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good dear brothers very welcome 
all to this series of topics that we're going to 
record here we are clamoring here in 
santa cruz de la sierra 
we have 
a variety of topics with two speakers 
from Brazil 
I taking care of the issue of 
some have already learned that the 
movement has begun to organize 
I want to give a little logic information 
about what this means 
and in what way are we organizing ourselves 
base of which texts and logical supply 
there is a role here that I am sharing 
I want to read it 
the text of the cover 
that are testimonies for the ministers 
pages 211 points 2 
the great general of the armies 
will lead all the battles for the 
advance of his cause he will be the guide of his 
people in the dangerous conflicts that 
await you if the sub-leaders and the 
sub pastors perform their assigned work and 
they hear the voice that says this is the 
I walk the path that follows me 
will walk in darkness what a great consolation 
this promise must be for us 
we can walk in light as he is in light 
the organization is a subject in my opinion 
extremely interesting but also very 
important here in those few words 
we see that there is a great general that great 
general has to be incorporated he is 
the one who leads his people I think this 
more or less is in the consciousness of the 
Adventist but in practice 
we see that there is no space or very little 
space for that great general leading 
to his town that is far from being 
formed in an army at least in 
reference to the organized church 
we know 
today we have understood 
that in the process 
that we call the line of 
a process that started and always 
begins with the time of the end 
the lord carries out a process of 
prepare a town 
so that the town is ready for 
dignity of the Lord and that way was the 
Lord manifested in different ways 
throughout the history of the town of 
God we are of course 
waiting for the second coming of Christ 
but what happens in this time here 
in the sun and the miners lasted 46 years 
in other phases it lasted less 
the town is in a full 
we also say in darkness 
and because the people are in darkness the 
town is not ready for life 
none was going to participate in the line of 
jesus were not going to be present the 
town is not ready that town is not ready 
we know 
with the name of the odyssey or under name 
now and be it but we also know this 
town under the name of the church 
s militant is not ready will not be 
ready for that coming 
for that reason the Lord had to start 
a process is shaped 
that's the simple logic that we 
We are already sharing studying with 
the different 
groups people around the world since 
and at that moment the time of the 
now here there was little awareness of what 
that the Lord was doing for his 
village but today to the heights 
in which we are getting to do 
the last events we already know 
that the process is well advanced now 
this process here in the reform of the 
village that is the preparation of the people 
is the purification of the people so that 
be ready here 
but really one thing that we came 
saying also a long time ago 
it's not about saving yourself who can 
does not address the issue is not for that one 
it simply has the entrance of heaven 
but the event here 
the Sunday law 
marks the moment in which this town 
has a function a function that does not 
wants to take on a role so that the 
which is not preparing a function 
which you do not even know you have 
that assume that function is to be 
truly a light for all the 
that god who can help others 
that are in the world to the other sheep 
to become and join via del 
God's village then this town here 
that militant church not only 
ready to go to heaven if not prepared 
for this last phase of history in 
which they must become 
in workers in missionaries throughout the 
in that in that process here we 
studying since 1989 the message 
prophetic the light of the angel illuminates the 
earth with all its glory this message 
has produced movement 
this movement became great are 
all the earth are many countries 
present of this world in which 
we live but up to here that movement 
basically it was growing in a way 
something through organic 
a group here grew there was interest there 
people started to translate 
materials study subjects and grew as 
simply one thought at the time 
of the instant without a more general vision 
to form groups in different countries 
leading speakers and recently 
also schools 
a short time ago and we are talking here 
as of 2014 more or less or 
pretty specific we have 
understood that the organization is something 
that movement lacks at 
less fit way more advanced and 
night organization type already in that 
movement a long time ago but it has 
what to see more 
because the great general who runs his 
people to the battle tomato to the spiritual 
here in that phase will come to a form 
as there never was in the history of the 
earth that is the great general 
