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we asked you for the speaker to find the right words for the study that we're doing Lou Costello present and turn the básicamente in the moment okay we're doing now I put together look at some low want a in esta mañana so I forgot something that I wanted to do y por lo tanto all the day I will click Riazor two people came up immediately thereafter and brother Parminder came up and asked a similar question uno dos hermanos venir dr. stone veneer Ampera preguntar miyago hermano per minute ambien as I'm gonna prove the similar and had I not forgotten what I wanted to do sino a or the other lokiry I said maybe they wouldn't come ask that question they're a shinobi a solid Alabama try this no BS in privado Pro Thomas era little recap test this in your carry a keg Amazon the replica conp Kenya because the point is very important porque puntos muy importante so I got a return back to the beginning just briefly and tones the pyramidion que voy al initio speaking about the triple application the profits hablando de la república suna prophecy and the three walls illustrates is but what I'm saying here we were teaching from the beginning very lucky yo study see no hemos estado insignia no dessaline e co after 9/11 I mean very few our table is posted on the city Emily these are some of the characteristics of the fifth trumpet estos son algunas characteristic a silicon tetra beta the sixth trumpet the last exit trumpeter there are three woes nitrous is it's a triple application of prophecy a trip replicas in the prophecy yeah when you take the first in the second G Thomas a premiere here it's a window it will define the third in defini definite el Tercero now the point that I've left out they put took a committee I mentioned that there is a ceiling in the fifth trumpet euro mention occur via on filament odubajo delicate a trumpeter you can clearly see that in Revelation 9 verse 4 in the poster Clara maintained apocalypsis movie particular quadrant not those that have the seal of God no yeah-oh no tiger que ellos que tienen the D CK in group Azalea yacht row no and then I went into the story of William Foy entonces in tre in life story the Guillermo for what the record of William for he tells us ok knows Quinta likes to the day is a Texas boy correct kilos peony rose is no star incorrect owes their understanding that the sixth trumpet ended on August 11th 1840 in SU comprehension Kayla sexist trumpeter terminó en mulatto sito's Cuarenta because in 1842 por que corren de dos veces the sixth trumpet is still sounding el dijo que el asesor trumpeter Nestor two-color was in the second Wow kiss delay is to the section trumpeter the second woe ended the system Peter acabou on August 11th 1840 and on today Acosta ministers in the spirits transit agencies paralysis repeater not terminal until October 22nd 1840s the vintage October according to what we have in the 6th trumpet in tow system is acceptable for cuatro October event it was C so you have in the history of the 6th trumpet and toss to tell you lies today let's exit on paper in the current are amazing the quadrant a Quattro and if you're not familiar you see not Canosa super familiar muy bien familiar verses 611 Canelo's pisacas most important as any movimiento it is a kill at movement authenticity Miller to the quarry testicle movie mental error on a manifestation glory also they put their videos no stress so cuatro parallel force a yeah there are absolutely present truth case on absolutamente verdad presented she uses the history of 1842 44 C it was a lie storia the quaint I couldn't de cuatro identify the history of Revelation 18 either difficult I stood a little hotel after the apocalypse DC or Cho quando this enjoy a pull the rose on her and she compares it to Pentecost helo comp Iraq on Pentecost s so she's given you two witnesses in tone sister dost esteem to cast Pentecost is the history of 1842 44 I stood at the minnow to zinthos current that is no history that takes place when the mighty angel of Revelation 18 descent para esta vez la storia in la cual the single uncle pulled also the apocalypse is dis yo Joe so what I forgot is yes look EU obd if we say i want to come over here and let's put two yoke really got a key and this here this is Ezekiel 8 9 s turkey is is a kill or two anyway okay so because I forgot let me just add one other element to it porque Lori they poured a Hemi aggregate saw them into own Pokeno elemental mass we used to think the Sunday law was the Sunday law and that's pensaba muscularly Dominica Aaron Alamos Kerala dominicality yessir a todo but then the Lord introduced fractal logo a senior introdu holistic tallies and we realized the first Sunday law is at the midnight cry a company most que la primera later Michael Cera amor de medianoche but then we realized there is a sandal are typified at midnight pero logo a compromise even tip if occasionally Dominical in medianoche and for years we've understood the company most poor a nose and in revelation 17 K in Apocalypse Initiative the sixth seventh and the eighth kingdom a Reyno numero seis siete Ocho with the United States los Estados Unidos the United Nations nurse Anita's and the papacy with a healed wound a Papa locanda eReader karada from Omaha got time to go into the study on revelation 17 no tengo tiempo para entrar a studio publicist is here tape but what you find in revelation 17 pero looking telling the story of how the United States the false prophet the cuenta el estudio como thousand use a file to profit on the six kingdom of Bible prophecies six to Reina in LA prophecy Biblica comes together with the United Nations say hunter