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of coming kid listeners to our last 
presentation in this little series of the 
presentation number 5 
what we have been doing here today I have 
tried to do is give a vision a 
little summarized and general of the topics to 
which the Lord is directing us 
as you will have seen a little missing the 
depth here and there to defend 
some points there is a crowd of 
texts that we are using stories 
also but the intention is that of 
provide them with an idea 
a link to the ancient themes 
that you have already studied the 
topics a little more current that we 
really connect hopefully you can see that 
with the events of the present 
then we are going to conclude today to 
this thematic god through and in this 
company I invite you to do 
together a prayer 
I invite you to also participate in 
a silent prayer 
very well then in the last hour 
we have seen a study of the book of 
history of elizabeth in san lucas no 
true and we have put a parallel line 
to the lines of the line of 
miners of our time line 
those of the milestones always supporting and 
defending milestones those landmarks of the 
history are the milestones of a new 
reformatory movement that the lord 
carried out and he does the same 
way as he always did because he is 
the same from the beginning to the end 
is the omega and the s live to he declares the 
end from the beginning so teaches us the 
bible that way when the lord 
is about to gather his people one last time 
your true people 
for the task that the people work 
in the last great work of bringing the 
truth to the world after the iv 
light so that for that you have to 
separate the honey from the tares there will be a 
separation is taking place 
separation within our town 
God makes it is not true we do not 
we know 
that is and for this we are studying and 
We are finding and we are studying 
milestones those milestones tell us what is 
where are we what events because it is not 
it is not a superficial or vague idea that the 
Lord gives us of the final events 
basically what I send and read in the 
emails for example that are circulating 
in presentations of different men 
and ministries is that we are in the 
end time many agree 
with that and what they put in there is a 
law there is a minister spoke such a thing 
there it indicates that there is possibly a 
Sunday law in the future 
a small Sunday law and so on 
etcetera are dad has said this this is 
things that give us an idea of ​​course 
but it 's nothing firm no longer no no no no 
they are prophetic events that give us a 
clear vision of exactly where we 
we locate while the Lord always 
He has worked with his people in a way 
specific that are the lines of reform 
to reform his people and prepare 
for his divinity and that line of reform 
It is the work of the three messages 
angels that's why we at the end 
we have to declare the three messages 
angelic but the three messages 
angelic are nothing but the 
eternal gospel and he lifts and what 
eternal consists of three stages three 
steps that are three tests and those three 
tests lead to a selection and it 
they separate the groups until the end having 
remnant that will carry the flag of 
Christ, those are more or less like that 
the general idea in which we are 
locating several stories and I want 
continue with another story or with others 
prophetic signs that we find in 
the number book chapter 22 of the 
ballack's history of balam 
and the people of god if they remember that 
here we are in the exit still of 
from Egypt to the promised land does 
the glorious land of the people but 
while they are left they have some 
enemies enemies in the way of the 
which are being undone by the 
strength of the lord 
and we arrived in kilo 22 to a town the 
Moabites the king was ballack in that 
then and the full of terror of what 
has seen that it happens that he has done that 
village in the other towns on the way 
he goes to the mistress a prophet seeks 
the supernatural force here to prevent 
to that town because he possibly has 
clearly seen that it is supernatural that 
that town was also doing 
then we jump and we're going to go into 
our reading 
in chapter 22 
in verse 5 only to enter 
and then we jump deeper in so much 
sent messengers to balam son of dior in 
breastplate that is next to the river of the earth 
and the children of his people so that what 
called saying a town has come out of 
Egypt and the one that covers the face and the earth 
and habitat in front of me then I was looking for 
lama and here we have that decision and we're going 
jump hospitals is to be expected 
because many things that we want to put 
instead in that last hour 
possibly you have the story in 
head anyway and we go to 
verse 21 where it goes into action 
then balam where he finally succeeded 
to convince his conscience that he should 
and can go there to do something that the 
sir / brno wanted 
of the 21st century well balance rose by 
the morning and in albardón his ass and it was 
with the princes of mort 
and God's anger went on because the 
iva and the angel of jehova was put on the 
path by his adversary 
and it goes 
the one mounted on his ass and with him two 
his servants and the ass gave the angel of 
jehova hall 23 that was in the 
I walk with his sword naked in his hand 
and the ass went away from the road and went by 
then hit bullet to the snap for 
