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dear father in heaven once more we would like to come in front of your presence and ask for your guidance and your presence and your blessing upon this meeting we will have now please people if the speaker give them the right words be also with the translator in all those languages which will be translated help us to find the right words and the right time Lord be also with the technical equipment and those who will hear the message open our hearts and our mind that we may receive your words cleanse us from all our sin and our unrighteousness and please put your seal of approval I found this work with thank you for this and we also would like to ask this in the name of Jesus amen amen I guess so far this has been more of a testimony than a Bible study the Parisa Keturah 0 must be any own testimony honest to the biblical estamos viendo is a trick co turn to Daniel 11:31 a bring Daniel insane are maintenance part Street and shall take away the daily sacrifice and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate it is whose tropas is longer anticipated trop escape ravana an assassin to re la Fortaleza aqui tyranny continued sacrificio upon turned away nación de sola Dora I'm working from the King James and I understand the problems in the German yo soy yo son de la King James II cannot score los problemas in personally mana or but I grew up in the world on Yola yo yo yo Christina mundo and I didn't get studied in the Christianity in no andreas to the algorithm is me I found a Bible and started reading it you are persistently mental Nabil al-arabi say earlier I started reading it at work Eli Basilio stop me when your works done go hide me Heavy D his see see see no they didn't have anything to do cuz this boss would find more work for porque no creo que su - nose big nose hidden and to the subir a buscar the master Abajo por nosotros stars Cody and Escondido alien de la vida que encontrar so I wasn't like many of you are raised as a 70s icon mucho de ustedes Christian Chris Eden a twenties mom raised as a Christian Cristiano and and I was raised in the world yo Chrissy in El Mundo so I didn't have the normal reverence for the traditions and customs at all until not any a lot of NC a-- ctp capitalist tradition is a costume race into the like Glacia so when it came to study and daniel them for you to 45 those gonna guess to the attorney on say korean taught about the cinco I think the most for me the most important spirit of prophecy quote but I me a must important the disputed prophecy yeah mister manuscript releases vol 13 yesterday when scripture Lisa's tow mode Tracy behind addressing Donna will take what's wrong and it's translated in German but we'll do it the hard way instead the Madeira but if he see I'm gonna drop jump down into a prophecy in the 11th of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment la prophecy a the 1 décimo could be linear Cassie Chico as a complement Oh finale much of the history it's taking place in fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated Maria de la storia mention RNA scapula sir appetito in the 30th verse in a spoken up that shall be Grievous a ablative UN and a prophecy a que se that she quotes verses 30 to 36 of Daniel sital of acicular strain that enter says and then she says scene similar to those described in these words will take place go D say it's in assimil aerosol as discrete as in Essos palabras tendrán lugar so when I began to look at Daniel 11:40 245 corner you say Mira Daniel on the current according to Cinco I don't remember how I came across this quote don't know require como in country asita because it was before the time of cd-rom or kara understood tiempo an Iroquois who seven lost cities in fact as far as we know a sec kill or very first search engine for the spirit of prophecy Mira a primera máquina de busca de Paris Peter prophecy was programmed by my young son we program Allah pour me a colon and a brother that he was working with you hermano Cory called el trabajo they had developed a search program for the spirit of prophecy an evil a Bravo on it a primitive a pedo fools Noah so we probably pulled it off of that program in today ent I was coming under conviction about the last six verses of Daniel 11 Josie Geller on a conclusion a second lawsuit emos fasciculus didn't even say and in this quote sister White's talking about the final fulfillment of Daniel 11 in Esther Sita le abba the compliment of finality Danny Roane say she says the prophecy of the eleventh of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment that prophecy adele une des makuta Daniel Cassie you know the words and at the time in the end here vesicular current ecumenical las palabras in en el tiempo del fin and in the great controversy 356 notices enticing cities Lindo Markland battling some of them in great controversy 356 siglo stress induces enticing co-sister white defines the time in the temple Delphine come o miss additional material so when verse 40 begins and at the time at the end quando in psi capital vesicular current akan a couple the same in 98 mr. White's living after 1798 it in a white TV at this place when she says we've nearly reached the complete fulfillment of Daniel 11 and you say cuando le dicen Casa Vega must have compared to finally complete OD Danny don't you then the history after 1798 intense life should be supposed to mean verses 41 and onward tiene que ser la historia de real particular current in a real ante it includes the last part of the history of verse 40 as well what a meaning cluey looey to my party level acquainted ambien but nevertheless nope started in this passage episodic she's talking about the final fulfillment of Daniel 11 yeah a bloody MOOC implemented a tendency which is the last six verses of Daniel 11 los últimos very sakulos to Daniel on say say it's very secure and she identifies the principal in here the difficult principio key she says much of the history that's taken place in fulfillment of Daniel 11 a lady say grandpa today lies