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Publish Date: 9/30/2017
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YouTube Title: Parminder Biant 05 - El Evangelio Eterno y la Purificación del Templo II-FRmGajqcITc
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before me untested me please they love to be consistent mere in the verse can see it is the big ice cube but at least in me give you something the Lord was not the same of it no keep moments a crime ability this verse that there are two people okay if we're going to be super super kick those personas one of them is the man who passed away one of the issues is aluminum and the other one is the Lord the luteal is a senior so it says this man me the DCP is the only public and I'll come in economy first person that we will persona and this person is the Lord yes the personas that senior abilities to the reason particularly and this Lord you see your historical what's he gonna do he must see this to see you basically receivable the sweet omitsu temple there are suitable temple so in the time of Jesus in the hizzouse Wendy Jesus lovable tears keep on mental a story pleased to call the tomatillo selvino suitable yes the crystal difficult chapter 2 the one who's lived luring want happy to reduce the cigarette so this a man exists you know why give up our El Camino finally senior she suddenly come to his temple but I came before masu beat up quite a bit in the temple it is the last book in the Old Testament this is a little different the cementum the jews the church should have understood I understood this verse is made to reuse the individual sucessful - lusaka when this person the Lord comes to his temple suddenly well that's a persona is a single then it being the former suitable tracer signal he's got another night existed also no matter him see you lose the testicles so in English the big lives it's called the messenger of the Covenant okay I'll see God in English digital media here that back toe finally the back toe and afraid of the partner to me LeBron me Mirka is the Lord he's gonna come to his tetanus and CEO kybun eros Hotel Group and he's the messenger of the Covenant here students are here to learn human factor and its messenger of the Covenant he is the hero de facto Kiwis living you see this in the receiver what other people living in says that they seeking for him back in DC I saw students put it and also says they delight in him he may be seated in the serum for it the God's church ladies in the news with a looking for the Messiah Negri seduced estaba buscando police years they certainly were centimeter started but when he came beautiful to me no did any like him the promoters issued signal proceed opening they listen know to move acidity because they're expecting another Messiah but his family spirit logo to be Sears or another gospel both we will hear you so what is to say look Akira Yasuda Bahamas this where she's talking about John the Baptist producing a superstar on the homo sister who prepares the wife he provided camino the when this verse i accounts quality we see as being the god's church who expect someone else he listed abuses Thomas Bernardo Guardi differently I think that what they say you know the Gustavo mr. Bentley and you think this verse that we just read because the music is aversive until the numbers enable only applies to the type of Christ simply Smith is applicable deeply feels good does he only apply to John the Baptist who step in seeking showed up into some big ability believable system no we must assume this will prove this year they otherwise would apply this very verse my loser is still be see Lucas order to this history but as the story Oh God she says but why chapter 3 verse what was the field in the middle right history volunteers the people trees ridiculous upon you to escort me little so if that's the case because this is mr. castle mr. basically that pertains the wife can use intrusive means so here if the planet Kamino then I certainly need to kill other white silver and white key point here for me they were the millers William made up please your dinner so William enemies the man is that I prepared why can you ever be late for longer give up on alchemy know for whom para Keenan so the Lord but I'd say you're because nobody's didn't go away but it's a look but I don't deserve our subject is Subic amenities of a London to base camp for Palace of temple here October 22nd and you go to break this news got some to parasitism and was everybody looking forward to the messiah la pregunta especially if you establish didn't know whether the VCS to the second a state policy wouldn't be suitable condo for yourself but when we did when I started hitting his message the local in week 11 pitch saw a large human sake they've any accepted issues of soprano no no vast majority of the church minister soon as an HR service in a circle so they claimed it was this issues the here no no you know that they wanted to accept and acknowledge the messenger of the Covenant we have the key human asserted the Mensa he returned being lobbied sake did the particle but in reality not really done they were rejected service in signal goes it says the day is coming TBC puke in Patras supporter and he'll put a