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we got two vowel number thirteen and fourteen imaging as Tracey said that survey admit is not palpable on this icky low seventies that ammonia not some party they were bolonia subject mr. dimma in Stern importante pero personal Toria ain't running polymers or very much konista mr. break I'm licking Armani Emma in la posta and she said le dijo I was being tricky TOS sido in my approach because the questions are in a Munira come forward la pregunta ski o our God is healer no son Clara's EP or kill you you can find these vowels the Adventists would reject all of them to please a poner SS voter no manera or interpret a low-skill jesus registry and todos de todos esos photo sake implicated you advantage don't really keep the Sabbath killer it is not quite honest about keep the Sabbath you know a seventh-day Adventists which means that you must be part of Babylon because you can only be part of one group entonces you know what has happened to ways in terms of clinic is a party diva bolonia porque no porque solamente dos grupos barrister obviously Houstonian is an opera mallalieu's is to show that this is a real problem in Solomon TSO is para demostrar que es una Darrow problemas this way of thinking to be accused of this as muy facil para nosotros turn si manera de penser or the circus on the alien the point trabajo que trabajar este Punto no creo que innocence a monetary most tiempo para podrían was the monster our keynotes Ignacio India is the seventh and last Church of Bible prophecy it's like Ultima II septum Atlas Adela prophesy Biblica llamamos has a little Audis here the seventh church no instrumental a septum a lazy never been one Church okay so lamentable simple una iglesia it's the dispensation of the experience of that one church in the time period in which we live dispensation or like spear en si at the SI iglesia en tiempos de una iglesia is Cana to monopoly Burrell is here it's most basic level Massacre it means to judge significant who's got it can have different connotations point in a different is connotation is so I would say lady say ax equals judgment you're the really loud you say are equivalent and judgment is the final and last step of the everlasting gospel yeah who is yourself Parsa finale Ultima daily turnover Helio there's a very simple proof to show what why we identify ourselves as ladies here I own a program we simply para demostrar porque no significant Moscow now you see and how do we know we're at the very end commissar most customers in a in a fiend know that almost every mo see that's what I've said the third day the three steps I've already made that point but how do we know we erected at the commissary most kid nosotros estamos in your fingernail in Tania's Kissin if you can assess the time of this temple you know pregunta por las features initially with identified it is at the end in C I meant a MOC difficult kara an F in and we know the end it's a famous case el fin because seven verses along Pocahontas yet every cyclist he says at that time Omar salia DC in a came the time at the end to put the fin Mike who's gonna stand up me yes I live on Tara and human probation will close 1798 relatively easily you podemos mark area so any citizen no 8000 Chavez and offensive remember would have to work out Revelation 14 verse 6 here Marroquin que tenemos que comprar NER apocalypsis captor say say sake so the point I want us to see a punto que quiero que vemos is even if an adventist okay una 20 star who are born lawyers okay now co mentiroso even if they didn't ascend to any of these vows o que ellos no sectarian photos they still not part of Babylon I know for Marian body Babylonia because the name porque el nombre seventh-day adventists protects them su nombre in this authenticity with Els protege now these dispensational changes estos Gambians dispensationalists of course church tell us videos beginning with Ephesus and ending we lay the seer come on Sonic 1 FS oh yeah come on doing Lucia sometimes we have a misconception about those things is a tenemos una cosa now we can demonstrate but we're not going to but da Mosta most rapid oh no vamos hacer lo these experiences are not new because prince ernest annoy us if we were to go to Daniel 9 Syria Masada new here it would say didya when the Messiah comes cuando viene miss years he's gonna put an end to what if I call Karen Finn okay same thing hey come on typical you can do that two ways to poison say load those bases negative positive or negative positively the monitor positive you stop doing the same simplemente Terry ministers typically there's an end of sin I will fin de pickle negatively give me a negative oh no you stop looking at the people no mirrors mozzarella's personas you stop recording acabas determinist a day whoever you were I'm gonna ignore you now this is done the circus then let's ignore that divorce yeah Maria Moses to divorce you I don't if