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Publish Date: 7/25/2018
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very good 
well we have been presenting in 22 
hours the theme of the organization more 
well we have given the introduction 
First we have seen how God 
led the village organization in 
ancient testament specifically the 
village that was given from egypt then 
established a theocracy and an order 
simple but effective and very specific 
then we have seen the organization of 
new testament of the church 
apostolic as a primitive church and 
how it was organized and I think we have 
could see that it was a very organization 
an Iraqi structure to a logic 
with very specific functions also of 
the sevens of the entire scientists 
lukewarm of his trades now what to 
we are interested of course is the 
application of these lines and those 
stories to our time 
We have said that we believe that 
come the time in which the town 
of God- has to be reorganized or has 
that organizing again has to 
establish a church what that 
it means 
that we are trying to expose here in 
detail but in this now place another 
time that logic of structure in 
application in our time what 
I also want to do first I want to 
introduce some thoughts 
additional to be able to understand rather 
the logic because if one reads 
texts line white one finds texts 
who say that the church will not fall 
since we were Babylonian 
there are different concepts that give us 
understand that this church the idea of 
it will not disappear 
and that this then the question how is 
how can it be that we are 
saying that you have to form a new 
of course this is what we are 
conscious and we never want 
oppose the prophecy spirit or the 
bible is not our desire to do that we 
simply wish 
for logical human reason form a new 
church of course none of that we have 
been very cautious and for us has 
been a long process of understanding what 
they are waiting for us 
let's do 
but as in any subject 
in this issue of the organization the 
logic of why you have to organize 
there can be no concord or can not 
to have 
the same opinion or harmony if one does not 
is under the same concept or the same 
methodology of understanding the texts that 
we have about it 
that's the subject of the methodology is another 
actually issue but we kinda 
to talk about it at this time 
because if we do not have the same 
methodology is impossible 
and this is the situation of discord in 
reference to doctrinal points is a 
situation that is very present in 
our church those who live here in 
latin america know well of them they know 
well how many groups are there with two groups 
they have left they have separated from the church 
in union and then later they 
they continued dividing because there 
simply doctrinal points that for 
some are totally clear and for another 
the opposite is totally clear and so the 
groups collide ideas collide and never 
there is never harmony and appeals from 
many to organize to get together from 
look for union is then a fantasy 
which is postponed to the future where it is expected 
some miracle some 
with the circumstances 
maybe supernatural that produce from 
suddenly a harmony that harmony that the 
inah white says that the church has to 
to have 
once again we are conscious 
that there is no harmony in athletics 
we are aware that 
has to harmony of front and how is 
that we think that harmony goes 
to arrive 
we do not know basically we do not have 
no specific idea unless it's 
something extraordinary pass 
and those things those events 
extraordinary as you have 
listened to the benefits of the hand and 
snow for example 
he is also referring to this 
we have in many situations like 
appendix that expectation of situations 
extraordinary events 
supernaturals that arrange something or a 
supernatural event arranges our 
sinful situation and it makes us 
perfectly free from sin of this 
moment from now something that comes something 
what happens that comes over us 
as a force a power a change there is 
some who think that they believe this 
others believe that 
the church will be transformed into a 
very special specific moment and from there 
from now on everything is fine 
that at a moment is seen with talk about 
those are those ideas or fantasies their 
unknowns is solved with an event 
that you can not explain that it's a 
miracle but that they have to come that's 
that is the link that is missing in the 
theory of many of us 
I do not think that evidence seems that the 
brothers there's no evidence for that in 
the scriptures is not that's what 
teaches neither life nor the spirit prophecy 
that are we have to wait like this 
event in the future at some point 
where God sends a lightning bolt and that 
solve everything true then 
also on that subject here the methodology 
and unity dear brothers never 
there will be unity there will not be that that 
fantasy in which the various groups 
with the various ideas suddenly it 
unite there are some who are trying 
this is not trying that but 
big commitments 
and ministries that work with speakers 
the great ministries of the know are 
here present latin america many of 
they work together large speakers 
celebrities has many videos and series 
