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then we can give continuation here 
in this study the organization 
structure of the apostolic church 
on page 23 another is a couple of quotes 
and then we will do the same as 
we did in the previous hour 
and we are going to apply it 
first text of the apostles 132 
circumstances related to 
separation of Pablo and Bernabé by 
holy spirit for a definite class 
of service clearly show that the 
Mr. work through the agents 
marked of his organized church 
God uses the organized church has 
agents have structure as 
proceeds and how people are chosen and 
put in place 
that maybe it's not always very clear today 
in day in our movement as already 
I said we have just studied 
understood and people at level in places 
of the world have done the same thing we have 
have studied and started to 
preach and that's perfect that's fine 
here it indicates a very detail 
important that Pablo and Bernabé have been 
separated for a class to define the 
but the lord 
then we see here that in the case of 
those two with example those two me not the 
simply use them separates them and 
incorporates some true history 
they have to present themselves with the 
leaders have to be received 
accepted by them etc all this is 
something that we today also 
we have an organization already in 
this movement people who want that 
they feel the will to preach also 
they have to do that they have to understand 
that God has a church organizes 
organized and works through it is 
why we demand and seek 
that new people or people that already 
they are and incorporate a way to 
apply or to participate have to 
get in touch they have to 
look for or receive your place in this 
church that I am organizing now 
there has always been a case that I never 
it seemed very convincing that there are groups or 
there are ministries 
that preaches that message but does not 
know we know we never know 
they contacted neither by email nor 
not even personal yet then I 
I wonder how they can preach and their 
message and seek the 
of relating comes in contact and 
others are related and are not 
willing to seek or receive 
instructions or advice for 
how should they proceed but good 
we continue next text also 
made the apostles page 73 the 
disciples of Jesus had come to a 
crisis under the direction knows the 
apostles who had worked together in 
the power of holy spirit the work 
entrusted to the messengers of 
gospel had developed 
quickly the church was rehearsing 
is continuous and this increase of 
members presented the heavy loads 
of those who held positions of 
no man or group responsibility 
of men could continue to carry 
those charges alone 
without endangering the future 
prosperity of the church was needed 
an additional distribution of 
responsibilities that had been 
carried so faithfully by a few 
during the first days of the church 
the apostles must now take a step 
important in perfecting the 
evangelical order in the church placing 
about others 
some of the loads carried up 
now for them 
So, the 
it is to the subdivision of tasks the 
introduction of the elderly 
not only was a good idea a 
help but was necessary was 
next text later in the 
history of the primitive church once 
constituted in the church in the 
churches many groups of believers in 
various parts of the world was perfected 
even more organization in order to 
maintain order and concerted action 
then in the apostolic churches we see what 
same as we had said here to the 
beginning there was organization in that 
history or this of the people of god of 
ancient israel there was organization but 
that organization was perfected 
over time 
it perfected even more organization 
each one was exhorted two members to 
that he did his job well 
lately employing the talents that 
they had trusted some were 
gifted by writing as 
lately the talents that would have 
confident some were gifted another 
here's the idea that all the greatest 
number of people should 
join in the work 
some were gifted by the spirit 
holy with special gifts first 
apostles then prophets and let's look 
this text shortly the 30 
doctors then faculties then gifts and 
healings aid governorates genres 
of languages but all those kinds of 
workers had to work 
the following text 
the same principles of piety and 
justice that should guide the 
rulers of by the god in time 
of moses and david also following 
also those who are 
entrusted the low surveillance of the 
newly organized church of god in the 
dispensation and evangelical in the work of 
put in order the things of all the 
churches and to consecrate capable men 
to act as officers the 
apostles maintained the high standards of 
address sketched in the writings 
among other elements then this is 
that now serves as a foundation 
to make the application the apostles 
kept in order 
that was already sketched was already given 
structural in the old testament the 
base of what was placed here they 
also then 
expanded or apply a structure to 
its time and of course we 
we must do the same thing 
they maintained that he who is called to 
occupying a position in the church should be 
without crime and so on 
the classifications as you can read 
in type 1 7 to 9 
the following text gentlemen the times 
gender 18.883 
when Christ ascended to heaven he left 
work on the land in the hands of 
his servants the sub shepherds 
that we have a pastor who is Christ and 
after the deer on earth we are 
his shepherds and the heavens on earth 
it is not one 
it is not only the apostle but the 
