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the word now please guide the speaker that he might find the right words and the right way to explain things so the hearers can receive it and understand it be also with the translation work which is going on fine help the translators to give the right words give the right words and be also with the technical equipment and recordings Lord be also if all the hearers of the production of these videos and also the people are here in this room open our hearts that we may may receive your latter rain thank you for that in Jesus name Amen I've been going back and looking at 911 and the prophetic truths connected with it está durmiendo Daniel on say he loves me that prophetic as a connection Coelho and I know that this is old information for much of us also had testimony here from some that it's been a blessing for them pero video testimony ok para algunos también era is a certain percentage of us in this room came into this message well after 9/11 particles hit a percent ahead de nosotros aquí la entrada despues de casa de septiembre and this prophetic message has been opening up so quickly over the past period of time I start rapido ut mami that we come across some truths we present them before we've even finalized them or on to another truth demos understate acabar lotta Matic Ayotte animals and then there were some that came into this movement after a period of time this boom into this I began to understand the message right where they came into the movement I meet on internal and it doesn't appear that they really settled into some of the prior truth no parece que stand been fundamentals in a mass at 3 horas mustn't he was and 9/11 was a well-established remark in this history it also said it would Ito bein established undermine what was understood about it in that time period is fully serviced he open era elio in locust record is Indo India en las mejores Pallavas podemos Khalifa Carlo como Hinson Sato once is doest are speaking to me I think this morning maybe yesterday esta mañana yo creo and I hadn't made one thing clear ok no it's real quickly so we can move back into wherever we're heading but I put it as place for great authorized to be mas revelation 9 identifies the fifth and the sixth trumpet apocalypse is moving difficut of cinco seis and each of those trumpets have a period of time when Islam is active militarily and all Islam is active order for my trumpet the time period that Islam is active is called the first woe tiempo Dante prema Desam beta inequalities Lamas actively try to repeat a common sources into sales you can see that right here and the charcoal opposed rectum it in a diorama but it isn't for another six hundred plus years pero no es por unos activity of islam is marked in history and in the prophecy and this case america activity that belly care in islam in Astoria so in the period of the fifth trumpet any period a low-key the trumpeter 27th $12.99 in the ribbon decided to Julio mid 200-meter movie the first wall began coming so a premiere and the first woe is part of the fifth trumpet perhaps I better pull the middle of the day lacking the trumpeter from 606 this is in Tuesday's to July 27th Julio $12.99 euros in animated movie there is a hundred and fifty year prophecy prophecy addition to sing Quentin knows this is the first wall this was the premiere I and this is the fifth trumpet yes like in the trumpet at told us video from here to here this is the first wall from here to here here both the second woe and the sixth trumpet begin to sound okay the although this is a little bit different than the Pioneers understood it was peony rose the second woe ends here it'll mean a key on August 11th on city Agosto me love to see it is quite intact but the sixth trumpet trumpet ah it continues on continual until October 20 seconds of still - with a Bilitis it is quite a quarter 1844 here on October 22nd rocky in October a quintet cuatro the seventh trumpet begins to sound come in so legitimate repeated absolution but the third woe doesn't in drive in history a nice story until 9/11 gonna go on seven trumpets gonna go on but what I'm warning you to see is in in each of the trumpet the fifth trumpet there is a period of time that is the whoa are you in the sixth trumpet there's a period of time that it's a whoa but there's also a period time when it's just a trumpet fifth trumpet is a period of time when it's just a trumpet and here on October 22nd 1844 seventh trumpet begins the sound the judgment of the Dead begins and then a 911 third woe begins but also the judgment of the living okay so you gotta get into the thoughts on Daniel and revelation for your eyes Smith to to see that distinction for yourself now let me look briefly to see what notes I got through yesterday I got us to at least start considering Luke 21 no sympathy I look as been too long and that I had said that in Luke 21 there is a sign now brother tabal is going to emphasize this more tomorrow I told myself before I come up here maybe I won't say anything but then we got let the Luke 21 let's put it let's remind ourselves of something I was gonna say something about this particular subject without stepping on brother turbos parade - seriously - Pacifico syndrome in love but it's hard to not in the throw hands into the mix as well if you remember to meet his presentation this morning at the way mark that we're identifying as 9/11 in the reform