but they do not agree however they do not have 
problem with it and they keep working 
together ok that's not harmony that's not 
unity that the brothers that is 
simply a way of eating 
inside of us we are all the same 
boat and we accept that the others are 
diverse and different than us but 
we do not care about those details are true 
this is not that I believe that is not that 
it is a movement believes or defends and 
course the term in which 
solve this is the weather is 
solves or simply not only 
solve if there is no harmony in the 
methodology then there will be no 
methodology there will be no harmony in any 
of those questions you can see my 
points can see my logic and can 
understand that it is logical but that does not 
it means that they accept it because 
simply you read different to spears 
prophecy and of course you say that 
brother speaks against spears prophecy 
while I can prove that I do not 
I speak against it dependent 
of the methodology that one uses and the 
methodology is not a trick dear 
brothers is not a trick to get to 
a goal can well be used for that 
but the methodology is the way that God 
He gives us to understand his word because 
his word is something we do not understand is 
true his word is a book 
and here we do have the story 
of Jesus 
in the time of Jesus 
for the times prior to your activity 
on earth as 
reformer in that story there were methods 
how to understand holy scripture 
old testament and those methods 
basically two methods employed by 
the Jews were 
and maybe not the methods but what 
impacted the interpretation of the 
writing were two two currents in that 
time that tea and formed let's say or 
impact metrology 
it was time 
and was Hellenism 
in it is simply said the 
Greek culture that impacted throughout the 
world where 'alejandro magno' had 
placed your foot art literature language 
it's sport 
etcetera though 
this impacted the Jews because what 
they were about 300 years three hundred years and 
they liked below that influence is 
impossible for a culture a country 
get rid of or avoid the impact on one 
if they are imposed for 300 years if they are 
present in two years a culture 
different and that culture of Leninism was 
well received by the Jews for some 
very well received in such a way that such 
to such an extent that they wanted to undo 
for example his circumcision physically 
or we can say by surgery or by them 
they want to get rid of it or reverse it 
the circumcision because they wanted 
they wanted to get rid of their Jewish culture 
they wanted to adopt living services like 
then it has a strong impact 
the priests opened schools and 
the games in Greek participated 
the language is not true the language in the 
Greek impact so much that the bible was 
originally written 93 was also 
written in Greek is the same era 
present here and those those more than 
languages ​​are ideas ideas how it should be 
understand interpreting the bible or 
understand any text first 
an oral author is like a second 
old testament but that was 
transmitted orally solano was written 
at least not at that time yet 
some decades later they started to 
write it too but in times of 
Jesus that's the law of Moses that 
texts those stories of moses existed in 
the memory of the Jews and these texts 
they are also part of what 
influenced or influenced the methodology 
the interpretation of the zones 
scriptures this here exists in time 
Jesus is coming and when Jesus arrives what 
that he is heading is a reform 
he has to reform that society and 
you know very well about that story and 
comes to a town that does not understand the 
with him he says he has to eat his meat 
and drink their blood they interpret 
wrongly he is not understood with the 
speak in parables they do not understand 
when he explains 
different such from the kingdom of god and 
what that means with him explains his 
mission he is I do not understand although they should 
have understood it because they do not understand 
good in part there are human reasons 
envy in not wanting but on the other hand 
we can not deny that there were many Jews 
united simply very honest and 
they really waited in a way 
sincere the life of the messiah but they have 
wrong methodology did not interpret 
falsely do not try it as they should 
have interpreted did not understand the 
scriptures did not understand the saint 
writing was applied by the texts of 
way you should not apply them and 
jesus corrected them from extras once was a 
struggle of methods how to understand the 
and jesus then introduces or corrects that 
method of them has to undo everything 
this then he takes 12 disciples and 
that then and produces names that neither 
had studied the oral torah and neither 
they had given us the level of the class 
is the society where they could have 
access to the impact of the same at least 
Not very strong, simple men were sought 
or true and those men with little 
education in those institutions he educated 
he educated them because it has to be 
educated and introduced them to the method 
life also uses in terminology 
of the new wine that Jesus brings is the 
new wine can not be received by 
the other old 
the old poor 
the other videos are the Pharisees or 