Toria and complementary as a prophecy will be Capt Ron okay so there's histories in the first 39 verses of Daniel 11 it was a historian let me refer sakulos to Danny on say they're going to be repeated in the last six verses of Daniel 11 in case it was últimos vesiculosus Daniel answer but then she quotes verses 32 36 raloo ago Elia Sita and a similar trend that interface it says scene similar to those described in these words will take place it is a same as similarities elasticities in SS palabras the internal ooga I'd have to tell you about my conviction on sister while listing okie contest with my conviction so really know what most seventh-day adventists because they were studied into it or because their dad mom raised him to believe it cept an aisle in a white porque su Mamaki on of evil is too cool there's a Mineta particular bracket crayon in Illya that's not how I came under conviction of Ellen White esto no es como yo segala Commission so really no way so maybe I'm unreasonable about my understanding about the spirit of prophecy this thing to Pokhara son in la manera como yo creo como si when I saw this Bible through Yoko neo in country a killer I was in the world Gustavo I knew mundo and I was just hiding out you're simply meeting mr. Visconti endo I've realized your MIDI quit there was somebody speaking to me in this Bible okay I get mr. Brando in east of India I had to be reading it all the time no tenia que I made a personal connection with whatever this influence was in the Bible person icon located Somalian do anything wrong I was ready to be with a Christian whatever Christian was yamakawa to non-christian oh okay since I'm in a low-key are on Christiana I moved to another town entonces moody out was you dad and as my wife and I and my three-year-old daughter who is now 43 me interest me ho get in yet trace a new skeleton in quarantine we're moving into this new home nos vamos a la nueva casa there was a an old Adventist couple the Adventist in there in sous Romero's they come out they said they seemed we were moving in next door to him if you don't care no smoother Mose loudly they were being friendly Aaron William a blaze ask are you Christians could say was yes the reason I left that town to move to this town rather be a Christian you're a savvy Acula razón porqué yo sally dsm-v dat moo moo das era porque yo quiero Christian so when I said yes he said you want to study the Bible community his see I said okay he says what do you want to study you'll be here being a kid is a studio I didn't know the books of the Bible well enough or the themes of the Bible you know Sofia Sophie seemed to me and DPN qualified will give us their bigger needles Tomas I said you decide to see this so for the next period of time he took my wife and I through a study of Daniel tiempo got the Coutinho Elliott amor Miss Bossy Amy at resonance suited Anil apocalypsis Daniel 1:1 revelation 22 you know as lips is vented or ii see a sequence en mente and i don't know if you've ever studied it is a historical figure associated with all of the seven churches of Revelation it's gonna control the city listen still apocalypsis and he's going through that study and he's teaching us this toes kristinia to the Revelator is the historical figure associated with Ephesus FSO Polycarp with smyrna polycarbonate Connie's it could be wrong anybody gets to Philadelphia why not I feel anything Philadelphia he's not mention anything about historical figure you know no mention another donor figure right we've been studying now for many weeks yes - we mosey on over various amana's always in his home see in su casa and for some reason I look up in his book case it's time to deliberate we see all these red books lluvia toys libros rose white 5 babies he and blanco white white so i asked him are those books published by the white publishing company because public house for a compañía de libro protocol or white and i saw fear in his eyes UV miedo into those miedo I finally found a weak spot to do something about that made this nervous so I start pushing him on what this white wasn't to say to carry and I finally figured out if you name in the in country that these seventh-day Adventist people okay with something like a profit is equal profit why was he supposed to nervioso so I asked him if I could take a couple books home after the Bible study and does the ellipticity versa Cassidy's Pasillas to the villa Ko and we took two books home and I opened the one just to the center like this randomly and they were the testimonies testimonials and it was it was speaking there's something in my life right then and there estaba hablando I go and me vida who's demented in momento understeers my face and I look over my wife Humira miss pasa and she'd opened the other book hot cocoa leaves bikini enemies missamma experiencia before I had tried to be a Christian over a thousand a twenty Stannis superiority empo I had been in the world mundo I was living in California the Libyan California which means something if you live in the United States significa I will see to be a los Estados Unidos my hair was longer than two minutes it's the 1970s thalamus in loss and you're sitting there you know where I have been in the world in terms of to serviced on the EOB estado de mundo I had a sister an older sister tinea hermana my or she lived on the other side of the country lado del pi is she heard that I had become a Christian oh yeah it's good choke him a community on Christiano she wasn't a Christian in a new era Christiana but she determined anything would be better for my brother than Who the way he's been living in India qualcare cousin cerium hijo de la manera que él estaba Divya knows because she heard I was a Christian Montes killer savvy Akira Cristiano she got up in her attic alias subió a su a Tico and she remembered that she bought some Christian books once University a comprado Uno's libros she determined she was gonna mail him to her brother to help her brother along in his Christian experience Meraki but i you de apoyo su experiencia