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dear father in heaven what a privilege allowed us to be here right in this time at this camp meeting Lord to hear your truth but it has been a very blessed week and in every way fellowship the truth you know the spreading of the word Lord help that this light might shine forth to the entire world now and convict people of the true methods and that this is the true movement and that you truly have led us all the way till we are standing here on this firm platform and you will never change Lord as we came to come now to this last presentations please pour out once more your blessing be with the speaker that he may find the right words and they convict with your authority and power the truth words of truth Lord we ask you also for the work of translations we want to thank you that all these languages are present here in this this message can be spread in so many languages at the same time we want to thank you also for the technical equipment you gave us and please help us that we use it in the right way please bless the effort now please cleanse us from all our sins and Lord please put your seal of approval in this work here would be present among us and pour out your blessings in Jesus name we thank you we ask I'm gonna leave off the text I was gonna continue on with on the east wind where they had when we were understanding 9/11 we came to understand the east wind microphone what mine isn't real green is a gift testing testing is can you hear it I'm going to leave off the presentation on the rest of the east wind we were understanding 911 to Solano cuando comprehend demos we understood the east wind arrives 911 to Solano causes the debate about it and what I was gonna add on top of that lo que yo you got any idea was that the east wind if you type it or use your concordance into a search in the Bible the East one is clearly a symbol of Islam in the story of Moses back story of Joseph the story of Moses in the story of Moses it shows you that east wind is going to restrain the papacy kstn to Solano virus 3 here I purple because the east wind is what holds the Red Sea back at God's people cross to deliverance porque be to Solano err tiene el rojo when the east wind is let go he cuando city ha the Egyptians died in the sea east winds in the Bible sink the ships of tarshish for the kings of the earth are made afraid when those east when the east wind sinks those ships of tarshish we understand that was 9/11 we understand that Bill Clinton had a surplus in the bank account of the United States before 9/11 what's a surplus extra the debt in the United States it's unsolvable Tarshish replica rep represent the economic strength force economica but I listen to perm endures last presentation the part about the the shaking that's went on when we first started presenting this message I would get invitations from groups our people had never known before and there was something that always happened first time I'd meet a group and I got experienced on how the group would respond or what I'm about to say at our group that never heard this message and said this message always produces a shaking you don't know how many times I get invited back to that group tell me this when you told us this message always produces a shaking reproduce in a secluded aura we really didn't know what you were speaking about no severe most the kiss that was a blunder but as soon as you laugh from those last meeting displaces Ultimo's in cuentos we understood comprende most this message always produces a shake and I don't know how many times I've been criticized this message is life or death what kind of arrogance is it for this guy to say that his message is life or death then I was standing over there watching this this film whatever you call it and Daniel put together and I got a little tear in my eye I just heard an overview of the history that I'd walk through story and I stand according to Parminder in greater condemnation than all of you in this room damned I'm listening to him lose use logic to tell you you need to go back and listen to these presentations yes I know Katie link a rebus kuchi for some reason I could never go back and listen to myself speak so I guess I gotta go home spend a couple hundred hours reviewing material look at the work that's going on here trabajo que canta sake is it how many ministries are different nationality mysteries are nice group as far as I can tell state-of-the-art facility what caused the tear over there for me my mind flashed back to a banana give me a cut in the jungle of Colombia week-long prophecy school a bi una only me and the translator and in those days I had some strength and we do five or six presentations a day for a week Colombians eat bamboo posts posters the bamboo banana leaf roof and there was time so it started raining so hard that you just had to stop yeah we didn't escape you couldn't hear anything it was raining so hard there was a poor Colombian I forget whether he had six or eight children he and his wife young chill but he was into the message and he had one of these old little video cassette players some of the children in here don't know what cassettes are but it didn't have its little kind with the internal microphone and he wanted to get it recorded so we were speaking here I see kids to get right up front yeah yeah so he could get the recording of that internal mic on that kid with two of his small children he'd sit there all day long and those children didn't make a move they were so well-behaved escuchen and him every single presentation and then after that week-long prophecies his quistis we went into a nearby Colombian city and we did a long weekend he was and he was up there on that stage as they rented a building up on the stage you keep all the way but he want to record it all and when when we left Colombia stead of him returning to the jungle where he lived so he determined he was gonna stay in the city and seek' goes to share this message with that following Sabbath after he was done teaching the family city he walked out the door of the house yes silly Oh