coolest as soon as you need us the dragon is that I wouldn't and the seventh kingdom of Bible prophecy con septum or a needle a provision and they come together at that point with modern Rome yes - 7 tanana say momento Kandra moderna which is the Beast koalas labeija the eight kingdom of Abha prophecy octavo reina de la prophecy biblical but what they're doing is coming together as the final kingdom pero lo que estan haciendo is Cayetano como el último the final kingdom is the sixth kingdom Ultimo rain is a six - Reina so the United States is one part of the six kingdom in 2000 news is Sunnah par today the six Torino the United Nations is lost some time bein the papacy is a papalo is and that's the dragon beast and the false prophet is so son Ezra : if it's a prophet there each one third of the six kingdoms in terasu there is six to Imperial so when they come together in cuando ellos Kundun the United States is the six kingdoms news on a sixth or Traynham the United Nations is the six kingdoms una so también el sexo Renault and modern Rome is the six kingdoms Ramona is a sixth arena you see that final three fold Union is six six six entonces es que is ultimate Ripley Union represented says says says sister white speaks tells us Alina white-nose DC that final kingdom comes together at the Sunday law case in El Segundo in the lado minica and she says it in more than one way Elodie said indifferences Meniere's but most of you here know pero ella murió the city south that there's a Pasi to her sister white says butter for the lady no ID say that at the Sunday law okay in Dominica the United States shall stretch its hand across the Gulf no sister Unidos extending Sumatra is still at the hand of the papal power so hunter called mano de puta paladin reach across the abyss he extended Travis still abysmal and class behind spiritualism la mano did a small Qualis this takes place at the Sunday law its dock intentionally dominicality so you have six six six at the Sunday law this Aloha Tina says says says in a letter Mina Cal that's the threefold Union it says the three play Union the dragon that I won the Beast la bestia the false prophet if it's a prophet okay but now we know fractals para que sabemos fractalius so at the midnight cry you gotta see sick sick sick in the ski Versailles aces and here there is a three-fold Union he Akita mean I you know trip Union this is worldwide estos mundial this is in the United States to us in a thousand years and here the threefold Union Aquila tribunal is the government of the United States I said well we have no the Moses tells News the Protestants of the United States has produced and tested a thousand years and the Catholics of the United in those cattle because tennis Estados Unidos but at midnight in medianoche because of fractals follows hoteles there's gotta be a six six in the Cameroon's ace ace ace and here in the @midnight yaki in media noche you have Adventism Tina's a twenty smoke coming together with the government of the United States and a second ago Guillermo del estado and you have the false priest of this movement Eaton is those such as this movement Oh humming together with them to persecute the true priests who tend to second in despair Percy Hill allows Varadero censor notice this 6 X 6 is typifying this six six six and six is to find the six sixes Ultimo say say says now to Ezekiel 89 if it can achieve 8 & 9 is it kill also in a way is a repeating and large it's a repetition extension vamos a is a killed Otto in in a vertical you know it says and it came to pass in the six year in the six month in the fifth day of the month as I said in my house and the elders of Judah set before me that the hand of the Lord God fell there upon me in the sixth to a new enemy Sixto a los cinco de SMS a courtesy okay estaba yo Santa Loma casa y los on chinoe see Judah Esteban centavo salon today me yeah II suppose so Sabrina Cuba Elsinore on September a by the way de paso none of us actually live here nada de nosotros remedy VV ik in this area in area de los valances begins intermittent no not anymore CDA cuando community begins at nine eleven Reza tar they commenced a las nueve Yonsei minutos representacion but I want you to see lo que yo creo que hemos hecho he is secure moving operating upon repeating and large sobre repetier e Anja dear oh all mental you may not remember the West Knoll or recuerden through Emily denisita sister White says the ceiling in Revelation 7 is the same as the ceiling in Ezekiel 9 Sunday more little killing a white TCK else a lamented a secured theater sí mismo comments Elemento in its being Illustrated OKC destroy physical renovate the seal of God sonic chaos crew severan SLO videos but Ezekiel 8 basic you know Joe is identifying God's people that receive the mark of the beast the difficult part is crucible American elevation because Ezekiel 8 has four escalating abomination pork a security any cuatro abomination is kissed an ailment under and the fourth of those abominations in la cuarta della there's a blue moon cinco leader is in her twenties more bowing down to the sun posture on desert soul so when you put Ezekiel eight and nine together line upon line see separation the polios interacted accretion lemarchal a basilisk received a silly videos I add on the comments elevation is it's six months six days ago that was six six year here in a new safe six months six to miss fifth day you Quinto dia this here is the day just was a key idea the de da de the east wind del viento oriental del oriente it's also the day of the lord's preparation the Minister Dr Pepper assumed the senior it's the day before the Sunday law slda antes de la ley Dominica idea