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I mean in my presentation yesterday and me but isn't a year in hablar de los votos bodies malice he does he be pukka pukka respuesta assuming okay aquellos que piensa what is how assistant bien con le us Artemis advertencia means who new year to car una serie the different steamers my idea is revision guna audio CDs nervous por mucho tiempo new so movimiento Paulo G Amos asado tell me not the people here especially mental looting most awesome mrs. a la conclusion or the co-principal abre no estará correctamente O'Meara fearow seep in samisen people here focused upon parables nurse certain Sunday very ester info Carla in parabolas there was no need efficient technique up arrow on a definition me suelto is Tomatoes conceptus no connect Talos at entire intent are or for solos whom Darcy - Raymond - no no convenient Lomita t is applied to soon hombres Phillipa policy oh god it was no as soon as possible as soon kiss a llama ammonia Umbra mohair Sehun done it para ser una Sola Mira sighs model Oh God teeny polka comparison con Dios crayons Romano tenemos que hacer para entender la relación de Dios UNC Romano is conseguir mood alone employee s force R para que convenient how natural the example of marriage is yellow Moscow Isis assaulted us cuenta Quan natural es el ejemplo del matrimonio and if you get into the mindset of this parable teaching a survey mascara funciona por que es una parabola or model okay just knows do know invented Oh porous Romano we're taking this concept of parable teaching you must tomorrow the concept of the engineering parabolas no no Leo Mazzone no limit solamente lame-o's Colorado ensuing tour no adecuado simple monopolies here under those basic USB because Isaiah 28 verse 10 is a yes 2020 orchard yes different things carry your si que significa defenders cousins and even in this context us buoyant and Erica significant una palabra sovereign palabra 28 you see even Jojo is ten and thirteen yes addressee we can understand it by associating two words together podemos communitas palabras two phrases those phrases to secure those particular those libras dose is glorious expanded or porous contraire siempre es el mismo cbc and el mismo principio de líneas de línea see lo the most graphic Amenti you see me small no I said it's acutally parallelism kids say they in Corazon or enlarged apology si habla most people here connectors kononova hero take this model to massimo forces although connectors model yes Modelo it is thank god videos so it's something that we're all familiar with this is the parable taken straight out of the scriptures ago con que estamos omaree's houses in Bariloche tomorrow Stella Taurus directamente we've done here is taken one concept and forced it into connection with another concept lo que mas tomorrow is a most of my own concept or ulemas for Sado although most harmonious have a control mentioned before I will commence in a mall Santas Eber from tsunamis and manera here ok stem was lose trend Rocky is linear Sabri lynnium necessary castle particular it's a literal literal hello connect thomas connelly near spiritual and we're doing this condo Samos litleo podemos hacer esta palabra is people here for example tipo him please is a type of this let's do it soon tipo de Leo I'm explaining now with revision look you're super Canora is revision ok nobody's here me comprehension we can do this processor is to kill you we can't take something in this line nobody mother said I go dentro de esta Linea and make this a type of something that's over here yes hello yes sir they stone tipo que esta por aqui no podemos hacer esto hace esto lo que esta es for Serena Sara you could to my sister here eeka lokka Lorca so someone's gonna try to get this and say it's a toy co no lo que tomar there are key key cssm TP is tipo de be on one line in a linear series though I'm saying you breaking the rule of terrible teaching yes - if you know kissters given a regular day in cinema parabolas porque una visión know is the story pero certamente to edit soon over here if we did this serious issue sooner if I give Alex a that concept you can do it this way the boys are disseminator see but you can't do it this way boys I said there's some Anita so you can't say that Eve no Adam yes you can't say your sheep no poison silicone over here is a shepherd yes soon over here o.o is he passed or you can't do that no poison serious - let's take it as a concept the most common conception to do this see kiss here this is an ester and use parable teaching a parabola Terminator 2 10 s permiso de enseñar de person there is no other methodology no automated over here if you find someone coming out of parable teaching cincuenta Zion he's salad engineering parabolas you know they're off the platform don't see sabes que nos and a little forma and that word platform mister performer is the title of the chapter t2 load they won't compete to load a donut - Alice - moon oh the message again encinia estimated Lohia Kaunas me - he knows tiny movie made the nose tinier mid-sized