delicacy in a car pulled up and filled him full of bullet holes this message is life or death and he knew it yeah and he shared that message too now the Columbia is really wild in those days an angel the best I can figure is it was a a bad that the drug lords got the wrong house because this message is still life and dad loves Dante mensajes worth it even if it's progressed to this point I remember in Arkansas when this Omega begin to arise the quail in Arkansas come in so ilúvatar say there was one narrator C Omega someone's callin Absalon now I never introduced in school ideas at that school they never stood while they were at the school what they never stood at that school because we would oppose them and shut him down Naz Levant area mozi los ríos no similar and we struggled with the manager because he was arguing that when that angel came down to 911 with the hit man in his hand under this video that you were supposed to take that hidden manna and eat it camilo and we went in the Ezekiel 2 & 3 which defines that when you eat chief Enoch we have a message to carry the seventh-day Adventist Church Allah I never could understand why he would argue but it wasn't those is right there from the start pero no estaba esos is it is it Esteban idiotic sailing community brothers and sisters you have a responsibility to take this message to the seventh-day Adventist Church and it's a life-or-death massive yes women Saturday be doing what early on in this history temprano in his face Toria which we'd send out a cassette tape once a month una vez I miss my dad was Lucas it and we didn't know where we were going the way max were way marks were looking back at we never recognized they were way marks till after the fact that was me Rondo in aquel tiempo no Sevilla most Nuka Karen it was I have no idea what I'm gonna try to say here this last hour Elliot must jam in it because Satan is really trying to turn this upside down no se Cayo rapido so I'd said in my kitchen it was the use of a sitar with me Cosmo by myself solo do a presentation sometimes it'd be a 10 part series and a nice little wall clock so if it was 15 here Dean if it'd have to be 11 o'clock in the morning when it got to 11 you did ding ding time but we reached the point where could that null and void and there's been a brother that had been following this message right from the start mr. uh and he used to call those old cassettes golden oldies I don't know if you'd know what that means cause it's that's an American term maybe you don't know the other South American story was in terms of disruption they rented a soccer stadium in a Baptist College in a city in South America it started a football and we're where all the seats were in the stadium that you know step up it would probably hold 500 people those chair those seats were covered with an overhang but this is South America so all that roof is is corrugated metal do you know what that is the the metal that has the little so the whole time we were there I see these Baptist students they didn't like us presenting the message they stood behind the seats we're in front of the seats speaking in French and they would throw rocks to the top of the roof and then you got to hear the rocks bounce all the way down the corrugated tin a whole meeting Dola presentation ascenders Laredo calendar the dead show the laptop okay so we've had disruptions before I guess we're back on now okay so there was the guy that followed the meeting right the message is right from the beginning and he called those first messages golden oldies but if you're not from the United States maybe you don't know what a golden all the years you know what a golden oldie is from the United States do some Englishmen do it's the old rock and roll song you know if you're gonna listen to rock and roll you listen to the new rock and roll good old rock and roll were the golden oldies guy was presenting the message and he used to tell the people he was presenting it to you gotta get those golden old and he had a favorite and it was called Gideon's torch for a long time now the cassettes don't exist anymore yucky no you got a redo Gideon storage in this case so I said okay and at the Baptist College there in Riverside we did the Gideon's torch one more time it was amazing when I went back into those notes several years later there was things that I've seen in Gideon in judges 6 & 7 that I hadn't seen originally so I wanted to make a closing point here these last two presentations which is only gonna be one which has been reduced a little bit by this problem but I went back in to judges 6 & 7 again last night and there's there's light that wasn't recognized by me at least before one more time third time around so if you go to judges 6 I want to walk you through very quickly judges sick then take you to judge's 7 7 very quickly and then try to bring bind this whole series off first one is chapter 6 is identifying a darkness difficulty that Gideon God's people have been in darkness for seven years originally that's how we understood it second time around we understood that was identifying the end of the 2520 in 1798 after 1989 since 1989 go back and do is look at the bondage in 1989 okay so III don't want to spend time in Chapter six much because I got a little time to get through Chapter seven but Gideon means treasure treasure or thrashing is someone that separating the chaff from the wheat that's what William he took his concordant no reference in his Bible and he separated the wheat from the chaff verse seven reaches the point where God's people cry unto the Lord and in verse eight the Lord sends a prophet to the children of Israel which said unto them thus saith the Lord God of Israel I brought you up from Egypt and brought you forth out of the house of bondage and I delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians and out of the hand that all the depressed you and drave that drain them out before you and gave you their land and I said unto you I am the Lord your God fear not the god of the amorite sand whose land you dwell but you have not obeyed my voice like a sombrero spear a the