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Telos que bueno señor a k viendo y como el sol comienza a condor say Senya Londo C or que el dia Santo esta pronto comenzar nosotros podemos estar de rodillas ante to presencia gracias por que podemos estar en este lugar para estudiar to palabra i muchas cosas que todavía no sabemos muchas cosas que todavía no intend a Mose y creo que tu espírito Santo C or no Vicente nd me n tone Odessa Sava Duryea k-pro viene de lo alto no sólo para memorize our textos yara testify cara otros day to amor sino también c or para estar preparado para los event okay van a venir pedimos c or KSA's con el pastor che ba a estar Don don't Emma que lo you des señora tener carried on mental case sus palabras fluency or y que podamos nosotros chapter fall cement a tambien accompany a Gustavo C or en la traducción que él puede ser lo de manera fluid señor y que le deci o las fuerzas para poder hacer lo tambien Ben DC knows a todo lo que estamos aqui presentes y que yo que vienen de camino cakey Seguin un ratito más tarde por que estan haciendo lo prepare a tivo para mañana y que pueden también un risiko nosotros y or para que este Diaz sabado lo receive ah Moses to D ando to palabra en el nombre de sus aramos mmm okay Marcelo tests on the pasta test under testing okay testing okay welcome back everybody we need to do a lucid - we're just gonna have a recap of what we did in our study yesterday members of the circle the pass will appear Cesar Geronimo Chi so we were looking at a number of subjects catalysis - you knew my lightest assume dish but Ennis but they the subject matter very focuses around the other last in gospel they are super busy practice to focus in reserve until returning and what I want to show us Yuki Kyo and instead of theories is that when we speak of the gospel in addition to say a New Zealand failure sometimes there's a misunderstanding or misconception of what that means now this is ask ninth inning two loci a pariah significant generally Christians information Iran of crystianna's they assume that the gospel plan seemed kayla-vo is the good news that Jesus can save us as soon as well as numerous key Christians players a lot or it's the good news that we understand who God is Mokey's Laguna's numerous key interviews business but yesterday study incision was an attempt to show us that that's a very narrow understanding in identity Valencian is key kiss us in Sicily for a visa rather then to need an official attendant so we began by saying you citizen the cities are pretending that the everlasting gospel the actual word can be found in revelation 14:6 a certain us key la ilaha illa allatheena Solyndra in the Poughkeepsie capital civil secrecy's and then we read a spare prophecy quote this pendulum motion is rotational speed of the previous year the Shalvis PVC the everlasting gospel in the book of Revelation kill every letter in a limited apocalypse II was the same gospel message for this revolution in sahih relevant handy that was given in genesis 3:15 he foresaw in Genesis capital Christmas you can see the glass is 3:15 in Genesis 3 sequencing risk using the gospel in the new helium is God's ability hatred in us as I believe activity reported earlier investigation Abdel cited in his kingdom to intercept on us in surah narrows ring so God gives us the ability to begin hiding the kingdom of Satan us use a lavaliere at park initiative provision to serve up in it all is upon us do we agree with that forever ladies a favorite is she attacking she's asking since ok to have great hatred hatred against Satan's Kingdom less container a map yes it's not having hatred against human beings by the middle you like to see the man who - the sequent disappearance is having hatred against the principle the idea is that Satan wants us to live by afternoon earlier Luis Principia see various kiss at Ana's Tiananmen Killick initiative Dynamis if the self awards us to lie and Sicily analytic initiatives maintain most agreeable and God versus the hype that was kind of thing is you're scary Commission to diminish the curses and to substitute that kind of a lifestyle you better substituted a city produced image even for one of love and warmth and joy maybe nuclear I made that he you are dish so this hatred was spoken of in Jersey 3:15 mr. Eric you see r-rahim is a stress can see we asked the question was did bitter hatred yeah a primitive ammunition is buried in Iranian what's the word in Spanish where he says MIT in the mr. immunity in style so what does that mean to you my sister seems to get any mr. Bissell is incestuous can see in the unionist a minister in a mister you mean enemy yes so if he God works you to become the enemy recital Jews characteristics here a individual disappearance that that's all I'm saying CB v District Attorney and then if you want to understand how that world he sort of kissed appeared to the community Fushimi how do you begin to develop this hi Twitter to become an enemy of site and anticipate the son of the mid as far as Arab yesterday in South America North America believe me it's through the information is given in the book of Revelation as a traditional information case to evaluate apocalypse II let me find a Bible passage Canadian citizen every year I'll find it in a minute young contain an annuity so this how to this spoken of in Genesis is too old you can see a blinding start Kucera Genesis the mechanism for the mechanism barricade is explained in Revelation Scylla speaker is the speaker in epilepsy as in three steps the star children tapas-style in verse 6 system contain converge sequences says for God to employ him so his judgment to be reversed deliver a perky Landon who is she assured on these first steps the sufficient APIs are the gospel s11 handle and the gospel in the material is given to us this is that Raphael Espiritu Santo so work at the Holy Spirit if the oculus we do to symptom which is to kill us this Gospel message es para bad news is 17 Lewiston secondary Harlem is further explained in John 16 verse a distance the treasurer speak Arabic 1 this is my signature in the book of John chapter 16 he went epiphany she says Jesus is going to identify himself as a comforter his shoe surrounding difficulty could be can show other and thankful to him and that he says it's necessary for him to leave he ate my secret mr. Sadiki saga because when Jesus lady can you Saiga he'll send another comforter when we are all traditional and the other comforter is the Holy Spirit occasionally religious duty to sentence and when the Holy Spirit comes equally spirit to Santorini is going to convict the world attendance in el mundo of Seoul depakote prestigio among judgment even who is you so we can say these three steps in the book of Job Dennis Otis perimeter disappears at a person deliberately soon as mrs. Teresa Pappas the spoken of in Revelation 14 2011 apocalyptic a person I know this is the work of the holy spirit the essence of travel in Espiritu Santo which turns us from the farthest item to the enemy of sight in the skin be assured come on new business appearance pericardium's better said individuals disappearance let's go to my Bible verse o master security here see the book of Acts miniatures chapter 24 verse if you identify the sequel Bente 25 this agree Ventus Ingram hair pulled back by the seller beneficiary then if you read verse 24 system there in the Supplemental cotton.expensive this official is they were his research Union sufficient is Phoenix this is when Paul has been taken captive and he's going to go to Rome it's just when the partner install a continual installation is a melodrama is a 24 24 K R elevate an irreversible capital into controversy clementa cotton abuses face remember Felix can do serious you mahir Kara kuvira schemata no illusions circular affair in his excuse to 24 so he's spoken to thing like the Salonika Felix a vehicle to explain to him the gospel ill-advised Makar Kiev inhaling that's the purpose of this conversation super personal ascent channel on a second recession and this is the steps that Felix needs to go through in so soon as a tapa ski Felix Arguelles on schedule in verse 25 he