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cela placentas en la tarde watch my site Oh bombs ready okay vamos a empezar entonces nos podemos the rhodesia para empezar MOS okay let's pray what else Heavenly Father we thank you Gd the podraces initially targeted ASIMO's for your watch care of your people for - protection sobre - Pablo and as we come to open your word and limbus are most needed to palabra we after you give us discernment epidemis quino's day discernment oh and guided through a study of your word Yunos gear our list we almost to palabra we ask and pray these things in the name of the demos in - normally normally hizzouse in a study we did this morning el estudio Casillas esta mañana I'm not sure if everybody was there no Lucy taught us at our nearest Ariana but we discussed the relationship between Lady Sarah and Ephesus vamos a la la la cinnamon to Auntie laude sarah e ephesus in the time of Christ in every crystal and they premiered a bento have any minute and I want us to understand clearly locate key rocky in the Norma's Clara meant that even though we normally place ladies here here at the end of the world here on keno suitors Norma mentee coloca most likely seller yourself in del mundo correctly the former correct the former correct its primary application is from Ephesus to ladies here Donna supplication Primaria and PS is a Ephesus hasta la Lucia when we begin to understand what lady see remains gonna be some was intended que significa love this area means the church that's being judged or the Church of judgment a significant alien circuits are seen discarded like Lisa del who is you and we stay here in the time of Christ the woman's cannon tiempo de Cristo that Jesus is going to come and judge his paper his sucio Benedict who's got super blow because the first second and third angels messages are going to be given to that church porque la primera segunda if they're cinnamon sakhiwe said trujillo para que le hace para say who's God oh and that Gospel message is connected to judgment kill el mensaje de la noche hasta con éxito con esta who issue therefore the church in the time of Christ has all the characteristics of light Isaiah for in so like Lisa and el tiempo de Cristo's Antonia tolas characteristic as a legless it allows area they were poor and miserable and blind you know progress miserable in CCA goes but they didn't realize it but not a new Quentin o sanam acquaintance Keanu see they thought they were rich and increased with Goods pensive on Karen Rico see estaba she knows the way narcosis when you begin to see what cannot be so most of it okay all the implications of ladies here main solace implication is kill apparel always say a significant you begin to see what the problems are that we're facing in our Church podemos ver que Lisa no problemas que sun-kissed pasamos a tener en nuestra Galatia we spoke here a la musica of Saudi the Sarge's meaning coming out of Babylon the significant salad of Avalonia but as time has progressed yeah Middle Temple City proceed Pro greedy endo many of those doctrines of Babylon mucho salons doctrine as the Babylonia those thoughts and ideas los pensamiento savea's have entered into Protestantism see in filter are annoying eran los Protestant is when I see glaciers Brutus Dantas and I felt it into our own church he even tormented Chicago and filtra Austin Australasia so we know that in this history here nosotros vivimos in england i sala de cristo god's people were in captivity el Pavo decreased while estaba in county vero by roma roma pagane latino services will category we already discussed in a previous study I will most discontinuous and is to use parcels during Daniel chapter to kill Danielle capital all those it begins with the head of gold came pasa con la cabeza de que de Oro which is significant but Melania and when you get all the way down to the bottom until I start to install peer that made of iron and clay aside to the gyro I borrow this is a symbol of the papacy castle symbol here del Popolo but in revelation 17 verse by vocalist to disassociate a particular single what is the papacy identified that the key former el Poblado says in a typically dissociative vertical or cinco mystery on her title is written G stands for hate yes I skipped in su coincidence ooh Mystery Babylon miss miss Mystery Babylon and the mother of all horns la medida Tula Ramirez so we can see from the head to the feet well they must be disliked a versatile Pia the statue is Babylon as I start WA s Babylonia so here a Carmen on the time of Christ temple de Cristo God's church like Lisa Dieker deals well literally physically in captivity to Babylon estaba literalmente cultivo de Babylonia but it was pagan Rome in Saqqara represent our poornima pagana first literal or the natural primero viene a literal and natural then the spiritual dispose viene el espíritu al at the end of the world in el fin del mundo while we are expecting freedom from this world no koala or an infidel moon estamos esperando la libertad non este mundo que vivimos in fact we already believe that way free from the corruptions of the world in caso nosotros chakra damos que estamos libre de corruption on del mundo our church finds itself nicely glazed in quandra spiritually captive to Babylon the uniform is spiritual cultiva the Babylonia was certainly not Babylon the former ninguna so Issey Miyake like lessees babylonica nosotros somos Babylon is no solution to a stone and the reason we know that razón que sabemos since to us there are a number of risk I'll just give you one ego much Arizona's pero puede him blow 70 revelation chapter right in one chapter forward out a apocalyptic ability to pursue colonial trysts verse 4 but signal cuatro 18 verse for this short reverse signal cuatro does the cry dismayed by the angel aoyama tokyo japan por el uncle since i heard another voice it is we ought reverse and it says this voices scream ready yo travis el cielo Canisius a leadership whoa mio para que no se eyes participates us picados nearly survives parte de sus Plagas who's the her in that verse la pregunta key is Salida Asia kinas Asia that was novel on Babylonia the Babylon needs the her babylonian as a Chaka and only listen apocalypse DeSoto who's the my la pregunta es que es Pablo me okay nasal mio Kinnison poor Romeo likely superior colleague listen which church that who the nose the my tennis L me Oh Sally Pueblo me okay nasal meal the reminisce the remnant no no es nosotros now el Pueblito snow who's speaking keenest of Larnaca this angel oh no he'll know so the person who's speaking is the church dosa la persona Castellanos like Lygia agree with that storm of the cornerstone but when he says my people oh no this is wave Romeo the my is God l meal as deuce because the christ being made poor killer mother's a sandwich o to some people in Babylon but a gunas personas in Babylonia who are God's people his son whoever videos but they're not God's church there's no son like listen a Dios to come out of Babylon but a consolidator Babylonian and what they gonna come in - yeah but I don't the issues want us a leave that don't leave only opinion but I don't they they gotta come into the SDA church one of any police element is acceptable year there's no parent you asking a question no I'm telling okay but I mean apparently listen which is acceptable year so they're gonna come out of Babylon and coming to this church when a solid ever Bologna para venir s equation and they are God's people issues on también departed apoyo de Dios but they're not God's church but no es la iglesia de Dios so we understand that in turn mo system see but there's another thought that we want to pick up from this history or asesino kaitiaki Tereus historico is that the seventh-day adventist church today Gillogly element is accept new leroy is spiritually in captivity to Babylon star the former is spiritual count evil the Babylonia was at the same time not being part of Babel al mismo tiempo know us apart Lyra Vilonia now we haven't partaken of the two major doctrines of Babylon nosotros no tenemos los dos Doc Tina's principality Babylonian likely not nmos and what are they call as soon as those doctrines principality Babylonia the stay of the dead el estado del muerto immortal Dalai Lama and lotro adoration sunday sacredness al irrational Domingo but Babylon has many other doctrines through Babylonia tiene muchas suitors doctrine us which we've began to accept and incorporate into our community Kamisama satra era in corporal enosis doctrine 'as now we didn't get them directly from the papacy no local signal dr. psychobos directamente del Popolo because we read in revelation 17 verse 5 rickielee emotion apocalypse initiative or signal Cinco the this woman is the mother que esta mujer as la madre of harlots the last Ramirez who the harlots King Solus Ramirez must be her daughter's because she's the mother si si si ellos la madre in Tosa la remetanea silky Susie has no and Ajala is a woman in ramirez prostitute as una mujer so it's the daughters of the Pipers entonces Ana's IGAs del Popolo who are they kins onizuka's del Popolo the Protestant church Protestant estate Protestant that's what they said oppose recent is my post Italo we say a post I Protestant the Soto regime was Apple