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okay he says let us read and study the 12th chapter on you vamos a estudiar lose those capitals the Danielle is owning it's not Valencia the peony to understand if those internet before hunters the toilet the end will feel it's socialism because but she gives us this passage it's a pasar he is warning aside the tension in the year 1903 in the middle of the scent of citrus but at the right controverse a complete computer signals you can attack again look at 60% and what that would be teaching so my in this passage is telling us that the time again isn't here yet it's always a negative you tour in osaka' and we need to study down in chapter 12 if the demos rakuyo then twelve chapters of the chinese one chapter 12 no Caesar than you have to understand fine a politican it is if you go to Daniel chapter 12 so simple beautiful leucism universe the aim is future to 1903 people review school we're gonna see the same logic that we've already better so most of you know is Milwaukee because your assumption to show that the angular regulation for clean comes in 1798 but I was happy at the end look it up opieop see how poor the 14 right how close they were for and let me see the center of attention because in verse 4 it says put in a receiver button DC pillow to linear serious progress essentially you will pass the cable feed which is poured out there keeping a job he let's see instrumental on and let's reverse light basically it is ano under the voice is as per our assistant Provost is the Java as a simple thing so what is noise is exciting to locate super simple solution room is that the Book of Daniel can be with the onion is going to be sealed Master surgeon not everything in the book of Daniel not used veneer only the portion of the book of Daniel Psalm Intimus for soon as an evil dragon that we light the last day it's the reversal of those who do students that was going to be sailing this will give us some rocks until their time in the acceptable field now in Miller history here is everything Roseanna stability factor at the Cintas it was but it was so chakra is on sale here in the beginning of Adventist capital if they saw a set up here that community samito gee I wish I hear in the end the back the not posted the book Italian is on sale order to deliver the Near East are here to succeed no decision and what moxie and sailing Philip revolta is keep on a Libyan to the decision it's this reference the other what has lost a leg reference again heroes Ultimo's eventos because she's gonna say Rakesh I wanna see it at the time at the end in the future tentatively finger food - we need something will happen my sorrow this is not what I said and we need to understand this and it was up to 12 computers and when you look at the time of the eggs equal the luminosity its found in different places to definitively artists found in chapter rights except it's more true and its back in chapter 11 chapter 12 to see the other white walls of the factors in chapter 12 he can also to spoken some of the capital of those citizen yet when dealing with the future application of this called Okada mostly that cannot be cash or food to the temple thing the reason she's doing that but also can see is is because she wants us to say educated us aluminum there is still information in the book of daniel that has been sealed up it hasn't yet announced it will be existing former students delivered and yet estamos syllabus he necesito specialist mississippi state objectors Daniel hi is Daniel 11 - Savannah Babylon see what happened at the end because this was 55 years lookey killing the track most about this book in Peru is first of all you know it's dealing with a comedy act totally different things so let's just read that culture almost and is the reciprocal OC 1114 yet fourth year 11 to 20 before you know it says at the time of the end the quadrant another and also the supervisor he had ability of who's shown to be said dimple thing one little tip would be so you know at the time in the end of this is dealing with some it was a kind of severe single pistol under the table defeat nobody try to show you look if you think you know most glad that the subject is being dealt with killed a super piece if that simple is to develop a power a to separate history so Lucy stories about others and these two separate history is going to be combined together it says Lucy stories these fantasy one of them times that this is the you know you need this always knew it was only good Christ uses this technique in other places used to assess a technically no - Bogardus particularly Matthew 24 is besserman Demeter's capital bit departments is only a two events the margosa vandals and he's gonna combine them together in a single verb silicon anonymous investor song and that verse applies to one history and another history where pseudocyst africa peronist toilet you go to promote responding so need to license together for heroism for my sure there's no other societies so if you can see this top is available asbestos equals believe in osaka supported will be a pakka yes then you know specifically alternative or temple it very soon content there occur in the river go at the city water are contrary infested concurrency fainted we are commercial in nature lovers get rapid theorists lasting fidelity asana so this is dealing with two protagonists two nations the kingdom of those portable mistletoe costume is coming soon the later North it lasts very soon these two nations a saloon as shown is spoken of throughout the chapter right from almost the very beginning encaustic ago the World Cup you two alone in public official hostess colonists so she's gonna speak about a kilo in the style which I wanted to see the label noted in the suit if we take the beginning of the chapter see what was a community if we went first was a Muslim this is again tambien joke in rebellion are you available is to be fired apparently for fallacy so here it talks about the median Persians the nation of the medo-persian first I'm gonna you know how much should we look better soon so I'm saying that Danny 11 begins with a meeting it doesn't only alone seriously difficult issues videos millions of appearances and who came before them it's a personal foul he didn't kiss Toronto's Ballesteros Bob euonymus and Babylon the very lawyer who's identified mr. possibly difficult as the nation of the people from the north common on a circus a local I saw an anointing they came was therefore identified with the king of the law into supporters and resort led to become a common rail authority and Egypt you hit to the kingdom at the start here really soon these two nations was constantly a woman answered donor services now simply constant Italy eventually to be prevented Egyptians lost was the key to super theorem and they were basically destroyed little about the very furthest reduce the balcony became the superpower given will elicit and so on and super Polly denervated Persians took out the babble of this video most medals of those fences in tomorrow morning and it consists those below super sensitive so monetary the Lord can we stop right through first onward it is possible he must be sequel Super Bowls in the chapter is left is lost and the transition from military to great save militants assumed that meant repairs yet our progression three persecutors and a multi-engine stand out Phyllis Lucien two-syllable terrible a valiant this mighty king is the Raven but yet in the last word of the verse before deciding to become a would assume a parabola that the security of the sakulos because these metallurgy kings that make war against Greece so he was released below Pierce's when I said Jericho knows raise the ratio and the mighty king is going to stand up you very valiant divinest paparazzi who is that why he came up reboot their skin assist eliminated aliens you so I start with the great Aleksandra great this is when he stands the report with Sally matado these kingdoms will be broken into four so reverse the rocket Dollard partidos whose party enters the other party degrees sunny was a little better Paraguayan as the verses continued and we did a global super super secret to the generals organize all those Asuka Daenerys wanna believe and you left with two empires now it wasn't about the general Dostum venues which is still identified as the kingdom of the king of the south to the vista difficult openly the north there in the suit digression of greece one always all great solace great job to disgrace so even exotic influence released you've all heard the clip actually the leader of the queen of 88 people whose intelligence to tell my story clear pattern Marina marina agent clearly to do most people think that this queen is Egyptian muchas personas incidentally all but Cleopatra as David as a hipster for me him too but she's not personalized she's Greek she's the Grecian Princeton since ahead now she's alive through the years after Percy four and five I should starve in singles deniers disposed every single party scene she's the very last potion of grace the moon's even pursue the regression before it gets destroyed take it out of I painted right on the skin minister said this to me a lot of agony so when he talks about the king and often the King of the South in to second order soon it's very simple to the study that we did hear his voice even among pieces we all say when this equipment its civil war on again on civility in currently within grace on against civilian tear thank you good dental aggression between the northern part and the southern community last part is ignored this MacArthur soon eventually even commented my dear uncle to the same drama drama story I will pay for a couple to say he takes out the grace it wasn't robbery in restore control I do Tom aggressive firstly takes control of the northern Indian people commences tomorrow controlling the north the Gracia text wisely the king of the law is a receive a tip they read the North Roman immigrants Lee takes control of Egypt even commented over control ability to destroy that power distinction at all about the YouTube and that's the transition of