adventists no Sun of justice except by night except we discussed that yesterday - record not yet in most of all you read almost King Lear's tennis loss or loss Lente's into the two base cases a metal token in a while osa better see no boost case and doesn't know today's Quinta to the beach would you burn and apply a tropical stupid I took a look at the videos I said he's got a metal detector the videos post carbon detector the metal he buscar and must be n at the soros is continues in his isla because the treasures been hidden by the pirates porque IE los Piratas Escondido lost his sorrows we actually spend all of our money gasps the most custom on Turin is a De Niro pairen propósito which is self-service kiss service you propio Rakosi sister mo temperance para buscar creo espero que si hem blow silver approach Bible study in the correct way you'll never find the truth nunca in Contreras la verdad si no studious de la moneda correct lobelia i'm academics me honesty musulman is academic hasta la biblioteca NOS ayuda mejor que nosotros never find any tragedy videos nunca incontinent I don't know how to approach the book correctly pocono starving como any cigarettes libro correctamente my understanding is this me competence unit system when you study two years the various as a courtesy liberal economy to the parabolas people ask preguntas dad about prophetic studies comprar neo super super fatigued news pero que Demi Vidya devasena my response is this mirrors possess esse why would you want to read the Bible poor kid is - Daria's la biblia Laila Ali is the tropical peritoneal is sole investor in contraband Tesoro third angels message shooting grouse are mine inter second helical the video Cooper two runners from Ian Mindy like some kind of devotional book you'll never find and understand that third angels message seal areas Libya c'mon Libra devotional in tender areas Paul Venus Telemachus the most can't see much gonna story okay the line now you have two lines your dirty mistress Linnaeus and if you can't do that you see boys and sinister if you see you have the license to break the line Seabiscuit in la ascensión de cabra La Linea then suddenly now you've got two lines the repetitive ms-dos Linnaeus you can drop this line underneath keyboards coloca is debajo and then I see them in de un tipo de bay if you can't do that see no poison series - you can't break your line simplemente no puedes hacer este concepted a lot people over here this sounds obvious swinger ovo but you'll be surprised pero disciplinary yes como hombres intelligent this the bible's well kiss having bein Sue's bilious motion bein insisting that you can do this on a singular line poison Saracen una Linea singular he is the concept asado different concept does he used to hero to concept type or typology he knows la palabra de Peau people here yes lady operation progression works horizontally progression is horizontal this yesterday Suunto know it stands for CI Kiran who said it's a concept to the producer yeah ukalaka Libyan calacas progression are key interesting problemas porque lo que pasa is very low visibility below here as an example come on him penises movie all crews always story Miller Easter or nursery storia it's implemented Lopez come on operation progression Priscilla rescue operation then you're not teaching typology or parables something else there's annoyance Aeneas parabolas or topology Encinas otra cosa no way take the five day series tomorrow so Cinco libros la serie reconvicted a los siglos altima this way oh this way I'm look at the progression which one does she do there's a manila manila I'll change it from this true spiritual look I'm a literal a spiritual I'll say Genesis to Revelation do Genesis II apocalypse is this way come on come in yellow aboard ah I would contend yo diría she does this is a very carefully no I said mucho cuidado porque lo que le hacen really --it is talking about typology no habla sovereignty below here in the way we think Munira kimono so true Spain thermals in este momento as a continuous story alias implementing la cuenta como una historia continuous necesita still in a capacity that the concept to ELISA scientists so ya know any sentences you get the book of Acts Severson libre de los itches how do we approach it kimono so to rob or demos accent revelation Edge's he apocalypsis this one semester to semester or not or technique let me rephrase my question the hem a colo color differently do we work this way from a famously seminary or the seminary mean we work this way wait about Hamas vertical we say the book of Acts liberal the it chose is a type of our history it some people the US trade historian say that was very stone but whenever Y approaches the subject in a white abort a dimmer differently because when she looks at this Cornelia is a story about the book of Acts and Leah kilocalorie ditches at the book of Revelation like this the apocalypse is Terminator Chioma Sicilian to the psyche blue here proration progression presume some cuz I love why can't be wrong porque no boys tell her she's