movement of loser there was a debate on the battle between Luther and John X John Eck and how long did that debate go 21 days okay so we have already in the past in the gameís place Daniel beginning fast and Daniel 10 you know Danielle for 21 days get a probe in 20 years until he comes to midnight that's the kill you it has the Mar Aymara experience so this 21 day his toes been to diaz is a debate okay and brother Taco yummo has identified that this way mark of midnight identificado que esta it to the million and this particular name always beats me up yes how long did circus is Reno 21 years paintin a news okay yes say more about that tomorrow hey buddy you know poco más sobre esta mañana connection with artaxerxes and there's other twenty ones that are coming out yeah otro spent you know ski suit him so we're gonna look refit Luke 21 vamos like that for me because Luke 21 is identifying 911 is the sign that we have to see so keep your finger and go to Isaiah 27 almost it's a year spent ETA and ideally maybe we'll go through the first nine verses more in detail later yes pero que podemos sakulos Italia this with I also had another question yes today or yesterday kirtan yatra pregunta a year want a year some of you may not even understood that I identified the Sunday law as six six six new identification a Dominican como se SE se but I said that the first Sunday laws at the midnight cry so you got you have six six six they're pretty healer primarily do McAllister the body may not attend SSSs because among other things the 666 represents the threefold union says represented and at Tripler Union so we have 666 at the Sunday law 666 at the midnight cry and we have a at midnight so we have six more diminutive in say say say so you know three blue neon in medianoche entonces market abeyance a say stays and I presented yesterday that Ezekiel 8 9 are repeating and large line upon line linear repetition e augment oh and it's an illustration of the judgement of the living in Sunni distress to who city lose me boss and I said that Ezekiel 8 verse 1 the decay begins in the sixth year coming so in in the six months in the six to miss and the fifth day of the month into the enemies and I said therefore Tonto this is 666 esto SE se says but this is 6 6 5 per associate Cinco and I argued that this here becomes y que esto Jacob the day of the east wind oriented and I never really explained what that man experimenting you also understand that Jesus was the lord of the Sabbath day right dominant in this case in your daily diabolo when this when this shaking began cuando coming so it began long before some of the guys that are currently in the shaking or even in this movement coming so K muchos de los que ésta these guys that are now on the wrong side of the issue were in this committee so antes que las personas que eres tan in involucre hos in esteban in the movimiento it began back in the time period where there was an argument over the book of joel comment so cuando beyond argument osika delivery of oil and there's several ministries that left this message over that argument Barrios ministerios Salinas momento up pour in Sacramento but what I want you to see is in that history the critic and historian we argued that the the argument that was going on right then and there teego Kayla discussion que acontece your is a momento was our visual test we had to see what was going on in this shaking the name is Kabir look a contest and place ourselves on the right side of the issue eco correcto Taylor suit oh that was just the beginning of the shaking continues to escalate and tell everything that can be shaken will be shaken that's a solid yellow I'm saying that this second test in this history is represented by the debate between Luther and John a quality about the interlude arrow II one egg and this debate is life or death is it about the this is the test by which our sins will be blotted out so back there in the book of Joel that's the beginning but what's going on is just now is just a continuation of it Allah provider I'll come in super low-key apatosaurus limit is no continues I'm making that claim because this history here from here to here this 21 days it's all a debate to India's so if you're in isaiah 27 in verse 8 it says this communion is equal in measure when it should is forth thou will debate with it he stay at his rough wind in the day of the east wind livery and lyrically lorena Gummy's is a con medida loca cigars in the verse where it says when it should is for a never see cooler toned EDC quando bro tara if you back up to vs cuando vuelves poor toaster security he says he he shall cause them that come up Jacob to take route Israel shall blossom and bad and fill the face of the world with fruit diaz Vedran vesiculosus condo choco HR arises flora Sarah hrrm was Israel Allah fast yesterday and you agreed that what causes the trees to burn out in the springtime is the rain you see chromium once a year it is 70 acquire okay-looking causa Primavera Juvia so Jacobs gonna take root and he's gonna blossom and bad cop entonces and he's gonna fill the face of the whole earth with fruit a progressive agricultural development to produce evil Rico trial but what begins this process is the rain the relocate commences the processor is Libya so when you have that in your understanding and you go to verse 8 yes the kidneys to comprehension aversive recycled show it says in measure when it should