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Publish Date: 11/6/2018
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I believe I have ten presentations this camp-meeting creo getting or Diaz present Josh earnest nest a compliment times the material that I'm gonna be covering yeah material career is buried it's very audible so you don't have any notes of my material don't have any notes Oh cinnamon encontrar a punt a steamy material some of the material is revision part of the material is revision and revision every material hopefully should be relatively straightforward for most of us espero que material vamos Arriba servicer Palomino's otros bien facil dent in their pink claro pattern material is passed on to nuevo yo-yo cassia i ago I'm sorry about Salah but I chose hero at the tearless days to the prophecy school like this you know is called a prophecy a como esta reasonably expected to pick up all the material first time around creo que no puedo esperar kono entienda total material de la a la la primera vez come here okay I am an otaku you will need to review the material once you go back home Vanessa Jeremy sorry material una vez que voy a la casa so if there are things I'm saying that you don't understand see I cousins que usted an auntie Endon I don't I don't want you to be discouraged no que no quiero que who still is so there's a Neiman I'm gonna be discussing for a soulless killer a video a number of you understand goodness Casas implemented gunas ustedes no pun intended we all know sorry most todos hopefully espero this Wednesday Kirsti miracle is scheduled Anthony about tees more mysterious vinius to in my first presentation party Demi Bellamy representacion I just want to review some of the baptismal vows solo kiddo Revis are a goon hasta los votos parties male approximately 20 people who are gonna be baptized see honest about his house who knows 20 personas I'd later today or tomorrow the schedule for how that baptism or work will be discussed mañana mustered a survived discutir el programa de about useful but I kill you know so it was K and P needle about is more expected you to read the vows and to them obviamente nosotros emos estamos a Moses practices I am little los votos body smartest some questions pero yo tenía Uno's pregunta por lo tanto kiddo Ramos are his voters there are 26 vows I went these days photos straightforward is honest straightforward a good knows no tanto what I mean by that is that they're specific to the truth that we teach in our movement lo que yo quiero ser son specific owes the referee insya allah swarovski no solutions in llamo vamos sold out a premium and we're going to skip round number two I mean why was I so that is Segundo vato we're gonna skip round number three it does hurt ambien foul number four you go to numero Quatro pizarra para cupid oh yeah okay do you believe that the Holy Spirit is a separate and distinct personality that he is the third person of the Godhead together with the father and the son is it your purpose to live a life surrendered to God doing his will and keeping his commandments to the power of the Holy Spirit curious KSP to Santos una persona distant a separator kill a tercera persona and led that who took a leap a year ago as a propósito to you they revere una vida entregar adios Dundas haciendo saloon that Igor enosis mementos Marianne Taylor que parece muy direct OMA Claro pero state increasingly non-movement pero el momento de manera in the Godhead is becoming a subject that we need to address timid led that you got a room to market in a mosque a in other ways muchas personas que entra nice movie mentos you no sabemos de Leo's attracted to what we teach ellos son at Rao's I look in cinemas but they believe they've got a testing truth themselves which is this issue of the Godhead videos Benson or scream continue never that profit Oriya lose miss most cases the modality that there are variations to these people's theology I am very honest in la lluvia de personas some of them believe that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus algunos piensan que el espíritu Santo Spiritu the hizzouse others believe that Jesus way back in eternity somehow someway was begotten of the Father you know spraying hisui sinigang Temple movie address for Carlos and means created Oh Born Free creado or not co-author is for military Padre this makes a point was her own Thema in this QT Blair many people it's a serious issue but this is all in importante para para muchos isn't Emma we see an important a dream of a kleros willing to be baptized into this para killers kiss on these puesto so Karen bodies are se si movie memento we all have clarity para que tenemos Clara dad the Jesus was not created know is un cerc readö Santos doctors in a persona dela did not see - nah no creo nada que lo que quiere cannot walk together unless they be agreed Musto's no point under juntos see no están de acuerdo round number five solitary you vote - no more single time beam now number six photo numero seis do you recognize your personal responsibility to actively share with others the everlasting gospel it recognizes to response a personal de compartir active Amenti con otros ulema hillier no you can make yourself by both witness an example to lead others to surrender their lives to Christ the