man who does he heaps use in the modern Toros kill us up me here on a qualified say - dilaudid epazote cos the sooty era USD he also if you've ever seduced not a mais à la co-ceo some Oreos in Kuya dear avatars some Miller standing at the end of the world God's people are in darkness there's a cry we need to get out of darkness and they're taken to the prophetic message that had been sent to God's people it's based upon understanding that your safety has been illustrated in biblical history Gideon his face built up by understanding that his history has been illustrated by the history of the deliverance of God's people from Egypt comprehend okay Gideon's understanding that history repeats kill a story a therapy day if you want to know what's gonna happen at the end of the world fin de mundo then you got to go back to the beginning of the world in terms of Tina's kiss stories about our DNA okay in verse 11 there's an angel and it comes down and he's going to okay and there's much that can be said about that first thirteen Gideon has a I guess a complaint oh my lord if the Lord be with us why are we in this layer dision condition I don't understand if we're God's people why are we the church triumphant fire with the church militant what happened to who we were supposed to be so con aquellos que debería mercy for me brothers and sisters that's what I learned early on yes my first 19 years in Adventism was in one church and I contend it was one of the most liberal churches in California and they're all liberal in California in California he told us it gives us some liberals in California why are we in this condition porque estamos and Esther condition that's what Gideon's asking and in verse 14 it says the Lord looked upon him and said go in this time might endow my that thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the medians Midianites have not i sent thee Esther to force a you de la mano de Luz Martin eaters not in vo yo and you just can't understand with that I have no idea I have ideas why it was wrong thing with es porque I have no idea why I've been involved with this verse 15 oh my lord where with where with well shall I save Israel behold and I'm not saying I'm saying Israel you got to read this figuratively behold my family is poor in Manasseh and I'm the least in my father's house and the Lord said unto Him surely I will be with thee that's a promise of the church triumphant promises in front of a unity that comes in at the end of the world they want only that a unity that takes place between the prediction of midnight and midnight because 9-11 p.m. to midnight at one level is 50 days midnight is Pentecost 10 days before Pentecost the disciples are in the upper room 40 days before that they're in the upper room first 40 days after 9/11 the DSS posted on the city image it begins in an upper room convincin it ends in an upper room and the upper room in the beginning is they're there because they're afraid but when they get to the end of the 40 10 days to Pentecost they're no longer afraid coming together in unity its appendices and the only way you can be ending in unity is do introduce gospel order those 10 days in the upper room are talking about the organization that takes place in advance because the mighty army that is the church triumphant is going to be unified as one man and that man is Christ Jesus because the church triumphant is going to be in unity and that unity one man I'd really don't have I don't know how to relate to the some of the following verses but in verse 17 if I found grace in your eyes show me a sign I'll bring you a present to this angel which mr. white says is no less a personage in Jesus she says that about this angel in the story of Gideon and he accepts his offering and performs a miracle and then he disappeared but in verse 22 it says he's seen that angel who's no lessen a person engine Jesus Christ face to face this is before 9/11 so I'm not sure what that means but I know what it means when you see Christ face to face and if you can't cuando su cara cara but I'm not sure what it means a Gideon saw him face to face before 9/11 so we just let that one stay there Christo cara cara until September into Samadhi Kimo cinemas por hora you know the answer let us question you can let me know but there's a couple points out of chapter 6 I have to put in place verse 22 when he realizes that he's seen an angel face-to-face really secure Vista the Caracara he builds an altar a kansui UNITA and he calls it jehova sholom and it came to pass in verse 25 that same night in verse 25 says and it came to pass the same night that he makes this offering that he's gonna do two offerings but in order to burn that offering he's gonna tear down an altar of bill that would rain alright and in verse 25 if you notice that it's the altar of bill that he's gonna terribly adhere down bill is a male God but he's gonna cut down the Grove which is Ashtaroth a female God to God's men and women he's going to tear down something and has to do with the corrupted marriage relationship he's gonna have a revelation about what the image of the Beast is and how important it is in to this endtime message how this fact of the image of the beast is going to pervade this entire message from beginning hol evasive our prevail and the reason that Adventism has not understood this truth TSP or because of that apostate protestant hermeneutics that they accepted a long time ago but the Lord is raising up a message at the end of the world and what we've looked at so far the spirit of prophecy was used to identify the bedrock understanding of this message identificado and that's the history of Egypt in the time of Moses was repeated in the time of Christ tree of Egypt and it's deliverance the history of the time of Christ was repeated in the time of the Miller right three witnesses it's going to be repeated at the end of the world but ISTE ghost of a mosquito but in order to make that reform line work Theodore I understand the significance of the combination of church and state this is the test by which your eternal destiny will be decided so he's given Gideon