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our father this morning we are here 
gathered and we are happy because 
We are starting the day studying your 
word sr 
so I ask you this time so 
special bless us 
that you be present with your holy spirit 
with each one and with me 
and it illuminates our minds so that 
we can understand the importance 
in the prophecy that you have given 
and that we can understand what 
is guided to your people in the past and 
and so he wants to guide us too 
so we ask you this morning on behalf of 
amen to me I have an issue that 
I thought sometimes maybe 
we should have presented after the 
maybe they are also fired now because 
most of the topics have taken more 
time to explain and my subject is a 
shorter topic 
surely you have many times 
watched during the presentations to 
these two diagrams 
the 1843 diagram as the called and the 
1850 diagram 
how many of you already knew those 
diagrams before coming to stop here 
two people 
3. 4 
the others had not seen 
the 5 that they already knew here we are in 4 5 
6 7 8 10 
Ie 15 people 
one third of those who are present in 
this moment they knew the others 
they have seen it for the first time and 
some years ago it was 
it was the same experience for me 
there were diagrams at some point by 
the first time in the 
at the beginning of 2000 2006 pretty much 
5 maybe 
before I had never seen these 
and still wonder how it is that 
that even though we do not know these 
diagrams and they are 
called the foundation 
if they are they represent 
our past from our church 
who have been very important in 
and they contain very visually 
and the basic concepts of us that 
we understand prophecy 
they have forgotten 
and we're going to forget these diagrams 
for quite some time 
and they played a part 
of the history of mineritos 
not long ago that 
again they were discovered they have always 
been in the archives in the 
libraries of the universities of 
but only as documents 
I think the church is no longer 
recognizes them as some document of 
act and it's still valid 
if you ask those who know 
they usually say that if it's a document 
historical and that contains some errors 
at the end they were wrong with the date not 
It is true 
and that is one more, no, it does not happen 
historical document unfortunately 
but this morning I want to read with you 
a little more about these diagrams that 
are those diagrams 
how important they were 
they are inspired they are not 
how is this there were other diagrams 
they are also inspired as is this 
interesting story that the two thousand 
edges have had 
This is custom since the beginning 
to illustrate the prophetic lines 
in tables 
on the canvas it is said I think 
line in baku line 
line line 
the line on line 
tell us about the linen painted on the 
linen and 
they used to illustrate the prophecies 
mainly and william miller well 
intense with this to illustrate what 
had understood about the prophecies 
and we also know what 
when you when they wrote their 
letters from one to another 
for an exchange of information is what 
they had discovered many times there 
birds had their illustrations of the 
prophetic lines 
to illustrate what they had understood 
so if you search the internet there 
some some pages that have 
files that show them how 
pioneers the first 
Adventist miners have a 
variety of diagrams that used them 
in their presentations the good 
and some are great some spend of 
this side to the other or they are even bigger 
some had their figures had like 
sculptures that carried their 
presentations to illustrate the 
people the beasts the statue and 
and in this way the people understood well 
what they were explaining 
but let's open our bibles 
to the q2 
and wants to make it clear that the 
mineritos understood this here as 
compliance that this was fulfilled in his 
own time and we are going to read more about 
about this what we are in abacus 2 1 
to 3 
says so 
the bible about my guard will be and about 
the fortress above me the foot and veil 
to see 
what will I be told 
and he answers about me already 
and jehovah answered me said he writes the 
vision and will declare in tables so that 
run the one that hurts you in it 
although the vision will still take a 
more time rushes towards the end and not 
lie, although I will wait for it because 
no doubt it will come soon 
later we will try to explain 
what are you talking about here 
that they talk about their verses 
but I want to advance that here says 
write the vision and declare the in tables 
to run and read in it 
the mileuristas were clearly understood 
that this diagram and then also this one 
it was a fulfillment of this mission of 
this sent here to write habacuc 
the vision on tables if you 
they fix are visions that are here 
written in the tables 
then I will explain to you 
are looking at whom those diagrams or 
which is located where follows a 
simple structures 
it is in a very visual way 
but at the beginning I want to share with 
you some texts 
the first of the conflict book of the 
pajín to 583 
point 4 
conflicts of the centuries 
ideas says well 
God has given us his word so that we 
We know his teachings and know for 
ourselves what he demands of 
when the doctor of the law asked 
to jesus 
doing what to possess in life 
the Lord referred him to the sacred 
which is written in the law as you read 