bracelet transition de la Gracia for aroma so if you get to Daniel chapter 2 it says from Greece to Rome it was assistive to you then you can be too low dose was a bit aggressive aroma I've just given you a more detailed history of diodes the muscles that transition was added dashes and disappearances should not be aggressive on her own so that painting rod was the king of the north it was the King of the South doesn't even exist yet it should thicken if you see it's a steal it's just that historical event that will distort it would you prefer to sensitize today the papacy comes on the same in doses it palpable be ended Messina and it becomes the king of the no imposition transform and irregularity and now we get to this history here in person on a square the visitors of the center remember with revelation 11 sir quality was a physicist owns it we said there was a how the cake from the bottomless pit política study there are be smokin some bullets a tiny which is manifested sure that boy is returning and so what that's identifying location it difficult is the France yes transience now identifies a new power it's not simply difficult will : an atheistic power who put in at least and now is also identify intervener they start already difficult what what is a great city there's no concern I'll sort of Sonoma and economic tsunami hit to say suddenly the repenting the King of the South relief soon France furniture comes back in prophetic history severely domestic effectiveness and when he does so because of acid it's going to reinstitute the ward that he has with the king of the north by the Sorrento man like quality the Lord but this is not grace fighting against grace Ricardo has Gracia billion local progression remember when it starts come from the parable tested only difference you moved on the head as the windows it is traditionally and this was wrong Televisa Easter aroma so now you've got France which was wrong it was the most forgiveness the Roman fighting with the papacy which is wrong mr. Pelley under control Papa Bukit ominous Roman so the beginning you have grease fighting against Greece and then you got run fighting it gets rough the community beyond opinion in trig ratio control Gracia your honor today was wrong to the local 1000 pop our differences so we can see that connection for booze restriction we're here at 17 or 18 is that was a piece of disability or true at the time in the end energy we will feel I haven't even the spread across equality to prove and demonstrate that it is the type of the you know tubular supercilious will produce it for a pro bono care so that people feel but even the versity that in eleven swish of it from there goes news though specifically to horses with were most Rollins Google protects no we're about 70% religion so yeah what's to say there's a battle between the king in the south position of etosha or just move our R RS read it soon and the king of the north is when you write Smith called Elias will approach this verse in pursuit really silver siku I believe Levites from the state's local teenager who knows if he moves so I will show you to tobacco strap - demonstrate Amalapuram use cocoapods is mostly of Australia's the why I'm saying is correct location is correct now I don't have it written in the Spanish Jerusalem at the time in the end we'll finish the topography the King of the South and it is soon is going to do war persecute push him push him later they said of fire so we've got I came to the south related suit and we got him today most in tennis ABL you know and then he said the king of the know he was the police availability shall come against him Silla para comprar a and sometimes we called the king of the snow but our names are in the north so when you write Smith approach this verb to supervise me it's not really the reason why I mentioned this mr. Lewis is because many people just personas when you go through the uncertain revelation leave a little bit of okay you see and because otherwise kisses support this book but you know I won't let our emotions to do they think he's interpretation of this verse must therefore be correct they just feel secure invisible some communities receivers collector and he fell approach this person the following white uniform are killing the practices which secures decision as you say there are three people whereas if you sometimes personas if the King of the South is a Haman is he completely and this him that is that is a perfectly symmetrical Kosovo in to this adverse oh say mr. bursick environment in family in verse 36 it startled okasada reticulated says in verse 37 simply to say said the king is lame they persecute the king saluting boosted is lame that's the technical article it's just about medieval w-which means is talking about the same thing in the preceding verses his fellows proxy will be sworn in response was vesicles and you can tell us right used to repair the monster very easily with a cement if instead the King Puru solicited rain verse 26 and similar in the sense within the kingdom of a certain order and arrives with regards and notice sorry so it changes the world working into the computer parada and ready to I can follow it is aching just brain it could be anything per second category so inverse say it's unprecedented says is going like that King France was it is the biggest about the e-commerce interferential is gonna get the worst okay if I forgot receiver correctly and she said came in the Southeast Asia policy given as soon as I keep though if I said they came is problem is a key in the Coliseum and recite the King to the Northeast Turkey he was together the Lord stood here he takes all these verses and makes them later Oh tomato super simple serviceability rawness and it's the wrong way of fractions pictures uniformity become the approach because he begins to become stop but cannot see as he goes to the birthdays community sees those were seekers and he realizes it means that no civilian the Ricardo be explained literally you know typical was Ricardo super formal in Tehran so he recognizes the weakness it was a rebel means is the prognosis was the military and he says the future versus will be fulfilled somehow it is a los próximos particular simple pre those there were a formula but I want to show you why he's making a spectacle sorry totally suicune that we spoke about Allah Muslim chiastic structure dudes with loose key obstacles or mirrors all these people's okay so I want to show you in this verse is the mirroring the what was going on disability grew careless people this is how this mercy structured as the CP pool facility was exist after 20 a visit in the community this is gonna happen here so focus on and then there's a private into existed on a powder brain and then it says it doesn't listen this is gonna happen Tiesto episod and when the second thing happened economist you wouldn't Costa pasa then you get the last part of the interstitial gas about the leaders say the cherry is hosted in shapes or commercials and we used an abacus okay so the first part the girl says well I've never every single kid he said once a municipal when it came to the south kill it is soon it's gonna push against but building a quadric in Monterey and then the next part of the sequel what did you say the Moroccan trying since the clean with no rain the North it is the lack of or insane and in rem Hartman's silica rhetoric in contra in the high you know super super what is the solution at the time at the end in the temple is being the King of the South is in the push against a fitted suit my videographer in awkward and work with him una conexión T the king of the north the push against him is nothing but a period portrayed and when you structure the first correctly it was still possible to do the mystical collection tonight you see that it's the chiasm use the Vicki Ozma then you can begin to see is doing this to staple it was a very specialized it's the same way we did before let me support the civil servants is correct in base connect the ballistic and these years can we say that for the most various reasons so let's do the definition that was intolerable if it is shown this one is the eel is who the kid opposite this table to the lower rate a lot and this one is this moves it was it Susa to it or not what you need to understand it is why I basically did the support you see the structured correctly ridiculously successful reads to to now support my corrector he writes me say this viewers personal cars birthdays days sick of this is at the target the eligibility this happens is the posture and in 1928 internment ability this happen to be a person things happening those who sister for so many people feel that when you begin to put in the historical context of what's happened to something for the discipline honor for Nader panel this two-story who you begin to see that all was a bizarre initiative from foreign soon he's gonna count how many against the king didn't know wanted related Norton the paper said the problem and give a deadly world liver axillary the worker in 1790 I admit sadistically torture then it don't since at the time of the end of dinner they wouldn't feed the king to the law and they did Norton painfully Mikado is gonna come again while court reverse the king of the salad is soon how did the papacy Coco point of Apollo come and attack the king of the salary of an idiot are coming soon many died here C sharp or D or for someone you can partner with them wait did die for your she pointed I see Mario let's go to revelation 17 our name possible this is yet it's a potato recipe no cultural memory according to this is a physical torture la bestia chaos visto era no has he has that person if they were peaceful they eat our pet Monsieur de luces no bees no estará speak to the community that they sell food uh sugar Muto Sierra 13 verse 3 story there is super simple things it's pretty versatile things we go to Cisco business

even wealthy very important for

