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for those who wonder why 
we are in prayer here in silence already 
we have said it on some occasion 
surely we have found a text 
and perhaps should I look for 
company for the next hour 
in the prayer book where 
online a white advises that when the 
speaker begins his presentation 
really refer to a sermon to a 
pastor or narrator that in the church 
he talks that he goes up well he goes up the stage 
I should now kneel and make a 
silent prayer and from there we are 
taking so that we are making a 
in silence for this advice the spirit 
and I am praying for you listeners and 
I'm also praying for the Lord and 
in the other aspects in my presentation 
and in the technical part also 
very well 
we have created more or less 
we have said some things about him 
about the meaning of the image of the 
beast the mark of the beast also and 
what is connected to them we are going to 
enter more into this system to see what 
it means that for us 
I invite you to open facts 
I think we've already mentioned this this 
chapter here facts 3 let's read is 
the 19th century 
they apologized we need income those 
videos here in a week sequence 
actually gone that I have started to 
it happens so much I am so many things I am 
here in the usa participate in the 
school of the prophets and the mind is 
filled with an immense amount of topics 
and of 
interesting things and complications and 
that's why I do not have so present every 
detail that presents the last hour but 
Yes, more or less 
I think we're good to start here or 
continue in facts 
if there is repetition I ask him to ask 
apologize in advance 
so repent and say 19 facts 3 and 
convert to be erased 
your sins so that they come from the 
presence of the Lord times of 
refreshment so here's something that the 
Mr. asks repentant and converted 
so that sins may be blotted out the bones 
the effacement of sin is here a fact 
in that verse that means to erase the 
sin delete disappear no longer exists 
more , however, a 
repentance with a conversion and it is 
one thing that can not happen when 
one is dead although we have tried to 
highlight that one has to be alive 
you have to know that while one 
alive then it is a process that 
It will happen while 
while one is living 
participating in that actively 
and here it continues after very important 
helps us locate that that 
information so that they come from the 
presence of the Lord 
time then referred to times of 
refreshment we have seen have already been 
the times of the latter rain 
and for those who have been students of 
that message at least a little more 
beyond that we have presented those few 
hours is that the fair times of 
refreshment we see clearly that we are 
in them already 
since September 11 we are 
focused on the times of refreshment 
first in measure and then without 
measure or after being the Sunday 
with all its fullness we are in those 
times of the latter rain and when the 
biblical message that places the 
effacement of sins then what 
place specifically in that time 
after September 11 
and continue here and he sent to Jesus Christ 
what was previously announced to you verse 20 
this is what we have said in the work 
last we have tried 
should leave us a little bit I was 
falling down 
the times of refreshment in this time 
end time 
that's in the eleven in the circle 
part the second part 
the verse 
with the papacy I enter to conquer the 
I have represented by the Soviet Union 
of the pact of socialism 
and as the next step here let's say 
that we are going to mark now for our 
study on September 11 
I put it to say how it is almost like a 
icon is not so in English they pointed 
when the times of 
but one of the things we have 
very clear is that here it descended 
the Angel 
of apocalypse 18 
and we said in the last hour that 
Of course, everything has its parallel or its 
parallelism in the mileuristas when the 
September 11 something happened very 
similar Islam appeared in those in the 
facts of those of the world events and 
was restricted by four equal powers 
as on 11 September were 
restricted was Islam restricted 
by four powers we are not talking 
of four powers in terms of 
nations number four but four 
symbolizing global north south east 
west and here an alliance was formed to 
restrict Islam 
he entered the activity that they themselves 
they see as the third great jihad and 
we understand that it is the third there 
that is being fulfilled since then 
of biblical prophecy then here in 
the parallel we have the best I'll 
put it on the way 
as I'm used to in europe as 
we do Latin America also put 
it is first he 
after the month not certain 
August 11 was at that time 1840 
when the second woe was fulfilled 
here it was restricted from the 3rd 
here in our story below 
we understand the angel little by little 18 in 
the history of the 
Billiards under the angel of apocalypse 
10 zeros that we have already said in the hour 
that is what the text of 
the bible so sorry and 
converts that have been erased from you 
sins so that they come from the presence 
Mr. snack times 
and he sent to Jesus Christ that was before you 
and then we have also connected the 
next verse that is important 
for our study who desert is 
necessary that heaven receives for the 
times of restoration of all 
things two here is also emphasized 
it's time for restoration 
of all things 
I'm fine those events connected as 
