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very good dear brothers we give 
continuation to what we have been 
presenting I want to add here 
Something about 
what yesterday present about the temple 
I said that the temple is an example of 
the organization of the church and the 
different phases that behaviors 
of the temple exemplify the different 
phases or the dispensations of the church 
of God 
not yesterday an important appointment in 
reference to this fact of the 
second paragraph 
the apostles when they start the 
apostles meant the church of 
God on the foundation that Christ 
he had put 
is often used in writing 
figure of the construction of a temple 
to illustrate the building of the 
then from there we have borrowed that 
symbolism the temple symbol of the 
building of the church and the temple 
It has different compartments 
and we have seen and understood that 
those repressions different phases in the 
construction of the church 
we know not complete 
it became perfect I do not end up being 
perfect in the homes that so far 
we have seen on earth 
zacarias pointed to Christ as he 
Sapling that must build the temple of 
Lord speaks of Gentiles as 
collaborators in the work 
and those who are far away will come and 
They build in the temple of the Lord there is 
declares their children and foreigners 
they will build their walls 
next paragraph write one is that the 
building of said temple but says to the 
which arrive two stone of proven 
I hit two of the men in but 
chosen of god precious you 
also as living stones and 
identified a spiritual house and a 
holy priesthood to offer 
nice spiritual sacrifices to 
God for Jesus Christ 
and good 
maybe if you have a little more time 
we could 
they talked about giving a little more details about 
what time specifically means 
because in that illustration here 
pablo uses and like us also good 
we know him 
the whole process from finding the 
prepared stones prepares the 
stones outside city after you will take 
within the city after in 
means the foundation of all these 
steps are also represented today 
in the building of the church that the 
triumphant church 
part of this would be 
and demonstrate something that until now 
we have shown 
we have only mentioned the 
temple building began 
it depends a bit how you want 
place the emphasis here 
but in September 
for the purpose 
must be 
perfected or put in its place ready 
to run the organization of the 
church triumphant in the clamor of 
and that by midnight it 's a 
parallel to pentecost 
Pentecost in the year 31 after 
and in that event you know that Christ 
I was not on earth 
Christ began the construction of the temple 
the construction of the Christian church 
but by logic we understand and nothing else 
that I want to say at this time 
Christ could not have left a church 
that does not work 
I should have left a church that 
so simply 
one aspect of it is because of everything 
will face the persecution 
and false doctrines 
attacks and then to be able to exercise 
trades in the church that was had 
to be ready here if he was not 
could not have left something incomplete 
then the process of 15 processes of the 
of the church 
and we believe we teach from that 
until I love my night event that 
It has not yet reached the organization 
the church is ready 
we are in the process we are more 
advanced from what we 
we imagine 
in the second presentation pair 
I also want to add some things in 
reference to it 
then that text as justification 
to use the temple model 
illustrating the building of the church 
of our church church today in 
day that was them triumphant 
I also want to go back to an appointment now 
I mentioned at the beginning of the presentation is 
this is already found in select messages 
second volume page 436 is a quote that 
I think a lot of us have in 
our heads when it refers to the 
idea of forming a church 
or a new church 
the next quote says well says well says 
A) Yes 
satan will perform his miracles for 
cheat and will establish your power by 
on top of all the others it may seem 
that the church is about to fall but not 
will fall 
and he remains standing while the 
sinners that attention are sifted 
while the straw is separated from wheat 
precious is a terrible test and without 
However, nobody has to be outside of 
those who have been winning 
through the blood the lamb and the 
word of their testimonies will be 
counted with the reals and the faithful with 
those without spot or wrinkle 
with those who have no deception in their 
mouths and we must strip ourselves of our 
own justice and destinies with the 
justice of christ 
says several things here but one thing 
on which I want to place the emphasis 
is that the church will not fall 
then how does this work 
of the 
of the history of building the 
church of god 
the backyard 
we have seen that that is Sinai 
the history of 1840 does not 
I had the story of Christ 
we place here 
is 327 to 34 
this church was the established church 
for god in the Sinai but here he fell and 
it was replaced by the Christian church 
this church has been established by 
Christ himself but he fell 
a church that is to ss 