the Jews of that time who do not have 
capacity neither will nor possibility 
to retain that is not new wine and they are 
new in this new methodology 
introduces are things that collide one 
destroy the other 
so the 0 say that the new wine yes 
would be placed in the other old 
it would break those containers 
when Jesus then comes to do this 
is in what he does on purpose he has to 
change the methodology has to change 
how to understand and start the saint 
writing neither the hoops nor the disciples 
they do not understand that they have great 
difficulty in grasping your message and that 
method but it's a process and we what 
they learn 
and after a long time they 
they adopt the Christ method and they 
for him I 
then they are saved 
Christ is a week on earth or 
be seven years 
it is not different than the time of 
work of jesus the bible declares 
like seven years we know well by 
Of course he was only 
working three and a half years but those 
three and a half years are part of the plan 
I wanted the cross 
and when here in year 34 I finished that 
then a door was made 
and the door closes so that those who 
they did not adopt the jesus method 
then that methodology those 
brothers understand the method of a new 
what Christ introduces is essential 
not only essential is a matter of 
life and death if you do not accept it you do not 
you will pass here for the trial the Jews 
who wanted to keep their ideas 
they were left out and they stopped being poor 
well the same we see also weighted and 
the mileuristas in that history 
mylar manager the first thing that god 
it teaches you that we read miliar is a new 
method based on that method 
miller is able to understand and 
interpret the scriptures that by 
so many centuries had not been 
understood there were many many theories 
ideas but humanity christianity 
did not understand has to come that man 
God has to do a special work 
with him and he understands how to open and how 
read the text 
then methodology is essential is 
crucial without the mind without knowing how it reads 
the bible you can not understand any 
detail of it no doctrinal detail 
you can understand things of course 
no but it's because you can be 
brave of all there are people that the 
thousand book several times and they say no 
there is nothing special about it or not 
merely a book 
what a certain cultural level brings is not 
true for you the culture on the 
humanity nothing more 
Miller reaches 
when reading the bible interpret it 
can only do it 
he can only understand it because he 
has a new method a method that 
others did not have that means is also 
described as the key or the key in the 
dream and humble you to be 
finds in the second dream in which 
is first subscribed and receives 
a key to open a box in the box 
is full of precious stones is not 
true then those truths that the 
opens only can open because he 
has a key is a method that I 
he understands and that method is 
is marked so we can summarize the 
words from 
diaz from the concept of a 
day equals one year 
then he understands that but not only 
it's that but him too and that's what the 
first thing you receive 
education here happens of course to 
jesus before the education in vila 
also happens before before the 
entry into action then at the start 
you receive the book 
and what is the agreement 
that with that agreement he has the 
key in the hand to open the holy 
writing because because the concordance 
of help in it I can just that 
the match in your today would be 
an electronic book would not be any 
computer or 
phone that you have applications 
it is not true with which you can 
find biblical texts you can 
find a text where a 
word that appears in multiple places 
and that is a methodology and the basis is 
a methodology called the use of 
test texts 
then with those test texts was 
able to open and understand symbols 
prophetic and of course the 
conclusions that we all 
we know then that story too 
is another example and when thousands start 
that work based on a methodology 
completely different from the mythology of 
the Protestants who drives a 
movement and he carries that movement 
again still to a point 
in 1844 specifically October 22 
with social support 
then you can not disconnect the 
biology the correct understanding or the 
teaching how we should read the writing 
without understanding how 
how to do it 
you can not compress the truth in that 
you can not form for your people 
of God- without knowing how to understand it 
sir because we simply do not 
we can like theologians too 
understand and say those are texts the 
bible is a book 
that the human being as such does not 
can understand he does not have access to that 
book is puzzling unless use 
a method and method that in time 
of mila existed was called the method 
historical grammar 
a method that was developed by Luther 
the reformers they made that 
method to fight with in your time another 
line for the method that pre speak if in 
its time in the midst of Catholics a 
allegorical video was one of the means 
most used long ago then they 
they developed this method that was a good 
method for their functions and their 
needs but with a miller is that 
method no longer necessary 
this method is already flat does not contain 