anybody here is divorced no Cece I can akia see the divorce yellow but if you are and you sign those papers yeah Ciara's yes your mother's fabulous Universal mr. person to secure to kill a universal legally legal maintain that person is now considered dead yes a persona aura is recognized either kaboom Huerta GU Artemis Artemis which means you can't go to that person no but something from them is no longer living no boys it is a persona in tomorrow I go to a de Portillo no Vivi so Daniel knowing me when this is end of sin because either because you stopped doing sin who is poor kid they can say picker oh because there's a divorce and the death going on oh poor Kevin divorce you're in a morte and you can wrap all of that up into a Leo in the concept concept we have lost in gospel even faked out because you do sin Tim Timmy Atlanta happen poor cat anemia picado or happen you so v-ne and Michael stands up Amir to levanta can you 12:1 Daniel see you know what's the same problem quality premiere picado what's happening to that problem care contains a con este problema it stops doesn't it para no certain there's a same problem stop no escape para este problema there's no more recording of same porque yo no se ya know a require too difficult there's a divorce or separation I own divorce your own a separate su and then this execution disposition which we call the seven last plagues okay no sodium Windows Ultima City players the reason I'm saying this there are some porque UD waste is that the characteristics that we talked about of ladies here that's characteristically las cuales hablamos de Lucia have the origins tenants of origin know in our experience know in nurse experience the experience of ancient Israel in or experience Adela Israel Antigua study of Daniel 9 will teach you this when do you super officially Daniel TSP curry Esther Church coming into judgment it's an iglesia que ahora en turn with you they've been investigated and pseudo investigators and there will be an execution of that investigation hakushi on de los resultados de investigación for good or bad for being a poor man so the church ICQ like they say the four Gospels this tiny squadron of Helios if I do Testament mayoría de l'ile testamento which we would call ancient Israel look II know sodium Ramos is Ryan TiVo is light seer yes no he's here because they're the church for this annihilation coming into judgment can throw in with you once you can establish that una vez que puede hacer esto the seven dispensations las siete dispenses yonis of the church delay Glacia from Ephesus to lay the seer if it's allowed easier this would be us this is nothing more than the repeat noise masculine repetition of the experience of ancient Israel the less per incidence rate and TiVo so we could do this just put him on serious tone Ephesus you slay the seer no this here seven churches delicious this is ancient Israel this is Israel Antigua this is the Christian Church Nathalie Lussier Christiana oh we might call spiritual Israel okay put the a museum are literally Israeli spiritual now online here listen hombre aki seventh-day adventists yes Jesus it Madea two doctrines don't stop Venus and this is connected with lady Syria yes was connected the cannolis here so if we're gonna study line upon line sister di Molina sober Linea do we know my definition poor definition this church here agent Israel yes early sake Israel Antigua what's their name well little su nombre seven day Adventists this isn't Melia because they're identical focus on identicos which ID when are we talking about equality Nemean table Misaki the second Advent Segundo which Advent a by talking about cat venom into aliens are our own first I think Ramirez venom into sister Rama said your mana mrdiko Adventist Adventist us a break in war Kieran key the Sabbath we break the Sabbath el sábado nosotros queremos el sábado go back to this story within the SI storia the gospel teaches number of things live in your nose encinia various causes one of the primary ones Primaria teaches us quino's encinia there's a fight over what subject AI una lucha sobriquet EEMA over the Sabbath you have this group over here Timo's SE group Oaxaca pointing to Christ most Rhonda crystal Tonga Christo equally su acusación he's breaking the Sabbath hey Gabriel salmon I have evidence for it didn't even separate you when that doesn't work yes or no from Shauna they say look yellow season meter just do you work on six days I got to travel on 60 SMS why do you have to do it on the seven particular Tina Cassandra septum oh did he have to do on the seventh on the other day por que no puede curar in those two years why okay why can't he just followed the rules which wouldn't be breaking any Commandments important no police implemented our regulars okay no siree Acura Amanda Mintos why is Jesus picking a fight porque quizás and dispute over with the church porky lucha Condor Lisa to make a point poor kid killed