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dear fan heaven thank you that we can come here together and open your word now lord please be among us please cleanse us from all our sins please take a call of your all turn pro/5 us please be with the speaker as he speaks now I'm giving them the right words and the ability to explain those things we also have all the translation work Lord please put your seal of approval on the effort be also with those who will were sitting and hearing and who will watch the videos that these videos are clear to understand and it will change our hearts thank you for that and we ask that in Jesus name Amen amen amen I mean when we first started teaching publicly cuando come in San Jose in senior in public oh the Lord pretty much sent us to South America for several years it's in your body committee knows mundo a suit America por muchos anos and during that time I don't know how to count how many prophecies schools that we had durante su tiempo Anissa cater say cuantos is called a prophetic as Erin we had prophecy schools in South America and other places in the world tenemos escuela prophetic as in suit America yatra lugar Ezra mundo but we'd never had one in the United States pero nunca tenemos una in doses thousand years una Anastas news but when I got fired from the ministry where I first worked at where we printed this magazine pero cuando Mesa currently cemeterio donde yo trabajo primera mente eaten as a commis si si revista I was pretty tired of doing this kind of work your table assembly cansado dia said as a tipo de trabajo I'd been doing it for three years and I was tired lower bah ah poor tres años y estaba cancer so I had a prayer that to the Lord saying I'd rather go back in the secular employment you're already here prefer over there a trabajo secular but if you want me to stay in this work then you have to do two things pero SI quieres kyo-ahn go si trabajo I got dos cosas para me you have to give me invitations to go someplace in is que conseguir me me invitation espera que yo vaya yeah I said to lugar and you have to pay for it yellow tennis que financier or began immediately invitation sorry communion in the he was always there Amiata mental illness in Vitas Jonas is he embryo boy el dinero but it reached a point in time where we knew we needed to have a prophecy school in English pero un Punto and you're quite severe most Knesset Alamos soon as quaility prophetess in English in order to record what we've been doing but grab are you okay is to be Moses endo the first time we set up our own meeting with in the year 2004 la primera vez que se Mo's nuestra primera seminar avoid Ozma Quattro and because we were going to record it he porque lo llamó zagreb are i put my notes on powerpoint you put some ease up on this in PowerPoint I'd never used PowerPoint before sukemasa via asado a semi-automated Europe Nicki ood Abba IC / Emma I don't use PowerPoint pollutant Ayano Musa PowerPoint and I try to put my influence on these other teachers not to use PowerPoint after they hear me influenza so whereas Otto's or daughters but uh no sir PowerPoint and the primary reason that I did it some promoter porky although he say I've never felt like I was a preacher okay you knew Cynthia Kiera on predicate ah I knew I was called to be a teacher your Sameach Amy you sit on your mother but I said on prophet saw and I'm a good teacher but I'm gonna be held accountable for being a teacher No okay so um when Professor pero tengan dear cuentas por ser un buen provecho my teachers I think a teacher should yo creo que on purpose o de birria try to read their class Lear su curso comprender como esta su curso and if the class needs something that you weren't thinking about teaching you see no pensaba skill in the seat I was in senior then you need to be willing to go that direction in Tosa necesitas start of year two per year is a direction answer that question responded esta pregunta before you move on scene in tinder if you're using PowerPoint that's under poem point you're locked into just pressing that button and going to the next slide no matter what the students think operator is the bottom layer look is the part that has seen important low key decision to spins on and I found the same things that have popped up from nineteen eighty nine ten nine eleven le'me Mikasa okay I'm sure he does si mean of associated no evidence SAT Embry they seem to be repeating now Paris in the repetitious era and there's sort of a PowerPoint repetition going on now Talos powerpoints the Brethren ask you to come to a meeting here in Italy and rocky in my Union in Italia they need to get our material translated into not just one language with traducere SI my Tyrael in uno say see do mess so you send in the notes entonces Manda's Rosa Pontus but you know for well better to service movie that when you get here two and a half months later see quando chega unos dos Mason C major displace it's probably not what you're gonna want to present its patrolman to know lo que vas a career president no we're not yet getting into the notes that you have of my material Sugiyama Center a los puntos que ustedes tienen in su libro perhaps tomorrow that will happen dial this is open to Sarah mañana I want to point out something for you Kyra up on top uh millerite histories into the very land I sermon