standing to seek revenge a single case a parallel dispersor prestigio they develop innovative Felix suspended even so it speaks about ten credits I haven't been able then of righteousness us to stand empowered Association and then of justice you see this issue distress talks about temperance righteousness in gelatin better acceptable answer temperance Valencia it speaks about it's about what justice Percy gives it a different order middle area the Houston share disperse attempt attention because poor estimate a certain point the authority receiving food to share to people he was to expand to Felix the solution not the problem okay eight year plan a Republican solution be renewed a solution but not a investor to investor focus upon the solution in the problem allocation relationship implementing as opposed to focusing on what Felix's issue anyways the focus on the problem okay Felix to me the spirit is an intern in temperate person perky Felix as a notation in temper NT so I've given you three Bible verses gelateria please the civility in Revelation John epilepsy where nature's to show you that the level of the Gospels in this race but after a local inheritance in Quentin of stress it happens Sir Alec always step while in the worst mothers who are passing on and pray this interest and destroy the work of the Holy Spirit in cities of calcaneus Peter to center so that's what we have a dress today mr. McKee continues are here to say I had one their Pole to kill I did in two months just because you had hatred or enmity against Satan's Kingdom mission into custody near the area where you come to regular subpoenas doesn't mean the work of the gospel is complete no significant Carolyn Hennesy a complete and severe because here this first step to keep him in a proper way says forgot TV set Emilio's where it says same here is typically or temperance so temperature is working this is another this is where this hatred begins to manifest itself you shouldn't ask you Samaria is to all the Imperium an offensive but the work of the gospel is not yet complete but after I feel eleven here little Ivy enunciated monado so in our lives you know Esther's videos Pro Prius if you begin to hate the work of the enemy so 10 PS sir after narrowly dealt Rafael amigo if you don't like the principal's signal Agusan lo al principio of his kingdom they should really know that's not an indication you soon as an indication that the gospel has finished his work in ultra blue eleven hey Lucia treviño su trabajo on the other hand in ultra nano if you're still attracted to his kingdom to the sister Teresa seem to really pursue Reina and the principles by which it's wrong Phyllis Principal Skinner quality system are similar survivors you know who stay sorry that the work of the gospel hasn't even begun in your life eternal also deliver genital area near in personam to unit area so we spoke about that another issue the command so then this place we focused on in this passage here nationally empezamos our folk Alison lapper sake the 1d successor to the Takara let's read that verse pneumonia Luhan this is Masuku Ocho 16 verse 8 this is Ezra tsukamoto eCornell Avenger convince Iran under the picado the justicia in the who issue in the industry uses the word we proved in the traveling eskimo as repertoire you know when the original it means to convey today he nursery second in circumstances my own so we got the word convinced of conviction in terms of anemic una palabra convinced era or a conviction and that's what the Holy Spirit's going to do here Suki Marsalis PT to Santa he's gonna convict you of what do you welcome his sinister is the key first step la première classe premier etapa LP column so I'm asking the question my printer policy requires a la primera cosa que el espíritu until you are convinced safety from the same picado is going to convict you de la convince certain that the same felony existed Picaro into Vida and that is going to instruct you to liver what kind of a life dispersive our instrument the commercial art una vida que tipo de vida acid a righteous life una vida de justicia y perky because judgment is about to happen we should start put into a pasado career so that's how in strands corner you begin to develop high trade or become an enemy of citing the most impious afternoon of you they'll know a certain us I'm still sue in amigo so then I wanted to explain they supposed to say he apparently had what kind of sin this is dealing with people the paternalistic Astana pretending what are the dynamics of this Gospel message well SOS dynamic as a seven hey leo because after perk infrequent event women where's Adventist the monosodium adventist a nosotros believed that this Gospel message kremensky in civil he knew as the Messiah even tell you is at least two different things paramutual cosa different is one of them you know Nations is that we are given a message to the world he knows OTT Mosquitia very nice aquí para mundo and we get the idea you know so total moves and stay there because we understand perky no certainty murmurs from revelation 14 apocalyptic appear see the way of these angels flying in the midst of heaven you know so to say music Susan Hill is London in middle in a million el cielo given a message to the world Giovanna Misaki Telemundo is that correct mr. s to connect to see you know the presenter we do that no such a simple system yeah see my sister signer memorization on Oaxaca you don't believe the gods churches I was angels we still know Creole against the videos noise is his Angeles who do you think as angels are you statistic Gilson in Tosa citizen Hazen apocalypsis Couture see somebody says US and she said messengers who knows this you know so true so to the serum Mensa heroes so when you say messenger so when the steady-state Mensa heroes you mean real I'm Jose missed a significant Angeles River dad so they're real I'm just flying around our atmosphere it was say existed Anjali Saravanan go in a thermos Farrah and what are they doing he kissed honesty no issues just on the parade with them aside that in the verse but no DC Universe she say she she's saying the third dangerous also the message of the Sabbath to give royalty to the Sabbath okay so you're saying that the user can Misaki did this to don't kill Americans there's a below the third angel mr. Duncan is the message of the Sabbath as in miss Arkansas below it's a calling to up from God to worship the Sabbath when Shamala did you spell adore Ali Sabbah law and who is giving that message to the world you look terrible taste in massive a disturbance occupy window so does that mean they do the work at the third angel it does the significant asymmetry to sit on hill yeah I just asked him what he thought it's not the point under key lessons is Kiev and Misaki we take the message we know we take the message Oh at some level is a symbol of us in Toshio and evil is Silicon Valley significant uh be a nosotros because it says in the versus a traditional in his ridiculous revelation 14:9 2:11 apocalyptic after Signori alone see that this idea is technically speaking to the world his talent apparent under the this world needs to not receive the mark of the base para ki-moon did not receive Alomar television so if you take out your neighbor your friends who still serve are welcome to be seen upon even he wasn't in the church you know perinatal Asia and you tell them to worship God on Sabbath utility such a technical evolution in sabah and not to receive the mark the ballerina for receiver lemarchal here we decide the exact words of the angel who say inter system via Arlen de la misma palabra killing clearly see you know that that's all I'm saying yes or no master supa Karen see so we go to the world this year to Venice on Monday and we tell them you see Miss on London to stop practice insane keep a leadership picado practicality cada to live righteous life marketing on a visually justicia a corrector because if they doubt they're gonna receive the marker casino one a receiver lemarchal honesty did you agree with that mr. stark would have understood okay movie so I know the point I made the point that is a recent painting when we speak about