Samantha Giavotella SEMA Show in post television now in verse 3 the basically says one of the heads these luminous convinces what will eat a day estaba me leader Morton and the deadly wound is healed soon we did know what else was another because it says as it were fertility pills to either fluids on Allen sometimes it was thinking didn't really die first the so noticeable secure wo but a militia intervening you have 278 the well most are capital the CNT now in verse night the receive or choke do remember the based Java vision was a lie is now a river is not a lie Noah scarlet fever I shall a same Cinderella what it means saying his significance to be ascended means to rise up significant arson or to resurrect this attack and when it resurrects equal to MU service assistant was it resurrected out all the necessary to sit under but what of the Spain del obispo can say that weighs about the space key significant to serve a reason it's a simple business symbol here of a new manifestation of satanic power that whoever maliciousness you do put in some tiny but it still the pipe is secure to the businesses profile so what's new you can literally feel insecure witnesses because before putting on this in this history in Estonia it was in Europe for in a robber who was it controlling in keep mr. Petrovic in Istanbul to London tomorrow the European Kings whose loose release it abused or the old world who vehicle when it resurrects colossally su Sita who's he gonna control that doesn't Papa Papa the United States physicists also use the new world can google do so now Laura this new manifestation is the counselor manifestation the police attorney opening resurrects Palouse xi is showing the relationship is the most elusive immune to that begins to develop think the Saudis are rehearsing to the papacy United's that is the proper the social evils and we already identified when that's a begin to happen because of the ready to become as good a person about the same in the nighty-night the window signal to the college world talking mate system the relationship between the United States with the privacy as he began to make war with Russia look if I could to shoot a thousand views it who supported the Sun was it Kara over we used to call the Soviet Union for promotion almost as Elsa behavior so here was Frost I got the new monsoon making attack upon the papacy my simple proposal and now the papacy is going to begin to do what Bob Alabama Somerset here to begin to resurrect supercell parcel is Suzy done and it will be new manifestation you are similar whatever manifest ASEAN because he's not going to use European power looking are also political bills that's interview Western powers will be like well I suppose it is all see the analysis also leaders so you can mark this here to supporting was my career story to show you that at the time of the a palpable sama carry the geography the deadly woman begins to be healed by Linda what are the fiercest of Samara a serious wife in the form of Michigan this was 1790s of obesity centenary torture and this yes - a bigger institution or the most important day to learn AMA supported in the 19th century civil listen wary is 1840 is for people to sit through a technology because in 1948 nutrition company torture the French Revolution the super sister you begin to have revolution or evolution business at the narrative over soon here's an abortion in a row and they topple most of the monarchies in there in the European nation those who Doris won't make you super samurai in and many of those country became socialistic the motives of Isis it was son NASA social instance eventually gravitated to a democracy you see we see here don't wanna democracy or they really became under the control of the papacy or suppose someone local to the problem but there was one European nation the big sister or not sooner the better it's accounted that did not occur in the West to the lowest and there was one that in the coming days forbidden people see to local orientation sorry Luna until you see that he's your cousin or your Frost with the first one to collapse from a supernova miracle you see this one in the ACE exist in Italy and what is the worst one of the most addictive what's the most easterly country in Europe Lucas Thomas Castello the West is the UK UK and then was a stelae he kills the US under Lorient it was Russia produces a good tight law no tengo mucho start with 50 60 70 superimposition times before Russia collapsed as the caduceus the collapse of the monarchy was destroyed I'm honored you see this - sure we had the Bolshevik Revolution was not reversible should be stenosis is it and the cola styled a nation de la piel de una menos una shown beside being communism and the masses of communist or socialist realism which was France attorneys in this history for the difference in silicon browser support normally instead of a sudden became an atheist extensive resume open struggle at the Eastern and lens I think a key is love that they use moving su super weird just like prostate lo mismo differences and start Russia is no solution to all the characteristics the warmest characteristic us to be the king of the south further services generated soon so this is rock and oh sorry is Lucia below the perfect environment and this years is the time of the end this is a really solid Middle Eastern Sun this is so important for us to understand the important to panic in the doubles but we need to be sure we get this correct is the distance if you look into the Moussa Sissoko director how many rates up into his profits well I'll go considers will produce here it's taken from the book evangelism to spray seeds into trees he says today it releases only in 1897 meet or to see internal initiative success before this say social services to come we're doing the same thing it's the most versatile and misma cosa and the same thing you have to read the paragraph before the person who kills like misma cosa to be scheduled for our continued she says they specially see we're doing the same if there was a similar misma cosa as the Jews kimono Julio's which we back here did most of all right after and the tipo de clèves to Vienna contrast and the same thing that we're doing you know misma cosa que estamos haciendo is that were rejecting prophecy Chris Chris double Richardson of the precision the reason for that is she says because they didn't have experience so people to be alone experience here this is God's people this evil the world videos a search in the scripture is the investing analysis with tutors to prove but I provide that the message of the first secular third angel when a remarkable sake which premiered secret the silicon was not in the past no further career con el pasado but in the future we will see what I caught this in a kind of tool that they rejected they passed heavy doses mr. Lewis the mothers of sooty person which are several advanced ArchiCAD the suit in police one millimeter this paper is such personas they gather the truthfulness of the message issues our guru a businessman struggles with sadness but they don't even that proper place in prophetic history no little so they will look a little short prophetically look after the TV star given exalted or example they never lost because the three messages says stop doing say the big righteous the liberal political came to DC partnership Ricardo increases acoustician Seleucus correct and our church says yes we agree with that and I listed associate of the organism so they gather the truthfulness of like Infosys it was a government that is this was this was distinctly this is relatives but they don't even their proper place in prophetic history those who the bureau booked an assertion prophetically restore you when you do that goodness assist the people who be misled because personas - if multiple receivers and he starts at this place visit is a goodness and problem they do not see you should know been they do not understand the book intended the time of the end if the ability or way to look at the messages or don't look at his side or be Carlos miss Hawkins now she says this worried about the future modern edge adhesive on wonderful blue God is coming your system Indian look like a thief kaboom Lars wrong but there's a thousand whitening of the church fellows supuesto simply hit this abuse the Malaysia they don't understand the science no entienden are synonymous and they don't understand about the end of the world you're going to give me so much freedom movement I'm saying this ok so you see the system go to this passage there whatever is super Sonico problem with God Church and preliminary listen videos that we don't understand is give a solenoid and the most how and way to the kite that finder the end go boom he don't they look at the Somoza the important thing something without even acted in this one much especially sorry exists is a typically defeated mrs. DaSilva do it you but the church is rejecting this one peddling literature so is the can be no solution a sustaining with the second coming in the end of the world insistently the no conceivable either considered Moodle if we can accept and say that this is the time T and in 1980 no support was instantaneous attack administrated Wilford temple defeat it then begins to al-qaeda prophecy in a way that you can't do otherwise the doses invincibly la policía de una forma que nunca as we stood others the ability to do it no sense in our we do not concede if the type is history mr. Wallace historically started immediately from 1798 the recent disciplinary torture I am able to sit Roberta quarter and bring these to the end of the workers variable is the part feeder mundo the feels this is the time at the end but you see with the employer fitness for any question it doesn't but what was the latency be sequence or intercept well look if you must eat you we have to run it they were skilled silicone and reforming the following like a power finally what a farrago because this issue is a parable of August for delicious mustard a phenomenal inclusive story so here we are estamos where you begin this point remove there is notable samosas the food look on the site boy he began here with the diversity personally spoken to keep a solar company listen to talk the way and then all you need to do it was a good witnesses across it is run through the events of the middle right