committee is a team is more mediant a testimonial shambleau the leader otros messages of Revelation 14 and that this Gospel message is first to be given to god's remnant church before the Sunday law in two steps followed by the world after the Sunday law career is kilo eternal is dado in loss Catina casa dollar in star in los mensajes de los tres angeles an apocalypse de catorce eks table élitaire no unique assad album a travesty leg lisa raymond and a message do you believe that we are commissioned to then go to give the loud cry of the third angel calling men and women out of Babylon and into god's remnant church albert lo a certain person named intense dimensional even Helio Chris K is somos comisionado stay heaven sorry dad fot commodities around commando personas de goiânia those who genuinely accept this Gospel message will be truly sanctified before the close of probation not after it creo que de bajo de poder de la lluvia case a memento del espíritu Santo Achilles Kevin Windham interceptor naman Sahadeva Helio sarin scientific ADO's veramente untested theory the parameter space goo nose pulls a per se que siempre se habla usted lo que se I would suggest so here oh it's because you don't speak to people outside of the movement porque no estas hablando a personas for el movimiento because there are many people who do not believe this vow por que muchos que no crane is savato lost passage that we just read in Ultima pasada que que vamos delay air about being sanctified the probation not after it scientifical antisera Gracia you know this place is the truth that many people in our movement have tripped over and have left is whenever that la cual muchos and saltado e no sir and solidity momento por ellos insane killer scientific as uni contested es puesta de rigueur say no antes my experience and me experiencing with people interact WonderCon personas who still hold this misconception about sanctification también hay muchos movimientos yamuna SI ellos SE Ferran is a SMS putida era de la salle de vacaciones teaching por el Ojo solamente queiro asegurar que intend a mosque a significance and also various ways of conceptualizing what those symbols represent I differently Meniere's copolymers comprehend their key significance of symbols the one of the most problematic in my opinion is the second angel in opinion they must put a romantic OS a mr. Harold Segundo our misconception about that angels work personal genome concept Arado sobre el trabajo de sangre separated a tissue different is a polymer each of us knows Tunica ain't in there it continued intellect will maintain angels from Revelation 14 verses 6 to 11 cuando la maza Hollister problems catarse says our own say there's an arrival and empowerment to deal with I you know I gotta um poder amento this issue about the arrival and the empowerment has tripped and confused many people yes a a so to sutil elegiggle Edel imposed Elemento a casa de problemas para muchos personas for viendo Saguna know the classic understanding of the work of the second angel the compression clásica del trabajo de el segundo an ellipses couture see ridiculous vesicular Pakistan family cells continue however even in our movement we have a misunderstanding nob stunted ioneliness the movie material in conceptual rather revelation 14 but a revelation 18 not unto the apocalypse is catharsis in order believes it is your Cho revelation 18 it is also given to us as present truth for the other one nosotros come over la Vida present day to help to clarify and understand what revelation 14 verse 8 is para ayudar a terrific are but I put almost in today Loki is apocalypsis captor see and those verses that were given to us he s was very sucralose you know he knows for examination 14 but I speak Arabic Arabic authority has not done its work very well no I said oh no it should be into trabajo in my opinion let me opinion so revelation 18 apocalypsis dis yo Joe I think we have misconceptions about what those verses are teaching yo creo que tenemos conceptus arose and said lo que insane any super sakulos when I say thou it versus I'm in verses 1 2 3 if you know the sakulos uno al tres and I want to address some of those issues as our presentations go through the week illnesses present as unit rent less a manicure to Karagounis asuntos sOooo Joe second message is Babylon is fallen segunda means on helical is Babylonia credo bring John 16:8 1dc says o angel is different different say the word the message UD go I mean if you I mean Circle in that passage thinking about the second step of the Holy Spirit the comforter gonna serve others who know paso del espíritu positive denominator positivity su trabajo use the word righteousness would tell me know this who know pastor se terminó justicia was difficult a third model with a circular currency Montressor Modelo which is the model of the sanctuary case it santorio santorio you go through the three compartments to us at RevZilla stress comportamiento you're the holy place in the most holy place the most educated segundo lugar is really connected to sanctification is that connected on a significant because we understand the justification sanctification and glorification pork and in demos sanctification no another concept difficult scientific asana glorification otros poemas cannoneers you know anthology