this Gospel message and initiatives are ohm resistor will hear you mr. min socket Olivia it's not a message of morality no esselman sucker the morally that it's the message of prophecy or something sake prophetic oh and I demonstrated that an affirmative demonstrators twofer by this picture work here we're in so the who can start rockin we write great controversy faced excited murmurs confiteor sequels park in addition to system torture and in that passage it showed us in a kilt assorted non-muslim the this angel in Revelation 14 EST engine Apocalyptica tortoises verse six vesiculosus and seven here to this first angel is supreme in him which had the Gospel message fifteen year a Misaki deliver hell you came to earth in 1798 investor sheetrock Emile sir - certainly torture the other spare parts decoys to prove that I was pisaq easily spirit of reciprocal premiered on can persuade that we showed that the key premise of Australia stone so when this Andrew comes down to earth when they steering feedback on a tiara it's a symbol isn't a symbol here of a word that God's people of a little kiss keep really use my civil penalty people use massive to begin to give a message that if I saw the Battlement sake and my question was relatively who is that message given so first but a keen estimates ahi esta we merely God and we went to a Bible passage a Muslim oppa sake Livia do you remember is recorded in the stylus tip and psychologically massager first beta primero que le docteur this is here to select it has paid for step until it appeared in part of the society and he says the judgment kill who is you this a must first begin in the house of God es su primera my concern of yours so this level often Gulf Mississippi hell eternal home estate first will give himself la pregunta spare Akeem induces in premium legal certificates area rather hide Lisa asked know sort of the Church of God like Lisa deduce so what's wrong with the Church of God hey pastor chaotic evil character and immoral english' videos the gospel needs to correct Kayla van Halen is acetic of I guess reduce and we're going to say in this history in a suitable manner in this hysteria this is the 1260 es el tiempo in English you to Sesenta 538 to 1798 you to torture our meal sufficient to be torture and then we went to revelation 7:3 this Palermo's apocalypse is dual citrus and we saw the seven churches yes women are CIT glaciers of long an ascetical issues we said that the first church was here it will be muscular premier aggressive way of affairs use emphasis in the time of Christ in him to the crystal and then it goes through in semi-paralyzed storia overlay to the end as the chemical fee to the seventh and last church now you say an ampere second a septum allow you to Malaysia on this area and this is us if so so nosotros seventh-day Adventist Church last year like this event is acceptable ER nosotros and our existence can be marked beginning in 1944 on initiative polymers mark our existence our gears until community miniatures into squadron to karti parallel on t the me when and so that file with the fourth church you know soto de paz Rimouski te tira followed by the fifth church in 1798 if we secure public integration key lime is a decision of me torture and this church is now in Masada like a layer cake a la quinta CA Mercedes I what a service make a significant service salad now come out come out salad so what is God's church coming out of la pregunta is the damned immigration will use esta Salim OOP so the Babylonian we discussed that and lemon zest oka because in Revelation 2 became apocalypse is - the papacy is called Jezebel and papal Somalia Hassanein been revelation 17 the apocalypse initiative it's called mystery bubble and Somali mr. Yulin ammonium and it's the same person Islam is no persona it's a woman there's una mujer meu nome okay so if this woman yes I'm okay Jezebel this her a revelation 17 this prostitute yes yes Annelle hola Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez a apocalypse II prosecutor but in Revelation 12 there's another woman parapet ELISA do see a linear term here which is God's church here's my initiative use which is being persecuted instance in the given by Jezebel who his until now can a church person days when a personal iglesia persecute another church Percy also personally like this you know no there's not very ability to do the mountain in immunities in the little story just about when I stood a little out of his own age she's married I had aa tsukasa-kun aha a hair across but in this Academy she's married the kings of Europe during his historic exorcistic casada casal do conversely she's de la nota do we go with them States America revenues to fill in this history when I studied in English in to see Center the pipe si Intifada the interrelationship with the kings of year estacionamiento combination and she controlled these Kings you as a contour in salacious to do her will para keepo answers to the same and what was the will you can't ever seen you see Sue's gonna swim dad call era it was the persecute carapace again this woman la mujer the apocalypse is 12 judge likely she reviews her men with Fatah and no more aggressive Yosemite athira by the time the papacy receives a badly will when the papillary series ready the mortal then God's church is going to come out to see like this Olivia's van salad of Babylon the Babylonia and I asked where is double if your parent instance then there's Babylonia in this history in the chemistry and in addition to the center is in Europe played open so God's people live Europe and customary infinity of scenario in viene para America so I think this is a story war familiarity location historical Tony so 2 spoon of cinnamon so sadhus sadhus lives in America now VV in America and we understand this digit in the nemesis to the when we go from Sardis Philadelphia to Lady Sarah intimacy so colossal in the Sardis para Philadelphia is unparalleled Isaiah is assemble some simulus of the experience of God's church their experience to the latest videos at the end of the world - el mundo with a transition from the mellow out the ashes arsenic transition Dennis Lee returns to adventism our identities MO and all this is happening in the United States they also stock personal assistance news because they speak this land Perkins - a tiara and Nastasia news becomes the land of God's people certain sermon material for videos just like Israel or Kailyn la misma former khmer surin he canal was the land of God's people the minority another pool reviews after they left AJ this risk is Sally on the hip to so the United States has the same purpose and it's all salute inadmissible property to so if we look at this history so intrusive enormous in his historia we see the God's church was in darkness hear me muscular glisten if you like this video system in a scuba-dive and I rented in t'lie dispersed in Toronto in use and this light Elin Solis was the Gospel message eleven helium in socket eleven handle so what would our darkness about the preguntas in key key tip of the screw that's in contraband against reduce that now they're gonna enter into life your honor when a person receive news so while saying okay stories you know what a spooky story sinister is that we're not in darkness about no allottee issues mean stubborn in a story that you know sentimental on morally that God's church understood about the issues of morality like this illusion ain't Indian assertion to national economy not only that in this history in this hysteria as well as this imbue mrs. terka God's church understood about morality way back here you're likely solution to deities the aunt Islam or any relative of the Keystone the time of the cross you know typical clues which go back to Moses you see Louis MO he says the issue of morality has always been understood el asunto de Manila Madhuri right simplifying to do it may not be practiced you can sense no no practically but it's been understood the assailant Indian what has not been understood the möbius you in Tunisia is a subject of prophecy a lemur relational kana prophecy yeah so this light that comes until I lose community at the time of