is Protestant Eva post natal already Protestant churches that are not a pasta la pregunta es algo existe una otra Lisa Protestant Aquino has a pasta tava accept accept nosotros if I we don't really protest that Maceda you know certain no protest amo mucho so here in this history I can I started our Appa we listen to the center this woman esta mujer however many doses he had the non sequiturs yuca certain either all of them were harlots in this history told ashes Aron hyung Ramirez except one except to owner and this one daughter yester ether one Protestant faith una una iglesia Protestant in a fair protest aunty what is she do que hace Asha she ran away from her mother's house Sally see Louie Louie de la casa su mamá and went in Safeway para donde somewhere else but auto lugar United States Unidos and then this daughter yes ie her these Protestants Protestant is what happened to them que paso Canisius they became oh they didn't become a movement los que venir no para casi todos somos viento y nosotros ahora no movimiento all these churches in Protestant America - SS Iglesias in Protestantism in America when they went through this history cuando pasado por si Stoica they rejected the message issues a Richard Solomon sake Saudis rejected the message Sardis Richard Solomon sake and they reject the message of the first time you launch on the battery Chaucer domestically wound up remotely supreme element circuit so by the time you get to hear the second cuando todos es una cerca del segundo all these parties in churches in America to OSS Iglesias Protestantism America what did they become citrus warming clear awareness they become babylons eternal sorrow in Babylonia now we're spoken about the everlasting gospel nosotros vamos a la vaca later law of sin righteousness and judgment picado hui-soo justicia fair God give Him glory for the RV's judgment his calm demeanor do Stalag Laura porque la hora de Lucia girl but I chose not to use revelation 14 verse 8 verily he know Sal Apokolips Iike to say basically so true because that is also the second angel porque Tamina's el segundo mean sake and what does that say KDC apocalypse couture - my signature babylon Babylonia kapa haka Babylonia is fallen is fallen al Qaeda al Qaeda Babylonia so when did Babylon fall Apprentice wonderfui Babylonia ko it fell in this history here Babylonian Sicario occur in this story because who is he speaking about when it says Babylon is fallen thank you the anisa particular condolence to the keenest hablando Babylonia r-ky you do al Qaeda is he speaking about the papacy the parents against hablar del Popolo the reason why you're all quiet I'm guessing la razón consistent cash el lo que piensa is because most Adventists thinking steak spoken about the papacy por que muchos event disappearance okay sister lana del Popolo and like I'm asking a question Electric history la pregunta is making you think it's probably not the papers is that soon the piece I'm going to see me preguntas supplemented don't poke oh boy still Popolo because otherwise I wouldn't be asking the questions you know no es una pregunta no no VHT la pregunta now remember there's this protestant church that's come out of Babylon she acquired a cig Lisa Protestant the Casali lovable Anja and they're gonna reject usually wanna rich Assad the everlasting gospel 11 hello turn oh if you reject the everlasting gospel Schuester reaches 11 he'll eternal you're gonna fall into the wicked world below Soraka in el mundo que Camino so our quality was another word for the world como se Sharm el mundo to autónoma de sharm el mundo Babylon Babylonia isn't it uh-huh everything in this world Tolar colonels este mundo whether you're an atheist Nick Association at the easter whether you follow a false Christian theology and in casualty SI unit uno here Cristina falsa or you have a pagan religion or Katinka sooner religion pagane it's all power of Babylon the lowest are a part in Babylonia all that the whole system though so waiting for the Romagna the Protestant church is rejected this message in Tosa colleague Lisa Protestants enriches sorrow SMN sake they fell into Babylon it was Kashiram in Babylonia and that's what these verses in soloqueue significance was versus Babylon is fallen Babylonia kyutora Qaeda so coming back to this story here in Christ von winners historic and Cristo we saw that there's ladies hair and ethicists Rimouski I love this area Ephesus this is the O and severely oh yes el nuevo the old man in the new man hombre Viejo el nuevo hombre the old man an old man an hombre vehicle is what he SLO along the rebel and soon rebelde his rebellious to God is to reveal the adios is he in the church la pregunta assume rebelled in style iglesia yes see because judgment first comes to the church will enter the world you so v-ne premiere Ilana Glazer / disposal mundo so this man here is in the church no sister home ricca-san iglesia and his rebellious yes rebelled he needs to do war Danika sirki be convicted of these things that combine serious picados then repent this was our rep in there and then we saved pardon it is progressive appeared on and then he becomes interested esposa transformer after baptism this was about is more a loyal subject of the kingdom owner personas really al al Reina videos our church is lady Thea no sig Lisa slowly saya we find that church in Revelation chapter 3 so Louis is to split Karen apocalypse Caputo tree so in contrast definition the church that's in rebellion as soon Iglesias teen rebellion is there any difference between our church and the world la pregunta por dos cervezas existe una diferencia and the newest iglesia in lesotho sicknesses in the mundo tell me what the differences it's apparent Eau de cemento sequela diferencia sur la la la the Sabbath in the Sunday the data wish worship they say guardo most we borrow Moses are usually looming so we worship the Sabbath the state of the death él está de la muerte diferente algo mas ok let me run you through a story the winters the continent Torrio everybody's heard of Paul - also conscious cooter historia de pablo was a Pharisee yeah so Paul Paul Paul the Apostle he was a Pharisee I don't Pharisee and he became a Christian yeah etc someone in Cristiano when he was going to Damascus on the establish a new paradigm a school they were familiar with all of that story Oh some familiar Zarkon Astoria so we're in this time period here the time period of crisis the most of you know in LP do decreased way and I'm suggesting you look in so you know so herons you know Paul K Pablo was a member of this church here like the same general miembro de like listen Allah you say but his name was Sol the tsunami aerosol sauce our lunar soil in this my own salary in Portuguese I inspire yourself and then he gets baptized you notice about Esau and he changes his name to Paul does the tsunami Lisa come near para Pablo and did he become a loyal subject it was a transformer on a personally on he joins this church yes a hunter legless at Ephesus yeah see I was his mission in life it was the collar our mission kill Taniya in su vida preach the gospel to preach the gospel and who does he always go to first EEP Arrakeen el primero mentis a direction our attention para Kenya the agent that you dueled shoot people loss could be I used to a new town save upon ANOVA see that and he goes to the church there he were parallel es aqui esta muy and the first people he wants to talk to her the Jews de las Primera's persona que ella era you Geo's which church to the Jews this one or this one la pregunta es esta clase que Pablo Eva colleague Lisa issue spurt in decision a la iglesia de los viejos del nuevo it's like the saya love this area so remember these are just symbols the corner so no mass on symbols okay sign there are literally two churches no no soul tuition case on those eglise a literalist so let's look at some of these let's look at the characteristics of these people one was into similar characteristics as personas according to Paul the Accord con pollo so this is Lady Sarah see us when lollie saya and who else is he going - I came us table so much to me and pretty condo run against to the church pretty Carmel I guess yeah like I say the Jews Law School de la Lucia who else is they who else is in the preach de perak in maths Pablo wapadekartôn because he says I am the apostle to the Joshua la posta de los de los ángeles the Gentiles st. Elias so let's put the Gentiles here until is J ya di l es ok say say say okay so if you're a Gentile see a castle stairs or hinty you a year grab are you a rebel la pregunta es usted es or rebellious yes you can Tillie yeah you're against God see it's a quaint reduce your honor by God Austin on Sept of yours yes we're in the right thing I can look at the police car then you need to be convicted that you're bad it does this premium entertain you guests are convinced it ok sauce Marlo you need to repent and be baptized in Assisi a ribbon there it's about to sour and then you're going to switch from this it was apparently boys can be under hinty list para ephesus so you come into FSA it's awesome inspire Ephesus can we say that but I was very stone but all the Gentiles part of the legacy in church so I promote tears Lohan Tillis as important like glacial all this