the one who's guiding us pork a little ski ski a person Aki and this is how the spirit of prophecy addresses this subject he says la manera como sp2 provincia Louis a way nosotros say hold on the samosas para this stone is the type of this isn't tip of the India we say that is Italy the CMOS but you can't do it this way put it up boys I said it's a monitor cuz you're breaking the rules so we Cuban are Regulus so what you have to do good team is kiss here if you get this line Thomas a Selenia and you break it curious you create two lines Korea's ghostliness the line of acts in the line of Revelation well I mean and the apocalypsis then you drop this down into low caste back home and now what what we're using your aqui estamos haciendo typology people here and this is us yes 144,000 Coco kilos in the winter quarter mean invest in us we're taking the same history Toria we're taking the same book that she's using tomorrow's in this more liberal callistos under and we create in a totally different model grammars model completely differently and I don't think we've realized what we're doing no creo que hemos tenido que estamos haciendo we've not seen clearly enough no hemos visto suficiente Mandi Claro however Y is approaching the subject come on how we approach it you know wide a border a little DEMA in kimonos otras cosas por semana allele that's clear espero que esto está Claro que da Claro I want to read it's very prophecy quite to you Keir Dullea una disputa prophecy yeah did you take from Acts of the Apostles misty it was de los apostolis this is chapter 5 he took a bit to know Don didn't is pity to it begins around page 47 muscle menos back in the current ACA or paraphrase most of it where do mis palabras refers yes chapter begins page 40 sir capital or commenting about unicorns I ca we're approaching the cross in this opinion issues in mr. Stamper terminer and there's the toy duty Jesus he's gonna promise them the gift of the Spirit and He will give you another comforter so we're at the cross Mozilla Cruise and the Holy Spirit's gonna be given here yeah he said that ah I see this portion right here apology progression kisses a traditional tip Alafia this progression is to previous unit so that's how the chapter begins I see is como commence a capital o next paragraph see in the butter for me what was the result of the outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost wasn't a little memento a risky to in India Tibet acoustics next paragraph see independent form with great power gave the Apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus it was possible stubborn testimony the latter suicune leaders in your hisses come Graham is for so Oh Graham put ear he's gonna be with us forever yeah listen so just put a simple this is Pentecost Peter Kostis so the line starts at Pentecost legionary communes and Pentecost is historian forty-nine point to the promise of the Holy Spirit a la promesa del espíritu Santo limited o ninguna edad me Raza see we don't teach that we disagree with that no not this group and also to know in cinemas esto it's the most in this 1/4 Christmas a good nosotros the CMOS the holy spirit is limited to estimate Ella we teach that clearly in our movement in cinemas is who Clara maintained as a movie mental when we say to the CMAs if I just did the time at the end see your solo Aria a beautiful feeling night cry well city de grassi's first the church world so what we're saying is the Holy Spirit is limited the CMOS gates person to see is limited here so we need to understand how she approaches the problem and how we approach the problem necesito mas Inder Kumar Elia aboard a reminiscent rose law CMAs the word age the palabra a Dallas substitute with dispensation for the most suited to a palapa novel dispensation okay so she says it is from here there can - here is the key there are no no I key there are no change no I can be us in ladies business you he's here all the time I started tutoring temple and we don't teach history that way so does knowing cinnamon is too late as a Munira because we teach line upon line we know citizens in Yemen in sublinear and we'll teach that the work of the holy spirit here you know so Tanzania must get our hospitals and our key is one story his own area then we come to another story nobody comes author historian another age okay that is going to be different here he must give us a different area so we approach the whole problem differently doesn't know so tous les amis a Lima in Sderot demand a more different number of paragraphs terribleness / f was we're going to 54.2 it is true that in the time at the end when God's working the earth is closing the earnest efforts put forth by consecrated believers under the guidance of the Holy Spirit are to be accompanied by special tokens of divine favor pretty simple mm Inglis with the cut address is here token a typical fingernail already owes in the TAS support demeanor those three witnesses for the Renaissance Poor Law School Sagrada screan des polyresin Espiritu Santo Iran and companions for manifestation