it is repeated appear della lettera and in the middle right history the Lord established 14 rules established courtesy reglas and all those rules are applicable to now he told us is a regular synoptic Alice but every one of those 14 rules para cada una de las casas reglas we're derived from the Bible son de Rivera's tel aviv Nia therefore those rules had been in the Bible for lo tanto and estado in la biblia for two thousand plus years poorer mosquitoes Milano's and it wasn't until Miller's raised up in Northwest Arkansas mo millet and the Lord knows he needs to use Miller to present a specific message yes in your savvy arkad necesito Servilia para presentar el mensaje specifical therefore he leads Miller to recognize these fourteen rules follow tanto Ladera alkyl EMU Miller Rico no sir SS catarse reglas but they'd always been in the bible Parisienne poor simple mister those rules in miller ID history were present truth in millwright history is a reglas in a table middle ear and verdad presented and they still are it totally a song because that was just a big guilty beginning of Miller right history porque saw it Amira mentally initio delays to the Middle East this is the end amiloride history self in delays to the middle east in our history certain rules Brio ciertas Regulus one of those rules I want you to stay lucky Rock Indian none was opened up right from the beginning for objected esta el initio this was published in 1996 Stouffer publicado universe in an event essays and in the chapter called returning from the dead he in a capital o que se llama regreso de los you wanted to find an argument set forth in Quinton argument or una Logica about a triple application of prophecy sobre la celebración de prophecy in that chapter we're going to talk about three geographical areas in esta capital habla Mo's to trace our SEO graphic as' and in order for pagan rome to take control of the world y para que toma pagana pudiera to mark control del mundo had overcome three geographical areas in EA conquista tres areas geographic as I heard Tabo referencing in the last presentation this could take doubles our reference siendo akunis in Ultima presentatio East South Pleasant man area gloriosa to Daniel 8 9 Danilo Chacon maybe in order for papal Rome to take control of the world he para que tomar a control del mundo had to remove three horns master castro godõs helos bandulus and a triple application of prophecy he do not because on three play the prophecy a' is based upon another role mr. visalo so Bratva Regla upon the testimony of two so Desdemona deduce a thing is established una cosa esta establecido so from these three geographical areas the assessed risk ratio graphic as you get led into another triple application of prophecy interest ultra duplication the prophecy are clear the three rooms I won't get lost those Roma's in order for pagan Rome to take control the world para que toma toma control del mundo it had to overcome three geographical areas tinea given service area Co graphic us also with papal Rome tambien from a papal so it's established for the locker room takes control the world but it's establecido suit roma modern atomic control de mundo it has to overcome three geographical areas unique a control at rest areas here graphic as Daniel 11:40 245 universe cave a standalone say current accreditor cinco is identifying the final movements of modern Rome que the difficulty most movimento stay Roma moderna then you realize that the south the glorious land and Egypt in Daniel 11:40 242 really Sasuke very soon the terrarosa e egipto in the nil on say quarantining que representa trace areas here graphic us you have to figure out what they are is doing the prophecy como se the prophecy as in this could be looking significant but this wasn't just a minor observation hard fought battle bit Kenya it's so fragrant muchas you Battaglia the majority of Adventism my Oread elephant is more I don't know but I'd say 98% of seventh-day Adventists on the glorious land in Daniel 11 not 21 not in a position it's difficult tell tell Attila gloriosa in the near unser but of the small percentage of seventh-day Adventists but oh the Pokeno % % per head they are contingent safety Modi and have a position on Daniel 11 verse 40 ones glorious land continue the positions of the today will be assigned a new current on separate day you know 99% of that group noventa never perceived to the ester group Oh think the glorious land is the seventh-day Adventist Church Korean caleta de graça s I guess a producer the septum odl that theologians of the General Conference the story goes to the conference a general who I've personally directly interacted with con los cuales yo it neither person I'm in the interaction more than once mask univis belief the glorious land is a 70 avenues church collateral Rosa is like this at the dista did septum Odeon that always amazed me cm premier sovereignty oh because if that's the case they're teaching that the papacy is gonna conquer the seventh-day Adventist Church so significant I kept Apollo conquista Rhea I like I 70 so the septum Odia in order to uphold that the glorious land was the United States but a poder de ayer que las a simple ISA a los Estados Unidos the triple application of prophecy was the primary argument a primero Adela triplet aplicación de prophecy a king the South Soviet