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Oh II do you okay tenemos que estamos viendo what we're not supposed to do lo que no tenemos que serious run through history his career poor my story I say this was the line of chrysocolla increased oh this is the line of the Miller I said when a linear los milliliters this is our line it's just no selenium according the line at 144 this : Allah said o Canada quarter-million we're not supposed to run them sequential no tenemos que ce qu'il sequential sequential meant we're supposed to break these history the musky Rome Paris as historians and put them underneath a shot I'm Pernilla arauco the colano because this history who cares historia is teaching about our and start no sincere no su a nosotros and this is as well your turtle Yin so we don't do sequential we do line upon line similar sequential or similar Linnaeus or linear does that make sense it's Onassis into you do know and that's see I'm that I did that quite fast look see Zeus akiza be intrepid oyster so I want to say this okay as you know Esther this is pagan persecution this is PI PO ESL appreciation poeple pagane if appalled at the end of the world in fin del mundo the nations of the world Nationals el mundo are going to punish us first no one a Puna de nosotros premiere event and then the pipe is is gonna punish us off to dispose venal papal dispossessed oh it won't happen sequentially no welcome to say the former second cemented it will happen in samarkanda sarcoma before well parallel ax will happen at the same time run up are suddenly mismo tiempo so I'm gonna break this lie who say word on Peter Selena and I'm gonna say there's gonna be pagan persecution City whitening procedures Jonas pagana pythons gonna papal post-op I'll come in and they're going to start at the same time mismo tiempo and they're gonna run parallel to one another you wanna APIs are parallel O'Donnell otro how long is this time period so while we're waiting I'll just recap in the Old Testament all these histories they all run sequential one after the other but at the end of the world if you want to understand these stories we need to understand them as parable this is sitting in little the form of the parabola and the very definition of parable teaching Allah definition basically the parabola is taking two stories and stomer dosa stories and running them parallel to each other Canelo's the form of parallel elantra so I want to do that looking where cellular toasters and I'm saying when this punishment comes the second obedience upon us when assigned to any punishment now el castigo speaking event it will be a twenty five twenty by accident of milk intervention but it's not gonna be sequential we don't know what's in sequential it's gonna be parallel I said parallel Oh running together parallel oh so you can add the pagan to serve at a needle Pagani's mo and the pipe Oh yep I'll it running at the same time Oh Korean le mismo tiempo I've already suggested Joe ABI Ishola so head Ranger the way of invite Catholic doctrines in our church you know so to say Melissa vidoes doctrine as katana cos investigation we have nosotros isomers so we know this type of persecution no sabemos in Toxocara appreciation pupusa look how many inroads the world has made into our church la pregunta meeting Qantas Casa del mundo giant ravenous aggression way the sermon this morning was dealing with that wasn't a else terminal on my own and star Alana de esto our sister wasn't talking about the I put in rows into our children's education national stuff alone a little lesson for instance papayas in West's kidney knows she was talking about the worldly influences wasn't she está al andalus influences and mundo in our news the worldly or pagan influences el mundo la see for instance all as influences Pegula's we're in under attack both ways nosotros estamos Sabri attacking new Muslims from the false religion of Babylon they sell illegally he unfastened a Babylonia and the worldly principles a lifestyle of babylon in los precios de vida babylon aku's can you say was the point where how they stink they're running concurrently wanna be sequential a you love those system parallel knows not sequential meant yes see so do your calculation is not 4300 okay are to calculate order for canto services 1863 or chip Miller Joe Santos isn't at risk and do 1216 air mass milled Ocean to the center visa me hora let's see if it's better it's a lot better let's if it's better today's meal siento in two days is that Tom a whore en esta bueno this this next piece I can either rush through or give a little bit of logic posted of a super habían rapido or down poco de la kike one hour and 47 so you wanna take a break I know okay okay we'll take a break the same ozone break oh no and I'll explain the logic your first weekend a logic of this place of how we're gonna sort this problem out come on home segi masoor knock any case agin Mo's okay he or she wants to keep the logic so you can finish this we can start the next one okay okay so you wanna lock eco so I need five more minutes then finally five or ten minutes five single yeah minutos de minimis esta Charla esta parte so I had to give a bit of a story okay doesn't poke you to the story akka let's go to revelation 11 apocalyptic a patron say we're gonna pick up from vamos a empezar here