specialist a for Divino the name of the temple is finicky so just in this chapter Solan is a capital o Alan White's gonna define it's impossible quite a cuatro tres Lynette why do you feel ok significant a palabra de por siempre oh it there no no significant port lighter needed in this context in the context it means from Pentecost yes significant key depending Costas to the time at the end thirteen which is the end of the world is in the moon know she's gonna repeat an enlarged now he'll never repeat a yeoman de under the figure of the early rain and the latter rain that falls in eastern lands at the seed time and harvest the Hebrew prophets foretold the bestowal of spiritual grace in extraordinary measure upon God's church baccala figure Adagio temprana inter dia que en los países orientalis and tiempo kisses him ready cosecha los profetas embryos buried here and edamame until aggressive spiritual extra Nadia Sobell like Lisa de Dios so she speaks about seed time and harvest luego habla de tiempo de la sierra de Concepcion do you kisses tiempo de la sombra this is harvest this is a tiempo de Cassation next sentence of the spirit in the days of the Apostles was the beginning of the early or former rain and it had a glorious result their elemental spirit - he knows D s still as apostle as fweh convinced eligible temprana a glorious off for los resultados so say time the most simple TCM brain-eater name was Julia temp Rama and then she says to the end of time in luego do you see how the Spirit will be with us as temporal finish because at econo so - Reza - per sempre to the end of time 31 the fiend the Holy Spirit is with us nosotros Juvia so we began to rain here ever since this into the jovian no that's paragraph C in the power of 55.2 going to see - but near the close of Earth's harvest a special outpouring of spiritual graces promised to prepare the church for the coming of the Son of Man para sacar el fin de la sierra de la tierra see prometo una cancion speciality grassy spiritual but apparently she about linear del hombre so she spoke about seed time and harvest yeah I blow the temple you see at the end now connected him belief in she has another white mark luego and ultra Ito which was the second Advent if we soon infinii me into which it does that you condo ilya as it connects the harvest this way mark entonces connect la cosecha ste toe she says before the second advent ela TZ entices you do not win amento there's gonna be a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit but I wondered am I'm into a special del espíritu Santo she calls idea she then goes on to quote from Zachariah telling Joel to logo of continuous it undo this a Korea's TSE who does podium was continually in the performance opera rocky here okay a Cavalier Celia she's created a line in a Korean Alenia is dos mil años nosotros solution in area most we get our material from to construct a different thing come on aboard area most a prima the Dundas a career most material Paracon three I go different material que las cosas no revelation hoc apocalypsis and so away tambien but we approached a problem differently nosotros about Ramos the problem a different a different it's exactly the same exact time until amusement but there are subtle differences that we are identifying but I defend the suit unless que podemos identification of AC see Nova skill esta haciendo esto top in terms of a say I do not Trump incorrect Eva's correcto summarize him a resume ear team estas palabras people here toast and family sales con esto is to introduce another neighbor palabra not new to everybody no no para todos progression Yamato progression you can have progression within a line personnel or assumed internal Linea but you can't have typology button appears to need people here line below here from soon on a linear are linear and you can't have progression we're not posting a protest film so when we go to the story of acts and revelation si vamos a little ad hoc apocalypsis chapter boy if it's Cinco Alan White's could approach it this way linen white low aboard a seminary progression ecology mr. law about Ramos Conti below here so we say so toast ASIMO's the former right Tempranillo some people as you had no you know what you say no the former and the latter a nose you have the yellow crested story you've attend temperate area soon soon as police make mistakes solid Salim in two different models in opus M separar dem alias nobuseri Aurora's tennis katomina linearity NS Keala equal Ocala de bajo I call it V du Loup mo re beam in this context it would be for moraine in essa context to Syria elegy wedding planner allows you whatever the reason we know we're correct there are some pockets of a mosquito mosquito porque no solamente tenemos a community defeated out for history's in here Tim was multiple stories they introduced this long line here Selenia logon don't say la misma NOS implementing like a bro endorse partner I'm saying there are four histories here naturally ok quarter historian sake and each one it kind of unifying the end one tibia fibula