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well I want to go back to genesis 16 
and add some concepts to the topic of 
east wind moving from this one 
yesterday after the presentation 
they said it's the first mention of 
Ishmael or Islam in Genesis 16 
and it was verse 12 that we have 
that the previous verses that are 19 
alfonso and laden are judged by the 
same expression 
genesis 16 9 
he said the angel of jehova thus begins 
and is also said the angel of jehova 
with cesc also the mother jehovah told him 
if you see one or three times in the 
writings that message three messages 
america arias well we have all your 
messages are in September 11 
This is September 11 
immediately in the 12 truth Islam 
and his role 
the catalyst to attract everything is 
and everything came out after 
at that height it was rejected by many 
testimonies to ministers 
in the middle of the appointment 
Giron speaks with 
you do not have it in the table 
I have appointments for translators 
nothing else 
the vision of ford 
the shaking of the safety must be 
holding hernandez traditional act in 
orán between the reserve of the division of 
fury of the English madrid without sendín 
great view of madrid from english the 
goods that have said the accrued 
the bull also of the team's fort 
intact they form two entities works 
have to occur such scenes are 
such tremendous judgments have to fall on 
a guilty world which will be refuge for 
the god as they are protected makes 
pass the indignation 
juande the elements of nature 
earthquakes storms and political struggle 
under the symbol of four angels that 
they hold them those winds are low 
control until God orders release them 
there is the security delegation of God 
the angels of god obey his mandate 
to retain the winds of the earth 
so that they do not blow on this one or on 
the sea or on any tree until 
the servants of God are sealed in their 
fronts the mighty angel is seen 
rising from the east or from where the sun rises 
the most powerful of angels has in 
his hand the zeal of the living god the 
unique that can give life that can put 
the sign or inscription on the fronts 
of those who are 
considers immortality eternal life 
is the voice of this angel lifted the 
who has authority to 
the four angels that keep in 
check the four winds until this 
work is done and until the order 
that they are soldiers we say the for 
Ministers 44 4.3 
before me, we remind ourselves 
that is to say 
the angel of ezekiel 9 is the angel 
which is the same angel as in apocalypse 
7 that comes from the east 
and in connection with this I want us to see 
that the east is a symbol for Islam 
in the area of faith 
and on the last night we saw that the 
first mention of Islam 
that a restriction is placed on the 
which is when God asks 
to grant the wishes of sara 
and throw her to another woman and her son 
and so we see many symbols of Islam 
the four winds are retained 
do not 
and already put so long that I can not 
believe that no 
if it does not return to my memory 
but we've talked about 11 of 
there were appointments that they used so many times 
the teques you had to memorize 
and then an old man like me 
forget about time 
but afterwards he is needed 
anyone who remembers needing 
raise your hand 
I have not given you yet a new 
I'm going to give you another appointment here once 
when it came to my mind and I gave myself 
mind that it was going more or less like this 
angels hold the four winds 
that are represented as a horse 
trying to let go and bring 
destruction and death in his path this 
allows us to see that those four winds 
they are Islam because genesis 16-12 
but it comes from the Hebrew wild horse 
the donkeys and the horses became 
a symbol for Islam throughout 
the sacred scriptures then angel 
they are holding these four winds and 
the reference is 
Selected messages took three pages 409 
in English 
they try to untie 
is restricted 
in Spanish page 467 point 1 
this interesting from the world is for 
angels are held all four 
winds represented as horses 
wrathful like an angry horse in 
when the point arrives when they throw 
ismael that is in genesis 25 verses 
and that 
but to the children of his concubines I 
abraham gifts and sent them away from isaac 
his son while he was living towards 
orient to the eastern land 
from this point forward in the scriptures 
Islam was called to Muslims 
he calls the Arabs is called the 
children of the east but they are also 
represented by four winds 
and the word that is translated as 
wind in the scriptures 
it can also be translated as blowing 
remember in september 
when Christ comes down to his 
disciples he blows on them 
It's a few drops before the rain 
without measure this question 
all those symbols are accumulated from 