starting at verse 3 vesicular Tris rebirth 3 a couple apocalypsis Anza vesicle trees ordinary and mis dos testigos que Prophet ISA por mil doscientos descent ideas vestidos con robust a Spurs a spur us with the 1260 we all agree with that our customer Minnesota sent Estonia call vaca C so we're in the 1260 here dos systems our kindness the period of mutation to Center PayPal and God has got two witnesses it continuous itna dos testigos and they're prophesying instant prophetess Ando but now one's listening pero nadie lo s culture they're in sack cloth in stone was in rows robust as fellows we can understand these three witnesses in a number of different ways by different his form as intended kiss honest as dos testigos but all I wanna say is and lo que quieres animals they good because some way knows because they witness in for God for constante still goes to those in verse 4 it talks a little bit more about them we're single Couture sever Paquito muscle issues and then he says in verse 7 never sick los siete let's read that cuando se acaba also testimonial la base de que suba del abismo are Agera contra issues los been Sarah ellos matter ah so it says you see when they finish their testimony mundo terminar su testi testimonial what's gonna happen to them give a pasar con esos testigos they're gonna be killed - erm were toes so they will finish their testimony in 1790 I'll toss the terminal so testimony Minnesota Sonoma torture that they killed here dosimeter on ie we agree with that Tonya cordially yeah see Allah why it's got a comment on this verse and I want one officer on commentary vs vs and it says in the verse indecent versa when they have finished this circuit cuando issues on terminado past tense pasado so if you had done your testimony over this history so stellar also testimony put to rest historia when have you finished in kit temple key mementos air terminal oh here let me such a salami torture you think that's where they get killed was the PNC Joseph wake a former toe but Ellen White says the word wasn't translated correctly when it says finished and I want this circulatory Lucien Apple are no food traduzido correctamente kaliesha trimmin odd oh but it should actually read finishing kitten really low correctamente como tell me Nando which means nearly finishing esta casa tell me Nando I'm gonna put a dotted line here open una Linea Punta Holika and I'm gonna size in this history here is leaking a story that they killed kill somewhere toes just put a cross on uh what mu e are TOS opera cross because they crucify yeah that's what you want to former toes they killed here somewhere toes as los testigos so I want us to say that K Ramos que vemos system who kills them who can LaMotta this was those test egos they said it's a beast in sukhasana bestia that comes out of a buff on this page he's submitted only del abuse more naira terror so I normally write this down but it gets because it's only it's the Spanish it takes ages to saponins Carrillo all the way in English Louis al English bottomless paints a libido and white will tell you Alouette acid this is a symbol and some symbol oh I worry means que significa esto it means a new K significant nuevo manifestation manifestation of satanic power don't pull their satanic oh so it's a new weather manifestation power of Satan ooh new wave of ability certain us so that's what I wanted to see what this is mr. Castelo v Lopez when they're finishing their Testament interest on terminado so testimonial a new power nueva poder is controlled by site SS control opposite Ana's is gonna come on the same by empezar isuzu here Nora Paris la escena and kill them Eva metallus and this power that's coming out yes the polar kisses Suvi is cold in the next verse it says shaman approximable sakano three things three courses let's read that verse eight vesicular or Cho sous cadavers estarán en la plaza de la gran ciudad que sentido kane sentido spiritual shaman Sudama year egipto Donnan tambien nuestro señor for crucification so this new power on scenario polio is called the great city in sam'l Allah grant you that called Sodom Kshama Sonoma it's called AJ dimensional the hip talk of Sodom and Egypt were great cities focus Adhamiya hito Aaron granny sued Alice do we know who this power is nosotros comemos de quien esta Monica Keena se ponen en France France Francia but it's not any old France but no s it's not any type of a fraud nuestro que tipo de Francia because I just said Mercutio dicho it comes out of a bottomless pit por que salir del obispo which means it's new geekery Sica swivel in France new in this history for example of France and whoever in this historians been around for a long time such as this year see mucho tiempo so why is he saying France is new porque si si no killer Francis nueva entonces because suddenly here porque de repente ie France changes the Francia cumbia back here auntie Sadie Frost was pagan from Sierra pagana and then it became yo here comes a transformer the first son el primer hijo of whom de quien del Papa is a del Popolo was the first nation for la primera nación that became Catholic kisses - Simone católica Catholic all the way through is católica Portola tiempo and so here hasta que si este Punto and now it changes religion Aras a common religion the religion of Egypt la reducción de la egipto in