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well Messara have any father Kirito Padre we asked you to continue to be with us very musky continual continued eagerness otras to guide us in us gear as we continue to open your word I'll continue almost early so palabra to make the preparation that we much need but a similar proportion keepers is almost at the end of the world and in Finland mondo in Jesus his name we pray and I wonder he's so stupid he Muslim a so we had a brief review or overview of the 2520 is similar if Zambian simplest interrupted us who sinned a little bent ass incremented and I took you to her backache chapter 1 & 2 did you really about capital Unidos and what I want you to show us look akhirah Maseratis was that this vision that's been discussed in this the hold of the book but particularly in chapters 1 & 2 service junkies haciendo habla de and the capital of Thailand and totally bro no professor mental capital loss Unidos had an application in your application the world in fin del mundo this patient that's been spoke of in a backache chapter 2 and so Bianca's Osceola and capital ago Sierra cook is the same story that's found in the Vedic estate there's a misma storica cincuenta in Leviticus capital winter says and in Leviticus 26 olivia to sabatelli winter says it's identified as punishment esta identificado como castigo it specifically verses 18 21 24 and 28 specifically to basically destroy been to cuatro to an 18 24 18 21 24 28 verse signalled the Sochi Winter Universiade bent a quatrain torture so in these verses you already talked about a punishment of seven times in this is very secretive archeology castigo the co2 vases and its marked has been given four times mr. McAuliffe without cuatro veces because it's dealing with four of these kings okay Stella Don quarter this is racist ie she's gonna mark they history of for those kings you serve America cautery salacious the first one is monaster and the last one is that acai and primera vez hermana says saluting Wasilla to the Kia's and there are two in between yeah Dawson in video and then at the end of this punishment yell finale estoppel is shown there's a caste go underneath people are in the vetting of 26 like you are almost Leviticus mentor says at the end of this punishment that culminates in the reign of Zedekiah yell finally asleep uneasy on get the mean and the ready and the Rinella see the Kia's will pick up from you've almost little bit sick come on verse 31 verse eternity oh no and now will make your city's waste and bring your sanctuaries into the desolation and I will not smell the cyber of your sweet odors the fairy the theaters Westeros you Dallas holiday Westeros and two arias in no only raela Francia the worst was suave performing so by the time it's got through this last punishment in Tosa condo shag and el último policy on it says the cities are gonna be light wise ridiculous you Dallas the Quran the ciertas and then verse 30 turn particular the traitorous says I will bring the line into desolation if you say tambien a scholar a también la tierra so it speaks about the cities being wasted in the line being death like naka de la ciudad siendo the ciertas de sol la receta en omelette ambien de la tierra bein Sindhu Asada's and then the enemies which are going to take over the land it Lawson amigos que para tomar la tierra will be astonished bonus when a star system run pass Mallos Paz Moran then verse 33 facility tres says I will scatter you among the hidden vosotros Esparza ray n Toulouse nos nos so what Hayden do you think he's referring to us now shown as Pugin is no key the kiss has started fitness and nastyona Sokka you tried it with Habakkuk chapter 8.0 still connected ahsoka Baku capital of los que nos unicity Onassis chapter one verses five and six Capital University law single says cannot soon assess Akiba as part is Percy rod Babylonia know the kaldane the skull dales so verse 33 says I will scatter you among the hayden the secret reach through the trees and will draw out a sword after you and your land he'll be desolate and your cities waste vosotros Esparza Day Internationals it isn't venir a la espada and post-divorce otras versus tara esten sk darada a Salada desert Westeros you Dallas so it's repeated verses 31 and 32a soon a repetition every single thing do not enter those so you've got head to the end no Sasha gotta anything I assume we know a little bit about this history Hinoki nosotros NOS vamos a poco so versus Astoria when God's people are punished by Nebuchadnezzar when el poder de Dios está siendo Pune Lupo Nabucco DiNozzo and they get taken to Babylon elusive ona Babylonia how long were they in Babylon 4 for Kentucky was secured on continuous on Babylonia say 10 times 70 years 70 years do we know why 70 years those days I will pour que se llama certain times hermano cycle tools can they tell you in the next verse levels in the proximal vertical verse 34 the signal 20 cuatro and then entonces during this desolation torrontés of the solution the line shall enjoy her Sabbath la tierra Gonzales whose dears the repose sousou-sama's as long as the land lies desolate durante todo es que este the celada and you will be in the land of your enemies mientras vosotras estates in la tierra de nuestros amigos the land shall enjoy her Sabbath's la terre la tierra descansar entonces yo cerasus da raposo su Cevallos meter induces repose apostles so this time period we go the gods people going to Babylon it's a political poll a dose of a parabola Nia is the time period where the land will enjoy her Sabbath or will enjoy rest and sell periodical actia rava are descansar sábados if we went to second chronicles it's just a service segundo chronicles chapter 36 verse secret renter says segundo chronicles to enter says the last chapter is a loot mo capital verse 21 verse cyclopentane you know you're gonna see this the same information once a week as amuse me formación but now he's gonna tell you how long the Sabbath rest is for robbing the city cuanto tiempo el Descanso that sound Anika said that we read first we begin from verse 21 personal vesicle venti Segundo kuroneko's capital apprentices versicle veinte veinte uno a loss case capper on de la espada los llevo County Vasa Babylonia donde fueron servos del y de sus hijos hasta que vino El Rey no de los purses para que su cumplir a la palabra de Hyuga dollop or boca de Jeremiah's hasta que la tierra evo gisado de Raposo por que todo el tiempo de sua SOLAS mento repos raposo hasta que los 1/10 oz fueron complete OHS so he read verses 20 and 21 21 so it says in verse 20 vesicular mentally see that they're going to be carried away into Babylon Ivana said County was in Babylonia for the time period do not tell people the tempo of him ordeal and his sons his SUSE hose says that in verse 20 years in vesicle vent adhesive so the hem is the Cardiel is Nebuchadnezzar yes Nabucco DiNozzo then his son his Suzy who's his grandson this was near to his grandson is Belshazzar so near to his Belshazzar than you chapter 5 Daniel capital of Cinco so now we're going to think about Daniel chapter 5 in this story scientists are a pencil in an L capital o Cinco does everybody know what Daniel chapter 5 is about promoter policy so States having a persona capital of Cinco de Danielle spell shot the King Belshazzar Saturday they have enough faith Tennessean on a fiesta there's a handwriting on the wall I own a Monica separation in LA in a parade so all I wanna say that okay you know Clooney kochu karu CRS is the Daniel chapter 5 he Danielle capital scene option adjustment must be does this so what you're supposed to do look at Inachus it a stir sees this voice continuity it form the line for six years was the place said Sen the farm comes agenda work the land worked at rabbika la tierra passe science then the seventh year you spoke to not to anywhere in the receptive or not in Rica sediment Rocco then you begin the cycle again it doesn't impress us el siglo travail mas six years work one year or system is a trabajo Uno's in trauma hard so if I contain stole the vase this is your pudiera condensate dollar story into a single event you know noventa único this would be one cycle in Caesarea all cyclone put number one for your own sick low so this would be one Sabbath read in Caesarea you who know you this Sabbath of the Descanso so if I go forward seven years this is your pass or a serious maspiro Delonte this would be the second cycle a DME Segundo Michigan Lucic laka but there's seven years in between each one per existed serious entry cada uno so if I did it if I stretch this out see where it's not a Pokemon linear panel on T here would be number seven again necessary universe here to travel mass so this one is this so I co our kill premiere it is premiere siglo and this one is this I so seriously wound sick low can we say that point various story see now if I carried on go it all the way down so just Eva Armando siendo histone h1 of days is a Sabbath Kedah Malaysia represent on Sabbath oh and how many Sabbath is the land deserve quanto sábados la tierra maresi seventy seventy setenta so there's one two three industries it got all the way to 70s online setenta so you've got 70 years of rest so sir ten times a disconsolate era necesita but how many years would that be all together equal to zero caesarean todo esto because each one day is a seven gallon only associated so it'd be seventy times seven so your certainty versus theater is 490 what Rosie O'Donnell vente so what I is teaching you case what they say is if we go back to this story it's just a whatever story artist is delicious for 490 years for Quattro siento no van tires God's people have been in rebellion el poder de Dios otama in rebellion and the rebellion that's been marked in these chapters rebellion que estamos en America and his capitalist is that they didn't let the land rest Araki issues know the corona Tierra this concerns to serve others and if you go to chapter 26 this used a little capital of inter says it talks about the Covenant isla del pack 2 and what God's people are doing is breaking the Covenant you look at the early period your sister seniors are on P&L pact oh so by the time you get to the end of 490 years no ii o terminal final de los cuatro cientos no vent ions now God says it's enough does this bastard now I'm going to punish you are aware Casa garden and that's what this seven times punishment is all about esto es lo que significa society tiempos lapa National Cathedral City tiempos what is significant when Ezra significant a magnificant see 190 the Quattrocento noventa I've given you a four hundred ninety here today oh no you Quattrocento noventa antes just for your information para su informe asean the 490 Quattrocento noventa begins from the time of seoul and PSI del tiempo de sol and goes all the way to the end server ourself in al it's the history of the kings so let's start a little ishes makes you see the cars right first you have the history of the judges premiering personal story look who is this and then you go to the history of the king that's