Delfina approach it this way but Lee no white no law describe it aside Tomita box she no upstanding Elia no stato la información que necesitamos para hacer esto no no no invent ammos couldn't you do Ilia talking about God there aminos en don't know Mike we also come his / louder polka me made of hero adios hablando de la inspiration and general Biblia LSPD prophesying special about her writings hold of the inspired north I go singular de Souza's key to resist todo lo que in spirit in a different way Tommy Moses Modelo demos Lord una manera diferente we've got one history here the mizuno historia keep the history of christ-killers to the de Christo and we've got another history here it was authorized to react a quarter million and when otherwise approaches this problem because Elena what about April Emma she's gonna do this universe Aristo juliet the Bronner latter dear that's what we've just covered it's okay look at almost a grimace doesn't know estamos cuenta que it's a linear car this one pattern shown at this scale right here okay I but Ron Ness Escala aqui mismo I said his count as you read them Brenner history tarde en esta historia solamente other white will say alina what is lost keeping because this say time el tiempo de la Siegel is the former Rice Kimbra Hayden Brunner you know seduces he must know the cost 20 Costas is Elizabeth idea this key noise tempo de la cm Briceno de la cosecha say time is before tiempo de la cebra antes we're gonna get a line here Kokomo sooner a samosa Melanie aqui look at the former rain and last rain in the line of Christ Amy Ramos allows you a Tempranillo a tarde en like linear a crystal but we got this model pero tenemos si Modelo from this model here and then what we're gonna do you look here Simmons Mabel we're gonna project this concept into our history vamos super 8 r st model okie unless a storia so the line will be broken Sarek quebrada the linear I will have a former rain in a menagerie temprana analyzer Tapia this at the bottom yes to a key in lab a see this is us Susumu nosotros prophesy yes Peter prophecy ax so I've got this model and this model and I've condensed it into this picture here this model is a key in the salado's you're a condenser is a model us a mechanic in El Centro other why does this you know why you know why does he still ours see that this model was acted in the line of Christ but a very case model of way post impracticality Cristo therefore we hear this to legal system was the confession no progress my apology see not below here your esteem was poo scandal and the Soros escondidos by looking at the world Pocono boys consumer s to admit under mundo while going on to Google and seen world events either Google he observe our eventos in the mundo of course we're required to do that Carol tenemos que hacer is to but you can't construct a model doing that there's no point is considering more de lo haciendo esto it has to be constructed through typology that there is still people here it indicates aggression no puedes consumer de los an elaboration yesterday like many of us might potentially hacer lo we've got brethren the name was ahead of us Kirsten Dos Passos lanten nosotros this concept of typology usin a concept of the people here and they fell off the stage yet under Nessun are you there now off the platform not a stand Abajo you can ask Italy quell the Nazi Gillis platform because he is a little bit informal history but the Dennises torresola mental look present in their eternity below here in no address de producción let me give you another example the he made an order him blow this one isn't so easy to do it's so noisy and fussy but as here by just reading a chapter Li and on capital anonymous so I'm not going to attempt Trotter a did our apoyo this will prophesy a para dokie well Sarah Kunis Sita's this we proceeded to get a presentation PR awake look at a logic anonymous I mention yesterday min-soo New Year there's a tension between revelation 14 and revelation 18 kaeun attencion and today apocalypses couture say dis yo Joe had emigrated Nero's ministers didn't fully understand the second angels message okay let's not comprehend their own computer many humans are silica until he landed upon their doorstep mr. KK you're in insulin to support us now when Adventists look at that history cannula scientist observe a second angel was in that history so disappointing the most qualified Ruben achillea story it's clouded is of its obscure it's nebulos oh yes guru Alawite gives us some information but not enough alena whiteness de alguna información para no suficiente God has helped us in terms of justice are you door and the helped his afforded us la ayuda its revelation 18 is apocalypse initio Cho the role of revelation I think is to explain revelation 14 erroneous your choice a speaker apocalypsis cantata C apocalypsis this is one two three this your - no no sir okay second a juice machine revelation 18 is going to explain the second angels message in Revelation 14 entosis is a part of the policy co2 is para explicar its ornaments on Apokolips is