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dear sir I want to thank you 
that now we have a possibility to 
present a topic 
another topic seems from generation another 
help yours to wake up to us 
I think sir please address my words 
direct those of us here together 
doing that study 
in understanding 
in the interpretation of the name of Jesus 
very well dear listeners that your 
Today I want to study with you Danielle 
some who have been accompanying those 
issues for some years know that we have 
much emphasis on the book 
danielle lately not lately this 
the beginning and especially the last 
chapter here we are at the end of the 
history coming to the last events 
that are opening showing 
clearly before us to return 
again to that book to that chapter them 
I invite you to open chapter 11 of honey 
since 1989 we are preaching 
in the last verses that have been 
open to the Adventist people to the 
last generation but now we have to 
review the first verses there 
things that we did not think we were going to 
find still here in this book 
so begins verse 2 and now I 
I'll show you the truth, here's what 
There will be three root in Persia and 4 will be made 
of great riches more than all of them 
and in making his fort with his riches 
will raise everyone against the kingdom of 
with this story here in its first 
interpretation for example how am I the 
find here in the book of maurice 
in the apocalypse 
It is a classic classical interpretation 
means that Protestants already 
they understood this they no longer understand 
before they did not understand 
place this line of events we are 
talking about the last kings of Persian 
is what it says here and now I fear 
about the truth and here there will still be three 
kings I started there will still be three kings in 
Daniel is here in the kingdom of Miro 
to the end of that kingdom and he says that 
there will still be three kings and then come 
another that clearly means alejandro 
great the beginning of renault of greece 
but here three kings still 
we are now in that moment 
in Daniel's vision we are now in 
to 90 so life also says it 
he is the present time but the 
prophecy presents us with three kings 
for coming the first of these was 
he is also second 
the second 
smer dis 
false smer dis because he was an impostor not 
I was on the royal line 
and that one was presented with a false name and 
So much light to start the town that he 
is the true smer diese life of 
around the throne has a little time 
the bible speaks of him 
at the moment that the Jews 
rebuild jerusalem 
of chalk 
a stop 
an interruption of the construction 
the third change is false smer dis 
it had to be 
here next comes a fourth second in 
the eleven 
the famous jerjes 
he also exercises first 
Hehehe Grande is the famous sherry that 
they give everything 
about an estimated 4 million 
soldiers against 
around Greece or against the kingdoms 
of Greece trying to conquer but it's 
braking was stopped in the thermopiles 
by the Spartans the 300 Spartans 
that closed the entrance to the islands of 
greece and then conquered in the 
salt matter amis and perea 
after that he has to go back without 
success I had raised but with a 
bible also left here prophesied 
lift everyone against the kingdom of 
and he's going to be brought back then brave the 
this mining code with great power now 
it is already the following 
the kingdoms 
biblical prophecy and this is 
the kingdom that replaces my persia 
in those thousand persia 
and now comes greece and that king 
I was going to be Alejandro 
very well that's the line here that the 
life has left us and it was fulfilled in the 
prophecy was fulfilled in history 
ok there's an interesting thing here 
important to notice the angel says and 
Now I will show you the truth because he 
He says that not because at some other time 
of the video we will not hear the truth but 
that here is a truth that contradicts 
the truth that one finds the books 
of history at least in certain 
level because those were not the last 
kings of persia 
per was continued having many kings 
plus one of the celebrities in it 
bible is high people shortcut declared the 
third decree that lived after 
jerjes and after so many other kings who 
they came just being supposed and 
Christ ends in him in fart 
where per se with the Muslims the 
conquest of the Muslims but this 
story was going to continue and until 
'alejandro magnno' also 
they were still going to get up 123456789 
kings then the angel wants to leave 
Of course one thing that I 'm afraid to know 
true that's a truth that's the 
truth the truth of history 
biblical the truth of history 
spiritual the truth of this is 
statue here where he thinks his kingdom ends 
in his role in that story here 
against the poor of God and this story 
it ends and that way we have 
that understanding that is very important already 
because otherwise I would not look for a king is in 
another moment in history 
Now what we are doing and 
little by little I will present and defend 
the logic of this that these kings 
the last presidents of the us how 
can i do that 
this here are the last kings of 
persia and we make a parallel 
I'm saying that this story is 
parallel to the last four 
presidents of the us how can it be 
that one reason is that we have here 
that's why it's so important to understand is the 
diagram or the citizens who are 
that diagram that is foundation for this 
we are teaching a long time ago of 
that beginning here we have to gather the 