and this is zero de Gracia now you could spend many presentations on Ezekiel 8 & 9 I'm not going to do it for this Padilla's presenter muchas horas sobre a security nueva no es esto what I'm wanting you to see okay you kiddo kisses van is when that ceiling angel in Ezekiel 8 9 cuando it's a unhear the cilia door in SE quedó - in wavy goes through the city and puts a mark upon those that are sign in a crime is a kid nueva carnival a shoe that upon lasagna sobre que ellos que humanik lemon there is no evidence in Ezekiel 8 no evidence here miss Aikido cha that those people that are being sealed by that angel okay I kill yo ski for the Sierras put I kill uncle are dead son what it was they're alive it was weaving Ezekiel 8 and 9 is a kid or two Navy is an illustration of the judgment of the living Asuna distress - teresa de los nuevos period okay now I've been told this is too small maybe here encases muy pequeño you can spend a lot of time on this as well it I mean initiative of us could have muchísimo tiempo okay this is August 11th 1840s so is it on today a ghost or militant to square and when the angel comes down on this Indian killer this is the first angel supreme in here and from here to August 11th 1840 the he asked me tell April 19th 1844 as a listener the ability to cuenta Quattro the Protestants are being tested was persistent this foreign pro Bono's when you get April 19th 1844 condos Vegas Nevada Bremen quintet Quattro there's a door that closes in a porta quisiera now there is all kinds of characteristics that we could plug in here I told muchas characteristic as people do demos colocar aqui they're a matter of public record ello system in public oh so I'm just trying to pick make one small point so luckily I said un punto Apogee we know that in this history so a mosque in Estonia Lord is breaking his covenant it's in your quebra soup back toe with Protestant Christianity connect listen is Co Protestant because they've rejected the first angels message for Kayla reduce our own it remains a Helicarrier and sister white lets us know Elia no white knows a saint in there dead at this date here que necesita April 1934 Munich with the cuatro second angel comes down it Segundo I don't care this video and now the aura the Miller rights are being tested as the Protestants were being tested those milliliters foreign province acquired kimonos presented for approvals and when you get to 1844 to call the cuatro there's a door that closes in a porter case this yellow okay when you get to October 22nd 1844 quando chega so I mean it was still to be recorded the cuatro this time in 1850 quando chega submitted into cincuenta although i don't know how to show it from this history okay no sake come on USA TODAY's historia I know that the number 50 just say K numerals in cuenta provides Pentecost if you think a pentacle sis typifies the Sunday law to be figure la ley Dominica and the Sunday door closes ladoo nickel a stone this is here una Puerta now I'm not trying to put any emphasis on a closed door here no soy de Klerk are gonna emphasis in Hoonah put another nice on you what I'm trying to show is in these three lines of millerite history you killed the most a turkey it's a straight linnaeus the story Emilia Risa when they're brought together cuando some kudos telling a history that begins at nine eleven no squid historia que comenzó and it on since the p.m. Bray and it goes till the door closes even winter kisses here and the door closes the POTUS is here for the priest at midnight in medianoche ok at 6 6 6 cuando is a day of the Lord's preparation until the intrapersonal signore there's so much that you can do with this it's unreal I tend to people do you sell Kuna so is incredibly when you bring these three together cuando hooter Sesostris you plug them in the 911 in those Carson City and midnight that's the million ok let's you dealing with the levites take pride in FM's out to the sons of this lowly various a ceremony miniature all citizens Carlos Netherlands Tolliver he has a lolly Dominica see application linear system one of the primary lessons of this history of the Protestant pero las Leona's primordial is the SS Turin just produced and this is that just as Ezekiel 8 and 9 teaches is equalto more in senior is a kid or two anyway we know that the Protestants here were being judged while they were alive sabemos que ellos total sentence for avocados mientras estaba con vida so this history is illustrating the judgment of the living entonces Toria XP canister de los vivos well if we study most vivos and it's accomplished in a three-fold testing process yes triply proceso de prima when this angel comes down quando the senior SS yes a little book in his hand and John is told to eat at Little Britain suminoe if one is kucik a technical merits in a burrito when the second angel comes down one Lord dision is mr. white says he has writings in his hand and you know what is the Catena is to dust Texas incident maybe maybe she doesn't there is no load easy because I'm not remembering whether the second or the third so I might have might have it reversed when you test it out Thomas reverse you student que comprar I'm gonna go with riding pero yo with the second day so some down es riding in his hand cuando el segundo I'm afraid is he an 18 a Texas in su mano its kritis she comments on this in early writings in a comment as over a so in Ramirez is gritos H to 36 36 so Santos current si English when the third angel comes down condo to Cindy he has a scroll in his hand enroll you in su mano John's told to eat one seasick a technical come here what's in the Angels hand in style Amanda okay so when the mighty angel of Revelation 