religion of AJ la religion Allah egipto is every man as Kotori is their own God his su propio scanner hombre super abuse what do we call that commercial mama sister and I use them or the god of well do say the god of reason la razón this is the French Revolution la révolution française the French Revolution la révolution française is I flee speak France and la Francia at least and it's a new manifestation of satanic power soon and whoever manifest has shown that certain us we can say that for the most various - let's read some overseas mostly Laguna's versus mass we're gonna go to verse 13 now Somerville signal Tracy Trenton and were saying 13 Tracy in a Kia Ora Oh boom granted remote - la décima party la ciudad cd-rom beau poor letter moto Mori arrows siete meal hombres lo demás siete more sorrow Indian Gloria Aldo Cielo so now what happened yo Erica pasado in this history in Astoria there's an earthquake I own terremoto not literal no as literal symbolic symbolic oh and when this earthquake happened mundo cetera moto Carrillo what what is the consequence will keep us Rockefeller consecuencia there's a great city resistant against you that and what happened he pastor con esta ciudad se the Rumba they said it falls down no no very carefully con cuidado there it is the great same thing what happens the somebody died instead of 7,000 died about the city about the sobre la ciudad the tenth part fall fell they said it's 110 to the city that falls una a la decima party la ciudad Sakai so here's 110 a car zoom decimal the city inverse I sirrah inverse Ikuo Cho says the great city so this Allah grants you God and now in verse 13 verse signal Tracy it just says the city Arkadiy sonomas la ciudad do you think the city in verse eight in the city in verse 13 of the same state to step in Osaka la ciudad vesicular orchard traces so la misma ciudad no no let's think about the Somoza nest where in this history here estamos an SS Tory akka and in this history here in Astoria in Daniel chapter 7 in the near capital city there's an iron-based existe una una una una best today in the year oh I was this base coats all got on its head get in your Sebastian su cabeza que tiene cuernos horns how many cuantos horns Hey yes yes queerness what is this base the symbol oh yes a basic history I say this is a basic a solid arrow as so similarly can Roma which will trow Kurama pagana pagan is iron iron arrow then we know that three the horns of clock tower sabemos que trees los cuernos Anza Carlos by the pipe si por el papad Oh nowadays horns the square knows what a symbol of coalescence symbol entonces uh squareness gracious the same Kings which Kings qual races queries I rub the out here : redundant relational warrant is the kings of europa low register Appa and how many kings were they cuantos ratios of you know repeat insane yes and one of those kingdoms which worth with was which nation you know the lost lost years recalled Arizona's Francia so Frances francium is 110 under Chimel of this great sitting there's a grand sadaqa wrong Romo so here in tosaka the city as you dad we wanna call it the city of Rock City would we call a la salud emotional acid and aroma como la Chimere IMO's babylon Babylonia so the great city Babylon la ganancia de Babylonia because the papacy is cold war poor killed papa loco Mocho Malo Mystery Babylon who's Mysterio Babylonia she's gonna lose 110 have appeared in decimal of her being the su the su parte de su cuerpo and who is that 110 you can as I said there's Simone decimal from Francia because France is going to change from being Catholic to particular France if I can be honest it católica para atheist at Easter but there's another thing about this time it existed author courses in the Meridian so we want to say Kiki Ramos wait now when you earn money Kondo still receive money salario when the receiver dinero you earn a thousand dollars a month so receive amassment mil dólares por miss what are you required to do Katinas castle con esto forgot in Porto in ties you take it ten sokka's on decimal which is the tithe here's LV a small and it's the remnant or the bait that you're not allowed to use cases reported in the New York you stayed non-stop permitido solemn so I want us to begin to say Joe Carioca Stan Pearson of a law that this 10 K so the Diaz is a symbol and soon a symbolic here of the leftover or the remnant the last sobre lo que si que lo lo que estas hablando in God's church la primo and legless adios how many people saved Cantus personas on Salvas just a remnant solamente remanent let's calculate the a chapter 6 Allah Moses is capital o says verse 13 vesicular Tracy say yes a is ver signal Tracy se hace a secret race a se queda on ninaholidays imma party es a volver are a sadist Reda pero como el roble la escena que al sur corchado's al Qaeda al tronco a since era el truco Lassa me NT Santa what is it mentioned kissed Allison TACA 110 110 thought that's my party now if we if you went back to read from verse 8 see where it was a vesicular to Isaiah 6:8 yeah but we weren't ready okay / no vamos a lil you'd see the context massive el contest oh go to verse 11 verse and verse alone see that's really a stock cuando senior in respond orally hasta que la ciudad a sustainer salanas is immoral or no Hacha hombre mark asses in la tierra sth on this year to waive reread don't