for when you like story Alicia's and it's 490 years so Quattrocento noventa on Tuesday the cars right and to be honest approximately in this case okay aproximadamente star city Kia's in Astoria what other 490 is a we familiar with are gonna exist the author is simple the alum Quattrocento no vent acoustic on awesome none day if you come to the time of Christ even eighty polycrystal seventy weeks he says that's the tenth of Samanas so you've got seventy weeks innocent seven then is attend a seminar near Capitol honorary so Quattrocento noventa the same calculation miss McHale cook you work on Leviticus what happens the end of the 70 weeks episode final del Quattrocento Zion partition of Italians and tipo de Cristo what year are you in que estas el treinta y cuatro despues de Cristo nowadays what DSG's with these cities despues de Cristo what happens in 34k personal internet Quattro Steven Steven they'll appear there are men to the Steven so once leave any stones la Canne entonces tienes a pedrad oh where does the gospel go but I don't deserve 11 helium until it's close to the World Bank para el mundo let's just tie up that loose end moment owns a garage is a Punto let's go to Matthew chapter 10 I read a million miles capital D s and I'll draw a line here you were a nonlinear Matthew chapter 10 verse 6 Matias capital of Diaz particular says Jesus is gathered his twelve disciples he sucia juntos Udacity syphilis and he's gonna send him on a mission to save the paper Ramon Dallos on a mission para salvar super evil which paper do you think he's gonna send them to say la pregunta es para keep persona dos hermanos de c plus Paris's para salvar a para he Dilys they said Gentiles no let's read a mammalian Locka the range verse 6 the lost in ships of Israel is said also because previous verse Allah says so capital D as verse Allah says see know either antes a las abejas / readers de la casa the Israel say we read verse 6 let's read verse 5 now normally reversing loss in Kawara I install those in VO cashews LSD who enlist your instruction is descend oh poor camino de gentiles nirvash's en ciudad a Samaritan owes no in tres sinewy Leontes a las abejas perdidos of a castle Israel a little bit 56 at the beginning of the ministry the commune so so ministerio Matthew 10 module Martin's capital years it says no Gentile no hint Aeolus Gentiles until lasers we agree with that Somalia cordially then for seven years for certain sentences college gonna focus on home do suavo khalasar sink in the church like Li Jie first primero Christ is going to do that work primero Krista once it is a taco and remember we split this into three and a half years the curriculum was the Tracy Tracy Tracy medium three and a half years so not only is God Jade is gonna give the message to the church and the master development soccer paralegal Asia he's doing what on top of that came a citizen noticed a Lada Modesto in the three days result in the stress Diaz no killer he's creating esta creo que una Ephesus nueva Glaceon Ephesus and now Ephesus it was his emphasis is going to do the same work that Christ told him today vez el mismo trabajo que Christo LEP do para ser lo until ID 34 and silent winter quarter and this arc is the Punto is the end of what history s el final de que estoy hermanos called tempo prophetic Oh sir tenta semana 70 weeks Petruchio noventa and when did they begin the content processor setenta semana 457 casinos him at the theater but what prophecy begins in 457 la policía a prophecy empezó también el Quattrocento cementited those Mithras in 2,300 2,300 - Mithras into science Diaz so one thing that we don't understand about the 2300 day una cosa que no tenemos la Smith three centers it's one of our primary truth text es una los primeros comme si si this was the Provost para prevailed owes me three Santos gonna prove something give up revoir algo before we tell you what it proves rotavirus in lollipop Ramon what is the 2300 day prophecy about anyway the preguntas key the kiss sealed with a kiss our the cassette rattle a prophecy does nutrition to science what's the subject well SLT my la students a provision santuario sanctuary purification isn't right what about the sanctuary I'll put if you can see on this a beautification for the sanctuary it gives the the the data that's gonna start the judgment okay la fecha given pasar hua Zhu so let me say that those two things in a slightly different movie opening round pick in Valencia it's dealing with the restorationist a blonde a lot of wrist I was shown of the tempo del templo yeah see I'm just saying the same thing in a slightly different system you see me my cosa on pokey so solo different what is the tempo la promoters kisser templo the church and iglesia and it's also the Tamina's the individual el individual so the 2300 days the fame of this Altima that does nutrition to science is the restoration a restoration of a human being del cerimon oh-oh-oh restoring the image of God in a human being or wrestler restore our Sun Li machi de Dios in Elsa Romano is not the gospel no sister no volcanoes Manos yeah see so the 2300 days is the gospel message it was a Linda Smith to the scientist as a mystical deliver helium dealing with the restoration of about people on O'Connor restore as shown and Palladio's but this restoration is in three phases the rest are SR as soon as onion dosa tapas so I'm saying this is the primary one of our primary proof takes to show you the following SS una de las Primera's parent primary school sousou-sama's para para algo the he's 490 years of Quattrocento noventa this is 1810 years is to some you know joseon two years and the gospel 11 helium the restoration not restoration of the image of God la la marca de Dios begins with home and Pearson donde premier of the church in like carl iglesia then displays the world mundo it's always the same problem is my warsaw Breguet Altemus el mismo si repeat is repeated and in matthew 10 in Mathilde years Jesus specifically tells his help Oh his su specific amenities are super blow not only are you supposed to go to the church he know so I'm interested in akhira iglesia he said you're not allowed to go to the Gentiles nope only seed a lot idealist so I'm saying this okay to this you know Lucien that this history here Isis Toyota decreased why he has to be brought to the end of the world Jenica cetera Ivica and elfine el tiempo and when you get to the end of the world condo cigar sake elfin El Tiempo firstly in God's face la primera cosa que dios listen if you're not allowed to go and give the gospel to the world es que no está spermatozoa save our 11 hello para el mundo because in 8027 talking the lamented esposa de creus all is gonna so out and finish the gospel cristóvão irregular para terminar esposa leva hello and he wants his church side first the Kirikiri glacier primero says solving for hundreds of years before they would send signals in signal Santa sister would I will with the church to post the Gowan do public evangelism prevent errors to the world say rocky likely Santa sack attend reoccur said evangelist who public on Jessica yes II see and because I refuse to do that he la razón porqué stretches are awake you sir hacer esto he says if you're not going to go to the Bible only and then convert them it was like almost a novella babylonica said converter lows what will he came to save us a low Hill said the Babylonians to your house the lava Allen babylonica Vega tu casa Hinton's a visit art they'll invite themselves Yvonne Avenida was not a pro Cooper's so he sent them to Babylon in toshi-low Mendoza Babylonia because it was public evangelism ok formal Hill is no public oh you see this same over and over again survey said Timmons repeated note el tiempo why does Joseph go to Egypt - Abraham go to Eli preguntas porky Jose Sephora heap - por que habrá unsafe way Abraham when AJ heat to a heater why does Jacob go to AJ la pregunta por que la cosa for parakeeto because it's all public evangeline todo esto era evangelism o público but when the work of the gospel is finishing up on the trauma : of a canister para terminar C and probations about two o'clock Allah promised ernesta para ser arson God says stop do see separa preaching to the Gentiles but on a pretty car pollution Till's because you need to get your own house in order percocet Enoch upon it tu casa in Orden if you go back to the story of Moses just a violent tornado my says just before on Paquito antes the Angel of Death passes Alva the Lanka de la muerte pass e / a shows what the Jews required to do que era mrs. Sarek allahu GOCC erin go into their home Keifer in sus casas locked the door cierra la puerta and shut themselves away he says hearin the toes no se quedan an end of the su casa because they're not supposed to interact with the world pork is not in the you can see interaction is con el mundo this is counter-intuitive Oh - what Adventist believe it was as different as content with evil Achilles I mean disappears on because of the whole body of evidence from the spirit of prophecy he existed grandis evidence as much as evidence indisputable this year the cells were supposed to be doing public evangelist ELISA que tenemos que estas haciendo evangelism public evangelism público which we were supposed to be doing though so to the nimac estaba siendo all the way from here to here todo el tiempo de similar to center kinetic artists as they put it in television but when you get to the end cuantos the sugar called phenol tiempo when you get to the end condensation alpha del tiempo de Cristo Christ commands us dios note that uh northern not to do public evangelist but I cannot say most vocal is no public oh to get our own house in order as que espera regular Mo's master proper Casa and I don't know any Adventist when they told this information that readily accepts it Yano conozco ninguna went east aqui con una soto decimos que no puede ser devil chili soup of acceptance information because it's a hard time Porky's moon officials on DJ moon official la pregunta is existe una cita journalist video prophecy acavie second no podemos I said evangelist no public oh oh no masochist two centimetres Jonas I just read Matthew chapter 10 you terminally look Epistle ODST materials verse 5 vesicular sink and I'm gonna make an application of that you were certain application de esto to the end of the world when alpha del mundo which is easy to do but it takes some time so I won't be able to show you how you can bring this history into the end of this postulate or easily story decree super honest Astoria yeah la pregunta is no Ellen White doesn't give you a reference to say it and at the end of the world stop doing public not in residence on kvc antes del fin del mundo para decir even keel is no public oh if I show you another evidence of this key Rizzo tribulation is too let's go to Luke chapter 21 moment of the Lucas capital Ventura no think it's Luke chapter 21 for public evangelism yeah Luke chapter 21 we'll begin we wanna go to Luke 21 21 21 Obama's up in Persico basically bent okay pero cuando vas our hero Solyndra the other the