18 comes down and also wanted to see me okay put the rose to the apocalypse DC Ocho we understand on more than one testimony copper memos in masks testimonial that all three of these angels are here in Revelation 18 you know it doesn't say he has anything in his hand in arguin semana but he does pero tienen because upon the testimony of three or the surrealism on the dress it's established that he has some hidden manna in his hand SS told us he okay Tina mana Escondido in su mano that's the first test Escondido isn't la primera Previn what you gonna eat give us a call you could eat what he brings down or aren't you going to eat what's a Khmer okay where did Adam and Eve fell and what they were gonna eat you Anna come here Christ that's our example in all things when he's taken into the wilderness what's his first task quando Fuji Vado this year top K for su primera private what is he gonna eat come here okay so you you and I we have to eat this hidden manna - yo tenemos que comer as semana Escondido that's our first test of primera forever that was the first test in each of these history I mean for la primera River and toes as historians second test is visual in May of 1842 in my current a dose this charts introduced for introduce es idea grandma this is the visual test is to finalize the judgment of the living for the Protestant it was la prima Vista - ELISA la prima para los Protestantism the visual test that finalizes the judgement is a living for the protestant la prueba swell okay acaba de pruebas Protestantism the visual test in this history la prima visual in esta historia millerite para los ministers is the living testimony being restored is the restoration until testimony Oh Vivian day and it was restored to midnight cry if we arrest urado in a camo de medianoche in sister white and her writings longs for the time when the living testimony is going to be revived Elena white azusa's Quito's Anila este tiempo inequality wanna be in this address tirado and in order to present a living testimony to the world anybody pull it the most our own officer on this human - yo tenemos que Vincere picado completamente para siempre this history here of 18th April 19th 1844 - October 22nd SS - aqui this new variable cuenta Quattro a saboteur acquainted Quattro is illustrating the sealing of God's people he loosed ran a cilium into the pole videos this is an illustration of the judgment of the living esto es una dos tres shown the wizard ellos vivos esto momento de Porres induce the judgment of the living and the visual test here visual the second test here let's say the segunda private key is 1846 yes minute to seem to score in test says 46 being a symbol of the Covenant cuentas a stand on symbol o de facto and in 1846 Alan white snake Harmon white in a name change in the Bible represents a covenant relationship he number in every significant a married James white this number of way across that asuka Simon - corneria the covenant relationship matrimonio is own symbol o de una razón de plata says Jaime eating a white amigo impersonal sabado which is a symbol of the covenant case on symbol OD Saba tail part in 1846 and why was rebaptised the in anaconda says for a trip out to Sarah Tommy Angelina why it's a symbol of the Covenant ketamine is on symbol and a part of this history here and it's actually develop the pillars of Adventism Helios construing las posadas laughing yes there is a key all these truths foundation of Advent is quite a Sun in funda mismo they put them into the dots and around this chart is done in a Serie gramma but this chart here the diagram Academy's take singular Tinian nor singular that needed to be corrected yet in ESL curriculum 1843 minute to centers current address it's corrected on this chart if we could hit ons ideograms 44 minutes into quite a Quadro this chart has the pillars SDA grammaton induce pilaris and the foundation elos fundamentals and why was this chart produced a poor careful produces a dilemma as an evangelistic tool como una on material evangelistic Oh it's a time to take their message to the world is tiempo para llevar fuerte para development sofia mundo so in this history and si story you see the judgmental living please wear a wig los llevo this history and SS Toria you have April 19th 1844 is the beginning Chinese meal tena koe de cuatro it is new delhi como el comienzo the cheering time begins here come inside he put Dale at the motor this is why we put the tearing time here at nine eleven for it so in September recognize a most a minute tiempo de la mora the second angel arrived for keystone means Yaga a segunda uncle and when that angel of Revelation 18 comes down in verse 1 e quando The Scindia say uncle in Apocalypse is TC Ocho then in verses 2 & 3 in los vesiculosus it res he repeats the message of the second angel head repeat immense accent El Segundo when the tearing time begins Kanu comenzó el tiempo de message of the second angel begins it Segundo the emissaries who you bring these lines down the 911 quando services Linnaeus on the city Embree you see the judgment of the living beginning for this ver el comienzo de los míos you see they see the sealing of the 144,000 beginning with the recommend so the cilium entered LOC to cut the cuatro mil in a tubular de mora and you see God calling his people into an organizational work he pulls the gospel order into his new covenant people que Dios leave a soup wound ax over the organization parrot in an organ in northern takes place if the quantity in the judgment is a living durante who seduced me was which begins in the sixth year in the sixth month in the fifth day he commenced anal sex - and no sex - mask into the