let's say the name of the form or of the 
reformers or Protestants better said 
you have to protest the churches 
protestants and that church in the air 
Christian I represent the church to God 
on earth but it was replaced 
also fell and was replaced in that 
10 minute process in the 40s 44 
so how does that work then 
One time, yes, it's already good but that would be 
then it is well third axis is 
successively the last church here 
the church began a story 
Seventh-Day Adventist 
but we are now saying in 
the process 
as yesterday we have placed here law 
in this church once more street 
has to fall into that logic to give 
place to church 
how can we harmonize this with that 
quote and about that kind of logic that 
many of us use for 
to discriminate is what they teach is 
wrong is in direct contradiction with 
spears prophecy but of course it's not if 
we would not be teaching this 
and the solution already provides that it is 
in Romans 9 
pablo elaborates here the theme of the church 
we can read the first verses 
says the following the truth I say in 
Christ I do not lie 
my conscience gives me testimony in the 
holy spirit that I have a great 
sadness and continuous pain in my heart 
what does that sadness mean that the 
because he wanted the same thing to be anathema 
separated from Christ 
out of love for my brothers the 
who are my relatives according to the flesh 
which are the relatives according to the face 
of Pablo for that 
according to the flesh are his relatives 
but he has other relatives now he is not 
true are the relatives of the faith are 
the relatives of the spirit 
and what is the problem with those 
relatives of the flesh then oscar in 
relatives of the flesh the Jews by 
Israel had rejected 
while you see test after test 
that's why the cheerful stylist 
and for him that's why you were so 
extreme that he would be willing to him 
lose yourself so that only this 
village could be accepted 
to be received 
in the arms of the savior 
the circle four that are Israelites 
my relatives according to the meat that are 
Israelites of which are the adoption 
the glory the covenant the production of the 
law the cult and the promise and the promises 
then that town received the glory 
the covenant we remember this we have said 
this the enactment in law received 
in movies and all those things the cult and 
the promises many promises the promise 
that they were going to be the town wants 
the Messiah 
is the town that God chose in the 
land to make the light that they have it 
many promises 
5 of who are the patriarchs and of the 
which according to the flesh came Christ 
and all those things in the town of God 
all those things that make up the 
has root and are born from this town the 
relatives of the flesh of Pablo 
However he is very sad 
the agony of this town 
which is god came christ I know what is 
god above all things blessed by 
the centuries amen 6 not that the word of 
God has failed and that is the thing here 
in our case it is also not that the 
word here is failing 
because not all those who descend from 
Israel are Israelites 
in what sense one might think 
that the word already fail on 
the promise those promises all that 
had been given to this town now 
in that generation Pablo is watching 
saying teaching 
they are failing 
and so to speak it seems that it fails 
because we already for the day 
divorced and that the Jew is everything 
the day I do not accept by the way June 
religion to this day believes that it is of 
for God says that's how it was said 
God has promised and so I have done but 
I divorced this town that 
sense failed but Paul writes the 
that the promise has not failed 
and now he continues saying 
because 9 
because the word of promise is this 
18 this is not those who are children according to 
flesh are the children of god but the 
who are children according to the promise are 
counted as descendants then 
all the promises that to cities the 
beginning of God's covenant with his people 
those promises continue to be valid 
they still work all of them are 
valid and still the patriarchs are the 
patriarchs of the people of the church of 
god and still the laws are the laws 
of poor god there is simply a new 
village that now that he has inherited 
God's people are no longer meat 
but that safe town 
or the people according to the promise 
because the word of promise is this 
for this time I will come and be 
maybe have a child then what etc 
is saying Pablo here he is 
explaining this transition 
this point here 
in this town that is the town of the 
according to the meat 
this town that brings patriarchal promises 
Christ law this town now claims that 
he is still but he says that no longer 
it is true then the arguments 
but what is with the promises that what 
spirit prophecy says here in the 
old testament which is what he says 
that promises because it is written that 
We are the people of God 
and he says if all that follows nevertheless 
but you have to understand who is the poor 
god now 
the people of God can be another is 
feel it is not a title that one inherits 
is a title that one has to receive and 
for that transferred to another 