others also that have that function and 
the whole structure 
because who tells us in the elderly 
apostles in the hands of his servants 
true then that's something that then 
let's also explain the pastor is not 
an office as we know it today in the 
new testament is not known as a 
it is simply a 
it is a task that concerns everyone 
shepherd with seven shepherd the 
origins and christ entrusted all his 
servants to do this 
24 then being the application 
in that incoming phase of the study 
we are simply looking at the logic if 
basic good of the structure of 
organization of the church 
and in the second part we're going to go into 
the prophetic justification for it 
because it could be done because it should 
be true 
everything here is pretty much 
not much more than that then what 
now I'm proposing here is that in 
the new testament 
to work 
we have 
a quite similar structure is 
structure here 
is the model that placed them 28 cm in 
everyone is going to keep a new 
of course not in the same way 
because because here we have a state of 
israel that not only fulfills functions 
and religious positions but also 
politicians that we do not have in the 
treatment by first testament was going to 
form a much larger church or 
be a church that occupies all the earth 
and they had not provided a government 
unique politician in all the earth 
then I'm going to place here 
those subdivisions I'm going to take out because 
that they are basically 
different grades or classes of bosses 
now corresponding in the new 
testament we obviously have also 
a theocracy 
theocracy means god 
now the history of our segment in 
that line of 9 treatment is 
different or it's special because 
God comes to earth 
and it is Jesus Christ who is leading 
literally the organization of the 
in the white says with the election of 
two disciples Christ placed the base of 
his church 
in the Christian church we have god 
we know that god is god father god god 
holy spirit 
we have this here where god jesus god 
Christ manifests himself in a special way 
that story and then we have 
who is chosen by god 
in this study is Moses and for that and 
here we have the apostles that's what 
we have already 
read from jaime white 
the equal apostles are chosen by 
god is not true written who chooses 
the apostles just as God chooses here 
Moses in that sector has been a man 
this is touré are are 12 
now one could reason and say good 
Christ is also 
symbolized by mons in itself that is 
right that's a symbol of Christ 
then we could eat Christ here 
maybe we could do that but 
I keep with that logic here for 
a reason 
which is that Christ disappears here in 
the earth in this model 
and continued to occupy this position of 
invisible god and not of visible god 
because it goes up in merely routes 
the organization of his church and then 
he ascends to heaven he is not in the 
we have a christ becomes the 
invisible god 
in invisible does not mean that it is not 
It is true 
it is not there or it can not be seen without 
define if it simply means that you do not 
it is physically 
I presented 
just as a human being would be present 
then then we have a possible and 
let's read a little what it says here 
about the apostles 
that 's the same as we had read what 
and compare 
the apostles with a bassinet 
now the apostles 
they were called by Christ 
they were all 
witnesses of the gospel story and 
especially that of the resurrection that 
we see later when you choose to 
matías that one escale its classifications 
you have to have those here 
they formed the superior authority 
highest in the Christian church 
they cooperate with the church 
as long as possible in taking the 
for example we see this when you chose 
with our vote of successor of judas 
they do not just impose it on us 
they call an assembly and together with all 
in a certain way a pre-selection maybe 
we can say if it was done and then it was shot 
the dice 
they are called not them 
they referred to everyone as a priesthood 
real then it is important that the 
priests the apostles served as 
servants and that they did not see each other or not 
they sent 
they demand us that superior authority 
how would it be 
in a way that one feels greater 
that others were all priests for 
they were serve concerts with 
and function of it will be to administer 
ministers of the word have charge and 
and explain the word 
good facts possible pages 73.2 
the apostles gathered the faithful in 
assembly inspired by the spirit 
holy laid out a plan for the best 
organization of all living forces 
of the church the apostles said that 
the time had come when the bosses 
spiritual must be revealed re 
elevated from the task of succor 
directly to the poor and burdensome 
similar then they should be free 
to continue with the work of preaching 
gospel then that was his function 
main gospel struggle and in the 
home they also had logically charges 
smaller or more basic functions 
as to have the poor as well as their 
term did but not because they did not want 
but simply for the sake of 
the cause and of the work then they searched 
how to place this work or father of 
work on the backs of others 
brothers too so they said look 
Well, brothers seven men of you 
of good testimony full and sad 
holy and wisdom which we put 
in this work and we will persist in 
prayer and in the ministry of the 
word the faithful followed that advice 
and by prayer and laying on of hands 
they were chosen only in my mind seven 
men for the office of deacons 
the deacons are still not going to touch a 