fundamentals of our faith and to get 
to that conclusion we have to be 
established in those truths here 
you see 
different beasts 
and the time I know what comes after the lion 
daniel 8 is a goat is a 
ram this carrero has two horns 
good smaller than the other 
representing that power that has 
two middle parts and persia look like this not 
stronger than average also in 
danielle 2 
excuse also the 7 the bible had 
placed the bear symbol also 
symbolizing me of persia and there he has 
one of its legs more advanced than 
another of noticing the same thing but that 
detail here that have two parts that 
has two horns is a very detail 
important meto persia 
It is a power of two frames 
and those two horns 
symbolizes in the mean 
and adverse 
now if you open with me 
apocalypse 13 
and we are going to find another power of two 
verse 11 says the following after 
I saw another beast that came up from the earth 
and had two horns similar to those of 
a lamb but he spoke like a dragon 
who is that beast who is that beast 
as we also call it the beast of the 
this beast represents the states 
united can not read a little bit the 
centuries the logic is that that beast arises 
at the moment that the other beast of 
beginning of the chapter the piece of the sea and 
receives the deadly wound 
in the same year 1198 one dies another one 
raises to the constitution of the us 
has been placed in its place and 
prophetically begins here the us its 
role take its place in history with 
that's another line that line here 
that is the line of prophetic realms already 
a line of kings or kingdoms 
historical in the bible but that we 
gave the possibility to define the USA 
also as a power of two horns 
here it says like of a lamb 
now these two horns that symbolize 
we can see a text that clarifies that is 
in conflict of the centuries page 432 and 
so I have it here in that version 432 
the application application of 
the byte center indicates 436 for Spanish 
says the following is chapter 26 
Let's see 
and had two horns similar to those of 
a corner or horns similar to those 
of a lamb represent youth and not 
simple meekness true traits 
of the character of the usa when it was 
presented to the prophet who went up in 1989 
and below says 
Republicanism and Protestantism 
they became the principles 
fundamentals of the nation 
then we have two principles the 
and Protestantism 
they symbolize that installation on these 
horns about its fundamentals has been 
edified this nation if they are removed if they 
It would remove those horns would break and 
that is what will happen the Dominican 
a law that has to go bankrupt in its 
it has to be raised on top of its 
early bankruptcy with that nation loses 
their bodies and so here the pioneers have 
made clear in 50 mission diagram 
when he says image of the papacy 
the lamb with the horns and in 
parentheses placed of republicanism and 
Protestantism and so on that's the 
symbol that is what the brand symbolizes 
to this nation for this we have here two 
Nations 24 if we have a parallel 
has a limitation one of those that 
we will place to place this country 
parallel to medo persia now if it is not 
was the king present alive in the time of 
the vision 
in the event this happens here now 
yes it is also the president or king of 
an end time that ends here in that 
history that way we here 
we have a parallel that we are going to place 
within very little in the frame and because 
can place that at that time but what 
what are we saying the following 
we have here 
to 14 kings that the prospect of 
prophecy in the USA and they have already passed 
they passed in their kings almost all 
the first of clinton 
the second one 
the third 
barack obama 
and the fourth we know that these are very 
few days 
donald trump 
donald trump a word and the energy is 
donald trump is going to be the last 
president of the usa 
now here is still missing substance but 
that is simply logical events 
and what we are now saying what 
that I want to defend in the minutes that 
I'm left with a little more substance 
we have studied this topic in the 
school of prophets that we have in 
I had every day an hour and a half 
for this topic and more or less we have 
needed a month a little more with month 
to talk about that topic then there's 
enough material is enough 
material to deepen and to 
defend and 
and place all this on a foundation 
firm and stable 
well the next point now is what 
it is important to place is the framework 
chronological or historical 
many times you have heard 
prophecies about the last popes by 
it was no longer had not been taught that juan 
pablo second was going to be the last dad 
after he died 
did not rise again as some expected and 
he believed that Benedict was going to be the last 
Dad does not seem to be the last dad either 
already uploaded to another dad and now many 
they say that is a dad those are that is 
a type of interpretation of events 
trying to prophesy 
but without base although the margin is missing 
infant of the frame where to place there is no 
a prophetic anchor to place as 
we are now from zero us here this 
at that moment because we can say that 
clinton is not the second his dad you was 
the first and obama is the last there is 
videos you find easily in 
youtube videos of people who proclaim 
proclaims obama as the last president not 
it's true and because we are 
owners if you want the third-to-last third 
in the last good that is margin here 
