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your violin have an S we kneel before you again and this Sabbath closes drawing nigh please be with us here in this hour of presentation now please give to work the percent of the right words and the right set of mind please be also with the translation work and the work of the technical equipment Lord please cleanse us from our sins and hide us behind your cross and please pour out your blessing here upon this congregation thank you for that in Jesus name Amen amen amen these brothers that are on the wrong side of the issue esos hermanos Cady Finland laughs I'd say that ellos tienen a blue hole the North Star and who needed in trailers okay no intro its misrepresentation I will nose teasing you say kiss me to say that they are claiming that there's been no glory since 9/11 ko digo que ellos dicen que no a bi Gloria they still on September some of them will say we've never said that a GU non-syrian que nunca and the judges misrepresenting that just peepin ja no directly but Altos de Lucio directamente is could show this could change this envelope they've got a luxury option telling any story they want to as they oppose it's true he didn't as Lew Hoad a can tell a story a se como it's convenient but if you demand the definition of glory sido proceed Amanda's the definition the Gloria be a definition that is an agreement with what took place at Pentecost Church siendo no definition que describe a low-key acontece yo and pentakus tests in la primera Glacia then you're looking for miracles and healings and other fabulous thing entonces esta buscando corrosion is Milagros yatras causes fabulous but the way I understand it put a mini dolo comprar Nuria saying la cosa mask gloriosa is the conversion of a soul is the comparison do Naima and we took a trip to Hamburg one time first time the only time I've been in Hamburg la primera is Kiyo's to win a boot ago and I heard brother Wolfgang mention this te escuche I found the birth convincin Arlo the city's tuvimos aqui esta sing quaint rose Arizona parasuraman Oh Marco very very high paying job in a que tiempo Marco tenía un trabajo muy muy pegado Moo it wasn't simply a graphic artist swell oh no it has implemented see no estaba bien everywhere entonces this year boy knows Pinero pecan operatio but better here he had studied theology in Argentina pero es uno de lo here in Argentina and he was one of the few people and German yeah yeah sido una de los pocos carryin Eusebio kasi own they correct me if I'm wrong by the way brother bar uses there's more than one here ittsan no forecastle nor fukusuke low in catecholamines quickly but I'm understanding it right it's very difficult to home-school in Germany and then we went to Austria this was Austria then we went to France into a frenzy encuentran Francia but when we were in Austria and all this was going to consume most of France a todo is so a country's here Marco had been had been there at that first place in Hamburg Marco he estado Sienna se encuentra he in Norte in secure guna citizen Quinto Sydney a cave alderic a support person is a trabajo but after that he told me through this quiz me acaba de cantar after that presentation on Luke 21 and Austria's poster presentations over Lucas 21 on Austria he came up to me he says here we know a me a MIDI me dijo what do I do Cady was here he's now connected with the Ministry in Brazil ministry mr. collector local minister in brasil e.e a minister in libya and what year was this good enough weight so 2005 was me single 2005 he was brought out of the world and he's serving the Lord in this message now and I think that's pretty glorious toss me Cinco every cycle mundo is silver else in your story India yo creo que so is muy glory also may be compared to what we're told about Pentecost diverse backs no compare acondo casinos cuenta any liberal they chose lo que conduce you empirical stares that they see a much grander dito las maletas the working in brazil in brazil i think it was probably through the influence of Dwane problem NT that really influence at the Duane we had some meetings in Southern California many Muslim cuentos in its hood the California and there was a Brazilian Deborah CLK it's to the our CEO here plastic ax at Loma Linda University University Loma Linda not equal to being chameleon legal notices and quaint rose by desired para love you and he started setting up meetings in Loma Linda he come in so our organizer encuentro in Loma Linda and before long he's the one that opened the door to Bolivia he displays a poco poco disposal every on la puerta para noble you can see all those charts back there when todas esas diagram as a atrás a familiar but anyway most of the charts we were using back then we've created by marco la mayoría de Styria mosque is tuvimos asano auntie zerrin de março so there was at some point in time where this plastic surgeon from Brazil living in southern momento señor plastic go to Brazil KVM is surah California he's getting into the message el intro admins ahead and he wants the chart he lost the emissary in the charts he is too Diablos development and also conversant on Ariane Tokina says da Gama's Hamas is there