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summarize our last presentation well resume in last nosov my presentation s una studio bravest or immaterial here no hablan de de todos los aspectos que necesito mas consider solo no instant - una observers Kirikiri Amazon party conceptus parables in pre mario eschaton miss Atomos aprender encinia tres the parabolas parabolas no Sun connect others una Luz media distance no it's nice to listen to Quantico through media the story of sheep in Shepherds is not the story of human beings in Christ no it's tuna de ellos se las abejas see a path toward North literally see Rosa Munoz a Cristo to build a house so you construe is not concerned there's nothing to do with a group of people coming together and forming an organization no tiene que ver con personas que su huntin para for my organization understand what the people coming together look like are apparent in their commissary las personas que c'est une des it means to be the Bride of Christ but intend Erika significant significant tipo / XP can continue teaching this was linear so every linear or incendiary parabolas this idea in Silla intended a given area suelto it can swell misconceptions yes sir massa musky seriously because if you think of models in a casual way you can make mistakes si tu penses the modellers una manera cos y por horas those mistakes are alive and well yes Luci rotor system in present days you vivos another movimento left the platform but still teach similar concepts to us very few personas que and Baja region is a better form a pero insane en concept to similarity los maestros ourselves determine nosotros mismos I'm saying your studies in the field get your methodology correct you will leave see no chain is limited will here correct the bus our Salieri movimento because the pressure is about to begin porque la prisión Lucien Van Impe sir nothingness and put to the unclutch a burrito over sir demasiado tarde su de las casas de uno que es una manera grafica only listen graphical simple una historia Alinea you can't have typology no Protestant people here you have to see just in your progress you all say what you can't have is repeat and enlarge ok tampoco personnel is repetier yaw moment are repetier not the same thing very similar to typology is is we similarity below here they share characteristics compartir characteristic as a Bible verse City New Mexico has repeated large within it Catina repetier in yeoman topology civil circular nose own unique over sick alone it should be broken Jenica sarah quality vesicular classic classic O'Connor cual estamos haciendo esto quality momento and reliant estar con sweetie on super enter this is why I'm saying this is repeat because we know we do this yes soap residue kiss revision por que sabemos que estamos nosotros estamos haciendo esto we've been so long he must earn money hand important to tiempo we forgotten the rules of driving in most real estate the manager historian soon another mascara caller knows saying this before in us twenties they may not have used that language Noah Braun who saw his mother to where it is today this was consent to son los que difficult as the movimiento de onde está ahora people didn't realize that there's no City room Quinta de leo they've left is a little if you don't realize it you live if you do know tell acquaintance or releases as to what's a little my supported typology cannot be developed along the line people of here no se puede desert earlier en una Linea a progression he prevents you from line mine no Polly awkward entry dos líneas de linear una Linea ultra so again some concepts of how this works teenee dingo bonus real-life examples and I got this morning and I developed into this tomato ello ello emos elaborado representation like all of these ideas Victoriana que estoy aqui continue to the in soccer I don't why lean away premise sauce testigos que a difficult sube la misma premises I'm trying to guide us to the ER knows a long safe part a lo largo de Senderos sigur rós participant a circus is he as casa rosada knows fácil de estar seguro que estas in the correcto take one story of rang you to me onus to reveal a Juvia and in that story in his historia I developed models you it is really a load of money lose those testigos concept difficult sobre el mismo concept oh I know the same concept they built into the same line in also lamented mr. conceptus in Austin in la misma Linea this is called fractal fractal is in SU present assume if you feel more comfortable with that concept stupid SMS comfortably it's a concept to nothing more than fractals don't say it's anonymous SK fractal but when we use fractals I think often we don't understand how they work sousou-sama fractal is yo creo que muchas veces 19 demos cómo funciona so if we take this line from Christ to do I was in Salinas the temple de Christo Soutine the linear Christo ya know is tipo de nuestra mere the line of Christ is not the line of 144,000 they're not types linear degrees to know is the leaders