make her go back to the road 
the first time then that the angel 
for wings we are not going to explain this 
right away we let it flow first 
here the text to have the vision 
general of those events verse 24 
but the angel of jehova was put in a 
vineyard path that had a wall on one side 
and wall to the other and seeing the aznar to 
angel de jehova stuck to the wall and 
He pressed the rod foot against the wall and 
he flogged again the second day is 
now what he does different even in 
the second time different from what the 
angel directs him or her 
do not leave another option or certain 
for different reactions and the 
what he does here goes against the wall 
and squeeze the foot 
or bruise the foot 
the circle 26 
and the air jehová 
step further and it was put in a narrowness 
where there was no way to depart or 
to the right or to the left and seeing the 
ass the angel of jehova was cast under 
of balam and balance anger and lashed the 
zone with a stick then jehová opened 
the mouth of the ass which vice guarantee 
what do you do that scared me 
three times 
and balam responded to them because you're 
popular of me I wish I had sword in my 
hand that would kill you now 
ok then what does that mean clear that 
was that we have three antlers here the ass 
or asthma in the Bible is a symbol of 
students prophecies prophecies 
they know that he does is a symbol that was 
Given to 
to a specific town is not true 
to have this well present we are going to 
genesis to agar ismael 
chapter 16 
and here says the angel of the Lord in the in 
the verse 
11 besides he chose he said the angel of 
jehova here that you have conceived and you will give 
light the son until you speak do call him 
to his name ismael because jehovah has heard 
your affliction and he shall be as fierce man 
gives the word here that I only use as 
fierce man actually in Hebrew 
means is the word ass iron or 
wild ass 
that's what the name is 
he is a wild ass 
I do not remember now but there is a variety 
of attributes that we also give 
to people giving him attributes of a 
animal is not true because as well as 
classifies as not understood as in the 
literature has then seen everything 
animal are qualifications for example 
I do not know if in Spanish but other languages 
says a bee for example is a bee 
this person why because it's hard to work 
something like that here is that angel doing 
giving that prophecy and it will be wild ass 
the man fiery his hand will be against 
all and the hand of all against him 
He shall dwell before all his brothers 
then from the beginning in the bible 
the attribute and from now on until 
the end of time we have that 
prophecy in 
validity that Islam that families 
Arabs the descendants of Ishmael are 
those who carry attributes of the star 
and here in the diagrams we also have 
the symbol of Islam 
one says good is not a horse but in 
the same family of animals and in fact 
this ass here that in which to which 
refers the angel and genesis is rather 
a specific action that would come to be 
something like a mule if you see 
the images is an agro is an ass that 
lives specific ministries areas of 
Arabian desert is bigger than 
common ass and so on 
the attributes are are similar 
also the Muslims used to 
decorate your banners with tails of 
as a symbol of the rank that a 
a military group for example 
ok but that's the way several of those 
many times the Bible appears in the 
ass and I would say that at all times 
almost all the time but at all times 
of asthma indicates exactly to Islam is 
an attribute that is a symbol that the 
bible uses as well as has used the symbol 
of the sheep for the one of Christ or the lion 
which may mean several times but 
for example it is a symbol for Babylon 
then that happens three times is something that 
is doing here then the first 
does not hit and what does he do 
it deviates from the road it goes for a side 
in where we place that 
in that is our succession of events 
we have three times three times 
the donkey moves away becomes something loving or 
what does that mean that the ass here 
balam prevents advancing the grass is a 
symbol for Islam 
In this way we understand that 
the ass enters history and he 
manifests in some way prevents doing 
what he does so that he can not 
move along 
ballan with his plans we place ourselves 
the first ass or the first appearance 
of the ass here 
here is the first time the ass so much 
how do you understand why 
what does not do here deviates from 
way and that was what I was saying do not 
introduction missing a little more 
body there are many details but it is a 
study just quite broad already 
I'm going to give other other indicators for 
that you see the logic and have 
They can have some confidence or or not 
those interpretations 
what the actions do here is out of the 
get out of the way 
we have a way out 11 
September 2001 
there are clearly road exits we have 
the way out of the ass in 
reference to one to an internal line already 
an external line on the external line the 
and that is a theme that through this 
study can not be 
you can simply locate and not 
defend very strong we need in their 
theory let's go into reading 
joshua to have more more strength for that 
argument but 
the ass that comes out here means that the 
Islam intervention 11 
September 2001 has prevented the 
the united states could move forward with their in 