hair Cetus surveyed sabe de entonces que su destruction ashigaru so they're gonna see these armies that surrounded mrs. Jerusalem it was the one avaricious a hearse assistant Rodion delicioso Lane this is the prophecy that's gonna save God's people and soon a prophecy a valsalva and prova de Dios do we know what event this is just a stomach event or cast hablando see key event oh the extraction of jerusalem 70d let's turn the heroes a little incident so this is the destruction of Jerusalem but it is not 70 ID yeah let the Souper know Coronel innocent orang Elizabeth I yes go back again so no Sita so parlance the center says so in 66 in aloneness the center says we by the way there's three and a half years between existence in videos and it aligns the synthesis and in setenta this three and a half times comes up many many places Co travail mass is a Christian media operation so in 66 Jerusalem is besieged analysis synthesis here Lou Salinas Nasser kiala and then what happened it was a capacitor Condor hero Salinas Narayana the Roman armies lay a little hands to the Roman salad and if you were in Jerusalem is just tiny leucistic him saline why do i what is jerusalem a symbol of at the end of the world la pregunta Scala's la cebolla here kitaru saline tienen el fin del mundo the church my god I'd paint historically 70 says septum oh dear so once you see Jerusalem surrounded with armies who do Steve a hero Celine Cercado super hairy hairy toes then the armies lay below the heads of Salim if you're a disciple of Christ you say soon the sepal de Cristo what you spice the talents to trabajo que tienes que usted we play from Jerusalem who heed now in the studies that we've been doing no se los estudios que estamos haciendo it means a flea from Jerusalem yes significant weirdly fierce Alan does it mean stop now in church so you can you think a kiss but apparently Glacia no no it means lately this area this is the Carla condition a Louis area and enter enter para empezar and try and Ephesus so you suppose the lay Jerusalem bucatini Cosette as solid a few loose island verse 21 Priscilla mentio know when you live in ptosis it says if you when you leaved you there we don't it dose this was key is still who the journalist Montes where he spoke staff later but I don't know technically we're in ptosis my mountains Montes what mountains do you think this is but it won't there's get Montes Sonia sick astonishing akka you go to an event evangelistic campaign you save up but on a company of a holistic ax or you speak to conservative Adventists only pieces are convent is conservatories I think this is country living they should piensan a caucus build an El Campo I think you need to lay the city security Newark it's a little askew darkness and got flee into the mountains it'll hide from the world Yuri Perot was Montes us Conde and Alito say you know it doesn't mean that all no SS took a significant Manos this is a spiritual application it is so nice because shown a speedy trial que tenemos consider so I want to show you a mountain at the end of the world they were almost are on a Montoya con el fin del mundo Mountain Monte mmm ont II this amounted as described at the very end of the world exists one among Tanya Oman tickets at the Scruton in fin del mundo and its Mount Zion a Salman today's Yong Seon oh it's found in the Book of Daniel in science cute and liberal Danielle chapter eleven capital o OC verse verse 45 quadrant a quarter call it a single so this mountain that you espouse the flea Intel and Samanta a semantic you stood in the real tunic if we para in verse 45 in a versaclock Juanita Cinco is called the glorious is remodeled a holy mountain LaMontagne gloriosa this is the mountain it's El Monte Costa tiene que weed this mounting esta Montoya is a symbol of God's church simple Oceania like listen a Dios which church multiple colleague lazier colleague Lisa it's the church triumphant like Lisa to Infante the glorious Church la iglesia gloriosa in the terms of this discussion we're having its Ephesus a las palabras Gustav Osaka serial a list of the Ephesus so when you see Jerusalem surrounded with the armies of road on second austerity heroes a lanista Rodion apollo say here so seroma whose rome at the end of the world in his Roma and in fin del mundo the pipe was a paper seal Popolo who the army of rome at the end of the world in so lost her to the roma in el fin del mundo USA the United States the United States and they're gonna go into a union together in she was one are sittin on yon juntos when you say these events happening condos TV esos eventos are canta siendo you spoke safely from lady say ya tienes que salió de conducción de la this area going to the glorious holy mountain he said para el monte Glorioso I want to suggest lucky Kyousuke read that the army of Rome has already begun and done its work kilohertz to the Romans I'm pasado sales to trabajo of the round in Jerusalem this around AR Jerusalem attempted to come and destroy God's people but I intend Terra these two little promo videos but before they had a chance to do that but on this occasion poet in a Russian translator serious tone just like in AD 66 la misma formal como pass unless the sentence isn't is a clear después de Cristo they were distracted from their work it's just well destroy those de su trabajo and in that distraction in nessa destruction Kyoko here is the marker in Sophie lemarchal as well posed too late ladies here and coming to a theater demos que cela conditional on you say upper ephesus she'd been a wake-up call for God's church Hendrika Suroosh a mall and the spear tambien to parallelize reduce the division of a baguette chapter 2 the burden caleb is shown there a cookie capital o los la policia burden the pencil is about to be fulfilled he stirs presses are our compressor and Chaldeans are on their way in law school they assistant a Kamino and when they come the second time the condo VNA policy universe in 87th and Alliance attempted esposa de Cristo they're gonna annihilate this church on this to complete I mean tell Alicia and not only this church the whole world know so mentally likely a pure to al mundo when you say this thing happened here is 21 to Sevilla to Luis to pass on deliver signal meant you know you're supposed to flee into the glorious holy mountain do still there as it para mantener awesome we're gonna read the last half of the verse when was it all to my party after the kaolin says and let not them you lose kids there and in middle Asia margin see you lose cristianos Campos no entry nation not not let them yeah Bente oh no meant already see Lord open again you see you know stay stay in los campos no entry in Asia so it says if you are not living in Judea you're still in Jerusalem Jerusalem even who they are Oh Jerusalem you live in a country so spacious double Union del Campo the surround Jerusalem no Silas Keystone already Dora Carew Celine Judea who there these are other nations kiss on altars nationís so are they Israel or at a Gentile a promoter soon Israeli leaders or so Gentiles the Gentiles so Gentiles what are they not supposed to do key issues no / - you know said they're not supposed to come into the church no podía here in Malaysia when you see this sign cuando Steve ESS al we're supposed to leave a decir and enter Ephesus the demos Casella conditional always say up our FSU's we never get this pie reading guru Singh is rails history you're not supposed to be public evangelist understood Alistair the Christian martyrs year's keynote indricotherium Achilles no public oh and if you're a Gentile is just a talking to you you shouldn't be coming into this church not and recast urban university iglesia y por qué no because why this here is about to be destroyed Ricky lovely sister prestes a sadist reader and it doesn't make anything in us animal sentido coming to a church is about to be destroyed you need only listen stop para service through either the church is supposed to join III Glee acacia tendría que contar C is Ephesus like listen Ephesus but Ephesus is PO well emphasis is doing the work that lies nearest Casilla trabajo que está cerca mas cerca which is going to our brothers and our sisters and our families in the church yes Ian alrededor de sus hermanos Familia kissed on in nuestra Iglesias non-master Kano's before we go to our neighbors antes que podemos Cyrano s was vecinos this is what prophecy is taking a soul okay professor Stein syndrome and in this regard to these truths a non scepter nurses there Dallas people still as personas tol'vir think that I have some kind of mandate to do public evangelism scintilla necesidad Katina catenate Katina considerately smoke bucatini kill a little cargo no they said and they're gonna use the spirit prophecy to prove that point even on solace it as soon as Ellis Peter prophesy upon upon versus puntos and they get inspiration fighting against inspiration yeah Garen is Presonus billion no conspiracy honest so let's come back to the subject of the 490 when was in Toluca townlands Quattrocento noventa the 490 ends here was Quattrocento noventa tell me no naka the 490 ends here Dominic Otto constitutes una ventana Linda Carter there's one other 490 you know trauma Scottish intone event that we all know kotone Soto Cano Samos the conversation between peter is like Converse College are lucky I ain't repaired row he came us and GSA he sues Beatty wants to be clever better killer7 poco astute or not you say intelligent AC couple they have a tradition in shooting latter election predictions Jews didn't act I know who do sneaky tiempo the technically you are exposed to give somebody wants the new kid no master dick burner on a persona una vez no mas might be three times these are three races and after that the polyester mmm so pate is going to be generous instead of a second row so and he says how long should I forgive my brother this is my paradigm hermano I was his uncle aristocracy Lula seven times CA Teresa says now he soon responded nope seventy times seven it was attentive associative you ask most Christians if pregunta Lajamanu los cristianos evangelical Oh Advent Evangelic who saw Adventist us they'll tell you what that means they wanna decir que significa esto is that Jesus he sighing you keep on forgiving forever when I respond second one that knows this secret perdón uh no para siempre because seventy times seven is a big number for kiss attentive SS said there was no normal muy grande and it doesn't mean that no SS took a significant Jesus is saying kiss us attention okay if he sins forgive him silca Picabo pardon a low step by step Punta Punta pasa pasa you count 489 used a quanta cuatro Sheehan to know when to visit and you get no water so you say Oh chanting you re a Kenosha gakushin-dono venta what happens when he goes the same 491 EK passes spscc assumed picado Quattrocento noventa you know you no longer forgive them know masculine allah because that number purchased an aluminum is a symbol a symbol of the close of probation Cierre la puerta de gracia amen ID 34 no Anton de cuatro probation closes for the church in