area no no they're not part of the church you should know some personally the world it's you son del mundo this is the church and this is the world to separate de locas different owners like leesia Otto del mundo what condition today's paper Lynn : condition college until in San Quentin rebellious people do insane personas rebellious que estan haciendo picado what condition a day's pay Palenque condition Astana ellos los likely Andalusia the juries la Julio's rebellious people ambience of personas rebellion abandoned during sane haciendo picado the servants of social service again cited Santana's read that lame-o sister-in-law president holidays people serving ESO until is a considering we call them idols case law los hermanos y de los which is just the manifestation of sight you know Marcela manifestation is at Ana's is there any difference between a Gentile and the Jew existe una diferencia de Manos internal until the Julio when Paul speaks of this esto so let's go to Roman's Alamosa Romano's chapter 3 capital of trees remember sir currency that this history here of the church according to Greg Lisa the LSS totally glisteny dos de Cristo which is God's people kisser Pavel of yours is the same story of as us as la misma storage in Westra because seven-day event is the latest say I'm killing listen to said moody s lovely Sarah and these Jews the lady say you know who vo song Isaiah so they just a type or a symbol of this church so Dom as well Tim people when a symbol here the leg Lisa so we're in Romans chapter 3 Ramona's capital trees and we're going to read verse 9 verse 2 : where we'll do this slowly okay you had you read it and then we'll break it down okay Cape Wes somos nosotros mejores que ellos de ninguna manera pause hemos dem Estrada que todos tanto Julio's como Gentiles están bajo el piccalo so I want to pick up one word akira nakano palabra in the English it says proved but I think you said demonstrated yeah demonstrated huh the monster aha so Paul has already demonstrated power our Keisha a demonstrable in the last two chapters in los últimos das capitalist what is he demonstrated he Pablo are the most ravaged auntie's how did you read this verse he said I've already demonstrated this is Ray was a was the most radical todos was he demonstrated the mostarda Pablo sure everybody's under the scene under que ambos Julio's even Tilly's stumbles al percolo so let's culture diverse carefully vamos depositor can never see colum he says what then in Tulsa DC what then a keep ways away somos who's way keen SSS somos a car somos nosotros videos videos vamonos otros all the Jews better than Vai ser Aikido Julio's some mejor es key issues who is the dye kin son los hijos the Gentiles until estates can ask the question to sell a promoter Vienna the rhetorical question a pregunta rhetorica are the Jews better than the Gentiles sera que lo q vo so mejor es que los continues his answer is non-response s neo guna manera and he was to emphasize he says no in no wise it is not an inguinal Munira guess in America excited know why I can't American listen no way Jose that's what America would say there's a in the English there's a colon and linguistic system Nicole maka after Jose there's a political economy English says for and English is a for poised it's the same year but that word actually means because and estoppel Erica please Casey porky is that how you wanna see very saw yes because please porque so he says there's no difference between them bucola citizen anima no difference and 3qu geo second Tillis because Paul has already proved something to keep our Kasia up Rivaldo antes algo and he's gonna prove that the way it was the Jews did I was the gentleman of a provocative someone also to represent Allah who do use a key issues represent among Gentiles because we've already proved the way produced British a promo skin no so true Julio's and by the Gentiles issues working Tillis that they are all on the same key todos ellos son back up a cow what does it mean if you run the same significance estaba copy callo he belong to you know this on the site attend assistance at a NASA Staubach avocado scene is your boss l picado is too heavy or your slave master o - - come sister heavenly sklavos kill Amanda losses clavos capitis because when he told you what to do you do it Condoleezza look at Tina's case here MooMoo Tina Castelo first 10 yes come stai screech oh no I who's to me you know you know as it is rated de la misma Formica star screech oh there is none righteous no I am justo no not one knee and uno now he's routing from sons chapter 14 verse olestra arsenal citizen deck Samos Catorce ever single 14th verse 1 1 verse o'clock at kapa haka tours reversal oh no we don't have time to go - no tenemos tiempo para era I want to ask you this question yo soy la pregunta when he says when will he see there is none that doeth righteous kino-eye nadie justo let's go down to the next verse the Barbary cyclone z11 no I kin in tienda no I can busca adios he says there is no one understands there's no one that seeks after God you know in Anakin tienda no idea boo Skyros verse 12 verse is low dose todos se des vro you know say serum in new Tillis no I came a gala bueno no I Nisa quiero uno and verse 13 / signal trace a Sepulchre abierto s su garganta con su lengua and ghanaian veneno the viboras i the barco de su la Buse so I wanted to skull back to verse 11 he remove another particular one c8 says it is he no one understands no one seeking after God a collision no I'm not en tiendas no anodic 9y Kim buscoyos if I said no one so josy go no I know I know one no idea what percentage of paper would that mean person attacking the persona Cano listen Noah Nadia if I said no one so Judy go Nadia Sarah 100% 100% yes 100% failure same por ciento the the fracaso now my question is repair going to toss his ass when he says the hundred percent call a DC m4 siento let me get this one was a serious tone and let me draw it this way almost Oliva Holocene tone says yeah I've just drawn the same thing here debo hello miss me when he says no one 100% quality who Nadia's simple siento what's he referring to the kissed avalon Doyle I'm gonna call this I the worship is our bill and say you see so you tell me how much a hundred percent is rukiruki me digas cuando se important which groups formed a hundred fruit when you get to a hundred percent quanto como como para ser a simple seein to quality loss group Osaka when I said partisan poor siento sorry someone said a plus B plus C elegant equal tenemos que summer RBC Parisienne por ciento is that obvious it starts to OB fewest yeah it's obviously wrong esta obviamente Kiva chasm Malo I envy the Drake is the Salomon t I obey y por que why we say obviously okay donde por que por que esta aqui vocal vehicle we hope Rodolfo said is because a and B is this part here Gentiles and vehicles and old where this pole length la pregunta es donde Pablo VV ABO say in kilala stop Alaka r bo c SE c-- Pablos incontinency a kind and wave oh no has Paul met Jesus la pregunta is in history moment to publish a vehicle token Cristo is he singing off the Christ Pablo star seeking striking-looking mr. bokun de cristo no sure he already met you I mean day by day okay like a Halloween scene la pregunta es en cuatro concrete super secret cada dia creciendo concrete Staubach an oil and he's going around the world is a valid role el mundo looking for people volcano personas to join say para que se puede contar are and group Elise a so the 100% LCM por ciento is this group as esta grupo the gent house and the church joking Tillis fujio's likely allow this area can we say that podemos ver esto so it's poor part of the problem or his poor part of the solution a pregunta es Pablo as a particle problem or Pablo se parte de la solution solution solution because that's what emphasises it was look here for success so in all these verses in soy sauce vs. when it says are the Jewish better than the Gentiles hasta la pregunta Sarah kealoha videos on my curriculum until which juice is he talking about Vicki could use a table no you're saying hey Julio still sick as if a B or B me say that sloven versus 10 verse signal yes there is none righteous no higher ninguna justo iron Bay I be there is none that understandeth non sinking of the God no in the lake entiendo que buscar Senor alien be they have all gone out of the way they are all together become unprofitable toasters we are oh no sissy any new talents there is none good no I Ning guna why no 100% cm por ciento this is the world this is el mundo and what church is this Keighley says Esther love this is a lawless area at the end of the world we will call them del fin del mundo que vamos a shaman entosis seventh-day adventists iglesia adventist del septum oh dear the seventh-day Adventism intone solvent is mo is under sin esta sabaha Pakal there is none good know existed ninguna boy no no not one no excess on the una ninguna I'm not saying that no study sandal is so that's what Paul is saying in soloq a publicist you know he says you need to come out of this experience of light they say of satirically less experience a lawless area and enter into the experience you have Ephesus in Drammen perience of the Ephesus and most of the church in that time period are