his way with his plans that were going to 
put into practice if you had not entered 
Islam interjecting surprise here 
to history the us would have taken 
the law dominate already on 11 
September dear brothers lamented that 
I regret that to whom moment 
he simply left them that information 
but they have to have that information 
We are going to have other studies too 
we have to go defend that well 
clear because we put it here is a 
truth I in whom not quite strong 
then that ace not here puts the usa 
so that they come out on their way they do not carry 
out your plans for an external line 
but an internal line that happened 2001 
in September we do not know on what day but 
in September 2001 the church is that 
seventh day he took a one 
a paper what 
decided on different points that 
should apply to the education system 
of shepherds 
biblical workers different areas 
of the spiritual branch of our church 
and among those things the church had to 
apply spiritual formation 
in all of them all just those 
educational lines 
it also includes that training the 
continuous training of pastors a 
once received 
a person 
the admission of being able to preach and led 
a church is still formed has 
that go to courses have to continue 
receive instruction in different 
meetings that the church does for 
especially for pastors and they have to 
participate in spiritual formation 
spiritual formation that is a is a 
detail of what we call church 
emerging and they that is not something else 
that spiritism and the introduction of 
spiritualistic techniques to the formation of 
pastors so that they can of that 
will direct a growth of the church 
Well, there's no time now to explain 
which means all this in the 
Italy but that's a way out of the way 
a detour that was caused here in that 
date and it goes without saying that it was the 
Islam that caused that detour that's not the 
logical the logic is that the ass does 
something that is a symbol he shows a 
action that happens a certain moment 
that's what happened in 2001 that's why 
we mark the first donkey not here in 
this this moment that instance the 
second incident is very interesting 
because what does the angel do the angel 
make the road on a path 
specific of a life of two walls 
then he's navas on one side and 
crashes into the wall and hits the foot 
well maybe I 'm going to introduce here I've 
changed my mind 
a psalm for that to have a 
little idea what does that mean by 
the Sunday law was going to be introduced to 
who 11 in September if we're going to have 
to enter the history of jose de que 
there is no time now to do that 
but we will know 48 and we read the 
verse 4 
we have an idea 
because here the kings of the earth 
they gathered is not true that 's 
to that the alliance 
of the nations 
which is 
guided by the us led by the 
usa they make alliance met 
they all passed by and seeing it they 
they marveled they lay down they hurry to 
flee I take them there trembling pain as the 
woman who gives birth with a east wind 
you bankrupt the ships of tharsis the 
ships of tharsis that are broken by 
one that was here east wind 11 
September 2001 the Tharsis ships 
a symbol for the economy we have what 
that was broken in the wake of the events 
of 2001 is not that is part of the I was 
of Islam 
those are the ships of tharsis that 
appear there in a prominent sense 
that is one of the consequences of 2001 
but what we see here that the kings already 
they were together they had had 
banded to make a plan a plan 
evil against the people of god if they read 
since start from that healthy 
they were already here and ready to do 
wrong to be bad that in the 
the alliance progressed the triple alliance 
makes the Sunday law against the population 
ok then that only to have a 
idea where is that going how that logic goes 
they can also adhere we know 84 
from the beginning we read or god not 
keep silence not streets hate or you 
be still because here that ruja in your 
enemies and those who hate you raise 
head against your people have consulted 
cleverly and secretly here again 
we see that there is someone who gets up and 
He does anything in secret against the people of 
God has been surplus already in secret when 
for them it is already they are and anyway in 
secret activities 
and continues 
they have entered the council against your pro 
tissues have said goodness destro and masters 
so that they are not action and there is no 
more memory the name of israel then 
here with shamrocks and israel are 
conspiring because they conspire to 
heart to one against you have done 
alliance have them of the languages ​​and of 
the Ishmaelites and starts to name ten 
tribes are the ten kings the alliance of 
the nations of the triple alliance 
alliance here 
is part of the triple alliance is not 
true they conspire to destroy by the 
god and if we take that and combine it 
also with Psalm 48 
we have a picture but that alliance was 
broken when when the east wind 
rose and the east wind in life 
it is another symbol for him 
the islam the wind that comes from the east 
we have also seen that already 
in the little 17 the four winds that 
come and an angel comes from the east but 
that's a symbolism the children of 
East are the Arabs and that's what 
what happened here is what the 
Clear star missing a little more study 
missing a little more texts but as I already 