I leave money as tsunamis Marco varios I leave out some of the conversation boy no no Conte todo pero cuando vas ie mostly as a photo so I get a Portugal interns EOG go up or to get Akira mostra it's a picture of a guy that were working with now from Brazil it's his wife it's when a photo the hoenn connect quattro hamas ahora y su esposa a new his wife is his girlfriend at that point he monarchy I resume ok antisera su novia so it is plastic surgeon no this is silicon replacing how his wife his cheek aquí también su mejor amigo in a lorry canosa's otro el tercer una foto de Marco the Lord had brought them together in Argentina in Argentina in Estonia see that they separate four years is a para Ron poor Anne knows haven't that lost track of each other a bien para de la comunicación and they're both in this message mumbles Esteban Anissa mensaje okay son porque de austin de cemento hermanos Y hermanas it's because mark oh god Luke 21 hey pork Marco company Oh Lucas Bend you know Assad love you I had an outside see no no the Lord when he had to raise music graphic artists and really where llamado otra tienda graphical because there was a pretty time where these charts were very important era un tiempo importante cuando estés diagram us era muy importante para los estudios I have hard time thinking oh listen people say if you could add nine eleven personas glorious que lo que paso this is a dmae no era Glorioso I told brother William see for the snellius Atalissa pyramidal olive oil is my daughter the worthless when she got old enough she took off for me mija cuando me like that foot okay it is raised an ad - she was three years old lugar que se llama a giant submarine and world line their nests Unidos después de ver sido Justin in yakumo adventist : he would be Okajima Dorado golden and we never have meetings in that neck of the woods new cotton ear Mo's encuentro senesce area but every single time that we could possibly pass through there and visit my daughter paseo de pasar por esta area siempre approach our most visitor Amita su esposa y sus cosas he tows I mean in Texas to this bill because there's no way they couldn't ask questions about what's going on because their dads traveling all over the world no upstander no be a kimono preguntar key icon to see a porque su paparesta be Hondo a window below the Hamas looking for marvelous whether you walk with the Lord or you don't walk with the Lord see I'm just gonna steal all single-largest it's gonna destroy him see it do casa to see you soon as you get lost history de and they could see it yellows the podium there so we let him know anytime you want to come back and I move back to Arkansas with us years in the church that we memorize it was invokana later some very secure building let's go subotica I presume asado isn't in your loss sorry Maria came upon a time where there's a little bit of spiritual anyway can happen both my daughter and son-in tiempo cuando me here Noemi he had this pattern a spirit tornado Paquito never told this story nunca contains historian maybe I have anyway I'll leave this magazine with her and I say read this when you get a chance boy know the here is a ravine second led Hey in Arizona personas most important this aura energy ministerial I have a real difficult time tangora meant a grand difficult lesson into the argument that the Lord hasn't been active since escuchar is SE Punto is a et a case in your know amorous presentations campus palace because it's a long day well yeah an explicitly say ok logon poco más brave a Perriman return to the study now voy various to the orange the 911 hermanos Y hermanas lives Quinto kid also septiembre you have to recognize it no tienes que recognize 21 saying that the budding trees of Springs is a sign Lucas paint you know no si se que los I want a rotten son una same yellow line upon line shows you that 911 is that sighs Nina sobre Linea knows mostrar que esto 7 8 and 9 this is the sign that causes the shaking he say yes Wendy siete Ocho Nueve unos dicen que esto es la Senora que causa la Sakura or veteran dear brother Herman trying to remember your names and twisting of the record a su nombre es Celina serene quitter wrong cuz I've met this brother circle time this was done by porky yeah people say I'm getting senile yeah yellow V muchas veces hermano y es por ESO la gente me is a que yo ray on he goes hey Neela he came to me after the last presentation a seminar on Ray on Avenue C Ultima hasn't a CEO near Korea a question answered a query Achilles pone una pregunta and it was early writings page 85 Romero's escrito so chain tests income okay okay so he had some he wasn't square enough after the last presentation would doing business locally or in it still is enough in DC and sister White's commenting on something that she said previously in early writings he you know I some commentary super high go kilo the video on this each in the paragraph that I don't have here and they better adopting okie conmigo she says everything la de la siguiente but what she's commenting on their own their comment earlier page is K is she a goal time of trouble in las planas interiority this is every friend o el tiempo de Angus their time of