light on these truths he's putting it in the public record before 9/11 got one more piece of information that he wants him to see let's go to verse 36 their secret law said under God if if thou will save Israel by my hand as thou has said behold I will put a fleece of wool on the floor and if the do be on the fleece only and if it be dry on all the earth besides then shall I know that will save Israel by my hand as thou has said here on d4 do CSS ever is very poppy mono come on stitch oh yeah Kiki yup Andre envisioned Alana in LA era ECA Rocio is tuviera in the value on solamente Calum no Sega two lot of tiara entrances in tender a kiss our asses rain water fleas is what kind of skin sheepskin you should know that because you're from Down Under and they raised a lot of sheep down there and we're God's sheep are we not but the Prophet had told us about Egypt she repeatedly says that there's always been and always will be two classes of worshipers in the church I understand there's two classes of worshippers and Gideon gets a revelation here that in the midnight of Earth's history at nighttime one night you put out that fleece and it don't get wet the next night you put out that fleece and it does get wet two sheep one class receives the rain the other class doesn't the everlasting gospel produces two classes and brothers and sisters this is the parable of the ten virgins the parable of the ten virgins had to be introduced great controversy 393 says the parable of the ten virgins of matthew 25 in the straight to his the illustrates the experience of the adventist people that's put in place you gotta have respect for the spirit of prophecy was raised up early on in the history teaching us that history repeats it you gotta understand that final test you got to cut down Astaroth and bail and you got to see it in the context of the parable of the ten virgins because you want to be that police that receives that rain now when a name has changed you're at a covenant relationship there's all kind of witnesses to name change at 911 so we've discovered 1989 nine eleven judges 7 1 then durable durable who is Gideon equality on there's your name change new second witness to claim that's 911 the citizen Segundo testigo paradesi cases all septiembre no no n-no I see all the people that were with him rose up early to the Pueblo que estaba con ada a compare of whom to a la Fontaine silly buddy pitch beside the well of Herod my marginal reference for Herod me referencia says it means terror terror like terrorism terror when his name's changed in that covenant relationship at 9/11 he's by the will of terrorism for the su nombre fou campeón sitting on September a little odd will afford a terribly small and the host of the Midianites were on the north side of the end by the hill of Moreh in the valley eaten year campamento those monitors are norton mazzaglia and more a means teacher Mauri Mauri significa professor and I would argue the teacher in the Holy Spirit verse one there's the early rain there's the covenant relationship I started less you on their back door and there's terrorism all in one verse ambien the Lord said unto Gideon yes the people that are with thee are too many for me to give to the media nights into their handless Israel want em selves against me saying mine own hand has saved me in public estar contigo mucho para que yo entrega a las mananitas en su mano Nasia que c'est la vie israel contra - en mi minami-osawa lo how many people cigar cantos tiene 30 2020 those meted how many gets sent home because they got other business to take care of course I can say is it 22,000 Bandidos mere what's 22,000 he is been to those mirror there's 220 people cut off right there in 911 that's what are some court ellos who cemento announces a team that are represented by the 220 represent I was hit was be they're not involved with who's represented by the 220 in Ezra 7 represented por los dos Santos went in yesterday siete 220 of them came out of and 22,000 went home he bent it owes me de vivienda casa because the judgment of God begins in the house of God por que comienza en la casa de they're not being tested here Provo's they get tested later you follow the logic here see okay so okay he's gonna do another cleansing that's worse force is I'm gonna bring you down to the water and I'm gonna try you there there's a test by the wall gave I wasn't the Sunday law has been tipped off I'd by Jerrica less lale Dominical Joris is Rita's cruson doe-eyed whore done therefore the midnight cry you gotta cross the Jordan poorest so understand what do you know - Nick oh sorry therefore at midnight you gotta cross the Jordan in me and not to take oh sorry for that so where these things are taking place you're gonna see some water and at the prediction before midnight brothers and sisters brother Tom Oh told you where we're at Thomas where are we brother table at the put you on the spot you die we're approaching it but when you get there where are you where's the river ahaha first river you come to when you come out of babbling with Ezra is the river unicorn estrus is a real ahaha Gideon's got 32,000 people Chaney the net names aren't involved they're cut off at 9/11 because judgment begins at the house of God blows sniffing him some court ADO's announced in September porque su communica that leaves you in 10,000 ppm this meter 10,000 people tend yes I know what it means I just try to emphasize it se que significa Salomon a locator in fact is that it's a test juniper he's gonna try them at the river Ahava lost opera bar in a real and how many passed the test in Qantas pasand a la Riva 303 Santos of course later on you know what's gonna happen those 300 right I started to service care okay our contest gonna stress in DOS they're gonna get busted up into three groups one set up our interest group was the priests the Levi and they're gonna be in unity they're gonna proclaim that loud crime message Jeremiah and Paul teach us that were all vessels recipients and the Bible teaches that God is a consuming fire he is a consumer and the word of God is a sword so when the loud guy arrives