history or almost event to scale peripheral is for a milliliter and see how they fulfill we not his spirit worship coop reversal stories this one is a faulty probation mark I assume sariputtra fpg now see central quadriga does a CPG CPG CLE whatever Gracia the quality of probation God's church and still the law for immigrants apparel aggressor the news is a solid or United States in general a dominican los Estados Unidos did I spoil mouth way like an emotional year we took that the failure prevention is afterwards as DC para nosotros y plus oh good a disposable income we are not gonna pay today because no this is the most open are too soon because we're trying to repair a that event happened forgive tenemos preparedness coolest able to good but we learn variables in Java was first begin with the church we super ability to keep in stock like listen and then the world in this personal good because we all know but we the solar cells for suitable in the now try something mascara now christ-killer an outdoor club would alt o is now a house alt SRC NL c HC pokemon they see the loud cry sabemos que la boca mode that we learned from revelation i take when there was a problem situation is given here instead Holika to the world for an altar but first the provider who gospel message must be give it to the church in the circuit is develop an electrician in three steps in pre setup one choose t 3c and day to the world in this hospital moodle in three steps we wanted us to go straight please so what we need to understand the distance a table is where day's events occurring in the value right history gives us a metro system of original stolen data to understand the application the end of the world parent in America suffers in the loop if we can't hysteresis did what it was supposed no sinister story we would say that we provide this event up here at least in apparatus well that was when people that was Alan are associated to stock up on a solid militant with ninety like that Polly to a feature also in September that lines up with the aerated water kissing a regular Samantha there is trouble in Europe existed problema in the trout lays in remember that Islam Islam is beginning to do what it used to do in the past in this is the episode a single crystal silicon solid it has an idea didn't air for expansion this but soon for what we might call a Caliphate for commercial almost a biblically father and this problem is rising here mister person and villages evaporated struggle the European nations build to Lincoln as national soon appears blue coupons and it's the exact same dynamic is Dmytro missile in a become of the consequences the 90 left to the Bonneville sequester loosely secure when Islam for this Louisville has started can become radicalized if we sound to Brazil very callous and began to make war not just with America if the services believes no solamente one America but with the whole the Western world who told us the Mughals pellucida fell in this history it is historian these European nations came together plus the solution appears of McDonald I began to make war against Islam will be summer simply label to his epistle and that's what we see today this will give us for you for the last 16 years those who loses the systems this war between the West the a sensibility loose the Occidental oriented to began this event came personal insecurities factory 20 be gone before I mean nature pasado artists they lost in September you could say the basic bag is lined up in ideal at for those little kids able to say early your common sense of German but there are more things that are coming off the existing muchas cosas kidnapper some because in this history historical immediately there were two other events those elusive end to study with your taken from Matthew 25 okay that was it but tell us a little bit the sequel in Matthew 25 but just a little bit the cecum talks about the parable of the temporalis a dear sweet Jesus they cultivate a bridegroom the one-particle truck wanna know you he's the second act that gives us a good immediately stood and during that time they consciously remember into the disappear who issues in the women then what hacker if you pass this Wisconsin women don't mean if the bridegroom comes when does he come to video editor they had two events to be introducing them to say in 1840 in the leadership took over at the quarter one is in July no Korean Julio and one is it oh look at the little fool and Agosto and this is the pool to mr. Mercado memorize identified was make no echoes with a little bit difficult emotional a baby about children and a month later you'll miss the Swiss they began to cry about this to Jesus if it's a man or give him a message which development suck it and this is the midnight society come on see a little bit about you so we need to understand easy Bay there's a musket the ministers have built us a convenient logically we denote you in our history western Estonia car that precedes the Sunday completely untested in America and I've said this a few times in general databases occur our church rest iglesia in his prophetic model it is simple little fabric we now invite holistic campaign versus compilers immobility seekers focuses on the work of the pie to say it's not working so much so that they shows in a palpable and it's the wrong place to say what's happening in systematic evoke an open occurs if you look at the personal to the balloon to be gained way but if you open a pizza we should have understood the world to the dreamers community didn't rock between the war become interact together at the Stars leaders of the United States with rock star so useful bruiser and we didn't understand them to poop in the legal system they disperse we should have understood the role of radical Islam the deepest community indeed look at the noodle is la misma rally car in endtime prophecy Kono's event Jose propecia benefit mobile and we didn't understand that with a book in the demo system because we have understood this event so give the poconos individual such event Osaka because we store looking at the piracy is that one of us are covered Apollo but a little bitty card we're already heading into problems just Abu Salih she about lo sentimos our community programmers because this what history is the cloud the prevention you so the Sierra Madre Gracia for the church para los artistas and this is Fatah is the cultivation for improvement mr. Parrikar instead of photographs available to this is can you talk what are conservative the near capital Udo silver sequin oh no when white goose fat zombie gets to the bantha which all hours of the scene if you see this for system the seven plan one CD pliers and then you have the second idea this positive is it's a good event we now change those authorizations over universally conceivably result to the cloud professional culture in silver prefer Garcia the mechanism is not here Kingdom si but here Baraka and if you do that issues the osseous to and you're wrong if the city vocalist into a superhero Hanukkah with this event happen was illogical cooling the natural start the law in America jalapeno Allison and America and the progression because churches call Stillaguamish Republican solution cerrado and anything you have tried to get ready are toasted Pearson table tempo contemporary your condition is that you're going to be lost like all the survivor various give us believes we can demonstrate the podemos demonstrate the quality probation to the church is here can serve a pornographer Artie listen solid began and I just use the simple coalition that Moscow sound is very moist the sooty sequelae 2300 those those mysteries into science 400 Beatriz in two years first picture original working relationship and the world s worst the Moodle this is thirty four a day you know internet apart dispersor pls - 4:57 basic while societal secret agenda does not disagree munificent the world upon our world over again is the same stores la misma story is repeated just the first closes middle we saw Sierra to the church but again it is possible and if we have my preparation in this my perishable suddenly CMOS preparation a lot these days women look we will be lost nosotros was also delivers individually hidden from the individual is Lucifer them our church was regressive as a body control institution is only rejected district the generator sorrow s or another's and if you whiten if you set a parent of the church to accept this rubric in like lizard syphilis redundance nakka nakka nakka son every man has to work out what his wife can operate in akikusa Puente estudia EBC be since the garden on these two events now understood the most event was very logical motivational shift in the following why let us say in the Manila it was his walk between the United States from Russia sister esta casa Guerra in missed also use illusion we call it a cold war push the Mozilla llegará fear it began well comment as soon as the camera three units also using news 25 I mean assessment of law Miklos it was going to the sequel this person who together with the other do you know organization was created in 1941 Sonny Jurgensen super clear and you know he simplified in the sequel the United Nation I'm not sure I forget it he went nostril as soon as he knows what you might call the one will cover all the bush now I sit there to go before and slowly do this voice this machine we can to take control of the world and be silent and equal to the rule but if v90 state soon as the star sonidos the finances and runs the UN and one feeble SIA controller civilians and if you'll agree with the United States since you didn't equitable terms news or the United States to keep sociological to you just does what he won't tell me why possible eagerness does not see any place information in Arsenic initially panic super middle was so this war if the system and sibelius again released in 1999 it could be no Envy no sleep which is no matter which people have called the end of the Cold War you know that price you know so emotional come on it did not like regular videos to the Colossus across it already see now who's the boy order the Cold War has not finished he probably