how do they fit like this everything is here 
placed in the verse and that really 
are entering into that logic these are 
events that we have to see together and that 
we have said the restoration of 
great institutions 
it was again that the two great 
twin institutions of limonal era 
again here in this text of prophets 
and kings 501 in the time of the end has to 
be restored all divine institution 
then those are the times of the 
restoring the rest of the 
divine institutions the great 
institutions and twins according to 
prophecy spirit are marriage 
And the saturday 
we understand well 
the Sunday law 
they have to do with Saturday and we are going to 
again because we can say that it's going to 
be restored on Saturday in the law 
the Sunday law is going to be restored from 
such a way that under the accusation and under 
the attempt to destroy it to erase and 
exterminate with that holy day god not 
However, it goes 
do not allow that if you are not going to use that 
moment so that Saturday has risen 
and that's that is a concept that we have 
in our church a long time 
understood I invite you to open your lives 
in Isaiah 11 
Isaiah chapter 11 
in verse 11 onwards it says so 
himself will happen at that time 
that jehovah will raise his hand 
again his hand to recover the 
remnant of his people that still remains in 
the syria egypt patros and chupi to the 
holm hamad and in the things of the sea and 
will raise will raise banner to the 
nations and gather the exiles and they 
will gather the scattered of Judah of the 
four confines of the earth then 
this is an event 
that describes the Sunday law will be 
raised like a banner 
It has several 
without several meanings 
in that banner some indicators also 
in the 144,000 that come together under the 
flag and that come ready enlisted 
here to the last battle but it is also 
Saturday because Saturday will be that it was 
trampled that was hidden that was 
forgotten that will be raised here like him 
what it is 
subject has the understanding of all 
nations and will join the of course here 
the workers of the eleventh hour that 
they come from all areas of the world 
us the other sheep that are here 
that is what the text describes here 
then it will be restored in that way 
because they understand those who never 
have understood the Saturday and if next to 
a town that I will give you will see mendez here is 
willing to honor him and defend him and 
die for that s 
commandment of the Lord and the other 
divine institution that also has to 
to be restored we do not see ourselves like this 
happens here in Sunday law 
but neither did God believe 
marriage on Saturday the same time 
on the seventh day it was created 
on Saturday 17 but not the sixth day before 
was created in marriage then that's 
an institution that comes before and from there 
have we get the logic that we think 
make sense that the marriage has 
to be restored before then in that 
chronological line of events we mark the 
restoration of 
marriage in the midnight clamor already 
we have tried to give some some 
logic one of the logic rather simple 
it is simple is that the midnight cry 
comes from the fact that the story comes from the 
story of the parable of the virgins 
where there is a clamor of - announcing the 
clamor of my night the arrival of the husband 
so that for the marriage for the 
wedding party for marriage 
it is here then a topic we are going to give 
some other aspects 
I do not want to repeat everything either because 
we have said the past hours but there 
grabs again the thread of our of 
his themes 
all right 
let's do a put here a 
next another a logic that is not 
I invite you to open your lives of our 
Chapter 7 
this is chapter 7 
I advise so you want to understand that 
subject in 
more broadly 
to look at the benefits of the brother not 
It was a rosebush that I went through a lot 
patience him 
take to explain you were chapter 7 is 
say the 9 is a topic that went into that 
our studies our understanding 
like about two years ago and from there 
we could say almost revolutionized all of it 
in the meaning and 
and understanding the issues that now 
we are studying has contributed a 
tremendous light 
to the present truth I have here fighting 
a little bit with my little video that I just 
brand new 
It is very small 
but that is what happened in 
apocalypse 10 descended angel another 
strong dressed in a cloud his face 
He was enlightened as he was about not being 
everything on his head had a rainbow 
and his feet were like flames of fire or 
columns of fire and he had in his hand 
a book a book small booklet no 
true open here we are with that 
book is not all that fascinating but this 
once at a time a perfect harmony and if 
we can understand it only because 
the holy spirit leads us 
then here is chapter 7 we are going to 
these records are located in the history 
of the three decrees and these live and is 
active together fairly during the 
third decree the third decree that was going 
to release final completely and 
restore the independence of the nation 
Jewish after they were in have 
in him 
in the captivity of Babylon it was not 
the more nation you have to remember 
that there was no israel there was simply 
conquered and is for been the nation of 
the ten tribes of israel until today in 
day you do not know where they are 
the others who had remained two tribes 
of Judah had been brought to the 
captivity and there it was not left anymore 