is fourth a medida quando Proterra okay so we've always understood this to represent Ramos in video que representa and the place that we would go to and someone correct me if you know that I'm wrong the place that we would go to area Mo's its testimonies to ministers 503 but I'm keen to stress probably most of you will know that passage it's the passage which is the latter rain we may be falling on hearts all around them the Jewett LDR Cara sobre Corazon is read or nosotros maybe it's five away 507 no but they will not recognize or receive it there is a period of time in Adventism in where the ladder rains falling on some of us some of us they don't even recognize that it's falling Quinta kks telepathy nikitos hit the principle connected with the latter rain in terms of receiving it there are several quotes I see test where sister white says if you don't recognize the latter rain you don't receive it see Noriko gnosis is it in a white doll or receiveth comes a point in time where the latter rain is falling they went in panic idea some are receiving it kunos low receiving and some aren't yeah what was no so we've always identified that as the sprinkling simple remedy difficult cumulative isne when we went to john xxii yesterday a year famous trio one MIDI dose for Jesus breathes upon his disciples done day and sister White says that was a few drops a few sprinkles before the full outpouring of the latter rain of pentacon a gunas got us until there's a period of time on the road and latter rain begins to sprinkle it abundantly and when that takes place its to our country according to the spirit of prophecy you and I have to recognize that what is beautiful is here - yo lo tenemos que Rico no ser la nuit a beer scene if we don't recognize it comes a point in time here where the church changes from the church militant to the church triumph like triumphant de la he's been saying yeah I believe the Lord's been raising up the church triumphant since 1989 kudos levanto a la iglesia 300s Innovation Center never let sister white identifies the church militant as the church that has wheat and tares in it they feel like less militants triumphant is the church without and it's here Sonia so even though there is a period of time when the Lord is raising up the church triumphant and there is still a mixture of wheat and tares he only want a legacy true founder e to the VI own a mess fly into this big we see Sonia it comes a point where the Lord separates the wheat and tares en Punto and required yo se para we're marking the initial separation in this process at midnight Marcos initially medianoche and as brother Parminder has been teaching in this history here in Astoria key we have the first and the second steps as this rain falls we're going to be manifesting cuando la lluvia pursuit I say the church tried triumphant begins to manifest its fruit from the commence manifest our two fruit of the various here but we've always identified this third test as a litmus most difficulty M pray I Supriya kun opera day and whether you use a pregnancy test for a woman soon or an acid alkaline test to make your point a litmus test is a test that identifies clearly whether your acid or alkaline una provide eternally difficult element a whether you're pregnant or you're not no it is here where there is a clear distinction it's a ketone de una cara distinction because here the ensign begins to get lifted up or khaki Seca means xi are pendant and the actual process of lifting at in sign up process so they limit the we coming into a crisis of persecution propionate they're confronted with a threefold enemy just as christ was song confronted us come on triply and amigo a sycamore a cristo christ was arrested at midnight Christopher a tomato press in medianoche the Hebrew church was their relationship with Rome the Roman government of Kobe Romano and I won the one that led those two entities the Christ was Judas those group was a Christo era Hooters identifying that at midnight identificatory in media not faithful Tracy fretted with the government coming to them once they confront I was gonna go we are not kiss ELISA circa and the government's going to be in connection with the seventh-day Adventist Church ago we had no pastor conectado con Agatha meat-eater septa Madea and the foolish priests of this movement Hilo this is represented by Judas when you get here you're gonna know that it is Judas yes it is Christ is kin is who does the keenest Cristo you Judas make his Christ Chris who does so but you're gonna know the difference in this crisis back to Isaiah 27 is a husbandís verse 8 it says in measure when it should is 4th ed medida that's 911 it's Jocelyn's on September 8th that's when Islam is restrained his condo series 3 heal Islam the day of the east wind begins come inside I've been to the oriented and the sprinkling of the latter rain began okay so in verse 8 in the Saku dojo thou will debate with him to interest in the bath take on what is here okay so he stared his rough wind in the day of the east wind all the prophets agree with one who were there all speaking about the end was over a fin del mundo and we started this on revelation 7 verses 133 appreciate a bazooka loss uno address the sealing of the hundred and forty-four thousand a quarter mil coming so when the four winds of rice are restrained been toast John's four winds of strife los cuatro Vientos de Juan are Isaiah's east wind Sun bientôt angels