Ignorance does not excuse young people 
already old 
and will also free us from the punishment that 
corresponds to the violation of the law of 
God, they have in their hands a 
faithful exposition of said law of its 
principles and what she demands of 
men is not enough to have good 
intentions it is not enough to do neither 
that is believed fair what the ministers 
they say it 
the salvation of our soul is in 
game and we should write scrutinize by 
our account the holy scriptures 
no matter how entrenched the convictions 
of a man no matter how sure he is of 
that the pastor knows what is true nothing 
of this should serve as a foundation 
he has a map on which they go 
all the indications of the 
road to heaven if you do not have to 
make conjectures guesses 
here speaks of a map 
and sometimes we have touched this end 
this week the subject of translation 
I just wanted to tell you that 
translation is a good thing 
complete is not easy and when one 
translate sometimes search for the words 
more appropriate and that makes the reducing tea 
try to understand what the author wanted 
express against the word not true 
you know that times for a 
word there are several others that have 
the same or a similar meaning that 
as well 
enter the same 
esquire scheme is my word there are other 
and it can also mean the same thing and what 
has in common here right that 
is in common but maybe this is not 
how is it 
ok but there are others that maybe 
they are in common here also what I say 
is that sometimes there are several words for 
which can be used to translate a 
certain expression ok and map also without 
no problem we can use here the 
diagram word 
is valid is something that 
Can be done 
I do not say it 's badly translated but I say 
we can use that word and it is understood 
all right 
in English the word church is used 
As you already must also imagine 
it can be a letter 
even though 
then a letter then a map as a 
graphic was a table 
a banner 
now I get 
that is, there are several words and I'm not 
saying that here where it says 
here says we have read that the Christian 
he has a map on which they go 
all the indications of the 
way to heaven and it does not have to 
do with conjecture does not mean that 
here he is talking exclusively about 
this map of this diagram 
we have already learned a bit about 
methodology this weekend or this 
last week and you know that the 
key words that appear in the 
texts are important 
in such a book you talk about diagrams or you 
talks about maps calls us attention if the 
sister white also talks about maps or 
of diagrams ok and many times we see that 
you can apply the meaning of 
one to the other that is here says there is a 
map there is a diagram in which they go 
all the indications of the 
way to heaven and it does not have to 
make guesses 
it's interesting and the text continues and 
says thus the first and highest duty of 
every rational creature is scrutinizing 
the truth in the sacred scriptures and 
then walk in the light and exhort others 
to follow his example 
now look for yourself day after day we should 
study diligently in the bible 
thinking every thought and comparing 
the text with text with the help of god 
we must conform our own 
opinions since we have to respond to 
God for ourselves 
you have to study day after day 
diligently the bible 
Now I want to read a text with you 
which is in the magazine 
review in herbert we have translated this 
sometimes it's here 
no problem 
says so 
the following the warning has arrived 
nothing should be allowed to disturb the 
foundation of faith ok 
here speaks of the foundation of faith and not 
of nothing should be allowed to disturb the 
foundation of faith says of managua 
nothing should be allowed to disturb the 
foundation of the faith on which we have 
been building from this one in that the 
message arrived in 1842 1843 and 1844 ok and 
tells him that 
of faith they have been building 
they build on this foundation 
in these years 42 to 44 and tells them I 
I was in this message and since then 
be in front of the world 
in the light that God has given us 
we do not propose to take our feet 
platforms on which they were placed 
while day after day we looked for the 
Lord with sincere prayer looking for 
you believe that I could leave the 
light that God has given me 
It has to be like the rock of the ages 
has been guiding me since 
It was given 
that is, if you will look carefully at what 
she says she says that the foundation 
about what they have been building 
in the years 42 to 44 is the foundation of 
and he never pulled his feet out of his 
foundation says and also says that it has 
to be like the rock of the ages 
ok that you know that expression of 
where do you know who the crazy ones are 
Christ amen 
I think it's very clear 
and here I do not know if you have fixed that 
says that we do not propose to take us out of 
feet of the platform on which they were 
placed while day after day 
We were looking for the man with sincere 
operation that is the miller and the 
pioneers is to study day after day and 
we have read in the previous appointment that day 
after day we should study 
diligently the bible 
thinking thinking every thought and 
comparing the text with text here we 
confirms that this method of comparing 
Text with text to study every day 
and has led to having this foundation so 
solid that is like the rock of the ages 
