roman sword there was gonna kill them or it was a Roman cross that was going to destroy Jesus so this is their problem and this is our problem so it takes these prophecies yes firstly to reform and then to make a life so we've got reformed and this is work and we're going to put my or make a life or live now what our task at the end of the world is application for ourselves who is the reformer who is John this one was his work when's he going to be born when do we go from the transition of reform to life these are questions that we need to address individually and then we need to share with people this is the problem that confronts our church this is why this movement has been raised up is to answer these questions now I've done this in a very simple way and we've looked at this history of Christ as it's very easy to see you see all the elements of endtime prophecy right here but the place that we would really go to to understand in the clearest possible fashion what's about to happen la would go to Matthew 24 beginning around verse 32 about 133 and he who to look at our history I'll give you the verses exactly so we'll beginning at verse 29 and then we'd probably go down to 31 29 to 31 now if we were to look at that history and understanding carefully what we would see is it's connected to the next chapter Matthew 25 Matthew 25 verse 1 begins in the word begins with the word then since then is the kingdom of heaven like ten virgins and I'm saying the word then is connecting Matthew 25 to Matthew 24 verse 29 to 31 that we don't have time to prove that we're making that assertion that arguments of communities so if you were to read Matthew 24 carefully you see that the vision that Jesus is speaking about or the prophecy has really come to its end by this stage the rest of the chapter is just talking about the same story in different ways talk about the experience of different groups of people we can show both through the Bible and the spirit prophecy the history of these at the very end of these of this chapter 29 to 31 is the Miller right history and once we can establish that then what we're able to do is to use this methodology win samples and then begin to understand millerite history using this exact same framework and begin to understand our own history and the way we do that the place that we star he's Daniel 11 verse 40 because in Daniel 11 verse 40 he speaks about the end of the world he says and at the time of the end in parentheses of the world they are not making now it does mean the end of the world and we can demonstrate that in closing so let's turn to verse 40 and we'll read that sorry Daniel 11 verse 40 the only one supporting them in English is better in the temple there see radius of the directional if they did not see about that this interval so you've seen this verse says at the time of the end there's gonna be this great battle between the king of the north and the King of the South and it then goes into verse 41 and onwards but I want us to see he says verse 40 the time of the end he speaks about the king of the north and the King of the South and he talks about how the king of the north eventually is gonna win and how he goes forth and destroys the king of the south and eventually comes to Egypt and takes possession of Egypt because all the way to verse 45 and he's talking about the exploits of the king of the north how he basically takes over the world and then you get to chapter 12 verse 1 and who read the first part of the verse in Akkadian was sentiment remedial so it talks about the standing up of Michael and all I'm saying is when Michael stands out that Michael is Jesus hopefully we will agree with that he's standing out is a symbol and it can be sick and symbolize a number of things it's symbolizing we'll just put two things and changing dispensations and judgment can really dispense asean determine whether with you so this dispensational change is he's going to go from a priest to a king so he's going to go from a priest to a king and then he's also a symbol of judgment and this judgment is connected to his reign as a king he's going to now dispense judgment to people why want is to see it says at that time oh I I it says at that time and when it says at that time it's talking about this time time at the end covered all of this history the time of the end begins here a point and covered all this span of time and this event here when Michael Jesus stops ministering in the sanctuary is just before the second Advent so when we speak about all the time of the end and milla right history we know we're talking about the end of the world London otherwise proves without a shadow of a doubt this is 1798 from 1798 - Michael standing guard is the end of the world but our model is much more sophisticated than that and a prior reverse all of us need to be certain about verse 30 tomorrow we're going to review the sporty and we're just going to show how we should understand and break this verse down and the reason for that is because our church today doesn't understand about the time at the end he understands as historically been here until the simplemente community used to record which has no impact upon us and we don't understand that the birth of John the birth of Jesus was the time at the end we don't understand the destruction of Babylon Isaiah 45 is also the same history and the reason we don't understand is because we've lost a concept or principle of examples so this message is very message of hope for this church surprisingly it's a message that takes you out the latest in condition it's a message that produces reform which is followed by life it explains how to connect the dots are in the Bible we spoke yesterday about the wife making herself ready it explains how that process works how it operates so tomorrow we're going to review those 40 established what the time of the end is the impact that it means that it has upon us the world and then we're going to develop those studies further let's pray