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Publish Date: 7/26/2018
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very well I want to make a small 
yesterday's repetition are two things that I 
I want to demonstrate in these presentations 
or at least so far 
an issue is the history of the church 
of a church that replaces a 
church that at the moment is 
representing by god on earth or 
god on earth and because a new 
church comes in and how does this work and why 
what justification there is for the 
replacement of one or the other 
that's a story that's proven 
with two 
examples an example has been history 
dejesús where we have a church in the 
that is up here is that of the Jews 
what is the church of god but at the same 
time the same time it becomes the 
year 27 
After Christ Christ begins to 
organize well we have read the beginning to 
organize it puts the basics for 
the Christian church 
throughout the process 
going through bent and costs 
and the death also of Jesus on the 31st and 
arriving at the closed door in the year 
3. 4 
in that church he gave Jews 
although existing simultaneously with 
a new church 
this garment in place less than the 
another is taking its place and 
replacing the other one in that is a 
simultaneous parallel process also 
we have seen another story 
and that's the story of the mileuristas 
there we have the church of jarvis 
the gray and its remaining pros 
and we have the church of philadelphia 
the gray and the miners 
and the same thing happens while a 
rejecting the truth of little by little 
losing his place as representative of 
god on earth 
the other one occupies the empty chair and reaches 
be the people of God 
at the end of that process what was the 
God is completely discarded and no longer 
represents by the god and the other 
completely occupied the place and is the 
new church of god on earth ok and 
that is a simultaneous process in that 
history we have other dates by 
the process 
here placing 240 
in the 44 
April 8 
it's the first disappointment 
the delicate of the second message 
angelic and here on October 22 the 
arrival of the third angel 
and the second I disappoint those moments are 
tests why we put it here as 
steps are tests as well as in the 
Christ story to those events were 
tests for the power of god 
based on his tests God decides the 
destiny of that town if the light is 
received one participates in that movement 
if the light is rejected one is part 
it's still part of that church 
and that's a movement and that's a 
church we were here in those stories 
but that movement at the same time is a 
church in god's church 
ok very well now I want that that's a 
aspect of what I wanted 
demonstrate is the aspect of 
replacement of a church yesterday 
we have talked about the methodology 
that's part of the methodology that 
we are using to defend that logic 
based on the methodology a method that 
we are using we can understand those 
but if you just stay with one 
superficial reading of biblical texts or 
dismissed then produced this here 
although you can through see logic is not 
acceptable to you 
good another example another 
and I wanted to read more about adding some 
appointments here that yesterday not 
put in place 
the first one is of facts of the apostles 
page 73 to 75 from there take some 
He says 
I think it's page 75 later in the 
history of the primitive church once 
many groups formed in churches 
of believers in various parts of the 
world was further refined the 
organization in order to maintain order 
and the action 
and concerted 
then it was perfected 
but that order as we have to see in that 
history and that organization that was 
initiated by Christ here in which yes 
the Christians that oven was ready 
the organization is a process 
of the organization is 
is to finish here you can see the 
refinement but at that moment here the 
church is in place it works 
It has to be this way it's not true because 
there begins to replace the other 
completely has to replace it in 
all your institutions all your 
functions have to be occupied now 
you have to be ready to meet the 
God's requirements in relation 
with knowing your hand if that church has 
that exercising these functions has to 
be in place every detail 
for us it means this as that is 
the door that is zero 
lose grace 
yes, it was of grace we can see it in 
different moments but at the close of 
and that process ends 
for us if you are of grace to him 
that faith in you be in the Sunday law 
then in the Sunday before 
communicate according to that logic that basis of 
the witnesses we have been seeing here the 
new organization has to be in 
foot to perform 
the function of the new church 
and in our time that church that here 
comes to replace the previous one would be 
the triumphant church 
and I think all things are not very 
difficult to see or understand is 
understand what the video already tells us and 
demonstrate we get more information such 
Once we are used to certain 
texts of certain stories but 
I maintain the position that none of that is 
complicated him 