la promisin la Sierra from iglesia in the reign of these last kings in Leonardo's which was racially Israel CUDA probation closes for the paper La Provence is a rope a las personas in the story of cry lesson Eric Ries to Jesus says howdy forgive them 490 times when Sora Riku solamente Elliott ornamental vases once that happens you know viscous tapas Allah then destruction comes associated to show B&E so we want to understand this 490 here M wasn't in this is Quattrocento noventa in relation in relation to the seventh year s they lost the ten times the Descanso disability etiquette in it because this is the story of the 2520 okay so literally a little bit is incremented as much as this is the story of 25 2008 I mean come on Liz - Lydia grandma's life Toledo media to vent and why you know white is gonna make an application for a student application para nosotros she's gonna tell us as you're nobody seed I can give you the reference later a very serious question that the 70 year captivity ten times a cultivator was a tie Aaron people of the 1206 they loved me lo siento Sesenta she says they served the same purpose hilli-ho kisser will mismo propósito they were in captivity in Tonica TV row in Babylon in Babylonia this woman here esta mujer hi Tyra the athira she's in captivity to her as his tank incinerate the king Jezebel Isabel and a woman called Babylon in la mujer que sera muhabba bolonia a she is associate in affliction esta rosa VN affliction that's what fight I remain in Suki significant tira she's in captivity or affliction it's just like cracking in a freak show no or County value for 1268 on windows into Sesenta time period here till mismo period of the tiempo i who decides the papal la pregunta skin kiss salvo Osaka display no certain times zero Cyrus made a Persian a mellow person who sighs the people can solve our show Sokka the u.s. is Dallas anillos let's go to Revelation a primo sentence Apokolips e 13 11 transceiver tsukumo own say stomach yo familiar with apocalypsis teresa ver su clones I want to show you how we supposed to get living stories a mic and end time application Kira Senora cases Taurus or impious else until the application para el final del mundo revelation 13:11 apocalypse each receiver signal see well in Iraq are después de otra bestia que sube la la tierra the neodo square nose semi hunters a los únicos darrow parabrahma common dragon so this animal comes out of the earth entonces animal Cassandra Tierra who is a symbol of and some similar the cam kinases Celestia Estados Unidos USA we like that sorry Moses to know and this animal is animal is like a lamb Paran second Cordero with two horns two square nos tiene dose and then it's going to speak like a dragon I'll a dispersal are common that I've owned this place why is it a lion por que su carrera because it's just been created or born pocket rational via sido creado not in the poco tiempo be honest is oh and the lime is the baby in cordera cell baby they can assume baby we know the baby wore a some baby better care the shape isn't they don't know where her so here's the shape a cast on away huh oo ve j a so here's a shape on a tenemos una oveja with two horns on those queerness let's go to Daniel vamos in Tosa Daniel chapter I capital nacho and we're gonna look for vamos a buscar a shape wound over her with wore concave two horns those square nose in Daniel chapter right and a capital o - Danielle is there a shape la pregunta existe una oveja that's got to hold it a need those squareness see you know mm-hmm yes see you know yes the heresy it's exactly the same symbol si la misma similar mismo symbol of here and who is that shape la pregunta Skinner as oveja a symbol of it we'll see mother Ken think he tells you in verse 28 verse 11 to this as well Katy success diverse 2020 let me see or 21 one of the two yeah middle pressure 2020 20 23 verse 20 and cuando el carne Roca Vista continued though square nose is two solos delicious the meadow a person so can we say podemos ver entonces that the paper you're gonna rescue does persona scale of Anna Aras guitar t the nation is going to rescue God's people and a super virus Catalano and privileges from Babylon the Babylonia is a shape with two horns ESL carneiro condo square know so Slavic acondo square nose and can we say here for a me Ricardo molinez historia the nation is going to save God's people Lana Suki Avasarala pavakah is the shape with to hold the mayonnaise on Omaha condo square nose so that tells you in suit adhesive the the story about me the Persia till I stood in the middle Persia is a story about the United States has less Torre de los Estados Unidos I think that's relatively easy to say you'll say point videos discussing with fast super engineer Sylvain so you can say I've connected this story into this concern as I connect a light or a akka the Babylonian Astoria Carlos is also needles they say that point minister so this 70 years no similar certain tiles I'm gonna say this way the wheel cylinders are formal 70 equals 1260 kill certain tiles represent atyminius Iguala million to Sesenta can we see the connection why I would say that permanent of support if you sell a connection because it's not literal a 12-6 they know as literal be loose into the center but it has all the connection the rotini torus connection is Knesset iam pakka and Ellen White says it's strike yellow-eyed this institution is exactamente system even if you couldn't see the connection Christina Padilla Amidala connection so this 1260 it does assume million doses Center we had a hair but we rub the a lotta near Mosul captain Lobo Ramos the 1260 is how many times Millicent to Sesenta some quantity impose time times and dividing of time and is tiempos videos three and a half times Tristen post media you can see that point where Santos the system in this history here in ancestry the del Popolo this Babylon is who as a Babylonian represent our pork in the papers el Papa's oh but in this story Vanessa story akka this Babylon and some abalone was a pagan nation are on ownership Agana yes see whose pagan NASA Hogan hypo no papa sino pagana how many times not a missus the God's people and paraded us get taken into Babylon as your Volvo Babylonia controller with twice una orden vases twice then versus once here una la primera vez akka and once here yo Travis Sokka once the 78 Muno percent Antonius and once for 1260 el otro be los ciento Sesenta can say that point various toe but otherwise through typology parallel know why do support la dip below here is going to say that the 70 is the same as the 12 sacred ISA kilo set enter on so nomizu kilometres into the center so let me do that vamos a serious entonces you get taken into captivity for 70 years if their longevity call to you who put certain times then you get taken into captivity it is put on lotion epochal to you for 1260 windows Sentosa sometimes this is three and a half times missus on Tristian media but the 70 pitiless attenti is symbolically war there's no symbol here the king means same as the twelve Sesenta symbolically symbolically for the symbology put apollo here so this is all side three and a half time in Sao Tome in Teaneck is interesting we medium so for how long por cuanto tiempo as God's people being punished and where the dos our seed open either 1260 windows into Sesenta mas last twelve six then you see us a center is 25/12 Milky event can you begin to say mister point by certain doses of it why her back in chapter two the verticals 26 okay about cookie capital dosa levitus capital of intersects 490 is a Sabbath loss Quattrocento noventa onions the sábados desecration that this aggression is all connected to this 25 2000 connector called a milk in 2025 20 is an important subject a little bit the milk into winter isn't important because it's dealing with the breaking of the Covenant in solid and okana ldraw pimiento del pack 2 so hopefully you can say how are constructed is 25 20 you know better cuter intended economy construido a car and so da Milliken to maintain this is the paper say mrs. L papad oh and they says yes to cleaners or colic paganism will Simone was the Pagani's mo so this is pagan and Piper wagon is mo pop al but when you think about pagan and pipe Oh condos temperature pencils of it pioneers with PayPal now this hikes you are a so Teixeira today's subject is the assume turkey helium owes because what is the 2300 days pregunta is the case that rattles don't mistress into science we said it's the restoration the see mascara restoration of the image of God the line marking the dose in the temple in el templo did we say that see where Sookie DC who know yeah see first in the church then the world-premiere eggless disposal mundo this restoration is complete by 1844 or a sunset terminal millecento calendar quarter and where is this file he don't dance or sing contra Daniel light or Cho Kotori Daniel 8:14 nine yellow chocolate Olsen but here a car we're already in the Book of Daniel chapter right which I establish on the Capitol ocean Danielle when it deals you dismay the Persian power and style on of the Rose Bowl it is a mellow person so let's think about this mobis unimportant osaka go to verse 13 our interceptor signal tracy Daniel 813 Daniel Ochefu signal Tracy this is the question to the answer Isana pregunta a la respuesta says how long entonces Acosta cuando yo Bey division Doral Olive is shown now we're spoken about the vision a lot now nosotros vamos Mart on television what vision is this cave is shown as Esther this is the vision of a back at chapter turn and Sarah is shown the Baku capital or loss sign vision la misma vision how long is the vision cuanto tiempo hasta con toda la revisión see you read the verse hasta cuanto tiempo de la revisión their sacrificial continue o la prevarication Isola Dora Elantra Gundersen - are you here Harris - para ser in peace peace OT Al's so it says two things da casa de cerca how long is this vision cuanto tiempo Vasilisa vision that's dealing with the trampling Kista Londo del trampoline el piso t amento or punishment or punished on of customs sundog horses was being punished está siendo Kastigar acaba house and son - are you LF you see to God's people es el palo de dios and ejército and the sanctuary el sank to REO which is the religion of God here's our religion de Dios how long is God's religion gonna be trampled la pregunta is cuanto tiempo la relación de Dios Wasser Posada destroy the strainer manipulate van inwagen eco room Peter and how long the God's people going to be punished he counted temple privileges worship castigado the arts race la respuesta es 2300 day goes Mithras into science who's gonna do the punishment que hacer la posición says the delay he'll continue and the transgression of desolation illa prevarication Isola Dora I want to suggest to you looking wear sailor suit here in some state that the transgression of desolation after a pronoun translation the Isola Laura is the Pipers ASL papalo and the daily yell continual is paganism Pagani's mom so this story of the twenty five twenty percent or a little bit thus