air because one more day takes you to 616 dia mas que debería sa safe remember I'm saying this is the day of the east tomorrow the quorum okay so cell dia del oriente monitor is almost allegorized oh now as I said come on you DJ we all should understand great controversy 6:11 todos de VM was in the derrick gran configure SCIM to say everyone at pages present truth she says the angel of revelation 18 it is nice when typifies by the history of 1842 1844 see the tip if Accardo polite story they mean to the current echoing the cuatro ant if I'd hit with a gallop or Pentecostal scatter palabra Mesa página scenario so many fashion de poder de Dios that's this history here is this historic key in Hispaniola is history here based upon these three lines and great controversy 6:11 and many many other witnesses he muchas it was a Linnaeus II much as most masticity goes in espanol Cinco Nueces put tunic of explosiveness teachers insane all three angels come into a way mark que cuando todos con los angeles hunted in yunnan ito that a glorious manifestation of the power of god that begins when the angel of Revelation 18 comes down it has begun cuando la gloria some manifestation the manifestation comment so cuando dis enjoy and her glorious and Epocrates yo choke i'm producing sisters we know from Ezzor 7-9 sabe Mo's hermanos Y hermanas the estrus see a table is resolutely Bologna that he came out of Babylon on the first day of the first month kiselyova billionaire primary the premier miss the first month premier dia de premier miss he gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month there was a limit Premier League team to miss but my point here is that he had that third degree in his hand pero me Punto SK in su mano y a tenía el de crédito when he came out of Babel and he had that third degree which is to define the Sunday law cuando salió de Babylonia tanida crater in some enoki a typical la Dominica this angel here that comes down in Revelation 18 yesterday good difficult against the first angel this yo chill is a bit miracles on august 11 1840 okay Anil on today Agosto that angel came down to a mutant according to a senator but there was a restraint placed on Islam condos a vehicle occurred on a restriction so real islam when the ottoman supremacy sees quando acaba la soupe de murcia autumn on August 11th 1840 and in Anza de agosto Quinta quadrant there was a restraint placed upon Islam and our first angel came down say : our essence of Islam edct OS the ankle when the second angel came down it's a goodness in do the tearing time began coming saw a tiempo de la de mora and the second angel proclaimed the identical message that the angel of Revelation 18 proclaims in verses 2 & 3 yes the kara me small identical mensaje que de carrera WC also qualities in you at 9/11 the first angel came down once the timbre a preliminary listen you and so did the second asset ambien it Segundo and so did the third yes it can be a narrative said because when Ezra came out of Babylon he had that third decree in his hand Perico cuando porque cuando estrus the popularity near estate or said the greater Giants much mr. white houses you can't have a third without a first and a second healing a white mestizos no Boylston arrow Tercero sin tener el segundo e TM en el primero so we have the prophetic justification tenemos la who cific assume prophetic ah I've taken all three of these histories the Tamar told us SS Tracy story and plug in a man right here he Co localized a key who cement a teaching us in sin yonder knows there are nine eleven K in the TM George Bush shortly thereafter touch post poco this place he went to the United Nations in place to restrain upon Islam Safeway loses tells Allison is anneka loco is the resistance over live now and there used to be a code una cita we used to hear two or three times in every presentation for a moment a form of temple care procedure Senora sublimity Lupo para salir tonello in New York City or brought down by a touch from God then revelation 18 verses 1 through 3 is well no uh opposed to this Indio sobre nova york los no cuando los the diffusor creminis never York City row barren they send you all an hypothesis you know I come to Co at 9/11 the great buildings of New York City to pursue capability CEO Cho uno address and on say the septiembre das you know is to acontece revelation 14 verses 1 through 3 is fulfill the apocalypse etco2 redress secondly Islam's being restrained Islam forestry hero Islam was restrained in stem where is the hero the angel that comes down gives the second angels message Sen Tian the Gundam interface and the United States passes the Patriot Act II los Estados Unidos second I act oppa do time which is the basic destruction of the Constitution of the United States okay is the Constitution fundamentally 2000 Eidos paradise really because the Constitution is fully destroyed at the Sunday law porque la constitución status reader per capita in contact with actor Patriota it was passed at that time okay for Posada the city have changed the legal approach possibly else legalize it was Estelle sonidos to Kai two types of law in the world two people still lays I am a mundo English law dos tipos and Roman law the Constitution was based May Romana in late inglesa allall a constitution free basado sobre la ley english' which says can you see no proven guilty it is innocent the f-statistic improve our case we know Roman law is very history here okay is the little monitor still a surah de este lugar aqui you're guilty until cool table as Turkish lira to inocencia and even if you were innocent octo Patriota competing typifies son-in-law it's coming cambio tipo de lady ellos