Union Egypt verse 42 represents the entire world a geographical area a egipto in the second equality does represent a todo el mundo tambien an area here Africa therefore whatever the glorious land is verse 41 it has to be a geographical area todo lo que tiene que cela que representa una area yoga can't be a church no poison or negligent triple application prophecy gets marked in this movement from the very beginning esta el initial is typical prophecy as cericarica we also came across the three Elijah's tambien name was visto low-stress alias Elijah's the first Elijah primarily as alias John the Baptist is a second Elijah it Segundo ideas era una Batista and their typifying Elijah at the end of the world he lost epiphany tiempo del fin in a fin del mundo which is cards people at the end of the world call the Sun dies John the Baptist died I will knows when Amory Tacoma biryeo honey Bautista but some of God's people at the end the world aren't going to die just like Elijah triple application of prophecy became a rule for this reform movement just as Miller's 14 rules were first move into third coil will address the media agency reglas para aquel more viento what I'm going to try to refresh us upon okay a min ago study a you tried to the reference curve in trim nosotros it's how we came to recognize its como is jugamos recognizes that the judgment of the living began at 9/11 we showed a loss we was come and saw in a on Sunday September 8 because now we have people saying no the judgment of living doesn't begin until midnight por que unos dicen que esto nos that I see not commensurate I will begin with the first quote la la première Sita now I know you can read this a lot of different ways I'm gonna read it a certain way just circular coil a different am an editorial aéreo de una manera I understand that the Prophet - speaking more about the end of the world in the days in which they lived survey most que los profetas habla master temple fin que de los tiempos de las cuales veeram so I know you can apply this quote to Miller right history for them applicator is no more about our history Thibodeaux Morita's pero se trata must've missed our past history having traveled over every step of advance to our present standing I can say praise God as I see what God has wrought I am filled with astonishment and with confidence as Christ as a leader we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history the capacitor investor Astoria Posada a beam or recorrido cara paso de são paraíso as an association actual pudo decir alabama sarios mantras contempo lo que dios Rho mission to generation bro a confianza in cristo community leader no tenemos nara KTM airport futuro acceptable the demos la manera in case in your nose our conclusions begins at midnight los hombres que insane E&K a we suitable vivos commence in media noche they're denying the teachings that have taken place in our past history it's done new gondolas in Simeon says kiss sayin Dada and our past history is 1989 until now in this story episodic kf8 is amino acids which in time will be a star aura they're denying a triple application prophecy it's done niganda allowed triplet aplicación they prophesy a-- let me explain what I mean the Hemi speaker Kiki Lucille at 9/11 in insensitive whole world was alerted to the idea todo el mundo estaba in a llama sobre la siguiente idea based upon a declaration of George Bush the second basado in una declaration the touch bush el segundo he says we're now in a world war with terrorism that's a paraphrase McTeer Rubino's dijo estamos ahora una Guerra mundial contra a terrorism or a terrorist it's Lambeosaurus it's thermals based upon what happened at 9/11 you know this a ludic him in bass a la que pasó el entonces ETA used to work with a brother from London who's yo trabajo con hermano de Londres he's won another direction how does it explain if I recall right pitoosy recuerdo bein he was the first one that recognized that 9/11 was a prophetic fulfillment associated with Islam elsewhere primero que as a social Isola realist and then we had to get to the train station to go to the place where we were going the near must get a license in the train para year I eat on the eloquent and by that time we had been studying Islam temple so he and I got in a taxi cab at Schiphol IBM assist to the other Islam you obviously our demo in Treme was an Islamic taxi cab driver there that was very talkative tomamos own taxi conductor era un musulman que le gusta bailar mucho and I don't know 2003 2004 2005 but as CEO Otto's me tres dos Cinco mass museum so 9/11 was still on the forefront of everyone in the world thought in September to August of a been present in Las Cabezas de cada mañana mundo the way played out a coma Cellular story again telling him about Islam and the Bible based upon revelation 9 lay comenzamos explicar is Lyndell islam illa billah' basado in apocalypse is Nueve fifth trumpet first la quinta trumpeter a premiere ie Muhammad to the Ottoman Empire Muhammad video Estella pero tu mano six trumpet second six interpreter is Segundo i9 1840 meet courtesan acquaintance whereas the middle two siento square enter interest is to be moseub Londo X is a conductor red taxi points out well the same history that we understand de la misma historia con nosotros vivimos this is where I learned this truth ie wait on