holding the four winds is isaiah identifying that he stays his rough wind in the day of the east wind yes say yes candy say que era tiene we're going to debate about or did that you sobre lo que say about that is the day of the east way but s idea they'll be in to do this that's what we're debating about sobre esto estamos does the day of the east wind begin at nine eleven commence our idea where do we move this way mark and say that it begins at midnight o cambia most EDC mas que comienza in media noche that's the debate we're in right now it's so silly about the inequalities time was our abysmal the debate between loser and John Eck about the interlude Tarot e1h that goes on for 21 days ok continue up or been twenty years but look at verse nine by this therefore so the iniquity of Jacob be purged the esta manera was it a purple mother is all the fruit to take away his sin y esto será el fruto cuando set up a mobile picado pardon me this coupon when is our sin taken away let's use another expression i picado Musa Ramos otra persona when is our sins blotted out in this history year brothers and sisters this is the judgment of the living is to lose vivos our sins are being blotted out during the time period of the debate mistress the cassandra movie dose granted by this therefore show the iniquity be purged esta manera puede perdonar allah Aniki that i'm terrible on English grammar in a timid a gramatica a little bit okay those first two words that say by this is to have to lead you back into the previous verse and the previous verses that in the day of the east wind yes vesicular or to this any idea to Solano when the east wind that rough wind stay there will be a debate about it let's stop I need a bottle and when that debate begins the latter rain is going to begin sprinkling it's going to be measured Mincy okay it has to be measured yeah Jenica said in medieval because he's gonna pour it out on this sister it's not gonna pour down on me me he's gonna pour it out on this brother because this sister and that brother they have recognized it but me and the other brother we refuse to recognize that it's just a most ridiculous a law that at nine eleven September the sprinkling of the latter rain I go to nine eleven Christ breathed upon his disciples a few drops Cristo showers on Pentecost and distillers shaking yes so when you get the first nine and it says by this therefore equal to this por esto by the truth connected with this 21 days it's called in Keynesian whenever that this was vain to the removal of sin from Jacob is accomplished katar de los pajaros so the iniquity hakop is the coop leader so speaking of that 21 days this event UDS go to the 21 okay in Luke 21 we try to dazzle a little bit yesterday li mochou sobre la year in verse 7 University College Theatre they asked what sign there with the disciples asked Christ what sign there will be when these things and I told you yesterday that Jesus tells them the historical answer it is d his ruthless Jonah resposta historica and then he gives them a second witness in verse 29 he local is giving them a parable and this is where sister white said yes so stoned Elena y dijo Christ pointed you and I you and I but in recent spring I lost our own sister white said Christ pointed the disciples to the budding trees of spring le dijo que Crees to a Punto I lost three show our loss discípulos de ver esto those disciples are us at the end of the world s discípulos so nosotros in el fin del mundo what I'm wanting you to see here okie-dokie p.m. is that the disciples he loses he follows you and I asked Christ your preguntamos a Christo what's the sign of the end of the world call it a senior in the temporal field and Jesus says look at the trees then in verse 30 says when they when they now shoot forth the signet ring take wand oh yeah bro tondc when they begin to burn out on the commune son brother when the latter rain begins to sprinkle cuando lo Judea mpesa okay this is your sign is to is Susan you if you do not recognize this signs seen or recognize a lesson you will be lost okay he further says Tom in DC verse 31 well let's let's deal with verse 30 more fully 21:02 WM when they now shoot forth you see and know of your own selves that summer is now my at hand yeah bro Tian de los sábados miss mascara no estaba cerca when is summer in the scriptures it's the harvest the scriptures are identified identify the summer as the harvest Alaska to recede in difficulty when the sprinkling begins you know if you see it to service syllabus here is where that the harvest is about to take place okay commence era la cosecha and what does Jeremiah say the harvest is it is a here in me as K is the cosecha the end of the world so he's giving them giving us clarification of what our sign is clarifications ovary is our sign is the latter rain missus engine is the Jupiter beer when we see the trees begin the better we see the rain begin the fall we have to recognize that time allows you be a caretaker a conocer ssme Allah verse 31 receive no Trent a you know so like why G when you see these things come to pass know you that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand apparently I say to you this generation shall not pass away till all be fulfilled heceta member sotas quando VI zki suseelan estas cosas Sabet que está cerca Ronaldo's desierto steagle que no pisarra esse generation as a key todo is to ACOTA sarah the generation that was living