Christiana and she had done these days before that Bible study in eight years and this case is to the biblical so the next morning after we have the experience with the testimonies to the church entonces si get la mañana see get is per se spear in second was taken from my sister Yaga sa is in VO Damir mama the conflict of the ages series Kofi - Lucy blows Punta Mita condos and no sé como mi Hispaniola so those la acción is elected as biblical sterile a casa la familia then we with the big expensive Cole Porter version never shown value of Saqqara tell Oscar Torres capo Torres I didn't need a Bible study on the spirit of prophecy yo ya know necesita una studio sobre el speed-up revision so when early writings page 74 said entonces cuando SPD pre-medicine sceetos city de cuatro de allah gave the judgment our continues Kitty erin clamor the law order which had a correct view of the daily the nyan la posición correct a circle continued and they believed the daily with paganism yellow screan ka continuous symbolize our le adventist pastor elder had to say about the daily if they didn't say it was paganism they were dead wrong no me importa lo que tiene que decir que quieran siano past oto logo see notice he and Kira Pagani's my competitor arroz y daddy why did I even have to care porque a Ksenia important sister why did said porque Elena what a be a teacher much of the history and Daniel M will be repeated muchas de les terminally ill original on CC repeated ah in the 30th verse a power in a reciprocal votes verses 30 to 36 in a vesicular trained on poder in WA la cita vesicular Trent Trent essays Daniel 11:31 is the history of the daily e Daniel uncertainty verse 30 ones the arms are gonna stand up for the papacy the secret rendezvous No and they're gonna take away the daily dose Brazos Kiselev anthem that's easily CSS historia that's gonna be repeated in the last six verses the Daniel 11 in case they repeated on us what the most ridiculous didn't answer and the daily is part of that history he a continuous spotted as historia then you better be straight on what the de leus entonces mas malok a2 and tienes tiene que significa que continúa twin sister white says on the lena YDC those who gave the judgment our cry had the correct view of the daily aquellos que eran el clamor del who is so teeny and put to the visa correcto cytravel in the world in Tosa cuando yo come and see a hardened mundo presented the last six verses of Daniel 11 present a los últimos say sir secrecy Danny Roane say I use those charts you will say s with diagram us not because I thought they were sacred tables not open Sara Kiran tablets a gratis locus on but I could show that those truths represented the message of the judgment our pero yo poder de mostrar que SS variares represented on a mensaje de la hora Lucio pagan Dominion our daily taken away Daniel 11:31 that's what she was quoting dominio Pagano kita oil continued Cataldo Daniel uncertainty who know ESO lo que él estaba citizen really I knew it was a pagan ism at that point you sir Vienna saputo get a so era para nice whoa they continuously Pagani's but I didn't know much about it no severe mucho mas a second a Leo everywhere I go and you'd run into a pastor or theological lugar than the Eva main contractor or pastoral to Oliver as I often did they would argue with me about why I was wrong it was me and Mo Sarah Porter he gave a certain expert in a Latino lifting myself up as an expert on the daily c'mon expert on the continuum but I guarantee I became really proficient on the daily lives guarantees okay CJ I said we a lot of arguments out there about the daily officiant NSA Tama I moved to Sacramento snare fuera this guy used this argument to fight the daily back kill umbrella Sacramento this is true use another argument whose author argumento para dejar contra continue I became familiar with those argument yo documentos one time brother Dwayne Dwayne he hands me off a paper made your own puppet by a guy named Leroy from maroon senior leader have no confidence in Leroy a friend you're not even a confianza in the room but some of historic his some of his historical work is valuable pero una story caught in a Subaru but Leroy Froome wrote a paper where he outlined all the arguments against the daily appeared on the total loss argument owes contra el continued when I read that paper on Yoli is the papilla I realized there's all the arguments right in one document it's a total momentous juntos in Latin where it came from they ie pinion and brother Dwayne used to live in Southern California brother Dwayne it was Vivian is sorta California and he and his wife would set up meetings there su esposa yell all grains have any quaint Rosa yeah seminary oz and when we were there having meetings we would go by his house maybe have a meal he erases pasamos por su casa cuando pasado por su casa continuous in quaint rows but he had a friend I only met him one time solo una vez he was either a pastor or retired pastor don't bust daughter old storyteller Dwayne was having him come over Dwayne is okay with Mira I don't know what to means motivation was not equal for a la motive us from the lab on the train but this pastor was gonna straighten me out on the daily pero si pastor Matheny okay Cory here super Sammie Daniel continued and he began to show me in the Book of Daniel is connected with the expression take away mister conectado con expression Katara but in Daniel 12:11 in the annual 1131 throw-in Daniel on say one say treinta you know the Hebrew word that's translated as take away la palabra Cabrillo kazusa como kitaro kitaro it's different as different then the hebrew word translated as take away in Daniel 8 11 la palabra Trucy de como kita in the Aeneid what this pastor do you remember him the quad as a pastor see he's he's telling me why this proves I'm wrong l missed the most important work he used to I'm watching what he's saying yo estoy viviendo que él está diciendo and I'm realizing what he's really doing yo estaba argument proves the pioneers were right argumento kilos puny resist