that's why he lived it using that logic not 
only by battles to fight but 
also the general directs an army the 
army has always been organized and 
it has to be organized to work 
but the attacks have no effect what 
true is a defense has no effect if 
it will not be easily conquered 
good organization of us from 
God's people is an issue that we 
very cautiously and maybe we can 
say with certain 
with your fear we have faced because there 
many questions that means that I have 
that to form another church we have to 
check in we have to write down person 
legal how are those those details already 
that I want I hope we can find 
some answers in that in that study 
then to become more practical 
I want to invite you to open your 
Apostilles on page 16 
and I want to use two models two 
organization models the organization 
of the ancient village of ancient israel with 
Moses the Atlantean and the organization of 
the new testament church as it 
saw with how it was by josh directed that 
structure of their villages because from there 
we can take many lessons 
and let's see they want to water like that 
then let's start with the 
organization structure of the church in 
the desert 
and I invite you again then to 
hennessy 6 first text there are two phases 
first phase in the exodus without sometimes 
times first of April 1980 although the 
Israelites left Egypt in distress 
they were arranged in order 
divided into companies with leaders for 
hill stake for each company them 
accompanied also a large crowd of 
all kinds of people and sheep and 
very much won that is very interesting 
because the illustration of the output of 
Egypt is an illustration of us of 
our milestones are we have to get out of 
of the world we have to leave the 
circumstances in which we 
we find we have to leave under the 
impact that Babylon has on that 
town we have to get out of the condition 
the officiate then that exit from the 
start the town that knows that it has to 
come out that you have the consciousness that you already 
came the time of the exit that could 
is organized and that reflects the situation 
of our movement in that first 
phase there is an awareness that there is 
leave because a little before town not 
he knew he has to go out he knows he has 
to leave but when it will be true 
and those are the cardinal points in that 
move us or this movement 
contributes comprises the movement the 
moment in which the arrangements for the 
leave already begin 
you can not organize an exit with 30 
years in advance or let's say 100 years 
in advance that 
the things that are arranged then you 
same you will not happen to serve us true 
have for another generation 
then the awareness that we 
we have reached the time of the end the 
moment in which now we are going to 
leave and the exit means a 
repentance a a preparation 
personal character of oneself 
then this goes in combination with a 
certain type of order there was an order 
divided into companies with leaders 
we have had companies we have 
been groups different groups 
firstly us groups of a europe 
groups in germany groups in france 
groups in australia we have groups in 
Africa Latin America 
and those groups also had their leaders 
that is something that god is already on the way 
but that's still not the perfect order 
second text that this passage and prophets 
here the edition of 54 page 2 in the 86 
and despite the suddenness of life, 
they had taken to apologize yet of the 
first organization the first phase will 
had already taken some measures for the 
organization and direction of the crowd 
during the march dividing the 
companies under the direction of a boss 
each one in two here we do 
coming out in that story of 
Babylon came out of the circumstances 
auditions and there are already measures the 
organization and that's how it was like that 
been in the past when we have not 
still headed another organization 
but the second phase then in the bush 
Sinai that is from patents of prophets 284 
and fifth paragraph 
now she says elena white they had 
make arrangements for the 
full establishment of the nation the 
chosen nation under the sovereignty of 
jehovah as king now if that 
organization under jehovah like kings 
lehman theocracy 
now if at that time with a base of o 
over the commandments of the laws 
of the foundations laid down in the covenant 
now if it is complete 
the organization 
the following education text page 
36 also fifth paragraph 
since they left egypt there was 
received lessons for his instruction and 
discipline yet before leaving there it 
they had outlined an organization 
and the town had been distributed in 
groups under the command of chiefs next to 
Sinai was completed the organization is very 
clear very cute as she what 
express here in the Hebrew administration 
the order was so remarkable that 
characterizes all the works of God 
he was the center of authority and the 
like that is theosocracy is your 
representative had to execute its laws 
in his name then he organized the 