different different lines and the 
we put together 
johnny fire 
genesis 25 12 to 16 
there was a shepherd in australia with name 
by Luis Wheeler that was very good 
prophecy in his most famous book is it 
calls the certainty of the third angel 
and in this book the steam the genealogy 
from the book Genesis of Adam to 9 
as the definition of the name of adam 
take the definition and that's a phrase in 
the garden 
in the definition of those names of adam 
you no longer have the perfect illustration of 
apocalypse with the two stirrups that are 
the 104,000 takes these two names of 
phoenix jones takes the definition 
place these definitions put them together in 
the phrase 
and it's a perfect phrase that explains the 
experience and we began to study the 
Islam in the 
in biblical prophecy 
we have realized that the 12 to 16 that 
Ismael has two children 
we know that it works in technology 
genesis and in the genealogy of apocalypse 
to the end 
jackson light then maybe those 
names of those two sons in genesis 16 
they also have light 
It is normal 
and all the names contribute to what 
we have understood about the 
characteristics of Islam in prophecy 
because of this one 
one more time 
12 says these are the descendants of 
Ishmael Abraham's son whom he gave to 
light grabs the Egyptian servant of Zara 
just elect some 
a son on the 15th hole are called Nazis 
and if we are going to blow 
to refresh and we're saying no 
September is Islam enters the 
Christ blows on his disciples and 
and refreshing that is according to the innova 
from many places several places the juve 
but not in September in order of 
understand island 
the gentleman who will take the dinners 
if you can remember it in Isaiah 27 8 and 9 
yesterday made to measure 
when the bat will sprout, it will do with the 
you have going up strong on the 10th 
east wind 
he has his reaction 
for them 
he will cleanse the iniquity of Jacob 
and she identified a 120 day debate 
in the time of the uterus 
when he debated with Juan and marked him in 
September but he already showed that the 
argument between the womb and xx ' 
it was a debate on an argument from the 
they were talking about the ancient paths 
prepared on the roads and look 
and ask about the old path 
ask where or where is the good 
way and go have here 
and you will find rest 
for your souls 
you are taken to the area 
I want to see in Niger thousand 616 
you would forget the ancients 
you will find rest but only you can 
feel really yes 
you follow the rules of the rule you 
include greeks on rule 
and in the past management we were directed 
a and 628 
and there you could stay for a long time 
but in verse 10 
10 to 12 says the following 
sometimes it spread trafficking bills 
because the commandment after commandment 
mandate on row command trying 
long line on line a little bit there 
a little bit longer because in languages ​​of 
be mute and in strange language 
speak to that town to which he 
said this is the rest 
this is the rest 
if for old links you will find 
rest and relaxation 
and they say invisible 26 and 28 that 's the 
repose of repose reached that refers 
refreshment I would not like to live 
rest and refer refreshments are 
interchangeable terms and elena white 
define rest and 
Snack as the bucket a day 
then we have to go back to the 
old dinners on September 2 
we have to walk in them 
and we will find rest and 
snack and one of the sons of ismael 
it's called a snack 
but who do you have when we could 
talk about his verses where I 
I'm now 16 
where it says standing on the roads and I 
they ask and look and ask for the in 
this trip and camí caminàs of the says in 
the last part of verse but not 
you will and will not 
we will walk they say next verse says 
and that he also put on you 
of the 17 who said listen to the 
sound of the trumpet and they said no 
we will listen 
Jeremiah 6 16 and 17 
on September 11 
notes and has an argument a debate 
about the ancient dinners 
we have to go back to the oldest 
to receive the latter rain but 
some refuse to walk in those 
old paths in september 
the Lord will raise 
bastions and watchtowers that connections 
which is the trumpet of conviction of 
is a message first message in a 
trial process is conviction of 
Juan 16 8 
conviction of sin 
justice and judgment 
of 17 6 ​​- we watchmen say 
listen to the prophet Isaiah says 
raise your voice like a trumpet 
and shows my people their transgressions 
if you come back for the old actions 
you are in the first test but if it is 
say 16 and 6 
university 16 says that there is a group that 
he says we will not walk 
in the 4th century 7 to europe and if not 
we will listen to that trumpet 
but if you listen to the trumpet 
if you walk in the old paths 
you will receive refreshments and rest 