a man in the correct oh c'mon ingu not argumento when you make the distinction between ramen sir si to assess the distinction in - Oh soon as it throws all that theological garbage away ESO Kirito de la basura Theologica a loboscry he resumed porky acquaintances my understanding of the daily or anything that came from my personal wisdom my completion continued no be no the me happy to the personal it's been providential all along the way if we prevail in Sierra in total Camino it had to be in place Tanika reason it had to be in place pork it in the air is the Lord had understand for kissing your karaoke in India samosa Daniel eight thoroughly than Danil Auto interim NT profundamente before he could begin to teach us Daniel H and this K podium bizarre I ain't seen your nose done in Auto once I thought I knew Daniel a pretty well una vez que yo pensaba ki you ain't India that you also have a Santa bein then in 2005 entonces en dos mil Cinco let me put two thousand five over here they say make a look at those missing cocky 2005 dos mil Cinco the argument always been over the glorious land simple unity Christian a circuit era gloriosa and I found an article um contain articulo I never knew the store today a story Indian you know severe so I thought Duane found that article Japan selected to enjoy be in control tell me today know I found that article no no no in contrast and that article said yes ethical Odisha that a glorious land was the United States Kayla tiran los Estados Unidos 2005 and those missing Co that was big stuff the argument was over the glorious land is co-ceo nisargadatta if you were here for the the overview of fin here aqui presented in the first time we came to germany was 2003 dijo que la primera skivvy nemo's i ministerio it toss me trace I was a nobody compared to all the famous names they had invited at that camp zero in cooperation to tourist numbers famosos ki really Battaglia they had a bunch of famous names the near various numbers famosos and everyone had their own room to do their presentations appropriate Sala process specialist and that's why very few people came to my room as a sort of son poker hand Divino Army I miss Aleta but most people don't know but I can't mean Mucha gente must have another day Seca pimento the bread and they put it on los hermanos kilo organized our own they came to me after the first day been you know I mean it is posted premiere yeah and they said you either got a not talked about the glorious land or change your position - oh no hablar sobre el tema de lateral Rosa all my horror comes to position an Isis wolf I can't talk about the glorious land take me back to the airport I'm gonna go home that's what I came here to preach about entonces de se yo yo yo sentences Amiata mentally romero de puerto porque es 4 SOT you venir aquí a blob so I said well this famous guided here speak and he says you're wrong hombre famoso I kick ass table disagree to star Sarah so introduce me to the famous guy on our talk show entonces their blood kinesio hombre pharmacy when I took a walk in his ridiculous ideas about the glorious land out of the water yo Socky todos lo a nickel a todos whose argument was ridiculous in contrary documented alert rev Rosa so I got to save the end of the camp-meeting entonces si se puede particular offender capita why he needed all the Germans before I left I didn't get to stay at the hand - I that was a glorious man yes that was the argument at the beginning the glorious land of the United States porque los Estados Unidos it means the next thing that happens is probation closes for seventh day adventists significa que la siguiente cosa que at Caesarea era Syria paracentesis woman's ahead de la puta so in 2005 in those missing Co after having battles like this every step of the way dispersed cetera Battaglia's como estas en cada Paso and El Camino I found a pioneer you're in country ho Latinos and so los Estados Unidos not just a pioneer in Norco simplemente quite a few arrowheads an era here on its own the man was given the vision alambre I crazy the greatest idea dill dill chesco the man who James and Ellen named their son after a embrace the qual alina y le dijo que Latinos a source tells News my brother Duane borderlines an addiction when it comes to reading people the addiction considered a layer maybe I can't tell this part about his bathtubs be a comparison to the Subban you read even in the bathtub we don't see it I mean lay in the baño centavo so I had found this with Hiram Edson in control is say I told him about Sun in Lake Ontario and he went read the whole series of articles yep totally say they are tequila's there's in there was seven yes hiyatay and he calls me back he says you need to read those closer Amelia Moniz at any scale area so me go and see what Hiram Edson saying about the 2520 unions give it a look at it either it's on a sec I did not say 25 20 the kids there so veinticinco benton and in 2005 had already been traveling for at least your Yaya's using these charts watch on your son I don't know how I could have missed it no okay providentially it's something that doesn't happen to me often pravin see i'm intake I will kid no me no a pasar mucho remember happening one time una vez I was at some meetings yo estaba en who knows in cuentos with the end of the Sabbath day it our Savva Sabbath wasn't over its sabado Toby and Nolan outside covered all my notes / yeah be a blog to meet Emma so I asked the president should we wrap it up me-mow sake of killing continuance to deny three presentations of the Sun Goes Down it was only it was less than two weeks at a minnow state that dos semanas sent away discovered this 2520 it is sick a trainer a descubierto los dos Molinos bent a and I had read the whole series then after he got back to me really the total I said it is supposed to kill me so this is the study I gave that Sabbath afternoon because the people wanted some more until the Sun it was so free in the studio Quixote SS have't are the porque la gente que DMS hasta que el sol I said yo-dee-hey the Millerites