little later without detesting the time and 
the strength of those who providence 
of God have been placed in the 
main after the possibility in 
the church must dedicate itself to treating the 
more serious issues they call in 
special wisdom and greatness of mind 
it is not God's plan that such men 
they are asked to solve the issues 
minors than others are well trained 
to deal with all serious business other than 
the Antilles here the text through 
that we have lived the advice of jetró 
then the text that we had read at 
this 1st Corinthians 2 we can open 
this text 
1st Corinthians 12 that gives us a 
structure of the apostolic church 
the apostolic church is the church of the 
testament of the early church or the 
Christian church those are different 
names for that church or the church of 
1st Corinthians 12 
and some put god in the church 
first and here the word 
first one more time we have here 
then prophets the 30 keeping here 
that third logic a 23 not certain 
teachers then those who do miracles 
then those who heal those who help 
administered by those who have a gift 
ok then here 
one of the things that appears here 
after the apostles the prophets 
what is the function of the prophet 
prophesy what it means to prophesy 
explained prophecy 
either in the form of predicting something 
just explain what it means 
a prophecy that is already written teaches 
prophecy is prophesied 
so here's why there's no we do not have 
that having a wrong concept of that does not 
it was here a class of people who 
they have visions divisions divisions not 
It is true 
those were people who taught them 
prophecy and I would say for us our 
time this is in this movement that 's 
biblical instructor 
we have in that movement many men 
and women 
in 100 in prophecy 
it is the prophets who are in the 
schools of the prophets not the school 
prophet teaches young people 
of age also of how to understand 
a biblical prophetic text and explain it 
and teach it 
so I understand that is that kind of 
he also says 
I would put that in that same group 
because what they do here they 
they teach what is the difference 
they teach they teach that they 
explain and explain to them the bible is not 
in which you would see the difference here 
in the teacher prophet 
maybe maybe those are local 
those are the travelers 
not necessarily but maybe it can be 
that maybe it seems that is also but 
it is but if you have specialized in 
those in many other issues more let's say 
but one thing what sums up what 
classify the two groups they are more 
well teachers and there teach them they do not 
they administer the apostle had functions 
administrative that's here they do not go 
in the function they are in and then 
they explain 
we can read some examples made 
and staying there some 
days a prophet descended from Judea 
called out 
who coming to see us I take the belt of 
Pablo and tying his feet and so on 
is an example the name of that time of 
a prophet called out he had a 
similar as danielle in a fitness a 
blessing to understand prophecy and 
to give prophetic words to them 
another of other examples made 1532 
and judas and silas as they were also 
prophets consoled and confirmed the 
brothers with an abundance of words 
so nothing happened to him without highlighting something 
very special about those characters 
he also says that there were two prophets those 
they were found they complied 
with the abundance of words I do not know 
they explained it's not true they used it on him 
the gift of language to explain where 
can explain teach how are two 
brothers were prophets 
ok then we see that there are those 
characters in life are not very 
Bone highlights 
to live tells us in the apostles 
they are also mentioned here but 
they are not names that we have like this in very no 
we have a lot of information about them and 
his works but they are there 
ok 4 group 
Today we are missionaries here 
highlights one thing with the prophet's 
prophet does not want to teach teaches the 
word teach prophecy so I say 
biblical instructor or teacher 
you have to teach this that was your function 
explain the word but 
interpret but evangelist that was not 
his first function he used the bible 
to do the work that the chair of 
I had to teach course explains 
but its function was the end was another 
take the gospel 
the gospel had to produce something 
has to produce people who are 
and that person who becomes has 
that be as we saw lived before 
incorporated in the structure in the 
organization then he establishes 
churches is routed group is routed 
churches that's it opens instead of 
he opens he advances and there where the ball the 
open regia of the group there goes of 
prophet and explains teaches 
although it has simply another function 
we have some examples 
Galatians 21 
the two of circle 1 
after 14 years I went up again to 
Jerusalem with Bernabé 
also taking with me attitude 
then those two here that they did because 
they had 
those were the true helpers they 
they traveled with the apostles and they 
they helped 
the apostle did not instruct them so that they 
they become apostles because they do not know 
could do that apostle had been 
directed by god is to that position is 
there I do not know and the human being can not do 
nothing to change this or to 
to that number but they here then 
they are like that they are instructed they learn from 
apostle travel with him help him take 
fury on that we have state 
doing logic by logic does many 
years the most experienced brothers 
they invited young people to new 