council of the 70s they were followed 
priests and princes inferior to 
them or genes from hundreds of thousands of 
50 and 10 and finally the managers 
of special duties the camp 
it was arranged with exact order in the 
half was the purple tabernacle of 
God and around you have them 
priests and Levites around these 
each tribe camped next to their flag 
I do not think we 're going to get to that study 
to those details that are very important 
and very interesting how each was organized 
detail of town as it is with that the 
camp where each tribe was 
elections there too but we that 
structure interests us here god 
bassinet priest and so on how it works 
that and that we can draw for ourselves and 
learn from it 
you are all understanding 
through my words that we 
we have begun to organize ourselves 
consciously after a phase of 
a preliminary organization not one very 
conscious we are already in a 
organization and we see 
the authorization for it or the web 
mandate to do so well settled here in 
those texts in texts that describe 
simply the condition of poor god 
as always has been and as always 
It has to be very organized 
7 text patience and prophets down in the 
page 16 page 345 for forums 
the government of israel was characterized 
for the most complete organization 
as admirable for his care as for his 
simplicity the order so wonderfully 
revealed in perfection and 
disposition of all created works 
for god was also seen in government 
God was the center of authority and 
government the sovereign of israel 
Moses stood out as the caudillo 
visible inside we have 22 leaders of the 
people a visible leader and another leader 
Moises are just like the caudillo 
visible to whom God had designated 
to administer the laws of your name 
is another thing here interesting important 
who designates whom 
who places who is placed because 
and that's one reason why we 
also in our movements we are 
putting in practice 
we have to go it was done 
a reality here is a leader who 
represents God and God places him 
nobody chose goodbye there were no elections 
there was not 
democracy in that system there's no 
democracy in the system of theocracy 
It is God directing God placing 
then there are chiefs of tribes and so on 
but there is a distinction god does not choose 
each person in this system but if the 
representative of him the person in the 
older or the people with the greatest 
authority and responsibility of the are 
chosen and placed by the lord 
subsequently it was chosen from among 
elders and tribes a council of 70 
men to attend bassinet in 
the administration of affairs 
generals of the nation 
Soon the priests came 
they consulted the Lord in the sanctuary 
then that formulation right away 
then it first tells us that there is 
here not only order but also 
a hierarchy 
a biblical principle is that they are all 
equal and each one is a servant of the other 
that does not rule out that there may be a 
there is one above and one below 
but that does not mean the same thing with the 
iraqiya air that exists in society 
secular is another type of irak and above not 
it means the same in those two systems 
let's see what this means here 
then that is also important such 
Once some have seen the study that 
we have done years ago about 
desolation and jerusalem in this study 
one of the things that I liked 
place this one 
the pyramid 
the pyramid as a symbol the 
organization where we have here 
bigger that is the town and here 
up we have the leader 
in this case that leader is god 
and then we'll see bassinet 
and then we see the subdivisions of the 
leadership though but it's such a system 
It is illustrated well 
can that one have a feeling 
negative when you see the pyramid is not 
true because the pyramid we associate with 
different groups organizations 
secret what is true with egypt by 
supposedly pagan but first 
that's just a geometry is a 
the structure the certain is a form 
geometric that nothing else has no 
spiritual content is a way 
and in that way that form has several 
it simply means little much up 
down is not true does not mean 
diabolical simply means that 
and another thing that we must take into account 
is that satan always always 
studying the word 'god' studying 
all this here 
anticipate things that God makes 
before he came back if he gets to place 
practical things in the makes 
puts them into practice as is so that 
one thinks so that one believes 
the poor god is copying something pagan 
but it has actually been copied by the 
anticipated by him 
then we continue with the text here 
Soon the priests came 
they consulted the lord 
not a little bit higher later 
was chosen from among the elders of the 
tribes a council of 70 men so that 
I attended the moses in the administration 
of the general affairs of the nation 
also interesting something that we have to 
see who does what in what business 
what is responsible is involved 
they have had bosses or princes who 
they ruled over the tribes under 
those there were heads of a thousand heads of one hundred 