trouble in tempo dangu SIA is the seven last play son las siete would be mass pluggers when Michael stands up on omegle cylinder you have the great time of trouble genius a grantee in Buda angustia at the second coming I still a sequin every neither and sister white knows that yell in a weight loss of it so in early writings 85 she's clarifying which she'd said previously in Primus escrito so cinta Cinco Elia clarification a deterrent is the page number surah nisa de la pagina on page 33 in packingtown test the test de la siguiente the point being ellison to sister white never used a little time of trouble nunca you select special pet kennel tiempo del gusto hacen terminal adventist a-- but she teaches the little time of pero la encinia a pequeño tiempo Oh si pequeño tiempo de angustia still a Dominican a thousand Michael stands hasta que me get Scylla wanta and when Michael stands up economy gets 11 then you have the great time of trouble Tina's a grand tiempo de she's one in the reader to understand when I said time of trouble I did not mean the great time of trouble Elia kirik elector in tienda que cuando Ella this tempo Dan Goossen no career this year tiempo de la gran Mangusta so she's gonna address that entonces iliac a nosotros invitamos there para este studio she says the commencement at that time in trouble here mentioned does not refer to the time when the plague shall begin to be poured out but to a short period just before they are poured out while christ is in the sanctuary a commensal tiempo de angustia mention Oddo entonces no siree fear a tiempo cuando comenzaron cetera morales Plagas you know I will corto / you know precisamente antes kick I admitted teacher star innocent and this K events Amos yes okay at that time while the work of salvation is closing in SOT momentous k terminal over mr. guinta taman de el tamaño ciccolo illa Toma less authorized for case la palabra de Dios crews continued oppression you must lose yo na go mucho ese tipo de cochon Kadikoy family in epping going to step to Christ for four years and whose devotion is a encoded oracion seis estudiar on El Camino key supporting episode of CBS in tomorrow so if you want to understand this particular sentence you need to take it apart entonces si quiere company there sa Esposito not enthused Italia's mientras que busca de spute to produce y el trabajo connect white grease to Aqaba in in this santuario it's time and it's the tempo and it's a tiempo while the work of salvation is closing consisted terminal service ventura affliction sobre la tierra and nations will be angry erasmus you wanna say iran yet held in check uncle certainement Anita's in hockey that's the third time that you've heard an expression like that you know the service is cuchara una exposición como esta because tomorrow I'm going to show you from the Scriptures porque manana lays most revered eres escritura Islam angers Nations kids in Islam K cos Allah heed adolescence Jonas and Islam is symbolically represented many ways in the scriptures Alif LAAM is the most are symbolic Amenti muchas veces in less okay muchos in Buddhist and if you look closely you see associated with Islam you see Marisa Sarika this associate akan in Islam is the restraint that's placed upon Islam it's that are stealing she owned in Islam fact go to the scriptures in fact go to this point need an LS s clitoris and look closely Isaac is coming into the world que cuando ISA AK nothing that Hagar is me oh my god mocking Sarah he's AK so right there in the first story about Ishmael unisex to the Subarus male God tells Abraham go ahead and do what Sarah wants to do and cast out the bondwoman Buddhist I got okay this is Sarah ie it chillin right there the first mention Israeli through here okay Ismael is a symbol or the Liz Lemon up here a key in the millerite history yesterday media Easter history and Uriah Smith historic areas is meat will inform you that the distress of nations of Luke 21:25 zealousness Jonas is Islam that's a very cool event is but this is doing here Lucas P do you know it's perfect the PTA perfectamente in Astoria so somewhere in this history there's gonna be a story I was a little AHA Sione's that's accomplished by Islam a focus on Islam revelation 11 homicide apocalypse is on say verse 18 the secret is your show now Joseph spades in early Advent history he came out with an article was a story a twenty spoken Tolos characteristic as new versus Russia at the same way mark enemies mojito notice a Ito and the nations were angry and thy wrath has come and the time of the Dead that they should be judged and that thou should give us a reward unto thy servants the prophets and to the Saints and them that fear thy name small and great and should destroy them that destroy the earth he said eran las Naciones it - IRRI have indeed el tipo de huskar a los muertos he did our garden a to ciervo to the prophetess a Los Santos y los zetas me to nombre a los pequeños en los grandes if did history a lost it is true en la tierra immediately thereafter Ellen White comes out with an article that you'll find in early writings he made a turn into this place put in a coterminal to cool off in mosquitoes Kasich oh la romana