be like ever feared will be no acted Bernardo the United States made a grave mistake it was tough to use iMeet room clinic Hugo because in 1999 give me no super didn't wear it when they had to do stuff for the Debbie Levine ended up on a single they didn't destroy their enemy they should notice to you sweetie people they left their life the tunnel rooster was to do a lot of evil because all they they would give a casino for it would they dismantle the Soviet Union simply submit to this month there are along we also be a diva and all of these countries doses of biases the Russia had stolen after the Second World War he who Civil War this was a super negative the young who wanted it back kick and you the United States do you loose with no Samuels you get back control of all of those powerful countries so that the one that was the closest buddies as kiss evoke eternally they don't never satisfied he did a good job he was been some instability region when Iraq would be stuck with individual drug but they left Russia alive you know they're elusive even II Russia Lucia is now beginning to come back with a banking system personable with conveyancer what's happening in Syria was the vehicle chemists are Syrian you see what's happening in the Crimea to citizenry supersonic familiar in Ukraine the Ukrainian now this fair in poland or existed the morning vanya you can see was the prevent him actually we need to exercise his power the new system personally visit us to try because are they lost 28 years when people super bitter joints when America called America step back sorry Oh step back the city of Rosario Russia Russia allowed open its oil tax and personal issues very same as the oil started in oil and gas oil gas gasoline has become one of the richest nations on earth is it as well and also as much if I buy the real beauty from the richest men it not the richest man on earth in castle by the with Putin Encino as a mass requested Pacific open hombre del mundo and with God's church in the subtle communication with your circa look at all of this mineral to wisdom and we still do evangelistic campaigns about the papacy to the Vista was a superb components about mystical and proper the prophecies taking our official stance is a movie based movie that was in 1989 here's some etosha keepers will be no solution to worry is about to take a turn is that morality many people don't realize he Buddhist persons Latino I mean only there because now Russia Watts repay you kill Russia our Caravan there are a bunch here literature is the Bangkok our way here in 2007 see also list of Chicago's be decision every day in the form of women end that we could only say is beginning to happen you support the most hardened architect episode of a sorrowful to say Russia Lucia and its new era is suitable aliens don't you ever give us we could even oily or you could talk about Syria - voiceover the senior that you begin to see they're beginning to flex their muscle really pissed rehearsal booze booze the United States and Russia ahead is product conflict it's also use a new system either directly part of all thought rebellion and prophecies teaching illa prophecy spicy under the brush with in a way can reduce your power now against all the odds go through to less chances did a strike a blow against the United States as well try it me neither who makes whooshing sound you did either it's gonna collapse or economic collapse you could protons are gonna be very common and not only is rush revolving with these two no Solomon the Lucifer you go Vanessa story but we haven't even heard the end of this lab to the villages which are asleep and Allah Islam and it's wrong identified prophecy super-awkward a provision for a little profit equals no coincidence so as coincidence Iran Russia Jerusalem and the Middle East it was orient the value adjoining to hand hanging head distally basilica various masters of Amano's instant complicated to wet cotton West you might think it's all about oil with a circus of us mr. Pistone the De Niro or Gaston even but there's a prophetic story that's running through the system is sort of prophetic Ibaka whispered what an x-ray effects it's gonna happen although those villain is able to scale up Assad is about to be accomplished between Russia and America key is the places at the difficulty to it the who's here America Russia's that away the rooster we're gonna it's gonna collapse economy you know if I have satellite gonna be the source of news that's what's gonna happen here is the concern Russia Khrushchev is that the comic in the USA Bobby Ducote roses counsel news it's gonna be d'Ivoire Ghana after this this wood is president Trump preceded the trouble what was his commitment last year convoy is superb it will compromiso el pasaje neko para silla america revolta grunting whatever you might think of him the authority was busily he's going to be treated his words a massive energy losses for hours it's gonna be really no no but he still wouldn't really Harvey army our people are being communicative irrelevant services rocket silhouette that often this bathroom here this witness of etosha America is going to become great many positives massive girl did they become economically great versatile so mathematically militarily great it'll be really tough I'm sure you wear bikini dosed instrument the United States got some of the biggest oil reserves in the world it's also used in universe receivers develop a scandal they didn't use resolution video once at least continuity value is gonna head into turmoil could it be something influences completionist and the whole world's economies that a collab is doable to be move the elements are quarks are the United States citizens legal system a can become strong guy but to not support the winter there's gonna be a second battle but the difference hakuna matata with Russia Russia America and here America's gonna win l'americano Nana this is going to be shaped but they'll come you in the way the government is run in this country the Cooper's will be able start control of the oil is the capacity surprise is gonna be a transition but there is no transition from a republic government the Republican the veteran who become that's by the people before that because paruppu they prepare acquittal and suffering in a challenge the no pollution Tea Party are into in kill dictatorship in dicta dicta to systematically on with the government's can begin to take control the del gobierno maybe some typical through a federal level the miracle Iran of power the bullet because you know the most sites at bankrupt for kisailus give economic despite those establishes that baccarat is already saying yeah piece to it it's a great call kill early la corte suprema you do anything need to take control you can't expect any special just my personal difficult learn to lose his style it he saw a blue star while these things are going to build up is to see you Christian the casino and you're gonna get centralized government past acoustic thinker who will represent our resolve by definition of service for the finish or be significant this is the prelude instances pre Lulu division culture there are intruders going to exist in this country you might see still it is the price is going to allow your government your ability to police to make a Sunday but a personal in the become as it begins to join hands much further away with the papacy convinced our particular motherhood in a polymer for a mucho mas wealthy and nobody's gonna be able to resist is not enough ability seriously once this is in the United States cause of interest are they children Olivos it's gonna be enforced country off the controversy see the price transparency so this was just a brief overview this is Hamas will propose to be intractable okay all of this can be shouted to Lucifer monster all from Daniel 11 so you guys our church Vasilisa it is evangelistic because the world in losing them to the release of our services complains about we disap any movement with its focus on the worker like to say consume folklore nominate provocative Papa is no idea about my prophecy or didn't and the only there they proceeded for the movie we wait this fair prophecy lame-o's in the spirit world is here and we think we understand you've been so most incredible how these things are gonna happen over the course of what about the silly if you've been in the register long time so still I still got municipal mucho tiempo you know about a Sunday mr. Solomon you can you'll read about it the great controversy son of the vehicles which are look at the computer Lucy was your holy place from the top page that's politically have you heard go to this day is Janos to channel the war and 1989 was a subject Bible prophecy ever gather because you defeated honest truth to prevail you decide eleven was the subject was in September superior the provision that the war between Russia and America is not finished given given if the Russia America not can be now the struggle with radical Islam is about to get a lot worse Lavar nationalism is already cut back Kanekalon is pure and all this is happening before the Sunday go nowhere is it after tournament disability come and we will know if news of the service the weather started all happens equal to null in the medical part it is get ready back now posted on our YouTube you are coordinating the 7 oz of archaeology deployments we have no idea absolutely demos let me know in there of how bad things gonna be yeah they come on a course of you imagine what it's like enacted what it will be like come over sit when your economy collapses for the people to be secure website when Islam begins to take a more forceful role in the world well in Islam music means that they did very much for service' masahiro how it's going to begin to affect your life all over this earth effect up together it affects the lives of Americans see effects that IV little somebody comes it's gonna affect the lives of every Western country but I think I'm happy that the tools by Isis or see the palace now all these events that way speaking of doses customer Salamanca Kenobi shown in and prove it to be so it released took the time to study