says well in another text in these 
testimonies took 8 
this is to write them down is a reference a 
little long 
is in the magazine review herbert 
April 14, 1903 
what I am going to read is find 
if you are in English no more ice 
and it says so much in the past many in 
the past tried to establish 
a faith and new principles more for 
how long he remained standing 
building soon fell because it was not 
founded on the rock this is 
foundation is very important if not 
we build on this foundation falls 
If our 
our interpretations of prophecy not 
are founded on the foundation 
which has been placed 
in the past 
can not stand on this 
that is 
considerably important 
the next text 
this book first writings 
250 and 8.2 
it says like that I saw that a company was kept 
standing well guarded and firm denying your 
support for those who would unsettle 
the established faith of the body god looked 
with approval to that company I left 
shown three steps the messages 
of the first angel of second and 
third said my accompanying angel to and from 
the one that moves a block or a plug 
of those messages the true one sees 
understanding of those messages is from 
vital importance the fate of 
the rest depends on the way they are 
you know we have studied together that 
the three angelic messages were 
given in the in the history of the thousands 
of mileuristas 
that we have studied and we have repeated 
several times 
here says angela left component 
and whoever moves a block or a 
pin of your messages 
the true understanding of those 
messages is of vital importance 
you do not have to move anything here is not here 
may be left a few days later or 
can start in a few days before it is 
it's a condition 
it's like a block or a plug that does not 
can move is a landmark 
and then I will tell you at what time 
entered that diagram because in the end that 
you do not know the diagram were the miners 
those who preached this message of the 
three angels not true 
and maybe they have fixed that it was here 
and in May 
that this diagram was introduced 
again he made me travel those 
messages and I saw how high price there was 
obtained his experience the town of 
God- got it for a lot of suffering and 
severe conflict God had led him 
step by step until you put them on a 
solid and unshakable platform I saw a 
certain people approach the 
platform and examine its foundation 
some immediately climbed to it 
with business 
others will begin to find defects in 
the foundation wanted it to be done 
improvements then the platform would be more 
perfect and people much happier 
some got off the platform to 
examine it and declare that it was wrong 
placed but I saw that almost all 
they remained firm double over the 
and exhorted those who had come down from 
she to which you fall in their undo their 
complaints because God was the architect 
teacher and they were fighting 
against him he recounted the marvelous work 
made by god who had finished them 
driven to the firm platform 
and there is a unison 
to that they go the eyes to the sky and with voice 
strong glorify god this affected 
some of those who had complained and 
leave the platform and these with a 
humble appearance they went back up to it 
it's interesting how he already illustrates 
the experience of that line is a 
solid and tells us that then some 
they went down to make improvements in this 
foundation true and so has also 
happened with those diagrams many are 
they dropped the foundation to find 
mistakes here and so it is 
So unfortunately we return 
she does not recognize many of the 
of the blocks that are here placed 
on this foundation 
is more than one are several here we have 
several symbols that we do not understand today 
as as before 
and I hope it was very clear that this 
foundation is a very solid foundation and 
you do not have to govern on this foundation 
very well 
they will excuse me 
enough in advance so several texts 
I'm not reading here 
your notes but this text is in 
page 82 
where says abacuc 2 
all have found 
says between these prophecies 
and says so 
that chapter that talks about the prophecies 
completed chapter 23 if I'm not wrong 
of the conflict and the centuries 
there is no talk of fulfilled prophecies and there 
start here saying between those 
prophecies was that of avacu 214 
I will put you on my watchtower 
I will place over the fortress and I will be 
looking to see who will say goodbye and 
what I have to answer about me 
that already to which he responded jehová and said 
write the vision and spit the envelope 
or about 
on tables so that it can be read 
currently because the vision still 
It will take until the appointed period 
well that is rushing towards the end and not 
cheat not deceive hope though 
it will take you to save it because for sure 
will come and it will not take but here is in 
his deserved his right soul in the just 
in but because of your faith it frees 
and continues saying 
can already year 1842 the order given in this 
prophecy writes the vision and spits out the 
about april families 
Sculpting the on tablets 
so that it can be read commonly 
had suggested to charles search the 
writing a prophetic poster with which 
illustrate the visions of Daniel and 
the publication of this poster was 
considered as compliance with the 
order given by a backup 
nobody however I notice then that the 
same prophecy mentions a procrastination 