into quite a quarter million from here you're trans freedom is no concept to the a yee-ha therefore the middle right history is not a type of our history just early reliability sternos antipodean sa historian but in this history the demos mucho mas information is history ax because in this former rain okay no compromise I need Italia's son most rocky why'd you get those details you see is identical to these details here whenever's Katinas is the Talia's viscous on identical so Lucia key and the safety la seguridad upon the same model que los testigos significance who bring me some model oh they weren't see no serious is in Austrian hacen esto you might say well you're just guessing Syracuse implemented as a Devine handle passages podemos you know it was precisely because it is time income OTC goes safe bridge or two here okay no city and to interpretation pork independent interpretation rule number five is it a really numero Cinco you either trust my explanation or you trust the inspired Word of God or confuse amiss because you're Oakland fees in Parliament spirits in your Isaiah where tomorrow see us stories your loss colic or eyes as historians shoehorn significant force arcane caffeine correctly see your service que estoy haciendo z correctamente yeah you know it's correct pero aquí service case corrective a great a pertinent agree that it's self checking no definitive miss happy Duryea see auto defending I've just gathered the details together and you can all see that it would work this one - this one is too I'll tell you this is correct nos perimeter saber que esta correcto si losses the otra manera risky very scary I'm not saying this is the only way to do that that's not my point no tengo que la única forma de cellar so no SB Punto my point is me Punto is about how to witnesses work function injustice he goes and how typology and progression work cómo funciona Tiepolo hiepro ratio is correct e entonces put us to nil I guarantee a kitten says Kira darkness and Segundo test ego porque Sookie Solomon to see unanimous verdict algunas cosas que esto no Syrian Saguna to see oh no buzzer esto para ganar losses Vasya serious a Munira I did say the beginning this week some of these things may be challenging goodness causes poinsettias Afyon T's cuando give us the most adorable sentence senses mrs. winters soos pregunta respond is coming back to this boy viendo histone at this level no it's me there's no typology its progression its annoys people oh here is per se on this line here it's a linear camera condo El Segundo mitts on the board SB prophecy conflict o de los siglos tres en toes oh gentle Cinco Segundo powerful in the prophecy school like this the preeminence corner producer composer this one paragraph we should really spend much more time interrogating it and we don't have the opportunity the very a mezuzah mucho mas tempo intro Gondo as a part of opera not animosity in polymer element me personally me per se is to peligroso no debris is Tamar confirming polarity chiesa significant Segundo powerful revelation 14 was first preached in the summer of 1844 and it then had a more direct application to the churches of the United States where the warning of the judgment had been most widely proclaimed and most generally rejected and where the declension in the churches had been most rapid mr. su menos Manila meet at him in Sahara Segundo another day up with Qatari programa de por primera vez in a verano dimension to contact quattro hyssop acaba entonces massed particular meant elastic laces illustration is not America Tony Lamanna Sassoon del who is your obviously tambien must implemented programa de e mass in elementary chess Allah he don't take I meant a drastic less than a BAC de mas rapido la palabra Aklavik ek demos record are a key is this a premier primero tendremos que discutir 'mentally spoiler me opinion in Tunica sevillana primero aquí que significa common sir this is not me first and last Alpha and Omega no significa primary Ultimo Alpha Omega gender there's a foreign element not in facility argument are in control support dynamic cartel delicacy own he provides not seal de Francia but the message of the second angel did not reach is complete fulfillment in 1844 P remains solid Segundo ankle no I cancel Sukup limited to tile in meters in the contact what's wrong message this elements are keep the merriment afford a lucky its work No acaba terminal subra see no terminal subra this carrion is carrying on speak you know doing its work does continue and oh did window hablando por isso your entiendo our key kiss represent a concept to terry community Alfred Omega no Megha I understand Alfre mega to mean typology I know you mega para me as the below here this would be Alpha and Omega here mr. Chiesa CDFA Omega this would not be Alpha Omega the way I thought in nursery I fail me a kimono top of the whole of the church she's experienced a moral fall like Esperanto are very to Sarila loose and the light they refused was the Advent message it's a loose character certain