of eating its la symbol here the c'mere so when we speak about eating corn habla mistake c'mere mas que nada habla austere trabajo de el segundo honka-honka no exclusive a mint a sanctification timidly scientific assume can be expressed in another way what is his personal terminator which is justification by faith was it because in philosophy which I think most of us have heard the turn you don't kill my original escuchando dear me no we know it's connected connected oh I mean stability no Jo Jo Alec so intricately connected with that message yes Dan is connected an intrinsic immediately killers personas think that the message of wagner enjoyments was justification by faith Creon came in ahead they were gonna Jones in Allah who Sivakasi of Allah fail and we should know through the very most severe as a priest in this movement conservatism is movimiento the day work was not that of justification by faith trabajo de illios no era el trabajo de la who silicon sample of a these men were raised up this was hundred for $11 to give the third angels message there are other sermons are illegal to place it in its proper setting equal oak are so cool oh hello ensuing tour no justification by faith he ain't a Metallica citizen policy we're gonna discuss these issues in our presentation most discutir a system as in this presentation is but just coming to this point this vow pero in references about if we're not sure she knows Thomas verification Gila scientific accion occurs before the third angel okura and distiller circle begins to do its work of executing vengeance que comienza el tráfico de la venganza then you're not ready to be baptized into this movement yet entonces no sturdiest listo para ser about this how do I see movimento Olivia one more point I want to pick up from this passage must open to quiero cerca de pasar a bullet point third bullet point do you believe that the everlasting gospel is to be given so the to be given is the third angels message of Revelation 14 SK Hynix is making is that we believe just essentially the most kill Eva he'll return on also mensaje Mariah's you know prophetic Oh give it to God's church than the world primero is style I like lesser that your salud y mano and when it's given to God's church priests and levites Minos Caesarea to see Levitas do you believe that chemos to the eastern coast no sort of claim exists yes sign yes so let me let me make an observation those decency de Mazarin observation if there are two groups CI does grupos first the church premier like this yeah and then the world you know and the valve phase okay a little mini card the message is given to the world okay mundo in Dominica and if we were to put close of probation here in Sierra de Gracia occur here colloquium was in este Punto are you know do you see no 911 once it is September II time at the end Jimbo Delphine was the question so we're gonna give this Gospel message first to the church a mensaje deliver hello entonces primero de Mo's a la iglesia and it begins it's these the three steps Iike Mensa he said interest three ages messages pathos message is a perimeter Gilligan will give the second and the third no Adama sensor unit are zero which passage would we go here to demonstrate that the first angels message was given at the time at the end pasaje crockery ammos aqui para probe RK criminal medical food a dough and give you a choice in a temple to athena revelation 14 or revelation 18 the story but I live here apocalypse de catorce or dis yo Joe you get baptized you have to know these things she wasn't sir what is how the technique is a very citizens revelation 18 this is your true I would beg to differ have to go to Revelation 14 you can set up a biscuit or see how agree with that it's pero que podemos revelation 14 verse 6 vamos a ver into the police's catorces says this is the time at the end to feel well then white tells us in a number of places invited lugar isleño white-nose dcs turkish demos in Revelation 14 verse sakes saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth and to every kid nation kindred tongue and people evey Valle our poor Amelia yellow traffic a teeny river village and paprika lost majority returned accion 3vu lengua well familiar with todos juntos amos is a very secure and where we place this verse Dona loca loca most tornado be camos time attendant we normally do that no I meant a anything bottle fin no see we could do a study but we Wally podemos Haruna's to do pero no lo vamos a ser revelation 7 podemos your apocalypse is here to couch numbers by Mozilla números no require capital o and we could show the podemos pramana the God's people keep all videos are not reckoned among the world no Sun con todos los de mundo so I'll just draw that is just a simple schematic munna schema seem necessary mundo and is divided into two parts yes the video DVD during those parties mundo and the church legless here well call them Stas every symptom odl call it Jerusalem Oh Monsignor Marquis Rosaline and Babylon you Babylonia so if we agree with that who's the most aquatic on is - and we're gonna mark Revelation 14 verse 6 e mark camos apocalypse catorces says at the time at the end in what are the words of the verse I can these are those very sakulos that angel going to it's going to the world didn't say it's going to the