I said well if we have to place in another 
in another presentation 
then we continue here with numbers 11 
who does the ass then then the 
second time the ass 
do not want to go where the owner 
the ass leads them against him 
a wall 
and machuca eh 
or squeezes the bullet against a 
Against the wall 
is here on the one hand 
the wall that means the wall 
I want to read some texts here with 
they are two walls not for nothing two walls 
there may be only one but there were two 
walls and against one collides the ass 
those texts I do not have a text in Spanish 
from below calling page 137 either 
I will apologize what the book is and 
if there is the book in Spanish but it will be 
easy to find on the website of the 
bite center says 
the law of the ten commandments 
it has to be understood from the 
aspects continues to tell you about the ten 
commandments from the point I want 
do and say to the living is the already a 
protection wall 
then the elena bites compares the law 
divine with a protective wall 
next text is of interest are 
pages 340 in English 
and says so 
we go first read other testimonials 
we can read testimonies for the church 
It took two page 306 
yes, in Spanish but that's where 
English page says 
he will arrange his husband 
the donkey chosen to preserve the 
sanctity of the marriage relationship 
then that wall 
the relationship marriage and impact 
marriage is a wall that protects that 
relationship is the comparison that already makes 
here is the patriotic marriage ten 
commandments and two brothers 
is for you the commandments that has 
given remember the first presentation 
that we have given there were two fundamentals 
twins two twin institutions 
what God has created us in marriage 
the first one a safe Saturday and the two 
there are the commandments 
the commandments clearly speak of the 
marriage is fine 
built-in is not true 
within the commandments clearly and 
now the second text 
third that I wanted to art are in 340 
marriage and Saturday had their 
then then marriage and Saturday 
had its origin are institutions 
twins for the glory of god and the 
benefit of humanity here we have 
another in the relationship of one man 
god and another of man from among 
and continues the announcement 
the law of marriage for all 
children of adam for up to the time of 
end through his words that the 
Lord gave saying 
leaving his father and mother and he 
will gather his wife and you them 
they will be one that is the law of marriage 
then the law marriage is a law 
in the bible, elena white helps us 
understand this and the law is symbolized 
by the wall and if here in that story of 
balam the ass hits the wall 
then we could understand 
interpret that the donkey hits a 
law because we have already tried to show 
here is closing a little our 
study there are two laws 
principal that they will be again 
re instituted at the end of history the 
Sunday law clearly deals with the 
Saturday then that's also 
the law the second situation that was given 
ok but the first one was given in the 
was given on the sixth day of marriage 
then in those two laws here those two 
appears in that story and appears in that 
sequence why we put it here with 
we have more points in more lines for 
see the midnight clamor 
related to marriage one is very 
well when in the parable of the ten 
virgins the midnight cry is given 
for that midnight cry and then and 
that cries and that died cries the coming 
of the husband 
it has to do with marriage then 
that is what we understand here 
the ass collides and from there we take 
the conclusion that we are waiting for 
some activity 
in relation to the decisions of the 
internal in the church of 
of giving him permission to have the 
ordination of women balance 
looking for ordination in women with 
pastors as old women and also almost at 
same time will be the level decision 
externally in the us that will allow that 
level of the national international level 
the marriage of equal sexes because 
then the institution of marriage 
here is the focus in our history 
in the present story that they 
brothers will be this true present will be 
those topics that are very clear visible 
do not be surprised if we will see a 
activity of Muslims is a lot is 
something that we are inferring from 
those stories because the donkey collides 
because he up to 1 certain and if he would not take 
the story of just and also tdt 
we would have other evidence here for 
predict this 
we are not making projections that 
they have to do with time but we are 
understanding that certain activities 
they seem to be indicated by the word 
then that is what we put here in 
in that second time the ass 
is active 
the beam what it does the third time 
Well, that's very weird 
in numbers or valera again 
article 26 says and the angel of jehova 
step further and it was put in a narrowness 
where there will be no way to move away or 
to the right or to the left 
and seeing them angel angel nothing and 
jehovah threw himself under my bullet 
balance angry and his chest with a stick 
then jehovah opened the ass's mouth 
which said avalan 
that I make you more scared is 3 
times 15 are the ace does not speak that is a 
also a beast the beast speaks of 
where we know that we're going to see your 
a text is apocalypse 13 presi 11 
an apocalypse 13-11 says and then I saw 
another beast that came up from the earth and 