and hard to see 
something more than I wanted to see aha 
this is 
the phrases of facts the apostles 
also very text I think that yes that 
page 73 says the following the 
church was widening continuously 
and this increase of members as 
increased the heavy burdens of 
who occupied positions of responsibility 
no man or group of men could 
continue carrying those charges only without 
jeopardize future prosperity 
of the church then here is not us 
that they want to organize is not a 
Private desire of them is not to leave 
of the other that is a necessity god 
claim it 
If they had not 
start the organization if they do not 
they would have carried out that organization 
if we do not do this today 
then we simply do not 
we comply we will not be able to comply and 
we harm God's purpose in his 
I work for men 
without endangering future the future 
post life of the church the organization 
is mandatory here if there is not then the 
future here of poor god is put in 
danger this future as a danger 
it means the loss of many souls 
of those in the church and the 
who are in the world 
Wishing to understand the truth 
then that really is one is something 
that if we see it from the point of view 
through sometimes we see it as something 
selfish one wants to form a church 
because one there 
he has resentments with the church 
I attended seventh day and did not understand 
none of this is here something that 
God commands that those initiating are expected 
has a logic purpose 
that is anchored perfectly in the 
I think that's what I had 
forgotten I wanted to poop again those 
details here 
because then now another step and 
Well, as I said there are two aspects that 
I want to show one aspect is because 
one wealth replaces another and because 
nowadays and right now it is 
carrying out that work that 
organization organization does not mean 
simply organize to be able to do 
well the missionary work and others 
works other functions as church 
how can I if it does not mean establish 
a new church this of very substrates 
well then 
in this in this one 
contributing to that logic I want 
I want to illustrate another another aspect 
I want to provide another way to see that 
process because the second thing about those 
topics is how is the organization the 
first is because the organization 
According to how it is carried out side 
nelson we have already started a bit with that 
in the first hours that showing how 
god I organize 
and now I'm with the issue of why the 
need and prophetic justification 
here to my left you see the 
model of the sanctuary 
in a way maybe not like we're not 
used to draw it but are taken to 
see why 
here is the patio 
again we understand that this 
it is here in this title we draw that 
side but here I want to demonstrate another 
the patio is the holy place 
and that is a most holy place 
the sanctuary 
with its different apartments with 
better shops 
illustrates many things one of the things 
which also illustrates the organization of 
out of god or the formation of the 
Church of God and its different phases 
because you can see 
so that the church 
of the Jews starts here 
and we can 
to understand and demonstrate what 
the patio the first phase or the first 
part of the sanctuary department 
it can be very well illustrated with 
what happened in the Sinai 
with a Jewish church you start 
they know that because of Israel it was not a town of 
israel before the series of egypt the 
just with the departure of Egypt from their 
tribes in their families are eaten in 
peoples of israel in the village of god 
and there is the organization and that 
organization culminates then is 
where they receive the bases of this 
have some texts here about it 
that's the history of the patriarchs and 
prophets page 310 
little time ready to camp next to the 
cinema there was indicated to Moses that 
I went up to the mountain to meet God 
he climbed alone 
trip or just the rugged and steep 
path and came near the cloud that 
It indicated the place where Jehovah was 
Israel was going to now enter a 
closer and more peculiar relationship with 
the highest and will be received as 
church and as a nation under government 
of god then that's what I want 
be here here at the time of the cinema 
I have been able to become a church 
the following text 
we get that from the same book page 32 91 
parents and prophets the construction of 
tabernacle of the tabernacle not beginning 
but when seven had elapsed 
time after the arrival of that 
so here we mark the sanctuary 
just here in Sinai before there was no is not 
and after a while 
and the sacred structures rose 
for the first time at the beginning of the second 
year after the exit followed then the 
consecration of priests towards the 
celebration of the Easter in the census of 
village and the completion of several 
essential arrangements for your system 
civil or religious so I will use and pass 
almost a year in the film camp and 
there his cult took a more precise form 
and definitive 
he was given the laws that had to 
rule the nation and verified a 
most efficient organization in 