courtesy and that's our job at least one of them is to untangle these issues yesin struggle they deceive flawless asuntos so we have a line this is the line of Adventism twenties monkey come inside Camilla right now they lose ministers into a million other white spoke about the time at the end you know why does Feeny Apostles need cuando ellos sobre alias in H the Apostles donde la marca right here keep at the beginning of the time at the end commune so the temporal fin del mundo now look estamos haciendo order look at this history Mira Moses historian and we're going to expand it you'll expand demos what we're doing here basically because there was no key she commended this whenever is Cosima said you will direct us in anesthesiology of anymore yeah anastomosis and a massless in well here Julia we're now talking about table no order is the second angels message is no inside indicator so this model estimate alone was rained there are you bein now before I move on 97 sir yesterday we spoke about one of the methodologies that were required to use a bla most you know here's Cain is Atomos sorry is found number 25 what the numeral veinticinco do you understand that this methodology requires two witnesses for truth to be established in tennis gives a meter low here period those testigos prasadsw cedar also requires us to be using line upon line methodology it am in a wreck here let me to look in linear sub linear - pues aquí estoy haciendo tingle doses to use but required in a year make sure that you have one witness to begin with tenemos una cerveza getting the most want to see you can requirements are in the problem we don't understand what the verse is teaching okay encinia see very sick alone properly mean so we go to another bible verse Utica let me say this second Bible verse it's the Segundo vesicle to be reckoned second because someone's happy we've got a second witness knows program a motion to dismiss was concerned about this energy demos on Saguna testigo our truths probando look at this el primero and I'm saying you do that's breaking the rule to premiere vesicular miss Akira's pro hockey is correct honest then become the first witness to converting their premier to service he bloomers it's all based upon supposition todo estaba suggestion is a divine answer correctly no Sugino a lot of Ziggler redecorate a minute about say but I can see sippin decay your where is here in the in the next presentation somewhere in the future no our us in on a good moment only food to row two witnesses to demonstrate this thing of does this use paradigm Australia we've done this superficially I understand that moha superficial men do compromised this is my first witness we permit to see you this was all the evidence evidence yeah to show you what my thesis or my theory or my idea is but the most Iraqis Matisse is me idea or media gave you spare profs equal biased oh no it's to Pentecost is and this is the 16th day of the first month when Christ resurrects and he breathed upon his disciples the Holy Ghost is ldi/dt says if I may ask one know Christos of law as bill to Santos of residence discípulos other white we'll call it the few drops before the plentiful rain or plentiful shower lenovo yama lost focus gotas ante still the memento completely a breath note notado is sparrow to construct this keep our a concealed esto I had two witnesses to need two things established abasa did tossed testimonials so to see you soon Acosta establecido can't do this unless you can see what Ellen White is doing here and here I know very low kill you know I as a key occur now I freely admit I've me to compete them in D do I make it look simple que algo para ser simply but it does take some time to get your mind to conceptualize these models Cinci tagging temple but i can assume in the low concept elisa correctamente I'm saying you studies you can't just go to this line nobody sublimity here Selenia and create this one in Korea is that because you see some similarities or give a similar to this witness's it's an awesome dos testigos even if it looks good it's not ok but this can be in noise the second witness if you're gonna do it thoroughly see Louis's profundamente should be contextually correct the various air correcto context tournament which I'm suggesting means you stay within the model okay you do your significant Achilles tendon Murillo that means this so significant stone I didn't get some model over here didn't know key because for connecting all as evidence es de los testigos Iago esto para see me killed in to remedy no delays Ouya in the story in la historia no I haven't made a mistake into the sabes que no committee Union or so I'm saying to see you d go there are no mistakes here no Aurora sake because poor case siggy at Ola reglas Lily no way so how she had a line of progression V como Ella tenía una linear progression I read my lil in a white and I saw how she had a line of progression Evy community near Akita Mina linear the proration la misma historia steagle Souder come to our history Condit Egan was an essay story I mean you