all the necessary keys to 
apparent of the complete truth as in 
that time 
and today still the aventis use 
that method many of them especially 
in his biblical an investigation uses that 
a method that Luther elaborated fight in the 
Catholic church we are not in the 
same circumstances 
Luther did not have a text that he could read 
a biblical text other than a text in de 
your Catholic catholic bible or the texts 
in Hebrew or in Greek we do not 
we have of situation we have bible that 
was blessed in the translation by the 
sir we have other circumstances not 
we need to go to the texts 
originals like them but good 
then once again here in that 
history we also have the same 
God's people have a method but 
It is a town of God in the church 
Protestant in Protestant churches 
they cling to that to those to those 
texts refer to this method that already 
it does not help them to compose what is the 
true for your time god then 
they work with milenium and introduce you a 
new method a new way to understand 
writing and through that ideology in 
way by the god you need to change 
your method to understand what is the truth 
present dear brother if you 
brother and sister has been you 
cling to a method maybe not even 
They know that I like not to use it does not look like 
bible a method that you learned 
of his parents and his grandparents and so on 
etc. thinking that you 
they can simply go to the 
before what is supposed to be the old 
and the right thing then you are 
they are not seeing the way as a god 
we continually need 
hear and listen as the Lord directs his 
in those that time that we are god we 
has given a method god revealed to us 
again how to understand the 
sacred texts what I am saying 
in many of my presentations 
we do not understand many places in the 
bible we did not understand apocalypse 9 
Daniel 11 apocalypse is not true 
apocalypse 8 apocalypse 11 and many 
more texts and talk about all your own 
minors do not understand these texts or not 
we understood those texts with the 
methodology that we have at hand do not 
we come for decades now athletics 
that in which we are discovering and opening the 
he who was more or less honest said 
that in the future the Lord will 
again that hope and that something 
specific happens in the future and it is your 
future and the future has arrived is already 
now and already god did something special 
Jon revealed but did something unpleasant 
for man claiming to be human son 
mine you have to forget what you 
you knew how to do you have to get rid of 
your medium because that means what you're 
using still have some of the wine in 
Babylon mixed in it 
you can say no to you 
they always read the bible they do not read the bible 
as they are and that is supposedly 
pure a reading as it is but 
and may then be asked 
dear brother how can it be that you 
you read the bible as it is and 
you understand like that and your brother 
He also reads the Bible without preconceptions 
try to face the text understand it and 
arrives at a conclusion with motion 
because that is so 
and what I said at the beginning the evidence the 
our reality the division of the cen 
dismo in groups and thousands of small 
groups and different positions on 
doctrinal big points is evidence 
of it 
we do not know how to discover the truth 
one has to decide 
evaluate the method that one uses the most 
just read and have deductions 
logical dislocation nothing more 
use other texts that remember that you know 
that have been translated and reaches 
conclusions mostly based on ideas 
there is no anchor a strong anchor 
that dear brothers is unfortunately 
a very sad situation is a reality 
and of course we do not understand and we deny it 
because we say then that we say 
we say good that's not the truth present 
only the things that I understand is a 
true present for example 
justification by faith is only true 
present and we have texts that help us 
to understand it well and what we understand 
because it was not revealed long ago 
time ago more than 100 years ago those 
things that are true present because 
we do understand things 
we understood simply what we discarded 
they are interesting this time we want 
listen that can mean but 
they never get to have a very place 
prominent because we simply do not 
we understand and if someone comes and says that 
he understands it and suddenly that's what it is 
he says it hits our reality and what 
wants to push our conviction to a 
side then rather 
we do not hear it anymore, rather 
we invite is not true 
then the dilemma of God's people the 
lack of technology 
it's not a movement started 1989 
for another color here 
the time of the end 
in this year those who are involved 
in the usa understand the helium them 
they discovered something and discovered a 
on line 
as long as you have a method to 
home is nothing more than a theory can 
be logical there may be indications that 
the Lord helped to discover it but it is 
a theory needs to be checked the 
theory of miller cycles 
of that method here 
use test texts 
that theory was then 
and proven proven he has a theory 
and based on that theory he said that 
well it has to be god helped in 1840 that 
they see and the world sees that theory 
that method that those in that way 
