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you fell in heaven thank you for letting us come here again and open your word Lord pour out your blessings now Lord give your words in the mouth of the speakers bless the effort and be also if the translators who will translate all these words in the different languages be also with the equipment and and bless also the people hear the words cleanse us with a call of your alter and make us pure as you promised us that you would do that please also hide us behind your cross and cleanse us from all our sins we thank you for that in Jesus name Amen I mean voy a tomar el tiempo i community miss present a Sione's Ecola Karagounis argumento Sisulu Garkinos tan and Sousa pontus no one unless it that was upon this es ahora they're all kiddin - Martinez as I said up on this implemented a monsoon is to the biblical in Casa your addition noises to do bestow women sir Anissa has select us it's a chapter assume capital o you ever read a verse in the Bible and you recognize the Hamas unli don't text o in serum cuenta que si tech so this is a saloon pasaje atilla's cuenta que it's in your taste table Julie is a capital o you stove at an impressing our poorest a capital o Yolo is creepy para que podemos para para for busca la que una preguntas and that chapter we called the three angels and the capitalist folia Malo los tres Angeles ear or uncle and most of us have been studying this message for some time my reaction as humans are kept or a goon tiempo el asados con la condición tres chaud let's presume Tracy you know videos for to load the si capital o capital o is los tres Angeles al otro are in DME window no in a que tiempo con to show me novecientos oh gentle movie preguntó city negros if Accardo que es el capital numero dos a porn in Toluca so you know is creepy copy se capital o máquina de escribir with carbon paper cone pipette curveball todos tenían una copy juntos podemos Hellscream I know spicy your nose a BIA written if acabo de este studio there is assess a societal in California on amigo que we I saw the present any students because in a KTM porchetta Nueve Ocho nine-time a tiempo más o menos de cinta auto-rotate and maybe a few years it's tuvimos estudiando poor a good nose and nose in casa yes sir Manuel we know in quaint yo your record at least I present the condos to Moses to the unrest oh my pod raconteur in Keanu free port you Sevilla chemically acontece our own industry casa es tiempo entonces yo me di cuenta que ella podría came upon a decir cuando for SS to the romantic windows Seca so-called Michele su esposa de camino en 2010 movie studio key for a premiere studio casey most public of public amenities taken from this chapter is tomorrow the SI capital o por que tienes miniverse implemented owes alia Keiko low caste noventa dos mil novecientos potatoes okay l Daniel in a while your Entente killing a moose - Oh Symmetra Daniel on on say : - Quinta Cinco a veces UD go no Matteo una vez de anointed Oscar I'll mediate in Arizona in no wheantr DOS almost a tomar is a fetcher misawa no cincuenta Florida new toes para dar una vista general de los últimos particular Syrian Iran say this yo nunca yesterday I was very sick kudos to you Sevilla que él estaba LED hey yo no se que significance vesicular spray yo se que hacer el no kiss a importante I never knew that speaker before then Joe no Sevilla Canaris or must suddenly become a certain poco más no es una de personas a las cuales - quieres decir que estas a rat or get sucker Eric a la cabeza no no resources why do you think I'm wrong por qué piensas kiss tosser rodg oh I said I don't know what those verses represent yo no se que significant versa coulis but I know the symbols in those verses either have to be literal all the way through or they have to be figurative all the way through and you we're doing one literal here and one figurative here you're say no of Santa Claus symbols technically said or competi mented to literalists or to those symbolic owes to local see th is to us to borrow narrator a little mezcal con despues uno symbolic o et cetera sin commission personal yokomen CSV or the sakulos see Daniel on say engineer Anisa tiempo que trabajar para me and Bill Clinton G goes to the president Estados Unidos de cosas president al-assad Ameen okey so Barack Obama las estrellas military's news don't know maybe Eric el tiempo in California desert it is here to rich crass mundo Guardium at a rich crest lost AE the California servant Annika de este lugar if they're in middle another it's the most significant weapons development base for the United States pero SI lugar más importante para ese momento de armas in Estados Unidos Punto the atomic bombs that they dropped on Japan were put together on that base plus Las Palmas atomic ask a silencer on Soviet upon foreign as some bladders in some layers in a silver and I worked in construction yo how many constructions brother was working for me yes sir have a para me down the military financing he Clinton zero evidence him into the military or law so the construction where I lived ceased entonces no bruh the construction acaba construyendo nose to cientos to the cientos Casas a new canvas Ono's cuatro Sinko castles for negocio get the