delay memos about the city's been y state initially a most colossal i wanna study Salado and the land being desolate arawa start the Salada Tommy anonymous esto 78 is in a solo certain time taken captive given a circuit Evo's verse 12 mercy chlorosis says the Lord removed them in the circle Senor lo vaquita Lou when the Lord got rid of all his paper on the versa Sekou todas as personas how many people came back what does persona vinieron all of them todos ellos it was the remnant from Raymond NT and the remnant is symbolized by what number yelled Rea Menendez our symbol is our port call numero 1 1 1010 una decima party so let's think about this when someone's in Islam these 2520 punish myself this is my loss en tus first of all primero it's gonna run concurrently from Iruvar occurred a significant career parallelize not sequential a non sequitur meant which is twelve hundred and sixty acres of milled ocean to the center but God is not dealing with his church produced a leader no consolation the woman la mujer of Revelation 12 la mujer apocalypse IDO say let's go there in closing vamos al parecer at revelation 12 apocalypses dos we read this I am assist oh here is the woman a car solomou help a pal we agree with that llama here let's go to verse 17 our members were secret associative remember we spoke about the dragon Sakura Columbus and Aragon and the piper say yellow Papa's Oh making war as chandeliera again rest home contra key enter imminent who is the remnant King as a remanent a seventh-day Adventist Church like I said mintus except Amalia if you were gonna deal with the remnants of sorrento Citadel or imminent what is it symbolized by here's a new symbol d1 on 1010 so let's do that plus women's Ernesto 1260 1260 Millicent is a 10th of that es por ciento Diez - what number is that he's on the back of there to make the

126 126 you come all the way back

to many mainly Keiko you fast able whistle mismo Punto car meaning minute taken from citizen tremendous ace and that's why it's 126 4s was a sentiment essays because it's dating with the remnant of the seed pork is solid and O'Connor imminent and Alison ISA which is the Adventist is a twenty small advantage an element is moe having rejected the covenant Irish it reaches a low alkyl Paco is now gonna be punished on Aramis ed Pulido four twenty five twenty Marisa castigado dominant event but because Bureau porky things wrong concurrently at the end of the world has consistent parallelizes fin del mundo and because we're a remnant in por que somos una imminent it comes to one to six centimeter says you do 1863 so sit on see Ursula Mathematica military she wasn't addressed it comes to ninety like mineral centers or chintan early 1989 in Law Center January was the most significant year in the 20th century for an ion mass significant occur coroner's civil event it changed the world I can be a del mundo and that's what this is marking is focused on mark Andris interrogation nineteen eighty nine mil novecientos a centenarian 1989 is a subject to Bible Millicent ochenta novices damn up this Suunto prophetical this year changed the world yesterday on you can be el mundo when it looked like the Cold War you keep re-seeing acondo llegará Fria between the United States and Russia had come to its end and the salsa news the truce is tyranny no soothing but behind the scenes you know atrazine hasta las decenas people didn't realize that's personal internal pensive en Protestant America kill al Protestantism americano had changed ha cambiado its religion surah lee hyun just like france it changes religion here la misma for no come on franceour can be also religion el pasad France went from pagan to Catholic Francis alluded Pagani's more the the the catalyst is no para Pagani is Marathi is in the 1990s immuno central search enter the United States resistance Unidos went from being a Protestant nation i can be a vasila national protest turned into a supporter but Hamas see no persona que apportion hyper say el pasado and they still power incident Polaris United and became one see whom taro certain Somali knew no solo to make war against Russia but I said gara gara contra Russa and all this can be demonstrated in Bible prophecy it told us of us at the most on prophecy Biblica so what this is teaching that you see when you sense a media to vent the our church takes isn't even a prophecy noise up here Nazi glaze sadistic he's not even a prophets right yeah Leonor sig Lisa this your key Estonia Sunna prophecy ax takes you all the way back from this history but also a loss in Seneca to share a disatrous s at the center going to those to 1863 and some electro synthesis interest and we have a perfect cry as the moment almost with spear hunky Ozma perfecto we reject the science Trish ooze the same truth here Richard Samuel la misma Vida a carcass Tamaki hunters plunging our church into darkness and polish my pony and honest iglesia in accord odd a caste go we receive an additional 25 2000 recipient o owner and owner an odd video and no otro dominant event but the dynamics in the ED at the end of the world trying para la dynamic and a fin del mundo cambiado first of all we don't run sequentially we'll run concurrent Rivera men take a no estamos Fernando's sequential perros in parallel O's we're not a woman where the seed or the remnant of the