accompany them to learn from them with 
them to be there with the 
needs with attacks etc. in the 
trips in the camps 
prophecy in schools that's the 
function here 
that group to those are the image lists 
I would say the prophets too 
in the same learn here 
tell accompany 
then there are other people here 
only not because the face to the 
reference lucas 
Juan Marcos 
not the apostles here those are other 
people that life mentions that they have 
That's the kind you have in your group 
now here again a division 
after that group 
we have what we have lived before 
apostle the apostles choose and chose 
deacons and elders were elected 
we have here 5 
the elderly 
they are very originating in the bible has 
a very important function 
the old man of word comes from the simple 
mind and the age classification of 
a person in whom he is old for days 
but in this logic here 
the old man 
the bible speak elders and two ways 
refers to old age if 
refers to the elder by job and when 
this happens in others of mind like 
another word 
presbyterian priest like this 
well let's leave there as in Greek the 
presbyter what 
is the word 
is written 
and how 
this is anxious elder in Spanish but 
English in Greek and his press peter 
then elders that's not the old man 
by age although he also has a certain 
these elders by trade ok 
that distinction and there's no that you do not have to 
mix really talked without elders 
of remarkable alliance not necessarily 
they were elders who officiated in the church 
it may be that one is simply by 
there so beloved of old man and for 
course the pres 
Peter not only the priests or the 
elders were elected between 
those who had 77 of 
responsibility to be experience and so on 
were old people begin to mind 
being able to become elders of trade 
now the old man 
and everyone who is here in that group 
now they are local 
while this is here 
they are universal 
the apostle was not tied to a city 
or a church not a prophet either 
at least a little the evangelist them 
they traveled 
and they not only traveled but they had 
that control direct monitoring an area 
in responsible for large areas 
the elderly no way they 
they needed or should not be good but 
they needed to travel they had their 
function in your church in your city in your 
local church 
now old man 
here some points about the elderly 
they were the highest local authority anymore 
high then what does that mean 
today our church the authority 
highest local is not the elder but 
he is the shepherd 
the bible does not know that position there is no 
pastor in the church there is not this kind of 
pastor as a trade was the elder were 
the elders of a church the authority 
local senior 
and he administered them in the church 
there had to be a number of them not 
only one was not one were several not 
I think we have a specific number 
but it depended on the size of the church 
they formed a council those their men 
they now 
where they come from 
where that old man appears as one arrives 
to be good old man that was those men 
here they come to that position through 
of these 
by the apostles the things that the 
apostles could be prophets and 
analysts also everyone who is here 
above can occupy positions below 
a post could be all for that prophet 
can be our above list 
it could be old it can be everything but 
has left can not be an old man 
it can not be because being an elder can not 
being image ready can not be an apostle 
reverse yes 
then the elders are chosen from 
that up here they can be 
proposed locally but has to 
come an apostle or have to come an 
ready to put some giles for 
place these to this position that 
person in his office that is important 
it is understood that at the beginning its function 
it was more manage 
the formation of the church when it 
they had to with the church was built 
later the functions and now more 
we can read tito because but one 
verse 5 
and an example 
I want tito 
that we have seen he was a ready image 
it is not true 
Now Titus 15 says the following as the 
The purpose of this commandment is love 
Born of heart is not a previous witness 
and sculptor 
101 5 
for that reason I left you in chalk so that 
Corriges is enough 
and you establish the elderly 
in every city as well as I do you wrong eh 
then the apostle 
when an evangelist 
that he was a collaborator collaborator of 
his function was now to place elders in 
the churches that was one of their tasks 
that is to say we have said to organize at level 
local the church and for that you need 
place choosing elders 
have to women 
the first timoteo 3 2 
we return to verse 1 
If someone longs for good work bishopric 
you want bishopric is elder 
in the same old as an office is 
If someone longs for good work bishopric 
you want but it is necessary that the bishop a 
old man be irrepressible husband of a 
single woman sober prudent decent 
suitable host to teach that is a 
of its functions is it has to teach 
have to be able to teach 
he is something is as common as a 
teacher locally 
because simply the church at the level 
local has to work completely 
independent of the structure there 
on top of it let's see is central and 
she also does not need 
all the time continuously go to 
the teachers analyze the apostles to 
local level 
again with bonus and miniature is a 
a completely independent church 
basically all the same trades 
works with each other 
justito 19 also grind it quickly 
I remove 19 
the retainer of the faithful word such as 
has been taught so that I can also 
exploit the old man with healthy teaching and 