unfortunately the same is valid here 
in this story we have again the 
people of God 
the Seventh- day Adventist Church 
that carries that legacy that has to 
between them 
the prophet came 
in he received it just like that israel a 
promised land that is guardian of the 
laws that has many promises and one 
he says clearly these promises are not several 
can not be discarded as 
you say the church street 
and says it does not fall if the church does not fall 
but has the church the church is not 
the Adventist church according to the flesh 
but the church 
spiritual atlantist and that church 
now it is not not found I understand the 
organization according to what was once 
according to the circumcision is not true 
for ourselves it is not who is 
baptized Adventist that he has a 
document of the mind said the church 
he is the son of god he is for it 
because it is written because he was baptized 
by with pastor he recognized him and accepted him 
in our media that's why after 
god no dear brothers here we have 
that look for that poor promise 
and between them 
in a new and separate town that is 
logical here the fat does not fall that 
church is still the same church and 
inherit all the promises and they are fulfilled 
here in the triumphant church are you 
promises that's logic and that's a 
explanation I think very clear that now 
we know but as always 
these things we do not want to apply to 
it is easy to apply all things to 
israel of antiquity but we 
of nabai since we 
same today if they were those 
we would classify Christ is not true 
we are capable of such a thing 
that here 
it is not difficult to understand 
end maybe with a 
the children maybe it's not a thing here 
the children of the spirit 
chose this spirit book 
sites here is gathering 
because they are not according to the flesh 
I do not know according to baptism here at 
church the circumcision in this story 
but by the spirit those children 
how they become children of the spirit 
because they have to be baptized by 
the spirit the truth they have to 
have received the spirit and spirit 
we have been teaching that for 
long time already 
the spirit began to spill in the 
September 11 
this date here 
September 11 marks the 
spill of the spirit of 
really the late juve about that 
people who have accepted this here the 
who understood the spiritual meaning 
of this event this milestone 
It is empowerment of the first message 
angelic in our story comes to 
be son of spirit 
you can not fight so much here 
against this many are willing to 
say I like the diagrams what 
I agree 
I am in the pioneers 
I think the Stephen is nice and 
prophecy spirit as a text 
inspired that is that we should 
do but when it reaches the 
conclusions of him me and when one of 
our showed with their September 
a milestone 
important and decisive in the history of 
our church if you accept what 
means this for us then you 
you get to receive the spirit for that 
generation and if you reject it then 
you will not get into that pipe 
generation and of course you will not arrive 
to be part of more by God 
and those things 
they are for many already already too much because 
I just do not know why but one of 
things I think we have we 
to apply an adequate methodology 
to draw the consequences of 
meaning of those studies 
this event is 
repeated times it was shown in the 
story that I have with this 
movement and a and suárez is that has been 
it is a classified starting point 
during september 
brands and you enter the movement or if you 
you leave the movement and the 
sympathy that one has with so many things 
that we teach is not enough 
if you do not accept that then you can not 
take part more 
from the unfolding of the light that 
I am giving because this is the 
moment when it was also the village 
public 18 
he illuminated the earth with his good glory 
so that I wanted to add 
close with a text 
found in 
Selected messages first tome 
page 239 240 is the famous text of that 
vision that nabai had on the ship that 
stella against an expert I found 
with ice on the lake the mountain of 
and I'm going to read it in select Sana had 
about 239 
a little after I sent the 
testimonies about the efforts of the 
enemy to stifle the foundation of 
our faith and notice here emphasizing the 
day of 6000 at the beginning of the text and 
end of the text more but again 
satan attacks a thing attack the 
basics of our faith 
that's a story present in this 
through the dissemination of theories 
misleading I read an incident about a 
ship that faced a there is because 
in a haze 
I slept little for several nights 
It seemed to be crushed like a car 
under the sheaves 
one night one was clearly presented 
scene in front of me 
I was sailing a ship in the middle of a dense 
suddenly the watchman is wet there 
wait in sight there as an elevated 
tower above the ship were people 
sky sports 
an authorized voice 
the extremes of those 
then we have here the scenario 
at sea 
a boat 
This boat represents what 
to church 
and the ship is 
with speed sailing the sea 
when suddenly here it appears 
and he says he's very tall with a certain 
So what do you have to do? 