there was Israelite nation there was no 
played I did not see from israel but here it 
keep the promise and can return 
our seven chapter of the seven the 
19th century 
because the first day of the first month was 
the beginning of the Babylonian departure 
and the first of the fifth month came to 
jerusalem being with him 
the good hand of the Lord 
because the first of the first month or the 
first day of the first month was the 
beginning of the Babylonian departure 
what does that all have to do with 
our with their studies and with the truth 
present what we discovered and 
it can simply be a summary of what 
that I already said in brother was not 
explain in much more detail 
we have a parallel story to 
that's our story too 
because that story is the story of 
the ten virgins the parable of the 
six virgins of whom lina says 
which says lina white repeats itself at the foot of 
the letter 
and here the interesting thing about these is that 
we understand that it combines 
incredible relationship not seen before what 
these dates 
I have to place a little more space 
have their 
link here in this story 
is our line is also the 
miners although that's what I 
I want to put here 
I had a date and it was on April 19 
very important for the mineristas 
because he scored the first disappointment 
according to the calculations they had arrived 
to the conclusion that the equivalent year 
of the end of the Hebrew year 
1843 had in our time the parallel 
it was our time on April 19 the 
minute 54 but when christ no no 
appeared then occurred is of 
disappointed but 
this was 
transporting the date here I am this 
is exactly 
the first day 
the first month 
What we are doing here is taking the 
Hebrew calendar face and is which has 
continued with the logical logic of 
count the months and years according to 
Bible instruction 
of the various hybrid calendars 
also what is 
we are talking in the ceremonial 
we are talking about him 
of the Pharisees we can say that it was 
reformed we are talking about the current 
and then the biblical paradita of several 
calendars but that was continuous chain 
and based on this calendar we can see 
one thing the first day of the first month 
it was 19 or the first day of the new 
year was the playful a little wrong before 
the 19 4 on April 18 was the 
last day of the previous year but the 
next day with christ he did not come he 
produced in all this disappointment is not true 
the first and the first month that's the 
parallel our story the first day 
of the first month is simply in the 
height of 2000 héritage on the 19th of cante 
of 4,984 
but he continues here the story and 
he says there they come out of Babylon but he says in 
the 1st 
and on the first day of the fifth month they arrived 
to jerusalem 
and that's the next thing 
it is surprising that the first day 
the fifth month 
in it they came to jerusalem and that was in 
our history also a date 
significant because we are talking 
August 15 , 1844 
the exact day on which brother snow 
samuel a fields nou went to present what 
who later understood that it was the 
midnight clamor in that very same 
day of August 15 
received in the extra camp the 
time to expose well 
his logic that he had presented before 
in a magazine that already the previous day 
had in came at the very latest he did a 
brief summary but on August 15 it 
he presented that love and where he grabbed the 
message to the people there where I had 
their effect before they had not understood 
there were not all or almost no one had 
seen the importance 
and that was exactly 
equivalent on the first day of the fifth 
month of the Hebrew calendar 
then that here is the output of 
Babylon that's the arrival in jerusalem 
on a spiritual level we are going to have to see 
what does that comprise 
the departure from Babylon the arrival of 
the first disappointment and that amorim and 
but there is another date here in that 
line of events 
a bit the same mistake again 
let's put is a bit here to the 
to the right because simply 
it will not give us the space 
so much space here in this 
on that blackboard 
the Sunday night 
and the next date that is implied 
in the book of extras is when it happens 
this is going to miss a little extra 7 and 
we are going to 
read a little later 
that in chapter 7 also 
say it in the verse I do not know if those who 
they come later but we can jump 
physically verses 25 says and you 
you are according to the wisdom that you have 
of your god put judges and rulers by 
government to all the people who are at 
other side of the river to all those who 
you know that god and the one you do not know them 
they will teach you this is from the 21st century and by 
me to suits king king state order to 
all the treasurers and so on 
that's the third decree when it comes to 
artaxerxes that allows the town to 
through the decision and choose extras 
place again judges 
and rulers not true again is 
instituted a government that has its 
own legislation its own executive 
legislative and so on then 
and this is this secret when he went into 
effect of that decree then in the 
history here 
of these was 
Tenth day 
of the seventh month equivalent in the 
our history was 22 
October 1844 
how do you understand that date brand 
Of course 
closing the door at the moment 
when Jesus entered a most holy place 
the end of all that history that was a 
history of a village preparation 
and we put here to complete these 