from the time frame time we are going to 
to cross daniel 11 and it is important 
see gift cleans the prophecy that prophecy 
the last vision of daniela 
begin to cover all 10 and if you 
they are going to cover all 10 cycle 1 we have 
Time information says in the year 
third of ciro king of persia now is 
this one here 
this is the third year 
say now what happened in the third year 
the style and I'm going to put another line here 
to mark events 
that some events here the third year 
the style was year 537 
before it's all 
the third say oh 
in this year 
the famous ones finished 
70 years of slavery of the Jewish people 
in Babylon they had obviously 
started in the year 700 607 before 
in this way 
this year who will have seven the year in 
that we are in that vision is the time 
of those 70 years time of the end is a 
term that you do not have to apply 
exclusively to the last time of all 
the times of history but the 
end time marks the end of a time 
here the 70-year-old prophecy 
Now that's interesting because if that 
it's like that 
and we can say this is the 
end time then we have an anchor 
for our prophecy here we say ok 
then we have here a time of the end 
that we know is 1989 for our 
generation as we know that for those who 
have not studied that let's say 23 
referring now but there is that thing that 
I did interesting and it works but for 
the great truths for all 
truths in the video without projects or 
three witnesses and we have more witnesses 
for that here why in chapter 11 
verse 1 the angel mentions one thing 
at first sight strange because it says 
after telling some things 
will start with danny he says 
11 1 and myself in the first year of 
river the first year of darío between 
I was there to encourage him and strengthen what 
which was not year first gave 
the first year would let go to 539 
because the angel and ceased the angel is 
here with daniel 
here is the honey 
and the development was also in 
ending and the river 
what it has to do two years ago was already 
I did not even live 
I give the means because this year is also 
a very special year because here also 
they finished out another 70-year prophecy 
there are several prophecies of 70 years in the 
bible dear brothers 
there are several here I finish a prophecy that 
I had started at 609 
and this is the prophecy is the time of 
grace given to Babylon 539 Babylon 
skype Babylon falls falls by the hands of 
just darío and ciro the truth the 
party must undo you remember is 
He told Daniel 5 where that 
empire the story that started with a 
bogut to nabucodonosor and so on 
those hours end are they hold 
exactly fat that I had 
given that town 609 that had happened 
here 609 
in this year the Babylonians came down to 
Syria of the throne and they were the new power 
in this area occupying the same land 
607 what had happened here 
Nebuchadnezzar carries 
low or here 
the first of the first group of prisoners 
Jews to Babylonia then what 
I mean with this that the angel 
means with this is the following 
you understand what you study those words 
that this vision has to be understood 
in the time of the end we are please 
understands is the time of the end 
two witnesses for a truth 
end time of 70 years of thanks 
for Babylon end of 70 years of 
captivity to help the truth and if 
we have then those two witnesses that 
the anchor here placed in that context d 
of that vision of the last four 
kings in tertia then we 
we have to 
place in our time also in the 
parallel of our kingdom of the horns 
the time of the end as the beginning and if 
we do this then the logic starts 
to function and arm themselves because who was 
the president of the time of the end was 
Well, father 
well, one 
2 here now who was president 
ends the first 19 days of that year 
until January 19 and in the 20 then the 
first climb this throne rose in this 
throne then that's how it works here 
the logic and that's why we can 
say that that really talks about the 
last of the last 4 
in the last more or less half an hour 
because more let's put some data 
more information more to segment 
that more a little 
very well 
around 11 some things are 
interesting look at danger 10 
verse 14 
what the angel says because he has come 
come to let you know what you have to 
come to your town in the last days 
because the visions for those 
for many days then the angel 
because he has come to let you know 
what comes in the last days 
late in the last few days the truth in 
the days at the end 
another witness here to support our 
our understanding that those events do not 
they only referred to one story 
of menu persia that has already been fulfilled 
end of serene and does not refer to 
future elements beyond this 
history our history and here once 
more this time time to remind us of 
is these words that the inah white 
wrote and are in messages 
Selected took three pages 386 each 
of the ancient prophets I speak less 
for your own time that for our 
so that their prophecies are valid 
for us 
in the bible has accumulated 
your treasures for this latest generation 
all the great events and the solemn ones 
transactions of the history of the ancient 
testament have been repeated and they are 
repeating in the church in these 
last days all this here in the 
11 has to repeat itself has to 
to repeat itself is even more a test been 
for our times that for your time 
1909 for that we need to understand 
also 11 verse 40 that's a 
study separately as I said that we are 
giving for more than a decade 