a monster important because their understanding of sabbath-keeping is wrong porque su comprehension decoder estabas so hey they are icky stuff keeping Sabbath no guarda it's about rejecting the Advent here HSN L at Vinnie Mentos and what do they claim Nikki look Clemence they claim to keep Sabbath clémence Gwadar it's Hollow and what they are looking for 2e a Kirsten mirando yacht vain irrelevant me to this rubber says I'm on a MIDI ho we claim to keep the Sabbath clemency what else ever we can't look forward to the Advent clam a most desperate Vinny Mentos and because we're rejecting all these vows we can't be seventh-day adventists therefore we must be Babylon Babylonia porque richest and most Oh sizzle photos now what is to say okay okey-dokey veamos no idea how silly the argument is when tantos in Sacramento because you can only see how silly is when you understand line upon line Priscilla meant opposed ver que con todos esos intend a genius over Linea caiaphas soul was so I named those men yes nombre Achilles all those men continued in Cahoon the raw power of the Sanhedrin tools for imparted airs and I dreamed the ladies of the church leader este like lessons breaking Sabbath todos que raro no Sarah no no except in the Advent no a scepter and viniendo and how many of them were Romans Qantas dahlias in and Romano's how many of them swap their passports cuando cuando skaters can be racist by separatists they all remain Jews no todos ellos eran could use you can reject what you want where riches are looking Akira's you can live an apostasy all you want porous viva la policía que le Heath it does not make you Babylon no there's a Babylonia even o if you don't fully understand this issue see no one can escape Adam it is April a marquise c2 we believe that comprise one come on when you break them all keep resuming them in took Kira students right power of the Sabbath and keep the rest of it no bois-guilbert parties have a la aguada Tristan it's a package deal this foul in rejecting the Sabbath high-paced no it is not a mask OPA pista or pagan in those days Pagano nine kilos tiempos which would mean kitty egg you'll have to hand in your passport and become a Roman citizen okay debris is our entry are two possible and you know therefore mr. Louie we know something Mo's no matter how about the church is gonna become or guests when Melissa lately so Syrian probation lost mientras estamos en tiempo de Gracia it cannot be Babylon no puede ser Babylonia hopefully we can say that spirit podemos ver esto just from a simple line upon line methodologies barometer Lohia sibelius over Linea by the way de paso just this simple concept can teach you a law it's a concept to simply the potency near mucho what do people accuse us in this movement as being the que la gente knows a cusan is a momento you know behavior illness of comportamiento this they see would they say behaved distant man it is consider disrespectful not a little bit you're basically immoral a basa commentaire is immoral we got all of that from Christ todo ESO nosotros tenemos de Cristo and John Y when the disciples of syphilis all of those ideas do the season see their tax upon us those attackers Keenan a nosotros implementers who don't complement the prophecy young people did not recognize this man to be sinless person oh no comprende our own case a persona era a simple hello they said he was a Sabbath breaker the here on Kira my rental or else a below that's one of the arguments I have against him to continue contrary numeral Kinsey just to make sure that we get the point do you accept that the Church of God is in the latest same condition and is sick from the head to the feet getting fabled and effective as it is and having imbibed various papal errors it is not and never has been a part of Babylon acceptors killer iglesia de Dios is in condition now this Jana yester infirm Adela PLAs pas de la cabeza la spears young Casey attend effect also etc eating endo acceptable a virus euro-step apado no es y nunca se lo patty Babylonia about 15 speaks about our church imbibing papal errors put to Kinser other dinner Silesia except under Aurora's is no nois Babylonia numeral DC says she's basically talking about tithes and offerings it's a basic human tablets over ideas Monsieur friend ins supporting the work of the gospel Yahoo daily value about 17 this is your day this is dealing with dietary reform yes so in theater your purpose to obey God's instruction to eat and drink to his glory by abstaining from all intoxicating liquors tobacco in all its forms heavily spiced foods chemical leavening agents eating meat both clean and unclean avoiding other animal foods such as eggs dairy narcotics in all its forms including tea coffee cold drinks opiates and other harmful substances is to propose it to me Sarah Allison assiduous para comer Reba ver para su gloria abstinent edit or no Snickers intoxicant esto Burke tobacco in Tosa formas comida 40min