not going to do that in la mejor de las personas they like listen aquel tiempo no one enter are certain remnant will be safe yes Allah mentor imminent Eva Sarah septal verse 13 verse Allah Tracy say pull crow abierto is su garganta con su lengua and ganyan veneno the viboras i debajo de su la Buse what is the word d-segment que significa la palabra and ganar means the law yes que significa minted talking about this group here mr. louis de grupo de arrest the ice esos on sts Adventist ins a seventh-day adventists lawyers la pregunta es los alimentos a sec media so many roses no no in a dead uncle to work soon no one trauma Harpole trabajo other if you do any clocking in nowadays no since you see a circle k the timecard the satirical super needle Priscilla o'clock in o clock in clock out and it rocket any key punch card yeah punch punch a Salida ester Adventist out chain and lie like that Ivan distant one I'm interior said materials I see we're not dishonest people Sutton knows almost personally so nesters so when it says Connelly Chaka they have used this seat a caddy ii do see Lucinda lingering you what is this lying that's going on he came in tear resistant hasta que esta pasando aquí de pablo know about morality no answer so very morally like it's not about Adventist men cheating on their y no es el 2do kisses on a 20-cent hombre que esta try and a deuteron doing Gallardo's raposa this this 8sn granule is doctrinal they say son the in gayest doctrine Alice because this church here porque esta clase akka had invited doctrines from the world at the noodle recibido doctrine as el mundo from grace specific specific a meta DeGrazia and incorporated our theology into their own religion even pasaron corporal osteology Leslie as gray gas para sus propias antenna Mientus so when I would preach the gospel in Tosa condo issues even pretty car su evangelio it was adulterated estaba a dual tirado it wasn't pure no era pure new era Peru and that's this deceit that he's talking about a car issue s Singhania key published a blonde raka it then says the poison of ASPs internally circa veneno the viboras what is an ASP que es una vibra it's a snake since night Asuna viva la serpiente this vikas's is a serpent the serpent is seitan on a V Boris no serpiente la serpiente as a represent our poor cetanas so the poison of seitan in total venomous Atanas is under their lips está debajo la Buse what's behind the lips of a snake kiss top orchestra behind the lips yes top o Abajo there are linguist the the liability la Viva la serpiente banana this the venom it's the venom in their fangs in style vanilla de souza Caminos which wait they bite and poison en el caso topeka it a point in Veneto isn't this war site ended in the Garden of Eden no Lucas at a National Guard in eleven and then he had this 8l Taniya Ellen Gallo never religiously state in Lingala former religiosa and his doctrine is true doctrine ok certain Anthony was it poison La Plata aravindan OSA the Latina Catania because he killed a poor Kim Makoi ever and she became an idea Yasha cetera Simona gente because the poison of asked was under her lips now por qué el viene a la vie Bora our stop Ibaka de su lobbyists a mere never and she poisoned her husband acacia tambien in Vienna nor su esposo verse thirteen versaclock atossa su Boca s Tichina demolition edimar guru and verse 15 sus PS say oppressor on para dar amar sundry what is it mean that they fail a swift shed blood kiss significant Sookie so Spears say oppressor on para Larimar Sangre was the main shedding blood his significant Tara malice angry means killing people the snake significant metallus personas how they killing how they killing the people who estimate a la las personas according to the verse and jehovah vesicular quatre six quatre sequences kimono matin las personas con que since they faith so Spears a Swift to shed blood what a swift main basically suspicious air pressure on que significa pressure RC so how they killing people como esta Martin las personas quick the key forma that's how fast they doing it how are they doing it como with what they can form a cobblestone Metellus persona verse fourteen persecutory with free call appears it's like that 13 Spears yes so spear preseren says wait they faith con sus PS they quickly shed blood say oppressor imparied erimar Sangre how do you kill people with your faith como para su no matter on a persona con el PA relating to the wrong way que uno de ho casi lo conduce en la cierva en el camino equivocado in the bible in la biblia what are the feint used for in a beaver soon estudia para kiss evil PA LPS usado para que la biblia they said to walk para cami not know how beautiful call el mozo to take the message para development sake how beautiful are the feet upon the mountains con el mozo so no spear so be LaMontagne but before goes on those mountains perrantes para que antes q step we're coming are nestled Montes you have to post a mic on your face tiene que poner alguien two Spears would you have to put on your face hitting ask opponent in two PS let the the sandals of the gospel as sundaland 11 hey leo so the Fae are a symbol of what else l ba and Iberian soon a symbol here the key the gospel the gospel pretty car livin hell you can say that for the most variants to noches follow me so Paula scriptura so what de fête doing it was a kiss turner syndrome LPNs personas giving the true gospel or a for his unknown who never hello where they don't have a hail your fall so it's a false gospel because the gospel is gonna kill you is only vocally also kill em oh hello given a shewhart Devon okay a Matar we can say that podemos various caca is there any difference between Adventists in the world in sixty alguna difference in twenties more el mundo I are gonna differentiate Paul says I've already proven that there's no difference a Bacardi coke anointing guna differences are pro vecanoi difference now in Jesus pero cuando Christo spoke to his local church our local Susi glissando calles and he told them this le dijo esto says there's no difference between you and the Gentiles you know any difference in traversal or Antilles all they try to do Kingdom Turner said try to kill him intent on omote are low because Adventist I wanna hear Parliament Issa no Kiran escuchar they were in the same condition as the world histamine la misma condition del mundo we're dead estamos murtis in trespasses and sins in our trust back ROC trans transgression is and before we go to give the gospel to the world he enters epidermis he knows al mundo llevar 11 Telemundo we need to have the Gulf go given to us tenemos que te llama hello Dallow a nosotros premier and that's what our problem is in circuit understand poor lemma but this is a hard saying it says assume this school so deficient because I dentist don't want to hear this per kilo seventies are not Quirinus couch I assume because I can't believe is true no pole Creek uses well done this great church it's a glacial turn grand the Turner Monson is lost in trespasses and sins esta perdido in transgression asleep economy one more verse Romans particular when Romans three nine Romano's trace versicle nueva nine let's go to Roman's 11 11 was aromas Romano's capital on C no on C no no capital no see chapter eleven right Romans 11 called capital own see the Romano's we could pick up from verse 20 I and pay someone particular been torture but I'm not gonna read from verse 28 I want to read a couple of verses down but you're like commands of God pero policy personal mentorship program Bassanio Traverse City local which one verse 32 Tarantino's Westeros zucchetto our toes and disobedience eeeh para tener Missy recorded a todos so now he says hora DC for God hath concluded them all porque yo secreto a todos in unbelief in disobedience Ian who is the OL Alcala promoters kin son estas todos se now who is the hundred percent alright four-year-olds this question discussed a contentious a pregunta let's go to verse mostly over secret Renta because I want to ask you who is Paul talking to John bursty in Chapter 11 who is he talking to lucky rosario de de quien published on a capitalist ethos of only recyclate Renta como tambien vosotros arise a Noto tiempo disobedient is a Dios para otra vez Arkin solemn is a recorder Paulo disobedience of the issues I'll give you a clue Judah Paul is part of groups a Pablo is a part of the group who say emphasis emphasis like listen are they talking to a or en esta hablando para el grupo are obey or Baek is silly little Viejo and the Gentiles in chapter 3 in capital o tres he was speaking to group B but capital trees published hablando panel group would be the church listen to in chapter 11 are in a capital o se para Kim published ah hablando screwed by the Gentiles estado para los Gentiles are a group wha it says for as you cover story verse 13 come on Tammy vosotros in the past arise inato tiempo this is believed in God and not to Temple disobedient s adios because you were Gentiles for Cairo Gentiles now Panora have obtained mercy race Arkansas Misericordia through their unbelief por la decima dnc the issues who is the their kids so necessarily shows a carcass table Londo but our disobedience of the issues the church like leesia the church is like Lygia often we're not used to