church didn't give up not easy given like this here so what is to say okay reading of the scriptures q nominator superficially little is clear to us as we're rolling quite to do come on todos somos in quino's and say look we'll give you the wrong answer if you're not careful no study are never supposed to errors in estamos queer doses because porque at the time at the end in the temporal sin you may know premier America say 600 vesiculosus is clearly indicating is going to the world this economy to give our mundo despite what the word says Posada looking de la palabra we say at the end I want us to notice you could okay me ray no Thomas que la manera que hemos tenido qussair quirós no so analysis and I want to suggest you see us with video if you're gonna prove Texas use in the spirit of prophecy prophecy e-text to the forever you end up coming to a problem no problem no solution to that is always the following in a solution implement seems impossible or cannot be used to fight another word hello siente que una palabra de Diez no supposed aperture control palabra senior but the way you resolve that is by making reconciliation between the two reconcile those doses pisacas so we should have the ability to do that in the very emotional ability hacer lo if we're green today's vows see yesterday most acuerdo con esos photos were 7007 photo numero siete will read this one do you believe in the image an imminent return of Jesus Christ and that his coming will be personal visible audible and we are complete by all the heavenly angels craze in Volta invented a references en su Cristo a key souvenir as a personal visible all deeply he a companion porto de los angeles Alicia Alice we believe that seems pretty obvious doesn't it but it wasn't obvious I see the all Adventists believe that I think you sister okay so people are gonna say yes okay personas no cuz if you're saying yes but you see to believe in line upon line methodology no crazy missus were here Linnaeus or linea how do you know what an Adventist believes come on Chris comas Oscar if you disagree how would you know come on so videos also back you go shower I don't mind you answer but Xiao Tian you can even tell about sister now address respond endo but interpretation chromosome my sister said you ask them and they'll tell you what I believe memorize it - lets preguntas yellow cities in Ukraine and my response to that you respond noelia if you won't get very far the most illegal militias y por que because the Bible teaches bula-bula and Samia the 7-day Adventist disturbed ammonia or the second biggest lawyers on this planet son los mentiroso Smurfs grandest biggest lawyers in mundo en su lugar de most ancient Jewish nation los mean tiro so mas Grande's Syrian loss adios damos and i-20 says he believes oh she believes in this vow they're lying to you you sadistic a crane sa photo into the system entiendo so how'd you know - must have Riyas entonces you can't go to the literal person and ask no policy relevance on a literally preguntar you have to go to a continues key sure how you gonna say griten cking go the latest no immunity lawyers of the lawyers it is who knows those materials de los materially well you know you need come on yakumo's if you have the prophetic history James get Allah is to the prophetic a prophetic history will tell you what they believe you know to the political TV sale ok in your screen and one of the subjects that we're gonna tackle the cinemas concern is the truth Adventist do not believe in bow number 7 la verdad que lo and he was no creo en el voto numero siete despite what they say besides lo que dicen the lines teaches that las líneas knows in siena so far number right photo numero Ocho man is mortal and that in death he's in an unconscious state referred to an inspiration asleep do you believe that at the second coming of Jesus Christ the faithful of all ages will be raised up will be raised caught up and granted immortality with the living Saints to meet the Lord in the air a scepter scale hombres portal de la muerte el amor de él está en un estado in consent o in consent and culture if you como sueño grayscale as you can have a near the hizzouse los feliz at all knows it is Aaron Levantado z-- m receipt as he receive receive immortally that carlos santos she knows she knows porque como como si simple turkey where is a statement or an attack against or a defense against Qaddafi and a okay kakie DC so baptismal class and so no sooner class about is my story respond ruined and o Achilles given Cervantes's why would put the statement here for poor Kiko leukorrhea Moses a SFO Turkey no no no sir this is our number eight your world on number seven we've moved on no estamos soon butcher me respondent is here day one solution foul number eight is here what choice donkey because the papacy Okubo has invented a system invent own system that they borrowed from Satan okay soliciting us the Garden of Eden to say shall ye surely die está seguro que memory does is that right yeah what turns a church into Babylon taken via to necklace or Bologna Val number right rotochop immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness they said there are two things son just caused us Sunday domingo and death that's why we've got vow number right but I said the name was like a vow to tackle