jnanis current a sink went empleados amigo is a moto i wouldn't ministerio independent in Norristown tempo yo a BS crit on resuming de los últimos versa kudos to Daniel on say current accreditor Cinco yes sir man only broken see go si papa dead yes harmonica follow true ministerio low-entry go a leader they occur ministerio yes leader lowly Oh Edie show eso lo mejor que Hamas a leader Asakura super Siculus and he thought it was well written he had been so key for being escrito so he invited me to come up and work in the assumed me endo I was over at the soonest element table oh no it's to be a key los premios de este Seminary oh and when he's talking about the prediction before midnight ich juan de el habla de la protección understand medianoche I assume he's already spoke about the opening up of the Seventh Seal no idea sobre la opportunity Septimus Lu okay the logic I want to put in place the logical Tok loca loca in Zulu guess what I have been seeing him do lo que estan bien lo que hace and we're doing em in for mne para million Aceh and prediction before midnight here the prediction under stamina not sure our key are you gonna deal with the Seventh Seal that's the Takara Tama the loose Caecilius I'm an acceptable said yo yo yo voy a took a dilemma Septimus failure that's unfortunate Camello then I haven't already dealt with Kyoya no a turtle sativa before I'm giving you this logic untested ross11 we will reach a point when you get on punto where we will show that in the millerite history and equality lives most ramos ICT sales kisser and a cellulose okay photon Basilio's and in the middle right history the last sale was the midnight cry message by samuel snow the most elitist yellow for a clamor they may not chip or suppose no so in the middle right history beginning here in 1798 in the seminary star coming son Domitian see no no mentor Oh Cho the first of those seven seals is represented by the increase of knowledge when the Book of Daniel is unsealed los vecinos is in almond Takano cemented the truck when the libro de vanilla cecilia until 1844 in leicester Adele mrs. Zuno no meter or just the miniatures in the quaint a Quattro there's a progressive development of truth I own this M into progress she will deliver that that progressive development of truth in the Book of Daniel yes it is evolving into progressive on individual day Danielle is represented as an increase of knowledge representa eskimo printed Congress in incremented a combination represented as removing seven seals pero an illiberal de apocalypsis self-represented como en los zetas alias the last seal that is removed in the millerite history Tomas and okay Sara Moira in lice to remiel Arista it's the message of the midnight cry that goes on in this history it's a mincer de Campo de noche NSA story so what I'm saying is look you study siendo right history is repeated to the very letter in our history minute leases they repeat a IP della lettera in USA storia and the prediction before midnight in the prediction and si medianoche a qatar deceptive Masiello en este momento I thought brother Tabo may have already had yo pensaba que era mono double yellow team en su lugar with this line here Conicelli me a key you add to that fact the truth that Jesus always illustrates the end with the beginning and the other la verdad que Cristo siempre in lustral fin de sel initial O'Connell initial for the Miller writes the first truth it's opened up the judgment our messy but Alice Miller research lab in whatever that que fuera tough way el mensaje Derek we Co de la hora del Y Co it's the first moments ago Laura de su isseo malaria each owner or it at the hour of his judgment was gonna come in 1843 in pensaba que la hora we saw Eve a cigar Miller to Santos current address and when sister white speaks about the mistake on this chart yo Nina what other sobre el error in this idea grandma she specifically calls it a mistake singular alias Pacifica mental Lord Yama une une erreur and singular the mistake for the Millerites was the fullness of year nearest us era a concept to the a new complete Oh Samuel snow seventh seal the 30 most said you did Samuel snow the midnight cry message amis are the clamor de medianoche is the perfection of Miller's message it's like a perfect sentimental Damon's ahead the Miller a premiere sell you a beer - enough to remain Arista is a pronouncement that judgment is coming yes in cement ok with you Jacob Miller thought it was going to take place in 1843 Miliband saw a kiva tomorrow got images into squalene Tetris but the Lord had held his hand over a mistake signora be a queer toe owner or consume and the Lord raises up Samuel snow to perfect this message he is in your levantese more so but a perfect sooner estimates a fee and when Samuel snow presents the midnight cry message he cuando Samuels no presenta mensaje de la mora me anoche it doesn't simply correct no solamente Corey hey Corinne Tetris acquiring the Quattro maintain our a messy idea in this history there is a progressive development of truth in SS Toria I disabled men to progress he will deliver that in Revelation in apocalypsis Quattro adelante Asturias it is clear become Oh a guitar bass alias mensaje de la mode de medianoche era el guitar