Parminder Biant 03 - El Evangelio Eterno y el rechazo de la Profecía. - (4DvC2Te9zPw)




Publish Date: 9/29/2017
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
YouTube Title: Parminder Biant 03 - El Evangelio Eterno y el rechazo de la Profecía.-4DvC2Te9zPw
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but the door and we get on our knees 
to start 
enabled with cold yankee that 
he taught world that dear father who 
mention thank you very much for your care and 
your attention 
the father baby of shanghai das we ask you 
that you follow us and guide us 
of güímar save the blessing stopped before 
is so that we can receive the 
blessings that you want to give us 16 
na praia de jesus name we ask you 
water & gamble 
I am an expert teacher, I would like to 
read a situation the style of 
you border the betis that the 
They took out the desired of all 
all the people want all agents know 
android 96 pages and 790 the graph 6 
paragraph 4 if you say will be king click 
Jesus has risen 
before using the pulse of the serious 
ordinal political impact and there are two 
disciples who came walking to 
a village called at hand 15 these 
thought streets and jesus the guides 
that 's skype sorry Jesus rest 
it disguises the g-20 specter dan and 
start talking to them is directed 
x 3 and what he says they love me sometimes 
we started 16 of alfeo for doris 
troy who is the alpha of history 
biblical white hunter the scorchers 
Christ taught him he demonstrated all the 
writings that he was embedded that 
they were related to him 
on the topic of escape I'll let you 
a little bit that situation of need 
just like this was necessary for them 
they could understand web can them 
offer the teacher 6 jairo ortiz is the 
witness the witnesses that the prophecies 
of the old testament they spoke of 
the text actually cars and 
way that the prophecies of the old 
testament the gift of easy and 
they identified Christ is equal to you 
were in two ways perhaps such that 
he made types in professions and prophecies or 
you will triumph over those two 
facebook stuff 
our stable sent their faith 
it has to be based and safe 
your pasta distribution price 
wheat those are the disciples who have 
been with Christ for three years and the 
which among them andy seasonal to 10 
and three years but I know and I'm not 
assuming that it is organized by three 
years of alcohol this already known christ 
we are talking while alive but not 
they understood who will read the finalist say 
of slam have seen everything he has 
made in their life the guest the 
problem and what was the problem that I 
they had news that it's not that I 
They could not see Christ as a good man 
it is not one of the ideal chaos 
of calculations texts proved is not even 
he wanted he can not have to see the 
characteristic that he had to be the 
messiah is something terrible playbook that was 
able to heal the people that is 
help the seen or see and read the boom 
the tea was capable of winning any kind 
of person when I had a debate 
during an argument of cinema dialogue 
spike is normal is beef because this 
I was talking to him with so much 
authority like no other man 
spoken before I defended love exhibitions 
have seen the exhibition of love 
passion white if they had seen 
you think they saw a 
universal Christian when they were alive 
and there are good ones when I say Christ 
explorer that guadix pressing is not the 
correct way to express myself 
reconcentrated is treason because 
christ is a title widgets the doctor 
this we would have to say 
the christ peaks pastor that christ is from 
game is the Greek word is the room 
venice comes to me from the power who 
messiah is the Greek word according to and 
Greek Hebrew company by James Walsh 
they will say that Jesus was the Messiah 
from its high cost and we say that Jesus 
It was the Christ 
holy being current then they 
They saw Christ of Christ week life 
We agree with this leaves the 
virgin felipe the question of being here 
that's how to trust credited in the 
completely serious in the not talking 
stories work that look like they 
they understood their work 
not the one at the end of 2010 
the question will be that they saw all 
the modalities of Christ and so say the 
true the doctor and they saw him having 
arguments or dialogues front left 
place the place that is the law you 
they heard talking about living a life 
Kings of moral justice can know 
where is the rival but they did not understand 
who he was cool because it's easy to 
explain this passage or reading 
Explaining them about their profession 
the phrase can be one for phrase 
contemptuous and jesus started where maybe 
that little of the bekele alfred the 
it started from the alpha the beginning the manager 
who want who is the beginning and who 
fainted is brought out in situation 16 the 
package of thermal testers that 
then it goes back to the beginning of the 
biblical story very six peaks eggs 
it is more difficult world in light which 
work with was his role that moses 
I had golf 
for the island had to bring the town of 
god in egypt for the promised land 
in the egg sowing ibex and 
Egypt is a symbol of the world the porpoise 
of advertising symbols and canada in 
the promised land is a symbol of 
since then who months saying what 
that today is becoming a symbol of 
who christ which is a symbol of the saga 
symbol of the messiah for this web mouse of 
smile what does the word very 6 mean 
the background water power taken out of the water 
the bus to the people is taken from the 
water all of them output and list of 
phoenix in the baseline tells us that in 
the correct definition of your name in 
this lauterstein video is said to 
remove it from something out of something bobby 
cox and multe now of the world cup but 
because the water pressure was removed 
behind guajes line law people 
assume that what is its meaning of 
his name world history of the where 
is bassinet being pulled out saying goodbye 
I was being the messiah 
egypt is name its name venice is 
Discussion of the paperphone royalty 
egyptair promise light which is 
removing people from Egypt 
to explain himself peak explained 
down and toast falcons admires big 
is in my disciples are not going to understand 
that in him is the status of church and its 
disciples are the church which is us 
What are we 
frans steyn our makes a suggestion 
returns all published the new testament 
we read the blow now the 
gospel all the scriptures the mi5 and 
no one of our air if we 
we think we know who the messiah is 
forget relay but the reality that not 
we know danceable peaks of this product 
that like those other disciples and 
haven and state we have not 
understood of barry aut ford driving 
straight on the real alpha the first 
alpha of the biblical story that was very 
6 bojan status the truth stories 