28 12 where 
the refuge is defined as it 
and the rest they say 
it is that repose of repose reached and it is 
of the snack more did not want to flee 
when we talk about selling camping trips 
to give them three witnesses 
when it comes it produces two kinds of 
one who walks and walks at dinners 
old and I heard the trumpet add 
griffiths used one that rejects 
do what 
but I'm not just trying to teach you 
he also tried to remind you of the story 
in which we were 
but because when division happens 
among other groups 
in the 20th century 28 and over does not say that 
not listening 
in my ear 
and if it says that rest and refreshments 
I tell him late of his message 
on September 11 and the message is the 
snack and he 
and nafisi the son of ismael means 
and those things 
and we came to a conviction that the 
September that's fulfillment of 
biblical prophecy 
that is a very deep beautiful 
but from the beginning we have understood 
that the myths will be attacked that 
they will try to change the fundamentals and 
when it happens 
they become active or there will be 
actively two groups a group that does not 
will hear you will hear that it is not 
to the sound of the sentinel mutation and 
that says we 're not going to walk the 
old that happens driving 
September in this movement 
on the subject of refreshment 
are they following that logic or am I 
walking too fast 
tell me if that logic follows 
so if strength was directed 
directed to the refreshment where we went 
directed after facts 
network has guys of therefore why 
we should repeat ourselves repented like this 
because there is a sentinel that zooms 
got the trumpets 
demonstrating to the people of God their 
sins and was lifted in September 
when Christ blows on his disciples 
a few drops of the bed of 
repent and be converted to be 
erased bones sins fulfillment 
Perfect to erase sins 
it happens in the last work that Christ 
does in the heavenly sanctuary 
and this verse defines it as the 
judgment of the living 
how is that 
because brothers and sisters is to expand 
I'm dead I can not repeat the facts 
but it is demonstrates compliance 
perfect and anti typical the end of the world 
and the message to me is repentant 
sentinel gave the message of the trumpet 
who identified my sin 
I have to be alive to be able to listen 
blood I have to be alive to be able 
repentant and converted to be 
erased your sins 
and this speaks of the judgment of the living 
repentant and converted so that 
we sow of sins so that they come from 
the presence of the Lord time this 
and that is 
rest and refreshment but they do not 
will listen 
the refreshment snack occur in the 
time of the trial of the living 
repentant and converted to be 
erased the sins so that they come from 
the presence of the Lord that we have to 
refreshment and he sends Jesus Christ that you 
it was previously announced 
Brothers and Sisters 
is being repeated verbatim 
to talk about the basics and 
he says the foundation of the foundation 
and he has seen how he places the foundation 
and then below puts another foundation and 
he says that they are the rules 
and the fundamentals based on 14 those are 
the fundamentals of the foundation but 
some rule that is the foundation of the 
foundation of foundation 
before responding observe s 
and it aggravates because it's work 
they take out the beginning of the day per year of 
that diagram and that diagram would not be 
well but the story is repeated 
perfectly our history 
so what is our foundation of 
foundation of the foundation 
and history repeats itself 
in that when Islam was restricted 
in August 11 and 1840 a 
and that story is repeated in our day 
You can not see that if you do not accept the 
foundation of the foundation of the foundation 
black line profile after living and 
reveal but if you believe that the story 
of my list is repeated the ice ax or in 
the end of the world in a new area 
so good injury 
and this angel descended when the stand 
it was restricted 
angel of 18 when Islam was 
restricted in September hundreds christ 
blow on his disciples 
some drops 
and this is the gospel 
define this woman and apocalypse 10 
it was not less than 
Jesus Christ when the angel of the 
it is none other than Jesus Christ 
facts three when it says 
so that they are 
the angel who decided is not less than 
Jesus Christ 
and he is the most powerful of all 
angels says accents from the east and he 
amounts which is to say it and 
be angel sealer rich only one 
new law they have air to see it because 
when he descends on the 11th 
September is the same our 
the four winds have been restricted 
the strong wind of isaiah 827 has been 
and the sending sent to jesus god was 
before announcing between the revelation and 
