Help the FFA Wiki Team

To help, please create an account today! We have many areas that do not require any technical or computer skills where people can assist us! Please let me know if you have time.

We need help in these non-technical areas:

  • English site data cleanup
  • English site transcription cleanup
  • Foreign language site data content cleanup
  • Foreign language transcription cleanup
    • Français
    • Deutsche
    • Español
    • Português
    • Čeština
    • Română

Current work underway:

  • Show Larry how to upload ASOTP notes files - User:Clayton
  • FFA newsletter archives load 2016-1998 - User:Clayton
  • Training video development - User:Clayton
    • Build instructional videos for updating content
    • Build instructional videos for adding content
  • Parsing of MP3 audio content from Video files - User:Clayton
    • Upload Audio content to software server

Planned work:

  • Upload Video content to software server
  • Integrate PDF notes into individual video pages (between 80-160 hours of work required, thousands of notes files to be organized and uploaded)
  • Implementation of extended categories for videos - post initial data cleanup
  • Add PDF Book section with books from HDD Library
  • Add Chart section (images) from HDD Library
  • Integration of Roberta's Transcriptions into Wiki
  • Review and cleanup all automatic transcriptions by Channel section
  • Review and cleanup of all base video data fields and categories

Long-term development projects:

If you have skills in any of the following areas, please contact me if you can help with a specific development project.

  • MediaWiki guru - Website management and support
    • Searching of PDFs (Extension)
  • Linux guru - MWoffliner implementation for HDD Library
  • Virtualization expert - Help us build a portable isolated data storage environment for HDD Library
  • Software Developer - KJV Bible/Strongs data integration into Wiki
  • Software Developer - EGW book data integration into Wiki
  • Software Developer - Development of auto-download/sync tool for Electronic Content Library

Video Details and Categories requiring cleanup:

Category:TODO Africa
Category:TODO Australia
Category:TODO Bolivia
Category:TODO Brasil
Category:TODO California
Category:TODO Canada
Category:TODO Czech
Category:TODO France
Category:TODO FutureForAmerica
Category:TODO Germany
Category:TODO Guadeloupe
Category:TODO Holland
Category:TODO Jamaica
Category:TODO Kenya
Category:TODO Lambert
Category:TODO Romania
Category:TODO UK

Transcription automation requiring cleanup:

Category:Transcription Review Africa
Category:Transcription Review ASOTP
Category:Transcription Review Australia
Category:Transcription Review Bolivia
Category:Transcription Review Brasil
Category:Transcription Review California
Category:Transcription Review Canada
Category:Transcription Review Czech
Category:Transcription Review France
Category:Transcription Review FutureForAmerica
Category:Transcription Review Germany
Category:Transcription Review Guadeloupe
Category:Transcription Review Holland
Category:Transcription Review Jamaica
Category:Transcription Review Kenya
Category:Transcription Review Lambert
Category:Transcription Review Romania
Category:Transcription Review UK