bad if we have a little bit the 
history of very 6 but this one remain of 
this village is from charente story but 
we see it as a story for 
children and there is not a spectral color story 
how the child is going to be put in bed 
to sleep the stranger of the center 
virtual in tehran what we read to 
our little children 
you washed the history of actions 
that's more or less than almost all 
we know the history of the exodus 
of the current state of the water easily 
you can the story for a child 
about five minutes just as decent 
because then think of local couple 
depending on how you count it from the 
stirrup with the management of dvds exists 
but there are less three books in the old 
testament that speaks of these stories 
wilson goal guards more information 
the time to be there because God gives so much 
information is if this is a story 
so simple and simple while the tail 
because so much detail very strong because 
numbers the question that how many of 
you have read from the book of numbers 
one looks like a person I read every cable 
Well, stein, it was interesting to read the 
book of numbers explain who I 
they say how one is taking medicines 
this info is such the case of pain at 
This is not very placeros or is just 
Name (s 
the number book is talking 
the story because we do not read then this 
book we have to serve history 
of the exodus which goldwaser install 
because God then has lost his 
part time for pages after 
Caribou page the line of the space and 
numbers saying the names the 
people the numbers there is no why 
white who has no idea 
you said facing that is the problem that 
we are now having wifi 
David Beckham and Alfredo Borges Train 
we think we understand the 
beginning of the biblical story of 
viable immigrants key to this effect 
we have not even begun to scratch the 
surface of the story where he has 
been denied extraterrestrial gift jesus 
continue in this on is on the way 
story after story 26 then says 
the total need of these people was 
necessary for them to understand tlc 
in two things where the fear that 
try to make the old testament 
state what are the two things that 
had in fact said that he had to 
of trailers in the have 16 and the 
prophecies wise strike the question is what 
means type that is a type without 
turn it into a symbology of magic that 
There is a question then 
here is the king and this here is a king 
king air yes waked he is already sinful 
walking the way that the vast majority of 
those are sinful the hats life them 
The group has slaves paper them 
steal people with this way 'king to 
the question of doing that king here 
sinful evil believable that the question 
is this bad king can be a guy 
if of remove can be a type of Christ 
or not of Christ would disappear analysis 
nine I'm going to say the name but yes 
let's go to ciro 
Senate but it is a symbol of Christ 
of this you already know the story say dance 
90 that is the anointed barclays story is 
the history of christ washington peaks 
what it has been that worked has been is 
that the six goals that is serious 
he will be a thinker 623 in his name 
now it's not been now it's disney 
the crisis documents this is a woman 
now he questions what his name is 
this is there is here and now 
and now it's the gb the question is good or 
it's bad this is a good bad person 
weiss jr that is a guy who this one 
represents who 
if he is a type of Christ the church 
church there 
and there are churches 
example of conscience is a symbology 
of a church here is not there then 
no esther sd husband her husband josé aja 
have your husband's name at your 
You will see jewelers to serum and it is 
they went up 
Jerjes his hero teaches the software 
well looked at live 
to a guest team in nine I'm going to give it 
the other name that he has also 
exists I exist that is jersey jerjes de 
the sign crescence that same person and 
If I want to, the question is, was it a 
good or evil or king 
that price symbol is the question is will it be 
who also represents Christ and 
magueyes he marries from church a 
church and free you agree 
with this is not estimated videos and more feet 
of involved the case one in one 
church then it has to be a 
symbology of Christ micro and truth 
all still agree with this 
sexy snow is not jerjes is not either 
this senate volume another woman the 
highline with your name 
nobody owes them 
You go, you go, chi 
of is 
my friend was questioning towards a 
you ask in the trailer do you believe in 
the time of christ or in christchurch 
When your church hall and bet 
bet all municipality that makes Christ 
and diversity 
Geneva divorces from the church of 
crisis nation the judaica nation on monday 
of mother that contains marry Christ 
the primitive church the church of 
new Testament 
in the text it is called the church of the 
new testament acs of sites 
my priority we agree with this 
pikolin doctor craig at the time of 
Christ of friends and fenway feels 
in another question good condition of maine 
what it means to be out in bed 
weasley of semen which means the odyssey 
means the last church but not 
means this the word says it to 
I'm really going to help you but 
had god who lives in glory 
christian gimenez camps because the time 
of the trial has already come diment trial 
of the judgment of which the last stage in 
the end 
what is the name of the last church in the 
end the odyssey 
judgment judgment judgment judgment the air 
jackman says he means trial his 
intimacy we agree with this 
health wing dark of which I know 
when christ is going to judge the last 
church today to jennifer and any 
church let beasley alistair just 
judge this church ghana michael 
essien then it will be a decision 
it was kb for good bad godfather with 
churchill old idea depends on how the 
church is behaving as it is 
doing as is being provided knows the 
scale that we then return to back 
in destroy in this story and it's goal 
the question be up to date god charles de 
Judge the Jewish nation yes or no 
if the Kirchner candidate was going to judge 
the Jewish nation the evident rider who 
will do with them 
the tax is going to divorce what's 
them salinista my mother then has 
to marry today if he wins mother and with 
who is going to marry christ 
the world church 
history the question is who was the alpha 
of the biblical story that we read today 6 
the 16 countries of Alpha Moises is the Alpha 
aylwin and kate de james when you 
comes then the end is like seeing how 
it's called the end or well hear 
omega fcys number one instead of the number 
one widgets that means that the 
then the alpha the air be on the side 
of the last of the omega is estimated and 
you want to be civil there are since then 
the omega is associated with the odyssey 
omega omega and 18 from seeing it is 
the church of the Jews 
at the end webmaster equality 