ting this angel of the apocalypse in your 
death of 18 to tattoo in the president 
of yemen abdel of 20 if the razor of 
infor and portals was sent to 
announce the judgment of the living dwelling 
of sins following the 
there are so many arguments 
to defend this it seems incredible that 
someone tries 
and destroy this milestone 
is the most isolated are the children of 
in their hands all and I told them about the 
South and Korea another night so alive in others 
Dances People Nears Depressing 
some just do not believe it will be 
against every man 
in the cndh in two days ago too 
we have the terrorist attack 
in london again 
It's the last night 
and then what happened here in the 
which is this it cadivi cost torino 
it has to be dry it's not true 
and today you know that you have a match 
football this guy thousands of people 
have seen fire poop and someone throws a 
a rocket 
dear ones 
to fulfill genesis 16 12 
clean every man will rise or it will be 
against him as it happens while 
We are talking in September 
by explain in west ham united imminent 
movement remember remember we have 
started showing when park money 
said to this movement the Lord opened the 
2,520 that opened the number 46 
and the 2,520 also open the 220 a 
Once he started to open the numbers of 
the word of god 
what's it takes is 
when the brother to whom I 
I see as the main elder in the 
church where we go to September 2001 
for what the reason 
he is worth the prophecy script of 
this says that is quite provocative in 
comparison with what has just 
then I frame it and put a date 
what he read on that day was the following 
to catch frizz 
but they are getting worse 
memory visit then I'm going to 
and now the word comes 
of hoxe the one born by a giant wave 
people that I appreciate I have never said 
and I said that when they got up those 
large buildings floor by floor 
things that terrible scenes to 
they will answer when the Lord will rise 
to shake the earth 
when the lord gets up to shake 
terribly to earth 
then the words of 
apocalypse 18 urban that means that 
the lord gets up 
the point here is brothers and brothers 
you have to define what it means that the 
Lord rises or shakes the heavens 
A) Yes 
you want to give me like during this one but 
Nervous and already nervous 
this appointment 
because that's how it tells you that on 11 
he turned 3 
then they attack us with arguments 
the truth or not brother jeff when the 
earth will be terrible to shake that 
it has to be the seven plagues I have 
many sites to defend this 
I do not have a problem with that my brother 
but here it says it shakes the skies 
and the earth and the earth shakes 
and we have already shown that shaking the 
earth is different something different than 
shake the heavens and the earth 
the shaking of the earth that shaking of 
the nations of the earth 
there was some nation on earth that did not 
He was shaken on September 11 
the Lord will rise will shake 
terribly to earth what does it mean 
when the Lord gets up brothers and 
sisters in this task has to 
discover it 
because it is 
witnesses 81 facts 
7 29 the stoning steven in review of the 
ifai in 87 54 in the stones they were in 
the exam let look at Christ for 
Christ had had risen in the 
Daniel is Jesus 
is 490 years probation 
no ancient Israel is no longer village 
of God 
now it is the Christian church sensation 
it's a change in the good dispensation 
michael reid is when miguel gets up 
phoenix the work of the sanctuary has 
dispensing finish 
begins the dispensation of the wrath of 
good when christ gets up marx 
marks a change in the dispensation 
what terrible scenes 
will happen when the lord gets up 
to shake the earth terribly 
then the words of apocalypse 18 
13 will be fulfilled 
let's go for the time jump is the 
next phrase 
now the destruction is in the world one 
world great pain when xavi is meditating 
in 10 30 hours days months structures 
and that creates something that you have to 
discover as a prophecy decision 
when these buildings 
18 13 
well and unless you alatriste clean in the 
Angel is the estero door and at the same 
time the lift will serve dust 
change up 10 26 john maine sale 
there has to be a change of 
dispensation when it falls on the towers 
when Miguel gets up there is a change 
of dispensations 
on September 11 
christ out the judgment of the dead and 
change the dispensations 
began the trial of the living before 
pique and began the debate of the two 
classes were presented a daycare 
we are not going to walk we will not listen to the 
sound of the trumpet 
and we're going to refuse to hear that message 
of rest and refreshment has to do 
with the children of the east 
now you remember narón line 
now you will not remember and it was not 
but I made that bridge 