souvenir been bitter because when he comes for people vinegar is gonna be like a refiner muscle Kubota laboratories somebody purified components be no political or so we John the Baptist came the second moment is Savino what did he demanded the church keeps you about this et cetera you sir it says you must be paid diligence about resources repentance about this would I recommend to have John one was first is gonna help to begin to refine the people and there's a persona he was USADA but if it's uncool if you colors personas but who was the man that really came to refine it does still get for real men Dena persona que vino food if it was personas suits but they rejected the Ministry of job the resolution some administrative one so when Jesus came what he taking with me no sequel to do so being a three-syllable richest people she become this is straight in the story the movie begins to stand up Kaluga every millimeter of Farsi and they begin to reject his message of gold he burns furniture suction and sucking their the tensor because after the warning particular spittle and attention God wants to refine or purify his be juice carrot political if in a Super Bowl so if you can accept the warning to Sousou finish it enlarged attention can you be refine the purified be promoted Espinosa still significant every female and this was the crime it was Jewish people committed against themselves it's really creamy people could use comedy democracy business it happened at the target price pursue is selectively please look it happened here from the middle right so suitability little Unitas you can write to the very beginning the story is now isuzu but this commission is gonna be lawyer the same thing happened to the musical persona peace 100 cm Princeton repetition God sends a man yo simply P you normally prepare the wife for a referral camino to google play poker grupo de personas clay killed kinesin to serve god this decision of you a new desire he's coming so cry no one they know it please do because Nene does there's a biblical principle exist your PCP biblical God show you the egg confuse its Western theme but what happened at the beginning who Lucas the partial commune soon its found in Isaiah chapter 46 birthday kiss important as you say use the people party to see the secret yes no but mostly to discuss is receivable years so I'm saying to the suti see look here in the world a killing field mobile all of us to lose nosotros looking forward it's the most spirited suppose a bordello delighting his pyramid of salsa the wagon ECGs civil servant is the Lord the coveted it's a unit part will until it back to all hi Betty Saiga told them at this reason is no but what is it sweetie you can be severe captain demos my story it teaches those insane you kill the Lord is going to raise up messengers gives new Parliament Department some heroes to prepare the way for a pepperoni you know and when those people prepare the way he blesses personas it be also the prebiotic amino what does the church do cholesterol and they are shooting like user community it's not a question they shut the door that's what this is here because I don't even know this kind of these people are okay I'm listening kono city Sonic Youth Services persuasiveness of Heroes do that but I believe in the cities in Toronto it's a recurring thing it's gonna be this show is repeated so by the time the messenger of the Covenant comes to his temple suddenly it doesn't put them in socket and then the - the former Subedar tempo it's - like a sweet darling and we spoke yesterday the super circular massage in the time of Christ that he would increase so you've got the church it is a after City illicitly saya and the Church of Ephesus you like it isn't very effective versus the better choose almost immediately so no mrs. persona it's just different symbol so signals apparently mr. Fossen there will become a great taste but the pseudo suspenseful moments in Adventist aside from the world sorry Musa mundo or humor method Ezra back emphasis to the Middle East about Easter and you join his church uses acutally Zapatista what we expected the koalas kill Isis Spirit gives the Aria who doesn't personas animatism to get baptized on it gives us about this you know yeah you have to get back twice and what is that baptism represent who still think it's a cortisone it what is significant is about this book the death it represents the death of war and represent of a motive the King Chicago see so we see the parade he says that is only how it will be soon it's Bonanza is to accept the world crisis taciturnity roughly disco and if he does that he sings a pardon you see last year's to suspect our super dollars so it's not under conviction it was it possible my conviction without is penetrate in stop dynamically tension and then Senator given his part in tow suspect also build on others this ultimately the citrus I continue to connect I lose the trust of our affair so the third day news the justification by faith is the third egg is basically in true so silica silica super affair is an exactly the facility that there are set up so I'm gonna call this justification washable acoustic because your chain you kill us the UST I I see a CI so this is justification to the question so this