incremented is just dealing just a lead on dough with Habakkuk chapter two leviticus 20:6 avocados levitus capital of inter says it's dating with the 2300 days or Daniel chapter right distally Daniken Danielle capital o are all true it's dealing with Luke 21 21 Estolano tambien de luca's capital many who know me know know it's dealing with all of these interrelated subject s Toledano cantos asuntos Kristen relish announced and received and it was the foundation of this church he funa funa shown us a glacial because when Ellen White speaks about the foundation of this church when Ellen White fire blood elephant as soon as the glacier she's speaking about the information on this child in star blundell information' estudia gramma and information on both of this chart information in almost diagram us is the twenty five twenty son los dos media to vent so the twenty five twenty is a big subject a lawsuit invented incremented as a demo muy grande you might be asking yourself irresistible preguntar miss me has any of this got to do with me he is to talk to Nikki ver como para que miss Sylvester because this is just own numbers Ferguson solamente nominals so history dose on historian so prophecy Oh professor what relevance has this got to do get me general advances to teenager kamijo now i want to show you about this point here jovial Erica on stage suicide Putin interrogation is from this point onwards porky apart ideas to Punto parallel auntie when this person is standing here just a little bit afterwards Condesa personas taka parado Paquito despues de su Punto we know two things sabemos of courses first of all primero the Sunday law is gonna happen in his lifetime kilala Dominic Alva Posada durante su vida prophecy teaches this and confirms sloppy she knows in senior years I can feel my sister nor his children or his granting of an Assessors grants us near to Sue's fee Husqvarna said in his life in su vida and his adult son alone tusks estamos hablando ki + R the mass in this history in his historia we're supposed to be focusing upon the work that lies the closest which is bringing back Lady Sarah hill además el Paco de nuestro trabajo es trabajar con las personas que están mas cerca de nosotros para que era Mo's and nuestra conditioned a loudly saya into a relationship with God Parrinello Xian amento con Dios the mouth from Lady CFS parama versatility say up are Ephesus I'm gonna rub most of this off her armor like an Amish realistic our cuz I wanted to talk about the 25 20 okay Kyra a little been thus incremented but from a different perspective dunno perspective a different let's go to Isaiah was entonces is chapter 7 capital Lucia T will read verse 8 particular otro science theater vesicular true porque la cabeza the serious the Moscow you like a visited a mosque erasing the entrances enticing coins if Ryan's Eric Ebron Todd oh I saw they had the Sur Pueblo there's a lot of information in Isaiah chapter 7 existing muchas informations occurrence is Cappadocia T that we don't have time to go into you know tenemos tiempo para la rocca but here we are pure Acosta all I'll give you the year the Llywelyn lion the air is 742 alone and she ate the cientos bent a Quattro 40 47 4207 42 742 set the siento Contador's antes de cristo AC the civil war going on in Israel exists IANA Kiara Seville que estaba Korean on Israel between the north and the south until a surrealist reversal northern and sued a careful reading condos only compassion second Calma particular Daniel chapter 8 verse 9 special method in a launch over signal Norway will tell you the name of Israel device it'll normally this rail is the glorious land concession at Tierra gloriosa the land flowing with milk and honey tiene de leche a meal so glorious line TT g TG so this is the glory mascara gloriosa and this war ii ion of gara gara gara gara gara gue RRA it's silver war it's an Agora Seville between the North Linton Ellis Ellis last three was El Norte and the south and they sued in this history in ancestry heard the good people the north of the south la pregunta equality was London north of the suit Kiera bueno nothing not to the sued the sound so I'm gonna put a tick here waponi Ricardo marcano no checkpoint at this die here near sufficient capacity if you read the first seven verses sue still a los primeros Co T vs you'll see by severe that it's the northern tribes case on a steerable north day who are coming against the South in stenotic understood a specific battle no mama Tasha's Pacifica to try and finish the war an intent our terminology llegará and they're gonna get help in tow Simona tener una Judah and it says Kiva Sokka that I have become Confederate Kissick configure our own I'm trying to find the verse 3 it says line you know I know I know I'm trying to find as well Tom O'Connell vasuki seek a second fender our our seacoast dos dos no ii y ahora noticias la casa de la vie diciendo seriously our Confederate Oconee frame so I'm gonna put the word Confederate configured see you in f e d e our ad oh okay that's approximately a missive oh yeah so this is Confederate Confederate Oh and it says in sixty five years ago in sentencing it is the time prophecy I own a professor at Temple the night is gonna be destroyed let us show us it is true either so I'm going to put 65 years of analysis at this inquiry if you do the calculation you see us a local Calculon then who's good at math no sakina's born in mathematica what yet is that tacky Estonian towashie about Rodolfo siento setenta theatre 677 so we back in this territory here 677 where most akan is a territory oka so we know when the type we're in the framework of the 25 2011 was kiss almost tossed in a little temple husband immediate event so I'm going to count to say where cantar 25 20 does milky and tormented it's gonna take us to the year no no ma che guevara kou 1844 miniature siento car in the quarter going to the charts vehicle Casa Gramsci do the math in the numbers work out his la Mathematica los números sister nan de cuidado but we said here Paradiso moussaka from 1844 and allow me Lucinda winter quarter we'll go back 46 years this was table according to science a trajectory to 1790 i0r was a mill citizen tournament Ocho now this is the southern tribes you so solace to use a suit this was Manasseh she remembrances manner says if we focused on how shia see no so Trombino Moses when he was taken captive canary this nervous energy of a local TiVo you can calculate that was the point oh cool erased from those boring books that we spoke about those rivers Vienna burritos keV Lamas chronicles and now Veronica Romero ski so if you did the calculation so sterasyl Calculon from 742 the lines that eccentric oriented those two how she passed on sales you'll find that he gets taken captive was divided Scooby Loki le cheval continued in the year 7 to 23 million cetacean Tobin Tetris so if you calculate eight seven twenty-three see you Steve Urkel celeritas attendance at the sentiment at risk and went forward is in apparel aunty two thousand five hundred twenty years no media to vent the ions you get to the a 1790s this sugar Illinois you mean citizens onami torture if you calculate from 723 to 677 it's just a calcula difference identity sentiment the traces here to set into these numbers 107 I said 46 you get 604 enter says 46 years and 46 years quite enter see science according to say science if you take 65 just the tomeato sistersontour Sinkin subtract 40 say eluded me knew it according to says you get 19 years why not an indecent no variance so realize they're 7 no system in science capability 19 years into the future this is no everyone's in the futur oh how Shia is gonna be destroyed oh say as I said this treason 46 years later one in the system is a Swiss Manasseh is gonna be punished when I says my sister either and both of these punishments the ambos caste goes when God's people get taken into Babylon and Alberto says Giovanna Babylonia marked this seven times punishment and Pierce America LC netted tiempos the castigo and if you just do the simple math is your Caesar Mathematica simplest it takes you to the s 1798 and 1944 when I am ill citizen of 802 military Center kinetic water and Adventist and Adventist are experts on the inside nosotros almost expert to sales pitches military-to-military the quantity you guys 1790 I see was force a mill citizenry torture and go back 1260 always build ocean to sentence a truss where is it taking shape I don't let the chef is to fire year I can totally torture is the beginning to look familiar in stop additional poco familiar akka order Manos this 5:30 is a quien total in torture is a trading down on paper say a zonal Papa's esta pasando el pueblo de Dios fewer cow 723 to 5:30 I use to calculate variance of the lion share the sentiment at risk into the dojo master exactamente at 1260 years ocean to the center exactly exactamente and this is the persecutor she is so full of persecution by these pagan power their son as soon as Papa pagano's Babylon medo-persia Bologna Mila Persia Greece pagan Russia aroma pagane and in this story here I'm Nessa story a car it's terrified by this number 1730 piffy car put a numinous attenti so this 25 20 is it does Mickey intervene T brings you all the way does she have a taller to the Miller right history less time in Lolita and the restoration of God's people at Redstone Arsenal Pro videos how does he restore his paper almost virus not a super blow the key forma let's spend a moment showing that mama monster guests are gonna be new to soccer expla condo esta we know nosotros vivimos is a book of daniel assailed kill evil Danielle estas a shallow and there's only certain amounts of information of the Book of Daniel that are sealed existed Solomon - goodness parties a loser near Costanza shadows Alan White will tell us and Lord knows easy I think it's great controversy 3 6 i la parte configure Osceola mentor a partner traces to resistance in torture that she says the potions of Daniel that was sealed and shoddy service portion is a capital delivered Anya que estamos cicadas would those that related to the last days so Nikesh que están relacionados Ultimo's Diaz I want to suggest lo que quieres ooh career the last day Dilys Ultimate Ears began here in 1790 I commend sonal I immediately said oh no me too much you because this is the time of the year caso del tiempo del fin TF the last day the time of the end begins a little Tim poodle Filan pursuing me citizen of intervention and now you're on the book of daniel is gonna be on sale libre de danielle versa are here to this dejarlo how do you unlock the book of daniel comme une appointed this dejar el libro de Danielle you need a que necesito que una sherry you need something to reveal what Daniel was hiding - nice estamos de algo que poner a villain okay Danielle estava occult ando what is the book that reveals things Nicholas and libro Caravela las Casas the revelation ellipses which way of the revelation does the revealing work keep part Italian apocalypse sister hace la revolution is a service because shown the thing we all now - nosotros vivimos