preparation for your entrance into anxiety 
of the Chanel 
the Israeli government was characterized by 
the most complete organization so admirable 
for its dedication as for its simplicity 
that's why I'm saying here the town of 
god becomes church here begins 
the organization and that being in him 
in the system or in the construction or in 
the logic or geometry of the sanctuary 
that is the first step 
Home what is patio 
now something that marks every pact 
it is baptism through baptism 11 
publicly demonstrates that one is you 
formed a new pact with the Lord 
he was here also is not true we can 
read 1st Corinthians 10 1 to 2 
and let's see how at what time the 
town was quoted here when starting this 
1st Corinthians 
and I know the following the 1st century 
because I do not want brothers you do not know 
that our parents were all 
under the cloud and they all passed the sea that 
sea ​​they passed 
is the marketing miraculously opened 
so that they arrive elsewhere 
and everyone in moses were baptized in 
the cloud and in the sea ​​crossing the sea 
more red is red 17 
the crossing of that sea 
that is a symbol for baptism 
a new covenant is marked here as well 
in the Bible 
for us the baptism 
this is here September 11 but sometimes 
let's say something to thread 
then that first phase here 
we are simply placing here and 
let's see how this continues for 
a little logic 
ok then I say here that that first 
act is the first phase of the church is 
marked by the yard and those 
sanctuary departments 
in turn they mark 
they mark dispensations that are 
Dispensation dispensation is a time 
at specific time in the history of 
the church of God each dispensation 
brand is marked by the end and the 
beginning of a new phase 
then that dispensation here the 
dispensation of the church of the 
Hebrews of the Jews and ends here 
when Christ comes and this phase that already 
we have seen 
we could here if we want to describe your 
with a phase then we place those 
years that we already saw here in that line 27 to 
3. 4 
now in those in that phase enter the 
holy place we see what 
is the dispensation ends and begins 
a diet and expectation end 
that church and start the next 
in the Christian church 
let's see if we read something 
a text that we saw yesterday the facts of 
the apostles 16 christ inaugurated with 
Christ began the organization gave the 
first steps in organizing the 
church when he ordered the 12 
and that's all here 
when entering here to finish that 
dispensation and start the new 
we know here that Christ came in 
the place was not inaugurated 
holy in heaven when he came up from the 
earth to light 
to heaven the place he occupied was not the 
most holy and not even the courtyard he entered 
in the saint to manage this area 
and that perfectly then is aligned 
here with that logic 
now this phase was going to last for a long time 
time that the phase of the era of 
Christian Church 
the Jews 
and Christian towns and the next 
point then the next phase 
I'm saying it would be in about the 
miners 1840 to 44 
where again we see the transition 
then we know very well 
because when Christ 
in October 22 
he finishes his work here with the 
Protestants in what places can come between 
the most holy place then he ascends 
dispensation that he opens and right in that 
point we see clearly marked the 
transition that we had drawn here 
Christians stop being people of 
stop being poor of God 
Philadelphia becomes new this time a 
little bit 
maybe that produces a little confusion if 
I say Christians because we 
we are also Christians obviously 
it's just like a term 
generalized I mean here those that 
it's all a phase that covers the first 
Christians in the desert time and 
Christians at the end of the desert that 
They are the Protestants 
ok it's all a phase and then start here 
history and Adventists 
that marks the third phase of this 
and maybe here 
one thing 
here we see something special 
it is true that here the trial begins 
investigative judgment 
of the dead 
around here too 
there has to be that judgment is not 
complete we know that in the last 
dispensation the trial 
researcher passes to the living 
then in this logic that is the 
sanctuary obviously missing 
one last step 
and it 's last step here because here is 
something here something that has to end 
of that process here in that logic of 
without having something here and what is here 
located then is the infant stirrup 
there has to be and as we have seen in 
each step in each step of a phase to the 
next phase is or is not just that 
church here that exists 
your dispensation ends always ends and 
she does not transform into another she does not 
she does not just have the 
hair and now is another has another 
paint or have another look, she is not 
simply replaced completely not 
means that no body analyst 
to garnish rather it has to be like this 
it has to be part of the large amount 
under a part of triumphant life 
but that church stops being this is 
something that logic here teaches that 
logic in three steps then and you see 