take on limitada a hen tastes chemicals living in the cities a commando carne pura pura if eat and OU tous causes anomalies como huevos leches protists lactose narcotic on sentosa for mass including the takeoff a consequence miss you we live in an age today vivimos in tempo oil where drugs are becoming more and more permissible on the drogas cada vez receiver Muspel permisos son admitted owes people talking about the medicinal use of drugs medicinal experiment a narcotic owes in Troas the bow says very what do you say we don't partake of any of those substances nosotros not tomamos ninguna decisión muchos Romano's in total mundo because of cultural norms for Norma scooter rallies they feel it's al qaeda partake of narcotics or al Piet's it was Benson que esta bien is possibly lose our status narcotic also opiate estamos clarinet whether it's a local drink si una vida loca from a plant have been turning to an oil or since it was component is una planta que se and convertido en una c'était which come under the heading of either a narcotic or an LPA Kirsten debajo de puntos Costas writing most Estancia mas a sus cosas Tom Brighton is just dealing with dress reform Punto de Soto habla de la reforma de la vez de Mendte number 19 gives he's dealing with basically how we spend we issue in that framework yes individual commitment to disable a propósito the register la vida de navidad hvordan Aviles retirada lejos de ella stress Adela excitation que tan to say lacunae Simoes some people live in the city gunas personas even la ciudad it's the only vow Hunico vato the record noise is that fact can't recognize es hecho hence it says in the third bullet point he doesn t say Zoya there's no present situation disabled so dissidents AoE known as a situation presenter if we're living in the city currently see any momentum vivimos unless you not know nicholson pork extremist ie it's because circumstances are forcing this to be so it's producer Konstantinos forsen is a the family choice son las familias issues or problems or pseudoscience heroes entonces Amos Amos escrito su voto in such a way the una manera to recognize that we would desire not to live in the city Rico no siento que nosotros the CM was no villain ac21 high praise that he is in the heavenly sanctuary ministering on our behalf risky Susumu sisters or take al este lugar Santa Ana santorio celestial minister Ando in the 22nd of October he began investigative judgment que comenzó a Hui we see this nigga Tebow in October Aventadors cuenta Quattro do you believe that he is now in the most holy place making the final atonement for our sins Chris K our él está en lugar Santissima haciendo el em atonement love para que sea and completamente burrows see son 22nd 1844 and move to the living on September the 11th 2001 KSK we show comenzó con los Muertos increased to a October event Eidos e vol II common continued o con los santos we was tested on sept a bit of you know how 21 for 220 punto is a basic summary is assuming bicycle it has some problems connected to it tiene una problema in connection hopefully we can identify what those problems are guru Kippur the most significant koala soon as the problem as the primary one being a primary Oh October 22nd doesn't really line up with 9/11 October 20 those noise dynamically Nia on September we can't have symbols having more than one meaning similar spoon turning must killed in two lines one above the other better CSM estas Linnaeus October 22nd lined up with 9/11 no podemos a linear October 20 dos con on September so there has to be refinement on this subject entonces I I can refine our si si only very basically I most innocent women to number 22 prophesy invented owes 23 humility and the Lord supper son knows ordinance estimate that in la santa Cena number 24 ben de cuatro number 24 is caused a lot of problems in our movement veinticuatro our Casa de muchos problemas en el movimiento there are people who have left our Moodle because they don't accept number 24 personas and solution women to work in no as Hampton the mighty angel revelation 18 prophetically descended the smock in the beginning of the judgment of the living and the sealing of the 144,000 Chris can do Noel but also the apocalypse is DCO prophetic amenities indian-american a seminary a community whose utility was elementary loss into Quantico to me at the very same time the latter rain began to sprinkle upon the priests of Adventism calling them to purify the Lord's temple ksk mismo tiempo el Jupiter dia command so I got this more a mandala Ponto Tok LT model is lumbrical in his mood today story we're gonna address this issue on bullet point number one vamos to carry satima in numero uno uno s colloquialism Alinea but as a vow kumamoto we haven't changed our position no hemos can be other news and position this mighty angel say this in do in ounces of tea Madras Peru no I'm not another way mark you know in ultra Ito the people who have left