in this story Gideon instructs all of those priests Levites and Nephilim's to do as I've done because it's God's dealing with men are ever the same he's gonna treat us all the same and when Gideon says do as I've done he cannot hear you at midnight he's going to break that earthen vessel he's going to allow his humanity to be crucified at the foot of the cross in order that this glory of the Lord represented by that fire can shine out as he proclaims that loud cry message the sword of the Lord and Gideon Gideon steel before he approached that last battle he still had so the reservation it's God really with me coming to the very end the Lord says well if you fear to get into this battle at midnight take pur your servant and go down in the camp and listen to what these Midianites are saying in their tent because they're gonna give you a prediction before midnight predicts the God's people are gonna prevail in the coming battle and this prediction before midnight it finishes the work in Gideon he's ready to do it now that prediction before midnight is the removal of the seventh seal it's the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that not only it allows you to give that loud cry message but it strengthens you to stand through the time of trouble when there is no other there is no mediation for sins you've gotta go down into the camp of the Midianites and hear the prediction before midnight Maddi Anita's escuchar la predicts under seminar you're gonna participate in that last so now with that overview turn to Ezekiel 37 every spring is equal 37 is a catering Tessier verse 1 and brothers and sisters - Karen we started to understand in 911 Konoe common someone succumb a company also said he killed 37 was so powerful it was unreal ACK 20s hit a ton poderoso care policy in Kerala if you have an Ellen White Study Bible sit in a soon abilities to deal in a white you'll find one or two of the several quotes verse in contract lost on daily no white seventy avenues church at the end of the world okay it's the body de los muertos representative Authority said imodium pardon me it's not a pleasant sight no no soy de acuerdo made about no Richard there's no nothing more glorious to see someone come up out of the grave and stand alive in Christ no anonymous curioso come over a alguien levantarse de la tumba e sr parado con Vida increased or because that's what's gonna happen here porque esto Farkle to say Turkey okay so it's taken to this valley of dead dry bones in verse three in a Sigalert race it's intrusive survival and can these bones live and I answered Oh Lord God down nois in media echo the hombre Vivian it was way so CD has in your hoo-ha too low service again he said enemy prophesy under these bones and saying to them oh ye dry bones hear the word of the Lord he media entonces prophet isa sobre su SOC deles voice of sikozu it palabra de silva and in verse 7 he's already prophesied he's gonna prophesy Nicholas hit prophesied as I was commanded and I prophesied there was a noise and behold a shaking and the bones came together bone to his bone and when I beheld lo the sinners and flesh came upon them and the skin covered them above but there was no breath in them no breath in them prophetess APIs comenzado google reader mientras yo prophet isa Bahia Qian mo lova Sehun Turin Callaway so our con su s o Amira he acted and owners of riario's Ilocano subió Lapierre Cabrillo por encima de ellos pero no Abiah en ellos no they are still on sale September there's a body brought together oon cuerpo fue matado but it's still dead pero esta muerto it needs brethren who Sita its first mention beauty - yes a la primera mentioned before a lot I'm out of the dust of the ground just for Milan de polvo delet there's no life in him no beard until he breeze upon Adam the breath of this case so plus over el el espíritu de la vida so first the body is formed from 1989 to 9/11 primero a queer post formality it's no fish oh that's one of Ishmael sons it means breath he chose no fish means the refreshing to use mail as a significant because the next prophecy he's gonna mark 911 you know seeing the prophecy of America and he's gonna mark the breath you got my card it notices next prophecy yes speed verse 11 I went too far verse 9 I didn't Davis who don't live it through 11 verse 9 through 11 okay brothers and sisters then he said and then me prophesy unto the wind prophesized on a man and say to the wind I did the prophets all agree with one another told was perfect assistant de acuerdo did John talk about a blow the doors over a woman's being restrained while the 144,000 are being sealed los cuatro Vientos de Dios me interests alien a loss into Quantico meaning then he said enemy prophesy under the wind prophesy son a man and say to the wind thus saith the Lord God come from the matches to wind the four winds Amedeo prophet easily spirit to prophet ISA yo the hombre ad el espíritu nasi Aditya Java SE or espírito vendee los no solamente UN viento de los cuatro Vientos ESO plus sobre esos veces es muerto severan come from the four winds o breath and breathe upon these slain that they might live then de los cuatro Vientos is sopra sobre los Muertos EB Vidan 1888 typifies 9/11 and sister White says Jones and Wagner's message was the Laodicean message notice identity be fika alone said this septiembre he Jonesy Wagoner I mean Silas allowed this yeah now this is Luciano esta muerto it's gotta be brought back to life clinic is here ray the problem is designed to bring it back to life let's prophecy the dadelus the Petersons Apophis uterus Quivers the breath to the dead body done el aliento kill this is the 440 4000 begins esto is written 2 squared into Quantico to reveal the sequel oh dear so I prophesied as he commanded me and the breath came into them and they lived and they stood upon their feet an exceeding great army the prophet ISA come Omiya be a mandala Yantra SP to an alias vvv Aaron yes tuvieran sobre sus PS una Casa de grande in extremo then he said unto me a medieval luego son a man these bones are the whole house of Israel behold they say our bones are dried and our