here a transition transition 
Transition transition is nothing more 
evident in the prophecy and in those in the 
plan of salvation that the phase of the 
feht and seventh day ends 
with a last dispensation or the end of 
that dispensation and leads results 
a new church 
although those are some 
aspects that the prophecy gives us that the 
life teaches us to understand 
started in our time and that process 
now when we mark it 
at what time do we locate that process 
that transition 
and I can again use this here 
27 31 34 
for our time 
that's the moment here 
in which a celestial being descended 
and the descent of a celestial being the 
Baptism of Christ that we also mark 
as the empowerment of the first angel 
first angelic message of our 
time occurred on September 11 
of course this is the parallel to this 
now 31 
it would be at this time 
a parable of midnight love 
and here we had already put 
we had already put 
if you are of grace and then we place 
the Dominican 
in that process in our history is a 
brand process 
the lifting of a new church and 
since September 11 of that 2001 
God already placed in its place is a 
church that someone can maybe 
place the argument that the church 
Christian began with Christ 
really started that really with the 
Birth of Christ 
if you want to put it back here 
outside of that framework but neither if from a 
problem no 7 because this would be the 
parallel 1989 the end time in 
our story if you do not want to mark 
well here 
there is no problem doing it if you want 
place this here 1798 problem do it 
but rather clearly 
here that starts because because what 
here it happens in this year 
spiritually speaking and not you not 
have to think about with September the 
attacks in new york and that that was a 
event that simply marks if something so 
visible so huge in that we place it and 
we lend this to the media 
could see very well as an event 
important one does not have that of what 
happened here at this moment that happened 
spiritually at that time 
one of the things that we see in 
this movement is that here God started 
to lay the foundations 
just as Christ placed here the 
foundations for the Christian church 
in our movement the foundations 
here we were starting to place before 
that what we said yesterday was discover the 
methodology how should we get to 
understand the bible how can we understand 
the prophecies for our time and a 
once understood and exercised and tested the 
the methodology god was ready to 
and allow the fundamentals to 
place the basics you know 
also first it is they have to be 
worked with certain are stones that 
you have to cut you have to 
prepare concert so that here they are 
perfect blocks 
that can be put then and that 
way to form a stable foundation 
what is that process so 2001 then 
this here starts in this process and 
we are in this framework we are 
in the midst of that organization we 
we have not understood it from here we see 
as the Israelites with them 
prepared for the egypt exit 
they started a very organization 
rudimentary to operate to be able 
get out perfectly from egypt but then 
that organization was perfected 
in us just now 2014 we have 
we have started to see much more in 
specific after with the first 2016 
practical steps and now in that year year 
past and of that year the two of them in the 
decisions and the measures to form 
literally a church have been 
taken we are on the way 
from that process dear brothers I think 
that I hope that you can now 
see a little justification 
prophetic to do it is not simply 
the will of human beings who want 
have a little more order 
in the painting the work that is being 
it has not been very long that presentation and 
I think that's because of the breadth of 
these 10 logical 
you can read basically what 
they are also presenting the 
messenger who is number 7 who is 
on this web page you can read the text 
that illustrates this process here 
this is that my brothers that is 
prophetic justification for the 
direct church organization 
triumphant we have started this process 
and in the next hours then 
I intend to return to the practical application 
how this is carried out in our 
movement and how are we going to and what steps 
we have taken and we are taking for 
advance the use of the church of 
Thank you for your attention let's pray 
that the Lord these sacred moments in 
which we live lady but from 
1939 you have been preparing us 
simply us 
we are seeing with 
with the shoulders 
with joy what you're carrying 
there is no emotion sir that is not in the 
sanctified emotion 
calmly dear father 
steps that are being carried out 
we understand that they are great things but 
the time lady with humility and with 
patience we are moving forward 
in the way you like the guides 
we do not want to make mistake the lord does not 
we have to fear making mistakes 
because they are giving us the evidence 
to proceed very clearly the name of 
Jesus Christ, we thank you for what we 
he has been teaching 
and we ask other brothers who are with 
us who direct them in their 
hearts too