elements I Adventist or the message new mensaje they'll add venom into so let me ask you a question the him asylum approved on the right history they sued me at Easter what is the Advent message equals can opener I mean scientist in Cavalli what is the Advent message equal to Ikea valley second coming here I would suggest you so hero the first message Miller right history is the first angels message in its entirety 46 years Mista is in sue totally got in those quantities and use the premium in second now this experienced sik d'amour Achilles Pittman Taryn no way complete enough we see no con Norka won't doses it is continually endow continue it under sue clamor they have fallen lower and lower amelia continuous angeles-area specialist Parana so tempo foreign desk a cayenne dome a CMOS keep on falling the angel keeps on telling you see continuous decay and all are continuity's hindered a sin embargo oh no because she has made all nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of fornication I would not support you see kinda correlogram billionaire like quality little dance etc all know adult de beber are trans unis see two ways comienza don't recommend in the USA in a thousand years and where is the end you don't little meaner she says with the nation's goodness Nacional Cecilia which equals the Bible verse Cornelius it a very singular believe he made all nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication porque ESO que todas as soon as we believe in allah from cancion that means by the way it's a significant a person God's given her a cup to drink to drink of her a Leah of residence as soon as key payment is given yeah idea because she wants to have them share in her punishment quiere que le Elias compart in this kasi go she's not yet made all nations do this no it's okay dole estación is agony so I wouldn't a be--' bear at all and as soon as I can law sentence will do my fancy but the work of a pasta is not yet reached its culmination peril apostasy ah no Akua monado the culmination means and women are significant terminal terminal fin next paragraph C in the paraffin the Bible declares that before the coming to the second of the Lord Satan will work with all powers and signs and lying wonders and he will deceive many people lobby the cleric and the syllable areas in your certain Arabic on to the Buddha he continually seek Amara villas mentiroso he controlled oil artificial a citizen only senses no and so this condition shall be reached and the union of the church with the world shall be fully accomplished throughout Christendom will the fall of Babylon be complete like in Laval you know Sara computers in Yukon like let's say in quaintly in esta style in our new and alike Lysa góra mundo saya consumer in eight is yet future gospel receiver in community perfected catarse macho esta wonders a lot of para it began here come in smoker it's gonna end here she used a phrase it was an FSA but the message of the second angel did not reach his complete fulfillment mensaje there Saguna and no I can saw as a complement or complete complete complement a significant complement Oh verse 19 receive us Daniel also do you know there's a phrase the goes the last end of the indignation owner frantically cell will be morphine delayed in indignation reach the end Canada Finn and he's talking about the last end allá del último Finn so we apply logic estamos applicant location if it's the last thing there must be a first end para decir or conclude see I want you to move in Teaneck ever terminal premiere fellows think about it this way pintura de semana de semana de there's rice Iona career those chorus so one of them is gonna get to the end first who knows if in the other one's gonna get to the end last yellow drove Isaac arrived in Peru Timo so you've got first and last name is primero it would be more if you know Daniel 819 Danny not sure has inbuilt within it the concept of two runners tiene el concepto the dose corydoras does Jeganathan el último fin talking about this one Pablo esta aqui and we're interested in war Brianna Susan Theresa King no no interest until why do we care about the last name por que no NOS interested in the routing of field because our name is nombre is Daniel because Dan is not interested in the last date in the new knowledge there is a good movie was he interested a clitoris I know there is a premiere but Daniel knew what's the first end kiss a beam if in the end of the seven three if I can say that finding lost identity opportunity Lester 1790 I know me jo Jo the end of the seventh year captivity there is a fin de los del conte video the setenta onions that's where his focuses this is who in and Gabriel been extracted he Gabrielle is hidden sweet oh look at the letter o didn't know me too early but to go to the spiritual see no here alone is he was directed to 1844 the killer did he hear music in the classroom so this short discussion that I've just given you here it's a brave a discussion que de aqui another principle or idea that we should