the Sunday one that capture you in the net of Babylon so las cosas que take captain in la Rey de Bologna we not sure no mercy would yes is that everything two main things las casas most importantest any other big ones we otros grandis no solamente rejection all three angels messages Richard a little that's all no creo que se hace because the Catholic Church has the three angels messages okay like this go to Rican tiene los tradesmen Sevilla Callie's I wouldn't reject that ellos no regions of en esto right purgatory is this one put the Torrio's is parte de Circulo Timothy la morte all I want is to make sure is this is around either to solamente quiero que is famously would okay is Tomas Tomas services now because if you believe is only two I need to know porque is he drinking solamente high dose you're not ready to be baptized no steadily super-supportive server right baptism is all about this but these more is symbol is a symbol of death and resurrection but this timid about you technically a la muerte symbol of a war terror Zeus's cover a lot of territory estas de Misaki kübra mucho territorial problem is a problem I think that's all there is to the problem which is Pittacus us to look to the problem so we can study this week that there's another one that we don't seem to be familiar with semana que otro a sunt okay Kanako anastomosis Americanos okay so we're okay with round number right dose estamos you will read number Noi recognizing the obedience from the heart and not just the mind is the fruit of the Holy Spirit and having already entered into a life of sanctification do you believe that the Ten Commandments are a transcript of God's character and that loving to keep these Commandments through the power of the Holy Spirit is the evidence of salvation in the Saints recognize kilo Valencia del corazón y no solamente de la mente is a fruit or Espiritu Santo yeah a variant rather una vida scientifical Crees que las diez Monday me enter on the transcription the character videos ek Amara is thiquid RS monument was median tipo del espíritu Santo a Slovenian see reservation de los santos without number no universe Monsieur espero que estamos de acuerdo con una foto number on way because it's connected to the other vowel number six focused a conectado con otros photos photo numero seis the mundo which was about sanctification before the close of probation scientific accion ante sincerely Gracia found number nine the sanctification is required before baptism particular scientific SEO is necessary under devotees clairemaude sanctification is solamente para technically carried out a secondary key is sanctification it's a state of being it's this here todos in Kenya Luka significant stuff I'll give it an example cuter than him blow when you get married Sita Casas you can't become more married next week next year in ten years no puede ser mask asado I presume on your own yes on you the way the bow goes coming soon I suppose that you will stay married it's dust castle for the rest of your life it continuous CNO casado poor resolute white teaches in a critical looking signal in a white once you're sanctified no risk is that scientifically you remain sanctified for the rest of your life Herman is a scientifical what a resolute Aveda chief raises a LOD same sanctification is the work of a lifetime a scientific answer de trabajo de todo una vida it's not being more sanctified it's not being better day by day no citta today sir Masen difficult your career remaining married signify continue our siendo castle dia trust year number 10 yes do you believe that conversion is the new birth experience career skill accommodation is life but inside el nacimiento do you believe that justification is not only the work of Christ in forgiving us of past sins but also the power to live presently in this mortal body without sin sir Punto Crees que la Joseph Ocasio no solamente si trabajo de que esto en para na Lowe's pasados picado sino también el poder de vivir present a mental muchos 1 it is here see Adventist s remand ai pocos keep clean esto they don't believe no cream in this mortal body that we have Kasich were mortal que tenemos presently presenting the we can live without saying people they must be beaten because not only does the church not believe this no solamente like listen all agree the people in our movement don't believe this personas in the movie Minto no longer in people believe I seek a screen I will be truly sanctified kin i won momento no futuro estaremos Vera Dara meant a scientifical did you have some kind of theory that you see Tina Saguna period you don't believe in Bound number 10 and you shouldn't be getting baptized yet una tarea see not the various air about each other or Apple cannot craze on acceptance they put this on sir do you believe the great message of Christ our righteousness that we are presently to be justified and sanctified and in the imminent future glorified only through his sacrifice and high priestly ministry for us Korea's key agreements ahead Inessa justicia NSA mensaje que nosotros presenta mentum somos specifically scientific house in a futuro imminent a glorification solamente a travesty su sacrificio is para nosotros unison yes you should have said maybe the videos ready to tie this debris is ready to depending readily said yes yes