right because here is serving a 
prophecy that they had understood and 
they had predicted 
years before 
then the meter that they used is 
correct because it was checked because 
it worked because it was fulfilled what they 
predicted here and at that height at the beginning 
of the movement 
now not the same the same the condition 
in its movement 
that methodology that was discovered here 
was used for some years elaborated that 
Line-on-line methodology 
in his hand Daniel spoke about it 
remember through and 628 it is not true that 
your key that we are using as a base is 
that methodology 
the theory was in that story 
we are repeating this 
history here 
to Christ family and other stories 
more that's the theory that's that line 
on that line on that line about 
other lines more line on line now 
that's a theory at the beginning but when 
they advanced we advanced in history we saw 
that it was found that we saw that mills and 240 
repeated in 2001 
the same common condition history 
miner to verify 
the veracity of the methodology used by 
this movement god checks it not 
check here fell Islam 
the second there is 2001 fell the islam in 
how this works what happened exactly 
how are you is another study is 
true that some will have seen it already 
study about Islam that is us 
we are giving is also an event 
parallel here four powers joined 
four world number here the world 
it is a me in alliance with Islam 
the same things happen and this wrote 
his brother who places us now on a 
foundation element of a conviction 
that really got us started on this 
then that method here is meter that 
we use is a method that we use for everything 
what we are understanding studying 
so if I say if I talk about 
methods about organization is not that I 
I read a text and it says here my deductions 
come the time it's time to make a 
new church that's what usually 
the hands do and of course 
brothers are put 
he gets put on the defensive 
when they listen 
Arico in his putting less is more in 
against the sacred councils but to 
base of that methodology you understand the 
proceed and the conclusions that we are 
taking out and the methodology teaches you the 
correct meaning of the god texts 
he wants you and me to understand how 
we have to read the bible 
how that method here did not help us 
understand so many biblical texts all 
another text here did not help us and you 
have to admit you do not have the 
method in the hand or did not have and got the 
hand to buy in the sacred texts 
and simply one postpones it from 
no day the Lord will do it is not true 
and when the day arrives we are 
and time has passed 
and this is time now that the 
brothers we are very advanced sorry 
everyone understands that how can 
we are so advanced in time and 
we still do not understand we only have 
a little portions of the bible and from 
then we have the the 
We say things and those we 
things are not important just one 
small portion of life we ​​think 
important about things saves like 
those ideas as something is salvator me and 
that does not save thorium 
part of the bible are important 
then because I am they gave us a and 
videos and skinny 
here like that in four sheets summarized all 
the most important thing because he has not done that 
it is not true that everything one can have 
easily three little things not that is 
brother look is the book here in my 
version has two thousand pages 
2000 pages because sir has done this 
because he needs because we need every 
and this here has to be understood 
Blessed is he who understands them 
things that are written in that book 
we have that if the time comes we have 
that understand everything absolutely everything and 
If you can not understand it, it's because 
he does not have the correct method for him 
open the key that opens the meaning 
of everything now if one has the key the 
life opens up a wonderful way that 
we are saying a basis for it 
we are explaining that logic of 
the organization then of course I 
I do not expect you to agree with what 
I am saying if you are not over 
the same foundation 
and the foundation is not I believe in it and not 
byte the foundation is not I think what 
follow the pioneers the foundation is not 
that the church is wrong that they are not no 
are the fundamentals not that faith are through 
some things that to some degree 
we agree but it's nothing more than that 
the foundation has to be understood 
and searched and understood again 
then the essential methodology for 
that process to understand a truth the 
methodology that opens the door or the 
leave closed 
and the Christians that in the time of 
in Jesus' time they had adopted the 
correct methodology 
now in a 
if we extend the line here 
Christians who had accepted the 
new methodology that Christ introduced and 
introduced they understood that with the 
Romans placed their banners 
around jerusalem it was time to 
run away 
what they did was nothing more than a 
interpretation of a prophecy 
and they could understand that prophecy 
because they have the method 
not everything without that methods not all 
they accepted that's why the majority stayed 
inside lucimiento 
and when it came 70 years after Christ 
the door closes again and the 