a couple proposals from Daniel arap approval they were from week analysis if you pursued a nose with sickness it can be to lose it again another all those were supposed to mean that you know who's the sorry president the United States is Donald Trump keep president is also used as Donald Trump became the president in 2006 the new president that will be dis assist do you know this wasn't his first attempt to be the president was this abuse another super middle that he was a president you know so those do still feel dishonest his first series detect super ability to suppress identity a former senior was right here he first tried to become the president in this player from a primera vez it was the president is denying and finally succeeded dispersed the notice in Europe here those be positioned early in organized it over I suppose in January see whenever a short quite an amazing they do those be dissociated so if you can boys miracle tosses the Donald Trump has started to do with Bible prophecy don't chop teeny under the sonographer Basilica there remember our policy we were speaking about those Judean kings impossible Rosa Mendes Rubio's Vanessa Alan Josiah all the way to Z Kai - in Assam on hosiah Austin jedikiah's seven cakes theater ages we don't have time to go into this because to grow but in this history here the historical blue leaders from seventeen I hate writing performances ability to win tomorrow the Bible talks about seventy base Global Initiative Aventis or seven thunders or scented criminals just identified in Revelation chapter TECA starting to become an apocalypse capital years these seven thunders associated to a no stop the Bible prophets Amelia's room table prophetic book and you can identify highest opponents become the following Lucy get this is 1798 you should be sufficiently retold in eighty only form able to set the vanity Quattro how we ended messages all what does this circus of killing us are calm one two three please those please went to Revelation chain see what most apocalypse appears we seek the seven thunders the Namaskar skatertrainers so these seven thunders and treatment is shifted to a new city Christmas service this year is circa is the 2300 day prophecy is rooster papacito's we proceed to science and it begins become innocent in the year go 57 say what to see us with the city or disagree stood there for 57 bases is an important year they're like what does she do see with the citizen importantly because if we go to this to a starting point here would you still wanna go to the fertility and we're gonna go to King Cyrus you've almost got a very serious and Cyrus Casillas is the market to d78 activity remember I said Marco that also in September significant available this engage we know what he's saying it was this intrepid whatever longer than really appreciated if you can't have it a kingdom off from soil started his new circle touch what those races are the series have a guess how many kings they were okay I mean are cantos religious on Seven Kings get the regions in if you didn't know Houston of Sevilla you can begin to say how Bible prophecy work whose appointments are very common on visibility prefer the Caracara of Babylon issue 107 Babylonian with some lows cool ladies who decrease the Krypton's you know how many laws that I give you stomach intestine to get fully out but Christmas on a Sunday it's three close today's logistical atoms one by Cyrus what matters is not too many neutrons misshaped and the country so this 2300 day prophecy in a superb you see those Patricia Andrews is all connected is the direct our creative messaging service of carousel thunders you see the tremors and the three increase of the three laws use mystic reduce of seven came the see it delicious pencils so we will talk about these second fiddle so October this is hip delicious persons if this is the time of the age it's not gonna tip will fee just a couple of feet if this is part of the age it's a couple of feet that begins at the first you know sir come here super you know and it is the first of the seven keep this would be middle associated what was this play here it was equipped in Excel it was the silica it was totally typical doses in circles people feel Khatta meetha said he would feel so what about an application that give a silver because from a camera this is 79 th the character says seven mix at the center of intelligence but it's also to know to be honest 1999 will cause you to cheat the government see our today's hero serious program seven kings series beginning with style indiscernible zero seven trumpets shifted windows 1798 week citizen to the victor were true and now no idea how are you think of eNOS if you cheated women all of them the tribe in the end those initially started also not going the impunity and which a would have seven trumpets those one of the most of the mythical thunders capacitors regardless she the tremors seven kings and found this little race if the tomato skin tutorials so I wouldn't know you kill her come and look at this he be nervous it was reaches peasants he made a purchases below person which he symbolizes the shape can see for example careful Khedira non-believer check on those for those papers United States as users those musical with supporters oh woman Oh vehicle within 200 - sports photos those who chose to make the purchase of a millipede still is symbolizing the United States not see what is serviced hours of use in 1999 amino sutured the globe can we see that boy in videos for a level single minute it's what we want to do we'll keep you know specific doses track through these kings you know Carlos richness will be the first you a little better and see what they have or relationship they have with the presidents will be united spec but I think you are sort of initial clinical president and it also give us so let's quickly do that what was it was a city's for governor we have Cyrus the devil seal canvases this was Kamiya's is both smooth days this was supposed to spare this the riots was the reunion I think one more thing they are water mercy with 96 innovation of healthy campus we spoke about this before but love the computer to know what is like what a tsunami look Islamic history signal travels anywhere else will serve as where and swim Xerxes here gives the subject Bible prophecy demons pursue it in a super effective we great Daniel 11 the sort of image that you know see birth to secundus it's a that there's going to be some attack against Greece are conditioned government of Turkey called migration by these Persian kings for insulation business so if you go back into history so still whether historia has everybody heard I would go to see his eyes which are believed over in the film called the 300 which was my field conditions which are listed illegally futures have almost 3 cm to the 300 Spartans warriors those theatres Spartans no losses $5 it's with the passwords to locally nationally typically you may or may not need to watch the movie or know since you can we don't know a believer who is searching King janella is late Pizza is doubly it will succeed released except here come a swivel services the man yes wheelers ago bleep it's gonna go to Greece give a Cardassian and you don't want his going they use for some particular irrigation because he wants to take revenge particular cylinder event or a vodka because if all the drivers are a bunch of a buncha he's fathered riots but the superpower you try to bring down grace didn't do this to you Gracia and the Croatians baking pillows gravis flow look around anyway but how you really acted possible you're a customer Machado Xerxes intercept here cues is going to get this almond butter sikozu has to come back and trying everything she went eternal vid economic venture so let's begin eleven papacito's retinosyn first one particular woman Rita Sammy Jo in 1800 Dario and Melo is stupid for advantage for police ever guy barely speaking to Daniel Gabriella stop not alone Danielle it not be very nice this disaster in the same way i strengthened the riders bhisma for my children for Tennessee lottery you it's not this the right so existed an evil DC terrorize the purchase included a new pencil since the rise to me facility you can start with the kind that you met Oh black hair yes I would lead you to police even see the sign where I spent in him it was a visa for Ricky for Tennessee Larry you I'm gonna strengthen the current king due to be important I said ray at one drop back to chapter 10 verse 1 it was a capital esse blue clothes the king he really starving literally sorry c-captain it was serrated people feel job back to burst oh it wasn't gonna go so after he lost the signal those who witnessed the lejos de Bercy kudos tomás ferreira da I own tryst bridges in person he cuarto Sierra the grandest kisses mosquitos issues yes t sunset political suitcases live antara October's quarter label aggression Sunday the current king is ninety style and so sick system hooray have to a casino in that says it was releasing they should stand out you wanna see silver Ventura get three more Kings Amara this must bridges between great vamos acid rock rock a particular variant 1 when Telemundo to those three please 300 kings of the soil please Regis must disperse the serum then it says this will be C is going to be a poor thing given what you read hey Paul can use to essentially start early Xerxes Kids khakis I have you ever - will and it says PVC this King yesterday is will be far richer give us a mutually with all the other Kings massive support exit poll shows us our enemies by his military strength pursues first America and his economics trade in vs. three kisses economicus he's gonna do war he was a silly his restaurant everybody everybody bicycle move the capital is stirrup hitter Otto's against the realm of grace we sediment our toes continental aggressive so let's say is almost register kurtosis if this is 1989 is to be no signature tomorrow in meter per yard below the loop you'll observe the symbol of the United States of similar losses Powell Studios for account the President Bush Cheney and jr. this was committed before we have to call this a was a