did you see seen pencil beam because if you go to Revelation 14 verse seven book a serious problem see catorces yet count the steps fear God for the hour of his judgment is come paella or other with you girl where is glorification to understand a glorification first second or third step primera see one daughter sir person second step Segundo passing judgment is future who is footer will believe in the work of the second angel no justo scream us any travel to know so glorification is now know go figure soon is hora present presented no future no food Udo so now let me ask the question in terms of the Hermosilla la pregunta do you agree without number 11 that the convert to nuances it depends what you mean by bound number 11 don't let opposes depended aqui aqui today fear a scornful tone Oberon's let me read carefully see no lame-o squared Oh Simon D we end up a great thing that we don't know what we mean or what they mean Septimus causes or termina Moses and Okazaki no sabemos que significant and no one should be joining this movement unless you know what you get an interval not a DVD a hunter sees movimento since aware a kiss a kiss hepta because once you taste it / - nervous chaos privado and agreed acceptable becomes a dangerous situation to begin to back out afterwards star citizen particular so de salir because the pressure is about to begin porque la prisión vine bizarre a scene may not make any sense Nova momento so I guess indeed oh but we believe we're in hiding para nosotros grimace customers in estamos s s Conde escondidos whatever that means CL Lucas a akiza significa but once we become visible bruno vez que vamos a service siblings then that's when the trouble will begin entonces the problem has commenced armed and if you don't know what you're getting into you see no service our committees this way via memory serious Amanita we had it for a lot more trouble than we suspect nosotros vamos hacia mucho mas difficulty problem as que estamos pensando so be fearful about joining this movement entonces thing a day more the hunter des movimiento number 11 go to number 1 same justify sanctified glorified Pacifica a scientifically prolific atom so we know that we're using in this example so we must kill him precise remodel estimate the recent - are you justification sanctification glorification was it because on scientific assumptions being addressed here look arraignment assess Takaaki the second Advent is this a good venom into the bodily glorification that each of us have dreamt about from the moment we became Adventists la glorificus your corporal equality Moses now Sonia I know the seeking of converting my servant Easter's I'm gonna skip power number 12 well cetera for the number of those here because it's a long vowel Ferguson bottom will are ago and we only have a few minutes left you know skidding opinions on us because we knew addressee in the next presentation verse 13 faculty this is the Sabbath mom was her Traci minutes her mother do you believe that the seventh day of the week is God's holy sacred Sabbath day a day of rest from all secular pursuits they have post special worship to God Korea's key acceptable dia de la semana is on Friday and that every preparation should be made before that time in order to begin the Sabbath with opening worship ingenuous kids have a local min cycle opposite us Olivia Nessa kid carrot tipo de pepper Assange any case antes de tiempo para poder en pasado con una misión you understand that it concludes at sunset on Saturday and should be marked by a closing worshipper thankfulness antennas k10 amina con la posada soldiers sabado ek is Mark Davis el mercado con una the seal of God and that Sunday worship is the pagan counterfeit described by the Bible as the mark of the beast Saburo recognizable DoCoMo memorial Lila or ecuadorian represented celerity Ock a cool toda el Domingo as soon as Pagano la biblia Lord is critical American la bestia I want to dress one point potatoes in the demoscene Sakura Punto you understand the Sabbath begins at sunset seen the name of kids have other comments icon deposited soul and every preparation should be made before that can a preparation debris is uho and this industry marine secular employment mucho de nosotros estamos in employ a secular I don't Sunday in Domingo perhaps Tommy's you might gain to your car as a Ducati and go for a drive you son is and what we the purpose of that drive you better care Sunnis maybe you're in going to a car parts Arya a park Tesla's on barricade or the beach or on a playa picnic in frame picnic you take car insurance cuando Thomas una Guru use a Suunto Cecilia Maria who so personal now on Monday morning well no the same car did ammonia nervous I'm mismo coaching the same things in that car it was a sale as mismas consoles in a second but the purpose of being in the car is different pero propósito de estar en este conscience differently it's no pleasure no a sporty version or social or I was so CL automatic auto mestiço that's the English phrases for insurance terms s also knows terminals English as para la si el seguro you're in that car for work or business its destination culture por trabajo por negocio again the car at the end of the day and you come back home i finnaly avoid esta casa con su coche why are you in the car now pork instance