this movement but as soon as cancel you this movie memories that I have no students is because they're working on incorrect models let's go some modellers in correctos number 25 punto veinticinco first bullet point we need to be using William Miller's rules of prophetic interpretation necesita mezuzah las reglas sig lemma milady diputación second point Segundo is addressing two fundamental issues too soon toes fundamentalism in tsurumaki toss testigos venusaur Alinea this point is important for us to understand it's important again today Moses in Punto and I want to live with this point a little bit higher on Picasso is a point when we talk about two witnesses no blummo pseudocyst egos and we go to William Ellis rules even was not really a million particularly rule number one a rule number five the Radian numero uno very bad habit creo que mas a Beto there's actually breaking the rules okay they choke in Las Vegas go to a Bible verse yarmulke significa is a very sick alone go to another Bible verse almost automatically go to explain this one speaker I kill you and why is that wrong he pork is so sterile I'm saying it's wrong you do cases there huh we all do this system because you no longer have two witnesses piano tune is das testigos because if I say this is the truth okay see you Duke it's never that and you told me to prove it II Peter and I go here to prove it boyacky parabola what's this kisses to my first or second witness SME primero o Segundo de siiva first witness to you but website we got to Bible versus human touch mystical ability goes so we trick ourselves thinking that we've got two witnesses and we done there's nothing any amusement any Motor City was promoting emos when you have a Bible verse it is a very secular biblical very secure law to make it your first witness yes hello to premier to see you and then you find another verse in controversy Kudo the support your thesis okay a Boyer to theses do that note in is toasty serious because the problem you're fine okay polemic a bus in control cuz you might think then sundo excuse me okay witness where was convinced Akula to Satine is anonymous you might think the pincer ears just kind another Bible verses implement the bus controversy Coulomb is does still breaking the rules ud go to the via SQL arenas because what you've done okay look it sure it's fallen foul of rule number five okay no my question okay Odyssey two estas passionately in to Siberia decided this verse para decir que su particular prove this one proven kill you boy tomorrow true and that prove this one as well you're killing time improvise to I will shoot your question be broken Teresa to pregunta how do you know come on service how do you know this one proves this one to be correct como sabes que este para que esto está seguro que es correcto miss Monica said how did he seem person to the de las casas and the reason we don't find it a hundred percent of the time is because of our weakness in interpreting Bible e la razón por que no la encontramos se simple Center a los demás stability but Elizabeth la biblia if you can't get the verse to define itself as your first witness see no point is demo star K Abram secure consensus to the end or is it premiered to see you bolster and support this thesis in busca support avaricious parappa yard he defended as a disease you have to tread very carefully Gina's km same week we're those porque estas poisons here Doris Italy cinemas ministers they didn't check the original proof verse they had thoroughly no comparable ever see cooler original get in the end profundamente point no some punto menorah here okay Stamos consented si asunto verse 26 is just about the charts Punto venti says implementation I got use da Gama's go back to vowel number 12 what almost happened to toss a foul number 12 he's dealing with the nature of man and the nature of Christ I will enough to the lesser they ombré the natural asada Cristo so my question is why the Brunei's porque why are we dealing with this object but okay and long as they say it's a dimmer no i comentarios let me read something to you test mr. Church volume 1 page 300 paragraph 1 décimo paracetamol no interest in toes present as powerful on the board 300 point 1 this is test me to the church volume 1 C kill'uh the time and circumstances when that passage was written necesitas realistic estancia's here tiempo cuando escrito at the beginning the bad kisser was here no habla de commencer later in these mummies later see ya know he's here so we said the beginning of late is say a dozen is I come in so they loudly saying pinpoint is very accurately the demos korekara so we can where we are Mira la parte not on this Thomas let's read this passage molarity per second the only safety now is the search for the truth is revealed in the Word of God as the head treasure la una Casa career consisted in buscar come on Tess or Escondido la verdad reveal ah de la palabra in the blob radius