is what happens when you justify in salutely possible disaster specifically he says harder next paragraph in the PC build on an justification acoustic because you are the same thing so a business person they equal each other so in one through five a travel cellophane the Bellator cream allocation team passes from the position of a rebel pasa Universal reveille a childhood sin incited only hood the Picard Alyssa can ask to the position of a low subject Jesus Christ but econo position the user so that they are more efficient in this outline to send us a winner here who are you kisos was your Rago social mobility and you're a childhood same so spoon evil it'll become and a childís I said you really suck than us can we say that for every system Oh God in the Vietnam video miracle Grabow revealing Santa Carla is certain us then you get baptized doses one second about this moment and now you change can be ugly to a loyal subjects personally are of Christ Jesus Krystle D'Souza now if I said a loyal subject so today will be Susan a personally on loyal Liliana what is it a subject significantly so no suit is that consistent accommodation if you're a subject or subjects you what social Suki to the early repents for servants but a sense of self I would suggest look acuity a subject is soothing to is someone who lives in a country and soon opportunity will be the price that's run by a king business into Google terrible reign and you become a subject of the king you disinterested and so much to him to the rain it's not really about slavery when little assistance clouds his new toy mr. Boyer vida Jesus is the king chief Sousa the rail and you become a subject you know his sentence form and also came to the really twisting of his kingdom the swoop the surah anaam say he become a member of the kingdom of God the statistica's for me remember that videos and here here come you were as subject yoga in his countries also him to on a persona of another king they woke do people agree no he was a king build another day it was a slight loss mystery my students asked our college to normally bias Louis's clothes and it's a rebel a caduceus Chavez say we couldn't become so let's come back to John the Baptist almost a little circle more distance it's all baptizing here for more pieces TT son is it baptizing people in the world is equal in the church its travel to serve las personas that is move to only listen in the church as soon as the realism the hey they are being baptized people specialist in the coffee service the ruining members of the church is also new personalization so before they were baptized on this is simple tessaro's devil living this old guy it's not obvious a little GiftA then they get baptized it was the conservatism and added even a new life Forrest Olivia Dunham Illinois about of all the days to Lewiston is the church Jesus but Legolas i g e yes i needed into the church first this is premier about legalism and object with the work of the department mu and do well if the church then the world Pretty Reckless it is possible so what is to pay about what is happening yo quiero que nosotros vivimos cookies are example you wanna study situations you're already church member whose vision and is remembering listen persona so suppose you're a rebel rebel not to see conquer use it gone God then he says your childhood sing it'll mean so so we couldn't be problem so we church members living say those are some Universal Iglesias in Duke Mikado's and then it says your child excited you can listen to me Isuzu be wholly certain us so what is John the park is telling all these church vendors to see crystalline see a new supportive surpluses personas that you think you're serving God use the businesses via not use the dual you sir if you look in estas available service business leaders of Hamas is if you need to change the typical BR get baptized for decency and really entry to the kingdom of God fertility practice people really interested in the news not by signing up to some book no-good elite University couldn't fulfill but you know in Hebrew names in some record but you don't really need records but you'll becoming a member of the spiritual period the receiver come to dance you do really speedy water this is what John the Baptist try to teach these people instantly mobile disappearances personas let's go to Matthew chapter three are reduced reduced appearance to kill a monster no key in these are issues finest passage super sake we come back to chapter rated what does the people today's the weather have a secret shopper said if you love stick into my home to say you've got to Luke chapter 3 verse 7 poison little Lucas a people this but sequence it they spent Chuck and on the side burst under the exactly the same statement mismo capital Lucas miss Wilbur secret subtle and is no preservatives tritiated Lucas initiative telling matthew 3:7 but those three she ended the people can account it does the sun still balance incarcerated and he calls them a generation advice is a cool - a moral issues for him enough sugar fevers so if you look at what this translates to stupidest we learned osika significance across it he said the generation of vipers Susumu finish of the fever's what is the Viper kiss significant febrile the