the end research into the literature is not like about morality you know as soon I'll used to the rationale community not it's lie about prophecy in soon I'll use rational kana professor and this is this gospel that God is going to bring to his paid mistress and livin here looky juice extractor I am the pursue permanent so we described it a number of different why he let us reduce in different his Meniere's we made a point that it was 46 years between these two days in Jerusalem ask you for according to see so in the Mill City suddenly torture military seem to go into Quattro then we went to the 10 commandments miss Olivia Marion to so I asked you how many Commandments were on the first table and how many were in the sec is your play will take continue to serve en la primera tabula acontecimiento de la segunda table and there are four or less one and six Audrina it says an altar because these are the commands to do with God it lays his Commandments appear with man no splatter primera circuit under a stone I'll finish you say so national team assemblies the number things we can understand about exist in muchas cosas que podemos engineers to for instance when was man created la pregunta will be filming in America Allen on what they Korea the signal in Leo only six Adia is many things we can pick up a few sick people in Osaka Revere's to so my question was is identify these Ten Commandment in Seville Minami induce neural shall not Alice or professor a prophetic use and we came to the understand wasn't in Union to there was both he remembers because we understand in the nervous that the savage to the Sabbath kill Osterman Lisa Rinna is also dealt with at the end of the world in Revelation 14 tambien sister Cindy prepare anything del mundo in Apocalypse ticket or vesicular valency this hasn't happened yet too obvious to the Apostle and will prophesy to system split asunder superior then we spoke by the subjective marriages personal tell casamento the Sabbath have married if America semion to the whole model and nearly total cancer mental comes from our relationship with God being in Arizona mental induce that Jesus was to marry his church he used to carry concern she concealed Asia and that hasn't happened yet yesterday avian Arkansas is studying process of happening history idea turning to a sense to their containment so this picture work up here interstate loose Daboo Caesarea River is showing us that they even attend commandment loosen silky newsmen with human Orientals are not just know that prophetic you know she's elemental Miralles spirit a mention prophetic OU's so it does this we had this little table here he seemed is acceptable Kappa carrier in interstellar where we compared the moral gospel to the prophetic gospel than the competitors eleven halo morale can even tell you prophetic oh and we had a discussion about this is the usual discussion so variance to the relic speaks about morality you can derstand any of the morally that we are required to obey God so much open obregón so various interviews without question similar preguntas and when I speak about question can the view our canary funeral preguntas it's a why do I have to do this this way consider the federal and kid they were surrounding which is not an issue of I'm not gonna do it noise and I understand why noisily Ellison to the kill in Turkey Lavoie certainly because Abdullah distort misunderstand no quiero que nosotros maintenance man the god wants to educate us give us carry into carnage he doesn't always just to be robots he knew cleric initiative service Robo results burn the other hand during the contrary we call come into a relationship with him nope remember simple sundress ornamental conduce that were already waiting to listen kid no mas is the most this disperses escuchar if we understand where he's telling us today she seemed invincible kill the kid is in senior because we're required to obey even if we don't understand why okay no solution with Ricky Jesus I will be received I'm Kino into NamUs and poor kid if you bring up children Systema eye color screen and some news even if you have a dog punks illustrating impairment you know if they sorry the you require you as a parent will stay common poverty should train every child even a dog to satiric in trainer to you so to be together to obey but if you have a risk first premiere before they can even understand but a key this place is just born into their why disposed to be doing things okay she did not even hear no solace in the cosmos interceptors courses because what will happen the clinical episode if you wait until the child is three four or five six so in the castle SuperSpeed asked in the new instructing a tres cuatro season is audacity because then were you able to be able to reason with them okay this first one is Thomas really separate the name of our astronomy into enormous because you continue and if you tell them to buy you you still use it evidence coming a six-year-old and mean the system you know that you say do something no person a girl good was the first thing that sidekick tell us about miracles give us inland corresponded why okay and if you start trying to explain why they're supposed to do this a you should appear see the interest we can poke you there are serious questions so you tell your child at six to clean the room which device internship to mean decision to be assertive party and I say why you to my sleep or kill you say because God wants you to be tidy but you do is carry concealed even to consider yourself is that a good way to bring up a child since the PC case on the phone or analytically it's not no because that that studies you're already rebelling against you or canister that you just earned yourself a real under control because tell my sight stomach along these lines but keep a new play series to communis to sinister for me I don't mind my William being dirty unless a a minimun birthday give me a piece of tamale tampoco disorganize era and how do you know what God wants anyway aleppo souq you notice I keep your scary parameter confirming then you're gonna start reading the Bible verse to them it does remember some real invasive lobular now what you've done the caves the iho is you've created a rebel you start creating a Bentley who doesn't worry about whether you can universal abuse or a verse that says the less you expected to my satisfaction organ ELISA is the difference you know hasta use Timmy speaker - Jimmy status first he says that the spirit should come to explication reversal now if you're a parent of a young child to the city consume poverty you became you know what I'm saying I'm still sorry look history siendo that you did not bring up children that white okay no answer for Michael Anthony Wilkinson EU you need to imprint upon their minds obedient and certificate imprimatur like initially issues law obedience iam and as they grow up allow me vacations caressing then you begin to explain the importance of why these things are happening instead this empirical a potential precursor consistent there's a formal the same thing we begin with raising the dog when is no Kosaku no tomato you can know in people when they're very small condition pequeños you train them to a buy things lesson sayin however i said because if you write so long which is just a PR a mucho tiempo and with a dog you don't have very long oh there's placed not not an in mutual a Buick The Container disappear they'll grow up with twisted characters which is very hard to deal with ironically a certain character is different is can move officially specifically here so I'm sorry the keys to a siendo were required to evaluate out question institutions Reiki reviews are very similar preventers I have made spoke of a number of groups that did that he remembers the simplistic opposite the personas que hace near Sony uses kalamos FST to select like children slaves and they always over here suitors Kira me use the stylus or Vanessa sinister preguntas and there is no space to be symbols of us the terrorists assume a symbol of here the nosotros the Methodist I live like that the mucho de nosotros vivimos I see asked most others ask yourself an apprentice