the Europe India seven Millerites identify as the history of the first Wow lo que los many recent India in the difficult and restorative primera Islam understands is the first great jihad at Islam comprendo Kamehameha grand jihad we understand what the Pioneers understood is the second woe lo que los peony rose Antony room como el segundo ie Islam understands as the second great jihad los Muslim and is comprehend como el segundo gran jihad of course we told them the the third wall beginner 911 Cara Lee common damos que el tercer I comment so announced in September and he told us that's when the third great jihad began yeah you see a snowflake Ando come in so I haven't looked at that closely its una pena que vou dar no understood the other is so in order to understand Islam of 9/11 pero para poder comfort in their al-islam in September the Holy Spirit led us back to the foundations of Adventism a fundamental state at least one the line of the tribe of Judah la línea de Leon they began to open up truths about these charts that are still not fully recognized abrió very bad is so very mosquito of eno-san reckoning Sudoku completo but as I said previously the community he premium in pioneers understood the fifth trumpet first was Islam loss peony rose company like in the trumpeter premiere I como el Islam second well six trumpet was Islam it's good and there's three woes yes is so if there's three words yes and we've been instructed on a triple application of prophecy application the prophecy yeah then the characteristics of the first and the second wall are going to define the characteristics of the third wall entonces los characteristic as the Mary Segundo High Definition a prophecy in connection with the three woes of Revelation 8:13 entonces insignia MOS is a typical application the prophecy in Keynesian called a stress is the apocalypse now this is the summary summarization this is assuming the fifth trumpet first of all like in the true Peter a six trumpet second well debate a licensed interpreter so good I haven't trumpet third well the city metro Peter said I these characteristics SS characteristic s are derived from revelation 9 from Devadas all the characteristics in Revelation 9 total a characteristic as deputies made all these characteristics characteristic s can be found in thoughts on Daniel revelation by Uriah Smith publicity aureus meet we came to understand that the historical figure associated with the fifth trumpet with Mohammed survey most gala historic associate a Kentucky little bit of Mohammed and he was located in Arabia and it was about Islam's warfare against the armies of Rome in Sirte las garras Islamic as contra Roma and the mode of their warfare was honest unexpected attacks la manera Kamata Karen for demanda suppress Eva this is a brief summary brothers and sisters yes so so resuming brave a message see you see the Sun huevos anything you haven't come up to speed on 911 difficulty also the September in the prophecy I don't think this summary is all that was recognized no been sat K when I say that Islam in Revelation 9 struck unexpected ovk Islam in on September at the code there someone there in desperado means they get into your dictionary so precisamente is the word assassin sino comes from Islam assassination I said is somebody who killed somebody else but if I kill you in a war I'm not an assassin if I sneak up behind you and cut your throat when you're not looking I'm an assassin at the CK 2 2008 cor 2:2 well you know so so in asesino and the assassin the word assassin goes back to Islam any good dictionary that has it the roots with it will tell you that yes asesino prevented Islam he put in contrary so in a dictionary Oh Paula crisis theory because the Islam against assassins porque los asesinos Musel - they expected to die when they did their assassination alias per our own cuban-american hicieron su asesinato so before they were gonna go assassinate someone entosis antis the ear yusin sinner again oh it says it okay it's in his dictionary confirms what I'm not gonna read it that's it race number two a member of the Nazari branch of muslim unni umbrella the three-body de los necesario or nice re energy slammin they were renowned as militant fanatics foreign policy those como fanáticos minute empties and were popularly reputed to use hashish before going to myrrh on murder missions popular meant a foreign a phimosis producer brian hashish because they knew they were gonna die ellos para kommentar' el asesinato and the root word of assassin is hash hash rice palabra asesino is these characteristics are deep so I'm just Islam in the time of Muhammad war with Rome MoMA and the characteristics of its warfare is it struck suddenly and unexpectedly sooner correct characteristic a flaky attack all soap receiver instrument a and it was Islam if we and in Revelation 9 verse 4 in Apocalypse is very cuatro let's read that this is the history of the 5th trumpet is la historia de la quinta trumpeter podemos layer is a text off apocalypse he's commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth neither any green thing neither any tree but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads ISA less modo que notre maison de arma de la tierra miyako severe me and England arable see no solamente los hombres que no 2 vs NSA no detours ensues friend s in the