by another way 
I'm saying that in 2005 for the money 
we have started to show his glory 
so we saw how they fell and little time 
then a california sister 
send me an email with that quote about 
new York 
and tell me you think that once you 
may have something to do with the bear in 
the center is agenda 
and I said good it seems interesting but not 
I think 
and what was 
and I tell that story to our old man 
I tell them that appointment and he told me that 
moment I want to look at something 
and find it 
and had that appointment marked with the note that 
I had read it 
then USSR is so priority 
in that period of time 
I thought it looked like it was going to open quickly 
I did not know what it meant fast in the 
that the time for city 
almón but in 2005 span nor enters entered 
in the specific scene is when the 
stories to new york city change rebels 
gneiting or ante christopher and we have 
to fight to understand that quote that 
he said specifically when the 
twin towers of new york that 
then it happens a little 
gregory palm or ni tries to prove its 
a glory that some reject 
he does not want to see it then he does not take us to 
a passage in the prophecy spirit 
where exactly you do not write you sign up 
the fall of the twin towers 
while we are studying it 
17 united airlines 
this is testimonials like a 9 page 11 
quite glorious that observation 
never look closely at a thousand 60 
You already saw him start that 
is fall 
the time of the delay in the text 
He says 
but one of the few times before 
start it there is a biblical verse 
of Hebrews 10 37 
IES is paraphrasing pablo 
verses 2 and 3 
open that passage if they wanted 
I do not remember the Hebrew text but 
brother william please can you please 
find abacus 2 2 
between laughs game time friday 
about my guard and about the fortress of 
foot and bill I will do to see what you look 
when they complain about me or with or 
when intestinal watch criticizing 
here is a question when is the 
sentinel over the fort 
when is 
617 and I also lifted up in darkness 
who claim to hear the sound of 
but the roads and look and ask for 
the ancient dinners which is the good 
walk and walk through it and you will find 
rest for your soul lighter not 
we will walk from the deity 
it's time to go back to the old 
installed and if you go back to the old 
You get the juve tapia 
here then is the sentinel and says 
I'm with the pioneers 
and correctly he has to say and I look 
what I should say 
look pledge and take that word 
and enter the Hebrew who think that 
means angels argue with 
debatable with emma watson dtp begin 
I am in my position when the 
debate that management tiger swing 
etb miguel drives because when it arrives 
the east wind 
the debate begins 
but the sentry wants to know that 
I should answer 
in that debate has two hours and that 
the answer 
in made in japan tables and jehová me 
he answered write the vision and declare it 
in tables 
I left my big open to run the 
I chose in it 
and in the form 
terry camps although the vision will still take 
for a while longer he rushes towards the 
end and not lie but I will take 
wait for it because no doubt it will come 
it will take 
when viewing now when the 
day of the wind is in his position and he 
is in the time of the delay 
and your answer to any argument is 
already written about these disasters of 
other irritant daughters dependent on 
in front of these are the old shops 
that they have to defend 
to which he has to return 
and the vision 
I will try 
also hurries towards finally says and the 
first day of the first month 
with this 
keep your finger and open Hebrews 10 37 
in de chapter in the chapter of 
testimonies like nine 
bikini expanded that starts with page 
before it starts in the chapter that 
describes the fall of the twin towers 
in September 
inversis tributo when apocalypse 18 
13 is fulfilled third is so serious 
little chazo little guys there is a date 
in the beginning 
weaver interista and those Hebrews 10 37 
because still very little and the one that has 
come will come and it will not be long 
no no 
And if conan already see what happens 
here holding scripts air france 
Pablo quotes a quote from the old 
and learn but it ends in a new 
treatment with tobacco in antiquity 
but when to be published truth present 
to paraphrase from charter 
in the chapter that talk about the towers 
and the mont and he does it in testimonials 
they have their finger in Baku to place it in 
Hebrews now and re- vaccinate 
messi said diabetes lifting up is nothing 
there will be an example 
just schouler by spain here that 
whose soul is not straight takes more pride 
the righteous by his faith will live and write the 
vision on the tables 
in the zombie can organize and some 