printer table salutis activism most of you know like an Amish registers know what God wants you today no mana she knows who the survivors will give you scary kagome's your Christians so much Christians even if you've never even if you haven't read the spell prophecy and keep the only journalist to the previous year there's a lot of information in the Bible existing leadership much information Lavinia the window key initiatives insane music so that we not that we know about initiatives awareness that we don't dare to the normal SMS and we begin to waste in the mouth if the cells are certain our astronomy and - no - you see new is when you go into an argument with someone about the centres of temples of Eden of the mint open a persona sobre esto then I get the big gal it a cigar a su green arma the spear prophecy in the spirit of this year they'll already bash you with that here in peer circle mama tomorrow atacama to strike anywhere periquito I'm a contractor now the ratio you do is out a walk you can miss a single woman how do we react you cannot deliver a certain reaction kinoshita tenemos we come up with all these excuses Naruto venomous ketosis excuses all these reasons fluorescence Ernest and I'm suggesting in the news occurrences it's the same principle as a mismo principal of we just children in rebellion is the initial Pacific in the new unique under system driven London the will accept the prophetic cause his first alumina novel hello prophetic oh and I'm saying this the same rule estamos a la la casona misma regular he required to evaluate our question estamos Ricky Rios over you said same as at present although she questioned our but what are you required to obey pero la pregunta es que is Ricky really to stay over disco is the acceptance of events yes l accept assume the eventos not know a wall national Asia's no some layers Morales back to the examples Jerry they don't examine let me the nutrition tomosynthesis entered a state prophecies masses prophecies were required to abide them institutions and Mickey rivers of Venezuela whole here now is that understands la pregunta caucus terasaka-kun do stairs intend intended comprende the 2300 tell professors nutrition to science our profession what does you stays more or less somebody said after services Mary left I would especially hiramasa menos let me suggest less the most social theorist para menos no no no para mas there's no competition no es una competición unless I die no more than year in Silesia same ask you state but if we got say Daniel chapter 8 verse 13 additionally most the near capital H over Sigma Tracy and I'll start asking some questions the impious 11 experiment about the 2300 days nutrition to science yes many of you probably wouldn't let me also say those question to you today is kisser no civilian no sunburn let us pursue policies preguntas is that bad Soraka sinhala no no because we still believe that were 300 Isis correct to get to the Vienna so to screams kill a prophecy does nutrition to s correct even if we don't understand everything I hope you know enter name is completamente we lie about the 1262 initiatives escúchame mutilation to see Santa we love the Daleks 5:30 x7 Tina so I'm gonna feature Kyoto's retailer ability to the bitter truth is that we understand what happened here in 538 protectors days until the care personal care to 2002 the mark the visual interest okay mark and comienzo de Muniz into the center self our to fake holes are one seizure pudiera can live here you know pursue naka I said my brother over the tell me what happens in 538 the semilunar case Turkestan receive a key event oka viewer and k23 torture if he doesn't know she knew Sally initially responded is that bad yes Alden Island no no because he stabilized it's true that keep the area clear case with that he needs to do this is citizen is the going to the study of education Basara 7 Tokido studio in story area Brendan bring won't change his acceptance we don't know of this truth never can be our shoe acceptance to de la verdad the most of us like anniversary of the nosotros if Alki other time prophecies so she OCD Erica ultra-secure Empress prophetic news we will believe them the shuttle McRae Amos however and pretend to proxies London is not just looking at the history in the past professor no solamente Mira no servant honest professor isn't a solid it's about looking at things in the future and see Madonna La Cosa spur a suitable now Adventists administers a very good summer winners are given the following TNT here we are our customer nosotras in 2007 tells movie society and we're good at looking backwards no solution anyway knows me Ronald Posada and we're good at looking forward the inanimate underneath it even what we look at that kiosk you know so much burners and I said why not look at good in recent good at looking in the present as soon as one of you not only presented present the P part all now now our a h o ra we're not good at this no so much morning news to me remain under Laura and presented our Asian suggests the reason why you're wearing a suit here in support key because if we look in the past okay see Mademoiselle pasado there's no pain no and well another and if we look in the future Semiramis pursue children there's no obligation no and even oblivious to this but in the present to the community represented there's pain I don't need and there's obligation I will be assurance and this is what our problem is us kids new super women that we don't accept the everlasting gospel work initiative no Septimus even he'll return now if I were to say that to you so two very serious term use the most of us in this world Gilligan Amish audience personas are kinase lishala Mouse the church is in this city in like an emotionless igloo seasonal in this Asuna Mouse the church is in this state in like an emotionless iglesias immune system and you got a right up to the whole general conference and the sister bleep adapter system monster completely general we are rejecting the everlasting gospel nosotros estamos an HSN a living hell eternal paper would come back as personas even live here and say are you tell you we all stay with a lie and cheat now say Teresa Nikita we are doing that right the sutras you can resistances of awareness minty most famous course SSE will say the we commit idolatry it's very silky Naruto similar deuterium and that's my point it's just leap into my point is this napintas is to not that we commit adultery risky committeemen sanitarium not there were bad people no consumers Mars personas not that way in unclaimed eight not a nosotros comemos carnies noonas susur's our problem is in problem is we are rejecting the everlasting gospel mr. Richardson 11 hell eternal which is to do which is dating with prophecy his will alone which is at Ratana competition and this is the test this is a test that's been brought upon God's people instance in the trailer parent will reduce if you go back to this hysteresis they will be arrested less here at Table Mesa to Sonoma Churchill Murchison 20 car true I gave you the reference jalabiya do down a referencia but within a rainy day but anonymous early writings 55 Ramirez is key to sparking a sequin teasing comb a got to a stage she don't even do that they were people in this hit in this year Cal you for your personas invested innocent is a temple October 22nd and then today's your to agree that if they had rejected all the light that came here because she's rich a sudden turn us loose escape a student a este tiempo and they were big people can Venice machinist they will not commit adultery no solution eleuterio not doing any nonsense honest honest any multiple the picado morales where they left worshipping my predators don't differ on the handle issues alabama king whether looking to heaven esta el marrón de sel cielo yester well the SI esta we do not CLE the weather looking to heaven look understand America sincerely for the Lord and Savior parachutes Oliver you say knew they were looking in the holy place on a mañana para compartir Newton you got some too but Jesus had needs the most holy place you know his shoe see a movie really got some tutoring the Santissima