reading these verses carefully and like an emotional reason estamos acostumbrado Laius una forma cuidado sir and one of the things i wanted to do this weekend una cosa que kisi acidity fin de semana is to try to encourage you to read these words as key keep this pattern of tears in the sealed estudia la cosa comas latasha's mask with a low so instead of majors telling you the answers and investors you know must be needed at a loss of respuestas and if you've got some of those answers wrong issue 13 aruna response as a key vocalist I want you to reread them can see how the correct answers should be Underhill Salalah here present in the consider response the correct so his first 30 he says you Gentiles didn't believe God a collision vesicle Tito stairs Gentiles nor career in Dios and now you overturned you've obtained mercy aura of still receive you know Misericordia 10 a Misericordia through the unbelief of the Jews por la disobedience de los caballos and now he's gonna flip this Oliver cambiar esto now he's gonna say in verse 31 over a bicycle to return over the city even so have these Jews a Centurion estos who used also not believed ara and sido the civilian tests that through your mercy the ballon tiles para que por la mesa recorded their considerable so true so Gentiles died may have mercy it shows tambien I'll consume is recorded in verse 30 they would be the Jews right yes in Asia's tambien our customers a recording of videos it says God has looked at this church my secret into those dos su egipto last iglesia and he looked at the world via terminal moved to our todos and he's not condemning this church he knows that condemned under installation he doesn't look at us he'd know merely lumira nosotros a you should have already known better analyse and also to teach attend ricca-san arrest ocean and I'm not gonna give you another charm nothing without my suna-chan see because we've had so many chances over the years porque tenemos Dantas chances and pass all he needs mercy in some ascetic audiences when I look at an adventist condominium condo Mira a 20 smoke I'm gonna treat them you know we're turtle Oh like I trade the world come on throttle mundo and how does he treat the world commodious throttle mundo who don't know their left hand from their right hand you know cellular differences human Rho Parliament's care that in mercy in Misericordia when it comes to us condom Union also truce it comes to us as a merciful God say Vienna nosotros commune de Dios misericorde oh so and he realizes he'll perceive that we're at the end of the world estamos en fin del mundo and we've been taught incorrect information you know so transformers in seniors information is incorrect us and it's not our fault you know as mr. Cooper but he wants to give us a solution pero no quiero dar una solución that solution yes the solution is what Paul is gonna give them is looking Pablo vasila so I want us to say Kirika V Ramos as we come to the end of the world here i'll cigar Moselle fin del mundo we're here in 2017 until the Sunday law coming in someone's in the middle society I own a little mini Calvin yendo and adventists yield or solvent estas they think that they prepared for this event pensamos que estamos a preparado para sus eventos le Dominical this church is not prepared your signature no in stopping parada the Sunday the water come tomorrow if the Lally Dominican vinieron mañana almost everybody would file like casi todos even frack Assad I say almost to legal kasi because so ready porque sha Paul is here published I given this message she wonders 2 min sake Paul is ready publicist esta listo but first of all he wants to go to the church to the primera mental carried on iglesia and saved the church from destruction in Salva like listen another suit shown and God in His mercy says this if your since mr. Connelly's I won't condemn you for your ignorance not the way Condon RT poor to ignorance eeeh I will condemn you for your rebellion should not they work on the narco to rebellion the difference between rebellion and ignorant are differentiated rebellion in ignorance here is about them at this are buying a ski ambos some disobedient assistant disobedient anxious that when you're in rebellion you doing it deliberately condone understand rebellion estas you know the format deliver ah de and he's so gentle you used to study until that he says I'll treat you all as though you do any accidentally silhouette retard todos como su still Associates to Vienna still enough for my accidental since aware so I want to talk a little bit now Carol on Oh Paquito era 48 minutes right now so yeah I want to talk a little bit get a lot of poquito mas about some of these truth is they impact us at the end of the world algunos de sus verdad es como puede impact are a nosotros del fin del mundo some was asking me earlier honest persona mr. la pregunta antes because this is an introductory series that we're doing this weekend por que hacen series introduction que estamos haciendo why I haven't spoken about the 25 2011 Tara porky no a hablar del bente singko venting and perhaps incorrectly Kasana forming corrector I assumed you can say the most of the people here had heard the 25 20 and understood a muchos Turkestan nikasha escucha el bente singko venti in low in tianjin but maybe we haven't kiss-ass no so I just wanted to spend a few minutes okay Katherine Pogue unos minutos looking at 25 20 but it's black an epochal bente singko venti but if you've heard about it before but oh so station escuchar lowest want this maybe this will be slightly different to what you've heard this us in stores in pokey two different against couch Allen and pasado antis now if you want to study about the 25:12 take a dose we also will be the sink event you can approach it in many different way different as money as the this tiara stone but the first place we want to look at this 25 de Malaga key Ramos malaria cement a single entity is in a back in chapter 2 as our cookie capital ludos we don't have time to read the spirit profit of almost Italian Eva para mostrar Tiesto but you can see the charts on this table here for every loss diagram was kissed our current in LA in LA now a Mesa specifically the one on the left the 1843 chart the specific Ament a stockist on a skier de when they produce this chart the Miller rights conditions products here on Easter day a gramma they came under the conviction issues tuvieran our conviction that the production of this char killa production Dissidia gramma was the fulfillment of prophesy her own complement to the prophecy and the prophecy that was being fulfilled illa prophecy has several comprehend OC was found in Habakkuk chapter 2 saying control my cookie capital of those so let's turn to a package vamos a bukkake capital all those particular dose which were sooner to the villages quickly go to chapter one first vamos intercept a second capital uno yabba cooky when waster the Old Testament prophets cuando nosotros tuvimos Profeta sell Antigua testamento the first thing we need to do la primera cosa que estamos I said if they won this time when these prophets laid as intended in key moment to esos prophetess esta muy bien de you can understand what they're saying but I keep poisoned in de locas down on his handle so I shouldn't assume it so I laughed the question it doesn't know the real Sameera super to Western apparent do you know when her back was ministering when she was a prophetess this samyama so many que tiempo about kook estaba Minister no como Profeta okay so now not many people know okay no much as persona seven with many with many kings in the Old Testament no Acosta browser daemon raesha still Antigua testamento so David Solomon saw Davi Solomon Kings Jeremiah is the kiyose Manasseh Manassas Josiah who sees who sees they through famous times that we've heard of risottos delicious famosos which escuchar most let me do a picture where they work hard on the own we'll start with soul a pessimist console David David and Solomon is Salamone after Solomon dies this busca Solomon worried who is the head of 12 try here a there was no serious what happened que pasa it divided split see DVD it splits into ten civilian tears until ethos and they've northern tried it so so nasty was ill nor T and this is the southern try it so so nasty very soon this is Jeroboam and this is RIBA locust on El Norte Sarah hero born a raw born in a la parte de su then these two divisions of Israel go for many years yes don't division as they reside sigue por mucho science motor signals and the last king here el último de IE is how shia-sama vu or sayers oh oh we think that this is how shia you swear or sayers how few is in the north was their sister on a little norton do we know who the king is in the South when how share is raining Allegan sorry Kenan Erica Stalin ensued go burn and okano sayers se terminó surah now it's this King he has a wound on his leg and soon rake it in unirii de la pierna and he gets healed by a poultice of things a lesson a low proportion as the egotist Penelope anakena Desiree that is is a Kia's Hezekiah Sequoia did I teach now h OE OE ii ii ii ii sorry so this is Hezekiah is a kiyose do we know who has a Caius honest al against the quarter they came here illegally Zacchaeus muy bien - s muy