interpretation of the latest vehicles 
and deny it we can simply adapt 
the verse 40 of 2011 
I will give a summary 
it's worth taking the time to look 
the list of our videos the 
plantation is about honey 
11 40 and 45 
it's like I 've seen in 
in the years that I am in this movement 
the Lord has opened us truths but 
those 100 truths seem to seem like 
a little here a little bit no longer true 
about the continuous truth his life in the 
eleven of reais on producing the seven 
age is about my love at night 
and truths about many things 
but we are not we have not been 
able to understand the logic of the 
revelation of those events now after 
of many years little by little I am seeing 
others have seen it before 
it was impossible to understand certain truths 
without having bought others first 
for this here one needs for daniel 
a 11 11 need to have agreed daniel 
11 40 first 
and here we are and that's why we can do 
those interpretations and one that does not 
established on that will not be able to 
do them and will not be able to agree not going 
to be able to understand 
if the 40 says but after the time 
the king of the south will contend with him 
at the end of time in the time of the end 
in that logic here within 11 the 
first application of the prophecy 
we are in 1798 the time of the end the end 
of 1,260 days but at the time of the end 
the king of the south and will contend with whom 
contended with the king of the north those are 
the two terms that the bible uses all 
the time in the eleven 
king of the north against kings south egesur 
with the king of the north 
if that is here the coast 
Mediterranean here in Jerusalem where 
is north up here that reigned 
I was up here Persia Babylon I am 
persia so of these services that I was 
here to the south egypt that is then 
the location the kings who are here 
the kings who are here in the first 
prophetic application 
today this is these 
titles I've committed in symbols and 
we are in an area after the cross 
things become symbols the 
sheep is no longer a sheep the sheep 
symbolizes Christ for example and so the 
king of his represents atheism in 
stuffing represents you 
to the papacy 
to those powers 
he has been representing the king of the north 
well here then in order to a 
prophecy of 1260 days time of the end in 
1798 the king of the south 
with will have with the king of the north if 
you read the whole context 
and who won the surf network france 
representative of latism or under the papacy 
from his throne but dad did not stay there 
thrown on the ground but as continues 
saying and king of the north will rise 
against him 
and getting up from rd does not hurt you 
It happened in 1900 
never dad got up in revenge to 
france during those same ones 
years here 
shortly after a few years later 
Napoleon I invited the Catholic Church 
again placed in France 
the other spas let's say with her the 
Papacy did not take revenge against France of that 
way with life puts it here but it 
avenged against the king of the south and the title 
of king of the south as it says is a title and 
different people can have it 
different empires had it in some 
At the moment those who were in Egypt had 
that title at that height frank be it 
had 1989 russia 
or the united socialist nations had 
that title and we've seen a story 
like him 
King of the North prevailed 
and from the south course they gave voice to the 
countries that represented in the tish to the 
fall of atheism that has been the dad what 
that I've done that good is another story 
there is documentation quite the look that 
same the church the same idea yes 
Catholic defined proudly that they 
were those then that's the 
end time 
second in the eleven for our 
generation why we take it here what 
we put here 1989 the beginning of that 
succession of the last presidents and 
two brothers and this here is a 
very, very serious information 
maybe I have been presenting to 
this already several times in the last 
I do not have that reaction maybe 
should have because that really is 
an awesome thing 
here we are and we are saying 
we are seeing according to the application of 
the prophetic biblical texts that 
we are living we have reached a 
time where the us just voted their 
last president in history when 
the trump the history of the usa is 
it ends and the story of that 
earth too 
now of course for this also the 
life is in the same text here another 
witness and let's jump to verse 14 
we skip the story here that story 
the interpretation of those verses the 
first interpretation the first 
application you very well summarize what 
you can find here in this book I do not know 
sells more the church seems that 
only produced this once 
in Spanish 
in 1966 if you have the possibility of 
acquire this book that are two volumes 
houris smith hand now helped the 
we should distribute that book like the 
autumn leaves to our neighbors 
this book has a lot of information very 
valuable and very good is not infallible not 
like the living ones of the inah white but 
they have things that really are true 
a large part we could say is 
and here in that tourism book and take the 
time to tell us the application 
classic of those Protestants 
what you will do between the dialogues days in 
succession great Alexander in the 
verses here 10 11 12 but here 
we are talking about the 14th century then 
missing the next empire that 
introduce to the story and say what 
next in those times they rise 
many will rise against the king of 