taught was a twenty five twenty milliliters in Senora it was make it into the paint it and that Hiram Edson had written an article it's Olivia's Krypton articulo saying the William Miller was probably wrong and I I made the contention that maybe they were both right you're cuckoo some kid that means a moose Esteban correcto and I put both of them on the board in the correct or your colicky and wasn't convicted that was the first time both the 25 20s went on the board at the same time in history yo estoy beside because it is la primera vez in in life story que los dos dos menos veinte estar juntos in happy Sara I wasn't on any under any serious conviction Yo no tenían ninguna conviction as the moist I was just filling out the time to the sacred Sabbath hours ended solamente stavos sandal tiempo hace que even at ribbon allosaurus aggressive odd but I told the audience pero de la audience eeeh the William Miller had taught the 2520 begin at 677 Gilliam Amelia abeyance in yellow que las dos menos veinte common sense SEO suited as yet I disagree stone and headed on October 22nd 1844 intermediary October images in the Quantico TRO / Hiram Edson argue differently pero etson here a medicine you know no argument assume differently if you deal with Israel Sinterklaas from Israel instead of Jude investing Hooda and you begin in 723 with the captive captivity of who Shia MPs has cultivated a osseous in new cities it was twenty tres at the secret stop and go twenty five twenty you go to 1790 he has great was making us winter annuals like Joe Hiram Edson strongest argument the premier alcaman to pass for to the Hiram Edson miss Daniel 813 eridan el otro Tracy because in Daniel 8 1314 Daryl also Tracy it talks about to desolating powers a lot the toes Pateros the cousin to Selassie on the daily air continued and the transgression of desolation lat ela abomination dis Laura and the transgression of desolation was understood by the pioneers to be the papacy abomination destroyed or Apollo's peony rose free comprendo como el papel and the daily was paganism he continued era began Islam and Hiram Edson pointed out he Hermits on both these desolating powers were gonna trample down the sanctuary and Hausa que estas Pateros a plus 7s santuario el pueblo or la casita and when you start here in 723 is he commenced as a key in citizen toes Beatriz and you go to the dead center of that 25 bus a Centro de esos toes making into the event a it produces the fact purusa el hecho that paganism trampled down the sanctuary in the host for twelve hundred and sixty years followed by papal ISM trampled ethnic trampling down the sanctuary in the holes for twelve hundred insecure bargain is more capable is mo Papa a plaster on a sanctuary he has to put me those in the Santa Anas yep about but my presentation that day I said perhaps they're both right in me present as soon as the UD hipster base almost an in-law correcto surely thereafter poco tiempo displaces so it was so profound at a temper of fundo the things that you the things that happen at this point the cosmos care a contestant in a soup Punto are so now it's just amazing some tempura fundo christening so in crib list but that's not what I'm dealing with it so noise Lucas Waveland you may wonder what I'm dealing with here Terry sisters prima donna did the keys to a blender but I'm getting there good probably in less than a year but within that timeframe Parliament a presentation in a place called Blythe famous CMOS on a new got this game of life is an old friend in the audience yeah V I wouldn't eat one meal when we got baptized as Adventists he had just got baptized in the same church we were friends from the very beginning of our we must bow to Sado l obviously Doris Ian Botham enemies my glasses it almost amigo stays light I put this up on the board in Blyth yokel okay so sobre la palabra and he says from the from the audience the audience Alicia he says brother Jeff yeah have you ever noticed years from 1798 1844 and that in John 2:20 Jesus said destroy this temple to 19 and 20 have you he interrupted from the audience several cuenta que Contessa used to see mrs. limited show a magician Quinta Quattro ek in one dose paint our decorator says Daniels in a koala 10 plus area area see token strudel and took the breath out of me yeah I guess email light started coming out now I started here bro vida I want your help Kiros the way we're presenting prophecy now la manera como estamos percent and Oh professor aura is 4060 symbol yes correct SSO symbaloo to 2022 12.45 or inter Cinco 44 into 33 three trays for quad sevens yeah here's the 11 one combination on say you know how about 120 K they listen to me what else what am i leaving this is 125 veinticinco keep going 17 is someone saying seven I give me who this is theater seventy setenta Cinco 81 NR on a messy mess 126 oh no Wendy says about 38 okay so boy no 21 main - you know anyone's up there okay now now back off just a second I have a problem with what's going on in this movement personally personally taken problema con lo que a contestant is a movimento and sometimes probably my personal problems heater is a bit slow over into my sauna say as an evident in me persona pública and my problem began right back here a key from the very beginning for me this it initio para me I'm not sure it's illustrated in here from the very beginning to definitely miss you we began to understand comenzamos accompany these reform lions Mississippi and it's a limited affordable you have a period of darkness using tempo do spirit that leads to the time of the Angela Dara temple - which is the arrival of the first message in case a lagana the premiere mensaje but then there comes a point in time prelude a go beyond tempo where a divine symbol comes down a quadriga and symbol of Divino and empowers that first message she'd a poder is a premier mensaje okay for instance por ejemplo in the reform line of Moses in a linear form of the Moses the Lord comes down and confronts Moses with circumcision a senior the CND confirma a Moses colossal concision