bien the most evil king una de los Reyes mass malice and Manasseh is the thing that kills I Isaiah say - SLE alaikum our toil Prophet Esaias he chops him in half or than if we know that no quarter in la mitad Manassas Sun Li kudamon our sin skin era his name is Anand tsunami era amon and amon sons 90 we know his name is Rama can only call them on this place he knows Joseph Josiah osseous Josiah is one of the best Kings juiciest in los mejores races and my master is the worst in Manassas is el peor her back about kooky is in this time period esta and Nyssa temple historia just before Josiah some poquito aunt is there Casillas then after Josiah this boozy who sees we're gonna have four kings almost certainly cuatro richest and even every the last king is still serving Kenya salute evil there are the Kia's and Vedic ayah is going to be punished and the night is going to be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar si de que hacer una de la nación versus destroy the poor na boku no no so if I just join here so Joe Bonamassa Nalini this is Daniel this is Danielle so the book of Daniel is here a liberal Daniella study in the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim and it is surrounded right now the hero King says that in Daniel chapter 1 verse 1 it's time Danielle Capital University cologne so this is Habakkuk here don't say eastern Montana most about kooky Vivian in a tiempo de mon we don't have time to read these verses no tenemos tiempo para leaders were Siculus but if we were to rain city we're almost clear Habakkuk chapter 1 the first overstays los primeros quattro versa cozy capital Nunavik okay i wanna read verse 4 read verse o Pensacola quattro capital under a kook pero ESO la ley said le bateau de bolita el Hui Co no say hasta la verdad olimpio sedl justo Yasin said where's Ella justicia verses 1-4 versa : el cuatro hole speaking quien esta hablando that cultivates one more verse alone oh it says the burden which Habakkuk the Prophet did say professor Cal Profeta Alba cook recibió ensue vision now the word burden la palabra burden k-kill estado Sandow is actually means the prophecy houston's in his prophecy can you say professor yes prophecy but it's a negative prophecy Pierson Pierson of prophecy and negativa the prophecy of doom and gloom so no prophecy the the Kosovo Sinestro no come citizen is Austin a blow so uh Nick rural caucus Vickers Malone a prophecy give a trail of doom and Estonian human destruction Eric he put together Sinestro they roar huh Sinestro okay so the whole of the book of Habakkuk is about this vision it was a total capital Baku consumer service junkie latin either selfish only destruction Habakkuk is speaking in these verses avocados are loneliness vs. but he's representing the paper piercer represent on las personas and the people in verse four say in las personas and versaclock wot releasing the law is slacked para la ley said they believed esta devil and judgment doesn't go forward you're who you should not say hasta la verdad what is the word slacked me you see in la palabra de billet are is therefore the lowest / iya disappear so la ley estas said the bolita que significant ability' there is no strength in the English you know a versa Liza can the Portuguese will there be Longstaff lawful not doing anything no está siendo Nala flow hito no strength no Tina Forza who are they complaining that hasn't got any strength or is lazy but Achilles no comprendo say no key no any gonna force surrounding gonna lay the blaming God in stock still undecided or sister god yes if you raid the rest of the verse just a single agenda liberal vertical the rest of the particular they complain its Tonka condo see there's so much wickedness in the church I turn to pick a lock uses feeling Elisha and God is being lazy if your sister siendo flew home and not throwing out the problem no irregular doulas problemas we might say kiss and ASIMO's calling to the book of joel the acuerdo con liberal the job Oh ja ja well they sighing and crying it's done a commando in Croatia Rondo for war por lo que no this is eco it was okay is well on social on the Clermont Oh porky and polis abomination they said Sanada Ezekiel no sissy cabanas capital of Norway so they cried and saw because of the abomination do it crimando polis abomination ask existing the cry to God it's not common values in Habakkuk in our cookie thank God wife Eliza instantly she approaches the turn through Hunan lazy in notice also in ortho in the problem out in no irregular notice as a bonus Jonas esperamos que existe naka then verse 5 verses low sequences God is gonna reap the people do spa in Tosa our responder las personas my dad live well now he's gonna say I wanna just wanna see okay let's read verse five Mira enter las Naciones vidya some brows porky are a una hora versus Diaz Jeon Kwon doses qantara no luck rear eyes I want to ask you a question kiri eyes he's a person a guy una persona a cast on a persona inverse is 1 to 4 verse 2 : el cuatro he's complaining it's tacky Hondo see is he good or bad it says personas bueno has mala he's complaining to God that there's a lot of secure as the persona says tachikoma dos por que dicen que mucho pick a lock a legless itõs a supersonic a stocky condo says bueno Vimala he's dying and crying mr. Ardwick Armando Buena bought goods good when a persona ok so he's good it's bueno and in verse 5 but su culo Cinco I want to pick up one phrase you're gonna frost it says in your dies a car do you see in those deers in Tuesday years in West roseus her into your cane has a curve Westeros Westeros years it's this person here a car an innocent person oka SSRS Annika he says in your days I see no kind to steers what am I gonna do dear boy a certain tone says I'm gonna do a he says and wonder marvelously for I will work a work in your days por que una Albany worse was years so who's gonna do this work Kimber series at Rocko the person who was lazy la persona que espera Sousa God God dear God says I'm gonna do a world knows what this is Yahweh Cyril trabajo in his days in his dear they can los years again their persona from this cars gonna do la pregunta es que tipo de trabajo de soie Sarah II what's the work that he's gonna do satroccoli is vasiliy who read verse 6 merci gracias por que já levanto first half party show levanto a loss called eros he's gonna raise up the Chaldeans Parliament Alice call those who the Chaldean King Solus Cowell's my baloney Apollonian so what's the world God's gonna do it was a la pregunta SK travel to do small sentences it's gonna rise it the kaldane the babylonian have in war but Rosella scoliosis babylon is Paris turkey destruct destroy destroy but it is three heroes Alain when did I destroy and kit team pushes destroy by the time you get to here quando chega say insidious the destruction is progressive destruction is progressiva it begins here community and it's all in this history servitor para way by the time story here is finished quando chega science ed akia tribunal and in whose dices that can happen in la pregunta is in los dias de quien case of destruction by Posada this person's here in la persona cast ie from this point at this point is to point to a study how long is it cuanto tiempo IE could it be a hundred years kisses process here no use can't be no because it says in your guys walking off Illinois pork ad saying two steers interstate 10 you can starve evil this is gonna happen in stove up Assad so you know the time period from the complaint to when God's gonna throw out the problem it was it the neighbors can't endure this will pull to the like here as a momento que Dios Marysville problema is within a lifetime of these people they were complaining Jenica sit them to del del Peru they've visited SS personas que si esta noche Hondo so what were required to do you know so - so most Ricky readers I said and we don't have the time to do it you know the Mosel tiempo para ser lo we would type this history vamos a tomar si story and we will bring it to the end of the world of the most royal fin del mundo if we did that civil samosa see where would this Bay who's telling a promoter said the Kia's serene key momento kindnesses story occurred it would be here I've been around a Sunday law level form a symbolic insalata Syria gnarly Dominican in Lally Dominican so where would monaster be to sell a promoted only based on ptosis miosis I'm gonna put my NASA here open in - si and I'm gonna give the date for it la fecha where the people who were complaining you don't deserve a las personas que la boca condo see they here mr. naka and it's days you see in this person's lifetime in a dimple Avedon SS persona the instructions about the holidays who should I stop Erica Reed so what I'm saying is you carry serious if you go back to the book of a packets just a run and you never cook and you confirm this by rating the spirit of prophecy used to poke infirmary so a little prophecy in the book prophets and Kings they leave a professor salacious he comments on the story condo is your comment as historian but when you make a present I application notice a trial super our presenter silica show presented when these people start complaining about the thin convinces personas in PSR Kiefer see the lost because Dale iglesia you know