south and turbulent men from your town 
they will rise to fulfill the vision 
but they will fall 
now the story was like that 
here africa 
the capital of egypt 
who ruled here the Ptolemies 
in greeks 
'alejandro magnno' had left his 
empire at the hand of his generals 
one of them ruled that area 
here we have jerusalem more or less 
here persia 
and here the islands of beliefs more or 
in this mountain I usually say 14 went up to 
throne of 
Empire here but we have 
except a king who was just five years old 
that situation the other kings that comes 
to take advantage of 
of a value of your throne incorporate this 
area to his empire of that moment speaks 
of history but when they start 
those plans the life introduces a 
very interesting information says in 
those times turbulent men of 
your people will rise 
those turbulent new men were 
mentioned earlier in this chapter is 
a new power that now enters the 
history and it's the same thing that happened 
example in the First World War or 
the second world war the a where 
was the first world war or the 
a world war were located in 
europe was the focus that was the the field 
of battle but another was introduced 
power at that time the us to 
be decisive and to end that 
war because something like this happens here in 
it comes in the us that before we did not 
I was still playing a role was Europe was 
gold for the center of the world but fine 
the usa come in and they become a 
world power and that's the same thing that happens 
here we have the focus of history 
in greece in those areas he persisted towards 
lower note of egypt africa but now 
comes an active power 
italy rome 
and pacifying the situation inside prevents 
that these plans happen and they are 
called turbulent men of your 
Now this has to be clarified a bit 
weller here what smith discovered 
because what these men mean 
turban of your town perhaps of the town of 
god who are these here who 
raise from what town 
who are these and says well 
on page 197 volume 1 
but a new power is introduced now 
children of dissipators of your town or 
literally according to takes of the children of 
the breakers of your people 
far away on the banks of the tiber 
there was a kingdom that had been hosting 
ambitious projects and sober designs 
how small and weak at first it was 
Growing in strength and vigor quickly 
wonderful that can rome 
I speak roma and it would be more armchair no longer 
They were slow to find that their dream 
change the Romans changed their appearance 
they intervened in favor of the young king of 
Egypt then are the Romans here 
but how can we explain that 
if we understand that this word 
what here in the sand valera 60 like 
turbulent men can or means 
more than that they do not have other 
if we have that, we are going to have a key 
to understand 
in passing we are here but 
watching with some leaves that accompany this 
presentation where you have the 
texts and some gaps 
some more information I'm 
now placing here in this hour is the 
one hour summary 
there he says that would be in the second 
Rome chapter establishes the vision says 
literally what that word means 
brain not why the breakers of 
your town is that having in its is 
with one distribute or not 
place on different sides distribute 
things in a way that is in pieces 
shattered from extracted to the destroyer and if 
we understand that that word means 
this the brokenness of your people the 
destroyer of your village already then 
Daniel helps us because Daniel uses that 
word before we go quickly in 2 
cycle 40 says and the fourth kingdom will be 
strong as iron and as light 
diminishing diminution of all things 
will diminish and break this kingdom 
those breakers of your people are 
these here is simple romapagana is that 
what qualifies you is those are 
different they do that they are like that 
described in the Bible 
breakers stronger than the others 
previous in mind mental harder than 
those other metals not so beautiful but more 
harder fierce 
in the centers those are these break 
there is another explanation 
interesting you are going to find here 
a guillem or miliar text no no 
We have it in Spanish but for those who 
being able to handle himself in English is very 
interesting as he explains the 
pioneers understood this 
but then there is another text 
the author is not known but it is a magazine 
1899 dentist 
where the author says the following for 
but the note in the margin of the bible 
in king james gives us the true 
meaning the true reading or the 
correct reading of that word and that 
says says the children of 
robbers of clothes of the kid 
the children of thieves then he 
explains here that the history of Rome 
It has an interesting origin 
after getting up and lifting 
results brothers rómulo and rowing we see 
those two fight for the leader of their 
a small kingdom or first attempt of 
form a kingdom 
they remain with light light 
but mo lifted them around him a 
group of men 
warriors d 
men were outlaws and the 
they conquered they raised that town but 
one of the problems they had 
they did not have enough women 
to form a village were a group of 
warriors of thieves of different 
characters but women were missing for 
make a village initiated women for 
multiply to grow then they 
they entered 
in war with the sabinos 
who were neighbors of is in those areas 
and they steal 
this famous robbery of the sabinas in the 
story where it does not steal women from 
it's a mythological story of course 