confront a sister White said if he had left one sin one thing unchecked he would have been powerless to stand before Pharaoh even know why TCC obviously the hell own picado not obvious it you know for supper Presidente de ferran the message was empowered when I'm instructing sacra CBO polar condors in your deaths India and circumcision is a symbol of the covenant consistent symbol or the pact oh but Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning mostra a fiend SLE me co and the story of Moses is the beginning of age in Israel yesterday more sensitive comment so the Israel Antigua and the end of ancient Israel is the time of Christ a finger and event he was at a body Christo and the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove not it is circumcision espírito Santo de sin do know como si cozy on but at his baptism no in susie-wusie circumcision are interchangeable in suppose intercambio bring us here to about this movie Daniel 10 Michael comes down in the pseudonym Eagle D s xi 1840 the near dissing the angel of revelation 10 descended hadith apocalypsis sister watches it was no less a person agent Jesus cry Lena what is a keen or Aaron at the menos que nada que su Cristo that's for of many witnesses yes so some cuatro de muchos deceive us as we begin to see these things cuando empezamos avaricious Casas and this is where I'm getting at yes so it's locale estoy jugando we seen when the divine symbol comes down vemos cuando llegó a symbol o Divino the foundation is always late siempre Nascimento Cisco loca when I came down and dealt with Cyrus gonna miguel dicent yo para tratar con 0 the foundation of the temple was like a fundamental temple of waco local a Christ's baptism in about Espada Cristo he selected five disciples Elihu Cinco discípulos which mr. white says was the foundation of the Christian Church he didn't know why there are a fool Aaron a fundamental the lake is a Christian and August 11th 1840 and Anza de agosto ministers in Tusker enter these truths are introduced in May of 1842 as well that is foreign introduced he does in my Yoda Corinthos foundations always laid right here siempre es de puntos de menos septiembre the angel of Revelation 18 descended to see what should this Indio and the foundation for this reform of the Elemento but is the moment of the reform of Waco loca Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning ESU's de Maistre el fin de se principio in the beginning of Adventism this represents the foundation and a principal Adventist for esto symbolize al fundamental you can boil it down to its lowest common denominator and it's Miller's rule look boy this race Amir pseudonym in adore in our history pequeno is son las reglas de Miller and 9/11 pero no se story and also September the students are prophecy goes in Susan is the prophecy they have to come to understand what Islam is ksl islam in prophecy biblical and you go back to Miller right history eaten escaped or their allies to the mill Arista on this chart that was directed by the hand of the Lord should not be altered and sida gromek a food in aikido Polamalu senior aquino the VDSL at Rollo and the first woe and the fifth trumpet is identified as Islam yeah I came to dramatise on it if accommo in Islam and the second ball and the sixth trumpet is identified as Islam yes Segundo I Ellis is a trumpeter scientific artists come on Islam and the Lord directed James White using your drishya a hammer white to produce a new chart but a produce here on the audiogram to correct this error purikura here STR and this is that chart yes to ssed a grammar and on this chart yes dear the first one fifth trumpet is Islam a good man ie like Quinta to beta is this like well the sixth trumpet is Islam kundo I la sexta Peter Elias in Islam tambien when Islam comes in the history cuando el Islam intra inland storia if you're gonna understand who they are see compromise kinnison Elias it's down on the foundation the foundation can escape over a fundamental and these two charts yes estas Tia grandma's become the symbol of our foundational work se convierte in a symbol of the nuestro trabajo fundamentally now brothers and sisters there's something significant about this hermanos Y hermanas I was significant a second radio and this is the point yes two presentations to get to for required I quote yoki really are in essence those present as Yanis I'm sorry that there are some of you here that are just beginning to study these truths discopath so made up para por aquellos que Rossini business Oh dearest verdad I'm very happy that you're here there are so many felicitous tamaki stai sake but I've labored with P for years comparison as poor annuals they began to study this prophetic message in person Sudi our estimates are prophetic oh and I get overwhelmed with it he some impression Alice you don't need to give up no tienes que this is what you need to do solamente look at in this case it's ask the Lord to reveal to you whether you're being led by the Holy Spirit or not believe us in your para que ladyboy stress CNS Giada Paris retu Santo oh no and if you're being led by the Holy Spirit you see Aaron scared of what is key to Santo then you need the trust that the Lord is going to open up the truth you need have entonces tienes que confusion your parrot que el árbol as verdad es que tu necesitas these truths SS valleys have not been taught by Adventism no uncie doe ensign yellow spotted a twenty small and part of this truth is departed SS where that is right like every other generation que como en cualquier otra the truth introduced on this introduced aware that there is always siempre Tom lost teachers I raised up kiselev and operatic are low now brothers the sisters Romano's hermanos pauses more than once Pablo dissonance una vez with the Brethren this it is cookie dough con esto I want to reason with you here yo quiero analyse a biscuit it contains the guys original that the foundation is over here at midnight que persona que insaniac a field of lettuce and a sexy boy you need to check it out si tu lo and