question is what would then have to 
be the name of this church that in that 
esther goris time is pending 
the church which of this is going to bring 
judgments about them are divorced they 
will they divorced him Madrid 
is going to marry the new church 
what is that church called friend of the 
omega is the last the last church the 
the island and said the odyssey in walt disney 
what was the name of the first church that 
those services 
efe then that is the efesé efesé efesé 
16 aces this law wishes to the history of 
bosses for the ion odyssey for 
jewish jesse james knife 
leave the general activity of d & s to 
Sometimes you make this law want and here the 
history of trades for uni seria 
it was from cristian for the church 
Christian salines instructed in that 
story I tail and wish you have the 
odyssey helped efe exists also has 
access is focused at the same time the 
g6 then there we have Christ 
that's where he drew the idea then 
Christ here is going to divorce the 
Odyssey of the mother and she is going to marry 
access efe 
Weiwei is free story where we 
we read read advisors where we read 
in this is the story of this sun 
then what is the hardware we already have 
serum the wish of those this would lower the 
gen and who is this is the show 
collectibles back of emery is then 
is going to divorce basti and is going to 
marry this pei finally 
then people think and 
delictual to be in line of scanners 
we also need to understand 
nothing of this here is spoken of the 
gingivitis is the most important thing is to have 
a reasoning with god with christ 
between design so you can take yourself 
but something on this day is what 
want to make the suggestion and fidel 
vacancy that you register because if you 
come back the check is here from pp 
of the banner then the people who 
they were keeping the law run clay the 
correct form 
you can fourth sometimes the scribes and the 
Pharisees tested and have where is 
but what they did not understand 
gods world who christ was rich 
where they will be profe 6 because they do not 
they understood prophecy I like big 
prophets the led the question is who was 
the greatest prophet of all who has 
lived in the history of humans 
the sunrises deserve john john 
price john bates looks like juan 
Baptist 16 and vice system of Jesus 
said by his own witness that he was 
one day on bikinis ministrade la 
question is when Juan started his 
before classes was before Christ 
syndicalist delight in the year 27 
after christ in 16 garbí close and 
unequal fighting and Christ will be 
crucified year 31 the women's 
business that would not be here 
I was aiming here the year 34 
what happened in 34 
we all with you we remember 
that story 
whether they know and that are seven years 
records in water and those are three years and 
medium and three years and means of 
such information where all this 
information is the girl 
daniel chapter that 
99 the action line chapter 9 of daniel 
in this segment wake teacher 6 talking 
in the 70 weeks the 70's prophecy 
weeks which is for android there is no 
who are 490 years down and holder and 
and if you then are living in 
this period of history 
I coerce the leader margin hey 
that you have required to know this 
true prophecy is your job to know this 
oaxaca that happened in football 6 in year 4 
before Christ what happened what event 
and I'm going to help you 16 and those are 30 
the birth of christ gisbert goldberg 
the birth of John the Baptist to 16 
also the birth of Christ 
debate if it is that the alive john Baptist 
they will be the one and dissipated and who is the 
daddy of juan bautista sacrum was carías 
time sprays well-known preacher 
priest the best and when juan was born 
gone there is no more life until nine 
months before this the drinking and they are not 
nissan teams at all knew that 
something important was to happen and 
charles the missing Hebrew and he had 
said that Gabriel has seen cavities not 
of spike can not talk about leagues of 
profession and he makes a prophecy of his 
own son the islanders have a leader 
in the church of Emery, no one leaves 
all of this plane knows that it's light 30 
years later 
wayne to escape 
even when the scribes and the Pharisees 
comes guardian decision they say to Juan 
but yesterday who are you going to give you 
Christian but I think about that question 
they did I think a little and make 
Kauder his father had already said here 
before next year the ugly well the 
prophecy of Daniel had fulfilled the 
is the great professeur 20 and is the greatest 
the greatest prophet that has ever been had 
made the terrible one of the church of a 
Little children know who is anis decided 
who and was that rejection option of lyon 
de juan de vigo intervention in the forum 
who thought now the rejection of who today 
entered peaks and there is no come in the lawsuit 
of this coming 
because if you are not going to believe in 
this system of sting testimony of Juan 
disappointments are lies lies 
divine of jesus bolivar facing the 
question is you think that they 
they knew that Christ was born in Vélez de 
paper world wildlife the people who 
they were alive here at that time they look 
affected in six of these had already more 
or less 50 60 years but lebron james 
bond they were alive when Christ 
was born they have left post by tickets 
and they heard the witness of those from 
the shepherds and fax I talked about helders in 
case any of the elders a collection 
very serious 
the s & p time they said that we were 
in the palace of herodes when it happened 
this whatsapp in the cinema is visual 
decide what happened 18 years before the 97 
says it was established that they held 12 years 
of age and that this time where it goes is 
it was the temple merchandise area already 
you have a question in the temple that 
was in the book of Isaiah issues 
to ask adislan all the lambs 
after that he is not doing anything they take out 
isaiahs of what they read 
they are killing keeps the symbol what is 
the symbology of those decay current 
because I was a guy the western whatsapp and 
thing the answer they gave very thin 
we do not know how they treated and bandaged them 
Nor had they voted us whether they 
the following and soldier the whole system 
that they already follow us they did not know rich 
it's fine where they're clear because that 
they did not understand christ between bolt and gay 
in the measure typology of alex tang 
clight in profession did not understand either 
Christ in prophecy the one and camps 
odd then when the good in 
person than people would look at him 
You can not see it and I'm sure if I have 
a question for you were 
living in this exact time is the 
question would you accept Christ in the 
time as I know what would be your 
He said he would not accept it 
baby not maybe you're doing honest 
is that my diabetes in group ideas 