in Romans place thousands of crosses 
around the city of those who 
they tried to escape ok then this here 
once again a symbol of the end or a 
symbol of the judgment on the people and in 
that moment very clearly you can see 
that the end came over that town because 
they did not understand the words of 
god they did not understand identified 
prophetic they did not have the methodology 
that had been introduced here in this 
and what the Christians had adopted 
we do not then have here a 
people that his god people in that 
and that town 
comes to an end 
and at the same time we have another town of 
God at the same time another people of God 
who are also Jews at the beginning 
in a parallel way Christ raises his 
and that church the Christian church is 
primitive that church 
comes to replace the other group and the 
new people of god then from here in 
in the Christian house and the other church 
the Jewish church stopped being a town of 
god god divorces her 
and that manifests here in the 
total dissolution 
there is no longer even the possibility of 
have that religion to carry it out no 
there is temple and astro india there is no temple 
there is no way to worship according to the 
commandments according to traditions and 
conditions and the old pact of 
town of israel 
that is our reading also right now 
let's see a little more about it 
the same thing happens in our days 
then that line of cheese that we have 
shown here shows now another 
aspect of the organization 
call me a text briefly yesterday 
read again says the following this is 
a text drawn from the facts of the 
Apostles page 15 and page 16 
the water says for three and a half years 
the disciples were under the 
instruction of the greatest teacher that the 
world did Jesus ever meet that 
and Jesus Christ was the teacher to the 
disciples educated them he did not have to 
look at me they go through a time of 
school a training 
and because it has to be formed because it does not 
because neither the rabbis nor the schools 
schools of the Greeks and they could 
finding the truth could not be 
trained to understand the will of the 
sometimes he pulled some things here the 
text sometimes I taught them sitting 
between them on the slope of the mountain 
sometimes together by the sea or 
walking down the road he revealed the 
Mysteries of the Kingdom of God anywhere 
there would be hearts open to 
reception of the divine message exposed the 
truths of the way of salvation 
he did not command the disciples to 
did this or that but said 
Follow me on your travels through the countryside and 
the cities he took with him to 
that they could see how he taught the 
they traveled with him from place to place 
they shared their rural meals and like him 
sometimes they were hungry and often 
they were tired 
ok and then says when ordering the twelve 
the first step in the organization was taken 
of the church that after the departure 
de Cristo would continue his work in 
the earth 
when ordering the twelve when Christ oven 
the god the twelve here and here here 
here where it was here is not true or good 
that had been baptized christ orders the 
twelve and this means that there is no says 
it the first step in the organization 
of the church 
the first step in the order is then 
the church the Christian church begins 
to whom year 
here begins the literal organization of 
that church church who was able to 
god at that time only Jews is a 
church so is the church of god but 
at the same time who raised another one 
God himself raises a new church by 
that we give you the period here in 
prive of the parallel church 
we have two churches two god english 
one ceases to be God's people another 
it becomes new by god one goes to 
disappear another one rises from one goes away 
to divorce another is going to be going into 
the lamb weddings then that's what 
what happens in that time is something that 
we have to see dear brothers 
and one understands would understand that this 
history repeats itself verbatim and 
the ine says so if one would have this 
then one understands that the same thing is 
happening today 
There is a people of God but at the same 
time god is raising a new 
at the same time there are two churches one 
is and stops being a new one is raised and 
it will be until the end 
then when ordering the two then what 
does Christ here is not true that does 
him because he does not reform the church 
was treated towards him he communicated 
especially with the town leaders 
I wanted to refuse 
then he must then have to 
prepare the divorce of the church and 
has to enter the marriage with a 
new church 
to order the twelve the first one was given 
step in the organization of the church 
that after the game that 
he would continue his work on earth 
regarding this arrangement the story 
says and climbed the mountain and called yes 
whom he loved and came to him 
set 12 to be with him 
and to send them to preach 
this process now of organization 
as we said a little yesterday that 
process starts here but it does not end 
here also ended here a little here is 
a process is a process that is 
advancing and we have some indications 
of it 
I'm going to read something I wish you all 
people page 198 and the next 
if the leaders if they had 