Genesis again t punto La Mesa citizens to the earth in the book the great controversy where sister white is referring to this chart in the great controversy daily know why Sapphira is a diagram any computer signals she points to two passages of scriptures in a punta are those pacifist biblical she doesn't reference them no loss Sita Aleppo palabra Habakkuk - about new dos uno en cuatro ezekiel 12 es aqui those 21 to 28 maybe you know I've been tio to those two passages of Scripture as pasta has delays cultura are locked into this chart mr. McKee NSA diagram by the spirit of prophecy those are the velocities the prophecies represent son los osos honest person ski represent an idea grammar and in ezq 12 in Isaac educated Doce verse 23 it's a cool event eat rest it says tell them therefore thus saith the Lord God this a diga diga nay I will make you see and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel but saying to them the days are hand and the effect of every vision that is Cesare is a pro proverbial this Koopas is a killer invented restos controversy 393 yes it's a venti auto-paint eat race director now there's a group of people that used to be with us i and they're gathering nosotros i have thought they're gonna get a lot of followers mr. stern buscando or at the end o cv opens avec even a clear muchos seed or espacio Omega L Omega Fe has been typifies by the Alpha the beginning I see the typical deported alpha a comment so and the Alpha apostasy began in heaven I kneel opposes here alpha command so and it's yellow and it took one third of the Angels out to Los Angeles okay so this apostasy here s apostasy rocky this is serious stuff is cause Assyria here's what I want a reason with you SAS that a superkick odorous Americana Steel the reason people are willing to listen to those guys razón porqué ing Sierra escuchar a estos personas SS personas it's because they know how to handle these numbers it's porque yo Savin money Harris's números they know how to handle the 37 and 3 and the first time you hear this stuff in a premier a risk is good just is don't if you're not familiar with it you know it's very low base and you see that it's valid case buddy though you make the assumption anyone that can teach ancestor asunción cake Kirika pudding seniors has gotta be Sparra Jenica star i Punto de la verdad our minutes crew I got a few minutes to fold this our key being monogamous minutos not only are they saying is over here k fundamental esta por aqui and the effect of every vision is over here he ella factor the carrot we see on a key and media not say to put the media noche they're saying something it is so much worse than it was decent I will kiss being pure kissed oh I didn't know anything about daily you know Sophie another I've a brief overview of my personal experience with the daily unity when under assumin Demi is participation iconic continue but by the time we got to here with Hiram Edson very simple case again was a Kia Hiram Edson what this confirms your brother's okay so confirm our key hermanos Y hermanas among other thing in throat rest caused us is Daniel 8:30 Eastern Illinois to Tracy abran Daniel Shaw then I heard one st. speaking and then I heard one speak st. speaking and another said st. said unto that certain Saint which spake in tone so-yeon Santa Cobb lava yatra de los santos pregunto aquella blah blah how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and the transgression of desolation to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden underfoot hasta cuando dura alavés under continuous sacrificially la prevarication Isidoro intrigued and oh isn't worried he'll see to precipice odious in this is reap the pagan powers trampled down the literal sanctuary in the host in esta historia los pollitos pagano's applause Tyrone isn't water literal ele here Seto the little sanctuary in-house elite Centauri literally has it too literal and in revelation 11 verses 2 & 3 in apocalypsis on said dos tres you can see that the gentiles trample down the holy city for 42 months voice fear kilos him teal is a place on la ciudad Santa por cuarenta dos meses you had to understand the daily tamiya´s contain their continued you had to understand it well tanea candidate lobbying to see the connection here but in Kampala and there's a lot that you can learn from that yeah mucho keep boys up in their daily oh but here's what you gotta see today pero aquí lo que tiene que ver oil the word translated is that certain saint la palabra que si todo su como aquel santos cierto Santo is Pomona is palimony the wonderful number in numeral adore maravilloso knew Mary and you have no money he lost oh speaking in 270 and 2300 it was Mitra cientos are both identified in Daniel 8 am Bosnian difficult in Dunellen say by Christ poor Cristo who is the wonderful number kiss Mirador maravilloso now brothers and sisters hermanos Y hermanas no one knew Nadia Sabean what it meant que significa bah that Christ was the wonderful number he Cristo era maravilloso numeral or until Christ's sake Cristo mismo let us over here to this history Nosa who is a story a key where he opens up to 25 20s donde abre lost Oh sneaking in to see ventus and we see him both famous and then some brother says yo DC did you ever notice there's 46 years from 1798 to 1844 I must notice a ki quaint essays and use the same easy to skim - tomato juice tomato juice in the quaint a Quattro from this point on este punto delante palimony has revealed his glory to this generation Ravello su gloria is the generation and these guys are claiming he estos persona s episode instant clam and oh there has been no glory since 9/11 can all be a Gloria dis salons the safety Emily the glory comes here now gonna be near to see anarchy do you understand how wrong that is what is compañera quantified so is these manners standing before God's people it's ellos estén pero sobre el policy we are experts in this endtime message almost expert us expert those nama saya Delphine because we understand these numbers like nobody else porque comprende Mo's esos