hope is cut off we are cut off for our parts he could hombre to be our parts wet our hope is lost todos esos widows una casa israel aquí ellos dicen vs. way so second he Parisi own Esperanza is so much del Toro two-storey knows a local hero this year okay there's two cleanses and Gideon it was a purification as unless he wound up or if occurs on a catheter is the sobre su Spears when's the army in place here cuando está listo Lagasse to a calls 911 this poison sensitively at 911 the Army's gonna stand up you know this is be embrace it was Silla Vantaa but I was told directly by Absalom pero a me me dijo Absalon directamente there's no organization before midnight no I organization antes de medianoche because the church triumphant doesn't come in the history until midnight porque like this a triumphant a penal it's futile you still keep color this year it's to cleansing kiss anissa's hit the dough specific asanas to raise up Gideon's army and the prophets all agree with one another and this army he told us prophet asunder can be recognized supported Buddha said recognize host 911 this place it was the city of it the for the door closes and brothers and sisters seventh-day Adventist Church church its certificate like como like this allow this young it's either brought back to life by the breath of God or it dies or with Aveda for the spirit to reduce or and the message that brings it back to life is the message of the four winds yellow the spotter vientos that brings the breath of God to them given a try and then they stand on their feet luego say da before before brothers and sisters this Gideon has his army hideous was it before he goes down into the valley and gets the prediction at midnight I miss the Bible appreciate the prophets all agree totally was prophetess has done de acuerdo the armies there before the prediction at midnight to be separated out pero Saran separado z-- at the prediction of midnight a prediction de medianoche but as Larry seeing pero como la luce yes brother Duane told us earlier this week from the floor Coco nos dijo bother Duane aunt is in a coma teleseminar no greater miracle that our kind version of a soul no I monogamous granny luckily Congress on Dunamis to bring an army into existence that was dead dry bones is unbelievably glorious to levantar conceit okay Aaron versus circles and this is in grave lament a glorious tea do you know what the first quote I used was in here sorry qualify la primera suteki Yahoo Saba I do it was from testimonies to ministers page 32 aired on that testimony so let me news to those on the translation list in reviewing our past history have you traveled over every step of advance to our president standing I can say praise God I'm coming to a conclusion mr. Gondo no conclusion I got about three more spirit of prophecy quotes and about three more Bible passages single who knows today's Texas must be able to see you know stress Texas people and there's a real nice piece of logic in this if you can follow on yeah Lindo pursued a logic and it wasn't I noticed end of a long way through you Satan being a self in a continual a necesita you have no idea not genius idea I come in the parameters sermon after he's already started say K a ceremony per minute is post ki Viacom insulin and seemingly not these prophecy schools your lavell the most Ram SS escuelas prophetic as for me it's a totally different thought and for you brothers and assume pens I mean to complete Amity diferente que para ustedes que los hermanos you were there any history no stubbornly lies Toria I was there in history he was stubborn if a historia walk into a room you V again consider that history consider Ando is a historian on a prophetic line in a linear prophetic ax identifying it clearly that it was the foundation of this whole movement identificatory Larry Mendte que esto era a fundamental daily total the total area movimento as I see what God has wrought I am filled with astonishment como yo estoy bien de lo que Dios um Lucroy estoy lleno de chambre and with confidences Christ as a as leader econ confianza con Krista come earlier here's the key I want you to remember a kiss like lava cake Kira Kira Quillin we have nothing to fear for the future no tenemos neither Khitomer except this we shall forget two ways and his teaching in our past history aseptic a nose video a video Mo's como tu estas Diderot any pasado that's the code I started with here first quote I said I mean let me recite a key you will say a key I didn't read the first sentence no Leela primera clase it's not in the notes of the translators no estar in los zapatos illa territories here's the first sin I kissed the primera clase the members of the church militant iglesia militant a league and a ser que mostrar excuse a most Iran Karen fearless Elias to fear for the future today on fantasy D CK not in Academy report footer oh she's making a distinction between the church militant in the church triumphant as soon differentiated I said to room Frontale iglesia if the church triumphant empty can remember their past history and the past teachings they will be triumphant see like Glacia dream fund the pointer said militant they put a record r su and they'll have interfere but sorrow sorrow but if not even get to the middle events the dream fronted pero they have everything to fear si la Vida important tip is about the church militant in the church triumph it's a circuit electricity bill attentive so good Isaiah 66 4 vamos a yes entice a city phase Quattro the next few passages that we're gonna go through those SIGINT is butter for all familiar ground format for me I use all todos se familiaris but a me have done it for years no more other initials because I don't want to put him on the solos in UCLA's porque no Luke hero colocar tio he shared these with me after a presentation a day or so ago a low compared to conmigo wow that's some pretty profound 66 for he say yes Center says cuatro I I also will choose their delusions and will bring their what their fears también yo is kosher a para ellos 'es car knows it raised over a doze Seuss de Moraes allocate a Miren que sus