and her taken his place he keep two more in the very crystal who Satan sat on us these people arrested specialness were left worship incited heard of the furnace Allah them do a certain us if they suddenly stalking me in adultery lepromatous entities do repent in Pesaro the Material Plane and fighting and lying and still miserable our entire Indiana's personas no no the issue is not a feminist the rejection of these events he's perfectly well-adjusted ASIS advantage for physicals led them to apply you know Guevara our new dad would they had separated themselves from God issue see super our videos to such a degree that they were now worship insight Gromit England acacia in stone in Pesaro allah azza thanas and i were just a small here he issues Erin tendonitis Anissa temple as here when the communion is the temple and afterwards he displays kisses see you wasn't a subjective morality no food dreamer the morally dad it was a subject of prophecy human the previous year that every Adventist knows this haka tours of in thesis seven years to everybody's heard at the end of the world is gonna be a Sunday law there is no so 200 thesis Erin can see the new dilemma certain animal a Dominican healthy you can do LT leave a miracle where is a Sunday lobe again la pregunta school named Pierson a little medical they are laughing they say when there's no time doesn't wear and not wear a sari I understood when interpret among them divine personally the medical yes race like the Stars news so what about the United States after Western alchemists also news so when this Sunday law happened into silicosis could division a miracle and it's going to start affecting us you can win percentage Africa Ricardo initial to soccer or your phone is a naive is your work colleague 32 Severus vecinos trauma her to colleges attractions in the world historian ending where you can assign to them do you wanna see the tus amigos christen a new do chorus I told by the awarded met them before know this ownership to know if you give a person a little she said you can only store maybe some of you don't kiss-ass una persona que nunca la beast wanted a other told them before to touch it to have you know I reach you Kilauea Posadas to where you tell them now here is a toast in a moment to connect over Sierra the lifeguard as monumental reduce the law of God tells that we have to observe the Sabbath while later here's Melissa que tenemos que perseverance a mother so you did it so you were take them to revelation 14:11 loca apocalyptic a perceive as you can or LMC and you're gonna tell them in a very silly if you carry your worship in on Sundays you still see yellow bandana living room what even are we safe you mustn't receive it's the secrets of an aluminum the mark of the bells are marking lawrencium which is the mark of his authority Islam market allowed to deny television and you'll receive eternal day you still have revealed la morte aeterna what about if they say he's a really nice person he beloved consistently to them Patricia soon opportunity winner I love my wife if your only person take care of my children do you need me use all my taxes you're probably recently Esther's give a thoughtful toy it's immature they need us we stole some of the neutral mrs. I'm good she's a really good show the Pacino movie no no we're even excited that color a circular space is the persona second taste as shown they save you if you pick when command when you break in all of them see Arvin Thiruvananthapuram facilities so USA doesn't make any difference mr. wise did not see you know everything you've already got one test mr. Shaitan even test the Sabbath Elsa Berlin this is not how good you are in perfect condition we agree with that mister my aquarium rarely had one test to give to the people certain emotion taste panorama has personas so even a local universe they want to see they are accustomed to receiving and you gotta tell them to the wall universe it to be super geeky keep the Sabbath strategic a very similar yes see you know bless I by the way you're a good person who simulation a little still sooner Buddha personal you just gotta say keep the Sabbath mr. namazi onee-sama them you can ask the husband who still appear in telling person by the way you commit adultery as well who said to me percocet or symbaloo pain we done no wait the black controversial are you going to reconsider receivers go to all the evangelistic campaigns is run entails completable holistic integration are now and over and over there in the simple repetition you'll hear a consistent message I mean sorry simply consistently we have one message at the end of the world and resuming sir here in Finland you know which is the prophetic message to give to the world here sake Pacifica Paris a Valentin nude which value gonna worship God on hallelujah who still go about of yours Sabbath or Santa Sabina or living room because it's a prophetic texture case intense political normal and less intense Murali why don't you have to ask about the morality into super keen to see new tenemos que para penicillin or Alina whether you have to ask him about any other commandment protein - salut tenemos que para para su velocity mementos because what is the Sabbath when he kisses are alone it's a sign assume senior Sen Al and there's a little thing here like as soon as senior the Sabbath is a sign of war and Salazar SEL de que authority El Torito Society of gods of territory reducing elder to reduce resource of a sign the minute Asuna senior of our righteousness the nuestra justicia I love why the Bible describes - screaming like a stamp and spinosa Florida and stamp which we call Ganesha - Shimano's day the sale is a seizure because the Sabbath because Saladin is the sale and salaries and session of our righteousness a statistician felt only one test don't elementary test a prophetic test at the end of the world test prophetically fin del mundo now when summer stands in the church the second una persona Sullivant attention iglesia and says we all understand that the younger the world is a pathetic tells no Zito's in the women's community the mundo es perfecta compressible and we will understand the eternal supercentenarians according to 1st Peter record compared to what received associative 417 the judgment first begins in the church in who Supermarine Pearson regulation then if I stand up intestacy Joe bleep Erica and I say we need to understand the gospel is really associated image came to deliver him I will never die amiri repetition and I've done this many times you're a chance to mutual races the God's people and religious think that these gospel message is about morality in some cases even he who is so morally done that we have to start being good paper in the pseudonym skin Posada said burners personas so they're in the future when I came to see a few children we can give the gospel to the world or if you preserve Oliver which is a totally different basis tsunami is an Abbasi completely different because what we struggle to say we can also test animals African pepper event is the way as commercial trees are required still most really wish to accept a prophetic gospel in scepter 11 highly political and not a moral gospel in Neurology low morale and we don't fully understand these calls and a certain acoustical intended complement is a concept - let me add another thought today generally I read ultra pensamiento a stone we speak about conviction nosotros alone is a conviction so if I were to say to you soon to see till you see if you did something wrong so spiritual Denali would UFO under conviction we serve as synthesis consoler conviction has to convince even yeah seein as a child the man they sent it convicted or convinced you come and see you pardon it you begin to feel bad about your sentences into now ELISA mismo why do you start feeling bad very bad poor children come for your killer so Lucy Pierce's hindi mugdha don't envy me esta a machine what is there within us that produces they steal a que pasó con nosotros he knows that is the reaction the Holy Spirit okay I will disagree with that you cannot this service including a constant by also an ever-greater materialism so a