heads of fifty and ten and by 
last officials that could be 
use in special tasks 
very good 
next page 
before continuing here I want to insert 
a definition of what it means or what 
be or grace 
that's the merriam webster's dictionary 
translated it tells me the following theocracy 
is a government of a state under guidance 
divine direct 
guide by obviated by officers 
contemplated as divinely guided or 
as seen 
as qe2 is typically 
the divinity that directly directs the 
village is not a bliss no more like the 
nations invoke god and that I am 
present and that says is not this is god 
really one can not do things to 
times without God saying by the way 
and you remember in your good 
exemplified a situation of the people 
of God- when they had the judges 
for example and prophets 
I had to consult God first 
before point more of decision came 
enemy and you can not do anything 
had to look for the prophet for the 
what a prophet I spoke with god and so 
give an answer and then if we do not go to 
attack we are going to do this that 
then his theocracy 
and we see to see here some text then 
asks prophecy patricia and prophets 761 
this is not from elena guayas os in the 
Then the following 
what is here the first text is in 
that letter in English still the second 
second paragraph text part of prophets 
750 and 4.3 
a theocracy is a government that derives 
its power directly from God the 
Israeli government was a true 
theocracy was really a government 
exercised by God in the fiery sauce 
God entrusted Moses to take his 
Egyptian village by signs and 
prodigies prodigies god freed israel 
and Egypt and he led him through the desert and 
finally he took it to earth 
promised and then see new by means of 
judges until samuel the prophet whom 
God spoke when I was a child and for 
half of who made his will known 
then god 
speaks through he has a spokesman in the 
earth in those months or the prophets here 
or moves for example that puts in 
practice but that once again is a 
Actually the people can not go no 
can make decisions can not act 
without consulting God 
that is a theocracy I know is visible 
that way is present 
next text same book page that 
is the 537 third paragraph in your gratitude 
because he had freed him from the 
mañanitas of the people of israel proposed to 
gereon as king and that the throne will remain 
insured for their descendants 
notice that it is not an idea only that 
later the town arises early 
have that idea 
as the other peoples as they have 
seen how are you knowing and egypt 
then they propose 
for putting a monarchy to gedeon for 
that the tax on descendants be in 
the renal family this proposal was a 
categorical violation of the principles 
democratic was that was like a 
radial revolution is not true there was that 
to an established government there was a king 
and now they want to make the king's spokesman 
and they want to become king or want to dismiss 
to god too or they noticed me 
I imagine in part at least but as 
he says the clearly violated 
the theocratic principles god was king 
of israel and put a man in the 
throne would reject his sovereign 
Gideon recognized this fact and its 
answer shows how faithful and noble 
were his mobiles declared I will not be lord 
about you neither will my son I go 
to be your lord 
that's not reality in the air shalit 
and seventh day that the brothers believe that 
we understand that we have something like a 
excuse if the leaders of that church is 
a town 
but I did now of course but I do not know 
now more or less as in any other 
church not certain 
there is a leader there are leaders men who 
they effectively make decisions 
and god where is he in what form is he 
incorporated in that church where his 
position and obviously he does not occupy a 
position one position 
because the results the decisions that 
they take would not be then find 
your word 
what is the case in that church today in 
next day text the Israeli government 
was administered in the name and by the 
authority of god 
the work of Moses of the 70 elders and 
the bosses and the judges consisted 
simply in enforcing the laws 
God had given 
It has no authority to legislate 
this was and it was still the 
condition imposed for the existence of 
Israel as a nation from century to century 
they inspired men inspired by God 
for him to instruct the people and 
to direct the execution of the 
divine laws 
simply because always that's a 
detail that does not mean that they do not 
they have to think they do not have to do 
nothing but they are never going to draw laws 
they are not going to be great they are already 
be completely given by god 
in the last days text made the 
apostle the 76 that the days of the 
theocracy when Moses was pawning 
bent on carrying only loads so 
burdens that would soon exhaust him under his 
weight his retro weight advised him that 
will plan a wise distribute 
distribution of responsibilities 
then we have learned that I knew 
establish a theocracy that is the 