the subjects of the Sabbath the nature of man and the testimony of Jesus are the great and important truth to be understood los temas death sabudana to the little hombre es muy hisui son los grandes important Tavares Casey and a comprende anchor to hold God's people in these perilous times result Aaron como un unclassy so sandra i pueblos videos in Essos team post peligrosos teaming apparel is a pagina Doce en todo momento chose in the quaint a Quadro today so we know this is one thing I'm sorry most cases premiere testimony opera ladies at 20 the church like this here has become lady seer secret you know you see and we also know the means of a moose dangerous message sermons and kilocalorie arrived jiggling 1944 in me Lucinda cuenta Quattro and it was running through history he ran a liability we only have one message tenemos el mensaje it's the third angels message that said mensaje in this passage pasaje the third angels message a sermon sorry if you want you to go into details to get us into our indeed Alice would have components to it DNA component is the components of war he looks component assume king the nature of man no naturalist hombre and the Sabbath youth sabado testimony Jesus system under his whose el tercer Punto looking at number 12 it's to say in quiero que vemos he's the reason we're looking at the nature of man olara so porque estamos is to the under natural si el hombre nature of Christ to the lizard hisses is because it's a component or a part of the third angels message okay so component a is an apartheid a servant Angelica and so when Waggoner and Jones come on the scene condo Wagoner a Jones internally scenario what's the main three subjects that are gonna deal with what is solo steamers principalis so they gonna call it justification by faith why it's gonna call it you know white oh yeah man another a cell hombre that's why he faced this was particularly a decent what I heard elder wagon the speak cuando yo escuche we're gonna hablar musica para mis widows because this is what I've been preaching pork it's lucky you're a starter pretty candle since when they still quando since the very beginning of my testimony saying just a comment sodomy testimonial because she recognizes listen hombre which they could justification by faith kill America simple affair he sent you part of the third angels message it's una parte sincerely embrace know about Jesus Jesus Jesus is not a man he's God we're human beings his whose is induced knowing su nombre so we'll bring another mortal low symbol to lie over this entonces tenemos que pasar otra simbolo Modelo Kokomo's encima de capture the nature of Christ into this study porque necesitamos include natural essa de Cristo in SS Tulio Alawite has a vision you know what you know never sue me she sees a soft light Tony Aliev a una Luz suave him around what subjects no cerca de que timís she sees ones around the 10 commandments survey 11 or a dog lost his momentum was around the fourth lose and what else does she see a lie around y también era de que había una Luz the Incarnation in karma soon and the Incarnation is the is the creation or the birth of Jesus you can assume his Anatomy to the hisses it's another way of expressing the work of the third angel its Ottoman era de decir el tercer action so the reason why bow 12 is in here because it's leading with the third angels message por ESO Starkey upon todo se trata de hacer mensaje 300 in this text to a key talks about the nature of man and the Sabbath habla de Luna to the little hombre yield Saba so we have to talk about all humanity tenemos que la remiss not to ELISA Univision about the Sabbath a second it's a balloon and Christ he Cristo the Incarnation thank Ignacio just repeat and large it has cemented repeat omen to understand all nature but comparison Atalissa or to understand Christ nature or completely me Teresa de Cristo you have to dress both issues at the same time tienes que da Carlos those asuntos enemies no temple i mismo TV okay baptized see it was about to salim last year a new pasado from September to November they said Tierra noviembre this important subject began to be discussed if say Thema importante geo I said this cookie dough if you didn't watch those presentations he knows miss Costas Achilleas presentation is Isuzu studios in Class A you should be questioned yourselves the various question Artie do you actually understand what the nature of man or the nature of Christ is really about I can sorrentine element 8 the cases that are not related hombre de Souza de Christo we have a holistic comprehensive message the name us means a holistic comprehensive faculty we have a good message the moments are no mistakes or holes in it no tenemos are always new Waco's an alien because it's the third angels message is reaching and teaching / Gazeta sermons are heavily CAI que estamos haciendo Pritikin hence the introduction of this object thus illegal intrusion de este tema