It had two horns similar to those of a 
lamb but spoke like dragon the 
to speak here is a symbol of the law 
when the asthma ass 
and start talking 
then we see here that that's a 
for the 
Dominican law because when the beast 
speak in prophecy that means 
which is the Sunday law and we take a 
elena white text where he is the ya 
explains what it means to speak 
taken from the centuries occur page 437 
come for him to talk about the nation are 
the acts that their authorities 
legislative and judicial 
then the talk here at that moment 
the symbol for a decree that is given the 
decree in that line and then already already 
end let's say this story in the law 
Sunday that the brothers that's what 
does the matter that is the ass here 
that in all those moments we 
we hope that the aston somehow 
it is manifested we have seen is on 11 
September we think we're going to see something 
very serious 
in fact the evidence that is going to be the 
double the strength of what we have seen in 
September 11 
on the part of Muslims doing something 
in the USA and then once again with the 
Sunday law in relation to the winds 
which is a symbol of an angry horse 
napo 17 were to be started to drop 
soccer soldiers more and more is not 
true and we see here we will also see a 
activity of the Muslims for it 
another thing the road series here in 
this we have said external line 
what we have said 
we have not done external line is true 
we have already mentioned it 
the external line on which the state 
I wanted to get the Sunday law here 
fact has taken out the patriot law 
the patriot law the sack in 2001 but what 
took out as after what was certain was a 
reaction to September 11 the law 
patriot was a change from that of the 
jurisdiction of the way of d 
of searching here in the usa in the usa 
the system 
juris dictated as it is said is a system 
in English 
Anglo-Saxon or I do not know how to say that 
is the system means that one is 
innocent until proven 
you can prove otherwise but here it is 
introduced another system was introduced the 
Latin system 
you are guilty until you can 
prove innocence is very different from 
these two systems of 
handle the matter of the accusation of a 
person and with the patriot you can 
simply the state has always been 
put in the position of being able to accuse 
someone to imprison someone because 
he has the suspicion and why because he says 
because he believes in his position of authority 
that he has committed some act of 
relationship has to have a terrorism and that 
jumping to all 
the laws and the constitutions in fact 
here I have a small 
text that is from wikipedia in English and 
Spanish when looking for Patriot Act 
they will find that 
says well the patriotic law has been 
harshly criticized by various 
rights organizations and organizations 
humans due to the restriction of 
liberties and constitutional guarantees 
what it has meant for citizens 
both Americans and foreigners 
the patriot act has been founded in the 
basic argument and that after the 
attacks of September 11, 2001 
the American people must choose 
between security and rights 
constitutional and here they have been thrown away 
below constitutional rights 
to defend security supposedly 
but what we will buy here 
although a step forward has been made 
jump the laws slogan the 
constitution and put then impose 
laws that are not in accordance with what 
has been placed as the foundation of this 
nation in the same sense several failures 
judicial authorities have declared 
unconstitutional for violating the rights 
and guarantees of the constitution of the 
the internal line 
the deviate here deviate by the 
introduction of that new subject to the 
education of all pastors and others 
level spiritual leaders 
international church is 
mandatory is also a clear indication 
of the app of the complete separation of 
in the old ones, here comes the 
star already completely out of the way 
very well 
then going back to the third donkey to the 
third time to 13 ass reaction no 
is the third in third reaction in the 
day because there are 23 let's say another text 
below 2 
let's look at another witness for the 
meaning of speaking 
here verse 2 
and jehovah answered me and said write the 
addition and declares it in tables so that 
run where you choose in it though 
the vision will take even more time 
hurry end and not lie though 
It will take you a while to wait for it because it will definitely come 
Will not take long 
did not check quickly in English 
because here in the stops and liquid 
They are very important 
I imagined it is universe and ass 3 says 
although the vision will still take a 
more time hasten since the end and not 
although it will take a while to wait for it because 
No doubt he will come soon 
in English a little different from that 
vehicle 3 of this start because the 
vision the vision 
is for one for a time says something here 
so you could say in English too 
here rather it says for the time 
indicated that is what they say in English and 
it is important a pity that those details 
They are not in Spanish in the network of Valera 
60 I have here for the indicated time 
because we are talking about a prophecy that 
has to be fulfilled in a while 
specific the indicated time part of 
charles pic and that no no no we did not have 
we just do not have it 
more hurries towards the end says here 
and no lie is missing completely but at 