human being Serena is they up of a number of different things and in Salinas Lucinda less formal the you know the kusa different is you have a body then a motion to approve we have a spirit an emotion is pivotal and often we talk about a living soul incremental newsreel on Alma VNT so talking about this spiritual power of us the second element is spirituality nosotros there are certain faculties exist a witness tires of a human being the ceremony so as an example to the camp on the temple is ever been in this room jealous la pregunta you said akka inna Cecilia I abuse is consumed cirrhosis which has up if you're not jealous carnival sua stimulus solution event aluminum sonorous ok so ok is God la pregunta Sarah give us a jealous kind of a position in the persona sedessa see so God will tell us the kind of a person so serious it uses an opportunist an awesome I really try to do it contain no clue if you put your hand up since tournament action and saying it wasn't a jealous kind of a mystery solution issue similar sooner personal samosa your cell he didn't create you in His image it was in 2002 second interior la misma American if this is what God looks like CSO continues singing and he considers itself a rock Rihanna in his email in sooner he what you look like can you still a parasitical super versatile operation I don't yeah you city significant a paratha a market means a copy is not appear so Hales God say in the highest reviews and hey Harry you yeah constructive state the way you'd agree that God is jealous it just says to me secure the caduceus who listenership see see where do we get that other frog that any circle music uses of your solution the SMAN immune to think amendments alcohol and Z as mementos so it also is the loving God's knowledge education views the Ameri in the Ten Commandment energy of my Oneonta this is the Java scar visa case of dissolution say Jaya Jaya the cell Z Z Z say it is jealous she solution was Ellis yeah this is Jesus zealous lepromatous serious error solution and a crease italian solution jealous see how do we know the Minnesota Solaris and as temple the temple we before we went to Revelation 3:20 I want to see you lose our applicant see this this maintain if you go to John 2:20 you still have one this particular been take Delta verse 17 and Miravalle security society the disciples remember something in his discipline circular an amalgam it says the sale of the house he said and similar to Casa has made me very angry yeah actually Rama and Jesus is gonna take on these body changes out here Zeus Muhammad Orestes compass Merkel Aries Maria Dorantes the belly temple appropriateness of Jesus juniper Delacruz open a symbol of here recruits to God is jealous Jesus is jealous Lisa nurses his God Josephson also peaceful solution I will suggest very jealous people as well he certainly was so he reeked initiatives our captors a national system in every single one of us got a new sitter second I think the reason some people put their hands up and said they were jealous masoukishin p.m. second special event on you is your judicial solution because we think jealousy is something that's bad we can you shut up a solution a polymer solution to know the man who breaks law it's something that's good no the nurses all the kids bueno but sin has turned it into something we will pick our our can be honest peril Denali is food good or bad lepromatous la comida salga minimal did well God created us burn - continues no career but you put man in charge of food that I can accomplish alone and in Kargil Erica Mena and it becomes a mess and Pearson too soon leave my sister alone apparent okay it's a see not as if they're down at Madison Civic no no / - no SS compared to me tamale is see it's a letter C Thank You gracias solutions corner literacy paired up sorry spoil is everybody in this room love la pregunta a Tyler innocence or lose distance mmm of course cloud because God is a God of love listen induce a mode in Jesus love system in one of our characteristics come from God tell us is connected is community views there's God know the difference between right and wrong who's the PNC give you stamina differential they'll connect to in the Kiva Carla see the Jade is not the difference the paren cyclists to solve a differential correct equivocal my brother John 3:12 say he understand super venti a pleasure in society stone 17 the way all know the difference between right or wrong the Joseph's ability for easily connect to a Kiva column so everybody does tell initiative Serena's where does that come from they don't even hear sentences it's because she created in God's image the crystal clear anonymity videos now this faculty your ability to know right from wrong is a terrible attack unit in intensity and equivocado and correct what do they call a convocation mimosas to some self-conscious discernment la conciencia chains la conciencia so our conscience was not just given to us an official event anonymous otras it was part of us for a part like patterns a very short region of talkie-talkie no so - tenemos so the way they were right and wrong ways that I can also - Sopranos Lucas could react to Nokia's equivocado say if we have a conscience in position asserted enemies Onuaku ciencia does God have a conscience la pregunta sera que just a mutineer conciencia see ya see so got all the conscious are therefore we have seniors to Nicosia the sort of an international concerns are your conscience to consider tells you what's right and wrong the reason oak is correct - Nokia's equivocal if you do wrong to steal Somali what is a conscience don't here to conceal secure a reaction to conciencia so makes if you kill mm tomorrow under Teixeira I'll stay I'll Allah commissioned conviction say your conscience intercept to consider conviction the jail advancing the convinced accuse dia to picado do you agree with that estamos de cuenta con esto so every human being is law conscience can assert immunity no no conciencia and the purpose of the culture the preparation of consensus is twofold so this this dispute reduce it happens to I was right and wrong allocate dimensional case equivocado collector and earth say it again to convict chill Pelican sincerity if you do something wrong you stronger as a Louisville column you agree with that position republicanism has every human being our conscience la pregunta a surrogate - Lisa Lisa manos de conciencia see it can be damaged when I said less than ever I agree with that but what I want ploutonion so - tenemos una so let me ask you the question is a primitive union it says in John chapter 16 verse i see vichy a 2002 that the Holy Spirit's going to do war kill Espiritu Santo Vassar key whereas the Trotters video Tucson - don't answer convinced when the convictions dances in common Senate or Delta column-wise the Holy Spirit Divina porque la pregunta spoke in espiritu santo session de esto because we're supposed to be doin a perky killed in de estar haciendo your conscience is la conciencia technical solution de esto so you know mister sentences when the everlasting gospel cards chicken delivery latina be any the very first a la primera topic you see when he talks about silken dominant Akana the holy spirit el espíritu something has to convict you of sin jamaica convey citadel picado why your king while your conscience not even a perky to consistent instance senior cetera because it's damaged she says the agency is damaged just get to consensus nada nada can we agree with that so much equivalence to in this history here in s historical do you know mr. sorry to you know allow to steal to see neutral here do not see you do silence do you know you're not allowed to lie so used to this sonic you know poison indeed you know you're not allowed to commit adultery we can impose a certain to tell you from the testimony of terror thing is establish and if this TV release persona discloses that you instantly see you know everybody's conscience is working in this history and a sister Carla concedes that there is a strong intention and when it comes to morality under Vienna commode are you not say if your conscience is working to consistent undo what is the Holy