they were following people who did not 
they accepted is issues of Luis del 
shelter this question is the reason that 
the repetition in is foreign in this 
history that is cruyff bon christ was born 
here in excess of 1798 1844 and where will it 
be the batista son was here in this 
time nothing does not come well to them indigestar 
that was given here in this story 
this value I have for the eternal angel to 
the present cause does not say 
specifically this record and it's the 
story after the first before 
that the news and that the second 
angelic message 
working happy what do you think she 
is typifying massively those 
messages like what kind of management 
you take history 
the audio bng and sestelo vacancy 
pulls back the history of Christ 
exists if she says on the white in the 
first writings of willing in what 
is the first angel or step and fai of the 
symbol the dance was typified 
symbolized by who john baptist 
where true John Baptist in the business 
hold the trainer the second 
typified with whom 
Christ where John Baptist participates 
of elias 
what I learned 636 is ready with the 
people in this story 
we are crying in the excellence when 
they heard sermons to come down by the sword 
how bad the Jews were even 
pretends to be the way they crucified 
Christ to see if they were going to say that 
he was elected because if we 
We were living in that time or 
higuain christmas we did not want to do this 
in the derby bainet derbi con the west 
web indies the same time they were 
speaking these words and 6 she says 
alan white de justified 
they were crucifying dyslexics 
those messages safeguard six of them 
what I want to say to you in the 
following being perfectible and those 
they are prophetic messages to him and how cool 
26 months sedwill and says when they 
reject these messages and even in the 
eye is the vision that Christ is seeing 
the same project english is the same as 
He had rejected Christ here 
in this time in that stress 
history efe 
31 who is crucified on the 31st of 
Christ then the ex of two thieves 
who are close to him then back 
micro and fidelity and who was the person 
that he would have to be crucified in that 
day now you go down then it is likely 
generates barbs 
a criminal crime 
us as a criminal 
if you study the history of where 
below you have the beard and they think they 're going 
to come to him, he became tall, he cried out to be 
the Messiah was called Messiah Sidney - 
his name is more western bar and he wants 
mean for more 
the incessant means the son below 
of water 'luis a vagina was god 
speaks with iodized father 
you followed greeting with his name means 
in him the son of the father with the price 
that is Christ says Jesus that uses 
teacher and eros messi is false and what 
of hearing aids master is no longer the only 
month and it is false that it existed but the 
eternal there are many of them andrew should 
see what everyone was doing 
miracles after having site in for power 
of satan seven days is causing 
when Christ comes they say it's after 
from this village processing our life I 
I know he thinks that the only one who was 
saying I am the messiah if they tell you of 
publix satan was not so stupid like that 
he was injured 
of sanity 2 the same he put on false messiahs 
that are in cannes in every way 
Saharan strangely as 
then you can differentiate who was the 
true messiah was different where 
would find then is the lag in 
this passage 
practice the car glass package 
you have to go back to the old testament 
where is the school understand 
then that means that is 
typology in professor and prophecy exists 
they can also have people one thing 
more here in this situation of the desired 
all people with different from the country 
more stable about these events events 
they should be established maybe 
come before cristino by form 
numerical you are also in Christ not 
but it's not a miracle to convince them 
Hayward did not express Christ was not a 
person friendly well this is his first 
work was you equal 
first work he did clean de church 
is seen in this story that is 
away from mouse mouse reader that 
work and this is your ego strix plan your 
first I work with the mouse that 
explained of hear the scriptures 
watchers in the age at that time 
want the scriptures and lydia or that 
are only in the old testament 
yes they decay I tell you that this one does not 
they are carried by the two disciples to 
the old testament in Spanish of the 
story and start telling you all the 
stories and rangers if you are in the 
desert there is a rival that cuts them 
clean makes a rebellion against God 
wise goal with which god is going to do with 
voice with you 
that is , if you do not like me 
I'm just going to spend a little bit 
I'm going to take my protection from you 
Beatles show by four Miguel and if 
the kit to protect you 
this what the desert where one is 
it's full of it's nike six vipers 
pendrive likes of the collective that 
salinger camps those figures are going to come 
then for the camp in the state 
that link the one that is going to start that 
kill your voice just like the 
movie that will happen then what happens 
Valdez connected with 'still walking' in the 
Moses then goes to god and if 
want we do now in 16th 
jesus says michael bay of the snake 
I want him to make a copy of the viper 
for this one then put in a 
for the big thing and you pick it up 
in the external state 
during this year you have to make a 
deep study in vipers what 
it means this 
to look 
you know how a 
pound of metal heal how can it be 
this we are going to look for the explanation 
scientific as a metal that can heal 
today's hours you have to do then and 
active and you have to take care of issues in 
your son is going to die 
and in the case if you take a long time is that 
they do not care we go and I say which way which 
of the subject when your son dies 
you lost forever because they do not enter 
weinstein there is no time to get lost 
of external fx to think about if it is 
true or false world until the 
trembling this viper that was in the 
bassinet time 
and that you were dispensed typical when 
is in the building to have brothers 
on 20 as gospel wi-fi Adventists 
it's complicated if we think that 
the gospel is complicated in huelva 
complicated that means that as 
complicated, well, there was enough bus 
reggae people are we about rules 
and regulations the wise in what I'm 
doing is the work have to be of 
Deventer profession that is about understanding 
the prophecy events peaks way because 
us when choosing how to 
also this church of the odyssey and the 
country field come back we already arrived in a 
point where we are being judged 
will continue to release being in 16 us 
neither do we have the slightest idea that in 
Christ is the newspaper 'the fighter' web and 