Finally, he will speak to whom in English 
end this avaricious prophecy will speak 
it was fulfilled in in parallel to the law 
the 22 
October 44 where the door was closed 
where the trial came and there I speak 
the prophecy spoke 
and that's what happens here is 
just another evidence of placing the 
speak at that time the Sunday law 
the fulfillment of the prophecy those speaking 
as well 
you see how we work that is not 
a way that is a way of which 
a scholar laughs 
and now I do not know but because we do not 
we work in a scientific way to 
nothing we work with the text method of 
and according to Isaiah 28 that means line 
on line we are placed line that 
on that line other lines a little 
from here a little bit is already the way 
you work how it should be how it is 
design the bible and like that method of 
study indicated by the gentleman clearly 
expressed by william miller 
clearly supported by the spirit and 
very well however I have admitted 
admitted several times 
missing a little more more texts here 
but that's a study 
and which one we give an overview of 
some lines of thought by mistake 
your dream ok 
the next point then that we have 
put in place the story 
of balance I just wanted to take that out 
also italy is super interesting the 
other history and such that we would place 
we could place on that line here but 
let's go to another story 
we already found an apocalypse 11 
here we have 
a chapter 
that we normally relate 
with 1798 
with killing a white, this is interpreted by 
explains clearly in the conflict of 
the cycles the two witnesses symbolizing 
an old new testament 
the French revolution where it is burned 
the word of God where the 
et cetera but let's get another one 
conclusions here in that story in that 
let's read a little about that chapter 11 
We can start 
in verse 4 those two witnesses are 
the two olive trees and the two candlesticks that 
are standing in front of the god of the 
land if someone wants to damage the leaves 
fire from their mouths and devours their 
enemies and if anyone wants to make them 
damage that die in the same way those 
they have power to close the sky in order 
that it does not rain in the days of his 
they have power over the waters to 
compete in blood and to open the 
earth with all plague how many times 
When they have finished their testimony, 
beast that climbs out of the abyss were war 
against them and will defeat them and kill them 
we refer that normally to the thousand 
two hundred and sixty years and their corpses 
in a moment of 
culminating in that story and the 
corpses will be in the square of the 
great city of which the water says is 
a symbol of paris the capital of 
france that in a spiritual sense it 
called her dressage and egypt where also 
our lord was crucified we have 
here then a special explanation 
Paris France 
It has two characteristics 
an aspect 
and it's also a horn 
it's egypt 
and another aspect to another body horn in 
his taming 
the two horns of that power here 
we need to understand what that means 
it is not true 
religion the rebellion of egypt yes 
now we look at the history of egypt and 
kike and how can we understand what 
means egypt egypt 
It was him 
read the nation that enslaved the 
God's people and that did not let him out 
and when the town wanted to go out and bassinet 
asked for the town's exit then the 
response prominently to the first 
answer that we found there in a 
Exodus chapter 5 is that Pharaoh says 
who do not know who is 
this god is obviously a symbol of 
then we have here is elena by 
he also says this 
atheism here is related 
specifically with a law because what 
What Moses asks at that moment is that the 
town can go out to celebrate 
for himself to keep the holidays or the 
Mr. elena white party explains 
specifically that the party here of the 
which is talking about Moses' book 
genesis 5 is that the write save the 
Saturday they had forgotten and that not well 
saved for a long time 
so here we have someone 
that breaks on Saturday 
his taming 
On the other hand navas says symbol for 
as the word in spanish let me 
find it produces a word a little 
also difficult in English 
good debauchery that was that the word 
then we have here two 
features of france one 
characteristics and so we can say 
the against the Saturday and the other 
characteristic will contract the 
Marriage divert more debauchery 
it means 
live in a free way letting run 
your carnal desires 
that is debauchery 
you already know that is characteristic 
because they appear here and here I do not feel the 
marriage and on Saturday then those two 
aspects are important aspects 
also in apocalypse 11 and france is 
this power that rises and that is and that 
he rebels against the institutions 
divine against the law of the lord and against 
marriage because they introduced 
one they introduced a civil marriage 
and here I just want briefly 
explain a little that civil marriage 
that exists today in all 
states I imagine is not necessarily 
that frank was done already because there was 
that civil marriage of france was 
clearly in opposition to the marriage of 
the church and meant more more than the 
civil marriage today means in 
the states allowed with marriage 
and also the separation as one wanted 
and it did not have any spiritual aspect 
while in other European states 
the civil marriage was introduced 