my brother's over there Co justification by faith Manos Brian broke column in support of it you believe the craziest oh and you believe number 25 he prays in any photo or a regular event he seems well it matters Rose thos Miller Nadia can teach food in senior understand comprehend experience experimental justification by faith whose difficult son Bonifay without using William Ellis rules sin valence familiar and I suspect there are people in this room who don't actually believe that they will suspect a person as nice as a like a no crania stone but I'm stating that as a fact 3 yo a law means you know your Lords your como se como number 12 because your dealer dealer numero dos you read the vows as leader los votos so you should know the various aware what we teach lo que nosotros tenemos it's different it's different a virtually every single conservative ministry in the church in the basic amid todo tipo de ministerial Independiente unlikely jie we teach look in cinemas it's different it's different a conference struck she teaches they'll okay in Sinhala la conferencia nice trip to de if your ascent into this vow let's see to acceptance in savato be aware that you're on your own ser perdido que vas a star a SOLAS porque nadie Nadia study 1/4 con la perspectiva number 12 vote odo say mankind was not only created in the image of God he was also designed to be his counterpart but Satan his labour to obliterate that image and imprint upon us his own thereby making man his counterpart he has not succeeded in Wharton the Divine Plan in the creation of man no money dad knows sido creado Sola mentally Mohammed Yaseen Ottoman foodie Senado para ser su equivalent trabajo para dar la imagen in premier sobre nosotros la sua distiller go haciendo el Saruman Oh su equivalent a él tenía is éxito de silva go and destroy a planet a plan de vino del equation del hombre is not just mean image or copy la palabra equivalent in unlimited significant margin or copier it has a wider connotation than that en una conozco notice on mass amplia it was the counterpart of adam era equivalent today I don't because 8 is mad porque Ava is hombre an atom is mad yay and when they separate he cuando son Sopranos man complete his hombre complete oh no no takes a man and a woman to make a complete human being Sena Sita an Umbreon a mujer para hacer una mala Romano complete oh I'm not talking about procreation no Idol appropriate atom own himself is not complete Alan none inseam is monoi a complete oh that's what the idea of the word counterpart means yes look a significant Lydia della paura equivalent a counterpart of God she's so moral equivalent I did yours we believe it was necessary for him to create humanity for him to be complete entonces cream mascara necesario para que ella murió el pre-k it's a complete o is god means recovering mankind from the slavery of sin by restoring the image of God in man and bringing him back into allegiance with God it is wonderful both in his simplicity and fullness for it not only provides for our full pardon but also for our complete restoration a planetary insanity of significa red Cobra la humanidad dela is coming to the picado para restorer Lyman de Dios in el hombre de valor de vuelta a la alianza con Dios is a muscle and so simply dude II totally that porque no soul and the probably prevail don't complain to sino también restoration computer we've addressed this point before so I won't comment on it it's the next one no yeah it was about a Punto en tape or is no element Aurora bully point number three good to Newman address the means by which the rescue was affected was by Christ's coming to this earth in a fallen sinful human body identical to ours within which he United the ability and humanity los los medios para this guitar for a serious cutting edge of era please - venir a la tierra ensue body he was still separate from sinners for the humanity that he took was sinless it was balanced and well proportioned akin to that of Adam before his fall i preserved a veneer a room where Pocoyo becoming also a mismo tiempo service separado de los pescadores porque la humanidad que él tomó era sin pickle balance una to release a woman are no podría in no bigger meaner mientras que estaba con banana conductivity that do you believe did the example that he left us while he was on earth makes it possible for us to unite our humanity with his divinity and thereby live a life of victory in the same corrupt body Chris Klem volcanoes at the hello mientras aqui en la tierra as I possibly can oh so toes nose una mas and also my dad con su Tiffany that it is the luego Viviana vida de Victoria how NASA Tierra no k-pop group toe a posse yo me a little consideration esos puntos y otros puntos que necesitan a consolation mooyah dosa this movement has been teaching esta movie Mentos estado Insignia tres de calais kasi when our dressing our estamos to candle tama this missing power of the third angels