is the only way to know who he 
and being barbarians in the 2020 Bible what 
what we are doing is just like james 
of the Jews did what the 
roncal crisis admiring the places 
wrong at the wrong time 
javi vox must by ball with your books 
exists in the bible sexy sex garden dial 
faith estates exists in the ancient 
tuenti are 639 of flour in the 
testament the new testament 27 
57 stern then if you go in the 
new testament since abidjan is something 
of mixed volcker life who was going to 
you all here understand that you speak 
the book of apocalypse 
and this reveals 
we can understand all 
symbols that are in the book of 
apocalypse here 
xbox live we go down to 26 now the 
government is in poor condition and skating 
we understand almost everything 
Pablo is talking there 
more or less weekly efe 
then we take out all the books of 
pablo wikis afai de stuani that true me 
I obeyed that they are 22 that he wrote and the the 
tweet football were the most four 
books and seven things because they are the 
gospels in the truth of goal and all 
we knew the gospel no longer 
verify external criticism then one 
goes to the old testament of anchovy 
give the name number the book of 
numbers or program is the book of 
esther another who had a book by daniel 
poor is this poor and not before the 
most of these we do not understand 
today yes that for example the book of 
Ezekiel is to do nothing 
health sophonia 
master that there is a large majority of 
we have made the bible between 
soccer in only four books the bid 
they did not verify we ignored everything 
the rest since they do not have to be in 
places like you can then 
understand who is god owner young wine 
when he starts to ignore or albert 
there are no computers in web authorization anymore 
90 percent of the word 
until indigenous gospel is the 
condition of the people of God today 
we desire and the reason we do 
This is the Wi-Fi wifi from ifop boxer 
baseband is in because we think that 
those four books is easy for 
understand in hunger if this one is not in 
I'm going to tell you that it's not easy 
to understand the bad peaks that you see 
disney see where they were from you said this 
and dances and wishes in the vast majority 
we here for example did not understand 
that here the story of Christ was the 
from the church of the odyssey that I was 
twice when he talks about fcf jesus but 
we do not speak in the odyssey or publicity 
our problem or sister windows and 
of these people is that we do not 
we understand more the verb prophecy the great 
most of biblical prophecy when 
rouler prophecy the role that prophecy 
has this project the star is 
to point us for Christ the 
messiah in back of our law is to 
look at the wayne messiah and that 
we are changed baby halder 
William James 
early we changed sahrawis is the 
question is how then find 
harvey zeiger how can we know it as 
we see it 
many people for one hour dedicated in 
the gospel you can find 
Christ now this is what he wants 
make today's suggestion 
or the depression will be the world and all 
Christians in the old world do 
Avinor adherents means no 
Adventists we are interested in this side 
personal and by some other theologians 
religions are experts in those four 
and still still in the church on the day 
wrong like pain of knowing and 
is next in the Lord of Saturday 
read these four elements four 
books help you know what you know to know 
what to know 
in the questions are always hours 
saturday saturday saturday the repetition in 
unifil today is great will be in and everything 
that these theologians can understand is that 
when 29,000 sewn and know when 
Christ came here in the world destroyed 
completely on Saturday in the league of 
cross and now he nailed it on the cross 
Transforms cristian and special fiber and 
triplay that is that the vast majority of 
Christians believe in divx people and 
they are experts in these gospels 
and here we come 
we are the experts in the 
gospel in amstetten what he wants 
make the suggestion of winnie de lorica 
because we need to be 
reeducated also about what is the 
gospel we have been talking 
of our air because we neither 
we know who is the messiah blessing the 
people give me a Christian classroom and that's the 
problem that is in everything 
tehran and he sold 16 they do not have the 
the least idea who Christ is the one 
medieval festival is such and he too 
wants to be management that many of 
we are here a little 
we listen to the radio listener we read the floor 
below and we hear sermons of power 
without people but we have never seen it 
clearly 6m 
what I want to say is how can one 
see christ 
restrict you only to the four 
gospels where you are going to be under 
levels at which much as 8% of the 
bible you're using me or james 
stuart baird but christ is in all the 
bible of ampi post there are other people 
can you say unify is the cep keys 
we have to read then the way to 
Christ as the first reflection the 
thought of the thoughts we have to 
montaigne not but thoughts of 
Mountain sermon lack of injuries 
for abbot of Jesus of vowel that of 
have fun, we began to read their 
devotional books that are types of 
emotional at the Navarre volley and from 
then we learn from Christ and Brawn 
this test what you want to do the 
suggestion that was reading the text 
drive a detailed study on the way 
book on the way to christ it's all about 
teacher 6 and it's all related to 
an example is that they are thoughts of 
Sermon on the mountain explain prom 
they took it out of the way to a neighbor 
which is also a book 
Sermon on the Mount 
Master Jesus Christ's speech of 
Jesus Christ 
I am in the sentence equally well in 
this page and there is an accent in a 
paragraph that means visual green 
before reading it we say to work & down and 
wait we said we worked in the 
holy spirit and he convinced himself absent 
to convince you of sin in space that 
there is in that passage excel it is said that the 
and the people here in Christ forgives 
efe ecs are excellent first thing 
does penance to the insecure that 
the cages pb and it's work was absent 
and it is the work of holy spirit 
convince or sin 
solís is power forgiveness and now he said in 
is never part of those here in 
christ forgives and facebook comes first 
what does he do penance 
the word repent suddenly I 
repentance and now 
and in God 
diment depending 
a classic is mike stanton those to 
who wanted to forgive the first thing he does 
he does it with penance or repentance 
inside each cage and wait is the 
work of the holy spirit of quebec or 
convinces the pse to convince the 
sin you see that to this the conviction 
is deposed by diablo ftc English paul 
is the first step of the eternal gospel or 
once all this 
and let's talk without goals with the angel 
eternal weeks the peace one world trade 