evident in the fulfillment of the vision 
a delay time after the 
setback this passage of the 
writings were very significant 
the vision will still take until the deadline 
indicated well that rushes towards the 
end and not cheat hope though 
I'll be waiting because I'm sure 
will come 
it will not take unfair in but for your faith 
that is in the year 1842 more precise in the 
may month 42 
the pioneer brother carlos pips 
have the idea of producing this diagram 
explain to you is prophetic 
if you are 
review with me quickly the line of 
the mileuristas know that 1798 is fulfilled 
the prophecy of the 1,260 
we are in the time of the end is 
when the first angelic message and 
then in 1833 thousands of writes his 
and begins to preach the message of 
judgment of the short coming of Christ 
here the message on August 11 
and 800 coherent strengthened the first 
message with that with the fulfillment of 
a prophecy about the fall of the 
Ottoman Empire the true 
and here then in May 42 
this diagram occurs 
it occurs on May 82 842 ok but 
we call it this diagram 
1853 because it's a simple question 
I think you know it 's because that 
diagram had set the return of of 
Christ in the year 1842 
and the most remarkable one explained in detail 
like like this change from a date to 
passed and your suspicions correct them 
they understood that they must count a year 
complete and not from the beginning of the 
year and so will end up entering the year one thousand 
854 but at such a height everything still 
I expected the voice of Christ in 853 and for 
that that diagram I gave this name 
thousand 853 diagram 
on may 42 
that diagram occurs 
now going back to the abacus text here 
supreme and guard will be and on the 
fortress I will sign the foot 
This is talking about who 
who watchtower whom this sentinel 
who is it warns the people in this 
miller watchtower answer the question 
but thank you let's see what really 
those diagrams 
I was in the whole world there are no stories 
of people traveling far reaching 
they want not to show their their discovered 
explaining the prophecies and they came 
people already knew because 
had been published in it 
in the wage for example 
or are these diagrams have gone for each 
then here 
the sentinel to whom he gives this warning 
that generation was miller 
It was me who gave this message 
here at the beginning of the trial and then pass 
from miller to a group is no longer just the 
but it is a group of several 
several people who preach this 
message of the death of Christ 
and here it says in verse 1 at the end 
and I will watch to see what I will be told and 
that I have to answer about me that already 
that translation are not there and from there I do not know 
what you want to express 
rather than what you want to say and in 
some bibles has been translated better in 
the queen valera gómez for example what 
he says is 
that is not a sentinel who complains but is 
the town that 
they complain where the sentinel is 
well sometimes intendant of the town and 
he wants to know he complains and he understands the 
ask that I will answer you 
they come to complain about me 
there is water responds and makes more sense and 
will give you the 
the solution you complain about you since 
this sentinel function proclaiming the 
message then seven who complain that 
you must do 
write the vision and declare them in 
tables to run the one that hurt him 
and that they have done 
that's why your diagrams have been produced 
so that it can be easily understood 
who wants to understand the prophecies if 
you want to take the time 
then to look closely at this 
diagram is translated this is not 
original in English 
and that is to translate 
and you are going to see that really 
It explains very very clearly 
the prophecies 
now this text that 
I want to read with you is a text 
and you could almost 
everything in this appointment to make it short 
We were able to make the appointment and everything is clear 
but we have a little more time and 
I want to explain more we are still in 
page 82 
and let's read the first date because here 
where the inspired testimony says 
here says sister white the following 
on that diagram 
I have seen that the 1843 diagram was 
directed by the hand of the Lord 
and who should not be altered 
and the figures were like he wanted them to 
his hand covered and concealed a mistake 
in some of the figures so that nobody 
I could see it until the hand of God 
move away 
ok it 's a short text but you have to 
pay attention to what he says 
second you quickly 
maybe the impression is that 
here it says that the hand of the Lord covered 
mistakes that there are mistakes in this 
diagram but that says here more accurate 
how many errors are there in this diagram 
Let's see 
what it says here 
adding hidden copper 
a mistake 
a mistake in some of the 
figures ok 
the number 1843 appears more than once to 
who is diagramming is not true 
that is, there is a mistake that appears 
several times it is the number thousand 853 
and it's not more than that this was the 
mistake that the hand of the lord 
he covered and he had his purpose because this 
produced the delay the first disappointment 
and this was necessary for what 
God could see who really 
I was waiting for the man who 
had followed them only by 
fear such or by emotion already or of 
purpose God placed his hand hiding 