Serpent's events ability what is the generation the keenest desiccated assured Islam lovers it's the Sun so see who's not you never see it was if Cody's people is Tasha Baloo Hoboken sister shamanism personas in this condition mystical vision the church people plus persona mechanism the sons of those equals a circle was a pianist who is the circle kid Serbian suffice so he's talking them the sons of mr. Schine discusses about this edition Lucy COEs disappearance she is coming church people the star like those supermodels personally initially equals the Santana's just showing you that not biting this off but it's the most important because - I see another little story been done these are looking what are the situations and God wants to save his people from their sins if your skin is of a suit where was the suspect alleys but if you don't get baptized versus the no support decent you can't entry to be looking the number is addressed in this didn't we were random we've spoken about lightly see an emphasis those elusive it was a lonely sailor in Ephesus what church is based in this condition keep really certain is a significance of the vehicle just joining jotting down quickly to honest a few skirmishes noticing all this area is another correct its Taku stipulated we have a problem subbu tenemos el problema Kino so to London Remo's who's Grant who knows a little true and I think we misunderstand and we use that idea did you feel secure is this a loser mows of monetary numbers as a serious is everybody great that you on the practices judging people the donors on your screen the most capable sister snowballs personas if you get the first to the end we made burst have it to the end see those other neighbor super super centers and fee he said who warned you you see hinted other than you to run away you didn't see you know we from the punishment has come in bill I needed any dinner when it says the punishment is coming the wrath to come go to the silver skiers either Benny leader looks that rat coming on but kid s that either by sock agenda so is it the Romans or the Jews was the music you were civil Roman some who use to Jews Julio's God's church like instead of yours so George telling you wanna study sing opera issues punishments about to come upon this church reasonably Sherman Castillo mr. Benito Panama Iglesias princes already and if you think you can hide behind getting baptized this was the pizza coupons is contested who will pop this about this embassy to escape the punishment but you suppose we grew the personas desirous approved they code some society lotion well it was he who sits upon us is he baptized them promote a mobile mr. bata sources personal skipping a family album no no nostalgia so if we fuses the baptized is reka super-rich of so punky sorrows because he judges the portly in Lucia not fake to be baptized he ishes no stubble fit no TV no scuba suit is necessary for about disarcina promote exporting subscriptions TV you support Assad because they only gets like induce ambassador by works good waters punishment is just Gideon wisdom to discern an opposition but they devote their lives to be child so the new kimi o Kabir sousou's Vedas they just given it to be part of the group so immediate I wanna see the person part in the group so George is going to be able to say that these two groups of people genuine once you wanna be baptized Kabir those who put the personas que estaba will abuse it hidden a bit about this allows you to cook it know the seven few minutes so this is like the saya it should only say and who is this see you suckers Louis area kids idiot doses basically second half I started Francis so when you get baptized if to celebrate else to do disabilities from the Methodist the disability system to a back so accept the athletes but only listen twenty susceptible via baptism is not just a newness of life provide say well teaspoon or esta vez una vida de vecinos because para trás it's also maybe shake it a bit significant memories here to walk for again kitty bootable the they really know God videos which is the church to digital sum of mere blue gives the glazier is realistic news it's the church the promoters silicon ecclesia this church testing listen is this the kingdom of God the promoter Sarah kissing listen as the regular viewers to be able agree with that you stay some reporter cookies from now to give you proof text okay the polar burritos is gone this'll Amelia you ask them to prove you you way to go because the Kennedys no proper context when I'm in the key videos Matthew 25 but there's computer look at the Cinco first was the sea blue moon on before she turned a under Scalia so what's back to 25 about the ablative it will be the sequel the parable of the parable in 35 or white sequel sabias good bonus publish the sequels tolis advances and how does it begin the first Tobias Tobias admissible capital with the cigarettes aluminum and doses reina de los cielos Sarah's - telomeres beautiness - other kingdom what happened and tosses the real zeroes there is the kingdom of heaven it was Tom of the revolutions should be likened as 1030 citizen the country RBS beautiness those technologies of the church honor plus year sleepiness representing less about the other it's terrible