white coronet agility displaced is a commenter in Korea a dark aura hey Josue Bates no tengo la cita pero su minnesota's I was shown me famous Rodimus agrees a nation que la las Naciones the wrath of God el tiempo de Jose Carlos mortos we're separate and distinct here an event to separado see distintos one following another who knows again de la la coka in public what these characteristic sequential characteristic Casa de Bercy culo Erin some sequency and the wrath of God begins when Michael stands or Achilles plagues the great time of trouble began videos comment economy Garrett's elephanta e illa see tumors Plagas commence economy gates Elementor therefore before human probation closes por esto antes que acaba a tiempo de gracia pariah the nation's takes place la estación is a Contessa and I'm arguing you're just like Islam key producer in distress of nations in this history do say langu sudesna soon as in esta historia they're gonna anger the nations in our history no one acasola it addressed as soon as a mistress Dora I'm saying angering of the nation's you do i ravenous Jonas it's it's taking place at 9/11 I completely announces the timbre now notice in 1838 vegan circus industry in Terre Haute Joe Islam is agitating the nations of Europe in Islam estaba aquí tan or less nación is the Europa it shaking the powers of Earth Elia as a Templar a los padres de la tierra marinate but in 1840 in Minnesota's Cuarenta there's a restraint placed upon it take a look on arrest ring see only so I'm saying we're gonna have to see mentalism dijo que tenemos que ver in our history in the say storia Islam distress the nation's and Islam cacao Salinas strange he'll do a ghost on wrestling heroes but in the distress and the restraint in the millerite history there Langosta Allah corresponds to when the angel of revelation 10 descent corresponding quando diciendo typifying when the angel of Revelation 18 descend tip if acondo quando the scene and Oh Antonia publicity see H okay so now back to the quote volviendo a la cita the commencement at that time of trouble here mentioned does not refer to the time when the plague shall begin to be poured out but to a short period just before therefore that while crisis in the sanctuary at that time this is where you should start at that time while the work of salvation is closing trouble will be coming on the earth and the nations will be angry yet held in check in SE tiempo pre mosquitoes bachata Cinco tres cuando se C terminal reservation dandruff accessibility era illest nación arirang on case rodman Tania's in a shock a para que no impedance impedance until over al Jazeera the angry Nations held in check according to the finishing of that sentence porque de acuerdo al al final de la francaise las Naciones i Radha's son Martinez in hockey so as not to prevent the work of the third angel on que esto no es para prevenir Leo Branton Sirocco the closing work will is the investigative judgment Fidel is selfish investigador but not just the investigative judgment not solamente L with you in the CIO it takes place in the ceiling time of the 144,000 ki Contessa energy input they say they're meant to disintegrate the cuatro mil cousin revelation 7 verses 1 through 3 porkin apocalypse this yet the uno address the four angels was Quattro and village are held in check son did he need o 144,000 are sealed mientras que los indicator cuatro mil son Sileo that's the closing work histo is a trabajo finale the sealing of the 144,000 s Elemento de los ciento cuarenta Quattro me okay the nations are angered by Islam doesn't unison i Radha's portal Islam yet held in check pero son Wow the judgment of the living interest K is the sealing of the 144,000 cemented those into cuenta Quattro me the blotting out either of names or sins hey what are all the numbers all the picaros is be taking place I could miss it now you gotta get this Jenna keep company in stone yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of the third angel at that time the latter rain or refreshing from the presence of the Lord will come in SC tiempo de Cinderella Jewett idea what if hero Dilip residence in your para de poder I don't want to teach you these foolish ideas that are being indoctrinated into this movement now no quiero insignias SS ideas instance a tusky and c2 intro serious I used to movimento but I want you to understand the eyes that are teaching this stuff no quiero que comprar minke if it is cos they're gonna tell you they listed that Islam is the nation's at 9/11 kill Islam era a las Naciones midnight cry in la medianoche and at the Sunday law even later minicar I agree with that to study a quadric una so I agree with that that's right on mr. correcto that's the story of Balaam it's alleged to the de belem 911 Balaam's turned out of the way by the ass Balaam and on September 8th where a tirado por el Osman is Islam get asked nor epicenter al-islam Balaam is the false prophet Balaam is refers a professor at the 3rd degree in his hand when he comes out of Babylon a tiene de crédito en su mano kono samadeva Vilonia not Elevens first day of the first month and also damages per million per minute miss these guys are stuck with that and this