be familiar with the ultra a day I hope reciprocal equality very much as the familiar resolves I can't say this is 100 percent no we do this here cases import siento por que no es but 99% of the time pero no Ventana por ciento situation inspiration point you to the end senator Neil was created for what purpose we creado para keeper positive it wasn't discussed the end no way para discutir fin it was to find out the beginning flipper descubrió el comienzo that's why mrs. porque we're out of sync with the church estamos father desynchronization colleague listen because the church read inspiration porque leg is a Leyland's finish on the lost como in Dulce and solo que ellos pueden ver el uno boosts camp Otis Otis is continuous this real información de primero if you don't realize this sino releases esto you get tripped up was in yellow no no in the no persons in ocm por ciento yesterday you gave your Bible verse disgusting hey Dad o ver security record what are these cooties would be an example of the 1% que debería ser una campo del portillo vs. okay keeping facility look of Westar revelation apocalypsis 1466 verse and we were to look at Miller right history what year would that be I am assuming it is like a new Syria I know what we teach Primorsky if you read the verse say K in cinema speed okay is located vertically of God an angel Tina's an uncle given the message that's worldwide okay that woman's Africa is apocalypsis catorces says s me not to siento square any damn because it's when the message goes worldwide forget souffle chronometer halfway mundo para Susan Ellis pocus hocus yonis information free don't really know why toaster Libre Mendez información we all have to take alien occk vesiculosus is mere citizen to maintain the SICU law and sí mismo D CK's Minister centers Cuarenta Maria was pisacas even though I've given revelation 14:6 here he actually fits into this model okay dado ketosis is a key akane-san modelo de Joe it's like a wedge it's cool more like a wedge Alan White's gonna give us some help es como una Cunha Elena white no staff should explain this verse for us una u de la speakers a vesicular para nosotros we can go back what do you explain the verse well there was a speaker is a Dallas to the superficial 14:6 in this group which is the last which would be 1840 coloca catorces says in his grupo que el último some pork it means you know to list specific histoy compare Kindle pero el mensaje del segundo I know I can sauce to complement o completo I'm saying that's a toppling day so diciendo que es una duplication knocking complete complete o complement o means end significant so complete fulfillment the complement or complete the complete fulfillment no sir complement of completo it's where the first fulfillment imprimatur complemental complete first complete Oh is really the significant terminado complete little means is okay you do is partial end so she's the clue that is gonna end in that history Eliana select cleric a terminar NSA historia come back to the last sentence of three eight nine four window a la última francais and the perfect of revelation 14 verse 8 is yet future they can use for example you complimented perfecto de or CEO Cho is reserved para lo por venir opera food - ROH pure news I say there is no complete OLEDs a complement a perfecto the passage itself will define what these words mean entonces pasaje and series modafinil okay significance our ask a significant up another perfecto what we should try to avoid all cost look at the very most avatar are to that ratio using dictionaries ascetic scenarios breaking rule number five is a crotch loser on dick scenario is an exhibition of weakness is exhibition the deputy that we're all those so most ability tolls and say Moses I'm talking about the ideal just to have a little easier not real life no la vida rare so rule number five really numeracy liability via definite as mr. strong per se to necesitas a senior a strong words in your Webster bracketed Egan loca significant a palabra he's your guy not the Bible in your son to be a union Olivia please don't throw away your dictionaries taking a lot of losing scenarios put forward no I'm saying I'm trying to say T reduceed is Kennedy most era como functionally reglas what is the word perfect mean kay significant up on our perfecto it means complete significant complete oh so y'all heard presenters and escuchando doesn't adore this ultima français ET s'en complement Oh perfecto perfect perfecto logic people Oheka take that WordPerfect and bring it back here look a look at Mikey see Thomas is pallava Delfina neurology bizarre comenzó okay que estas haciendo imperfect tienes que todos a lava lava imperfect Oh Susan diccionario common sense or sentido común jig as a las respuestas errors I think see two pencils coming your pencil in perfecto it's the impression impression I would say around oh no I feel it should be an correctamente yo no creo that's what's being described here que esto es lo que si describe a key perfect complete focus