of the question is this house means the 
first sure 0 means all the 
stages of eternal life live jobs before 
that you answer me this the world 
has default and does not remember in 
this book that what and now is a diffusion 
to the dam of their descendants the 
most of us when we read that 
sentence is the paragraph there are no say 
what is going to happen and what happened the peak is 
cool structure the way it is 
structured in de klinghoffer huevitos 
and how carefully he chose 
these words goal tennis before God 
wants to teach us something the previous dt of 
I have them because I want to tell you that 
God wants to teach us about the 
eternal gospel sign with who I 
you ask in the following what you 
will be able to talk about forgiveness the defender 
and with whom will be repentance of 
penance in convictions in the 
conviction of sin second city 
we know that this is from 
the 1st 
the first step jaguars pumas and soul 
best as then what can the 
eternal gospel I know all this here and of 
tamaulipecos with the question of being here 
this is the whole gospel of play and 
gbb will be that that's the whole gospel 
down the vital goal of the gospel 
rajoy complete all the gospel 
based on another says in the part one 
part of the gospel means two phases 
de hals and a sister who said she is 
meaning the magic of the eternal 
leader or you when you see trade 
then he will tell you is step 1 2 and 
3 is verbal from the president but if my 
brother who says he's part of the 
hamels knows how much of this ends that 
then we are not sure 
daily and sell it to the reason that I bring 
this is because it's rural and blake it 
present because it is a very 
simple and simple to joe or what to be 
networks I think that many of us have already 
read this where is no rating but 
much we are reading but not 
we understand what we are seeing spikes 
facebook because this book except 
christ the way to christ evelyn in and 
yale harvard boston's maximum 
trying in very detailed about the 
ambitious gospel and king why for the 
reason we read is the cool role 
for the reason that we read sometimes a 
wrong way 
willis randy wolf from belgium soft 
we read the book as a thing 
well soft devotional not for our 
sanz digitel jaime ni fifa and dvd no 
we had him 10 minutes before going to 
the bed or when you're in the work in the 
mole in when he's in a hurry to get out 
work the morning and where is 
we have some ideas and I want to say is 
the end of 2010 I believe that Adventists 
then you use these as in 
equally valid to verify that 
it meant with this wifi 
we believe it is for the rating 
of xbox that does only read that 
sentinel book truth think maybe a 
What we have developed for you 
kristen gadafi view and somehow 
from another let's find Christ we're going to 
save us the rival area and even the world 
is words main and I think maybe we 
we do not know what these words mean 
picas since it's fine because 
we stop studying at the uis raid 
and we do not read more on paper in 
no person that in 2006 can be 
can be saved bye bye lenin 
only using the reading I do not know if 
it's fine I'm not saying it's going to be 
saved when studying Guiana is 
saying is losail you are going to be saved 
when it is equal it is main by 
understand what these mean 
you can 
these words are revelations of 
and reading about Christ is not enough 
Because we do not know why wait caring for 
sanhouse groups behind because no 
we know who Christ is and how he 
it involves christ rich rich there's because 
we can not say whitman records 
that christ is a good was a good 
rich man 
because there are many religions that also 
they have good men in their religions 
boots I have is to promote disney and it's 
the difference that Christ difference from 
the others 
ritual men with questions one 
rhetorical question angels this one was 
my suggestions in this way a lot and 
if he goes out partying all that is only 
the first step 
forgiveness, repentance and conviction 
sin is only the first step of the 
gospel you saw what it feels like I'm going to 
ask a question outside and beat if 
we are not safe and inflexible 
and intellectually haldenstein web 
of how those things work at what level 
the experience as then one can 
experienced having an experience 
until the sport experience I say of a 
form a spiritual experience and 
reliable and sell 
if you also do not know the rules to 
be lady you can be safe do you think that 
one can be saved that happens in 16,000 
Christ please save and take care 
hibernating this indication do not leave 
where they fit in without maybe we know which 
are the conditions the rules of the covenant 
we collide that wayne we can not 
acquire in that can we can believe in 
this sawangsaeng means is the 
Care level where is in world stage 
main if we do not understand what 
mean these things 
the individual for us as people 
Individuals take care of the water 
twice if we do not know what 
part of the gospel after the if 
is all or only part 
rafa benítez today leading a third 
hacker lisbeth salander as then 
these words can change my life or 
to live and we believe that the 
initial is in a lion and everything is that 
we want we do not need to understand 
none of this today back though price 
we just get on our knees Christ 
paypal sexuality sorry we are bad 
dfb please forgiveness also predominate 
sometimes with which everything is fine I had 
level of going will be that we really believe 
in this but these souls you live I 
I gave Cristian the pride because this is 
the way in which the vast majority of 
evangelical Christians or in believe certain 
law only believe 
It was 
that is not salvation by faith 
definitions the left question 
definition of faith 
to trust in God which God 
to those who created the universe 
universal and how am I what is the 
God who created the universe and how he did it 
fresh pérez through the words of 
the writing indicates intellectual avn 
where are they and how are chichén scripts 
then you have to have a 
intellectual understanding of what is said 
they say the scriptures I'm from solar 
that's fine what I'm saying is 
kahhat file so you can have 
faith of james that jesus wood evening-night 
to be forgiving Africa after 
you are suddenly hacking fighter tekken 
happened as you can have faith that 
this can happen the end and deer if 
you do not know world stage main that 
it meant all those things water 
and what part of them have your life 
rich iframe because i think file is 
identify when the plane crane is not 
something like blind that one does not see anymore 
weak bytes of pons amstein this one has 
to be based on something constant with 
Levi's life for Pablo expressed happened 
all his life 
in the testament of when I was 
starting in the church of the new 
testament of spyware readers 
directing the faith of the people to 