in your country order pleasure division social no no it was good business report remark oh because you finished the business and now you're going home okay tell me nasty trabajo y voy vas a cousin it's no problem on Monday no problema Lunas Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Oh Marty's miracoli by the morning is fine where is Vienna's amman en esta bien problem arises a polymer silly Vonda on Friday afternoon in Vienna slatternly because people think polka persona screen when Sabbath comes in at 5:00 p.m. cuando el sábado comienza la singular turn takes you 45 minutes it Tomica winter Cinco minutos de Casas keep orders to me after about 30 and a squatter treinta because you finished work okay Travis Lee did terminus driver her but why are we in the car porque estamos near coaching all domestic no associate north to Mexico a tempo Copa direction connected to work is connect a load trabajo so when you're driving home from work on Friday into the sea to be a huzzah huzzah Vienna's and Sabbath comes in you say Bazo intra you breaking Sabbath it's just a brand el sábado she should be home look at the video sister en casa with all the preparations done control operation hm before the Sun Goes Down until scare soils upon finishing work terminal trabajan see to solicit era within time you get your car you see with her coaching and Sabbath comes in before you get home sabado community and the skateboarders okay I would suggest as breaking Sabbath your su héroe cases Cabrera is habala bound number 13 yes variable - numero tres in verse number 14 is connected to verse number 13 the connected O'Connor Tracy but we want to tackle the last one go get it boy kundo this is about the papacy being the Antichrist is a traitor dale and de cristo and has brought the Christian Church muchos Aurora's pagano's and see the tree was like the colleague laser for most notably the Christian Church someone a listen Christiana see as April errors into our church which one just one answer it all that's why I asked the question until treasonous iglesias KK no sabemos because we feel safe Punto and we're all cut on this one mr. Moseby Inc honesty so we think we're safe customers the Guru's into Iraq I say most customers go us okay no no sorrow but it says these many errors he's pro in menorahs this one got Oreos typically st Oh a five-day week sits under this one gonna say menardes sinkhole fact we have two days a week off is not scriptural in DSS debajo de tama lost point is the one I want is to say Ultima said you understand that is Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots all Protestant denominations saving God's remnant denominated people the seventh-day Adventist Church have gone back to her and are therefore a part of Babylon in tiendas que Mysterio Babylonian Legrand a la madre de todas ramirez todos es protestant ease salvo alarm la ceremonia de dios join Amon ah de paula did a terminal protestant a in tenemos at that phrase yes a francais comes from a term that means to argue against someone as soon significant a protest that they are human Tarkenton again and this was if I can put it this way a German phrase is a Sunnah Fraser alemana when the princess lost principles of the Holy Roman Empire del imperio Romano which we normally say is Germany the emotions of Normandy case of Alemannia protested protester comes from libyan is terminal and the vow says your photo do you say all denominations do this denomination is a harlots son Ramirez so we did a study on Sabbath he seemed also nice to do in this have a law about what that harlot concept means I said that gives any figures the concept to the latter mirror I'm hoping everybody understands what the harlot symbology is referring to mr. assume end ok 2010 demos I consider Farrell a symbol of here dinner a mirror it's a church state relationship it's not a lesson de Glace he stole they've all gone back to the mother doesn't vote dos la madre they went back a long time ago Alison what's a temple saving or accept the SDA church disciple like this Adventist Church is not part of Babylon no residue septum Odierno spotted a Babylonia so we've gone up to vote about fourteen avato captor say we skipped about 1200 say so in the next presentation vamos a ver si podemos hacer esto as I said at the beginning commodity commune so we're hoping to have a baptismal services Wednesday espera monster room but is more candidates I want them to take these things seriously here okay los candidatos da - muy cereal to understand the theology behind what we believe here okay Antonia - oh here the trust estranged father what a celestial give you praise and thanks tired in school did you have been working through your people poor every trauma hello poor to Pueblo finally three decades for can see tress thickeners and we are rapidly coming to a place he can repeat amenities egg Amazon lugar privations bat files in Aquinas temple the privacy terminal of the gracias determiner and as Joshua Akuma Josue will begin to wage war with the enemy they've almost entirely in gerenuk or incontinent amigo hope is to prepare for that event Janos a prepare a press event Oh by entering into a covenant relationship with you in trend owner Alessi on the back to contigo me gently its symbol odor about Jesus pidemo see Rama Sesana Mary Jesus