within one knife times sabemos que noon Badou de vida the Sunday law of coming lolly dominicality now you might think when you look around the world you step in scientist economy report mundo everything is collapsing around you toaster collapse and or2 red alert and we're looking at all the soil you know so to stone became notorious as analyst to think that the end of the world is coming pensando que el fin del mundo está cerca but that's not an accurate way of doing it but also no es una forma I could a corrector corrected SLO because if your second third fourth generation advocacy unicursal bozos dr. Cyril aquatic international venti smoke your grandparents were alive at the second world war is to pass the review in la segunda gr moody al they would have looked at the events and said surely this must be the end of the world who someone owes you will see Wow Madonna sipping akira kurosawa a fin del mundo wars and rumors of war JIRA's rumors Agera they wouldn't be imagined newkeli marquise not that we would have gone 60 70 years the table bizarre Sesenta setenta ions maspiro london el futuro and that way would o be alive quito nosotros evil star vivos for the questioning la pregunta es entonces how do we know the moon also to survey most when you look around the world on the miramos are in hola mundo that we are the last and also to somos altima generation it has to be through prophecy yeah tiene que said a traversal a prophecy and this is only one prophecy that deals with this is sexy oh no Munna Proficio solamente kick our surgeries to look when you take this history and bring it into our gonna try a killer story condense the story akka when you get into this history you'll know you're the final generation Eric condo cigars in Astoria service case la última generation our children nuestros hijos will not be finishing this word no monetary mean our si trabajo it's going to be us at all Vincennes nosotros adultos given us a terminar we are so far down this line nosotros tunisia Tallyho zionist Alenia and adventist don't realize he lost of indecent no sabe no peace a minister and what we need to realize que tenemos que serious like paul como public a rubdown Keesha allegory is the Adventism key element is mo is in a lost and undone condition based on the condition / vida y undone Cana stab her gladden esta terminado huh a la cuenta con dios uh-huh so that's one thought that I wanted to say it so soon on pimiento Kiki really seed let's go to her back in chapter 2 when once am i cooking capital of those oh by the way proposed to we read from verse we're at verse five and six Lemos verse Eagle cuatro Cinco what happened if you go to verse 12 que pasa silly Elmo's in particular go see now the people come back to God analyst person of one villagers first they're complaining he doesn't do anything in premium or gas a key component Allah then he tells them what they're gonna he's gonna do this boy he say I should give us here and then in verse 12 onwards you deliver sickle those separate London they complain again same Pearson okay her stepdaughter of a mass and you know what the complaint is now yeah sorry Lynn Munoz give us a like a Hana that's a bit harsh I said demasiado Cayetana police you don't expecting that much punishment Nokia would receive it Tonto Castillo no no kill him okay say tompa tompa sow God's people and never happen it's probably just nuke estoy contento Lucas a satisficer con Dios they always complain priest Anka condusive but by the time you get to verse 12 pero cuando cigar silver signal go see in fact the whole of the book of Habakkuk in legend a totally whenever cooking I was really the focus of curious it's all ready to light cannoli emotionally what about cuckoos esta muy tarde God is already started what he's gonna do oh sure via the Sevilla cave I said he's gonna destroy in Valley Street Adventism Adventism oh because it's no longer fit for purpose but cannot no tiramisu proposal - no sirree master opposite in its lightest sayin condition in SU condition in Louisiana so what we must do to lock in estamos I said a transition from ladies theatre FSS asila transition the loudest saya para ephesus we need to have a conversion experience que pasar por el proceso a conversion and the way we do that la forma que hicimos is to it by understanding prophecy is intended no prophecy to begin with but in person Habakkuk chapter 2 or you want to read it 12 let's suppose okay that's fine no Linda this is again to know where is to desert principle he overdosed Muse Antonio normally Ramos cave opera hui-soo locus ISTE it to rock a list of LEC para cassia anyways keep going Abaco capital DOS verse 13 where 13 1 3 c1 ok universe signal traces they complain sooo careful he says God your eyes are so pure it is a car to a meal impure to so host yours how can you bear to see your children being killed como como puedes serious uno how could you watch how can you bear co-host a poet to layer our key to see who's the stone Maria no mana Madrid and God says I'm gonna do this strange world because this is your vessel trabajo Estrella difficile different things are so bad porque la cosa tonton malice so a bucket chapter to have a cookie capital Udo's this vision that Habakkuk is having a solution cava cookies certain Yendo which is chapter 1 verse 1 case capital Universal oh no God wants to make sure that his people understand Oh scary kid Superboy and D&D so he says no CVC get this vision dodge aversive is your own and make it simple and playing on a table Iker Casillas scene please if facile in unum in on a table and a table is like a document unit table scamozzi for on documento like they wrote the Ten Commandments upon tables of stone so c'mon kima Thomas Craven was da manhã Mientus in on a table on the Piedra so read versatile particulars humorous manually ho scream elevation gravel a-- in Tablas para que puede layer see de carido so God tells a battle to get this vision and make it simple on a type of document jose de albuquerque el entonces esta vision uniform a simplest in la pagina table and we read verse 3 verse aglow trace uncle efficient r de n completes a say cumplir ax ax su tiempo no fahara on guitar de espera la Porky sindhu Devendra no tanara so even though we think that this vision isn't happening straightaway a local official per se kin Nova or contested email at Amenti what's God's promise Konoha professor KDOT Chicana capital of the trees the signatories it's gonna come on time you have a little tiempo you know today we got church like listen idios we think how long do these people gonna go on about this story about the Sunday law la pregunta spoke up to tipler's persona von empezar cantando historia de la ley Dominical pour canto tiempo because we've been praying about it for a long while porque nosotros we you mean we who are say stay away nosotros no predict induces upon mucho tiempo just like the Miller writes here come on Amelia test I mean they were crazy for 46 years our political were quite into see science people got tired las personas Nessa cancer on this couch artist they say this is not gonna happen yeah it's not normal person today same thing lo mismo parsekar and god already understands this eDoc ah entiendo and part of that waiting is to test us he party esta tarde Anson espera espera prove our nose to see who the new people ready but I work in Westerly stow that time tiempo developed patience el tiempo que hace una tercera sharp a ciencia and patients developed godliness in la paciencia sedessa Russia in Devine dad so in operation and godliness TV done here in verse 3 mercy glorious it says this vision is going to happen a future time Arkadiy seek a solution papa sorry el futuro and when it's time for it to happen it will happen if quando chega el tiempo para pasar por ahora de Maupassant now the Miller writes in total milliliters when I took these verses condo to me on tomorrow's vs. they said let's produce this child into the head of almost a series of diagram moussaka so here's the cha I installed a grandma and in fact there's another shot next way yeah I go to the economica which was drawn up IES afterwards if we ate sure Oh Cho Cho is this place the second one's called the 1850 cha and segunda our grandma's - Emily diagram and immunization - cincuenta and the first ones called the 1843 el primero sectional diagram of the military center current address and what the memorize understood looking at in journal milliliters it says write the vision we see a clearly low vision so the vision is the definite article lapa la revisión nrt goda finito not any other he needs the specific value medical care vision and a simply irrelevant is specific what is the vision la pregunta es la vision if the vision that predicts the punishment and destruction of the church as La Mission keep releasing que pretty pretty si la puna Shana destruction illegal Asia now this version estimation looks like this severe como esto what does it look like cookies appearances look like a stored como se para su c'mon Espada and this kind of a sword he said he put his father like a dagger como si forum on the garden with n'est pas de Naga how many edges does it have Qantas Punta Zelos I do we know that the Bible is like a double-edge so to sabemos que la biblia as soon as peridot