numerous community a and they're denying that it was pal Mon I that opened it up right here pero it's that nigga Nokia for a Pomona kilo abrió justo me Jackie claiming there's been no glory since 9/11 come on okay no I Claudia this a loss to September they're taking the glory to themselves brothers and sisters into mandala Gloria Paris amis most hermanos here - they're moving the way marks system mood and oh I lost eatos they're attacking the foundation missed an attack and/or loss fundamentals and if you think a human being can do this you see two pencils consider monopole hacer esto you thinking's all wrong in terms of total Somali and for a human being to use these prophetic symbols parents hermano oh sorry so symbol los prophetic o's to teach error para enseñar it all is bad it's muy Malo but it's worse pero is bored when they're denying that the Lord has revealed any glory since 9/11 is pure cuando llegue skills in your arrival Gloria this day alone September no one was handling any of the numbers tell after 2005 nadie money show numerous antes de dos mil Cinco and on my calendar eme calendario 2005 is well after 2001 those missing Co is being displaced dose we don't know this isn't anything to do with human beings is not in America very considers Amano's you're in the time of the opening of the seventh seal assassin in temple de l'opéra de Septimus Elio the Lord is putting in place the prediction before midnight a sonorous taco Lacandon su lugar la protección under semi anoche the external world war 3 between Russia and the United States within Islam having a role to play in extending excite stairmageddon like step not have said I get Amontillado between n connection cone Islam ketamine form apart daily oh it's that poor acontecer that's the prediction before midnight it's just a prediction and this image that is the external case no external the prediction before midnight the prediction under Samia not J that is the internal case internal is about the separation of the wheat in tears is a secular separation in tree a tree Willis's Anja and it includes the fact include Joe that in this time period the strong delusion begins to come on the foolish priests opinion sobre las Venus in sensors and they have a false ladder a message it's a counterfeit is they're using the same rules eggless numbers that pal Mona has opened up who son los mismos número scape ammonia denying that there's any glory connected to it pero Niran Kiet Lauria in connection aleo that's part of the prediction before midnight it's us parte della predicts under Samia not chase it's a warning the probations about a closed advertencia is que tipo de gracia stop or terminal and what prepares you and I get a parrot eme to go through the time of trouble that follows the close of probation but a Travis R is a tiempo que bonitas please stay for the priests or midnight cry for the Levites at the Sunday law for the net names say a media noche para los datos clamo de medianoche para los limiters or a later Munich apartment Nathan Eames what would strengthen is to stand through that time located on Ostrava para esta parte Nessy tiempo it's the latter rain yet our dear sister white says a repeatedly repeated I mentally know what is she teaches clearly repeatedly yellow insignia Cara meant a repetitive basis that the latter rain ISM ce que les yeux at area as soon as SH gets opened up and order that we may stand during that time yes Simon Sabrina para que nosotros podemos step browse durante este tiempo and say don't want you and I to stand through the time of trouble in certain us no quiere que podemos estar parados durante su tiempo is attempting to prevent you and I from receiving the NSC to come to El Estor Tondo the Saqqara knows the kid knows in PDL que nosotros empezar a receivable fortification and the minute she is Casa de por el that you better be yeah so yeah it's a hard truth see you soon ever that Duda to identify that there's men amongst women among us but our teachers very definite que internal so to Sai hombres y mujeres con que some proof professora stay laughs I'd say that but I tell you what this quitter Lucien to me it's a committee semi and you Yeti because we're all watch my pocket todos nosotros somos Centinela when you see the sword coming que cuando viene la espera you must give warning tienen que that Atherton has a warning right now for this movement he'll advertencia Nascimento para este momento there's a counterfeit message okay I have fights okay sperm Oviedo and I don't think that that means you know creo que esto significa then we should be fighting that message they're teaching in kdv hemos luchar contra el mensaje de leus what does it mean pero que significa it means that we need to be spending our time less nevere que debería Moises arias fruity understanding the prediction before midnight Yente and Ella prediction and the similar noche that it might have its sanctifying effect upon marketing a effect or certificate or sorceress Heavenly Father we study in studio we thank you that take us to the among those that are listening to this final message a permit is take a podemos for my particular skills Kootenai Simmons I - Alan we ask that you would pour your spirit out upon us yes the most key did I miss it is pity to Santos nosotros that with our participation he might finish the work which you intend for each Eva's que puede terminar la Agra para que nosotros kanessa participation we ask as we part this evening podemos Celine know that you would take us home and let us get a good night's rest miss at our vacay no station when Descanso akeno's gives bina kasih ready to begin again tomorrow listo para comenzar el día de mañana thank you for the work that you're accomplishing here in the various languages gracias por el trabajo que estas aqui cows underneath different is idiomas thank you for the work that's went on to accomplish this meeting address a most plethora who kiss ESO para poder I said earlier I think went wrong and we ask all these things in Jesus in the nombre this was pretty much doses causes