in 9/11 is the last generation on planet earth a generation KBO and on September a la última generations kebab is over at La Plata theater since 1840 for seventh-day Adventists have been telling the whole world where the end of the world were the last generation their simulation to quite a Quattro's of a thesis and estado de cinta mundo estamos en el fin del mundo swallowed imaginary Xian but in Luke 21 they don't look up into you know in Luke 21 look at Ben - you know the disciples asked for the sign of the end of the world those people of pregunta por el senior and Jesus it's the latter rain increase it is Eilat you better dia and when it begins to fall cuando commune Sonicare you're in the final generation of Earth's history the eternal now maybe you think I'm just twisting the words a little bit poquito but be careful about that thought their pens adobe end because in first 33 Jesus puts an emphasis on all this for cannabis you turn into a trace crystal okura emphasis over todo esto it says heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away it's yellow la tierra pasaran pero mis palabras we're in the last generation estamos no Tim I never see on okay so this is serious serious business into Syria movie serial so we want to understand what the day of the east wind is I'm saying it's this history Ezekiel 8 1 when the judgment of the Living is illustrated the begins in the 6th year six month fifty and leads to the sixth year six years six year when we first began to teach Luke 21 brothers and sisters cuando comments I was anti science in yet Luke has been - you know it was so solemn Cellini not that it isn't solemn now I remember being in Austria one time I don't remember the guys name but Markos here he might but the Austrian Adventist Church was just disfellowshipping the most famous Austrian theologian from their University really crazy ideas about the cross I had no sympathy whatsoever with what he was teaching was a few times I could say Amen to at the seventh-day Adventist Church was doing in terms of discipline I mean okay endo in term those discipline are low but he was there this camp meaning by any state so he was pushing his agenda and the in the wings and he was a famous guy so the Austrians and all the other surrounding nations were there they were there to listen to him and this was the camp meeting I told you where the they brought me the German translation they claimed William for he said the 6th trumpet had not yet sounded to be here on que supuestamente Guillermo 4 dijo que la from 6:00 to beta oh no so I'm getting opposed from that group and then you got the activity throughout the whole meeting of the theologian pianist actividad de todo este encuentro de sitio logo there was a guy from South America there that played the guitar at the simple level it was a hotbed of confusion from this guy from America that they couldn't follow what he was saying there was probably more people not probably there was more people there than but you notice how you're all sitting here listening going on the entire can't be but they all happen to be there when we did Luke 21 and we lined up Miller right history according to Luke 21 the way you line it up I haven't done this for a while verse 25 you know bente singko and there shall be signs we could even start in verse 24 I won't put the most common side until a video venti cuatro and they shall fall by this is Jesus speaking to the disciples the sepal Ozaukee and they shall fall by the edge of the sword and shall be led away captive into all nations and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled akarin a few days para esaron he borrows code TiVo's a todas las Naciones a jerusalem seraglio apollo gentiles hasta que los tiempos de los interiors hakuna without getting to that end the times of the Gentiles seen in Tehran in the timid el tiempo de los Gentiles the seven articles by Hiram Edson that identified the 2520 law city artículos poor he de Metz on ke the difficult loss of Mykonos maintain the title of those seven articles is the times of the Gentiles and does it say time of the Gentile or times of the Gentile this tempo or tiempos de los angeles i use the plurality of that you also to say that the first thing jesus gives us is the 225 20s they say primera cosa que Crees unos dos dos dos Mickey one ends in 1798 uno termina and also another in 1844 throw in me notice into scoring take Quattro and then he says there's gonna be signs in the Sun and the moon and the star it is please DC kerosene jelly's all the dates that we know that lead up and into the Miller ID history are being referenced by Christ Atos Kelly there and referencia dos por Cristo falling of the stars 1833 and then we already discussed yesterday yeah this coup team was a year the distress of Nations in verse 25 Jonas that sister white referenced and testimonies to ministers the difference here that we read yesterday page were 45 to seduce cuenta uno which is the ceiling in Revelation 7 is the same as revelation Ezekiel 9 is the case Elemento and as he can HOSA mismo come on a securely and then she says john was also showing shown and then she quotes sea and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear that's verse 25 and 26 yes to its particular venti Cinco the end of verse 25 the universe 20 said confided across the barometer Delamar atilla's all's Ben's heart failing them for fear for what coming upon the earth I am gusta