is done they can't move that they believe that 9/11 is the first day of the first month because if you move that Potosi to remove is esto you can destroy all their numbers they're using to scale Oh sister no son if you move the first day of the first month to midnight see Morris a bit maybe a premium is a medianoche you gotta move your 40s and your 30s and your hundreds and twenties como ellos quieren los treinta y los ciento see because the first day of the first month okay maybe the premier miss is when Ezra comes out of Babel is cuando Ezra Sally do Avalonia and he gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month 120 days later see LaPorta para entender a sin to maintain you move that first day of the first month and everything you're teaching with your numbers falls apart si muy business into event entonces total looking senior ckm Palacios do you follow me instance again by the way sister whites is the alpha apostasy apostasy alpha D Selena wife which typifies the Omega party Vicki the DP figure up associate oh man the men that are wrapped up in the Omega apostasy no meniscus and evil across in oppose on C Omega they can't reason from cars to affair no poison Russell nerve the cows I effect oh there is no Canberra but they've caused himself a headache already pero yeah yes across our own Assamese Mundell or the arrows to decir akira Colombian they're saying the characteristics of 9/11 take place at midnight this in characteristic a step onto the septiembre a contestant in media noche but they know really sorry and they teach it is insane Ian that Islam doesn't strike at midnight kale Islam no attacker in medianoche therefore can't be held in check por lo tanto nations come on open drisana because i effective they don't realize the box they put themselves in a lose no release unlike a hankie Edison could look out was that clear enough for you to follow the logic this estava service in declare open internet logic no say no no intimacy no big unknown 20% okay all of us agree todos nosotros estamos de acuerdo then when we go to Ezra 7 9 y SI vamos a estar siete Nueve Ezra comes out of Babylon he is Vasily do Bologna first day of the first man I met the other kin Thomas so all of us when we Illustrated Ramos we marked 911 is the first day America most alone so septiembre como pyramid dia de primera miss but we know Celine on the first day of the fifth month is that right and that's a hundred and twenty days okay so this was what allows us to say that from 20 goes in there this day a lot September as million oj so on sinto quente you follow that logic say man if you follow that logic Deegan MNC co-princes Eroica all of us teach towards it nosotros in senior that right here custom in Turkey that this is the first time that balaam strikes that is la primera vez que bam bigelow see this little mini carrot cuando big last night la pagan medianoche no no we all know that total Sylvain was a Leo we all know that what happened with Islam at midnight as they form a caliphate por que sabemos que aqui Foreman in Caliphate oh but the United States doesn't retaliate against them there is no law attack on in este momento Balaam does not strike the ass there is no no si lugar donde Balaam a begginer Islam here el Islamic II is associated with turning the United States out of the way esta su seochon Sekar los estados de su camino what was the United States going to do kiba's even acidosis Unidos it's gonna pass the Sunday law even a secular later Winokur how do you know that Carlos Thomas because on the first day of the first month for canopy merida premier miss when Ezra leaves Babylon under stress he has the third into effect on the tenth day October 22nd in our history okay if you had a desire to move the first day of the first month in 2007 todo serious occurred a su position no sequel failures no no pueden remover what I wanted you to see okey-dokey been is this quote here and how I'm applying is is correcto como yo prequel heceta it says the the nation's are angry DISA killed as a Jonas I'm arguing that Islam made the nations angry at 9/11 your digo que el Islam I role as as soon as an ounce in September is that unreasonable no assistant EU estou is it upheld by history escalates to a low defended did George Bush the second then go to the United Nations and place a restraint on Islam of where Bush el segundo Alice Tanzania sekolah co-owner ascension so brave Islam if you want to move the first day of the first month to midnight he caters for very very the premise a medianoche you're simultaneously teaching interest continuously mutiny Amenti that there is no strike of Islam at midnight in no I attack a until Islam in medianoche then you know there's no holding and check at midnight and done system since I became no iris discusion restraining his rough wind retain a zoo in los cuatro Vientos de of the east with an idea del viento oriental or bearded see this Gutierrez canal and by the shaking immediately Lanakila tera cop will be purged Sarah terrific so brothers the sisters hermanos Y hermanas this argument is going on it's the discussion que ésta corriendo his proof that were in the time period when sin or names are being blotted