history of the 5th trumpet first wall and I saw today like Quintero beta y el segundo I there is a ceiling marked say America USA lamento okay in the characteristics of the sect sixth trumpet second world endless characteristic ass till six from Peter it's a good life Islam has moved from Arabia to Turkey in Islam's movie OD Arabia to Kia the historical figure associated with them is Atman laughy story Castaneda called SF a safe for automatic exercise the same type of warfare Kuzma técnica de guerra unexpected attacks attack this in esperados but in Revelation 9 they have something added in the second woe that wasn't in the first one because they are employing gunpowder in their warfare or anew I ellos hacen la palabra exclusiva they're still attacking the armies of Rome Siegen at the condo last drop us the Roma they're still Islam he told of years we came over here Vinnie Misaki and we went to several countries if we was a different two spaces and we ended up in Austria he was in Austria that was a rough camp meeting we were started very divisive on several levels defeats is a governmental divisive Oh in theaters to settle Meniere's one of the things that was going on in the side una Soga corta coa in there was a there was a german-speaking brother there avianna Romano alemana blonde t and he was pushing that the pioneer position was incorrect on the trumpet la posesión de los peony rose en este tema era el Rolla and he brought me a quote and it just it just stopped me in my tracks he talked a battle William Foy pocket a neo-nazi today defiant prophet that Lord Raider raised up in the Middle East or the Middle East at the first prophet the Lord raised up in millerite history was a man named Hazen Foss a premier okay for a Levantado in accessibility stuff we Hazen Foss followed by William Foy Megiddo poured in Gilead McCoy followed by Ellen Gold Harmon CG the poor Elena and gold William Foy had a vision which he had recorded legally recorded llamo tiene una visión que iba a Nutella or escrita and this german-speaking brother yes came to me he says here's William Foy in 1842 in a vision that he had legally recorded in the vision of a sermon to be a motel and he says the sixth trumpet has not yet sounded yes the DC killer success repeater I know at Ocala I said to Sunil this would be yes or no okay I blew me away because if William before he said that porque si esto the pioneers were wrong it was the most punitive sistema de bras but I wouldn't give him the time I wouldn't I wouldn't bow down to that father is from Austria to Switzerland this post phimosis Weesa and when we got to Switzerland I had the time to equals a double CD ROM we say yo pour the Newtonian tipo para verificar ascetic Sonia cd-rom and I found out what William for a really said yo encode me to be a teacher the 6th trumpet has not yet ended and done sounding it said to Peter I would know acaba de dar su sonido and when the German brethren had translated it from English to German English they translated it according to their own prophetic model no obviously though there could a su propio Boudinot prophetic okay yeah a be a terminal that opened a bunch of light because brothers and sisters the pioneers understood lost peony rose Chris Romano's intend Iran that the sixth trumpet the second wow it ended on August 11th 1840 trumpet acabo in a scientist William boy who was under the same inspiration as Ellen White debajo de la misma in speedos yo nunca Molina white recorded in 1842 Canabalt administers in discordant at those that the 6th trumpet was still sounding which means the 6th trumpet did not cease to sound until the seventh trumpet began to sound lo que significa que la sexist to Paterno they saw they took our hasta que comenzó la septum--ah therefore what you have in this history here of the 6th trumpet lo que tienes is to lugar keen si students a trumpeter if you have the history of 1842 1844 nice to the demeanor to see those correct that esta minute acento squadron first 11th 1840 and it on cydia goes to me to see those cuarenta the second woe ended let me know is a good i the sixth trumpet continued the sound until October 22nd 1844 zero like insects repeated comments continued together after 40 for me to see the creation of the ceiling it is helium in tow they Lawson de cuenta cuatro mil so both in the 5th trumpet and the 6th trumpet and toxins in ambos LaQuinta ill-effects a trumpeter that are dealing with Islam okay it's done a blonde in Islam you have two witnesses tenemos los testigos when Islam is active prophetically cuando el Islam is active or prophetic amended sealing of God's people is taking place its Elemento del Islam acontece a based upon a triple application of prophecy pasado neutral epic epsilon the provision at 9/11 in their own City City every day not Islam of Arabia or the Islam of Turkey no al Islam the Arabia near deterred Kia but worldwide Islam Islam mundial unexpectedly attacked with explosives the armies of Rome attack Oh in experiment a cone explosive historico socialism bin Laden and based upon a triple application of prophecy basado do not reply because soon the prophecy and established upon the testimony of two he establishes her a testimony at the dose when the third woe arrives in history quando chega el tercer i la storia the sealing of the hundred and forty-four thousand began commence