in makino the Ovilus in gospel Gizella monkey Letourneau the everlasting gospel navaja Letourneau that saves humanity cassava la moneda is the information inland pharmacy on the unlocks dislocated abra kada seizure the sealed prophetic messages in the Book of Daniel as when Sarkis kissed on cicadas in Liberty Danielle the connection between the gospel la conexión interleaver helium and the prophecy or intima Allah prophecy and prophecy of in the prophecy of Daniel unless reverse is Danielle where is the gospel found in the book of Revelation in key part in 11 apocalypsis 11 hello cincuenta revelation 4 7 apocalypse Couture see this angel comes down to see CL Hill baka revelation Apokolips II 14 verse the ellipsis Couture says the first angel el primero hill comes down in 1798 in La Mesa decision of a torturer and unlocks the prophetic code of the Book of Daniel he are very little call ago prophets who this serger deliver the Danielle and in 46 years according to say science the temple is going to be restored and temple was to restore a low because that's how long it takes to build attempt on que su tiempo que trata de parícutin temple John 1 to 20 dos Benton we read that this morning Leah Moses - Sam Aiona dating with the restoration of the temple in star 46 years in style on another star asunder template omo 1 into say science and in 1844 what is being restored the millecento cognitive quarter kiss Sephora snarl daniel 8:14 9 y el otro Couture see we call it a cleansing of the sanctuary a moment of purification El Santuario the restoration of the temple arrest or national temple the image of God is being restored in his paper like marketed your sisters in the restaurant necess personas and it took the gospel to do that work he a level halo through some of our cities at Rocco in three steps in 3 set up us by the time you get to the third want to stay shake-a-lator serie the image of God is restored in his paper line marketed uses territorial and super blow this is what gives us how insane so he knows that Esperanza did at the end of the world el fin del mundo God is going to restore his image in his people again jo soares RR sua mark in super moon of Emma / Adventists Adventist us are approaching the problem in the wrong way is the most at return el problema de una forma different it's a connection of prophecy as laconic shown the prophecy and the gospel that's found in the book of Revelation in liberal helices in constantly with the apocalypsis it needs to be understood in Sicily in Tunisia and there's one thing that we don't understand in our church una cosa can also to know in tandem was in regulation the second angels message jealousy movements are can calico we don't understand what the work of the second angel a no in tenemos kids inter are called el segundo kneeled that's why the second angel Perez our essential singular he'll came down in this history here before NASA story and it's gonna come down again Yamaha otra vez mas where's your identified that the second angel comes down a second time Vasily Yaakov identificar kills a local the singular give our countries must give into revelation is your true the second angel mr. moon on hill is gonna come and join the third angel about hunt Arcana Teresa Duncan and it's gonna give it power 11 appear to restore the image of God in humanity but a restorer marking the dose in LA when he died but first in the church little premiere on iglesia and done in the world was a lil mundo so let's make some more connection when was the cinemas connection is a car underneath people if you have heard the word of chiasm Zork iast extraction or sister stations cuchara la pelea de key asthma is to to the ski Ozma's now some people have an organist keys are known as coach Allen so I'll give it another word when I wrote our palabra a mirror una queja speaker and I'll explain it this way this flickering as a formal you get a sheet of paper so the governor Paloma oocca de papel this is kindergarten math this was some mathematically the pre Mario you fold the paper in half you load a blast in let me tight fold it in half then open it again yeah realtor with mass and you get a paintbrush illapis arroz con una pieza una cosa para bajar it's like a blob of paint yes it's a employee and another one put a palm tree then what did you teach you tell you to do you killing say as a linear particle argus fold it and then open it doubly looser Lourdes a brillo and what will that show you in Kotova most artists you'll get an image of this here afternoon America and in immediate is knocking ie and it's to teach you about reflection inspiring senior artists so beautifully little flip reflecto it's one of the most primary things you learn in mathematics of course someone primary care practice in Mathematica this is what chiastic structures also else looking chiasmus to to the cast - I want to do that here Kyra seriously I want to take the midpoint Kyoto model pull to the middle of all of these this information the tolerances information is and I want a mirror a Akira serum speaker so you can see it slowly began to be done in percentage abuser keep association along the central line and then central in the Punto central we've got here the name Osaka 46 for inter says and can you see we've got 46 on this period tenemos credit decision little hour and here we've got 65 yeah cut the name was the center Cinco so what would we have on this side Gimmerton into salute allow 65% is Cinco and we've also got 19 then there was this annuity and what would we have here about an inlet allow 19 listen well so I've got this here it was a thing where you listen normally and I've got this quadrant disease I'll pick up this one here I've got this one here and according to see so II put another one here what will you do 303 this one here so this one what I want to focus on this is sender going to those this one and this one is just so cool to say so this one here is the Punto car lines up here see well Alan RCE can we say that point very me let us enter Canada Quattro Sylvan because you've got the end of the 46 forgetting itself in an according to says the beginning of the 40s a commune still according to says but we haven't put annoying thing here there's no podemos in Livigno mosey listen we're very so I've got 46 and 19 the demo squalid to say citizen where we can I could put the 65 your acquaintances into Cinco what year is this can you assist electricity Quatro so let's add 19 on Terra so me dis annoyance Aristo I think 63 millecento Sesenta trees if everybody understand the mathematical Centennial mathematically do we understand what happens in the Year 1816 tenemos que pasol a miniature synthesis in Tetris let's take a little bit about American history in Samos a popular story Americana manos what is 1863 finest for Lillian Miller to Sentosa Senate race in America's conocido naoki que pasar en este año we like the era Seville Civil War like it we known in this history here's the Pasolini's historia there's a war a civil war una Guerra er are hay una Guerra civilian a thousand Eidos we can identify the United States for the most significant Estados Unidos is identified as the glorious land a significant como la tierra gloriosa the glorious land is a civil war camino reconnaissance news natira gloriosa buena gear and McGarrigle are conditioned the war didn't start in 63 la guerra no employment assistance from 61 to 65 yo creo que wireless antenna services in the cinco Brin 63 there's a very important battle peer analysis in the tree so when avatar Shamu importante and it was the turning point in the war before you pull to the V Rada curie/nasa Guerra it was the Battle of Gettysburg for lava Tasha de carries Berg with her the town shaman is to America America in the Civil War in Agoura Seville the country is divided into two help is a study we did in those house it divided common study videos in a que tiempo en estados unidos no north and south can we see all the characteristics are lining up on Aviles characteristic of assistance early enoguh this becomes a problematic point of view is to kisses poem Punto problematical because people at the right perspective we can ask persona tina sus propias perfect Eva's but who are on the right side of the argument Gina Slava and in Olano correcto momento it was the north less than northie what would the southern states cold collation and no businesses instead sued confederacy confederation Federer's even the name is here in the Bible are stars to number the Confederacy honest I mean like billions is capital associated the Battle of Gettysburg Latasha the Gettysburg who is the attacker and who is the defender Keener a la persona cassava pecan do Keener a la persona que estaba defend en doe even if you don't know the history leverage going go stay no Sabich silicone Kunis restore the sabudana Sarah check the history it's this white check historia it'll soon as Tom of ikana Norte the beginning of this history in communities historia marks the end of the hate myself in Della's historia it's the al friendly Omega as a larva in L Omega 1863 was one of the most important years in American history in miniature synthesis in to trace who knows whose most important lesson Americana and it was terrified yes Tom a tip if you condo by an obscure Bible verse for the our system but oversee clue or school or not they did vehicle testamental desire CATV sick you know Cinco seis in the colon so watch this world is going on it ie see all the characteristics here yes together a Sagarika star conditional of installers characteristic si but God speaks to the Rolla produce Allah are al governor royal government of the church the like Lygia and he says listen you need to trust in me gusta tiene que con fearing me drunkenness idea you should they wear salwar t and does he listen he la pregunta es si si governmental escucha Dios his name is I has I didn't give you a normal session Macca's ray occas AC a-z a cos he doesn't apply el no mercy when he rejects God it canal reaches adios does God destroy his kingdom Jos viene destroy su clean and serene and all know he still gives him probationary time to reveal a temple approver but he predicts Lily visit that his house will never be established his su casa new kvasir s Tbilisi de and if you go through this history so sick in Astoria you say that his house has never been his table Casa del newcomers for instability whether it's the late Rogers oh come on literally so who deals on the symbolic Jews all those who do see molecules all the way to the end of the world ourself in a little morphine del mundo his father's father's father's father goes all the way back to home so spiders spiders spiders spiders avasta trust hasta donde David Harvey he's a member of the house of de miembro de la casa de la vie the house of David is not going to be established like I said of universal stability de but there's a promise for the six una promesa at the end of the world ver el final del mundo God will establish the house of David Yost Westerville acetic acid Israel but when that house is established you know Condesa Casas