system that God chose and that God gave to 
its people now a bit the structure of 
this town 
we have then categories 
and we have put ourselves a little here 
and wants to be the first in that logic 
telefuturo by the glasses 
I if it is incorporated God is part of 
that church 
he is king and he is the leader of the town 
although not visible 
sometimes it manifested itself in other ways 
as in the cloud or in the pillar of fire 
then as we saw 
of bassinet 
Well, it's just the people's fight 
in a visible way he is targeted by 
god those are all total is very 
important the first character here already 
is placed by god 
he has to judge in serious matters 
we are going to read this text in exodus 18 22 
in 1822 
and they will seek the people at all times 
and all serious matter will bring you here 
in the distinction between the bosses that 
they have to judge but the issues 
serious have to be brought to bassinet and 
they will search for everything small asia 
released the burden of on you and the 
They will take them with you 
then interesting there are different 
degrees of cases of things that you have to 
decide and moises take out the serious things 
or important or complex 
and what does it have to be to manage 
laws that we have already seen he has to 
administer the law the law is given by 
God the basics are dice placed 
for the simple thing to take care of and defend 
and explain this also another function of 
teaching was teacher was was 
village prophet has to explain 
this all I knew how to teach your 
village today I had given to your people and 
Jamie Whyte writes in 1174 the region and 
herbert first of December in the 
beginning of the Jewish system he chose a 
man as the leader his coordinator the 
and this is not, it's not like that, it's not words 
empty he is the leader and it seems 
contradictory progres is subordinate 
is the subordinate leader of the people or 
subordinated to whom to God the truth is 
that leader and that leader his coordinated 
2000 is how we can say the leader 
invisibility visible but at the same time he 
it was his government to the people he served 
the truth was his life was given to the 
people at the service of the people in the 
beginning of the Christian church he 
chose 12 is one thing that after we go 
See also 
what hawai says is this bassinet 
equals the twelve apostles 
old testament God chooses or Moses 
new testament god chose the 12 
different situations do not have to be 
always seemingly one at that time 
they have to be 12 
after all 70 elders 
I have also placed here that the function 
de montse be spiritual and political 
that's something a little different maybe 
as today we would see the structure of the 
of god in the present time 
they were nation and they were church is not 
that's not a problem, is not that 
that we always criticize the 
catholic church us something that spears 
mark prophecy of the catholic church 
that she makes an abomination in the 
church state combines 
but that was Moses in the political leader 
and was spiritual leader then those are 
those things that we see that should touch us 
because satan does something 
he anticipates things he learned from God 
anticipate this 
only by God can do this 
by the authority of God 
ok moises had special assistance 
was naron and miriam here in games of 
354 prophets explains it they had never 
met Maria and Aaron 
Maria is correct 
Spanish is not Miriam is not Maria 
we would say though 
the burden of care and responsibility 
that had started on moses is 
interesting they were his assistants 
but there were never in the acquaintances of 
wing each true nevertheless for having 
been chosen to help you 
considered as co-participants with the 
the responsibility directed to the people 
they considered unnecessary appointments 
of more attendees 
what I want here to see is only this 
who were also chosen to help 
had assistants moises today we would say such 
secretary secretary seat time 
by 0 
the next the next group now 
they are the elders 
I have specifically 70 here 
they according to numbers 11 25 shared 
the load and the person in charge of moses and 
they prophesied 
so they have a political role 
they have to lead the town in 
different issues judge but they 
they also prophesied as soon as they were 
chosen they began to prophesy 
then it has a role it has a function 
spiritual also 
they have to be village elders 
extraordinary then here there are already 
another type of choice 
they were chosen by moses but 
they had been extraordinary elders 
advanced in age can not be young 
they have a long experience 
and that man is healthy and in judgment 
and elena white and playoffs of prophets 
284 the 70 elders also help 
Moses in the government of Israel and God 
He put their spirit upon them and honored them 
with the vision of his power and greatness and 
they saw the god divergent Israel below 
of his feet there was like a 
in 2 to 2 where sapphire similar to 
sky when it was is serene not 
they contemplated the deity but saw the 