out back in stamina tiempo in Quail say ball run say Borah a picado oh boy is refreshing from the presence of the Lord will come and it's the tiempo de Cinderella you tell he put a couple things in place before my final presentations on this subject tomorrow just a material is here and this taken to door mañana Genesis 1612 Genesis DC says tossing do you know that sobbing I don't understand everything about verse 12 of Genesis 16 you know in general todo sobre particular toaster the Genesis toasty did he say dos a couple 3:11 dos tres cuatro horas / Sakura this is a big first brothers and sister sequel oh but I know I haven't dealt with this verse in years pero sé que si no snow yet turtle receiver see culo consider things been coming up one after another porque and bonito otras cosas luna después de la verse 12 basically Ishmael he L is mild will be a wild man Sara Umbra Fierro the word that's translated is wild man is a bolero - Lucia komamura Fierro means a wild significant as no cyber hey Arab a moon symbol opera Islam in the ski tourism sobbing come on porky Osama Antonia mucho dinero no ser - do you - sorry I mean he's dead but why his family has lots of money ya know very pero por que su familia teeny mo genera some of you were around back that so you still know Savina tiempo he davidians away someplace in Saudi Arabia where they the city there's a giant mountain range like these mountains he said there's a seed I own a Montaigne I attest it was Montaigne sake only they're more rugged than these mountains they're more rugged so Lucas on mass eros is almost Minos passive less common so this is where all this city down here in the valleys where all the Muslims need to go for this meeting either I see that on the nose someone is sitting here for the servicio this giant rugged mountain si si it's a small town you see and then on the top of the mountains over here in tapa de la mañana tons of Muslims that live there muchos Musa - give even earlier but in order to go to this worship place para para este lugar de acción they gotta drive so the Saud family in Saudi Arabia entonces la familia so in Saudi Arabia said we want to build a highway from up here just straight down they put it out to bid Osama bin Laden's father is a construction guy and he wins the bid to build this high Jurgen Allah SLO and that's what starts his construction Empire yes for a multi-million for a cuando comment source we imperio the over construct or e Louisville Mouton loser would you know how i made so much money off her here can elicit a conc went to the top of the mountain e f way i that hurts de la montaña ear Tobin a snow and he pushed him over the edge he looked at all and followed him down the mountain or Imphal yellow LOC geo por el Monday Abajo rebuilt the highway y por su camino a construe you like a litera absolutely the best place to build that highway year absolutamente and mejor camino para country as a corrected cheapest price to build that highway lugar más barato para construir is a carretera so will provide to sama bin laden access to world to the world look it prevail LSS was ama bin Laden al mundo is the wealth that came from that arabian ass it ok if he noticed a say for a long time italiano suntan a correcto spoken oliwia cantata por mucho tiempo historical events event is historical we're set before the people and Sadako Lucado still haunted tilde square prophecy was seem to be Allah prophecy figurative at the event owes yeah with the Arabian ass community be Lannister correct aho con el us know Arabic and at verse 12 of Genesis 16 in the ciccolo Tasaday Genesis diseases a Hebrew word that's translated as a wild man la palabra que futarasan hombre service is the one Arabian ass is Salvati as and he was a wild man his hand will be against some man he said our own hombre Fierro assume an ascetic entre a good as obvious no contra todos used to work with the guy you have a Cumbre a Korean pastor pastor Korea no he worked in the United States a trabajaba in los Estados Unidos back to Korea through siempre ABI how a casa traces may medieval I'll say yeah unto CK that's a case it or no in Kota Damansara we dig three stops on each trip in Caribbean Sea monstrous Paradas to camp idiot in the country those karate the center console el último campamento and civil in the can't be read in the country in the camp amento can t be any there's no chairs there's no tables no I see Leah's no I miss us they come in they need kneel down and pray it is in turn a loser Oh Lydia the order there underneath the Bible their notebook Thomas was Biblia tsukamoto every one of them take notes all the way through those who leave the pontus todos Tom and a punters joy get lost in waving they don't make no noise in Guido and then when you go to saw you going to versus a rule it's like every other seventh-day Adventist Church Eskimo in Quail otra vez a beauty septum oh dear they have chairs Celia they have noise rido uncontrolled children getting Nino's no coagulation people in paciente and I mean so your story will teach in this very verse it's Terrence near the estimate oversee culo on a Friday night en esta noche I says his hands every man in the world yo D go supernova