consulates approve text to show you that the kingdom of heaven in saluting Sookie private vendor Luciano's if the church order as realistic style appear in this context the biblical call a mystical things to biblical so come back to this story civil because it no success story Oh God wants us to come out of Lady Sarah Jews Kanakadasa lose some jobs a nama saya and into ethicists different emphases because this is an experience where you're a son of sighted super-speedy insecure solid seduced even is upon us a slight of state who is probably DeCarlo even though your 7-day Adventist I want to say very soon admit is acceptable here and he wants you to move over to become the child of Christ became is the cyber they are a person equally pleased to annoy or subject suddenly our because what are you here people to discuss an equal to vehicle your rebel rebellious Candace loves Liana so what has to say that when John is talking about baptism to secure to say be able to understand a lot about useful not just standpoint why it's a nice want me to literally put in a parallel to speak out it's the transfer is the transparency of your membership this conference should member seal from pain Greco the simple rebellion to a loyal subject for a syllable so this Liana McChrystal so that your membership is with Christ Marie Joseph stood birthday message so memories appeals to in a white now you loyal to him not rebellious uniformity seriously an unattended how can we cannot say that it's become the nosotros podemos videos so god it will be creating this church the other person clearly gives you emphasis defenses I think beginning to divorce by the sea as a community person ago she accidentally sales and whose little bit of hair that white became a propeller on the back of all these okay so we go back to job whatever citta step one we reach out to one mr. Bali capital who know I ask you a question can super blue the supermen were secretive the president about the baptism of Jesus about his religious issues in verse 35 says the next day they receive a physical disability a significant is that the next day after Jesus got baptized now promoters here is proximately this BP support officer some people say yes and some people someone else's CEO decision on the white the verse is read lithography was received new system similarly loose he sings like it's the next day but in Sikhism price were here for it's not paranoia because from 35 onwards the killer took the single part of Jesus it didn't begin to gather his disciples together Susan Sun touched the sepals you read verse 37 say they'll ever sing with initiative those close disciples over 0 and a blood is severe enough issues to these fibers that start doing change that sociability signals manifest our philosophies what happened between the fact ISM and the two disciples keep us off this the Bounty's smoke establish those disciples but only to increase the speed of all these anyways the wilderness into the wilderness by the dissenters yet for 45 years so the mercy skip this information it was an expensive imbecilic one knows a pass a no son jump so we can occur with we wouldn't only chapter one and we can teach chapter 2 vamos it assists those then it says the third day solicited Cynthia sorry verse 35 says the next day now we've got our single - the secret is hidden rocks will be here the capital oh no decision is defense in the earth the barony kind of Casimir looking super sweet canal canal and now we call it out to burst their take our almost invisible tracing now he says I already said but the pasta was the head he La Paz quadruple views is star silica and if we wait 14 and 15 Cecilia Lucy the kings in it says day it's gonna get rid of all the money changes physically musta got to lose lose lose calories all this lying in chicken is coming on in the church doses causes various materials he was a bit the parcel innocent as he begins is going to begin to be cleaned up my presence is politically piano so here was John agnostic one preparing the white propeller the Camino first thank you the middle circuit yesterday Lucy moses Roger and out you Jesus Chris who's is going to clear the tempo volatile group which is indicated twice the tempo by the way la Brutus here's a simple collision significant example we are those odors almost every use those revisions but Louis in us at the moment KYNA stock then to the supersaurus moment secretin us looks a bit demon possession is the most possible say use for the body the semester but wait children or prepared to do so to suppose if who's the rebellion we take this is a see the Pacifica Simona so true here we are custom nosotros and here's a problem Acosta Toronto sit on this throne penis doesn't download it is eternal itself wait in the surface the most permissive not and we need to get off this throw the sort of the mostly sunny this a simile signal and we need Jesus universe people if you spirits program is a turn this is what it means dying to self is to significantly and apparel in June or heal itself an evil woman and that's what happens here at practice you so keep asking about is as you go through the steps here conversely before the season started pass through the toppers and which may see we say will this was if you be able