what should be done in that situation 
there as an elevated tower above 
of the ship was a following sky sports 
an authorized voice and proclaimed now 
interesting an authoritative voice exclaimed 
we can visit is an inspired voice a 
voice from heaven exclaimed do face it 
it seems crazy a certain aspect 
similar size 
in the middle 
the disembarkation of that boat now 
has to face it so big is 
more was rising above the ship wow that 
he just seems to commit suicide 
it is not true to commit suicide 
that wait but that's the authorized voice 
face it there was not a moment of 
instant action was demanded 
machinist the machinist gave march to 
all steam and the helmsman steered the boat 
directly against him there is luck 
so here what they 
they understand and they had no doubt because they 
they knew the will 
they knew and that voice was authorized in 
the voice of christ they know that this in 
that voice can be trusted and certainly 
some simply have to do 
front and they have to steer against 
because because they know they are going to 
with a crunch 
hit the iceberg there was a terrible 
shake shaken and despair is 
broke into many pieces that fell 
on the deck with a rumble 
similar to thunder 
the passengers were violently 
shaken by the force of the collision 
but no lives were lost on ships 
damaged but not without remedy bounced by the 
contact shaking from bow to bow as 
a living creature then followed 
go ahead on your way 
then what happened here 
and that transporting illustrating that in 
our story is that that ship 
symbolizes that church here the church 
the movement that movement 
keep going when suddenly you 
presents a huge problem that seems 
invincible that seems to destroy or divide 
that movement 
what we understand that were 
that is apostasy 
started this 
be evident in 2014 of apostasy or 
mega of his brothers 
we often think that that's one thing 
is a 
an event an apostasy that 
he states that it is the worst thing at the end of 
times and there are many ideas that 
means that crumb position nonetheless 
studying the crumb position in time 
of inah white 
it has not been because there was not but it is 
an alpha poetry and he tells her that that's 
one is the beginning that declares the end the 
alpha poetry was not just one thing 
we usually remember of his was the 
situation that what is not true that 
so only a part of that 
poetry at the end explains it and he 
refer other events to other people 
other closed toxins that had been 
introduced then that apostasy 
friend who started in our movement 
2014 is really caused everything she 
says here 
we had no doubt then in 
then back then it makes you 
the forehead directly and shook as 
here it says looting terribly at 
movement was made a separation and 
many brothers suffered strongly 
by that separation that division in 
our movement that did not seem to do 
sense that it did not seem to be in 
suddenly in the middle of us in the 
heart of the movement yes 
a division 
some groups that opposed 
and the opposition from the beginning 
dear brothers is a position that 
we see already prefigured in the height of 
old testament like all things 
is the opposition of 
dastan live and run I do not know 
the three men who did not accept the 
from the beginning 
the argument was not so much doctrinal 
if it was not a rebellion a problem with 
the leader anza 
attacks with the leaders of the movement 
we are not aware of that 
that in reality here the problem is a 
organization that was already being done 
installed by god and those who have 
a problem with that organization 
then produce manifest in that 
apostasy and manifest in that there is is 
because like us, selena white does not 
it's true in alpha power has a 
problem with the prophecy spirit 
with what the people they had 
placed in its place 
the exterior says here that impact today 
It was damaged damaged the boat but not without 
remedy and the same we can see 
in this story the impact that caused 
this the damage it caused was the separation 
or the division groups that came out 
people who left if families that are 
they divided but it's not that that was left 
that is us after those impacts 
We have been fortified in the points 
who had been attacked understands their 
impacts caused understanding 
that without this we would not have 
it is understood 
and that is partly for me at least 
that's what he describes here as the 
and the ship went on its way 
so maybe you know that this 
movement goes on and more and more 
it's always 
very cute can be present in 
brothers from around the world according to him we have 
now a second conference 
in our movement it was in italy year 
passed the first decision to fort manía 
and there I had some brothers present 
many countries of the world 
this movement is great maybe a 
number but an extension really is 
a wonder to see this 
while the other groups 
here that form that opposition 
and in those incidents of apostasy 
It's all very different 
it's quite sad to see the development of 
in their ministries and groups and people 
disappearing little by little 
continue the next sentence without 
paragraph well did I know the meaning of 
this edition had received my orders 
he had heard the words like a voice from 
our captain there is the voice of the 
captain in the voice of jesus christian make him 
front I knew what my duty was and that 
there was a moment to lose that there was 
come the time of determined action 
without delay lived there was the order to 
front that night I was standing at one 
writing noticed how fast my 
hand could run on paper during 
the next few days I worked on 
this early to late preparing 
for our brothers the instructions 
that were given to us makes the 
errors that I was introducing it 
between us that is then this here 
the mistakes those are 
in those problems that cause that cause 
that impact that causes that shake with 
I've been waiting for there to be a 
reform and that the 
principles for which we fight in 
the first 
and that were presented with the power 
of the holy spirit 
the principles that were placed in 