ax s elemento de los ciento Cuarenta cuatro mil okay that's the logic estoy de la vita that was established if we establish after 9/11 polka despues de casa de septiembre but that wasn't the only logic pero no es la única logical I want you to see the only see some other logic Kyra Viviana gunas ultras logic s because if you and I are in the judgment living right now pin system was total sutras in who settles vivos then we need to have the power of the Holy Spirit active in our life that we might be overcoming every sin for eternity or we're going to be lost in todos se Thomas a poder espíritu santo para ven ser todo picado necesitas oh no vamos hacer Sinnoh vamos a hacer perdidos Esther purdue's and we're all Laodiceans todos somos loud is Janos number 70 admins there are so most authenticity moodier prophecies our DNA prophecy is news a day in a we like here in prophecy nos gusta is Kucha provisions allow this Janos we don't want to hear prophecy that brings conviction of sin to us no queremos lucha prophecy akeno's convincing del picado we don't want to hear prophecy that is convincing us that if we don't change as he wishes to do allow additional impede a kala prophecy a nas convincing as si como si therefore a polo time to go get mints at it gives you an opportunity it's still future todavía is footer o allows me is a Laodicean may permit a amico Milano Subin cerca de Pasi seguridad put to judgement living farther off the colocar l we showed a loss vivos mass lejos de locas is a peace and safety mess it shouldn't saturday passing seguridad so some of you have come into this mess I dunno central OSI mensaje so recently Tamra's ent that you probably don't know these arguments a problem in Tanaka gnosis experimental a certain arguments that we understood it's a risque comprehend DMUs that allowed us to see that at nine eleven the sealing of the 144,000 was underway okay permit Iran que vemos KL hua so de los libros coming so it owns disappear but does mean you know so I want to remind those of us that once knew it Pochiro rico their aquellos que los a beer in well sherry those that are new so they contested it have been a kabaddi reso connect ellos que no lo seven para kilo proven and also publicly rebuking those men that have placed if off into the future he probably meant a return Achilles obras kilo and korekado mass in utero who have placed the judgment in the living the sealing of the 144,000 at midnight Keiko Lokeren Elemento to rescind Aquatica to meal in medianoche okay so let's turn to I'm gonna give you some of the true stick the principles that go with the triple application of prophecy now yes well good news principles the Cabana lado de ok let's find that it's a triple revelation 7 vamos a ver apocalypse is yet a trace revelation 7 one through three says and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor the sea nor there on any tree and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the Living God and he cried with the loud voice to the four angels to whom was given to hurt the earth and sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we've served sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads this quest is to V a cuatro Angeles in PS over los cuatro Angulo Scylla tierra que de 10 en los cuatro Vientos en la tierra para que no soapless eventer algunos of litera nee sobre mommy Soren McCune arbol Vita being a otra and he'll kiss ooh be added on the Sally soul it denier senator Diaz vivo acclaim Oh a gram vas a las cuatro Angela's a kinase ELISA be a pteropodidae hacer daño in la tierra a la tierra y el Mar diciendo NOAA guys Daniel a tiara Neil Marnie a los árboles hasta que llamo Salado and Sue's friend T's a los nuevos ministerios notice in there that the angel ascends from the east not nkl uncle Sal Adele the informants are restrained in los cuatro Vientos unwritten Eidos while the hundred and forty-four thousand or seal interes que lo siento cuenta cuatro mil song salado's for those that are translating in the rooms behind bulla aquellos kate reducing in a los cuartos atrás the third quote on your sheet is from testimonies to ministers page 445 la tercera sita ensues Aponte's esta semana para venir sauce a la pagina courtesans created cinco I have photos think about goodness eaters but they're not in the order that I'm going to share them with this audio a sudden ordained in as quality all those were your compartir con audience here but the translators have the same sheet in their own language I expect in the back los doctores cabin a recipe time in Essos so this is simply middle its toy abyss and on this day testimonies to ministers 4:45 says and there's two things that i want you to see in here yeah discusses Kiki risque Ellen White is gonna say the ceiling that we just read about in Revelation 7 one through three Lynn linetti say is the ceiling is Elemento is amis element okay and is a killing with it but then she's without without telling us but at this place luego see Abby she's going to quote from Luke 21 verses 25 and 26 in Val I see tab de Lucas banty oh no no Lucas you know Betty Cinco event he says you can demonstrate he supported the Muslim that Luke 21 verse 25 and 26 look at this group and banty who know is identified as a single event assist represent on a lease let me read the code for you well elicited the ceilings of the