where you scrutinize them for the scriptures 
which can remove the scripts 
Skype pointed to Christ through 
types in prophecy and prophecies eli 
whiteside took to say pablo and look 
which had self-esteem if you can 
see christ in the old testament of 
newton sharpen then you can have 
faith to give wrong that that name of the one of 
physical and died some years ago those of 
mental function of the world was a 
fulfillment of those words 
design it well this space 
that is not meaning of justification 
to do the injuve tricolors believing 
who is the true god value is there a 
visual distinction by understanding 
correct of his word of his which of 
your points more than gifts to the governor 
that he gave was the methodology that Pablo used 
time ago time 
hewitt of james like he was going to do 
things like 
axel stein facts chapter 17 
for verse 2 excellent investment 
Facts chapter 17 verse 2 Paul 
as it used to be to them and for three 
Saturdays he argued with them declaring 
exposing by means of the scriptures 
that it was necessary that the Christ 
look and be resurrected 
according to is roberto and jesus said to whom 
I announce is the Christ 6 he had a 
Malaga bird to Cádiz and he had the 
Marshmallow custom glove that 
takes to the churches and sanchez their 
own churches al jibouri ruiz de 
huetamo automobile and discuss with them 
using the scriptures bible 
jerky and ruiz no pay and his 
rationing in which he argued with 
them in the following venues 33 degrees 
álex plane ok exit to penalty scrubs 
the magnet of each exposing opened the 
writings and 6 at the end the filling by 
that law in main here says that declaring 
that there is falling west is it expends 
exposing itself to expand world out and of 
self-management listening to us and Pablo was going to 
the writings of the old testament in 
and glass inside him and he used those 
scriptures to prove of kings that 
Christ knows about newey old suffered in 
the form looks like the way he did 
leave the fund so you will need to 
the dead instead of ten witnesses of 
the arrival of Jesus that Jesus was 
I live some after the light stock is 
of the star is the Christ the messiah 
peaks in fact because the church have 
you do not want it, I do not think so, it was destroyed 
for those three and a half years after 
speaking to his disciples what was 
to happen is when there is 
saying it is better to die swarm and 
belize how many of them believed in 
do not forget 
nobody the caucus and steve there but he says 
his closest disciples and 
invaluable jfem and they either 
they believed guardian of the eifel the question 
is why they did not believe the 
viceroy of indial that he hears them 
the questions were they we read the 
writings of the old testament for 
designate my sister who says no 
elia but before I did not explain jersey 
when we talk about exercising it 
I told him that this good month for him to go 
them from where they took me talk 
of jealousy or that god is a jealous god 
from the einstein field we take the 
temple of temple purification 
lindsay without having seen sein and says in 
verse 17 and 6 of difac a swing 
mambertí and says what the disciples are 
they agreed to pretty demand that they 
The disciples and world brooks agreed 
in what was written 
returns he says he was determined and he 
they let see away with wolves him their 
disciples remembered that he was 
written in eggs address and where 
it was written brothers of the fester of 
old testament displayport in these 
people the cache 
as our children expression although 
this event was done by experts in the 
history of the king's ancient testament 
of volleyball that flay of them studied 
in your bible carefully 
forgive me they are of this professor but 
misunderstood the prophecies about 
crisis law when there is nobody could 
believe that Christ could die allows and 
style orbiting is just done wrong 
everything that had happened in this 
history of sabina is better understood there 
the same thing happens in mining history is 
well that you think that or brothers of 
elche that is not church is of 
veneration that frend is doing something 
different from tristan of this prophecy the 
question is the Jews misunderstood 
the prophecy of the present and subtracting this 
trophy of the evil protestant church 
understood the prophecy of the party I am 
further back to the history of 
bassinet back of the moment they are 
several is the one in the time of moses 
they also misunderstood the 
now always always repeats without 
feinn is something that is repeated in the 
in 1888 16 months in 1888 the message of 
88 art analysis that's our 
church performs Adventist title 
initial of this prophecy the question is 
what will it be that we misunderstand 
prophecies the catfish snows cause 
those two came web minions came 
in the waddle kitchen and that was 
preaching there 1828 
justification which is of feudalism 
it demands to know if that is the third message 
in truthfulness it is really dependent on 
they beige then the two were 
preach the third message reflect 
feinstein apocalypse 14 from peking profe 6 
I was preaching prophecy word excell 
church too 
what the church did at that time with 
those two young men brought I'll be 
at the end of this in them not the 
They understood what brought from Lleida 
great is in the Jews not 
understood from Paris is great is 
shelves did not have pei 
playstation move and list where are the 
people in the time of moses either 
understood and where is it in 1838 either 
they understood that if they were insecure 
can you see this repetition that 
happens when he comes tristan that 
if this variable says the witness of two 
something is established that from there today 
götze says of one's god understand 
If you do not understand prophecy, be careful 
disclaimer is gabino we do not understand what 
is happening since the problem there is a 
Maurice Hartfield Moses shows his house 
his home alberto leyva jets is for 
leave egypt when rose the light yes 
you are on the wrong side is given 
front is a death sentence death 
actually we know this from inglatera 
everything to save the death angel is going to 
go through the house to destroy the price 
the history of Christ here and setting 
style where six I know is on the side 
wrong in the prophecy and I came 
you are going to be divorced here 
registered in the history of the 
if you are not on the right side of 
the prophecy of the gospel and suddenly 
you are going to be the band who oil 
satan in the history of war in young 
if you reject this is the message 
look letting see what will happen and vile 
act word coming Friday is going to 
let it wander in the desert which is 
baby phat there is where we are today 
here you world green in the world in 
we are wandering in the desert now 
sergio here in our time of end of 