you solamente Candice capillarity a perfect to add D CK complement Oh complete Oh entonces esto es aqui complementary my semantics playin pensar que semantics whoever the palabras creo our salvation is dependent upon words universal service independent developers you get one word wrong in Tina's una palabra air element a control what is this controller personas a tournament a go to Daniel I'd 11 and you get that Hey wrong buzzer Daniel watch OpenCL L don't in a cerrado entonces que no entiendes pn s salinas grandes problema so polymers they serve us you know they must table a mistake a palabra who alias a killer who democracy the change is a progressive one cambio is notable here once we can establish that podemos establecer esto second reference vamos honest assume the reference the outer this was the graphical of cygnus King enters 14th annual pimientos no change anyway we clear before we I should have put it on I forgot well we did DVD available sake this toner is Turkey is revelation 14 its apocalypsis catalyst Lee if you go to Revelation 14 verse 8 verses face value yellow lace is a very sick you look cooler Korea's price on the alien to complete or perfect today's a very secular history where we place a no sin lies to the Vanaras attorney nosotros local Oh cameras because lo que nosotros Amos is not this stone this CMOS revelation goes all the way to the end in ad say apocalypsis Qatari Finn's here come in sachi tainaka into the kiss you see also is a repetition II augmented a locust I speak and oh this coma save a Catorce a key concept noise wouldn't concept of independent oh no sake who are doing okay I saw no dress is a repetition he as the second angel incremental Segundo and 603 paragraph 1 she's quoting revelation 18 verses 1 2 & 4 paragraph 2 this scripture segundo powerful points forward to a time when the announcement of the fall of Babylon has made by the second angel of revelation 14 verse 8 is to be repeated with the distal mention of the corruptions which have entered into Babylon escritura receiver sakulos Sinhala cindyana un tiempo en El Porvenir cuando el anuncio de la Isla de Bologna at I'll call for a chopper depakote or so chose a repeat IRRI column mention additional the last group Sione's can estado intrusion the sailors diverse organizational resources karakasa tewi inaba Vilonia ethic estimates are the primera vez because she owned a como se va a public a total fin del mundo no Simmons occipital because approaches it at this scale pork alia Alia token is a sin available she says it describes the condition of Babylon this ik a describe a una condition de Bologna the conditional owner oil you do we are keen or does Minnesota since the message was first given in the summer of 44 Jessica food other Paulo primera vez in a very eloquent echo the humorous Amir and for police it is your show uno es una description de Babylonia when you're here condo stars are key watch o description Ava Vilonia yeah okay in Sinhala pleura we to see you later della produce you're not a nipple of here and therefore it is to luego we see put the muslim curry todo este camino porto so see once we can establish that you know a Zeppelin was established Ernesto then what were required to do look in the sea there was a sailor a war like we did here see moussaka let's have a closer look at the middle right history I must say Canada days to the video Easter if I'm is the board okay have moved it accidentally we're gonna create the same pattern as we have here vamos a moment miss more Padron key to be muscle right history at the demo second yesterday Lister second angel so this would be fourteen eight it's a city a Catorce a history the Corinthians beauty prophecy and we spent some time down in was inverted algún tiempo para demostrar a leo no one was mid Adler assume least and Italia what this is showing okay so knows moisture as well acrylic acid ambien is this forty night yes take a torch I said commune so this is a book ellipses at the end Couture cell phenol which means not complete or imperfect or perfect and complete look even if you got no completo imperfecto or perfecto e complete oh this passage here from eighteen this is pathetic EDC and a continuation de trabajo Pro receive ordered Segundo Arthur so if you go and check me the right history cor sentences observer is to the Elector Emily says as we got here okay no tenemos Tonto status about us come on a key I've got 14 8 here start 14 8 here end look at or so it commenced at first I change it from first to beginning can be our day the premiere of our comenzó I recommend so as you gather so Miller right history is the arrival of the second angel in seminary send del segundo angry what's being described here when he gets to his end considers clear ecology Josefina mediant a linguist yo Joe Sakic as you know Edo procurement a Pierrot is imported I've been to this image sorry this time what is the most rare of the second Oki you wanna put a dam in today Segundo identify it to you in the Sudan a podium establish a resto