to to keep in sake CEOs of todas esas reckon it's all the first step this is so limited premiere possible all the work a job to the trough to the point first time is messy the build instructor came they in doses this is being cleaned up well the dual accessibility are uses for believe us intercede as a person will Jesus shed his throne was the music a piece of Arkham party yeah astronomy share it with anybody the particular clinical party nominee must know it will not do that no mercy it's like us who were supporters or hate for him disappear after not one person and so this work is it there are colleges and when we're thinking about these churches lady soo in Ephesus so look there's some services decreases Louis area offenses John began this work one in this is there are four read from verse 17 he will be CC 8 to 17 it's going to begin to clean up the house it does it might be some elite be our Castle record on to the sepals his nicely to a sale su casa mocoso Mira mental abuse respond already here so quality is suitable to soothe a little bit the CND put parental es para decir to can you gather some disciple in social space our hometown disciples then it goes to a marriage is supposed to focus on Ianto and then he comes to Jerusalem it is Lucifer perfuse Alan Burstyn state said the parcel de Bercy with a sadistic estaba cerca McCaskill this is around all the time instead the people you do with all the autumn or hello to you so this is some time later will be that it does the temple this point of the tsubaki's it's the Passover as my password the past surgeries in the spring la Pascua they start in a Primavera which is the next year is it Proxmire so now we're in a t28 it doesn't alter the little bit - atchoo and this is half the year Japan tsunami tournament how is it between this point and this point well to us that is offensive what occupies a little bit the center cemetery they will give you three thousand civilian setting is totally serious or we could give this way opens the silver bill to synthesis of years sixty or box obviously to civilians so if it's during a hockey is between here and here and this is Javier I'll go get phase synthesis of tracer is immediate service all six minutes is what okay little derivative at a 3d 103 is three times three points with three sunny side let's get moving those three this if this is twenty eight surpass pituitary so this was some Pascal's he's baking these people here it uses poblanos to the super size so I take most limit of seven signal is your truth those who use respond already here Jackie asses is to Kissinger those Westerners and then they versus Pacifica respond new pieces it is default this to be is the tempo he three Millions lottery gives you authority to come into our tempo and do this work because of the reviews being negated so it kicked in the Omega key points believe a kind us with input your senator horses Jesus reminds the if you sue the record it's not their Temple University brilliantly step what is it we keep deposition cities but father's house it's like a salami Papa has to be partly to agree with that sister Roberta Callisto so in John chapter two it doesn't wanna be two of us here at the beginning my cabin come here and so those houses that the Casa latina sisupala keep your fingers there what they consume every going to Matthew one list of appeals chapter xxiii complete lamented race this is not what the a year back 23:38 mitosis and she turns out this historian Rick post LTI for another sequel drifty module talking about the same house mantisbt trace the signal trip to virtue Westar Casa was dinner the Sierra Nevada those houses the consensus is not known whether it's their house is the custody issues on so this tempo is the temple was first God's providence a prima nominative ever reduces body and as Jesus said it's yours power reduced Azusa Lisa mr. castle as you say sire do what you want with this half I don't take it personal Kinnison signal castle because it's not my hat but the US must because Americans identify they are so what's happened is the personnel go back to John well it was it was a part of one he says in verse 19 but signals were destroyed this house this temple this dream has become so incipient mo and I fulfilled it in three that usually mantari through the years in three videos 11 today we request the possibilities that we have backed a three-year those who consume the principal de Zavala knowing to stay secret sorry told in a beautiful deposit contradicts a private invisible denial the Spokane the widow's cat RC 24-30 precipitate departure that's one super suit they look to have sue is easy Q you see curator say we did it we did it - time to study nosotros most regardless those tablets we're four Commandments its Commandments my mother mean to say is not any reduce we took this time period to bother the city of book 46 years where it is a science in Ezekiel it is again way to find where it says the j-3 year and a secure a key capital o the security code and Priscilla new year's eve online is easy you chapter four gives the gift a beautiful wardrobe even if you doctor guess what verses USSR surfer pupils equal to policy diversity stone see how does it take to build the temple what do you put powder particles