a mistake here and that's what 
understand well that this diagram is not 
full of mistakes fills us with 
errors hidden god the purpose a 
error and that number has been corrected 
then the truth here in the diagram 
we already have the dates migrations account 
4 here here is already corrected 
is the one of the accounts the rest was left 
basically be that he sat here the 
new light that they had received about the 
in addition there are no changes 
about the content of that diagram 
this error 
but that error has been corrected because 
it was only a mistake a mistake 
because many times when you 
they talk with brothers who may know 
those diagrams or pastors or whoever 
they are going to tell you that but that diagram 
has got his mistakes 
they want to induce that there are several 
little things that can no longer be 
understand well several times that week 
we have also talked about the one that is 
touched of the continuous the certain thing and that says 
continuous sacrifice is removed and here 
more clear says 
the pagan domain or the continuous removed 
you do not have to interpret much is do 
something very clear yes brother 
that's right I'm only in 1850 it was 
already produced after the second disappointment 
although they already understood then 
after this date must be 
already corrected but this date at the beginning 
It's me who after that already that was 
the purpose and so says also in 
abacus 2 
if I continue we continue a little bit with 
the text 
it says so although the time vision will take 
even for a more hurried time if at 
end and not lie or be here already says that 
the vision will take some 
we have already read in the text of 
constituted centuries 
where nobody says however I notice 
so that the same prophecy mentions 
an evident delay in compliance 
of the vision 
a delay time after 
setback this passage of the 
writings was very significant 
the vision will still take until the deadline 
no ice cream 
and I'm a little worried because I see 
that time is flying and I'm 
still here eating in the beginning 
I'm going to accelerate a bit already 
then they can read calmly there are several 
texts of the pioneers also that that 
it's diagrams and they clarify it 
and here it is interesting to look at this 
line that that diagram was produced 
when greater 42 ok 
and here because we mark here 
then after this thing here this 
you want is the activity of the enemies 
ok and who told us we have 
of conflict over the centuries that we 
what happened then after they had 
published that diagram 
to see who is 
not the conflict of the century but the 
testimonies for the church I believe as 
a 26.3 
says so in June 1842 or afterwards 
after the publication when 
made the vision visible in tables 
then later in June 
the lord I presumed presented a 
second series of conferences in 
portland consider a great privilege 
my sisters will be able to attend because 
I had been discouraged and I did not feel 
ready to meet with my savior 
this second series awoke one 
shock much greater than the first with 
few exceptions the different 
denominations closed the doors of 
his churches to the Lord thousand numerous 
speeches delivered from various 
pulpits tried to put the manifest 
reveal the alleged errors 
fans from the lecturer 
Yet despite this large 
groups of anxious listeners attended 
their meetings and many could not 
get in 
so that this diagram is published 
it does not take long for the resistance to 
manifest very very clearly very 
obviously we have read that the vast majority 
of the churches closes the doors is not 
and here's why we have that milestone here 
and close the door for Protestants 
those who no longer want to receive this 
maybe to conclude 
briefly them 
I'm going to tell you a little bit about that 
and the first column of that speech 
it's that statue where we found it 
the snow 2 very well is easy to understand 
and here in the second we have several 
animals where those animals are removed 
danielle 7 and 8 is so it's 
are placed in parallel 200 Babylonians 
half psa half third that is not 
only horizontally that is 
can read that diagram but also 
vertical what's true here next we have 
a timeline 
that is, one can be located once it is 
understands what you mean in that 
here in the center we have several dates 
key dates important dates 
can still see 
at what height it happens that already 15 838 the 
death of christ are several dates 
who are you just going to some 
important calculations prophetic 
take us to the expected dates 
important that here also 
there are twice this is number 2,500 and 
twenty is not true I do not know how many of 
you are familiar with this 
I met her very late it's a prophecy 
that also that there is an oblivion no longer 
we specify in the churches that 
prophecy but there it is in the diagram 
that prophecy and god 
I wanted him to be there 
inspired that diagram 
it was the hand of god that directed that 
if we accept that simple fact 
we have to really think if what 
we accept about what we reject, we do not have to 
interpreting a lot is simple is a child 
can you understand that was your site not 
and here below what does he talk about 
apocalypse 13 17 9 are 
contains then the prophecies of 
Daniel and Revelation is so it is 
You can use that diagram to illustrate 
take out doubts about accounts and 
has always in reference here the 
texts what is referred to is a 