in contradict our acero manone si este mundo en Sara controllers Korea knows come back on Sabbath give waiver sabado to Koreans in Iraq had been kidnapped and hung from overpass in Iraq those Korea knows abeyance IDO and sequester ADO's when that happened in Iraq more subdued that Sabbath and they were the night before Yokohama Orica requiring kono area so I wished I could remember the statistics I heard a week ago me gustaría record Allah statistica's chaos couch a who knows about these attacks that are taking place about around the world so brave attack ask a contestant in todo el mundo not counting the slaughter that's going on in the Middle East in cantar vanilla Sangha in a MIDI Oriente statistics of the death in the Western world in the Seekers Islamic turn less worthless in a mundo Occidental for Adele territorial musulman google it look Putin buscar in inter it's out of control brothers and sisters forever control curious Romano's absolute sin obedient see a cape Islam's hand is gonna be everyman la modern Islam Sarah contra la mano a savage people brutal lost Francis's as the Germany's it's gonna go further brings the one-world government together el Islam vez el asunto que era una de amundo ago here mundial to pay attention to Trump last week escutcheon lo que dijo Trump lo demás manner he told the Europeans Eero pills get on board and pay up because we're going after Islam huntin say nosotros en Pearson a pagar por que vamos attention the word he did when he was over here locally so kono saki was that an accurate representation of what he just told the woman so menos correcto lo que el mundo cuando él estaba key and then before he went home where did he go it is posted at casa donde way right here to visit the Antichrist a Bible prophecy a key auntie Kris total a prophecy beauty Ishmael will be a wild man his hand will be against every man and every man's hand will be against him he's smile elysium was a number fear assume on a second well another to strap delante de todos sus hermanos i abbott era point is this puto is esto hermanos this is the opening prophecy of Islam in God's Word it shows the prophecy ax Apertura Spanish la la primera means own and it's telling us that Islam is the one that angers the nation in OC circle Islam is a capo 10sec a las Naciones you follow the logic signal Oheka while the work of salvation is closing this year trabajo nations will be angry Lesnar's yonis Jack pero readiness in SC tiempo the latter rain will begin to fall Juliet the Kyra and all the trees will begin to batter out it total loss arbol is in Empire and Alberta and this is the sign the disciples asked about yesterday's licinia quiero los discípulos and you must see this sign Latinos que ver Isis in yet when you see the significance of this side you see Lopez Alice logic into this comprende why Satan is trying to destroy this way mark for case of the most key registry is the ito follow the logic see general Oheka then that logics in place for tomorrow in tones of the logic estar en su lugar para mañana shall we pray vamos arrive Heavenly Father we are blessed by the sacred hours that are coming to a close at this time para city style so most most businesses the poorest orders across this is really high and see the ones Howard oh I had to in a very sacred place in a very solemn time lugar Mussolini and we were convinced that you brought every one of us here for this time thousands of years ago you knew that every one of us would be in this room is atrás - suvir's chaos that presented Heavenly Father if it was important for you to bring us here at this time important take it - no sir I guess is Zulu garena C tiempo we'd ask that you pour your Holy Spirit out upon us PD mas que there are methods pity to send us over mistletoes and give him direction to convict us he didn't know my dad would you leave it living they lost imposing las cuales venomous and the high calling that you've placed before us Eli told ok knows does help us to turn away from these foolish ideas and you don't knows supremacy they're not simply the debate no simplemente is debated but even the ideas of laodicean adventism determinacy they are still I think gives more loudest you know the idea that it has ever been acceptable to you they see the asset table parity to profess to be your people they feel satisfied p.m. poster satisfied you with an experience that can only be identified on experiences solemn it is equally difficult a sin and repent sin and repent sin Enrico forgot he ever been here this has never been your will for your people if the nunca I see the to the co-pirate equivalent lord help us to understand that and put these things out of our life you know scientist Oh Senor is Odin essence Vedas that we might be among that enzyme para que podamos who are party they'll Bend on the church triumphant begins to realize at midnight okay commence eleven thousand medianoche we thank you for this day there are the most porosity we thank you for the spiritual food that you provided the company and the environment please bless us now as we part with a safe trip home and a good night's sleep the jnanis core noon when Descanso you own when BR her casa in Jesus name