received Christ I would have honored them 
as his messengers to carry the 
gospel to the world then here is 
this because I just said the 
leaders and I gave them the opportunity and 
step in our movement 
from the beginning here there was 
specifically effort of several 
people who communicate the leaders of 
the church those barriers that is 
we started to discover 
and the church reacted from the beginning 
for example here in that place 
in Bolivia 
I came to limit the preaching of churches 
and when I after some time 
the local pastor comes and says no 
can preach this and that prophetic 
'we have prophetic I never had 
predicate of his prophetic subjects but 
I knew that I had them in my repertoire 
preparatory then I asked was 
because he does not want me to present that if 
I was not even presenting that and 
after where I knew it because he 
he was in opposition and he says he 
there was simply how it had 
communicated with the center 
biblical research in the USA this as 
the doctrinal center such we can say 
in that church where they are is a group 
of theologians who use this method and they 
they have written some things in 
against what we are teaching and 
then that serves and of course it served 
to the videos of the church to oppose 
to that method to oppose the truth 
is that we are sharing 
after the start here comes the start 
the church leads the institutes the 
influential positions have been 
confronted with loneliness they continued to take 
your position 
and of course they have not changed it 
to them the leaders was given 
first the opportunity to be was 
of the land and the grace of God 
but israel did not know the time of his 
Visitation jealousy and distrust 
of the Jewish leaders matured in 
open I hate people's hearts they 
departed from Jesus 
in Santander and had rejected the 
message of Christ and sought his death 
therefore therefore Jesus departed from 
Jerusalem of the temple priests 
of the religious leaders of the people 
that he had been instructed in the law and he 
he led another class to proclaim his 
message and gather those who must 
announce the gospel to all 
at that time we have also seen and 
we have the bitter experience many 
has his experience that you can not 
it's simply a job basically in 
in vain to try to convince 
leaders because the leaders know 
What are they doing 
to the contrary 
in difference to the people to the majority of 
the church in the parking meters two of 
they have a method and those grab them 
that method and according to that method what 
we teach simply is not 
correct does not work can not be accepted 
with the reformers preached the 
word of God they did not think to separate from 
the established church 
miller is not true either 
Jews here either us either 
nobody thinks that nobody wants that because 
everyone understands that God has a people 
and one leaves from that town a few parts of 
village but then one has to 
enter a process of eating what god 
believe and want the things that they want 
they are always basically opposite what 
we wait or think 
but religious leaders do not 
they wanted to tolerate light and those that 
they carried if they came they were forced 
to find another class that I longed to know 
the truth then today many 
we are in a dilemma 
we are a dilemma 
and we say that the air of 
white says that the church is not committing 
but the brothers look for ways to 
the same is to say that either this Babylon 
then that solves the problem airs 
of Babylon then I have the right to 
separate me they have to leave and the union in 
the truth is a logic but it is logical 
he struggled with Nahuatl he tells us that 
the church is never Babylon and it is not and 
he lived it also says it 
rather it's a compliment to talk about the 
church like Babylon is well worse 
that's a one way that some take 
another way is that some say good 
church is wrong but you're still in the air 
it's goodbye 
then they accept a church that 
they see that it is wrong that they have 
false doctrines false but at the same time 
that they give their tithe that church the 
they support and defend it and do not want to leave 
they do not want to leave their location to that 
then that's another way is a dilemma 
simply and what does he wrote brother 
you live or with a disagreement and you have 
that accepting the church is wrong but 
the god is poor and how that is solved 
here again has a miracle come 
it's not true in a way like no 
we know nowhere is it said but one 
way the church will accept the forward 
and one says life and laws the ball already 
is with problems in harmonizing that with 
prophecy spirit 
neither one nor the other is a solution the 
two roads are big commitments 
commitments commitments what 
they put us will put us the Sunday law 
those circumstances here and they put us in 
a situation where we 
we will not find out 
the way that we are here 
seeing and understanding is a path that does not 
is in contradiction neither with one nor with 
the other the church is wrong and the 
church will fall just like here the 
Jewish life fell Joseph divorced him already 
that is why if it is for the god it is babel or 
no no is not Babylonian 
we have to go out and separate ourselves from that 