the Septimus a leo therefore in our history this to luego nursery storia in 1989 there will be a message in puntos is this a mince a abierto takeaway v8o brought to perfection noventa also a perfection is here oh gentle a premium in Sakhalin mismo tiempo el abrió loss Altima sales were sick you Lucy Daniel on sale son el mismo mensaje in the forum approving on Punta de referencia reform approve a Nona is true to the prophetic ax throw on que es una buena is Luke to the prophetic on prophecy a con qual connector necesita su padre referencia ParaPro Varla so to the prophetic ax approach chapter 12 Edge's in capital low-dose it is mean in science electives in pasaron linear Terra Firma they live are like conclusion this liberal that's it if you can see s to s syllabus a linear the new permanent mañana cuando una tablet ENIAC continuer in la otra comenzó con esto aqui look in fact ISA assessments are his temple de Gracia Eber terminar por los authenticity reform annoyance in sentido pero silhouette is here unless you have a prophetic anchor to place them upon some sin importancia se know I know kidding us and no circuiting as an anklet prophetic Oh in los cuales applicable reconsider los últimos últimos vesiculosus a daniel on say would massage the Sigma's Ultima says sinister a story eternal into ski for recognize IDO e ensign ro la unión sovietic avoid the Rumba por una and the unscented Estados Unidos ear Popolo and complemented eternal unsecured gente and therefore verse 41 was the next thing that was gonna happen y por lo tanto a vesicular corriente you know Eva Sela siguiente cosa que tenia que our conscience airy open Sava Universal according to WHO no tienes la ley Dominical in los Estados Unidos nickel in los Estados Unidos cierra a tiempo de gracia para los authenticity reformer mostly store yeah BM was this okay is it there sir ito significance the rule here on a mensaje de la puerta Sarada para los sinto quente cuatro meter linear fundamental dices minces era que tiempo de gracia terminal skill inspiration repeated I meant a indica mask universe you know is a repetition of us you know what is a gift for you not put on mensaje de Putte Sarada and tiempo de noise there was a closed-door message in the time of Noah in Abraham in a tiempo de Abram tambien a closed-door message in the time of Christ to mensaje de una Puerta cerrado en tiempo de Cristo William it was a closed-door message came inside the military women's soccer do not put a Sarah and we realized that these two lines of truth produced the closed-door message for the hundred and forty four thousand he company most cases toss videos ever that portal here on a means ocotilla POTUS arava para elephant is more loss into Quantico throw me out there is no company room being a fundamental k turtle deco Luca Rasta order no less a thousand Inc on Expedia prophecy or CD sales in your just talking about a soloist we have landed the tempo pasado pero studies into cosas que espero que recuerda because I'm gonna make some points about poor Akira Sarah gunas puntos que killer only him blow from the very beginning they still initio the resistance that was given to this message was based upon fighting the idea of a closed-door message y lo que fuera carelessness of whale idea del sido a fundamental the Simmons I had si le initio Iligan the order - undersea Cierre la puerta self-deceived you see - no crazy Libertas assess the random in a food - dos sir Cano entonces austria maintain e secure the various eruka siano fidelity are contested mundo we had a crecimiento del islam you realize many symbols there are of Islam in the Bible right Habakkuk want to symbol o still Islam in a billion it's represented in a lot of ways it's represented the muchas Meniere's call vida Moses a that in Islam kisses characteristic as principle as case Langosta Roboto Roboto in lobelia al-islam a simple asado por la Langosta porque a simple natural is lo a spiritual and if you live in a part of the world where there's locust you see you soon apart really wounded on the island goes to us to serve russki I own tiempo cuando Jay Kyle tiempo de la Costa with pincers caso no problem unos cuantos no mas tiempo illicit even a molester ellos incremental exponential in dominoes can see ya estamos in estate no importa si tu crazy a las dos sonidos or Lucia son it difficult in a liberator near no importa season incidentally prophecy recognized que Rico no signal Donald means ruler of the world and Vladimir means ruler of the world Donald significa a cobia nod or a moon doe if Vladimir time until Russia and the United States are building up known as the Citiz in today s so de la biblia para ver que russia los Estados news Stan Armando several a grand Greece's casera and a few Jesus said to moody a para ver que la puerta sister pero Sierra's authenticity Medea in no entiendo sir su casa estas profundamente door remained closed who's to meet active Don estamos observe on de las comunidades arada sierra intermediate a nosotros sila Ventura hombres it isn't tipo de prueba de grasa nor realmente CS custom NT condo comienza el who is eros vivos estamos custom antenna fin cuando se they are say implemented in tener que que se argument or a study presented esta el initio they're