go to your island uversa to Isla you know what you're looking for service porque Mira que buscar say teenis kiss / are you a temperament yonas you were dead Daria you can't find one it's not poison control Yoona no it's just buscando suficiente meant apology is done yes to a specific example of Fame I know I'm right sake history correct Oh Buddha provide about the nucleus lcff a Quanah no puedo encontrar those Aventis those Aventis Stella forever this it off a no puedo encontrar lemme at em in Teaneck astray so first witness pyramid to zero now we're looking at this history and bringing it here our army Ramos is a famous essay story latreille Misaki mirando obsolesce you bein o segundo uncle this is where revelation 14 revelation 18 coming to play history is done in pearson participar apocalypsis couture say it is y lo Quinton's apocalypsis a revelation apocalypsis when I say I'm gonna do that no you d go you're absolutely no way I think if we do this see I go east or using K Modi lost emotions under this one or this one state boys this one because it's a line horizontal pork is not Remus's Venus the most meaning in an animal is one line si una Linea what do we have to use typology or progression yet animo skills are peopleö here operation you have to use progression you can't use typology Kenneth cows are produce your no poisons that people often let me ask you the question it's Miller white history a type of our line yes he stole a telomere Rita's own tipo de nursery historia I see people nodding wrong mr. Mizuki see pero sin arose because type of our history porque literally nearest as noise when the people are here dinner stunts a similar pero Hindu a vapour edema how many lines do I have was interesting or key one line if you have one line is una Linea it has to be progression separation no people here typology means Miller Roy is a type of us and it can't be people oh here significa Miller a suitable you know so to say no puede ser su primer T Seagle Christ line de Cristo's not a type of our line noise on people necessarily the necessary here Russian it's an operation that's what's prayer prophecy teaches a Saluki know since Aeneas p2 prophesied in our understanding Easter Mass service academies a comprehension she teaches us here encinia key details resurrection and they lost premise yes there's a former rain Iona's you attempt Rena feast of harvest Pentecost there's a latter rain in Pentecost is I wanna do it and that's how we're gonna construct our line here yes constrain was necessarily Miaka you've seen I've had to break the line vm k de aqui KRL Alinea so we store in the problem in exactly the same way it's the right history to our history mr. Ramirez's no say storia it's only one line so limit is only therefore this cannot be a type of this just illegal is ties to the no point certain people they're killing the line of Christ can't be a type of our history as you can with a linear degree so no policy on keyboard investor linear Vanessa historia what you have to do is break the line here killing Kira's into this person to here focuses okay why did you break the law and you have typology can you have progression when I was killed Kiara's and Austin puts in the provision you come gives us the guidance seriously say like here you put the back cover I had a beginning point and then yeah otherwise said no kissing Buddhist laughs Lila Fletcher the key area student symbol oh yes star in in lapa Sara say that podemos ver esto it's right it's you bein what's this one key system right noise Juvia look nice sis drama second angel is rain and this one is a second angels message it's their key is it means I did similar on to pray Thomas Araucana ratio naciente presentatio rapid Amenti and then we'll finish this concept of here even was a cerrar is a constant witness well 3 NS is segundos sto as we went under de este punto you understand a little bit in a clear of fashion or history in their lesser story at Arizona cannot go to meal whom put it on the corner well I've done here is revision lookie your yaki is revision I can hear you you know Buddhist cuchara revision to me know me but is another very soon please no new teaching no it's not a Louisville these are all concepts that have been in our movement for a long time mr. Tolson concept is mr. movimento canister the por mucho tiempo simplemente colo color lesson no spaghetti espero que luis una manera que de Callier investor confusion evidence e IXPs because she owned a lo que nosotros in cinemas in porque lo antonia bacillus the most elaborate setup or to bond that consider an do not simply Regla de tous testigos the handle killa inspiration see Davina Percy misma it's my prey mr. Cullen's meant to see mis hermanos Y hermanas with these concepts interest kissed in couch and o Kinesis concept okay Lucien is a tiempo de para que el espíritu Santo Buda and senior clarify a notice it charge less lost asuras kenosis Telos is just and o in a second per meter maybe realize the solemnity of the hour que podamos release a la salida de la hora in an already his soos you