woman no somos we're not we're not the woman nosotros Omaha Moorhead where the side of the wall nosotros somos nas same Misha de la mujer or the remnant or imminent and a remnant your imminent a is associated with the 10s on social kanoon decima party you run you stay till 12 60s concurrently so step on it those Minnesota says Center parallelize it comes to 1260 it's a shake and Millicent assistant and take a tenth the circus una parte de question two six one dollar says in agreement with many many tequila forests are they are called oh come any minute iCal parsing and then you get interested simple tennis to the Year 1989 i/o Minnesota gentlemen and in 1989 in Minnesota to Eastern oil God began to restore his Pearson Pearson restore our super blow and he restores his people a former cattle start of Super Bowl the prophetic message Escanaba mean sake profit because he did Kamala so way back here in 1798 miss at this autonomy torture but in 1790 I miss at the Sonoma torture it was the first time Jews message that came for amendments are kakera home and then the second kind paradise home in El Segundo Bernie no history no s historia we will have the first angel arriving no so totem in vamos a tener premier mensaje Macondo here we have the first angel tenemos el clima Rankin but then we have to have the fulfillment of Revelation I think below tenemos el que tener el complemented apocalypse in the future when the second angel comes con el segundo head partner and they signed you here en ciel Chewbacca begins to restore the image of God in his paper in PSR esto le Marquis the views in super blow as it begins to work common pssshew trabajo with the third angel con el tercer on hill leading us no cervando to the third and final stage but at slo-mo Paso which is the Sun that here's my little miracle or the clouds of probation the gods Chelsea la puerta paranoia videos and if we cannot say is you know Soto no podemos with or if we say in review and we reject this you know vemos an orator Samos space truth esos Morales there is no hope for us here no existe ninguna parents akka and a Shiva's Cardona de Soto's has to prepare Jenica prepared on the soon coming Sunday law but a Longley dominica que Presta stopperich on the said 1989 Minnesota Tintin weary with how many years ago science etosha Felicia 28 years and counting 2002 I know secant and Rose were science a long time mucho tiempo we can demonstrate for the Muslim on Starkey we can't do it this weekend no no I commonly was arrested fin de semana the days are not the only way marked with god yes oh no son solomon ptosis Marco's que tenemos we can begin to track for the most track three events in the political world in el mundo political they are indicating and showing us that were very close to the Sunday can someone with circus and a little medical but the way the church does it today la former colleague Lisa a CoA is they focused on looking at the papacy in stone for Callisto note also that insurance emerald Popolo and if you do that you see us the osseous so you're looking at the wrong place who system here under lugar Akiva Carlo Ellen White says the Sunday law or you know might be circularly Dominical is moving ahead in darkness secrecy insta Segundo and no scurried add-in secreto but there are public things that are happening but I Kostas publicans Kristin passenger not directly connected to the pipers a new study directamente connect are gonna pop a low and they're the markers that were required to so solos marker Laura's can also to some of the key reasons are persevered the first one el primero s is the arrival the first thing is my stylish a gala premiere my second calico and now into God's people in the single poll videos who are lost in their sing kissed on perdidos in super cows in their prophetic understanding of the word in the zoo in telemental confetti la palabra that I need to repent kidney necesito syrup in there and turn back to God it will very serious and if they would do that I see lo one Assyrians to do this prophetic message nervous system insecure prophetical in agreement in the acuerdo cornets work at the second angel in the Holocaust even on kill the work of righteousness or sanctification el trabajo de justicia Cassio no scientific ASEAN we will have an experience norma certain experience she would recreate the image of God in humanity reverse a crea Rick really marking the dosa nosotros they Steelport and so I believe of prophecy a super amazing importancia de la prophecy a let's pray vamos para Heavenly Father Kyra do Padre we want to ask him pray that you would give us understanding and wisdom he must be the casino disability conocimiento my how can pray as me or as soon it pedido the days truth here says we're Dallas could be the mains he posted a video of a white linen your paper but at the Saturday spirit are super blow a desire to study your word further and they say all the police we had to palavra masam profundidad to awaken us out of Our Lady seen Candace pert on oh so so to the new Esther condition the law saith we might repent Simic para que podamos reppin a nose turn back to you volver Mo's a tea and have your image recreated enough it animo said to amahi recrea de a nosotros she'd our prayer in Jesus restoration una pregunta falta no mas una presentation quad Toretto alpha Nakano historia