Spirit lead to convict you or collaborative design work into still Espiritu Santo technically we need a compensated and picado why does he have to take over the work of your conscience until espíritu something to say - Nikita murder Naraku the cuckoo ca-choo para common sense what's ailing you doing typical stress transcendence it's not more same a super Callahan the darkness the gospel arraign large to do not complain reduce in Contra season trauma because they don't understand expectations nor in Tinian about prophecy Savannah prophecy on so when the time comes the second el tiempo viene to begin to understand about prophecy allocations prohibition Indonesia previous year what's the problem Canessa politically they dialogue the difference between right the issues in seminary for in Seville connect to prophecy prophecy and role in unequivocal prophecy prophecy yeah so because you don't like the different to students online reference in a professor connected like you vicara your conscience is at work in to confusion is not random who needs to convict you of what's why and what consecutively Kevin even convinced it a locust correctly locusts Akiva kala to say oh this person espíritu something now is the Holy Spirit going to convict you of sin of the world and forever la pregunta Anne Espiritu Santo Tomas Iggy on the sympathy paviva now know because after all the killers present temple when you begin to understand prophecy in the same place in America this year what's happening to your conscience the person opposite approach to conciencia it's becoming hailed in stock Cimino just like a deadly wound begins to get here what's going on this you can I read immortal MPs as NRT the policy receives a deadly wound and papillary Seville alighted immortal I sell you God's people lo mismo people reviews always knows the reader with the way not we've lost our ability nosotros para business I believe that and we forgot who we were who shall deliver skin so many suitors how do we know even who we are community to service killed so many suitors that didn't assume so he's not because we don't lie without still respect me a doubter has making an abundance and in theory a semi-successful signorelli's we need to go in the Bible to them spirit early learning understand through those prophecies who we are intended the last prophecy reasonable accused so many sutras and ministers and we lost our ability to do to spur demons master villain aliens Ernesto so now Mara the Holy Spirit el espíritu Santo is going to bring the everlasting gospel battery level and he's gonna begin to explain these events vamper saris blue catalyst eventos and as he begins to explain these events the golf baby immediately Pearson's sonorously Carlos inventors and pioneers here we begin to convict her both convicted of what is right and what is wrong when Posada convince a rookie as a Kiva colleges correcto one over five minutes one hour and six minutes already okay so okay so I'm just going to summarize in a tequila silver cylinder a pastor listen why well as to say look at your cases perceive invent is that the everlasting gospel chemical attorney the first comes to God's church he me remain to be any part of my listeners is not a question new cylinder about morality children are morally that it's about prophecy is Selena prophecy and our conscience is the American ciencia have become so damaged chattermouth nimbin jana through a misunderstanding of his word would any man interpreters human into the municipal avenue the way no longer understand about prophecy you know so - so a new polymers intended masterly provision so if I were to teach you you citizenship were interns in seniority some kind of foolish understanding about Jesus only they're foolish to us music Tunis dentists the foolish the illness silly silly to us some kind of foolish understanding about dentists the sense of incidence please revelation chapter I replica lipstick happy to meet you all if I were to teach you some truth about Revelation chapter I was disaster reasonableness reverse the apocalyptic a peculiar to most Adventists wouldn't know the difference no scientist on a civilian life ratio we've come to a stage shagging is a mystery always thank you we actually understand about prophecy Caggiano into numerous master provision because our conscience is have been damaged but you know circumstances you the yarn so the Holy Spirit until espíritu Santo is now going to be poured upon goes people honor us the Romero civil privileges a gospel of the code esta la terrain yell Pyrenees Lucia Mexico Malaysia Vietnam here or oil you can really say that the ten virgins carried in the last video shows islands and equations in certain patterns its these truths soon as regards the we need to begin to understand tenemos que pasar ain't in it and is to work at the Holy Spirit is a traveler's beauty - something's gonna do that work here are solicitor Arkham and this is the Gospel message at the end of the war a citizen can do anything in London it's not about knowing so very being good or bad paper said in a minimum on a persona because here we're in a crisis like your common system of Anarchy sees God's church and the crisis tonight against either your sister no pieces because this Gospel message your kisses Misaki seven heirloom is now coming to us since Tom Menino nosotras and many of town understand the neutralino soup is no intimacy the events that we made yourself into skinny systems in the mid to prepare for this under low event but a propeller a live parallel internal in Dominican at the Sunday law my lady no a Dominican what are we gonna do we're gonna give a message to her the service here very Misaki para que vamos hacer para kimchi vamos and a sake to the world Telemundo but Jessica masters come to home appearance utility percent American to us in my custody years when a limited time periods you to service immunity provision where the judgment our call KL Shah Mardan who issue the lion equation is being made to God's papers that symbol a true parent privileges is a call to repentance yes you semana para and didn't I tell you to stop stealing new student participating in Irvine I love Tinley know the leg to stop looking at women this race in particular Sunday's part of the new Dallas mujeres or to stop committing adultery in their heart or some part in a set of do parishes chorus Ernest the culture a painter is Shimano pelinore opinion to is that we need to understand the times in which we live a eschaton Amos came to near los tiempos customers of yanagihara because prophetic Ebell the clear Ventus pathetical are already happening Justin sha tsui severe blow could hinder our conscience is a side damage is mr. consensus that Indiana will I even know what we're saying in the newspaper because he wasn't in did not even finish those newspapers when we say what's happening around that and then a certain rumors will keep the person or erroneous otras we can't discern these events no tenemos la vallee de surrealism tendinous use of a very time in a nice material in the histories when the Gospel message is being given to God's church when they say I've been here less as soon as you open and privileges we miss understanding what God is Ronnie Shalvis just noticed a most valiant Indian do look if you start in 10 tender and cigar news that's right vamos a terminar Canalis under addition Heavenly Father Canada politics was initially we want to thank you Karen was a conservative even though we were so undeserving of your goodness we can ascertain on tenemos ningún Mary to endure a severe to build up you are more than willing who system must disperse to to work with your people internal Harkins approval and to show us where we are going wrong akeno's insane-looking nosotros estamos haciendo male may we bow before you the Pahlavi muskiness trust reminisce or revision was parented a volunteer to that he has little children kenapa continues who will trust what you're saying Kyra a creditor in to spell Arkansas siendo without quest seen as a problem to sing question on with Prime Jesus is not a promotion on the issues ma ma ma nosotros vamos a seguir con la segunda Charla and sink