those needles they English a row bona fide if Ricardo por el decreto que se hacen en su mano cuando se lo Diwali Anya 44 to October 22nd 1840 for oh this you know they have really quite the Quattro seven Dido still to request a Quattro is an illustration of the ceiling is unity on this element to the pole videos because when God's people are sealed porque cuando Cecilia testimony of event a reveal a and the glorious manifestation of the power of God electoral manifesto Co de poder videos that was illustrated at Pentecost and 1842 1844 before in the certain Pentecost is in Miller to seduce current estimates in the querida Quattro is repeated Sarah repeated oh and here's a key admission into cincuenta you see in Pentecost to put a sweater Pentecost is and Pentecost is typifying the sunny Lassiter White says so testimonies volume 5 page 214 to 216 Helena YT say in testimonies para like lesser Tomas cinco de sitios que todo se hace dos santos dizzy says and other places Yatta lugar is this history here case a story a key it's taking us to a sunny law that typifies with the door closes something about every day looking suffice Sunday law or typifies a dog it brings us to here to the Sunday law no Slovakia support Allah Dominical which has been typifies by panthercard if we tip if Accardo poor Pentecost is and Pentecost is just the word 450 he penned Acosta seem limited la palabra que significa cincuenta this 50 represents sunday law is the cincuenta represent the lolly Dominical 50 days after what cincuenta Diaz K she put it is cincuenta dear super Sneaky 50 days after Passover way no way 50 days after Passover quite off way cincuenta días después de que de Pascua I thought it was 50 days after his resurrection then se quedan cincuenta días después de su resurrection okay you gotta get that one teeny contended SOT Buena isn't it fifty days after his resurrection no photo cincuenta dear super serious would exhume kind of a week a man I mean you gotta see that jenika ver esto because this history begins with the resurrection for cases Torah comienza con el resurrection and it's gonna be 50 days he said on cincuenta des and that fifty days in the bible in the time of the Apostles is divided up how he is assisting with the Diaz in the timidly supposed to illa billah' comas foreign DVD das 40 and 10 isn't it Cuarenta idea no cierto didn't cry spend 40 days with them no pursue critically loose Cuarenta Diaz and when he came down when he came down listen you did he come down at at the time he was crucified de Sciglio cuando philosophically or did he come down on the day he was resurrected or this enjoy an idea for associative oh he's resurrected a photo Rosita comes out of the Sally de la tumba forty turmeric ek liquid my father know me part know me regressor to the disciples all those discípulos where are they donde estaba they're in the upper room who stand in opposition to Alto porque for fear permeate oh the first test is fear God la primera Brava is tomato juice and they're afraid so what are they doing eating a meal the circuit they're hiding Susanna's kundi endo all right Christ comes down he stood the CND he spends 40 days with them pass a current ideas continues he returns and what do they do for 10 days he chaos and Oakland STS direct Odysseus they're saying there's been no glory since 9/11 por que dicen que no glory additional septiembre they say when sister white says in great controversy 611 do you think equal to Lima yt.setconfig to lose siglos la pagina that the glorious manifestation of the power of God that typifies the angel of Revelation says in sponsor kale or even if it's as soon que cuando se notice in do Anthony Pugliese he is represented by Pentecost we're represented up or Pentecost s and that's what sister white says in Jerusalem yes is located on YT say in their computer los siglos the glory of Pentecost because the definition of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit is poured off apart out on the day of Pentecost at 9/11 that's what they're demanding a great controversy 6:11 ellos dicen que los siglos página siento son say what tip of mine is coming forth angel okay típica listen so del cuarto uncle which is the angel of Revelation 18 can you sell another Publishing Co Joe is Pentecost a spectacle sis and they're saying that 9/11 it you don't see the Holy Spirit poured out our people and they go out and speak in tongues and 3,000 people are converted in a day no spirit isn't Odessa death of las personas ela hombres a blonde on different days he Thomas in a mundo yes area so can you get 250 proposed I got a cincuenta without going through 49 first scene Persepolis correct and maybe antes de Pentecost without those first 49 days no points er a Pentecostal sicknesses correct any ideas and when rice came down he couldn't know his justice in do I'm forgetting words at John eNOS a jaundiced eyes documentaries his disciples John aliento sobre los discípulos don't forget that there's breathing here by Christ you know or we think II aliento de Cristo right here at the beginning of the 50-day system in Turkey in a comment a loss in quantity yes and you know what sister white says about a breathing he's having KD Selena y sobre este aliento she says it's a few drops Toledo and Bendigo stays in paint a particular venti dose aqui esta is the sprinkling a few drops in so represented las Primera's kotas that precede the fall outpouring he preceded the Elemento completo at Pentecost in Pentecost this these the geyser demand pouring personas demanding an item into copy to save a if eaten a los primeros quality media's rich a son that was my argument just to flamey Punto about the three walls a