convince those who contradict 
he makes the battle locally he 
define the word he teaches 
to replace the apostles in their 
local function 
in facts 6 we have the story that seven 
Elders were chosen 
there were deacons but those intentions 
they were set aside as a special trade 
once again they were locally what 
that the level apostles or the teachers 
at a universal level 
now one thing is that it happens here 
because we have a pastor 
the idea arises that from this pastor or from 
this local elder 
we have 
what is also called the cousins 
sometimes he has it 
the first one / 
then the pastor supposedly or the 
supposedly bishop or priest 
supposedly it is the first among 
same among equals that's an idea is 
a theory but that's not a reality 
also but it is a reality not of the 
pure church if it is not a reality of 
iniquity ministrers 
the mystery iniquity invents this here 
the first among like or 
between equals 
God did not leave this principle did not do not put 
a first among equals 
what does that first example mean 
between equals 
for example there are those of jerusalem 
he had his elders 
the church of 
The odyssey 
his elders 
later the vibrant churches where 
be in rome 
they have their elders the churches more 
in their elderly, less elderly 
it is also possible that a church has 
an old man no more 
lina white I explained that in 
circumstances where simply the 
groups are so small and there is no option 
sometimes without a choice there are no men 
who can fulfill that position is 
possible at least the idea is 
temporarily there is only one 
old man 
well now that idea of ​​primus 
interpares of one 
superior but at the same time it 's the same 
like the others is the idea that 
start or space of iniquity that 
here of those men one gets up 
from the first of the elders 
of these here a first the elders a 
first of the elders a first the 
elders with riveros anxiety something like that 
he is the president of our church 
that at the beginning it was 
it was not a very special profession very 
highlighted today is essential is 
office he is supposedly one of 
same as us but this first 
between the spokesperson of the others but in 
reality is not only that is more and it is 
what happens here that idea that 
for example takes the view that 
seven churches of apocalypse two 
concerts where there is an angel the 
representative of each church and from there 
they get the idea that there is one that 
represents each idea a cousin is a 
first a bishop and this is man here 
that arises in history after the 
love of the apostles it is thought that 
is that idea comes up here in the 70s 
up to 120 in the last years of those of 
bill the apostles to replace the 
because he did not bet then who is going to 
occupy that position then it arises 
must place men of the sanctions 
who are more than the other elders but 
this first here that becomes according to 
the power the money 
the size of the church in one that is 
and this may be more important than 
rent because the little tithe 
that's also quite important not 
as much as this and that is also 
important for the church is simply 
big important 
these men eventually start to 
fight for power 
they lead their groups illusion power and that 
they have more members more money more 
more influence has to decide and say 
that's why it's completely human 
because this system there is not a bible 
and this priest man 
or the bishop is not true bishop in 
Catholic use this here is something that comes up 
in the history 
and of course we now have one that is 
greater than others and of course I have the 
idea that dads represent the 
and it comes from here to replace the 
now what does that have to do with the 
pastor in the medieval century reform 
in that reform 
the reformers get rid of the 
have is catholic of the structure of the s 
Catholic seven degrees ago no 
completely because they require 
something and they retain that structure here 
but instead this is a bishop 
a priest they call him a pastor 
and suddenly we have pastors 
that are on top 
of each church 
and that does not sound so bad because the bible goes 
all the time with pastor but pastor 
in life not recognized as the trade 
the recognized as a function a task 
you have to pastor in which to take care of 
your sheep who has to do this 
only the apostle 
but also clear that also the same 
has to do and this was also 
pastor were all shepherds the truth 
how we lived at the beginning 
they were his shepherds 
when Christ ascended to heaven he left 
work in the hand of his servants the 
sub pastors we lie a pastor just 
and then we have different sub 
shepherds they were all pastors now 
this idea here unfortunately our 
church adopted him I do not know what he is not 
started with a white table 
she took certain things that I do not take for 
course they took it without thinking much 
about it they also instituted pastor 
it's something that definitely does not exist in 
the church that god of this version in 
the new testament 
and often you remember or have seen 
or experienced that the pastors in 
our church 
not often but on certain occasions 
they claim 
The authority 
or the importance of your words thank you 
to its position that is superior 
higher than the elders superior of 
the other members of course 
but maybe you have sometimes been 
they have ever witnessed 
situations where a pastor is indicated 
subdue a pastor of a hierarchy 
concert more than I witness a 
situations and in France where a pastor 
local could not 
to argue strongly enough 