we then have to break this line in Cabrera Selenia because this turkey is now application of this our identification de esto so when did the revelation 18 come down cuando dissing Doyle uncle apocalypse dis yo Joe it's right here Houston in the summer of 44 minute was in this quaint a Quattro okay is let if you consume river a sickle or in la biblia speaking about revelation 14 when it gets to its end habla de poco de catorce ecology Josefina I know people are not seeing this clearly say Kay you say no Levin Clara meant a first but it's a faceted primero pour cases demasiado cerca de casa que nós temos cans family's house is a most facility where either a scepter testigos and now we can go back into our line break it for the movie Rona selenium in the we should expect an arrival in empowerment of the second angel in our history que debería moses para nós esto era una Cigala he imported am into the segunda mensaje quality su nombre Daniel Daniel Daniel interested in killing interest denier first not the last Ramiro no it would be more so we should all focus be don't know the various turn was very here at the first the first phenol to move you don't dig for treasure see no puskás the cinemas it was a tapas our sobre Tesoro official cables been instructed to give it to us and he did Daniel students we do they Daniel is an the pseudocyst he was demonstrate how this methodology works it was a community does a ghost establecido tiempo y solamente una unda tally in su lugar para mañana de semana online nosotros vamos genius lineal ok people here we have to be careful how we approach the spirit of prophecy entonces tenemos que tener cuidado con nosotros tomorrow's we the prophecy porque ella inherently Bindusara ratio scale at this scale a little saying is let's color it Dominion achillea tennis game no I indica soon director cares you know mr. Rodrigo led to never the Abril tienes que buscar no stand facilities the second angel in the third angel from go primero you'll notice around now if you want to take this history and run it all the way through like this Kyra's tumor secure Timaeus historian correct Rossdale yakumo that's fine mr. bean cecelio which are suggesting look EU su héroe is what we were created not to do user hiro-kun hemos sido Krauss but I know us a break pero queremos colocar UN free know if we're gonna put one I see notice Pony Mo's dos tres le parents don't eponymous in this progression kisses operational people here this progression is pleurisy oh you poor three I hear who Lucas on trace methodology ya know in senior sentences emitted low here Linnaeus of a linear we've already demonstrated you have to have an empowerment of the second in this history you have to have a Muslim a stroke in deceit Amazon imported a mental they look at each other we should have the empowerment of the third angel in Miller right history in doses after a sermon sentiment index Impala rather in next to the Middle Eastern I'm well aware story being concerned a the Ellen White places are third angels of rival here on October 22nd okay really no white Colo color together did stir sir I feel in see encinia progression is escapology parousia since Aeneas fractalius or Diplo here nobody said esto no puede si esto because she's gonna put the empowerment of the third angel here in the history of 144,000 portela conical impo Demento Deir Ezzor I'm Phil aqui con los into the line you see this coffee three i its own you know poison trees sot nick is here in polar a metadata said I want to develop this more hero is too pokey Tomas in place now pero quiero the Helen su lugar at the beginning you have to think about this community semanas para Keating and tiempo para since in effect I look - brie de cuenta cuatro no s Logica Delta surrender since in Estepona here tenemos esto es a bikini Aklavik e complement to complete oh the perfect significant fin perfecto perfect no sale fin perfecto if the partial end itself in person but it's the end Brezhnev in second I did its work perfectly mineral history it's a good moments a clinical issues over a perfect a metal melody stir the first como Tamara primero el Tercero if he had done so see no beer an HOA store we don't have a line no we don't have a message you know today must been surfing just pray what is Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy bacillus CLT the same was port open that it to me Sarah Cordia father we want to ask for a special endowment of the Holy Spirit here at this camp meeting haremos be upon venison especially nice a compliment soon my sweet you know 6,000 years of degradation unisys mentis sunday be dispersed today's meal annual step again sit down mostly spirit to something helped us to understand these things para que no se user intended is crosses antis que la Gracia acaba entonces terragamo senior mis hermanos not being think s and vacaciones they would approach this holy convocation in the right way helios been st - a convocation center de manera correct estamos sobre la sacra yes me or economic issues you