servants of God is the same that was shown to Ezekiel envisioned John also had been a witness of this most startling revelation he saw the sea and the waves roaring and men's hearts failing them for fear no SS Elemento de la cierva sea Dios es el mismo que se le mostró is aquiline visual quantum being focused ego DSM table revelation vo Amari Las Olas Russia antes y los corazones de los hombres des fallacy dos datum or to see more espera ministers Quatro Quatro Cinco puntos will deal with Luke 21 later on vamos a hablar de Lucas made you know master day but I want you to look at verse 25 and 26 away from this quote quiero under still ear under the solid is a Sita earth distress of nations distress of Nations with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken entonces ahora sanarás in a soul in la luna eso es Lucas went to Nevada Cinco Els Australia's in litera and goose Adela's hunters confundus across adele Pramod Oh tell mari de las olas des felicienne de los hombres por el temor in la expect a co de las casas kessab Ravindran INLA tierra poco de los cielos Aramco in a stage 4 45 and in testimonies prime ministers Quatro Quatro Cinco which we just read Kappa mostly where she says the ceiling of his revelation 7 in Ezekiel 9 are the same case Elemento and is he killing wave a ye apocalypse is hit asunder mismo d say she said john saw the sea and the waves roaring and men's hearts failing them for fear quantum en for the cicadas sanitary revelation vo amaryllis under through gente SI los corazones hombres gracefully siendo datum or that's Luke 21 yesterday's Lucas bed 25 and 27 and in verse 25 that distress of Mercy Colo been teasing coli goo sudesna soreness your eyes miss identifies as the activities of Islam in 1830 fika Komal active adaptil in slab in mill Auto centers trader Joe with 1838 part of millerite history where military toes traitor also parted as to the Middle East oh yes see and in Miller right history and 1838 Solomon Vista administrator Otto Islam was just stress in the nation Liz Lange for lactose Jabbar was no solace and on August 11th 1840 there was a restraint placed upon Islam in LA was to unset the mission to identify a cola cada una restrictions or a el Islam oh wait is over here Paulette optimal oral history unless to the mill Arista you got the activities of Islam Kenan la actividad tell Islam and this history here yes the dress of nations is this history here is a story a key is the beginning of Adventists elemental Adventist more this history here pero es esta Rocca is the end of Adventists a fiend elephant evil will there be a distress of Nations caused by Islam in our history abre una encuesta de la nación is in Casa de Porres la minister historia based upon the fact that millerite history is repeated to the very letter pasado sub H okay less revenue Easter is repeated r.i.p della lettera based upon a second fact which establishes that Jesus illustrates the end of Adventism with the beginning of adventist decreased Oh Aloha commence odessa tales' dystrophy there must be a distress of nations by Islam in our history anika ver una cosa de los lunas casa rosada put Islam in nursing in revelation 11 verse 18 is called the angering of the nation's he apocalypsis da seocheon say is Lia medulla angustia de las Naciones or eleanor for de las Naciones we'll come back to the angering of the nation's voice very but most of all there are no Hotel Ignacio knees okay the third quote that I want to read that their cetera see turkey yo quiero leer yes the great controversy 308 is there conflict o de los siglos and it's v quote on the paper in la pagina tre siento sinua and great controversy 308 says this and sister White's coming commenting on Luke 21 Ellen White also commentary so we look us Pentti you know this is very important porque Ella dis Achilles is a theory for in a senior and if you don't recognize this sign as the Seventh day Adventist you will be lost you see no recognizes is a senior combatant is acceptable year Sara's / middle sister why he was talking about Luke 21 Elena white hablar sobre Lucas been two men in verse 7 of Luke 21 university los siete in Lucas bed you know disciples and Jesus had just been walking out of the temple los discípulos acaba de salir del templo and Jesus has just told them this temple is going to be taken down to the very foundation dijo que el templo Vassar Barcelos fundamentally disciples begin asking questions you know HIPAA laws in pasar seni preguntas and what are the questions there in verse 7 is what is the sign of thy coming Unadilla truth of a quad is la la Senora de tu Bonita what is the sign of by coming koala is larceny I'll the to Bonita and the answer Jesus gives his Luke 21 he let us win staff we look as bad you know but in great controversy sister white marks what that sign is very concisely what marker consists mental okay sí sí sí señor Christ had bidden his people watch for the signs of his Advent and rejoice as they should behold the tokens of the tokens of their coming king when these things begin to come to pass he said then look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh he pointed his followers to the barren trees of spring Christo ABI Amin Dada Isuzu syphilis case efficacy in las angeles de su Advan amento ich esse Allegra sin cuando VA en las cuevas de que se acerca bah cuando estés Casas