tool well good useful to say it 
A) Yes 
important too 
I do not want to leave this open that God 
I also want a clear order 
as noted this was that diagram or 
do not 
and says it here in the text sometimes what 
now talking about this diagram 
1850 I saw that God was in the 
brother table publication 
nicholls that diagram puts with this by 
carlos fitz roy haynes 
I saw that God was in the publication of 
the table of the brother nicolás saw that 
there was a prophecy of this table in the 
bible and this table is designed to 
the people of God if it is appropriate for 
one is appropriate for everything for another and 
if one needed a new table 
painted on a larger scale all 
they needed it also I saw that the 
diagrams ordered by god 
favorably favorable 
the minds still without an explanation there 
something light loving and heavenly in the 
representation of the angels in the 
the mind is almost imperceptibly mind 
guided to god and to heaven 
the text that I wanted to refer already 
we have read first written 74 where 
says the first text here 
I have seen that the diagram of one thousand 853 was 
directed by the hand of the Lord and who does not 
it must be altered 
and I 'm looking for another text sorry 
a little lost here 
elena white declares 
says that this diagram should not be 
altered not for inspiration ok that 
is important and he has already had 
we have read and inspiration that that 
diagram must be produced has been 
corrected the dates and they have 
increased here the 
the doctrine about the sanctuary 
they understood at this time 
why I say this is because there are others 
diagrams in other diagrams that enter 
later I believe that my brother and another 
He mentioned it when he talked about 
about the judge not true in 1863 then 
after another diagram is already produced 
and if you see it, it 's very similar but 
there are reasons that we do not have here a 
third diagram 
hung up here that is 63 which is 
different in the diagram of 63 someone 
he has seen it already knows it you can not very 
only one thing is missing one thing and no more 
part there is no text is just 
ok figures 
there are no 2,520 for example 
videos along with a manual 
we know that then later the 
the congregation the church that had 
finished forming it began to fall already 
rejected certain doctrines that had 
been foundation seems that movement and 
we have read the beginning well as 
some lowered the foundation for 
look at it to see what you can 
improve and they wanted to increase and they want 
pull out other blocks that they 
they thought they should not belong to 
that foundation not true 
and so it is 
what is the problem with the diagram of 63 
the acid altered but can not 
inspiration we have no story that 
sister white suggests that it is diagram 
must produce but now without text and without 
numbers there are already some dates I think 
there is the problem because it has been 
altered but not with inspiration and that 
It's very serious because we have here 
clearly that diagram should not be 
at what point did they understand that they were 
wrong with the date 43 
we have studied with the manu here what 
that then here they understand brother 
Snow explains that he was wrong 
in the accounts it is not true they 
they were counting from the beginning of the 
year and they were not considering the autumn 
yes several times yes and thus the date of 43 
of the Jewish year 
actually Jewish years 43 did not end in 
December 43 just finished 
in 44 
what he meant 
there are more texts and that's why many times 
refers to the words that are used already 
if you read what is said 
on the diagram of 40 and 63 them 
they thought they would improve 
and to make it more beautiful to use in 
Those words 
and improve I wanted to improve that management 
but we have read that this foundation does not 
should be altered should not be improved 
he is good as is 
It was done in May 42 
50 yes 
they did not understand 
yes celestial 
they thought that Christ was going to clean 
what a sanctuary the earth 
ok then later they understood 
sanctuary is not the land but is the 
sanctuary in the sky 
that's right, amen 
brothers, I'm going to finish the 
presentation here 
if you have questions please 
it is summarized many times to few prophecies 
of his life that the thing is a little more 
complex right 
and even sadder is that 
and I've seen that wants to disconnect from 
that story 
management is done to say that we are not 
mileuristas we are Adventists not true 
we are from here on in 63 in 
forward when the church was founded 
it's here it was a more fanatical movement 
so he puts it conscious he said that here 
They were wrong and that's sad because 
we have here the closing testimony that is 
the foundation was placed by god is 
something that we should never forget 
let's pray brothers celestial father you 
we wish for the precious hours of the 
and we have read about 
the foundation that you have placed 
in the time of our pioneers the 
now they help to understand that never 
we must take off his feet is his 
which is placed by your hand sir 
what is important and what should we 
understand it well 
sir I ask you this morning continue 
with the others that bless us and give us 
encouragement for 
and I arrived near the end of this week 
prophetic sir that you are with us 
up to us until the end sir 
so I thank you in the name of Jesus