will eat to that vision under win manuel 
neira and they will run when they hurt her 
far away but to another group the sun is the 
whose soul is raised in disney pride 
this message produces two kinds of 
worshipers good camps indigesto when 
comes to the history of the peoples the 
three states 
I do not know 
the day of the delegate of the wind oriented 
from europe 
1010 is a test symbol is not it 
is 38 a symbol of a failed test 
I think if it was that 38 is not exposed 
to the Cadiz rebellion that all 
rebels were dead 
because they died 
pits of courts and allies 10 numbers 14 
24 and 22 30 are dead 
all of them are organic readable has 
now let's Hebrews 10 38 
the most unjust will live at last and if 
he wants not to please my soul 
I think you can see 
the great one was that information on 11 
I thought 
list an introduction about the beginning 
in that ministry to argue against 
these ideas and foolish 
here there is no glory then I need 
it's okay it's 45 presentations but I 
I had forgotten big Juan and how 
deep was that message was that is 
the message 
how many were involved in that 
moment in 2005 
carrying in their hands we want to see them 
I suppose 
2. 3 
in that room 
to lower the type of now we have a 
and we have 85 people here 
and that probably barely heard 
that information 
in the usa when one says how I 
I can connect to that message 
then we say good look at the cables 
those are all those who have the 
courage to really follow and see those 95 
of the inguat there is nothing 
those presentations probably cover 
all about the September issue 
information overload too much 
information your mind presentations 
we have to look 
and then I understand a follower 
foundation of the theory once you 
understands the theory then its numbers 
he's just putting things like 
you have never seen it before 
then at a level 0 within 
significant districts spoke and it's 
probably never again 
have you really founded 
deeply in the meaning of these 
the day when the wind comes the sun and 
define already I have not yet defined it as 
to complete in tepeji who but 
started a debate about who needs 
there are two classes two groups 
what if 
a sack of hard a shaking that is in 
that message 
and here we are in the film 
this type 
and that truth is treated as is a type 
of a guy who teaches prefigure what 
that will come at midnight 
to all types that show that the 
Lord descends from the world 
point to September 11 
on September 11 the presentation of 
this way 
this was the alpha debate 
that was so but in the voting 
Jesus declares the end from the beginning 
and if you were then you have to have 
to go back to the old ones 
it was the time of apostasy 
you will be you live in the time of the 
apostasy omega 
so what do you suppose you should do 
cargo vector or aznar will measure in triathlon 
they're going to say if you have to move to the 
the ancients not only of the wounds 
but also of our history 
because you're history has been 
discovered and in the same way as 
miner reading 
this is the principle of the basics 
of the foundation 
is that history repeats itself 
and it is repeated at the beginning of activism 
and in the end of athletics 
and the stole from the beginning of the trial of 
the living is repeated at the end of the trial 
the same 
Gemini Father and living in triple times 
they seem to be living in 
it is a message to prepare us and 
manage them 
in a period of 
about 16 years and big way 
gerardo martín masi 
we have forgotten we had them for 
listen to the administration's message 
we were not distracted from the message 
and now 
we realize how precious that is 
I ask you to feed the 
brothers and brothers with precious is of 
so they can recognize the voice or the 
sound of the true trumpet 
and not be 
guided by a trumpet 
so you can recognize the zones 
current old 
and these are clearly revealed 
reform line to give you the 
discernment that you want to remove 
this these milestones 
as for the way mark summers road 
marks help us meet our 
responsibility to understand that they are 
these myths those signs on the road 
these just laws uy 
mirtha roll and brain and nullified such 
urgent how was receiving that rubric 
neutral walked on September 11 
we need the help of late coming 
in the prediction 
a mercedes benz car and swim the message 
what are you opening now being in this 
in the time 
it was countries that live escrivá life and 
It was 
designed so that we can be in that 
time can not even be described 
to military by the human being 
we need this rain 
and so for trees we ask that we achieve 
About us 
but we do for all the promises more 
for the wonderful things that you revealed 
the interpreters for peter we will be by 
neighbors during the past week 
the name of Jesus