comenzaron Cersei dijo Marat 11th at West's Cabezas porque Westra reinsured está cerca llamó la atención the sous discípulos a los árboles a punto de prata a prima better still then Luke 21 see tienen Alberto Luke has been dunno after Christ gives them the history that leads to the end of the world después de Cristal esta la historia que me dearest I fin del mundo a Stephanie mundo in order to ask the question what is the sign of the end of the world para para ser la pregunta cuales licinia he gives a second witness testimony testimonial make sure that this is established but asegurar que esto for say establecido he gives a point-by-point history that leads down at the end of the world it's down historia de puta poor Punta Cana Dara after finding mundo and in verse 28 he is concluding his historical sequential narrative Universal Obon tota via computer su and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh cuando sus Casas commencin Azusa there are Geass eleven that was a cabal supportive was arranged a circle Lucas been to Nova Scotia his first answer to the disciple it's so cool Cleo su primera respuesta a los discípulos he's gonna give him a second answer Lester ah Liz ba da una segunda this is the one that invented the principle that upon the testimony of two things establish Christopher a cake inventory principio this case abre a testimony does the toss una Soto esta establecido so in verse 29 he says and then been to the medieval tree and all the trees when they now shoot for see and know of your own selves that summer is now my at hand mirepoix each era it totals árboles cuando yo proton viendo las abejas pour vosotros miss mascara esta yeah cerca the sign of his coming end of the world the senior de su Bonita in el fin del mundo is when the trees begin the bat out as cuando los árboles broughton sister White says Christ pointed his followers to the budding trees of spring Elena y dijo a Cristo a puto a sucess Apollo's a los árboles kevro tavern in Primavera so as a student a prophecy what you gotta do entonces Campos yet the prophecy a kitten's kellsat - you gotta go to the Word of God Peter la palabra videos and figure out and the Word of God what it is that causes the trees to burn out it is cubrir ella palabras que esto que cosa a brute are those our beliefs in primavera and what causes the trees to cut out becames lo que causa a brain Juvia when you see the latter rain begin to sprinkle con la vez que comienza care not when you see no cuando la vez but you must see you know - lo tienes que where you must see when the latter rain begins to sprinkle tienes que ver cuando la lluvia temprana in yeah porque si good it's a good day oh it's una senior what happens if God's people don't recognize the sign k acontece Ysidro squadron Ave la semilla their last brothers and sisters red obidos hermanos Y hermanas put a little bit of this in place but we've already went over we haven't I've already went over time ya hemos perdido Escovedo gunas coastal pero ya may pass a de tiempo so we'll take a break and come back to this drama tomorrow or a la casa y luego variables Heavenly Father you required your people to recognize the sign at 9:11 para la silla stupidity to pueblo que intentan licinia in Johnson City MA some did a good nose Laura Kaas hero but some have come in after 9/11 and they don't understand what took place prophetically at 9/11 in all carbon arrow key icon to Co prophetic I mean turn on the camera and it makes them easy prey he would not press a facility for the whoops that would come in among the sheep and present a message that would put that event off into the future he presented you mensaje que coloca si Vento hace el futuro time is too short to be deceived in such a fashion EDM for demasiado brave a para ser we ask that as we continue on in the area da da mineira the same ladder in that you begin to sprinkle upon your people at 9/11 would be poured upon our hearts and minds be active for a kko announces that this atrocity every time in our refresco de corazones that we might recognize that sign for what it really is but I carry Chronos cabooses in yellow yet the demo rock is rare I mean then take warning and make the correct personal preparation llegamos leprosy onus correct as personalized and fulfill our responsibility to oppose teachings that would undermine this profound truth he compliments that K is done at a condo Isis various Heavenly Father it's clear the probations about to close on a number of witnesses by the celestial está claro que tipo de gracia starport demeanor they use these messages that are going on this week to awaken everyone that he is here in this building porfavor a companies' mensaje de semana para this Patara at all those distant present you're fully willing to finish the work that you began in each of us but porque too stressed is poised to are completed la Oh Brock a common sustained kerubim Soto's but these truths ek require our complete surrender and our total consecration to participate in the work that the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish in us necesitan is in TRAI completa para que tu puedes acaba resto abre los ojos we thank you for what you've done this week so far and as for continued blessing in Jesus as a most pol ok as a Cho in the semana hasta ahora epidemis pour like continued on de las relaciones you