Semin sir I want to tell you some history associated with these two messages in total akira-kun that I would a historian Association con esos las ventajas but what I want to point out at the outset lo que yo quiero a car they sell initial time in the end it can put a fiend the time at the end we originally thought was a point in time at the end a phenom it depends on butoh an example over the past four or five years we've came to understand that the time of n is a period in los últimos cuatro Cinco años hemos llegado entender que tipo de fitness Imperial and we've come to understand more that there are many references of two personages that mark the time of the end hemos llegado entender ki representación de las personas para tiempo del Sol here a personage could be Ronald Reagan Akio personaje polyester Ronald Reagan and George Bush the first he was a premier will make that case later time at the end for our generation dresses tipo de fin furnaces in Arizona and the increase of knowledge I'm arguing he wanted to consume into you study and so it was Linnaeus a bear that okay I'm saying you have to have them both you do kinoshita's ambos Ambus this is the structure esto les doctora this is the prophecy that allows you to use the structure effectively is a prophecy yet the parameter use a laser to effective a midday when we realized that verse 41 of Daniel 11 was the closed-door cuando company demos get a new current a Daniel corriente you know era Laputa Cervera it allowed us to put the Sunday law which is verse 41 no sparing meteo la ley de cualquier vesicular currently you know at the third third way mark in this basic prophetic Cuomo said Ito in his Linea basica della provision okay but we miss something better with mistake a be owner or the last December Ultimo Diciembre the mistake was clarified a terrific algo paralleling the fullness of the Year mistake in clarified varieties in parallel Allah descubrimiento de la rural' and you complete one extremely Rishta so what I'm saying is our message lo que yo is what you see endemism in Sofia the time in their temple they're filled with Daniel on say 40 to 45 quadrant a cuarenta cinco in conjunction with the reformed line in canto colony Reforma therefore por lo tanto this message here estimate sake the prediction before that prediction and the semi anoche nuestra el fin de sel initio it's gonna have to be a message that's based upon Daniel 11:40 245 in conjunction with the reformed line Jenica cerumen sahib asado in Daniel also according to cuenta Cinco in Jerusalem into colony Reforma okay so you have to see that you have to see that logic for some of the points in a given is a logical para otros puntos know the reason that I told you Larsen pork asado in casa por que no a be a como comprehend their look here come to see you know Surya Kiran Campo de fin de I was studying the chapter and selected messages that's all just implement estaba siendo own capital no insulators serious revelations the Maria del as revelation is serious noticed after the fact luego say and component either later on we noticed that master needless discovering demos give you an example of that kill him if you followed me see me and see you in the ministry where where we were at any minister donated our hablamos we printed 11 articles in 1996 on say artículos in nomine sistemas and in each one of those articles January February March in Kerala modest artículos enero Febrero marzo there was artwork connected with each of the chapters the artistic in loosened L capital o this is the artwork s turkey is from from eleven articles they all say ridiculous the friend of mine el amigo mio went to work at the Ministry first cave primera endeavor as a ministerial he took those 11 article eat tomatoes on Santa Claus he took the artwork from those 11 artists and he made a collage of them and it was not purposeful collage disto burrows one of the titles of one of the chapters a proposal to couldn't eat uno de los capitalist with time at the end it tiempo del fin and he just plugged it in there yes implemented local Okoye another one was the Great Escape ultra for a grannies copy another one was a tie a chapter called it's years later muchas this place this this magazine has been going it's been circulated and people begin to call at the time of the end it's a dream is that yo voy hacer mundo y la gente Lieber sodium at a temple - but we still hadn't understood time at the end for the reform movement of 144,000 was 1989 que tipo del fin para eat less at the center cuenta cuatro millimeter forma de índice and we realized the Lord controlled the title of this magazine Louisville Ont demos in the most critical senior trabajo Providence You Nakia condition that's the reason I'm laying some of this out what I saw Sonja's toy team apparel speech no Abby a propósito it just happened that way so nice implemented I come to see ya premiere la primera Sita these people of ECNs revista your Diigo is a store purchase you know layers every 400 o event is Sita's I do know Stella be Auto Sales beautiful vicia and I haven't counted your know Conte but at least 25 of them pero por lo menos veinticinco some veinticinco get some press douse for quite clear means ahead okay some competitive