second distress when see we can all see in the fifth trumpet that was written seal them into fácilmente in La Quinta true pita takes a little bit of work to see that 1842 1844 is the ceiling trabajo they were a cilium into any tiempo dimension the current esta quite a Quattro is an abundant testimony which everything is established in Somali dos establecido so at nine eleven a senior in September when there was an unexpected attack with explosives when the obeah une attack in desperado context placebos against the armies of Rome or the loss kisses to the Roma who's the armies of Rome at the end of the world kidneys kidneys against the USA was it unexpected for in Esperanto was it with explosives for corn explosive news airplane doodles pretty explosive karo say no do not be honest person takes placebo the third war began the third woe began IE entonces coming so it there said I based upon these two witnesses Bob risottos the ceilings God's people began comment so it sent him into their portal videos and the judgment of the living began he comment so if we saw they lost via some of you in this room have never heard this presentation a good most episodes Mooka Owaisi escucha representacion but this presentation was presented first at la a long time pero it's a presenter for mucho tiempo and after that time in this place de este tiempo there was new people that come into the movement be a nurse personas intramural el movimiento about the time that Pomona is opening up the numbers durante tiempo an equal par Moni and pessoa abrir los números and these guys they know how to handle the numbers yes I love números a decent kid no I Gloria test also says behind the glory of Pomona the numbers like your adapt our money Keiko loco is Norris and they're beginning to make applications not beginning they're making application because yonas because I brought it up unintentionally porque yo it's so secret what I understand to be the prediction before me okay you ain't in no case pretty sure under similar noche well I understand to be the message of the Seventh Seal lookey you and kid no kiss him in seven Septimus a Leo on many witnesses muchos tegus policy was opened up in December of last year in well sway abierto in DCM Reposado Inquisitor but there's an argument out there through Ione argumento that the counterfeit always precedes the truth okay no fight so simply being a ante still over there oh and they argue that we introduced this understanding of Daniel 11 verses 1 through 45 aliens argument again no solution to the CMAs as a compression sobre Daniel on say the uno boner todo done in on say no venturi potassium didn't say I liked going 1 to 45 I mean what's the ear de Mayo who says you know according to be truth focus on that is based upon the place States is table asado a second representative tells us one 245 present EW no according to Cinco presidentís but I want you to understand pero quiero que comprehend well the leader of that movement was that our ministry came in as a leader as a momento star in Ursa mini stereo he was already attempted to introduce his message estaba tratando de introduced here su mensaje four years before December onions untested siempre solamente so diciendo is so because if they're wanna say the counterfeit comes before the true and we're the counterfeit or casey a loose cannon easy calif at subpoena untested over there oh it was almost no fight so i can establish that they started teaching that foolishness long before it was over of 2016 Paul establish a que ellos insignia on as insensitive mucho under steady CM ready to smear TC says and there's been confusion introduced into this group i confusion went through the confusion esta grupo into del mundo there's some newer people in here I do not know it was in its momentum somos I want you to participate here to participate in esto 911 and the Sabbath approaches cerca de los the city embryo to the very bottom of your heart quantity vosotros Clemente cranes you know crane and no Sorrentino chorus on Christy Lucia el fin de sel principio hermano Parminder that sobre where the Linnaean in the ejection Kayla prediction being under similar not a midnight first come in the Bible hermanos donde la primera vez que parece bien a media noche at Passover in Egypt in Pasqua any egipto there's a cry at midnight I am grito in medianoche the firstborn was slain a primo hint of we know that was going to happen matado if our own severe case we lock on to say Moses had told him a couple times before midnight what's going to happen cantata umpire the Masada Simeon no chica is to Eva a con to Sarah midnight in the Bible identifies that there's a prediction before midnight primero may anoche in the media identification a prediction antes de Maio noche innovative fiend SL comment so if you I mean - I own operation under similar noche it doesn't come after me you know bein a despues de medianoche see it's Paris giving a despues de medianoche it's this baby and the woman soccer the pass e trance aghori dad okay that's what I left out it's so full okay maybe I know Yvonne trying to the tally but I took advantage of it you know to make it secure kid okay recuerden the breathing takes place here okay okay two tentacles Anila video de tiempo Khalid era hasta Pentecostals or medianoche so let's is that this red men wear red mean we've already passed over our time no you yeah one and a half minutes left oh that's just a warning that's about to run out yes we have something we don't know okay we'll take this up soon que Dios hermanos - I personally I'm amazed person I'm into your toy my personal testimony your toy testimony your personal I thought as many of this message