the first days of the movement those 
principles have often been the cause of 
the attack against those principles that 
we can do with us we face 
problems we say but the foundation already 
is placed 
after the arguments here are 
they seem complicated they are new 
but one thing that makes it easy to solve 
the attacks and is looking back 
because those attacks here always go in 
against the basics 
it may seem quite interesting and 
up to easier to understand or 
until making a solution in different 
doctrinal issues what here is 
presents in that 'omega' apostasy but 
At some point you will notice 
there is a 
it's a problem with the fundamentals they 
they have that in study arguments the 
and that wants to innovate with the beginning 
and says it 
at the beginning and the same at the end 
that I wanted to place here also for 
do sometimes that part of the 
the children of the spirit we have said are 
those who have been baptized with the 
spirit that came in his September of 
go forward in your those children 
they become children of God and continue 
no god and god heaven stands firm 
to the basics in the attacks that 
we have experienced we are in 
against those foundations 
that is the foundation of the church in 
this church will not fall those brothers 
that church has been prepared and placed 
in its place is the temple so directed 
in those moments there are the 
jumping a little 
in my presentation now I want to 
tie up ends with something I did in the 
first two presentations where 
we made an application 
to the organization of the church that the 
treatment is not totally now in 
our generation 
then that has been here basically not 
all taken from an article that we have 
published in the magazine 
Francoist messenger as the division 
number 7 and now I want to go back to 
in another text only the organization that 
you have received at the beginning 
and there 
on page 31 
I have placed a safe 
we can take the zoo 
and remember briefly 
the organization 
of the old testament church 
new treatment 
and we said we have god 
we have bassinet 
we crave 
we had the priests 
then we have the bosses 
in different degree 
then in the new testament 
We have seen 
that he was also a theocracy 
that god above 
and then we have the apostles 
and then we have 
or teachers 
one thousand prophets 
and art teachers evangelists 
that is for me as a category 
maybe we can do the same thing just 
some go 
with that is universal others are local 
I'm going to go back to that after we have the 
that category here 
that's basically local are in a 
you know 
that category of deacons I think 
there's also here in the subdivision 
and I said that for me in my 
is here to another division 
one thing from here another division for 
those god in invisible leader those months 
he bet on visible leaders but 
those leaders here 
They have been chosen by God 
chosen by god 
remember when Pablo is directed he does not 
is chosen as Matías was chosen 
he is led by god that this very 
I said it that's why we understand 
what did you say 
it is not the true apostle number 12 
true apostle number 12 is Paul 
because God chose him 
This is prohibited by men 
that category then is building by 
as well 
that here 
although they do similar things there is a 
distinction of why in that group 
my brother and I sign on another day 
a text 16 28 verses 7 
because the bible I said that for me it is 
that same group and said but they are 
different and that brings us nega are not they are 
different of course those groups 
people in trades crafts are 
because they say 16 28 but also that 
they closed in the wine and considered 
then always priest and prophet 
prophet priest 
to all the prophet teacher prophet 
I think that's pretty much the same 
distinction today in the same difference 
they erred considered they were upset 
for the wine they went with the saw 
prayed in the vision they stumbled on the 
judgment everything then different things in 
the 1 will be on mission others stumble on 
they do different things have different 
worries trades of that that's not 
I'm denying here 
and now in the application of your time 
God has to be in the middle of that 
that puts the laws 
and certainly 
in the application god also places the 
unit that movement 
then this movement has 
four leaders 
or four apostles 
and the history of choosing those 
four is really one thing that does not 
we understand 
Four men were chosen by God 
first one that we call 
also the reformer of the movement 
and then three those three had been 
elected 2016 in February 
not because there was not a 
human choice and it 's matter and they had 
placed in place so they can 
simply making the sacrament is not 
true celebrate those 
those trades 
to be able to then also place the 
hands on the old man and so on 
but with the lapse of time after 
we understood that those four apostles did not 
they were for that also for that but that 
they were placed here to occupy that 
leadership position of a movement 
nobody wanted that nobody headed men 
for this they had been summoned 
simply on the basis of representing them 
in different areas in the world 
but then the gentleman showed us 
clarified that they had placed in that 
place to fulfill a much more function 
there that simply 
to be able to baptize or to be able 
and to end a marriage or carry 
out the holy dinner then that 
we recognize in that movement and for 
now we see how is the group can 
grow at least we can not 
vote for someone to it or we can 
incorporate someone to that is the group 
sites has placed and god has to 
direct this 
after that 
we have the same here 
what can we call prophets 
today maybe we had different 
what we did there is someone who teaches prophecy 
speakers presenters of topics 
Bible instructors is what I 
now in different biblical structures 
some that are there in the schools 
that we have others who have another type 
of gift or experience and are rather the 
who travel 
and that are that have the function of 
lead groups with seven experiences 
Council troubleshooting guide 