fundamental per se mensaje the idea that the Lord put them all in one chapter la de aquellas in your law school code todo en un capital o and orchestrated their quotes in this book the idea case in your Losco Loco Akito landesliga those orchestra in creve lamenting Presidente and the first lap America whatever may be man's intellectual advancement lucas al avance intellectuality romano let him not for a moment think that there is no need of thorough and continuous searching of the Scriptures for greater light no leadership in soprano meant ok no I needed at the estudiar likely to report mass loose as a people we were called individually to be students of prophecy como su Puebla somos individual minted Llamados para ser estudiantes de prophecy and for some reason it's the last report a goon arose wanna stand in the Ultima Sita North Way a propósito estamos this is going to produce a message for us at the end of a precipitous tournaments are in a final there has to be the message at the beginning Tanika Sara mensaje tiene que se tiene que ser otra standalone second acquaintance in the Russian culinary format and yet the same guys the order los mismos hombres que dicen que la puerta gnosis here a media noche that's when the judgment of the living begins okay it's cuando community who said no stevo's 10 min is done this year until we get to midnight time indecent you know I never lucid and yell a second lega moses' media noche para necesita him not for a moment think that there is no need of thorough and continuous searching of the Scriptures only depends on e por un momento que no abre la necesidad de busca la escritura spore mass Luciano's Disick a toast in a Moscow seriously understate prophecy and we're continually to be searching for greater light in continuum entertain a mosque a bus carnival loose there's no light from City ck Racine después de Mayo not Chiara Brahmas loose it's okay now esta bien no buscar estudiar in Danielle sister wife was wrong in a momento rather start searching in spirit after media not chant o supported comments are element a I've had a problem with these teachings that are going on your problema con esta since Indians has kissed and ennoble take a goo knows an SS Alice oh no it was any semen certain persona como yo critiquing some of these false teachings and his false teachers Kritika I do know the SS mr. has Francis II Meza he rose rose okie-dokie in tianjin in my defense and defend Samia guna as hit at the spirit of prophecy at dice esto ministership present the sure where the prophecy is the foundation of the faith of seventh-day Adventist ministers debris and present are LA prophecy seguro como el fundamental del Denis Rafi del Ferran Tisa prophecy is to be our foundation prophecy at the various a nursery fundamental that's the foundation of our faith yes Joseph ornamented UNICEF a so in my defense I see in defence amia if you think I'm being a little bit too critical when I address the false teachers that are among us Kinetico cuando yo ablai contra los I just want you to understand that maybe I've been in so say yes a baby I've been conditioned to be more sensitive to something that is conditional oppressor become a sensitive o SS cause us and the reason for that in Arizona Elio one time recently I thought I need to go through this and count una vez he open said the very studious how many passages in here cantar cuantos pasa has a key that's just in here there's many other passages so solamente ESO salami de aqui por que mucho to pisacas kid is living la cosa the talus the seventh-day adventists que nos dicen que authenticity Maria we have to guard the foundation of our faith tenemos que gear or cuidar a fundamental merciful porque tenemos is because it's going to be attacked porque vas erotic era so I've had this conviction from the very beginning until Co 10 years a conviction desde el initio whatever the foundation is looking say a fundamental advantage does tienen que defender law because it's going to come under attack porque vas erotic ro I'll give you one of them left oh you in the hemp lon it's out of this chapter it's a capital o selected messages book to page one la pagina siento on said means I can select those tomatoes the great way marks of truth los grandes uranus our bearings in prophetic history it was delivered up till noon Western are to be carefully guarded Jenica ser see no one said discriminatees replace all spot areas must be in conclusion I saw the significance of that mentors could chip a Romano per minute definite a fundamental what do you define it has now for years poor news I've said the truth on this chart were the foundation at the faith the seventh-day Adventist Abba que las velas in seda gramma and a fundamental daily quotes the back yo poet rare citizen speedy prophecy a para probable so it's brother Parminder Katie no sooner Amano Purnima oh you almost no estamos in the correct oh he's correct characteristic correcto without those rules you couldn't come to those truths sinister that is not political is does on that charter the foundation of Adventures of Isis where Dallas SS is the Radisson solos for their mentors together by the Holy Spirit through the man William Miller Dale absent is more before a comp allows for