is the story of the separation of 
true town of god of the 
Protestants who bet no longer god 
for here the wise virgins and the 
foolish virgins becomes a 
separation in two groups ok 
a 46-year history we've already talked 
a lot of it but the important thing now 
for us for our days is that 
we have understood that relationship that 
have these dates with 
the events and this is more salt already what 
we have to understand now why that does not 
it's just not past history that's 
present history that's why 
we are understanding it now 
and nobody understood it before, it's because 
now we our generation has 
what to see is the meaning of it 
we put here those two our texts 
the conflict the centuries to 391 the 
Parable of the ten virgins of Matthew 
25 also illustrates what they experienced 
for what also illustrates the 
experience of Adventists 
matteo 25 the test of 10 virgins is the 
experience of Adventists what 
experienced the Adventists but 
also says in network universe August 19 
of 1890 
this word has been and will be 
fulfilled to the letter because it has 
a special application at this time 
just like the third angelic message 
has been fulfilled and will be 
will continue to be true presents up 
the times of the end or that history 
of matteo 25 of the three virgins are the 
The history of the miners has been 
fulfilled but it will be repeated at the foot of the 
that is, here we have the reason why 
we are applying that to us and 
some more things we have to see 
between this story 
we started 
this here in the story of the ten 
Virgins God has led the town to 
through a delay time 
delay time 
of this 
on September 11 for us 
or since August 11 are well 40 for 
the miristas when the events seemed 
to be put into effect but the 
years four years here in the ballast of 
them and nothing happened seemed to linger 
the husband that's what you say below two 
not true, it seems that environment 
vision but it was not like that it was simply 
last delay that had been placed 
on purpose 
another thing 
is that if we count the days not 
we're going to do that in detail 
here but of 
from first and first month to your average 
of fifth month those are exactly 
one hundred and twenty years 
and the first day of the fifth month is the 
tenth day we are still 71 years old in 
both cases 70 days 
ok because I'm saying years because I 
years he left and we will see 
one of the principles of the study that 
we are following we are understanding 
that we have to use to understand the 
biblical truth is to put line on 
line is the command that God gives us 
through 1628 here a little bit here 
a little bit and line over million in 
line on line that what we have to 
do and if we in this case 
it means if we have here 120 
years then we have to eat what 
120 years mean how we do 
this through place search all 
the 120 years in the bible and 
the amazing thing is that all the numbers 
120 in life has an obvious relationship 
Clearly clear with that time here d 
that we are seeing here in this story 
and simply the brother he is 
doing that but let's take a 
example of the first mention of genesis 
chapter 6 
the first time the 120 are mentioned 
and it does not matter if it's 120 days or years that 
here is symbolic anyway no 
we are talking about 720 days that 
our times have to be repeated 
we are not talking about literal days 
we are doing here we have to run 
the symbology of the 120 
and says well in and I camilo 6 verse 3 and 
said jehovah will not contend my spirit 
with man forever because 
certainly he is flesh more will be his 
days 20 120 years 120 years then the 
120 years of the life of man 
here in the history of noah is a symbol 
of the 120 that exist here of this 
We will place at your best of you 
midnight ends 
something happens in that time and that alone 
they are simply that they are the years of 
life given name or what does that mean 
means here that here at the end of 
120 years that it has to pass 
spiritually good in the times of 
noah what happened the man died he was already the 
end after 120 years I say came the 
rain after 120 years marks the 
end of life time that is also the 
end of the time of grace have given to the being 
human is a symbol of it and as a 
it was like midnight a symbol of 
fabric of the time of grace of the end of 
time and thank you because I burn 
a group separated that was the group 
of the miners who had followed the 
message and if your ex accepted your message 
you continued in the group 
he arrived later is represented by 
the god but if he rejected it this 
message you did not take it then you went out 
outside you went outside and there is zero 
Test time for you 
and those are the 120 here could be done 
it should be done with all 120 in 
Sunday law is a closed door 
midnight assembly has to do with 
the problem of oil with the spirit 
how are we doing 
do so many such that here are 
important to understand 
again I want to read then to 
following the selected message 292 no 
will be selected 2 I take two pages 92 the 
Sir, it has definitely been for me 
the image of the beast will be formed before 
of the end of the time of grace and 
this because it will constitute a great 
proof that was the error will not be a 
translation the big problem not a big 
test the great test for the power of 
they will decide by their 
eternal destiny then before 7 
Grace times 
there's a big test and that's the image 
of the beast 