it seems that there is truth in that banesto and 
from the beginning then this town 
begins to get up being thieves 
then the Roman women to form 
a people then that's what 
qualifies them in history to 
Romans after them at some point 
they become a Roman empire 
So that's a town that here 
bible introduces they fulfill the vision 
and they cover the mission we could talk 
much of this expression here but for 
fulfill this vision is mission here 
you also need the Romans 
you need to understand the role of roma in 
prophetic history 
and what the bible is going to present 
It is very interesting 
the bible is going to give us four 
emperors or four Roman leaders 
then verse 14 describes the 
situation a bit and league 2016 where it says 
and he who will come against him will do his 
will and will and there will be no one who will 
can face and will be on earth 
which will be consumed in your possession that 
containment at 63 
this christ when pompey 
was to control and pacify that 
region and syria 
on course at that time the king of the north 
what was it 
of the empire of herbicides 
and enter the pink calf too 
conquer of jerusalem first of the 
in Romans that is mentioned here in the 
first character that is mentioned by 
what he did in the history of the century 
17 will then affirm his face to come 
against the power of his entire kingdom it was not 
pompeyo wanted is another north network and in 
this title continues to work 
and now with that agreement or if it will give 
a daughter of women to destroy it is 
this in the story of July Caesar to 
and unleashes the Alexandrian war 
the seventh is chosen by cleopatra as 
successor to the train or the Ptolemies 
talk about him 
pompeyo he is the one who who kills 
pompeo and he does not kill it let's say 
directly but as a result of the 
pompeo ceases victory against the 
Civil war in Rome 
is killed and replaces him as the 
prominent leader of the town but it was not 
in the kingdom he was Emperor Caesar either 
but it shows those cravings in wishes 
to appear as emperor and among others 
things why they kill him before he 
turn on him 
we are still in the history of the 
Roman Republic 
good life continues verse verse 20 and it 
will raise in its place one wants to spend 
a tribute collector for the glory 
of the kingdom but in a few days it will be 
broken though not looking or in battle 
to read 
in san lucas chapter 2 
about august caesar about he who did 
that the condition those days that 
promulgated an edict on behalf of August 
Caesar that everyone was 
in his session to July Cesar 
to taste 
is the one called after 
the leadership of the empire continues 
one of the things that came from him 
he made a count of the town he passed 
a chorus of tributes to control the 
money the income of finance you are a 
restructuring of that system in the 
placed the tax system on a 
firm base and let's say just for all the 
empire was very important that's what 
he caused 
and then his adopted son is the 
next on line 21 and it will happen 
instead a despicable man to the 
which will give us the honor of the kingdom but 
will tend without warning and will take the kingdom with 
alaska flattery the enemy forces were 
swept in front of him as flood 
of water will be all destroyed together 
with the prince of pact 
the adopted son of you but it was of you 
from tiberio 
now to you but a sad way comes 
because during his reign Christ 
crucified classified Christ already by 
so to speak 
and here we have just again a 
historical marker 
the death of Christ on the cross is a 
parallel to the law of unicaja those who do not 
they have studied that is what they have not seen 
that I recommend the series we have in 
youtube about the line of reform on 
the parallel lines study the line of 
end of ancient israel in stop link in 
parallel with the line of the end 
from modern israel you are going to see that 
those symbols here those events are 
we have here then that second 
witness within the text of daniel 11 the 
roma roma line meets the vision 
this vision here receives a fulfillment 
by the second witness 
but another thing that God does 
and so he starts the words of 
apocalypse is the hekla see the end from 
the beginning the alpha and the omega 
now that's the line here of the 
presence of Roma or the entry of 
steal sacred history rome existed 
before with the republic existed before 
with the first kingdom etc. but that's 
everything does not count here in the bible but if 
one takes the one from the beginning of the empire 30 
we had to place as a first 
now because we can do that the ones 
have seen in our studies about 
first kings of judas in parallel to 
the first to the last king of judas 
the first israel kings for the 
last israel kings in a parallel 
we can see that there are parallels in 
those things and I think that here too 
we have one more witness to affirm that 
succession of kings and emperors of 
leaders and events willing to like 
after living the wine caligula 
means shoes, shoe or boot 
and after caligula 
the audio 
now claudio is interesting because to 
me he has some symbols or some 
some things in your life that we see in 
trauma one of those things 
he was 
he understood he was apparently not fit 
for its position by a few defects 
physical and was discarded as a successor to 
throne that's why he survived why not 
killed in the struggles of families 
for the successor to place his on the 
throne he did not have a political career 
he had no military career like the others 