moment when we push become the president wonderfully Bush acceptance over resident whoa here was the election chemical reaction has to be in that was me becomes president in 2000 watts and Russell proceeded to those below though was below you can say was the poet similarities silicon-silicon sensibility to 1989 and the revolutionary theory and I kneel at your sensitive I'll give you what to do and here I start to push radical Islam in Islam America culminates in an attack upon the United 1632 the thousand years grateful at failure we twisted when invited a slab cuando quickly reserve is already can begin to flex its muscles if pursued surface forces professional services a key moment 1999 middle sufficiently women at the end of the Afghanistan war and did not till I get that I gave an elephant understand between United States assist our leaders in Russia conclusive once that war finished wilderness together that we know the United States loses Towson use had trained it on until now and another is getting to the merge everything was moving at all those whose Raja team is not a feminist and they had a trained militia usually issued in unison technology how will they use that training I'm sorry sweetie no need to tell make war against West are a couple sorry missus lyrical to the lowest first place they went to put the United States where they didn't stop there if you know a concern for social use but apparently you've seen what's happening in Europe post used to be a personal devastation Damascus you know refuel site analysis in the zoo the connectivity not Levesque surfaces out on what actually did those people know Kapinos position where it is not only that it was a site family no instance of individual is the piece of familiar and there's more parallels and just yeah bottom of parallel skill is to give to the reason is mo so off the perch this was the push we had a to be boosted Obama he then the Swiss travel the people skin truck and as I say calm ability to truck try to win the election in 2001 drop the be and it did talk to how much that issue it does me good so in return rate through the versus mode the city mostly those with sickles once we get to burst Reagan was a difficult race and now we switch from being a Persia or nicer to be a Muslim have a look at you to whom Park in general procurator gracias and this is Alexander the Great in Tucson estamos hablando and granted so I'm gonna just give you the conclusion without giving the evidence because we hear the term oh sorry and we're identifying estamos in a difficult this gonna be a struggle between Russia Nina you have is an upper layer in the first music rusev disagree second engagement sometime lights appear this was was a bill otro per layer on temple squeeze and was being identified in verse 3 which is very difficult in the securities is the transition with the form of government in fact is a transition in people the premier located in Osaka that it connected from a republic or a democracy he wasn't even a Republican of democracy to a government as much more centralized and federal do because much of our central itself gives will be the villain are to be centralization of power first a symptom associated put it this is the new occur it's about go ahead in this is tricky Inessa story because as your president como su president you government if the reestablish United States is the superpower of the world but let's totally sit over the super potential in Moodle it's going to come with a price but you started pretty and the price is state control will impress us completely stubborn people will be willing las persona monasteries westerns sacrifice Saturday Liberty is a significant and would ensue to details but economic prosperity but attended hostilities are economical I'm not just guessing this universe party be done do is you can go back and say these things happening in histories before so there was when businesses transversality big kiss was a true security specifically a specific event that you begin to say the collapse for the businessman equal option or the fall una comida the Roman Empire the lead by the remodel Tigra Roma Bergen it goes through all the cycle be possible to sushi booze what's this hackers who is recording this is in the verse in the vertical distance Jews he stands up invites America great again sincere America London word brings Russia to its lady's driving elusively pseudo-religious was gonna have a cave a facade his kingdom shall be divided to the four winds of heaven serene oversee depart repartee verse was partner via to the Austin Seven Kingdoms will be Tata serene was Ricardo give it to others savasana operable face is too significant the United States he was also news is gonna shake my son Ibaka we are a democracy you know democracy to a centralized government but will be Lucifer missile and in the transition yah transition our into the head not just of an independent nation no swamy that was a student if attended from one work of abuse abuse we are denied loans then again here last a service ministry Prasad would be the velocity where the secret is gonna come to culmination here but cigar a suit to be not shown in a little vehicle in America the America is going to become the de facto head of the United Nations once it is a pizza parlor there are some serious leaders and then we came because of a positive result the ruling from one agua put you know between kings of the earth in terms of racism Akira and who became to hold revelations the prostitute another mirror a publicity sharing this relationship between the kings of the earth was racism moutoku del Popolo will become complaint once it completely all this information to necessity for most owners is all inscription is the toe and a spittoon it just takes some digging out is the most important is to have of contraband but if you're using the wrong tools purchase is no sovereign entity correct you think it was inevitable he correct or she just fight you know even looking oh it certainly kills monado you'll see none of this not boys the holidays and you might think so so what became is serious too but if you see my response mr. solloway Tennessee in our church when still assume is waiting to see this event here it's like Esperanto event instead of into a little recon before we straighten our lifestyle para que estamos de aragón Louis's Vedas but till God has given all this information use my total sense reform insurance so that we might straighten our wives you know suppose proposing nearly dark lustrous Vedas I wouldn't read wonders to kill with Mexico and he was a feminist life this is taken from the 1998 material so still Osaka of the lose material is able to see to tip the ocean its first selected messages so this is selected three verses across this is the context of dislocation at Dona moça this is the 1888 basically you know to simple to do truth she's gonna tell you that you're on a sick kid in 1990 I able to certain situation the angular revelation and look at apocalypse in suture came down bajo and with it people in kind of luxury we don't have a ring sugar said earlier when people the rate is already better trial suited our similarity support quality improve the ability of book we are that was given to us in Yahoo - Italian - Italian this history historia never fool was fulfilled Luca C compute fully fulfilled resent oh ok no physical completamente sister - what are you if he can't deceive us he citizen people of this history the ancestry knows nosotros we can demonstrate ego podemos Nostra 1390 lat the mostly September the angular brother likes Mexico clips to the search overhaul and the latter rain began to polish rude Italia in peso kakai the latter a large metal gear is not some spiritualistic experience that you prayed for us on our own experiences spiritual mystical event our operation on the seventh day of July with a thousand seven take it is said even acceptable beautifully with the specificity the heat of spiritualism it's also toasted our church these days ok no signal 7 2007 ok listen each other on a corner compliant will see a cool you initiated the speciated or 2007 in 2007 in cellulose initiative people have done in 2017 you see CNT is it'll spiritualism this is Luis pretty policeman the latter right to interfere and white clearly tells you they went by Israel ability see that it's a message yes woman sake it's a doctrine there's a little thinner and this last right messy disturbing sake nourishment idea is always information some told us before master it's gonna prepare people for the sunday market globally to become another white say it's in my PC that's right can be falling on heart all around the DC commercial career poster baka laka al Corazon de las personas of 200 or the people said well it was personas you Kenny see it's fanaticism it's finally sees me we can't see any real really honest reviews with no expecting forgive us the Moses better group got to operate in the way it operates Allah forgive your sister better than estatal because waiting for institutions because the spirit upon something supernatural we're waiting for this glass right here Sunday it's Thomas has been another sugar that we're keeping a caramel in America and that's another study this is what the school to show you is an incorrect model kids loose women yes mr. Nesbit on the one who super not rather kids or should not do so let's trace way these personal ethos is for something and open Arabia over there nobody to the everybody who claims to believe the Lord is soon coming we have those equations keep politically great increases the para vivir prompt to search the scriptures if we still be mostly merciful to us as never before overlooked as each one this Satan Santana's is going to try my intent are to come up with plans and schemes are try those people simpler Moses it's cameras like your work computer who to family you familiar the case of life must without supervision to keep God's people in darkness turkey one ticket were used in Esqueda Kingdom blind a development issues Perseus to the perils of the toilet in which we now live Paris political system demo estamos viendo are there in this history here issues