the 120 years in the genesis of stress are the 
time were the time of progress a 
symbol for the given test time 
to a group of people or to the human being 
and if and now the link with what 
we are saying maybe you 
it seems that we are losing the thread 
but here we are going to place the loop and 
let's win ourselves from what we see 
how we have entered this topic 
in genesis 61 says it happened that when 
they started then how was that 
God gave 120 years of proof for the being 
human because 
It happened that when the 
men to multiply on the face of 
the earth and they were born children 
they are the children of God that 
daughters of men were beautiful 
they took for themselves women choosing between 
all what does that mean the children of 
god were simply those who followed 
those who believed in the true god and 
the daughters of men is the opposite 
is what was not divine were the children 
the descendants the family the tribes 
who did not believe in god we have here 
after the flood also that clear 
separation to understand that concept 
although its before deluge 
that there were noah's descendants of 
the line of not hurting your son 
true path that remained in the truth 
and we had others to teach the mountains 
and that they started to build Babylon 
under the guidance of books is not true 
those are the two groups the children of 
god and the daughters of men and there was 
than a mixture between two groups that do not 
they should have mixed 
what topic we have here of course 
that we have the theme of marriage 
where here in this phase we see that there is 
a theme that becomes important 
and related to that time the 
marriage and two brothers here that does not 
limits to here at that time the two is not 
true marriage is here true 
present for those who enter into that 
phase and we are in this phase 
because we have not lived what love of 
there is a loud clamor after law 
Sunday if that 's another issue we have not 
seen us as Adventists out there 
a clamor and midnight has to renfe 
dark in the logic of the events here 
before the Sunday law 
maybe I'm saying I was 
saying as well as normal but I'm 
remembering that not for all of us 
that's one is a clear concept but 
taking line on line the repetition 
of history the repetition of the 
history of the ten virgins the closing 
of the door that is in the Sunday law 
that in other presentations we have 
defended that in the Sunday law it 
make time for grace 
God's people we have to see that here 
in midnight bed 
it has to see a clamor and midnight 
for our generation too and if 
this is so then we see according to genesis 
that there is something that causes 
the people enter that judgment and that 
ends after 120 years at his trial 
and what it causes in your illicit marriage 
and this is exactly what we have been 
saying sprint of the thesis from the 
first presentation the image of the 
beast that has been forming is a 
illicit relationship like here the daughters of 
the men the sons the daughters 
spiritually we are speaking no longer 
no we did not talk we were talking 
women actually although we could not 
reapply for us in 
our lives also that can be 
women or men is not true a 
couple that is not in the faith that does not have 
do not create eros nervousness and we have in the 
another side the son of god or the daughter of 
God that marries that it should not be 
have married her according to life not 
it is possible that if a prophecy spirit 
it is clear that that should not answer 
it is not true 
that has an effect 
and that effect is 
this time of grace that I've been 
those who enter into that relationship 
and please once again we are not 
speaking here about someone should feel the 
following that are in that 
situation that is an application 
let's also say in small of all that 
but we are talking here about a 
marriage between state and church 
ok woman I represent church man 
representing the church woman state 
marrying unlawful marriage son of 
man god with the daughters of those of the 
men but what's significant in that 
relationship is that the woman is in control 
of the relationship as well as sb chooses you see 
he was in control of here is not 
that should not be her is that she takes the 
decisions is what and is your decision 
spiritual and that's what the church 
Catholic has been doing and will return to 
demonstrate clearly here in the phase that 
we are that we have already entered and that is going to 
take to Sunday law because the law 
Sunday is an official decree in the 
us first 
it just is not in harmony it will not be 
in harmony with the decrees the laws 
of the country but because of the pressure and logic 
exposed of the woman of the church are going to 
this place anyway law 
woman in control of the state of man 
that's the problem and this is what 
we also understand is not a 
external line in that story because that 
is what we see in politics what 
we see in the states in the countries that 
they are preparing all this for that 
it becomes practical 
but in the internal line that has always 
those two lines 
inside the church inside the village 
of god the parallel events outside of 
the church in the visible world we 
we have already said that we also have the 
marriage problem 
in the real visible relationship 
between man and woman either in 
marriage or 
in the way of 
of the question should power could the 
woman not also take over the 
pastor or by elderly to guide 
also to men spiritually 