Tamir whose Mears the church triumphant has no fear like this a true hunter not teeny middle but the tears pero la see Sonya they're gonna have some fears Meadows because they forgot the Lord's leading and more tears in our past history therefore I will choose their delusions and will bring their fears upon them because when I called none did answer when I speak they did not hear but they did evil before in mine eyes and chose that in which I delighted not yet ready sobre todo lo que te aro por que Jaime not respond yo a Blair you know year Encino key is here on lo model that enemies office is coherent lo que me this rather intestine testimonies vol 8 in testimonials para la iglesia Tomo Cho and brother tio didn't have the scope right through here and my tio they or not any receipt apparel mr. quote so we just read from Isaiah 66 for a so continuous attack a kebab was in she carries on Hill a continual and quotes from second Thessalonians chapter 2 you see you see today and then she goes in the second Thessalonians and says this doesn't interest us alone nuisances God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved but had pleasure in unrighteousness por eso Jos listen via Ubud oregano soap Erica crayon Amenti rapport quanto no recibir el amor de la verdad para ser serve ROC no kiss accomplice here on Kandra in justicia she just tied the straw the strong delusions in the plural together with the strong delusion of second Thessalonians oh yeah I covered the hunter is singhania's a plural con con el in Ghana disconnected so many senses but you gotta get her next sentence compressing into Pharisee the heavenly teacher inquired a mesothelin TL celestial pregunta what stronger delusion can beguiled of mind that the pretense that you're building on the right foundation and that God accepts your works when in reality you're working out many things according to worldly policy and sinning against Jehovah MSO Sena supremo Kangana Musgraves a juicy lament a KL chaos Asik rare cases construing the sovereign fundamental Aikido susceptible to ruffle Quadrant ready that is dices you know muchas cosas conformality there's the mundo epic and oh contract ova oh it is a great deception of fascinating delusion that takes possession of minds when men who have once known the truth mistake the form of godliness for the spirit and power thereof when they suppose that they're rich and increased with Goods and in need of nothing while in reality they are in need of everything yes grande extra BofA seen on teyla illusion asean Kasyapa darren de las Ventas con los hombres en conocido la verdad adopt an la forma de la Piedad Vestas ooh espíritu a potentia cuando su ponen case or Rico's EK no NASA tanara in related lore necesitan todo mahsun texto must-own see today's video prophecy numerous captors say beta dose but as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord must maintain your for just twenty two numbers 14 22 must unsentimental como vivo yo Emma Gloria Gina Torah lat typing woman 1 2 numbers numbers 14 22 June vesicular understand espanol can English why is the Lord putting this in the record for kids in your previous the people that have come out of Egypt have went through a testing process okay Republicans allow the hip to Paso Peron or presence of the prover what did you read chaos needle okay that I wondered 22 but 21 fine todos los Kevin McClory missing LSK attorney hip to en el Desierto email intentado dia dia spaces you know annoyed amiibos they just flunked the test hello saccharin diphallia plop River in numbers 14 22 in numerous Couture 70 dose which test was a key professor it was the tenth test in a la décima poor my flunky net test if Ali and OS approver they're gonna die in the wilderness Helios more Iran in notice that was 22 you read 21 good for you those ridiculous hermanos here all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world todos los profetas Upland delphinium when the promises is at 9/11 the promises can also september when that mighty angel comes down out of heaven the earth is going to be lightened with his glory another possible Oriya but there is one group of people but I grew pas de personas that are gonna fail the test and die in the wilderness he would in ok so now the spirit of prophecy call it one says la cita that is Peter prophecy prophets and kings 313 prophetess uraeus victory that those numbers really does and now she's good at quote verse 20 I have pardoned according to thy word and then he imparted to Moses in the form of a prophecy a knowledge of his purpose concerning the final triumph of Israel as truly as I live he declared all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord God's glory his character his merciful kindness and tender love that which most Moses had pleaded in behalf of Israel aikidoka musa jabir in vocalist of all Israel were to be revealed to all mankind a bearded rebel are say a toda la humanidad and this promise of Java booze may make doubly sure Allah promised it if you were free to double Amenti Segura at second Fermata por hora mentos two witnesses for dos it was convinced to confirm a de por una hora mentos and surely as God lives and reigns his glory should be declared among the Heath and his wonders among all people Psalms 96 3 contente assetid hombre como que jose VV arena sook Laura Eva asada Clara enter la gente en todo los Pollos Sue's maravilla somos no innocence punto no particular trace it was concerning the future fulfillment of this prophecy that Isaiah had heard the shining Seraphin singing before the throne a cerca de foto complimented a esta prophecy a is a years a be a widow a loss respond the CNT sarafina's Canterbury landed el turo know the whole earth is full of his glory Isaiah 63 totalitarian a de su Gloria is a yes a stress the prophet confident of the certainty of these words himself afterward boldly declared of those who were bowing down to images of wooden stone yep or Fatima smokin Fierro in Assyria TSS palabras de Caro Auguste's meant a masterís Erica de aquellos que se passe Robin and the imagine s de madera a de piedra they should see the glory