in corazones de los hombres myth identifies 1838 as the distress of nation what if he committed the OTO como la cosa de las Naciones and he identifies it as the activity of Islam you know the difficult activity at in Islam and then in the last part of verse 26 in autumn apart a particular lady says it says for the powers of heaven shall be shaken vocalist Potenza de los ninos Saran corn mo Vedas now for our translators Taurus on the bottom of page 1 from early writings page 41 the middle secretos corriente you know we have a quote an emotional eater but I told brother Tabo I can add a little bit of information okay about what it means when the earth is shaken significant cases and it's important that you understand what it means that the earth is shaken it's important again tiendas que significa case there's a difference between the earth being shaken and they haven't been introduced and for the simple point I want to make for a puto simply ki yo quiero I said I took one paragraph out of early writings page 41 yo Socky para for the day you know but after my discussion with brother Tabo but it is placed in me disco I included one more paragraph to be her graph that leads into that include must utter para for aqui para 4k bananas or the paragraph that follows that LK kilesa gimmicks so for the translators we're now gonna read the paragraph that's on the bottom of your page doesn't know vamos a little sacrament al que ustedes tienen los doctores in SU oh but then I'm going to read the second paragraph from my computer Evo a little outro D'Amico Dora the reason I'm doing that there are some poor kid we want to know what it means that the Lord shakes the earth is crema so we're kissing if we can you see this in your quad because we know about is a coup d de por que vemos mr. white says revelation 18 verses one through three will be fulfilled apocalypse is Teochew not rest when the Lord arises to shake terribly the earth under its I could eat the rubella mentality era and she says that takes place led say okay so I can t say when the great buildings of New York City are thrown down by a touch from God cuando los edificios grande esta nueva york Sun and arrow below sport okay de la mano del signore so here we go Akiba moose December 16th 1848 the Lord gave me a view of the shaking of the powers of the heavens I saw that the look that when the Lord said heaven in giving the signs recorded by Matthew Mark and Luke he met heaven and when he said earth he meant earth the powers of heaven are the Sun Moon and stars they rule in the heavens the powers of Earth are those that rule on the earth the powers of heaven will be shaken at the voice of God then the Sun Moon and stars will be moved out of their places they will not pass away but be shaken by the voice of God LDC says it is heavenly music in the quaint orchards in your video misión de la commotion de las posadas del cielo VK cuando se or daeho's Cielo Adeline cialis sonali's indicas pour Mateo marcozzi Lucas periodicity cielo y con devotee eres la feria a la tierra las potestas si si ellos son el sol la luna las estrellas kofi annan en los cielos esporte estar st rayna's son las que vienen a la tierra las botas terrace a cloc come over on en la voz a la voz de Dios entonces a sol la Luna IRA's Australia say dis quisieron de su ascent o no se an aquiline sino que si como Viren olavo studios now in the next paragraph or a litigant a powerful and our translators in the back room do not have this I'm going to take it one sentence at a time does avoid Rossi and I'm gonna cut into the middle of the paragraph he come in so meet artists appearances I saw that the powers of Earth are now being shaken and that events come in their order V K last for the spotter stylist is cielos war and rumors of war sword famine and pestilence are the first to shake the powers of Earth Guerra yo Maurice de Guerra so los primeros de Calma ver versatility then the voice of God will shake the Sun Moon and stars and this earth also in don't see lava Studios kuvira I saw that the shaking of the powers of powers in Europe is not as some teach the shaking of the powers of heaven but it is the shaking of the angry nations VK lesser kudu readers Padres in our open OS la sécurité los cielos pero es la and gusta the Scriptures when the earth is shaken brothers cuando la terrasse tasaku Dida it's the nations of the earth that are shaken say that tierra que sonsaku Dida's and then Luke 21 Lucas but you know in this time period that's identified as the distress of nations period okay say difficult form or the distress of nations is what's taking place on earth they lead to the close of probation when the voice of God is going to shake the heavens so and Luke 21:20 you know it takes us to the close of probation makes a distinction between the shaking of the powers of the earth and the shaking that takes place on bow in both earth and heaven at the close of probation verse 27 says and then you'll see the Son of man coming with clouds it is invisibility Satan's espera el hijo de hombre que ver en una noodle computer and grande Gloria so the way that we always used to do this Yesi kimonos como su policy we identify an agreement with your AIA Smith identify camos in Harmonia Canarias meet or should I say in agreement with history or dvd Moses here in a quarter Cohen Astoria 1838 is the distress of Nations also is language less than Sione's and then October 22nd 1844 Christ came