the hombre kill mo me let me to speak to some a combination of humanity when a combination de la mano y no Divino and the foundation that he had to have in order to come to those truth were the rules that he came to understand fundamental para una de sus vidas de Graaff warren rigg less so how is it Kimani sentences that those rules are gonna come under attack you say attack on Isis reglas de todas it's because people are going to be using the rules and Armando nos dijo porque es porque si ellos eran as a reglas to produce incorrect conclusions for a producer conclusion as ariela's how true it is that that's what's going on today wondered arrows so put this away let me just have a lot more to say that I want to say about this tengo mucho mas que decir sobre el yo but how much you understand pero quiero que comprar me the things I want you to see una cosa que yo quiero Brendon this could sound like a very self-exalting presentation for que puedas Leggero sooner communi presentation out the auto acceleration is together I participate job hunt ASO your hunt ASO that isn't my point it's annoys me punto there's some things I want you to see here are sake okie dokie ban and I'm trying to let you see how stupid I was about at all yours kiddo the shareware Quan is stupid oh you're stubborn in the reference I can put your feet even when the magazine the time of the end was la revista temple Delphine I didn't know what the 2520 was Sevilla calendars closed meeting into the painting and I'm pretty much the only man I know I'm planet Earth for a period of about ten years that was using both those charts Yoda pass the committee almost weekly it Unicom break yo conozco near polenta tierra que por unos días estaba whose sandal SSDI Gramma's Seminole maintained and why was I using those charts report killed us estaba buscando because I want to prove the daily Tokyo Korean defended proper Kadena understand those charged with the foundation of Adventist home team in India yo is a fundamentalist Islam Vientos de una manera I was using him so much in South America that I had those two charts translated into Spanish this is our attempt to insuit America keyless easy Travis en espanol I didn't know they were sacred pero no se vehicle Integra's I knew it sister white said in early writings page 74 that they were directed by the hand of the Lord and should not be altered yes a vehicle Khedive Elena white and the message to send a Quattro k4 into the hills Polamalu dinner no Davidians at italo's parada know those two charts had been typifies by the two tables of the Ten Commandment Taruna severe cases das da grandmas a BNC TP fikaris poor last establishment a mentos over here in the agora marquee it says pagan Dominion or daily taken away Daniel 11:31 508 Pagani's bo l dominio Pagano or a continuum Daniella therefore the paganism was daily press oh you went in Da Capo a nice more era el paradis no pero no sonic team is significant I tell you when I began to understand with them in the contrary cuando yo ABC there is discuss us and we'll take a break now and come back tomorrow will not fall sages place for venomous Heavenly Father we are kneeled before you here bad acid HCl is a mossad utterly Aslan to the team and what could only be understood is a sacred place in Locust solamente put into their sitcom on google sagrada many more of your people shed their blood right here in this place that are in this room muchos they to Pueblo parity parents us angry Akina saloon once again I don't know what it means that we're gathered here to study universe must displace una vez mas you know comprendo Kissimmee figure que aqui estamos con todos para su dr es lugar en esta semana but I can see that there's something providential about why we're here it'll put a very key I will prove it in CL porque nosotros estamos aqui we approaching the time where we're going to be if we're faithful estamos llegando el tiempo system was an opportunity to present the same witness that the Waldensians presented right here the name was Eve also tener la paz we had they definitely have to have the strength of the holy spirit the latter rain NOS dijo que necesitamos la force el espíritu santo para poder a city that is a testimonial but you've told us the latter rain is a message pero NOS dijo que es su mensaje says we know before you here in the sacred place we ask that the message that is going to empower us to faithfully represent you in this coming crisis a system acequia real identity in SE lugar seguro para pd r take que el espíritu santo no ski era in a sack Chrissy's Vinny Dara would be presented and received by those that represent a precarious Kristen arrow videos equivalent editing we ask that this week of study would be a preparation for the crisis it's about ahead demos que esta semana de studio de gasolina pepper ASEAN para la Chrissy's cave Andhra and that we can understand that it is when you leading us to this point from our very birth que podemos comprende okay to know CSS lugar desde el momento Dennis knows me as refreshing as we take a short break hola como vamos a Lac again and present what you have for us in the next presentation tomar una casa para reference Carlos in his quest was a volver para continuar s un to palabra