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Our Mission

The intended purpose behind the creation of FFA Wiki, is to house the largest reference website for the present truth movement of seventh-day believers, attracting present truth seekers and believers in the seventh-day Sabbath, Advent faith; to edit and create relevant content based on the School of the Prophets classes, Future for America camp meetings, Lambert Community Fellowship lessons and sermons, and other presentations by our global sister ministries. In the age of the internet, hundreds of languages can be translated from this website, making it relatively easy for God's people to take these messages to all the world.

Present Truth

The end-time fulfillment of Bible-prophecy is taking place before our very eyes.

"Do we not see the Spirit of God being withdrawn from the earth through the judgments which follow that withdrawal? Surely the events of September 11, 2001, the earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, wars, bombings, murders, famines, and diseases all confirm that the restraining influence of God’s Spirit is being removed from this planet's inhabitants.

…We see the consolidations of the religious world in the ecumenical movement. Protestants no longer protest Rome—they follow Rome. Economically we see businesses merging into giant corporations, the nations of Europe’s merging into one currency, the signing of treaties such as GATT and NAFTA in order to create economic alliances for a one-world marketplace; while the military's of the world are consolidating under NATO and the UN."

Yet God’s people sleep on.

Virgins Asleep until the Loud Cry

These things are but the tip of the iceberg, and the wickedness that we see in the world is but half of the greater picture.

Over the last century we as Adventists have seen our church all but decimated by the false principles of apostate Protestantism that slithered their way into the homes and universities of our people. This Babylonian wine has lulled our shepherds and their flocks into a drunken slumber and it is high time that God’s people are awakened.

Watchmen on the Walls

The ministry of Future for America recognizes these conditions existing in the world and in God’s church, and is earnestly working to proclaim the final warning message of Revelation 14 in order that God’s people might be revived and reformed.

We are the final generation of this earth’s history. Through obedience to God’s law, and faith in the promises of His Word, we are to receive the experience that will enable us to stand during these solemn times.

In conjunction with the prophetic message, Future for America also advocates all aspects involved in medical missionary work and country living.

He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon. - Daniel 11:41