they had these military events in the 
he came because the only option to 
moment you have to choose if the 
he was smart and everything but he had 
some problems and I think there's something 
interesting here actually cheating that 
they do not have the face of politics either 
have they do not seem to be suitable for their 
position is goods of the economy not 
comes from those that are established in 
politics has no experience in it 
now clear that he had something else to spite 
of your physical defects or problems 
health physicists had a 
great passion for women and it was in that 
he lived a life and moral 
He is officially married four times 
now trump is not left behind in 
this all the discussion around your 
relationship with women is a win 
business was and is a big issue 
during before and after 
elections now claudio has a 
problematic similar but what included 
the story says that it was governed by 
your women 
now to be governed by women 
it is a symbol in the prophecy 
the woman who fit man 
the woman who governs the king is a 
symbol of the church that governs the 
It has been the story of Elizabeth and 
cap isabel catholic church has just been 
and in that in that situation in that symbol 
we see that Claudio was ruling for his 
women we have here the hint 
parallel the Sunday law in this milestone 
of historical events because the law 
Sunday the church the woman is going to 
govern the state the catholic church 
is going to push a law that the state has 
that enter was going to introduce trap 
introduce that 
against its constitution 
the woman governs the state now in the 
year 45 
and they have another symbol 
of 45 after christ claudio made a 
all Jews out of Rome 
it seems that it had to do with Jesus for 
a faith in Jesus some reason that does not 
It is very clear what happened there 
are mentioned relations or belief 
that they still follow if you believe this 
possibly that was christ is not true 
but the historians are there a little 
whatever the Jews may be god 
they have to leave rome roma is a 
symbol for Babylon and in this 
history here the Christians have to 
leave Babylon 
and Dominican brand of that point and I 
I think we have another parallel here 
we also have one to read the sites 
and the conquest of jerusalem that is another 
symbol for Dominican law but it is 
another issue that could be expanded and 
explain ways and such at another time if 
God wants that 45 symbolizes in that 
very interesting story now 
what things plus some things more than 
I want to place here before closing this 
I already said that august one of the things 
that made him famous was his reform of 
for the reform of taxes marks it 
as one that dealt with taxes 
that reformed the taxes that generated more 
taxes the same thing is said about obaba 
obama introduced his legacy is 
part of his legacy is the introduction of 
many new taxes for a reform 
of the tax system to try to 
equalize taxes between 
income levels in the usa there is a 
uprising there are initiatives against 
obama taxes 
we can say that he is the president of 
the taxes in that association here from 
in this and darío was also once 
criterion first football came to the throne and 
introduced a new currency in the re 
he organized his empire as well as august 
then he divided it to control to see 
where they come from and how can they be 
can generate more taxes we have in 
this position interesting parallel in 
those three stories now the name of 
no champ 
It is also very interesting because it is 
she madonna 
donald d 
Gaelic means emperor of the world 
the stretch means trumpet are two 
symbols that mark the last president 
because we know about the study of the lines 
of the last three trumpets that here 
the diagrams are marked in this 
side that the last trumpet is going to push 
the unicable law 
to cause events 
Dominican women donated in the hostel 
world and if we had more time 
we could place another line here and another 
line is the parallel of US dolphins 
at the beginning of the history of france 
with Napoleon Napoleon is another figure 
symbolizes donald trump 
but we can not do that at that moment 
there are several lines because for the usa 
despite being a power and two horns 
they are the power they place they will place the 
dad on his throne 
here in Dominican law 
now france was the power that placed the 
dad on his throne or the power he gave him 
let's say the forces to the papacy to climb 
that was raw I see now france too 
the low of throne with napoleon these are 
parallels in history and they make their 
kingdoms are similar or parallel realms 
that way and we have a link 
roma placed the neutral potato no it is not 
Certain Rome also placed the Pope 
within Justinian by his decrees 
declare the catholic church as mother 
of all the churches did that he asked the 
and gave him his throne of it the capital of 
empire yielding to constantinople 
then this fact of placing the bars 
throne joins the history of Rome with the 
history of the usa 
we have another parallel here now maybe 
ending the 45 is a prophetic number 
trump this president 45 in history 
obama 44 then account 3 and quintón era of 
42 to 45 in history that's very 
not only because daniel 11 ends up in 
verse 45 and mark if the end of the 
history of the world and with that president 
is going to start the end of the story 
of the world but because the bible in 
daniela 12 
dial the number 45 in 2012 we have a 
prophecy verse 11 and 12 says and since 
the time that the continuum has been removed 