church so that you are doing well 
how are you doing as you have been 
doing in all those lines of reform 
but dear brother you can not 
carry out that work by your own 
will and by your own effort 
when God sends him one has to 
do it when god says you have to 
lift the knife to sacrifice your 
son then one has to do that 
is what the patriarchs have understood 
they have done it symbolically speaking for 
course and we here 
we understand that thing we have to 
understand that the Lord is raising a 
new town and it's a new town is a 
church and that church that rises to the 
same time means that it ends and 
death to another church that is still 
in force but that we Babylon is 
it's because Babylon 
to close here some more texts 
I kept saying 
as well as the light and life of men 
was rejected by the authorities 
ecclesiastical in the days of Christ has 
been rejected in every generation 
successive times, the 
History of retirement of Christ of retirement 
in the Christ of Judea that I do not want 
which makes such forget even 
He withdrew from Judea Christ turned his back 
Jerusalem christ was no longer addressing the 
leaders of the people in search of another 
group looked for another class also in a 
God's people but those leaders were not 
here it does not work with the organization 
he can not do it because he rejects it 
course not going to impose months ago 
you want to repeat the story of withdrawal of 
christ of beans 
when the reformers preach it 
makes a leap in history 
1500 years later when the 
reformers preached the word of 
God did not think separate from the church 
established here means she with 
that with the reformers in it 
history in the reformation is another part 
in which that story with the game of 
the trainers they had no idea 
they had a will to separate and those 
think and of Luther did not want the state 
then the leader of a new church does not 
I wanted to create to form the church 
Catholic did not want to be a new church 
they did not think separate from the church of 
service but religious leaders 
they did not want to load the light the same thing 
and those who carry it were forced 
to find another class that I longed to know 
the truth in our days few of the 
who profess to follow the reform of the 
reformers are moved by their 
few spirit you hear the voice of 
god and those ready and are ready to 
accept the truth in any way that 
they are present 
I've been saying that in other 
words we are not we are not 
absolutely not willing to accept 
the truth the light that comes from any 
because we have a concept like 
must be 
we have a concept that is the truth 
I presented 
and let's say there are so many things that are not 
we can understand and we will not understand 
with that fantasy that one day the 
sir illuminates two things or with spi that 
they are that their things are not important ok 
big mistake a big problem 
few are heard the voice of god and are 
ready to accept the truth in 
any way that comes to them with 
often those who follow the steps of 
the reformers are bound to 
move away from the churches they love for 
proclaim the clear teaching of the 
word of God and many times those that 
they seek the light they are forced by the 
same teaching to leave the church 
from his parents to be able to obey 
these several for us those 
now if you think we have to 
drop the church before the seventh 
day here we have to turn our backs on 
she does not understand you either 
means this here 
our brothers in the church in you 
seventh day those are your brothers are 
still God's people with them we have 
to work the approach in this time 
is there is more truth is that to see 
who study 
instructs the disciples christ rises 
a new christ church turns its back on 
the leaders but Christ works 
exclusively with the Jews 
and we are willing to take the 
child with the water in the bathtub is not 
that then that church should 
then dollars for that church that 
two brothers that's not what Christ has 
fact we have to understand well what 
he has done he moved away from jerusalem he 
separated from the leaders but work 
intensively until death 
literally until his death for this 
church to rescue everything that could 
rescue and that's our job 
also dear brothers then in the 
next hour let's move forward a little and 
let's continue to the applications 
then stopping his time to understand 
what does organization mean and who 
means that of forming a new 
church in those days that was invited to 
that we live 
and we appreciate the lord 
for ours that dwells in the heavens 
we appreciate what we are seeing in 
these times here now is nothing 
easy is not simple but at the same time 
is simply very consistent and very in 
harmony with everything your word says 
Sir , it has been a long time 
If I have 89 years have passed that 
the father 
we have been time to understand how 
we should read the bible as 
we should understand the prophecy spirit 
please continue your work plus a 
little because there are so many of your children 
who want to know the truth 
helps you so that those benefits here 
can contribute even a little bit 
so that those who seek and want 
understand can really see what you 
you want to light your people in those 
days in the name of Jesus