opposing here clearly to what 
says the bible 
is if you take the bible and if you 
bases on the principle as the 
mileuristas were interpreted in the 
biblical word 
then it is very simple to demonstrate and see 
that that's an absolute is not an option 
in the bible 
and we're not talking here that 
a woman can speak in the church 
can a sermon give a prophet that are 
others are talking here 
some institutional functions let's say 
in those months 
in the church he has decided to take a 
decision about it that's the thematic 
that we see here consciously connected 
see the logic we are giving here 
just a few guidelines once 
more in the hand the one of rosebush has 
maintain it places all the texts that are 
finds in the bible there are in their 
presentations will easily roll 
if they go to the youtube tel website 
of the future channel of america file 
america for example 
Well then your things in place 
let's get out a little bit of the way 
we have grabbed and we are going to enter into a 
in some details of this study we 
he invited to open his Bibles in 
apocalypse 14 
and where we find the three messages 
says vehicle 6 and fly through the middle of 
heaven another angel who had the gospel 
eternal to preach everything to all 
the inhabitants of the land to every nation 
language and people tribe saying great 
voice of meta god and dad of glory because 
the time of judgment has come that his 
judgment has come and worship what that 
made heaven and earth the sea and the 
water sources and after first 
second and third angel but what here 
highlights is that the first angel already gives 
three messages 
that gets God to give him glory for him now 
the trial has come this is again 
are the three angelic messages 
and several times we have shown 
we place here 
what good bye 
give glory 
because the trial 
It is the first angelic message 
I do not want to say much about it because 
that deserves a study the situation 
apart and once again 
he is not covering 
lets god that first message 
but in angelic messages we have 
come to understand that there is a moment 
with the message arrives and there is a moment 
with he receives power the first message 
it arrived here but receives power received 
be able to just here then the first 
angelic message that's why we put 
or in English sometimes you see that the 
brothers put a power is not true 
then he received power here now in 
this moment here we are talking about the 
girl line thousand edge then here the 
the second message has just arrived 
it's coming 
does not reside 
although well here too 
and third message 
is coming here those are the landmarks 
that are also marking there the 
moments have received with him and that is 
where that rigid message comes in power that 
it's already our story just now not 
I'm not going to put the logic of the 
miller history and from our history 
because in this study it's a bit 
different that has caused some 
maybe even get angry with what 
We are saying disappointed because 
it seems that we are changing the 
sequence of the lines is not like that for 
nothing simply that we see that 
in the first message what was 
they receive a power of first message in the 
miner's time for us 
it is also the same serves power but to 
the second message arrives 
it is the common combination and celina white 
the messages are combined and run 
parallel in our time but you have to 
take time to defend all that and not 
is our theme now 
here just 
exercise power also like in this 
moment is everything more compact is already a 
little more detailed 
actually how are we seeing as in 
comparison like what we were 
understanding before 
there is nothing that is being 
changing we're not really 
discarding the fundamentals that we have 
I have been understanding of this many 
years already 
but if you do not take time to 
understand the little ones 
difficulties and challenges here you will be able 
come to the conclusion that we 
we are changing the milestones that we have already 
ourselves established 
we do not see us established the certain 
the gentleman establishes that but here it is 
needs is a research process 
that one has to carry 
because if I do not think we're 
giving a new message is not like that 
but the superficial student what 
You will see well 
speaking now of your messages that 
we have here in this sequence and 
trying to make the link we're going to 
see again we're going to throw the tie to 
grains of the road of which we have 
this is what we also call 
a fractal ok 
those who have been listening a bit of 
what happens in those last years 
have heard that word that's a 
fractal of the first message 
and that contains all those those 
meta information 
give glory 
the time of judgment has come to that 
Of course it is a message that was already under 
the first angel but that in turn 
comply with the second and third 
angel but that's what the first angel 
says and the message it contains is already a 
fractal that is a fractal a fractal is 
to see better I read it here a definition 
something that is self repetitive throughout 
degree of magnification 
something that is self repetitive in each 
degree in every degree of magnification 
then if you take one 
a plant that looks like this but now with 
the magnifying glass you enter you see that actually 
each leaf has that shape and is the same 
If you enter that leaf in a magnifying glass, you see 
that the sheet itself 