in the clouds Daniel near 7:13 but this history is repeated to the very letter P della lettera in our history in 1989 Novus Institute and women what's happening in 1833 formalization of the messy leading to the activities of Islam that are taking us to the point in time where Christ comes in the clouds of heaven at the second coming and I'm racing through this but what I want you to see from this is when you see the sign and what's the sign the sign is when the latter rain begins to sprinkle and with sister white speaks about revelation 18 in great controversy 6:11 she says the history of 1842 1844 siculus was a glorious manifestation of the power of God and she compares it to Pentecost compare a competitor Costas and what happened at Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out pouring of the Holy Spirit takes place it from 1840 to 1844 the Quattro and it begins when the angel of revelation 10 descends when Islam was restrained on August 11th 1840 and it typifies the restraint of Islam at 9/11 when the angel of Revelation 18 descended just as Christ ascended after his ascension at his resurrection and breathed upon his disciples and the latter rain began to fall in the Jupiter da comenzó and the generation that sees this is the final generation of Earth's history and they are the ones that are standing when Jesus Christ comes the second time in the clouds of glory now we did that in about probably 20-30 minutes we took an hour and when we got done that entire audience was dead silent and there was tears truths that were opened up in connection to 9/11 were so profound that they could make a grown man cry Pollyanna said Jude are they silenced foolish fanaticism right then and there time consuming a debate began after the debate began over Joel displays Kate come inside where other men came into the movement autosome isn't around anymore man that by and large weren't even professing to be Christians let alone seventh-day Adventist Christians at 9/11 Oriskany sukira Sabean lamar say cristianos nia blur adventist adventist us to run tell also septiembre dos mil uno de camión right when taman I was opening up the numbers introduced to maintain momento quando Pomona estos números once he began to open up the numbers and five those min Cinco you see the 225 20s this los dos toss me into the baton you see the 46 Jones told measure that tempo he's standing on October 22nd 1844 taken a little book a couple tamale burrito we used to do Daniel revelation 10 brothers and sisters cuando se hemos yes I had a trick question una pregunta and after about a year and a half a quit using the trick question because everyone in the movement knew the trick question yeah mucho tiempo porque ya todos canossian is a prune Takashi OSA but to make my point even though I know some of you will know the answer to this trick question you see it was pasta itself through the cup Co sir I want to give you the trick question that is a printer to show that things that we used to understand so well that we didn't even mention them para demostrar que teníamos de cosas tambien Kenichi kirilus Mencia vamos mention a vamos a certain percentage of us don't even know that question anymore yeah percent essentially Shakira required as a pregunta cap see OSA curtain revelation 10 a brain of ellipses yes okay the mighty angel comes down he has a little book in open in his hand also this he ended DNA libretto in su mano oh yes and this is one of the places in my Bible here where I have part of a verse car condo fighter limited a very simple first aid of Revelation 10 says and the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again and said go and take the little book which is in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth did I read that right lowly Lavos koe that siendo hablo otra vez con MIGO adi-kavaye Doble libera to'kustar bitola mano de la encuesta and pilgrim are in sobre la tierra yes and I went into the angel and Saturday him give me the little book if we aren't led into la Commedia say a Liberatore and he said enemy take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be an eye mouth sweet as honey yeah me dijo Toma a common law et AMARG arrived in Tripoli to Boca Sara to to Kabul Emil sister white houses this is the history of the Miller writes in a white not easily lose ministers 1840 they take this message and they eat it mrs. winters polenta ellos toman si mensaje Loco me a sweet message as humans adults say in 1838 right here they've made a prediction about the Ottoman supremacy ceasing the potentia ottoman about this aparecer this means they're gonna repeat that message repeated estimates with some clarity in 1844 must carry that image into squad enter they're gonna say now it's not gonna cease just in 1840 it's gonna see some August 11th 1840 or a decent Nova acabar it's supposed to see into squares you know and it on CD ago so this on you they make that second prediction 10 days before August 11 hicieron is a Segundo pre-owned EST as this la fecha the whole world was thinking they were idiots for making a prediction Vince our kid I need your tests for a series a prediction but when the ottoman supremacy ceased on august 11 1840 pero con okay hola super Messiah o tamanho in an unsteady Agosto the muted occur in de man that message was sweet kid Dulce sweetener mouth dude it was sweet as honey October 22nd 1844 this is illustrated by John here in revelation 10 SOC loose rap or