towards the abomination of desolation there will be 
1290 days without time to explain this in 
that brand history 
a time of 508 
taken away 
in 1798 
after being blessed is he who 
wait and arrive while industrial 
five days 
in the same point this prophecy of 
limits in 35 leads us to 1843 or 
rather, on April 19 44 
from 98 to 43 are 45 
the 45 years in history makes me stand up 
are marked here in that diagram 
diagram also and there they are going to 
find you in that diagram 
a place around here is 
you can see marked a story 
of God's poor preparation in 45 
years were prepared those who were 
within the experience of the delay 
those who were going to be prepared in the 
experience of seeing the husband those who 
they were going to enter into the history that forms 
part of the 
and prudent genes then the number 
mark is to that event in history and 
us at the end of time the program 
list once again is at the doors of 
get into that experience in the 
repetition of that story marked by 
the 45 also 
They spend more things in history and perhaps 
one of the most I will add here the year 
Four. Five 
after christ not only claudio 
made to the Romans out of joke but 
Paul also begins his first trip 
we have been teaching from some 
years that with the Sunday law begins the 
missionary work of God's people in the 
suddenly another 
for a text another logic that supports this 
the work of 
among the workers of the eleventh 
now they are looking for the other sheep that 
sir they have their flock that is in the 
world hiding them by calling them to their 
45 people after this 
45 Andre de Cristo another thing happens 45 
July Caesar is justly ruling 
in that year he is in the civil war 
with pompeyo civil war 
elena white says that at the end of the 
history will return a great civilian in 
The USA 
45 also marks the civil war 
I think that mass that we have here a 
points that clarify those verses 
of 11 and we are seeing those things without 
want without thinking that we would go back to 
have to study also 11 at the time 
of the end 
suddenly seeing new things watching 
things that have to do with 
our generation 
just a question that I want here 
clarify to finish 
and many are tempted to interpret 
this verse 2 as follows 
we read again 
11 2 and now I'll show you the truth and 
here that there will still be three kings in Persian and 
the four will be made of great riches 
more than all of them then many 
they say they have already said the following 
president had to be trans because he 
he's so rich because he's richer than 
we now that's dangerous this 
proceed because that would be a 
literal interpretation of prophecy and not 
we can do that we live in time 
in which we have to interpret the 
prophetic symbols figuratively 
or symbolic wealth here does not speak of 
the literal private wealth of that 
character but is a symbol for another 
thing and here maybe help us 
another translation 
the skinny 
so it called a German translation 
she is very good very faithful 
the original text in the texts 
original translates it a little different 
and I'm going to read it or translate what 
says that version here 
help us I think to understand what 
here it is because here it is explained 
Daniel 11 in German verse 2 
of seven virtues to nike will walk the 
will acquire 
more riches or riches bigger than 
all the others 
and when he feels strong in his 
then the bucket kills everyone with the 
Kingdom of Greece then what we see 
here with the help of the translation no no 
it is not his personal wealth but he 
generates that wealth what does that mean 
interpretation that the us in time 
of end with the previous ones 
although they have generated wealth they can not 
compare what they have achieved 
the economic power the force that he makes 
now that he generates in the country is much 
more than what the others have done and such 
time will be so maybe it will be like 
with this president maybe he wants it 
say what he wants to say maybe he 
achieve that through your 
your defense of the American industry 
the idea of ​​closing against 
the other economic enemies of others 
countries and support and raise america in 
the two children and make it big again 
just as he proclaimed it 
and I think this is what we can see 
what happens with that president and what 
it will come what his plan was Bildu 
says wealth not to your personal wealth 
although it is a petal temptation like this if 
it's not about economic power 
there are many things that states children 
will have at the end one more time with this 
now here we would have a link to 
go into other details of that study 
we have said that there is one for the 
French revolution that is quite 
clear and quite interesting very 
interesting in other words but for 
now we leave and close that study and 
I'm sure that we'll see soon 
more about it the gentleman is opening 
those truths seems generation dear 
brothers is time is really time 
so that we wake up 
crh and the Lord who dwells in the heavens 
here we are dear father the events 
advance great things happen the world 
see clearly what some things happen 
that had never happened 
dear lady please 
lead your people 
little things like the symbol 
from September 11 and now 9 from 
November are things that many have 
seen but do not know how to relate it 
with what the bible has declared to us 
please dear god please 
lead your people and wake us up 
bless all who are studying 
with us in the name of Jesus Christ