to be to temple but if you say Sonny listen no cigar so nobody to say the title year principal you deal is even honor you one day Oh deal to tie those beers three days three years in three days in three years three signs what is Christ in the pale kid Chris witnesses pass a construing destroyed face the story is the third blow as I will build usually but the reference to believe the Templar came and people put on a bus but they Stella that he's building again but the book is supposed to be totally mass isn't they tempo North suit and blue because if that was too similar the Kidman's the glitz of the church symbolic you know it is so this church here the silica is lady saya the Gibson is a huge Church by the sale la pregunta is the key community listen to another business a tenacity yes my father's the sun cities did be Padre so God owns this house Jos controller is it originally listed on sale but by the time you get to hear people associated Colonel Creighton he says it's your house Connelly second but those decisions to Casa is it this is my house anymore Kenny syphilis was Mikasa order because what's he done in three years political storage will present is in three guys even three years I'm rising up June 11th array and eight history is his body his significant Superbook the tempo if they broke the church like listen because isn't the church the body of Christ the promoter has no lately and corporate crystal now in this versus this is versus is the jewel application existing of the construed to plan doubling the three days that Christ was in the right absolutely the only we understand that three days on momentum suppose if the Nemesis historicity SP busily the three days Christ was in the great loss trivia scripture start in October Friday started Sunday we have lists are below it'll be more anything to resurrect tiramisu sitar and that's the correct application so the business of the cursor corrector but it's also its prophetic application assistance of leadership prophetic on which many people have to say muchas personas to the Vietnamese coruscating garzooka do citizen cinema so the heat transfer rate Krishna trans million do they see in July could be suitable easier to actresses for an emphasis so here we have light say our customers on this area where is Ephesus created they promote their spot the fine emphasis period because he said it's gonna do in three days or three years but you do table you mercy with refuse with three signs it's right here let's be supportive so with Jesus leave the crystal more it is the rapid retreat they wound up who's the carry on giving the gospel University leadership well convinced market libertarian it's the church lady listen which church Connie listen this is Ephesus listen whoever said Jesus has to ensure it was the fiercest Enoch is the saloon before he wanted a solution it needs three years in the system assigns that he's gonna create a church gym actually are my blazer is going to take the gospel first premiere event in 2004 as proper cancer to suppress personas attend to the world it is possible because here to Jesus died this was decent women get Pentecost but it was a Pentecostal joint a tricky one guy what does persona center a municipal unity and immersed in a Pentecostal tricked-out very sweet personas at a judo jet promoter and of him who reviews of Italy's could use the Carina of my desirous May 2012 assistance a little novice sell foreign offenses so what I wanted to say a few characters little mean is that when we speak about the time of Christ equal the bones of long as the tipo de Cristo is much prophetic information exists in beautiful master prophetic are the the church in our history it rejected can I listen in activity Impala richer sorrow they were the sons of sight it was a little equals a certain house they don't understand the prophecy in Daniel chapter 9 they should know point it did not proceed in capital where they rejected the birth of God richest aramis uniformity system they rejected the birth of Jesus I just saw mrs. Kristo they rejected the warning that Jesus came when he was 12 and I saw a man with ten sick if you stood you continue New Zealand's in the temple nineteen years lights out this your choices place they don't even have a John the Baptist a stiffness with me strongly muscular for Bautista they want to be baptized you should carry protease arson to be part of the club but as impersonal cruelly and he doesn't let them good about this animosity because he says because you rejected all this pretty simple to see the ranch as Sarah told us solutions keeping like this you're the sons of state was this also uses of an ass but there's enough existence of the personas who accept are administered with one recognize the signs of the times illegal or suitable stimulus the odium moose and want to be baptized to be free from say forget about dessert specifically visit become and so they begin to go through the issues in fear superstar super affiliate ever John convicts them one particle Vincent issues brings them repainted tripod I issue then I might be begin to because we can't be painted ourselves away okay but the most of us are epididymis for put appropriate gives the God assume the gondola use a technique back twice it