one in Apocalypse East yes so is the Miller ID history the perfect fulfillment of this see La Plume de is a compliment - perfect - the headstone amen yeah there was the trick question this film because you don't know it anymore brothers and sisters sister what is clear you know what detector the Lord did not allow the Millerites to understand what was going to happen to them from 1840 to 1844 it's in your no permit Youkilis minista's intend es endo que les acontece you entry Miller - siento square enter our current a Quattro a walk through this history not knowing what was next Jacinta we're contes but in Revelation 10 John who's representing God's people at the end of the world can represent a porta dos a tip on her feet before he illustrates the history of 1842 1844 into quarantine according to Quattro before he eats the little book that so sweet okay standards before he suffers the disappointment John's told this is what's going to happen to you take the little book you needed it's gonna be sweet in your mouth but it's gonna become bitter in your stomach this is you and I we're required to understand this history in advance this is Miller right history this is the old paths we have to return to the old paths and know what's going on but in any case that's not really germane to what I was saying relevant connected to it might be a more important point there's too many of us in this movement that do not understand went on from 9/11 on up through 2005 when Paul Mooney began to shine on Sunday September a asset was missing cocoa pavani episode Riviera okay because 2005 poor kiddos me think oh you got the 225 20s and John him in the next verse and he's told you're gonna have to prophesy again the last verse of chapter 10 any motorcycle or they read take this rod TCK amazed the temple he's standing right here in 1844 immediately templo el estado just had a better stomach he says but leave off the court it's given to the Gentiles and a chill tread on the holy city for forty-two months immediately templo de si pero part you is the 4lt employee - hello apart a soldier Alice you had sent equality knows mrs. Jerusalem has been trodden down by the Gentiles here Jerusalem for all Yahoo policy until 1798 John sold major that temple John at 1798 John's told the leave off the 42 months leave this off take hello don't measure it measure the temple pero me da templo so if you leave this off here at 1798 to see deathless I assume is no meter or show but John's in 1844 her fondest ambition to go into cuatro that 46 years isn't sunk or intercessor news and in John - 19 and 20 the Jews tell Jesus those earth took 46 years to build his temple Texas and his para construir a templo and Moses is 46 days on the mountain in the instructions to build the temple he boy sister queried the 60s Oh Bramante possibility so black ensue ceremonies at work because then he opens up porky luego there is a human temple there are 46 chromosomes in acquaintances chromosomal and they're structured around aluminum protein protein a protein an aluminum protein is shaped like this is to is the format is a protein and the food that 46 chromosomes you correct me on that one point encoded here in a store but suddenly brothers and sister Pomona is at work and we don't understand that because we weren't there when it happens to be messiah cuando la cuenta CEO and since it's happened we've moved on the other truth he can't is your daughter's birth Ali's my brothers and sisters we were required to understand what took place at nine eleven pero necesitamos comprar NER say no speedy que comprar damos care we must understand that the trees began to butt out open their kilos arose in Pizarro never retire we must understand at this point there is an argument tenemos consider can the botanist a momento and according to the Word of God the argument is about 9/11 and the day of the east wind et Ecuador la palabra de Dios that discussion is a sec Adele this is the argument this is the debate it's so silly but a this is the shaking as to is the Sakuni Dora where those people that are involved in the raising up of the temples in levanta templo they either have their names or their slaughter downs libya's remove eros for by this therefore por que por ello shove the inequity of Jacob be purged energy that the hakop Sarah movida just just a fart question do you think Satan is gonna do everything he can to prevent the raising up of the church triumphant paean tonight's about someone will come back up I'll try to get into the day of the east wind timid el viento Solano oriental and the angry in of the nation he perhaps a little bit more of the shaking of the earth inclusiveness yonus Tomas Rivera la salida de Tierra father in heaven we need to recognize what you're doing in this reform movement you have repeatedly commanded your people to guard the way marks protic here Alice Alice itõs very difficult to guard something if we don't know what it is Satan is making an attempt to undermine the most profound truths that have come into this movement quebra gunas master funders k-trick anastomosis the very truth that you have ordained the spirit that is key to us Hido to produce a shaking the rope removed the sins of your willing and obedient people que ellos picados the - okay Kyra is away awakened is to do the importance and significance of these way marks we ask in Jesus name is pitiless Allah important CSO's Ito's pidemo nombre de Jesucristo you