Tbilisi de it's not going to look like the house that it was at the beginning Nova parecer con una casa que estaba el comienzo this large famous structure consec a sub or no solace to to Legrand Yosa it's gonna be a remnant vassal Raymond NT so hearing is disobeying a castle of a Muslim disobedience eeeh and he rejects Syrian Richardson the Covenant little pact OPA CTO CTO this covenant is the back toe is going to be symbolized by something I sell symbol is a con algo when you break a condo no rumpus is symbolized by Habakkuk is the Turkish symbol is a former cookie Leviticus Minter says and it's dating with his 2520 in staliano con las Ventas incremented the 2520 becomes a symbol of the covenant that you enter into with God little milk into winter represent Allah symbolic you know entran impacto con Dios if you reject the covenants used to Rachel back to God's gonna punish you do step upon it at the end of the punishment castigated NL finale castigo he's gonna begin to restore the people when Posada restore our super blow the punishment stops here helpin ll castillo terminal of the 1260 astonishment expose the Middle's dose tobias meters into the center and then he's going to restore God's faith inspirational videos this this church la pregunta Sarah Casey glacier and it's very birth dez de su nacimiento did i learn a lesson dos de piensa que se glace aprender selection des el nacimiento now no it only takes so lamented to como 19 years this in new avenues for us to go back to our old ways para que podamos Revere a nuestras arenas we reject the Covenant here Richardson was a lot back to hunt is because the King doesn't want to listen to God porque rain on kisses cuchara el el dios in 1863 you know Joe Santos ascent address the civil war in the United States estaba Korea no llegará civilian and also news and I have a draw issues tiene on draft parish a model a year ago a gerenuk Amal's personas internally Guerra drafted yet yeah still Sankey's on traffic is Ramallah para la guerra and every able-bodied young man is supposed to join the army total Havanese que están ahora esta aquí está la entrada a ejército except a few churches conversation your goodness Iglesias who can demonstrate improve keep only on demonstrate provide the died on bear arms he shows no Chevonne armas nowadays Adventists it was a estos Adventists us again I've tried the same trick here so Bonnington tactimon lemme small el mismo true key they're gonna go to the government inside wake Christians we don't bear arms only see LOV nosotros somos Christian no no she vamos Armas and the government says and who are you in Laguna City he's sort of Terrace and I say we're Adventists you so to solve in distance say we never heard of you who no no no no they're not to look at the couch a because we're not a church but you know so to stay on someone Iglesias so what did we decide to do intoxicating City renacer we become a church don't see no stone dominoes on english' at the behest of a government request Louis a most common Ricky Rayment oh no Pompey didn't Orden del gobierno to get ourselves out of this difficult predict predicament para poder most solid SSO condition is deficient okema la guerra at the same time Lama su tiempo there's a general conferences the first general conference with had you control a premier a conference our general key to be Erin Astoria and out of this time period is 19 years your intensity input additional variants God's people starting to reconsider things l provided us in Posada reconsider our courses they doctrinal position sus position is doctrine Alice and the one that I target the most in you know a condition doctrinal issues upon tarmac smoke a table all upon terminus to the one dog they're gonna focus on guess which one is look Tina Keisha Tommy I don't know Davina intones Aikido Trina for Elsa it's the one that somebody's cha so much latina Castaignos this year the agronomists member I'd rate this way Sakura a Oliva cardiogram upon a serious it's the vision in elevation and the vegenaise la vie shown as the 2520 was milking an event it's documenting esta document although this general comfort in circumference a general our church la iglesia rejects and repudiates the 25 20 just a repo via la prophecy dos mil cantonment do you think it's a coincidence a la pregunta policy is the case on a coincidence ernesto the day's civil war in the United States Gianna Guerra civilian Estados Unidos the United States is split into the north and the south - now Sunni oh sorry we didn't the North ensued all these characteristics were terrified here and all the necessary assistance in a terrific Arisaka God wants to enter into covenant just carry internal back to God's people disobey and produced the services they receive at 2528 punishment you're receiving those milkier to maintain use the police on the the a caste group at the very end of this chiasm finale has two key asthma our church does exactly the same thing like listen lo exactamente lo mismo they have a president as / then they shoot in unprecedented esta our cargo issues they have a president of the damn little mismo tiempo being president eric is a tiempo they come to a decision it shall be known a decision that they're not gonna buy it shows no one over the said God dose all this light that he's given to them in this history you told us a loose kiddo serve that operation density and poke this cha is the diagram they're gonna reject it so wanna register they're gonna create new cha you should wanna set normal dia grammars which do right through twenty five twenty kita loss Dominican to enter all that happens this year todo está pasando muchos into society connection with that in connection canoe stone Alan White has her first and major yellow right at the health message super Amira vision how's the earned a dissolute division the Misaki de salud he has some other one before that this is the major one certain you know guna scientist Pramila justices entities are amar Shah Mardan and you think we accepted that you la pregunta es que ustedes I said to Moses mm socket amina que tiempo no now we end up going into dark if the Somoza ear entonces enough Caridad and if you reject the Covenant it's just a rehearsal part Oh what do you think God's gonna do get the paren cicadas versed it's gonna punish you Brian pesara a Casti Gertie and what is God punish you wait it Komodo stochastic and key phone okay do Steve are Cassie God 25:20 dos mil canto vendor let's look at this carefully now Mira most popular form acquittal also because I'm going to say because you're waiting seed from 1863 the nutrition ptosis into three-horn word but idle until God's gonna punish this church Joseph our paneer esta glacier with the tiger any punishment Colonel Cascio Linda's milk into venti so I want you to do the math no kioku stimuli mathematical 1863 a military synthesis in Tetris and you do 25 20 you still see those milk into vent and what kind of Numb would you get Kim Newman of a cigar entonces you get some city number that's gonna be thousands of years zero no no muy muy muy total 4,000 cartwheel cuatro support 4,000 what what 4,000 quarter meter eccentricity three here you go there you go this is when the restoration of cost you is a comma second arrest or nationalist idios Messiah please don't come in this history is so super been eatin SS Toria who believes that King Creon is toka know so let's watch to see what happen mommy mommy rocky papasano so let's go Mira insta Kwinana cement remember when we spoke about all of these stories Sakura the kendama llamas interest as historians we fade this the he mostly 70 a captivity you know certain times Ducati who would last for how long tanto tiempo avatar Germanos 70 years 10 times breo's also given in the terms of kings Tamara darlin in terminology delicious the king el que el rey and his son de sus hijos nebuchadnezzar na boku no soul no Bonadies 'nobody no and Belle Chasse the grandson Alinea to Daniel chapter Danielle capital okay bye Cinco Bell shall is the last babylonian king belshazzar is a little more a babylonica let's go to Daniel chapter famous Daniel capital o Cinco the last verse a long time oversee cooler than you Justin Bieber ciccolo trenton you know I'll just paraphrase verse 30 where secret into navasana periphrasis in that night Belshazzar is killed in la misma noche versus our former tow and read verse 31 a signal 2100 Dario the media cannot aeneas assented o science to more array no so we've come to the end of the Babylonian king sega mosul final del rey no babylonica another me the Persians have come our loss Melo purchase many arrow so we want to bring this story chemistries historia into endtime prophecy but I'll finish the temple prophecy R so if we were to read verse 25 so stable a liberal signal bente singko was its I can we say Alaska to rocket Rizzo has many many take care of are seen many many take your fastest ever all okay with that causes también con esto no if we were to read the story Co Soto to be our muscular historia we know sorry memos that those wise men don't understand what this is talking about he lost Margo's kissed Ivana in opening tener que significa versus discrete O's so they have to call in home in toss it in acacia Moroccan they have to call in the profit and profit er than yen because it's about prophecy rookies susu el profesor yes see for God's people to be saved out of Babylon but I kill privileges put here assist Sullivan Babylonia you need a prophet necesitan profit ah yes see in this profit it tosses L prefer tusks and a prophesy my profit is art by the way pregunta when we spoke about major Persia condylomas the middle Persian people mentioned cyrus las personas arcadia here on the zero how the star is even know his job como serious a vehicle era su trabajo it was prophesy yeah he doesn't read the Bible pero Cyrano de la biblia in style profit is open only lobelia como soviet-era hiking king in seminary Pagano how does even know when will it serve in tone says he's even in the Bible he's officially Tel Aviv earlier someone must have told him Halligan added take a girl a tendría que radicchio who do you think that would have been him serious a persona entonces my brother said Daniel Danielle if Daniel has said it's not my job to tell him see Danielle we had each one Anatomy trabajo de serie 0 prophecy must be fulfilled a prophecy technical completion will ever happen it have happened with the piensa que vivir con Eva Kanta Sarah wall no no way thing prophecy is not conditional risotto nope estamos caliper physios on a condition we think it's like a wind-up clock no pessimist and we think we don't think we do think no soto pensamos que professor como season real ok Lola's la cuerda called wine T up and it just on it just works automatically dos de la cuarta is suit Iraq automatic commented and we think we don't have to do anything you know Soto pensando que no tenemos Casa de nada Daniel Danielle not only has to tell Cyrus his job Danielle are the masked the deceit the Tenakee de serie serious su trabajo what exciting gonna do - Cyrus is mine the