glory of his presence before that 
opportunity for men not to 
could have supported similar 
scene but the manifestation of power of 
God had taken them to a 
reverent repentance had 
contemplated his glory his purity and his 
mercy until they could 
approach the one that had been the subject of 
his of his meditations 
in extraordinary men who arrived 
a spiritual experience 
beyond the ordinary or the general in 
the village 
the following text is subsequently 
chose from among the elders of the 
tribes a council of 70 men so that 
so we would do slam in the administration 
of the general affairs of the nation 
although that although I already said emphasizing that 
has a secular function also or 
next text 
Moses repeated the words to the people 
of the man and announced the appointment 
of the 70 
the instructions the big boss them 
gave those chosen men they could very 
well serve with integrity model 
judicial for judges and legislators 
of modern times today between 
your brothers and judge fairly 
between the man and his brother 
Judging function was also part of 
your homework stamps 
now there is in the next text part of 
prophets in a 51.3 there is a detail 
interesting that I still do not have I do not say 
that I completely understand 
the lord allowed Moses to have himself 
choose the most faithful men and 
efficient to share the 
responsibility with him 
then be here 
the opposition function stands out because 
he is chosen by god 
now this is here they are not chosen by 
god are chosen by 
but like Moses represents God 
then how are you the visible anger 
then that is of course in 
harmony with god 
in the influence of them would serve to 
restrain the violence of the people and 
suppress the insurrection 
however serious evils would result 
eventually of their rise 
gravely serious 
in the future and they will emerge from these 70 
they would never have been chosen 
and that's that's something here that I do not 
I knew I thought 
the schemer would never have been 
chosen those 70 if Moses had 
manifested a faith corresponding to 
evidence that he had witnessed of the power 
and the goodness of God then 
that's here they were like 
not necessary in that structure that you 
I could have used simply bassinet 
that's interesting that was a necessity 
for lack of faith as water says here 
then he instituted god allowed 
and god blessed but he in water says that 
never says that serious evils would result 
eventually the rise of them a 
of its serious evils and perhaps the worst 
wrong that came out of these 
is that many years after centuries 
those men here and they are going to decide this 
Jesus' death 
and those men decided the much 
jesus because those 70 elders 
in the new testament they are not called 70 
old people but what are they called 
those 70 elders are the Sanhedrin of 
new testament then those are the 
serious evils that would arise from them 
We finished the appointment but had exaggerated 
their own services and charges and almost 
had lost sight of the fact that 
it was only in my instrument through 
which I knew how to open had worked 
I had no excuse for having participated 
still in a minimum degree of the spirit of 
murmuring that was the curse of 
if I had completely trusted in God 
the Lord would have guided him continuously 
and it would have given him strength for all 
later this institution became 
in the Sanhedrin is a historical fact 
next text also part of 
prophets after Moses did appear to 
the 70 before nacul or then 
Jehovah descended on the cloud and spoke to him 
then he took from the spirit that was in him 
and put it in the 70 elderly men and 
as soon as the 
spirit prophesied but they did not return 
To do it 
as the disciples on the day of 
Pentecost were invested with power 
from above dismiss receive a written 
we accept last paragraph once again it 
manifested the elevated spirit and 
disinterested of the great good caudillo no 
we need well are the vital ones and how 
those men were chosen 
we have then that structure here 
and then the next group comes 
group of priests 
he was spokesman we cut means the 
prophet also the one who speaks in that 
explains what God says to his people what 
what must happen 
if it is not here, it is later 
was chosen from among the elders and 
tribes a council of 70 men in 
followed and that's what matters 
here the priests came immediately 
who consulted the Lord in the 
sanctuary then very interesting such 
sometimes we have that idea that the 
priests are well up or almost in 
the highest because they are supported by 
spiritual matters but above 
they to a god had placed those 
other functions those positions 
then priests who had 
excessively spiritual nations 
the subdivision of that group in that 
I'm not interested 
high priest are zero that the limits 
etcetera let's deal with that aspect 
and we go to the next group 
is the group is called group of bosses 
or princes 
having bosses a chief for each tribe 
just as he does not tell me to quote the text 
here there were bosses or princes who 