the formation of group churches 
we have to make our movement 
now in italy at the conference 
recent for the first time we have anointed 
three biblical instructors 
are you from your biblical eyes have been 
women are women 
and that's interesting because it's not 
that there are no others in that movement there 
much more that they already work and 
and god through they are going to be anointed 
also but in that situation those who 
they were present there they were simply 
those three sisters we want 
do with that also because we understand 
that they wanted to make a 
we recognize the role of 
woman in that role as well as the inah 
white had that possibility 
this function of your instructor for the 
town here there is not a problem those 
They can be women too 
we value that and see the paper 
important that God has given to his 
sisters in that movement 
and then let's see that others also 
they will be anointed because there are already several in 
the different countries 
the instructive prophet to me with my 
understanding for now it's something pretty 
it is rather a bit the dedication or the 
orientation of that that trade of 
people here 
now then we have the elders at the level 
as well 
in that movement in italy it started 
anointing elders once again had been 
present two people who qualified 
for that two brothers one for 
Latin America and another brother to 
in the French- speaking world 
have been anointed and the idea once again 
is that they are locally responsible 
is the highest authority at the local level 
at that time as there are few 
the locality can cover an entire country 
or an entire area of ​​a language for a 
moment but we hope that eventually 
is reduced in those those areas and then 
it will be a city or it will be a department or 
a town with an old man is responsible 
to be able to carry out 
the baptism the holy dinner wedding 
and of course he has to teach 
institute those have to teach here 
he shows the houses 
in instruction solves problems 
explains defines the doctrine and all this 
actually that's here is in a 
that is the most important group 
the elderly 
and the deacons 
because they work and work with the 
brothers often they are there 
they are in day-to-day affairs 
present to solve to help for 
solve and direct 
the local church has to solve everything 
it's not the idea that you go 
frequently to those who are most over 
You must be able the elderly must 
be heirs to solve everything that is 
present at the time in the locality 
we have good faith that that is 
possible because in the triumphant church 
because if there is wheat wheat is not that 
has no wheat problems and also has 
problems but you can subtract the 
problems because it's wheat and there's going to be 
harmony only when there is tares 
that is the level here does not reach us 
solve the matter and then it has to be 
presented to the jec and more over for 
that they intervene 
then there we are that two brothers in 
this movement now we have placed 
and to that structure if this is so and 
we combine the self with what 
we said a little before then 
we are almost ready in the 
organization of the triumphant church 
almost everything is already in place then 
that that harmonizes with what we 
we believe and we teach a good time ago 
We are close to midnight 
and that's in the name of Achilles doing 
in presentation of what we are 
the preparation for midnight the 
last things that have to be done for 
be ready stews because now it's going to 
start another final phase on earth 
ending perhaps with a 
a call or a 
an information 
to enter that church as an entrance 
in that church as in your church I 
it is always the covenant already through the 
circumcision is not true 
crossing the sea and crossing the sea here 
Simon the baptism 
here is also this is something very very 
interesting that is quoted because christ 
was baptized by Juan where that comes 
because I had to be baptized 
perhaps it was not one says new is not 
marked in Christ itself if he has 
baptized with other days of age is 
say considered those symbols of 
Covenant in its symbols of baptism 
Christ was already baptized as a child 
but when it gets to start to open 
to start the Christian church he will 
is rebaptizing to start that new 
and of course that's what we 
we also have here one has what 
triumphant that we have also started 
now in 
in italy at the conference of the 
from those who are up here to 
several people who were present 
they wanted to take advantage of that moment they 
they felt pushed by the lord of 
do what 
we have begun to rebaptize brothers 
locally in different places 
now the world is beginning to the 
work of bounces 
the robot ism basically works 
by an instruction in the points or 
in the vows of baptism that we already have 
in Spanish missing civic centers 
concert we look for in the process 
there has to be a preparation because 
everything we believe and teach 
is not is not easily understandable for 
someone who leaves the odyssey are not 
points that one easily is of 
agreement with then has to see the 
preparation an instruction and then from 
that process 
according to the advice of the local elders 
we can move forward and we can carry out 
in baptisms is a process that just 
is starting and 
you should investigate about it 
investigate their hearts investigate that 
matter because we believe that it is a being 
called that they are giving in their 
people in this movement 
then we did nothing in that hour I want 
end with the prayer and I thank you 
once again your interest and your interests 
dear father thank you very much for this 
tomorrow for that day and for that opportunity 
from here to record those topics are 
messages for the brothers in the 
different places in the world so that 
they can understand what you 
you have done because you have given us 
understand directs directs the 
hearts of his brothers sir and 
sisters all over the world 
here specifically we are thinking and 
working for the brothers of the world 
Spanish speaking the name Jesus 
we thank and ask for all of this amen