convincing against that message that came in 
in a church then the church 
blessed he sent another pastor who was 
superior to him and he treated him treated him like 
trash really in front of all the 
church was pretty serious like he did 
that's something that is not biblical that way 
to behave and to claim that 
position that position with pastor claims 
sometimes using Hebrews 13 for example 
knowing in reality that the text of 
Hebrews 3 does not speak of pastors as 
as an office and only in Spanish 
as shepherds that word is not true 
if you do not talk about higher bodies of 
people who are placed in 
responsibility to which those who 
are below should 
Respect is not true 
recognize them as leaders but a pastor 
looks different or some shepherds ok that 
only this the self could be studied 
more that is the subject there is more information 
about it and I find it very interesting 
because then we have here the 
and then the deacons 
the deacons 
equal locals with their functions even more 
less large or less 
heavy perhaps less a responsible a 
little bit lighter in its function to help in 
the church but also teaching is not 
some just they had to teach 
they were especially dedicated to 
temporary affairs to matters 
church administration materials 
money organization of the structure 
construction material and so on 
they took care of the money 
but they also have to teach 
they also taught and all of them all 
every person in position in this church 
I had to teach 
and that being that is a trade that also 
women could occupy 
because there were simply tasks 
what men could not do then 
they needed women here to worry about 
example of other women on girls 
very good 
74.1 the fact that those brothers 
they had been ordered for the work 
special to look for the needs of 
the poor did not prevent them from teaching 
also faith but on the contrary 
they had full capacity to instruct 
others in the truth which they did with 
great fervor and happy success 
so they had to teach 
as well 
now placing the parallel here I do not know 
exactly the same but it's pretty 
we have a theocracy here as here 
so we have then representative of 
god on earth instituted by god 
directly was not chosen was not 
suggested by men is run by 
and nobody can design against that 
Of course that's why Pablo has to 
defend your position a little thanks to 
the experience that he had the point of 
say that the chair if I decide chosen by 
and you know that he defends that 
because some critics attack him 
the elderly 
that help 
a bassinet 
for me this is something that we went here in 
that group 
and I'm tempted to put the 
sure for one 
as the entity in terms of organization 
I do not see much difference 
between those two the difference is in the 
occupation but it's not that some higher 
that another time this is weird to see those 
prisoners like 
I'm seeing for the moment in that 
situation do not have prophets and malanje 
those two help the work of the apostle to 
are directed by the apostle are 
they accompany the apostles they do that 
they are like the fingers of the hand or 
arm of an apostle there are scatter 
the work of what one or what one 
few can not do effectively and 
all of these here universal level 
now that's for me as I said a 
little this group here 
and I would also say 
I see a little doing them in that group 
which is a division of tasks but it is not 
in real both all but both 
especially here in a way 
extend continue the works of judges 
and then then the subdivision into 
cells or in those in local areas or 
close princes locally 
well concentrated to an area each of 
those are going to concentrate an area your tribe 
his group his 10 his 100 his 50 and that is 
the same here 
then adapted in different 
circumstances different times I 
I think we can see here is the same 
system and its system the same 
organization that I have placed myself and of 
this then in the next hour we're going to 
apply this and see how that works 
for our time 
ending with 
two texts based on 1 Corinthians 14 23 
to 26 each member of the church have 
freedom to teach and participate 
in the cult 
and limited he was only for his 
individual talent 
and order of course 
then it does not mean that a good 
come back can not preach 
although he can not 
teach everyone on the biggest street in 
staff should participate 
and that simply if one can preach 
for the lack of that gift then that's what 
limits already but not in itself because he 
is only a member and does not occupy a 
now the last text made the apostle 
75.2 later in the history of 
the primitive church once 
many groups formed in churches 
of believers in diverse for that world 
the organization was further refined to 
order to maintain order and action 
it urged each Member 
in which it does its job well 
subtly employing the talents that are 
they had trusted him some were 
gifted by the holy spirit with gifts 
special and here we have other text 
and 1st Corinthians but all those kinds of 
workers had to work 
good thanks for your attention towards that 
point then the next hour I want 
do the combination of that structure 
and application for our time as in 
this movement we are understanding and 
the order 
that life has left us for the 
formation of the church 
I invite you to pray 
That dear father, thank you for that hour 
also thanks for your company and you 
blessing for 
in the presentations that we have 
started here 
to be a blessing to many 
we ask that you have jobs 
in this and get that message, sir 
to children who seek the truth the 
name of jesus amen