kiss silver circle cabeza Saturn Astra 2nd la cabeza de 0 Daniel chapter 10 capital D incident here now turned a no one was a Satan certain ass is gonna now speak to sorry sees mine well our con la cabeza the the serum and tell him what you deliver I sit down let them free no no difference a little knows my definition you're gonna lose all your slide one superior tool to subscribe us this is economic suicide is Susumu sui see the economical because satan wants to break prophecy for kasatonov scary could run parallel provisions his Daniel Acosta Danielle says I did my job Joey scimitar aqua I'm gonna sit back and let things happen she where's Antonia Carla commander la cosa posad this Daniel dooda dooda per se piensa que Daniel is o esto if you go back to the a new chapter 10 in the beginning even lesser than your capital y es el comienzo you go back to Daniel 9 c1 WrestleMania capital of New Haven that unites low bay before Danielle and Pocahontas but Daniel is prying Daniela star Ando and seeking for the forgiveness of his paper instead pidiendo Paulo a la pared on the super evil why they in this mess porque issues incontinence a condition because they rebelled against God for kiss a rebel iran-contra Dios and they received the seven times punishment severe punishment is here to tiempos they've been scattered and he knows a photo is Percy dose of civilian and what sin is Daniel done keep it cover yet you Danielle none ninguna there's no record of him doing anything when he would a record or kill Rho goon pickle as soon as you pick up the book Daniel chapters on a personally danielle uno uno massive accumulation Hooper Carla Alawite says he's an example of a person who has a sanctified life the light low compare Akuma persona que es una vida santificado he's a symbol as a final generation symbol will to mark in Arizona who have no girl in their mouth you know Steny and no tini Molyneux smile oh it's us pocus Melissa sue Bacchus but who does he identify himself with Daniel Sedin Deepika como que como scientifica Danielle his emphasis he said he said Ephesus a identifies himself with lady ser para term incident afikomen Louis area just like Paul did como parte ammunition Paul says our doing this all things all men reverse it Taurus courses para todo Salman's to the Jews I was a when who vol au cuvee you the Gentiles there was a Paris until show arrow until that's exactly what Daniel is looking Daniel s he identifies with these people only significant as personas katomina he's a man for the people is innominate para las personas and often we don't think about that much of eastern Roseau to know been somewhat sinister forma so we want to bring in daniel file it doesn't want to read on your capital o cinco says many many takeaways fast any minute aquel parsing and no one knows what that means not inside local significance so if you've never seen this presentation just a new collection suppressant a scientist and you're a parent is to papa you've all read this story to your children out without reservation dilemma success story upon us who's he who's a repetition children ever ask what is this main illness less news but about the kissing in a few co-hosts you say i know what it may just say like I suppose the two she knows I know just say because it tells you in the verb here is a cantilever so it basically says but she commented adhesive the Babylonian Kingdom children in the Babylonia it's time has come up just a terminar su tiempo and it can be divided between the maze and the persian he was alleviated through smells those persons and they've been writing the balances you share photo poster in the lava Lanza do we think that's what it really means do you step in secure so realmente for nokia significance in the English and in English this is phrase it's called a play on words exist in our own expression condition unholy palabras you have a similar phrase of sorrow sauna porno no Francie similar these words estas palabras do not mean no significant Babylon K Babylonia has been judged white in the balances chaos you know whose car the poster novel answer found to be wanting and now going to be chopped in half three major our can set fault on documents a DVD de interés Meadows was persons you get the clue was they receive la la la la la vie no clue in verse 27 no vesicle mentis here to where it says why'd he say Kappa Sado he says you ride in a balance Basava sedona balancer now you know what these kind of scales look like you said sorry chromosomal analysis they look like this well that's in the sea and you go to the market no servile mercado and you say I want a pound of weight this was your cure-all pound the three go so you get a bag does she have a suitable so he put some weight in there you love poetry boy and he puts it on the sky will upon her illness and love alone so how'd you know it's a pound kamusta sarcasm pounder because he's got a set white for catenation pienso que esta marcado he's a metal or a stone here soon appear their own metal that weighs 1 pound kid per Saluki Lou Pearlman pound and it's on this soil on a Libra one pound libras pound huh leave it leave it leave it leave restive en una libra there's a valley he's gonna pour the grain in here rap on a little 3-way and when it's balanced on Astana balancer you know you've got a pound service continious on a Libra so this is the clue that's gonna tell you what this is talking about entonces Ella dijo que tenemos the tip una de aqui para severe cases it is all about white sauce arsenic on PSO medida now if you go back to the original Hebrew token dos de boville original deliver a Brio it will tell you what these words made the one and Sukie significance as palabras this mainly is the many many is 50 significant cincuenta White's or coins sequenza Mennella special so I'll put 50 coins 50 Sigma terminators here's 50 coins Acosta cincuenta and this is one coin circle significant una Moneda and you forcing significa is half a mean a as Lomita know many which equals 25 Connie so many many Takuya fast so many many Turkel passing is to do with the 25 instead Allah so now convenient event can we say that but then was very stone so we're back to our problem well memos in Toastmaster problema 4000 I'd a brocade cow cookie Rodolfo deterministic got to meet ricean to search enter so let's think about this so in some was an instruction ptosis so it doesn't talk about 25 20 here I know Alan Alan does milk in 20 he talks about shekels there are other shekels and it's a hundred twenty-six shackles so sentimental says shekels now I want to show you why it's 126 you the women sell pork associate of intestate shekels so hopefully this won't be too complicated espero que hacen hace muy complicado remember what I developed this logic Sarah no curvy models Rocha analodjica that says you got 1260 Keaton is Millicent of the center Piper persecution the persecution purple in 70 is setenta pagan persecution persecution Papa pagana pagana and the 70s typifying the 1260 loss a tentative offical meters into the center so you have 1260 pagan 1260 days windows into the center Pagano Emilio said to say sent up PayPal which is 25 20 K so me lotion to send when you add them together condo loss Oh master - can we say that what a most various - I want I wanted to say this why carry most feared Reforma Hagen and pipe Oh Pagano a PayPal 1260 mr. centimeters into the center now if we were running through history here since to be an emotion depository we would say evil severe the day's events running sequential in such event assistant general sequential mentee yeah see one after the other no singular a lot room but at the end of the world when an infidel tiempo we're not supposed to do things sequential and tenemos consider causes the formal sequential because at the end of the world in alpha del mundo we're supposed to understand all the day's stories cinemas continued to us as historians and all the stories in the Bible told us the stories a la biblia the RO parables of light so to us parabolas no reversal parable so tools parabolas the story of Vesta my story the Esther Esther Bastian Howard G where is their vast vast years where oh is that a parable in certain a parabola if I said you a shape Sujata Shamu I'll stay the owner vehicle and Jesus of the shepherd his sous as el pasad is that parable it's on a parabola because you're not ready a shape are you fix it no innovation Jesus is certainly not a shepherd Susi would have been tourism pastoral so that para estos that arsenic on parabolas the world parable la parabola la la para la palabra parabola when you think about mathematics what is it conjure up in your mom a no-no P&C mathematics get a pass into cabeza parallel parallel no parabola parallel yeah parallel lines Lanier's parallelize parable thoughts pensamientos parallelize so these words are connected together estas palabras to connect our school test i'm going to take one line where tomar una Linea the shape la oveja with the shepherd con el Pasto and I'm gonna light that against another line weapon hello Abajo the other linear you who stayed and Jason he sues so if you want to learn about you and Jesus you stay curious and I'll go so very the tourism into como si con Cristo you get two lines of thought con estos líneas de pensamiento one is the shape in the shepherd university la vega con el paso and you for say you still of for next to this line here our owner or even a lot true parallel that teacher the kids attend saya the Euro Sheikh he was soon awaken Suzanne passed on and now you can be going to understand your honesty points are intended your relationship with God to the National Medical News which is never seen before no confused - Kim - Kim Casa Luker service to the spiritual is to spiritual by looking at a field almir are alone Campo and seeing something real if you know algerie al that's how parables work SLO former communist parabolas funciona take the late ro Tomasulo literal to understand the spiritual intended in spirit world this is parable teaches social in cement to the parabolas we agree with that Tony Accardo con esto and it's dealing with the subject or the concept of parallel thoughts but a leader tratar con los pensamientos parallel owes or parallel history who destroyed his parallelize so I took this history here remember to me a story and I brought it down here and Latakia car when NASA money doesn't Carson City Kia's Manasa - Zedekiah hasidic here so all I'm going to do is the same thing looking where silicon amusement Manasa - Zedekiah honest is parasitic ears this history is historia literal naturally spiritual weeded out mr. black is not resolved they were like what way can we find Christ this is equality also valid at least we could do the same thing here but it was a symbol this way and this is very nice very crystal and I really hard on versus going we develop is understandable by maharaja was admitted into daily is Romania heritage oh it's inevitable so it was an emotional and I'm saying we are he knows this is no such a first look you know the name Oscar serious run through history is already a story