don't see the squizzle malteaser indicating that they have received hardened in the computer Alyssa Buford on adjusting a kg who still concern so now they just if I click my revision supercilious whose difficult and a transition from Lady Sarah is no transition under the nama saya practices professors have requested the most loyal subjects his so specialist realities who hit those realities when as loyalty became remotest who totally attacked and pestle pursue the key momentum and yes here here well you're not the pizza will put one will see the beginning the middle of the a new peer services become here so the maternal field the beginning the personal commission you become lower here whose Divya Sicilian akka cited our killer stood there are subsequent disappearance at a part of the Church of God Allah promoted so this was practically listen videos but their records to the some rebellious and I decided look is to symbolize the message of prophecy that we take live in sake the pervasive you know Zubaz in cinemas is the same message that was taught in the mirror history there's a reason is something different serum is going to be later the same message that was taught in the time of Christ recently started wasting an ability stood beside message that was taught in a time that we so missed article concerning people annoying it's this yes Jesus to associated where God comes it looks a condom Jos really Minnesotans even that way his church people so - so sweet ratio whenever rebellion no solar systems in rebellion and he wants to take us out of this condition ok whiskey terminals the extra condition the rebellion so he raises up the message to seduce live and try movements are here with a message open sake message of repentance and sake they are repeated near telugu vaishali Thomas's philosophy was I'd like to start even realize they need to retain you know some additional pizza no clinic in Tennessee see that they are rebuilding into because we'd like to see a particular similarly sales we're rich so we're equals and increased with Goods it enables which are horses wagons and we don't realize is not the most oppressive emos that we apply at night kiss-kiss almost see a moose in this news this morning because aggravation exactly prophetic reduced another superb lower weight as a half RC authority to dispute and resume process because now because we still the Promethean do change Oh hard-working honest people is by myself a thesis on who metastasis master said is the master I fedoras if it was the city that would say mr. Picardo is that we don't even know who we are there's still no nice available kids so nosotros they don't even Evo's we don't even got the message that we're supposed to be giving know so the books are we must keep in cycling it enables Quran because we know that there was a concern for fathers have a message must respond system is most part of isn't it was the US Army and what we're doing is keeping God that message alone the cookie serum is keeping we're keeping God at that message regarding that mess okay Thomasina squirrel doesn't miss argument was so spotless was a source is for others but we're supposed to be doing message of the daily with the end of the world through the news consider benefited mandalas in a circle so we need to stop it was is the wheel to serve a whole world does it's doable to serve the stomach is changed some ministry something has changed our personal universe originated the end is somewhere near sabemos que mr. Brereton mundo forest about the geography but we all have a clarity on this issue because of the most hilarious Ukraina in Essos mrs. Eman of how to prepare compromise way to prepare what do we need to come to another state they must be the new latina mentalism before we go to the world hunters it was a move apology from you Heavenly Father Balaam was a draw for the cobalt Easter we see all that there is the work us to do voluma skyrocketed nanoparticle kita discuss it we know that we have to prepare the way the solution system will simply para el camino for the second coming of christ but was they wouldn't believe the keystone we need to go to the world today was killed but I will do and to prepare them for that people piranhas policeman available before that can happen but this kiss eternal purpose are we need dr. Perello we need to receive the medicine ourselves the demo spirits available cinema suit was premiere event we know that the message we need to get to the world the solution was to be sucked into the skin removal surgery prophetic but most honest kiss kiss kiss oh mercy ELISA to be the temple start pray his resurrection we recognize our condition Toledo Zoo dospollos Rico Newsome vs. condiciones and also the relative that shit'll mean people whose vehicle is a friend Manuel American shopper as a condition clear only the distant clatter the probation is about the promise you mr. silk as Emerson first few people really depends who constantly get the world it is possible why pray this is real ensure that each of us bow before you those whose for the most of the religion today we stopped the rebels depend almost several aliens and we would repent Nicki Muslim residents be converted over tables become loyal subject this is most suited to the news