they ruled over the tribes then 
simply one 
structuring the organization then 
there were thousand bosses 
and then there were bosses of 
of 12 
of 100 and then 50 heads 
then bosses of 10 
and as a last group 
the official officers were different 
different trades also things that 
they needed just do not have to 
being bosses had a function a task 
to fulfill now so that 
subdivision in those those extreme 
subdivisions in so many 
positions because right now let's see 
how much are the people 
and had some 
the Israeli people had about 600,000 
that excludes young people is suffering the 
children and that is all the whole woman because 
with women and children and young people 
under 20 years it would have been about 2.4 
the town number 
only this one of this group here 
about that group is that structure and yes 
we would take the calculation of how many are 
really because how many groups of me 
there is here we come to 
a number d 
78 thousand 600 leaders 
the 70 elders 
and more the 12 
then we see a number here 
extremely large not nearly 78 thousand 700 
cases 79 thousand volts let's say almost 80 thousand 
Not nearly 80 thousand 80 thousand positions 
instituted by god to govern a 
village of 600 thousand that's how 
one tenth more or less well 
not very accurate but rather a tenth 
part of the town was involved 
has an official position those that 
it really is one of the lessons that I 
I think we should take 
for today but today the Chilean wine 
says and that's why I think that also 
we have finished here 
page 21 place a detail that is 
another story but when david decided 
that she was not going to take the options of 
kingdom in his hand but his son was going to 
continue for 
that still lived Solomon 
he starts his government with a 
restructuring with organization network 
of the government and so the text here says 
that this Niger river on October 2 in 
be one for depth and completeness 
of the organization perfected in the 
start of rehn of salomon character 
exhaustive of the plans to bring the 
maximum possible amount of all the 
village in an active service the wide 
distribution of responsibility so that 
the service of god and the king not 
they would have to be excessively burdensome 
for no individual or class 
these are lessons that everyone should 
study with benefit and that the leaders 
of the Christian church should 
understand and follow 
there's something like that idea in the 
churches there 
that you would have to go into responsible and 
it's always very difficult to find young people 
people families couples who want 
serve that take a charge did not officiate at 
the church but that's an idea is a 
divine plan the maximum amount 
of this image of and novartis of a 
great and powerful nation 
here as a parenthesis of it adds something 
very pretty 
living in simplicity and comfort in 
rural houses 
he gave us he did not know is that because they 
they lived in the countryside is not true so it was 
the idea and they lived in comfort but it was a 
simple comfort was not ostentatious nor 
so we should be fine too 
comfortable in the countryside but simple each 
person offering a willing service 
and not salary goodbye and the king for a 
portion of the year we can gather 
helpful suggestions 
although that is really very interesting 
for us today 
so here we have the first part 
from that series of presentations the 
structure that god 
I to his people in ancient cement the 
Theocracy is simple and white is one 
simple but admirable and perfect 
there is a leader 
I am representative in the land elders 
the spiritual function merely after 
the subdivision of the basically what 
they had to do nascent is 
simply put into practice what 
up here he was headed they have to do 
the same thing we have to square the 
laws law law have to teach 
they had to judge and that was subdivided 
have to subdivide so there is a 
maximum reach and an incorporation 
maximum in the town because there is a 
consciousness in understanding well all 
they understand each other so they all participate to 
all if one is responsible the 
responsibility causes that you have to 
to live what you say is very normal if you 
teach that you have to live healthily 
you have to live healthily then 
that 's an effect too 
parallel to that system now in the 
next presentation we are going to 
place here the system in parallel 
of the new testament let's see the 
correspondence that there is and then later 
will start to draw conclusions very 
well then we were with prayer 
dear father thank you because this morning 
it's so nice so beautiful thank you for 
leave us that information so that 
we learn, sir, let's learn 
only general moral choices 
but let's learn how exactly it should 
be your town as it should be 
we know sir that you demand is but 
that organization is something that 
but now we have certainty 
Sir how this should be like that 
should be presented in the church that you 
you are raising the triumphant church 
the name of Jesus Christ amen