for many years you're insane year estimates a support muchos anos in many parts of the world in which is loo that is Tim will know and it was essentially just myself out there teaching it I had a translator with Ian since I mean for your solo I know Sarah Katie neon throat or comigo how many countries are represented in this room cuantos spices on represented is Araki in SS ala my sister here got an email from someone she doesn't even know to me our monarchy recipient email de una persona que nice akira-kun us a group of people in Spain grupo de personas en Espana better into this message and teaching it is done Inessa means a halo in say me and they want to get connected didn't connect us a seems to me like it's a worldwide thing that's going but it's a que esto es una asunto de todo el mundo I'm overwhelmed estoy you have to see where we've been with this message any keyword on this to be most consummate sorry setting in a room here but a sin that sameness in a Salah como esta in the Waldensian Valley you knows what day in Los Feliz adult audiences presenting a message in English present under in simultaneously getting translated in the six languages him or turn him into estas en otro Coss idiomas and there's people saying that nothing really has happened since 9/11 yay personas que dicen que no no I contest another realm in today's sale is happening yester Contessa when this side is saying this meters allow this is to our side is saying this lot of studies in yes to all sides are saying Midnight's about to be here the ambos Taos dissing me interest medianoche stop poor nigger this kind of confusion is happening right before the door closes este tipo de convulsion exist a custom and at the scale a potus's here one more question must wanna pregunta how many of you believe quite was the testimonial speaking more about the end of the world than the days in which the prophets recorded it cuando civil suit o screen que el tamaño de los profetas are llamas del fin del mundo que del tiempo in require for a dado primera Mendte how many of you believe you're at the end of the world cuantos claims done in the fin de la Thien what that means is significant that every passage in the Bible Kayaba pasaje Namibia and every passage in the spirit of prophecy de pescado pasaje in this video prophecy that warns about false prophets okay Advaita so brief also prophetess false teachers defiled it's identified the very time we're living in and study difficult a tempo in required dose of the Samos within the hour just before the close of probation justo understated sierra de Gracia made a note on I'm gonna make a riff economy caught us against no is ninguna attack a person icon trending cool hombre con gonna individual warning its advertencia that if we don't wrap our mind around the prediction before midnight see nosotros no comprende most la prediction and a similar note a the message that Jesus has designed to empower us to stand through the coming crisis a Mensa Christi senior but sobre liver Lac Greece's Vinnie data if we get distracted from eating that message see Liga Moses said this fellow's take Khmer estimates are hey we're gonna die what was a more reader or eternity bar elected a that say no sir Saturn no sabe even if we don't know don't know los alamos what's they do to try to prevent us from waking up et si saternus para para prevenir que desperate demos according to the great controversy equal to VT los siglos he raises up false teachers levanta fight so stories he fights us in Sciences aqui estamos happy to be celibate shall we pray that's ensuite Ramos Heavenly Father I'm overwhelmed by this yellow pattern in a CLO yo estoy simple a brass digits I never even thought could happen he sees the eye gokyo nunca pensé avec Eva que podría conscious witness to the Waldensian Valley Torinos allows Valley instead of audiences in Sin City em on the Sabbath in it's a below amazing incredibly Heavenly Father we know that on these sacred hours you promise a double blessing sabemos que tu promised in SS auras Segura's una Pennington Lopez protoplasm we plead for that blessing súplica most porous heaven is shown in nueva con say we know you convey that blessing through your Holy Spirit to this day in the rest of these meetings Billy mosque a continuous demand OS espíritu santo sobre NSA dia e sobre los Dioses place director podemos salir de touraine a life-changing message even though un mensaje que puede cambiar la vida that we can share with those who are willing to receive que podemos can be compacted con aquellos que quiere sevilla that we can understand our responsibility but I keep with the most competent as a responsibility that that in this time period okay in sa period oh there's no excuse or no justification to continue insane no I excuse me who cific assume para continuar in arabic allah this isn't a call to continue in our Laodicean condition esto no es llamado para continuar in the second edition loudest yes the cover sister y says strive to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand es una mala dicen oculina white luchar por estar entre los ciento Caldecott Romina or partner for my part today Lord we want to be among those that make that effort and get to that goal senior senior cremeux from a part of the Achilles kiss you for a son para lograr esto in the guy we're spending here this week it's the tiempo que Sabbath hours pour the work that you do to allow that to happen for Egypt innocence initiative the other port of work in it was or as irises have som parties a compiete thank you for fulfilling all your promises there are famous for complete todos to spur mistake where the tuvalu tad in Jesus name