It also consists of small leaves like this 
is in every degree of magnification in 
more and more closer or more more more 
deep or the most matifying you see the 
image simply looks the same is a 
thing that we see with certain plants or 
as you see with the 
what are they called 
of snow 
while the word prays 
in those geometric shapes 
it's a mathematical concept and we 
we are applying it in a way because 
it seems the best way to describe it does not 
it's exactly like that at least for how 
I understand it as the equivalent of 
mathematical definition but this is 
we have something that em 
in small it is the same as it is in large 
here are the 303 my angelic but 
also this all are the three messages 
angelic that's a fractal is a 
fractal of the big thing in tiny we see 
that's three steps like here are three 
tests that carry 
that they carry here that contains that 
we understand that the first message is a 
proof of the second and third messages are 
tests and in the end it is a result but 
what what is amazing is that 
within now in those in the stories 
in themselves they also contain those logics of 
three tests 
here within that history among the 
games within this test and three 
tests 1 2 3 1 2 3 and the back always 
is the door that closes the door that 
closes but at the same time this here is the 
first test the second opens the 
third test and here the 
those are those are fractals of all that 
then the first test here the 
second test here the third test 
that's the eternal gospel those are the 
three angelic messages are three 
How is it 
kilograms and without the last minute in 
the last minutes here our 
the Protestants had also in their 
process of three tests had to be 
and they had time to understand what 
is the message of the god of Jesus Christ 
that will be the message that I had to 
prepare and change them and they had to 
accept to get to form a 
true representation of the people of 
on August 11 
is that date here we have the incarnation 
what do you mean by this 
the incarnation is that it is the combination 
of the divine with the human 
as manifested here manifested here the 
he directs that he incarnated that he had to 
become human or part of the human 
what happened that the angel brought here he 
brought the bikini the book 
booklet and that had to be juan 
symbol of the mileuristas that had to 
do it with this little book has 
what to eat then is the incarnation if 
I like something that is divine that I do not know 
can eat as in the same experience 
that he had Jeremiah or that to receive them 
of fire as faults are called 
out of Spanish practice here 
after only three weeks 
The USA 
ok to give us away and another launch 
those stones that 
hot that is impossible to reach 
the lips without destroying it that 
what's in my mouth that's the divine thing that 
the human being by grace and 
influence of God's empowerment 
you are able to eat despite the 
little book here has to eat there 
an incarnation the first step is a 
try the second 
It is a test for Protestants 
arrived here in that time already is 
filling that box the diagram 
put the booklet a little more here 
let's place 
and the diagram 
in 1843 
here they have doing it in earnest in this 
diagram was presented in a 
in 1800 in May of 1842 and in the month 
It was already causing a lot of problems in 
the us the Protestants started to 
close the doors to the message because 
here you could finally see from a 
way too obvious what the 
miners seemed all pretty until tar 
to the point that it does not have a line 
that goes into the details but when 
the Protestants that would have all 
they had opened their doors for this 
message they saw the details here 
they were unavoidable to recognize 
the eternal eternal kingdom of god 53 and going to 
get then that message was already a 
proof that they had to respond 
to a large extent with the closure of 
doors is true then the second 
test here is a visual test 
always the second test is a test 
and finally we have the third test 
and I think it's going to be the last thing 
we do in that hour 
on April 19 
the door is closed for him 
because the door is closed for them 
because with the disappointment the first disappointment 
really the large part of those who 
they had sympathy with the movement 
they left they could not pass they could not 
endure that test the mockery was 
tremendous victory and was claimed by 
part of the enemies of the message of the 
miners and that became the 
third test that left out a great 
a large number of clients and 
is then a group that will enter 
in the next phase in three tests 
to be part of by the honor god 
very well here we are in the middle of a 
logic but the time is finished and we're going to 
continue the next presentation to the 
which invited them we hope 
for our thanks for that hour that 
we have received many things that are 
put together here and it's always a challenge 
present something for what 
the people of the Hispanic world who have not 
I have 
participate in many presentations of 
that light because we simply do not 
we have come to power 
present and even us understand 
a lot of material that English is 
it is happening in 
but look at your grace we can give small 
It is my desire to encourage the brothers 
the sisters who hear this take 
a time apart and dedicate more than 
something that is revealed by the lion of the 
tribe of Judah give that generation you the 
Come on we thank you in the name of Jesus