the Lord and the excellency of our God Isaiah 35 2 ellos vieron la hora de Cuba la basura Oh excellent Adele Deus Noster is a years Trent Cinco vesicular dose what you said he not in this day this prophecy is meeting rapid for former boy is a prophecy assist a company or a pediment a the missionary activities of the Church of God on earth are bearing rich fruit äj-- and soon the Gospel message will be proclaimed to all nations that's activity that is mission it Estella Glaser radios in en la tierra s Empress in no Rico's photos it pronto Emma's sake deliver hey Leo Rossi DoCoMo in todas las Naciones the earth is filled with the glory of the Lord through the missionary activity of God's church la iglesia Sara's Jean Gianna de la luna de dios por la tête missionary delegation to do missionary activity activated mission era of a church the UN iglesia requires organization rikiei organization the organization of that church the organization de esta iglesia and the carrying out of the work that's given to that church e the live Iraq al trabajo que is dad as a lorry that fills the whole earth is the glory occasion a toda la tierra but that truth press ever that some people are going to pardon me it'll be the Internet as well sister it's gonna fill the whole earth that mean versed in internet imagine a totality that's not my point no it's me punto my point someone I think was Parminder but maybe it was you no sin no sake enmity he was identified to the necessity of gospel order and organization lanessa see that necesita tale orbán dilemma Helio is the Thomas but man sir pero Monza he was totally opposed the organization el estaba competi meeting contrary organisation it's the argument of the Omega instead argumento del Omega does this people here at the end of the world have a responsibility to be organized t is a Pueblo a key in a fin del mundo miss LAN necesita necesitan ellos Aragon asados when they're organized cuando soon organizes they're gonna carry the missionary message to the entire world it was livin trabajo missionary a todo el mundo and the earth is going to be filled with the glory of God la tierra Sara Gina della guerra de Dios and there's nothing about that that Satan appreciate you know another a cerca de Lucas at a NASA press here he's fighting this truth with everything he's got él está siendo Contras ever con todo lo que tiene this is his last stand as to his God is about to take Jericho down Josefa stop he knows it his only hope is to keep us confused separated from one another its darkness in the Laodicean condition Montaner knows confuso separado sooner yoona yoona star allow the CNO and if you're fearful to participate in that work is it teenis the more they participate as a trabajo then you need to go down in the valley it doesn't is it as Bihar our Valley and listen to the prediction at many escuchar la prediction under similar mojo that took place in that Midianite tent okay I got the co NS a lot in there and Gideon listened our character character milliliter meters poori because I predicted only seven escuchando meters as porque si priyo that's the final outpouring of the holy there are money Patera momento de espíritu Santo in a civil war the church triumph and is a triumphant day is lifted up in full view of planet Earth Sara in Vista planar de lattre de todo el mundo as an end brothers and sisters if you're not willing to participate sino que de participar nothing is created this holy ground thousands and thousands I keep praying and waiting model for you yes I finish this wormy the acaba is over it's time is temple to stand up the levantarse pass those vessels distress or recipient is let the glory of God shine out through us eat the hair collect Lauria de Dios Illumina address carry this message to the world AJ VAR SI me sakha and mundo and if you are willing to do that he sees dust this place to a circle with a radius 2cm tno correctamente we have a special music to bring this to a coma so the music's biscaia para hacer esto as a music going on brothers and sisters that are musica a Contessa if you want to follow through on that covenant you just then go ahead quietly can come down here up front being an icky kid let's close this meeting out with a covenant with one another prayer here that is part of the church windows vinyl moment oversized or para ser from a party a guest room Fanta I feel this historia de la tierra shall we pray father in heaven we we recognize we're cramped up here in front we have some of this metal track on the floor for the cameras this floor is hard but what lecture we luxury we have compared to that cave we were standing in on Thursday the wet walls the darkness but we know that darkness was filled with the light of your presence and we ask that the same light that you held up and protected the Waldensian people with would be shed upon us at this time through an outpouring of your spirit that we might have the courage in the zeal that was exhibited in this valley for so many centuries you're asking us to persevere persevere for a very short period of time we're at you're asking us Heavenly Father to stand for you for a brief period of time these people were faithful for centuries remove this layer to see an attitude that we each have that the priorities of our life might be changed that we might start feeding on your word in a profound way that the Holy Spirit might direct our past the way it did their paths that we can carry this wonderful message to those Adventists that are about to die and thereafter have the privilege of carrying this message to the eleventh hour' worker we thank you for the blessing of this week the blessing of your presence and as we break camp here we ask that you take us all home safely and if we never meet here again on planet earth we ask that you would be with each and every one of us till we meet again on the sea of glass we thank you for the privilege and high calling that you're offering us please fulfill that promise in each and every one of us the promise that you finish the work that you began in us we thank you for this meeting and all these things in Jesus name