week keep leaving egg you think 
that a message here at the end of the world 
of gorges of christchurch of king guides 
what god wants to give his church to 
prepare the faith of sunday love parade 
Sunday 's circus peak and michael is 
there because if we make a 
equivocation to darts nowadays in the world of 
what is the gospel at the end of the world 
we are live tv what will be the result 
what will happen to us 
here in the Sunday law what will happen 
with us 
in the walk sayés we have a law 
Sunday we are on the wrong side 
what will happen as marketing the 
mark of my life 
I'm not going to read a verse for you 
is to save and aesthetic box is one of those 
difficult books of vowels that the 
ezekiel jackson heights book 
chapter 8 
I thought Chapter 8 
2 eckstein because 8 verse 16 the gulf 
be the church of god 
weiwei shipping and how style way 
we talked in the house of God 
true let's praise god at home 
right 16 and took me to the atrium of 
inside the house of jehovah and I saw that 
next to the entrance to the temple of jehovah 
between the entrance and the altar there were some 
25 men with their backs turned to the 
Jehovah temple in with their faces makes 
to the east and worshiped the sun prostrating 
does east of the specific ddd 
fraser 16 was when andy another here says 
in the portico the altar the entrance in the 
altar the disc is that altar is 8 or 
of breaks in our arch 
this is the altar of sacrifice that 
was in the yard the west country of the 
the question is to indicate what happened 
on the altar there in the yard sacrifice 
sacrifice and sell it in hers 
square enix that are where this one brings 
you bring the lamb and put it in the 
altar and they kill it there the hole without 
define good business sins are 
forgiven and if they ask you then 
he is forgiven 
the musical coach the altar what up 
they reveal to the portico the entrance the entrance 
at the entrance of the portico of published 
is the symbol of advent the portico is a 
Judgment symbol 
sergio is also if you are standing 
is in no longer if I am prepared here 
energy on the altar is opposite when 
police in the car the soul 
in the atrium 
is the altar is in front of you must 
sorry to the television in the atrium where 
receives the trial but is in invitrane 
you stand of the court in 
youtube in pardon the queen's trial 
live between life then death 
washington this food in hualpén de 
my question is what should be your 
behavior if where it is standing 
between life death and death and I've seen in 
you are still crying 
Crying was time in Aysén and they fight 
for the abominations that is happening 
in crying a live in his own life that 
I who leave my favor because your 
condition of the ruling god in 
visit the country web space tv si king for 
cancer and alien in the same place in that 
place where we should be 
looking for a reconciliation is seen 
in what goes where we are standing 
between life and death code search and ding 
wow the church of god is doing that 
of tender bucks font de tertsch sector 
nothing where time they watched their their course 
backs for outside the church there 
for the temple l facing the sound and 
they are now looking up at the sun rises 
vingaard who sees and are then 
worshiping the sun its origin is temple 
part of this question you what 
means help to praise the sun is 
radiology of what 
Sanz of how serious the Sunday cl 
a symbol of Sunday bali and that 
guard is something extremes of trichet 
when you start to understand what 
means that symbols in classroom of 
stories and all those stories draw 
leiden wanted from the world all those 
stories are leading to the end of 
here the heavy 
and here we are here or to be 
undefeated in front of we are unemployed 
between life and death win it 'and mike 
joyce tells him jr and we have to make a 
good if we want or not after criticizing 
if we go for god I live to get tired for 
reconciled with him in Dubai vitality 
the way we do is dancing is in 
English we will understand Christ at the sisben 
youth well description how has he 
been demonstrated in the writings of 
kings is the real jesus no one the 
wish mayra or not one that we have 
created is the one that literal software like 
if it was a comfort toy or that 
one can have a front once as if 
was our best friend when talking about 
the world to believe in as our 
do anything with us when you are 
giving we have to understand who is the 
true god the product well the teacher 
6 that is demonstrated in the prophecies that 
equaled and beehive 'the times' because 
so you can know how it's going to 
behave today the backhaul of stores and 
returns all is history taken from the 
past the fbi michael style that yes 
we make a mistake in shooting 
try 6 in the very serious crisis time 
that of the spectrum we will be like 
those people are broadcasting live 
where are they standing between life and 
death the milk egg you and us 
let's choose death for the cabinet 
of sanz when we kneel for the sun 
Let's pray 
the son of dear father william team 
and I with that nickname that we thank you for 
your care and protection of life 
shanghai das please be with us 
and guide us left then when it is in 
that the law helps us understand 
clearly that everything that de gaulle 
football that the work of the gospel is 
of all 
liu xiang is the tool that you 
Use of corner came out paypal for 
reconcile his people I'm going to get 
of the mezquín section but we 
we often have an anne medium 
understanding or skirts work says appeal 
of how that work is happening 
there is a basis for which I ask you that we can 
see smarttrade we can say so that we 
we can see my prayers and dennis cárter 
with a new class of level of team 
spending that the eternal gospel is of 
walk of christ is the work of Christ and 
Expanded without self in volleyball 
Andrew but professes the way he 
explain himself through the bible 
in the spirit of prophecy gardens 
guild of life 
showing how the pse seems to be treated 
in prophecy 
through types and prophecies of güímar 
with salt of people so that we 
we can be reconciled with the irpf 
of sandalwood and prepare for the law 
Sunday without apparent designation to 
this prayer in the name of Jesus Amen 
awards spain 
I want to talk a little about the details 
tomorrow the spray of gwinnett mike as is 
that preparation that we have to 
make the law of ghost search I think that 
the church of god to folk is where 
web that taipei is very focused 
focused on the work that the papacy 
is doing in the underground dogging 
rice and the church times also in the 
wrong place that mike where it 
will serve yesterday to make the 
necessary preparations and nicki bille 
of fair play 
we have to be looking at one another 
different place when you are pp for 
understand us how to prepare 
we want to start tomorrow morning that 
will be at nine