just to protect those who 
They did not have to marry if they were not 
Catholics because the air of catholic 
claimed the right in some countries to 
marry people and if one wanted married 
had to convert that Catholicism and 
so that those minorities 
religious transpose have their freedom 
some countries like england like 
prussia note germany 
they introduced civil marriage 
quite different from that marriage 
civil here which we refer to as 
the symbol of libertinism in France 
but what we are doing we want 
we mean here is the following 
France is a power of two horns 
but what is the power of two frames 
in life also the us because he has 
horns the horns like of a lamb 
but then he talks and when he speaks he takes out 
a decree against 
in rebellion to the Lord's commandments 
France has been the first prince with 
the church that publishes the flame that 
supported the victory the conquest of europe 
of the Catholic church the same 
way the us second han have been 
become the power in the arm in 
the military force that carries out the 
plans of 
of the good papacy we have to close us 
a few minutes are missing 
let me see if I need to place some 
aspects in place before 
that she ends our 
presentation here 
or to read more a text or maybe 
coming now to our closing of 
logic from the first hour 
that activity here from the USA of 
reveal in two aspects in two horns 
against the witnesses of the lord against the 
word of the Lord 
and unfortunately inside the church 
also and outside in the church 
first of all we see that this is the 
activity that we were looking for 
discover is the image of the proof of 
the image of the beast because it is 
the church state union where the 
woman gets in and takes control of 
that relationship 
those are that is what happens here and 
that is related to two activities 
what we are waiting for manifest 
within very little 
now it would be necessary to place the lines of 
apocalypse 7 here the line of 
apocalypse 9 that would be very interesting 
it takes a little more time to expand 
the details of the woes because the 
fifth the awkward sixth also enter 
here as parallel only that part 
already enters as part of that story 
I still want to finish with a text 
of first subscribers page 37 paragraph 
3 later I saw an angel commissioned by 
Jesus to quickly go to the four 
angels who had certain work that 
meet the earth and waving from above 
down something that he wore he wore in the 
hand cried out loudly hold retain 
retain retainer entertain retain four 
Sometimes it makes the servants of God 
sealed on the forehead and that in fact 
is from the beginning 
explains expressed in the book of 
apocalypse 9 and book of clip 67 where 
the Lord says do not hurt the 
plants to the trees and so on until 
that we have celia 2 to the good ones to the 
that they should receive the Lord's heaven 
we have then a demonstration 
four times of that mandate 
we are not going to put that 
to retain 
and this is something new that right now I'm going to 
to retain the winds 
winds of the east symbol 
of the children of eastern Islam catch 
in the catch et 
how he was withheld from Islam here 
for here was the end of the war of 
and in that war it manifested itself 
Muslims manifested there in that 
year was declared as as man more 
of the most wanted man in league since 
mobile activities there in afghanistan or 
they are to vilar has declared me is enemy 
of the US state and that war has 
what to do with the fall of the you 
russia that produced another symbol that 
allowed that there could be that can 
have been that there may be 
that you could be conquered in the 
communism on the part of the us of 
alliances with the papacy ok then here 
we have to retain 
here we have to retain as we have seen 
the angel held him back to Islam that he wanted 
do more damage 
we hope that it will be withdrawn from 
retained here too 
a fourth time in the manifestation of the 
Sunday law and afterwards they are going to 
leave the winds 
do your destructive work without being 
I hope we were able to present something 
that at least has put a little 
aware of the issues that we are 
discussing studying 
to awaken your sanctified curiosity 
they begin to study that the brothers 
so much to do now also for 
our ministry so that we 
we can have 
the strength the intelligence the time 
etcetera and overcome the challenge of recording 
more topics to share with you 
We thank the Lord together in prayer 
so I want to imitate our 
we are and we are living in a time 
I think many agree 
almost all of them are end times but 
beyond some alarming news 
we have a plan that is taking 
out with plan that you direct 
is the work of the wheels within 
the wheels 
a job 
extremely complicated impossible to 
we understand but perfect to the 
once directed by you 
everything that happens here in this world 
you direct it, you allow it 
can not read take out another way 
it's like that sir so everything is fulfilled 
so that your prophecy 
put into practice so that we you 
town we understand where we are because 
you never do anything without declaring your 
dear father, you want to wake up your 
town that is 
in a very deep dream 
dear god bless the brothers to 
the sisters who have participated in their 
help them to do the next step to 
that their can serve them to their 
benefit and serve as a platform 
to start a study in the name of Jesus