message we're coming to conclusions the game was a conclusion yes many people would not agree with you muchas personas no sectarian so I don't want people to take it for granted nokey dokey left us another torment poor poor dad we've got it correct okay estamos dando correcto you can just trust us seemed permitted most ponies come fear you need to make sure teenies can see good are they did you actually really believe what we're teaching chemin de sus Korean de lo que nosotros insignia mode is Val site look at these sentences photos and if you request it to be baptized City preguntaron OC Acedo that you know about is how the origin is primitive porfavor CNT libre de carro - Karma's un punto de ce sera my sister mana said dijo during the break in the poster getting baptized I was thinking it's time a pensando que pasa roti Sara but now I realize I don't know anything okay 19 another so baby on its back out there is to volunteer army is problem is when you get married to someone see terasaka Zarkon again how long do you wait quanto tempo boys esperada because you have the court por que tienes que entra in come on schemer it process Ontario you have to enter into relationship to get to know one another Jamie's container resume para conocer Canadian and how long did it take to get to know someone equal to TM posed in a city park you know Sarah thank you a lifetime necesita una via so you never marry until you go on your deathbed entonces su casa Cassata sequester's in allegedly la morte like the entrances okay Lindo divertido there's no place in Toronto I don't understand everything no puedes Karen si si I can't explain it Ramba Edie's here without you pull in I know in - no - no points because all this - logo so nothing will occur if you consume para ser about yourself porque si quality Casas su una basses checked everything that you can check ok as verificar - okay boys verificar you have confidence you love this person Gina's confianza amis a persona and they've been honest in what they say to you you can see the Ernesto's in located Eason and when you get married equal notices then you really get to know the person properly instrumental so he asked the woman that you married he was an accountant the person I call a quality cast as you watch the video all accountants understanding of what they do into the to service a new KBS b bd'o economist Sita's severe loss photos but you're not going to understand everything about them no one entrance to the experience in there so todo sobre el y hasta que entries in the experiencia entonces to completion say porque you're in via to see tiempo los votos not escape people in not to be not being bad not to scare people in being baptized no intimate personal para que no support isn't in the name of key events having Thanos causes it wasn't to trip people up or entrap anybody notice but I can intermarried de cassis you can take this person for granted no point is tomorrow por supuesto that's a persona you have to Tina scaring me con cuidado hacer Carter idea where our Academy T's in our next presentation Genesis again this presentation is addressing some other topics termini aqui con las fotos go get em Pookie Kiran puntos que no no comprende as I said in at the beginning my first presentation can we do decal community may marijuana some material which will be revision voy a career a GU material is rare maybe soon I mean Kira career material moooo if you find it overwhelming City police say mucho don't be surprised notice apprentice become discouraged he not this animus I don't claim to understand everything Pocoyo glammo they come Roberto even the things I teach music here in las cosas que esto insignia I don't see some points for the Vale Americanos puntos I think it's the duty of a teacher to share those points yo creo que el deber de el maestro no comprendo - das implica soon as he lo que está diciendo glad you're all here story feliz prophecies co-pastor una escuela de prophecy 'you know the a acontecimientos caused us and sido in sin Janos things gonna be said cousin sincerity chance to touch your nose to car vs. nervous may shake your faith it is a career an etouffee preparado Ramos Heavenly Father not a celestial ask and pray that you would guide and direct us the most Kano ski is a delicious as we consider the subject of these vows Rondo el tema de las fotos with your expression of our faith kitsune expression Dennis Murphy please guide and direct us before he knows III he knows make each of us bow before you you know suppose Atlanta didi count the cost Quintus two hemos hecho otros a nature to be here but it's not a key maybe not waste our time kin no better than one is a tempo maybe spend our time here meditating upon your word Hussein was a temple comedian unto palabra another converse and uno con otro knows karahi uno not wrong the experience that we have here be a taste of heaven kalispera say que tenemos a kiss a una serie gusta el cielo you