see Los Feliz he says tell purposes Syrian those proposed itís one of them is the penetrate oh no es para penetrate and the second one is today war el segundo espera que DV did to divide DV did so it's going to divide to group is no Savannah VD those group whose the good and the bad los cuernos los monos so this vision insufficient even though it's negative uncle solution as negativa as a positive side to a teeny Lalo positive a pariah so because if you get on the right side of God poor kisses to sing quintanilla we know deduce another correcto you join FSS husavik attack on a listener Ephesus it's the cheering message consumed in psychedelic Greer they go so so we'll come back to this chart possible winners of the agreements so if this vision the vision that Habakkuk faking off Kiowa cookus hablando is what's gonna be put on this charge give us a poisonous idea gramma and he's dealing with the destruction of the church Islam lalala distributional iglesia and over the possibility that you can be sized it también el a possibility point you step is averted if you repent sister Sarah Pender of your sinful candidate to condition is becoming awesome so they're gonna produce this chart does they wanna prove CSTR gramma and they're going to do it really carefully yellow wanna settle for no mukou doll awesome if you look at it during the break the door until a linker value suppose Metallica in the chart on the right the 1850 char well diagram model de la derecha the Malaysian discarded the trace there's a box like this existed on the other one and then 50 min ago siento cincuenta your Troy can you think you film because you can okay try can help me you can go film uh-huh so you can see here this ver la Carque existe una box una una caja una table this other cha to the agronomy nutrition to square entity is same information de la misma formation but it isn't boxed or perónist Rho communication para poner lo I'll do it like this the dotted line low upon alumina linear pump yadda and there's a central column exist you know con una central that runs all the way down here kiss americano de river para Rocco with information or pictures either side corn for maturity if you giris in Kerala and I'm saying this okay so you see nos the both of these charm Bosnia grammars are talking about the vision of Habakkuk chapter to establish only about cookie kappa saludos and this vision yourself vision he's dealing with this story here in style on July story Kiwi haka now we spoke about Manasa Alamos terminar says I'm a NASA Amano says wicked King train we become you know so what happens to him yep ahsoka mana says the assyrians loser serious come to jerusalem vinieron a hero silane and they take Manasa captive and take him to where elusive are Ocasio para donde Manassas to Babylon are Vilonia which is their capital kids like a battalion when he goes to Babylon on the starving in Babylonia he repents shall reap India in Manassas and he gets reinstated is the king and he can go back you see Larry kosilla Walter Ray here chavala Volta our hero solid as you look at they both of these charts just a minute in las dos the economists the first date that's given in both cha la primera Futurecast dollar in ambos dioramas is the a 677 as a lioness a scientist a tentative why would they choose that guy la pregunta es porque lo milliliters easily hero as a feature because it's connected to a back-end porque esta conectado con ba cook so if you come to this story here to sue seven electoral avec okay Habakkuk his ministry in here just after Manasa about kooky Star Minister knows luego después de de minus s have Manasa - s he gets taken cactus illusive article - Apollonia in the yay 677 unless a scientist identity so this guy here is a fairy is the same day as this day here it was Miss Muffet circus tiny which is the vision on this chart geez Louise should kiss dinosaur the Aramis she's the vision of her back because I love you Shawn they were cook now in her backup story Jocelyn story never cook it finishes here the demeanor ie eggs and full 2x but in this story Morales Toria I mean they take this vision issues try and start with Jonas not just the point X no solamente para pasar el pool 2x but they run it all the way to the end but as you know she have an arsenal phenol tempo and he take it to the Year attention when are you 1843 military enters current address and this one it says 1844 nutraceutical de cuatro because on this cha / Guinea satyagraha they'd made a mistake of 1 year 0 l mistake le Kiboko denial so it should have been 1944 delicacy electrostatically 2/4 so this vision of a back to service you never cook can be understood to y4 incidentally those farmers the first one is right in through a cymbal la première es por una symbol here it's a symbol of Seven Kings for incident I become a symbol here Seattle Aegis 7 lost kings of judah los últimos yeti races the hula beginning with Manasa I've been so common assess and this year Stowe is the vision is to ask LA vision VI si oh and there's a little thing on the old okay like I know like I like it yes no just like achoo so this vision the vision isn't on c'est la vie see on a symbolized by this history a symbol ISA por esta historia and it's the same vision here is la misma visionary but the punishment allá del castillo del del castillo and he talked about the punishment in this way yah Allah Casillas indieformer it says 7 times the workers you got theater versus the way you'll know - oh no so to serve a most cruel Adventist judgement is mo but this 1260 cases millecento Sesenta can be understood in different way tambien poison until you different is Meniere's we can say 1216 hours I said million doses entered years for he tomorrow they will see lo mismo que significa quality don't missus oh oh oh 3:3 that's bad days or three and a half times open you see Tristian media we're familiar with that sabemos system so they seven times this year to tiempos is connecting with three and a half times to connect to trouble mr. conectado con ella kiss tristin media week s EE and we can calculate that for the most calculators to 3.5 times one year there is three spool to sink visas who know you but one year paranoia is 12 months on those services and 12-month dos mas ASON is $360 into sisters into 600 years and 3.5 times 360 that is potosi investors into the center we initiate assistant 12 6 day we know that serving system so this 7 times associated tiempos would just be double that worship the blonde so we would double this logo multiply commerce produce and we'd get sugars entonces 2520 don't milk into venti if you calculate with calculus esto the time between this event and this event official decision to sit in this year term electricity to Ocho it's two thousand five hundred twenty years those milk interventive so this vision of habakkuk here as I wish only about cookie and of Leviticus 26 is Leviticus 20 says is a symbolic representation it's not a simple representation symbolic of this punishment they are punished on this is the big the punishment is a communal opposition and it goes all the way through you see what our selfie to the very end because hostel finale which end here in I think intermediate military sent to Canada trees and here God wanted to restore his paper yeah if you're scared it's not a super blow with his Adventism chaos a twenty small but what is the Adventism do we serve been restored aquí está siendo a twenty small investor ser estar aquí está siendo it just continued in apostasy Seger continue on in apostasy a-- until we get to the site we rented a hasta que se como el estado que estamos ahora the when I lay this area here a Somali sale in need of help Kinney sister Thomas a Judah in needed saving this is Thomas on Salvador so we're going to talk about this a little bit more vamos a la época mas is I want to show you how we can get this history and bring it into our most Rattray here commentary moses estoy de perak knows the story i want to talk about this question mark yo quiero mockery a feature curse upon't alliteration let's pray almost Heavenly Father Kira do Padre as we study your word Holly sutiramisu palabra my pray that we would receive a blessing me or a Sione's que podamos recibir una bendición that we might say that the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to us people almost very clearly spiritus understand cayendo lurconis otras many of us had complained about the state of your church mucho de nosotros our koharu-san vista del estado - iglesia we've complained to our friends and family jack a hollowness como estas amigo see familia we've complained to you jerk vamos a T Tom Ian and he looked like you're not doing anything but a psyche of sickness nación de nada but you've already promised in your word paresthesia permit even el pasad to palabra that you will thought the problem out you still very severe is the problem but when you do that pero cuando se hace so you thoroughly clean this church who stood on a former organizer da Valley er tourist Alicia this might scare us asuka-san sport asustor nas because even though we can play perky honky nosotros NOS vamos we may not think we're ready i recipie samake no estamos listos preparados help us to be ready Nasser Judeh star most preparados nominee who's aiming