atomic redness is tourism you know the we're in the same history here and what this terminal Christmas story account Satan was the key cause people blowing it was happened so the mask element they did super affirmative use CA goes for narco second turn about the serum every single one of us can do so truce will be taking up our Bibles the dreamers get to harvest Olivia and in early spring even on a shoot since error after Holy Spirit to explain what the verse is main pivot and Espiritu Santo kenosis political figures of x equals so we might learn more about God and Jesus directly pasamos event has decreased with issues within us we need to search the Scriptures in the muskie boost Travis's with to us is that we were digging for hidden treasure as comesss to be enemies buscando the source is from vivos all the service traders only be found close the source mystical even a superficial evil turning from Israel this is the hidden treasure in the world extra caramel sauce the sauce is computed from a syndicated feed a new book that she says they are generally see the time of tests take people the treble test just upon us Esther he said whatever so whose was the time of test we promote their skin simple test government it's not the Tivoli prevalent the cylindrical you know in the melody you know in this history here black ninja was dishonest or abuses already talked to every jobs they're expecting estar the innovations and found the play there was already being discussed in la la la lately blue glare deal with your Marvin and a lady Blair it's just our syllabus Houdini his name was blade into the senator garrison hello Blair she says yes baby see the timer 60 just upon us and decoded Trevor the test is that he said the risottos having a cool person to step aside because the loud cry will keep a long talk level of the third day genitive solanki has already begun ha ha it pasado in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ after a very solid Olivia was shown a justicia necklace when we expect the loud cry the promoters the what disturbs the spirit inaudible much the dentist who teaches here it's not that much of the municipality kisser car a little bit economy so let's come back to this when was I can do some experiment of the future she says until you see the text is about type II is about to come if their second a little bitty kind of shooting mr. braces are complicit and have you know equal oh no sorry because the loud cry has already become forget allowed to commercial I am Posada before all the sunday of the Supreme uterus itself of America so and this was personal in America hunt this before and this loud cry it was a Pokemon of the third day to get the cinnamon which you'd already began to shine the Sun is the righteousness of Christ Tesla Justicia new priesthood people talk about Russia's fight Rice's fight fight medication but no sooner out an acoustician if you super super super affair and I'm saying it out even visually vocalist Mossad is sad about years of significant disconnect with the now for the third a mystical aquitar would not talk about the decimal you do a text and this somewhat claim that they talk about justification to be secure or nervous because soprano Theo goosey said Kristen asked him when the loud cries but it will depress a persona and if you tell me your brother was allowed to come work without right at the sunday issue city Lisa cannot look upon SM a little bit iike you know they're not agree with the spirit process was this stomach yes a persona study equalities we reproduce here she then says this docility system this is the beginning of the light this is a community values of the angel they love him whose glory shall fill the whole earth kiss - Gloria Vietnam - Latoya she's quoting from the Bible and she starts in Unicode national Olivia cuz Revelation 18 verse 1 Abdul beautiful gives in search of a super woman she said it was accessibility city so another way to come down to beautiful people are in the silver and the earth of which is clearly terrified aloo paratha - super oil this waste they used to the auto he'll give this Indian a silicon girl : in a geography and umbrella of oil so the angular revelation 18 does inaudible you see the future comes down before the sunday of be any additional in America that's what she says very clean mechanical kind of ambient Clara here Chaka is a standalone a customer live in economist revelation before they looked at book into the social media unfeasible because I mean when it comes what is he side because of Enoch ABC can you second delay was all about the best way to Mexico those particular by deceive us again boss what in addition to our car Evo mark II's American audiences Babylon is fallen is fallen suyama akio Arkansas Babylonian do we know those verses will fulfill promote the poster there's this I quote this was when she was in Tokyo lor will teach us the right singer in the book in the liberal arts life sketchy life sketches or 11:00 Park in a Quattrocento Swanson but when they great view in the New York Angela city condos grandest and officially nowhere collapse sake I wrote down is dr. song the robots the robots in you know Yasuda sorry the revelation 18 apocalypse is researcher verses 1 to 3 RC Bruno and this would be fulfilled simple pure revelation 18 one two three revelation this virtual address will fulfill the ninth lexical blue or lost in September and this year's top as he says here ba muy cerca is the loud part of the third angel is a lot of locomotives of silicon and it's only become vigilant resolve and that was 16 years before it is to see signs across and how many of you know that all those whose disabilities to show off yourself the question under how can life that one is no cooler in the you know man for one and a half decades boom assume you know that nigga they need you and you don't even know the loud cries hey a local promoter sugar because our expectation of what the laughs is is raw pork irrespective of irresolute the demos a lot look at what s equivocado we think he's some kind of a miraculous spiritualist experience so mostly wa sallahu spirit to at least una cosa Buena compulsive and repetitive up Assad but it's the message of God the revelation will suck in the Daniel the apocalypsis so we're spoken it was love love us about a war between Russia and the United States in 1989 Allah guarantees Bruce's power music we love Super Chicken where we spoken about the attack by Islam in 2001 a blonde osela Crocodylus of issue those pillows it was very know them was welding about the wrong with Donald Trump in Bible prophecy after almost killed Donald Trump DNA mokuba see America was about that in a future history anomalously before blue present module very problem is gonna be another conflict between America and Russia when Walter completo in the American Revolution the government in the United States is initiate for a Republican system and go via the South uses computer system and another pública to a centralized government Venice Italy South America's going to become great to be Riyadh the medical sequestered fortune who is their mother is gonna be a second battle between America and Russia permit una segunda vataj in Romania Russia rough and Russia will lose inclusive of Berlin and they it is with America America is going to begin to take control of the whole world but American drone is doing boom-boom and in agreement with 13 birth level the local police especially Sakhalin see the became to speak like a person of a comparable and I'll just give you this reference awareness are offensive testimonies to ministers this T one of our ministers page 30 I a three - achoo - she says Kings robe isn't covered there's a DC gracious even lot this came to the earth Louis racial theorist all the dragon power so there are gone so miserable the United States has been laid out and head kill the spouse abuse by comment and welcome to LA isolation a theory later on that was the probation for God in Superman car consider reported that will reduce we need to make preparation to that those into tenemos que salir para so very satirical and we haven't even begun to discuss the Roman radical Islamic so to be the most particular historical was the proposal fusion TV in the university this month was to introduce you to Bible prophecy there are people who see of these allowed vasilica perhaps in Hawaii gender the significance of the form acoustic Bucharest wonders I hope we've been uncertainties been relatively interesting gives of absolute immunity recently I want to inspire within us sukiyaki which spiritual temple were so close the desire to study on the series to the earth to show you the Bible study can be interesting but a most ridiculous to you people who voices recently we have relevance to your life in irreversible villains not dead letter no es una una cara de vuelta and the things that are happening today in Akasaka tapas and oil are fulfillment of Bible prophecy sue Cooper mental abuse a biblical a minute our church Poconos relation is closing our eyes and blocking our ears sister several of us Roberto process we do and still chanting the mattress is the Pisces the pain to the VA facility Papa Papa vs. book without the booze who stayed those big DC Cerebus becomes the entity is perfect its she goes and figured this is true his prophetic books my prayer is - you by how we experience that to us miss Ramirez las salinas Kiyosaki will awaken in the hearts and well this will soon be said Melissa mother's desire to repent and receive the are obedient to repent of our prophetic saints the American Embassy versus turkey because both failures - we are ignorant kazuto's ignorant about what's happening order they give you to look into personality and the way we begin to restart it is a very people losing personal risk to the other horses to outlaw Bibles but our businesses business you have promised you still centrality we do that CSM system you give us a transformation of our character still around I assumed it was apparently to help us to prepare for this illegal I didn't understand a little because we're operation versus what another promotion to Serie B thank you Jesus