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Publish Date: 7/31/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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in the last talk yesterday the band has me 
I finalized the subject on the judgment 
of the living, and she fears in her the subject of rui 
Solheiro fiba 
but I left a point that I was going to speak 
after saying that it is a tale that goes 
fail an elaborate afterwards I would speak 
after that he would not 
I'm going to speak now in elaborating now 
on lucas 21 who is educated in rihanna 
Let's open as soon as 21 30 will be on show 
live as in the case of sending in the 
verse 55 just as he says kisses and says 
some about the time I was in 
adorned with taiwan stones and gifts 
when to these things you see says diaz 
they will come where no stone will be left upon 
stone that is not felled and the 
her mother that temple was not 
demonstrates expecting sales motivation beak 
while these things instead of the 
sell on what you do not want to pyre over 
stone that is not destroyed in 70 
70 years after Christ dc PhoneCrypt 
years the law was taken 
I want to leave, it was also apparently this 
verse is talking about it and apparently 
verses of the night only the question 
that the disciples will ask questions 
asked what is going to happen 
in this period they will slow down your 
team as it happened 
what are the signs of this 
knowing the lightness only that they 
associated description of time the end of 
jesus will give the signs that exaggerated 
at the end of the world meeting defines world 
first he will talk to the signs 
first to comment 
daniele liberals literary war humor 
sony has father is killing son 
will beat the son father delivered the son 
to redeem five years here 
fights fight all this he will speak 
first of all the hare - signs 
Liberals pnl idea and then it will give 
another explanation and another explanation 
only now it will use symbols from the 
that she would like to end manuel silva tabu 
they noticed in Paraiba 
so let's read the verse set and did not have 
difficulty in asking themselves and 
teacher when will these 
things and what will be the signal when 
is to happen he said 
they asked, saying more trunk when 
will it be you and that you have 
the things you have to accelerate and there 
starts a lot of signs that jesus 
explains in famine earthquakes and go there 
verse 29 yen will be all right 
Jesus spoke and told them a parable and 
take a parable look at the fig tree 
aim for reading and for all 
trees for all students then jesus 
said the signs of the end of time then 
solve it he said so she is in order 
of a time and now it will give a 
time is now also at the end of the 
time such that he speaks looks at 
campfire and it me to release 
So Jesus just ask for a brief look at 
Thursday asking them to turn their 
Release the signal, there he was in the 
sign of the end of the saints 
she always and verse 30 of the number 
it does not even have when you 
you know for yourselves that you are blindfolded 
summer is already over and with him the beautiful girl 
our time that they know for others 
what to release this week 
brothers the first lecture that people 
studied first because rain does and 
who wants to ease out of 55 thousand 
soldiers and 11 in five years to disney 
so as the rain comes down there it says 
so we'll see quickly because so 
How does rain dance? 
wilson snows from the skies to the side make it 
more rule and do produce because 
hence the village and do not thrash the land and this is 
finish put end to germinate at 
rain makes it sprout back to lucas 21 in 
parabola and then Bantam to look at 
call when it springs when it 
recalled that in other words when the 
rain is falling when she's not even 
falling for breaking fig tree sprouted in 
that this has to have rain because to 
read to sprout have to have line says well 
so close was already turned 
please note the sign up on the day about and 
what happens in summer and what not 
happens in releasing the harvest in the 
awareness and the harvest is the end of the world 
Jesus brother is talking to the 
disciples in parables 
they ask for a signal 
Jesus speaks to them that gladdens look at 
fig tree laws and mia to release when 
the rain began to fall when he 
will begin on September 11 and not 17m 
makes sprout and approach summer is 
close without revealing this morning the 
harvest is near so you try 
to be the end of the world is about to be 
defined until the next 
deeper still the foundation jesus a 
to say something more serious 
I decided to be a more serious thing 
conversation 31 
mexico 31 so all of you when videos 
these things happen to know that the kingdom 
of God is near and verse 32 
verily I say unto you, this 
generation until everything happens said 
so accept my others when real 
it means these things to know that this 
drought and the kingdom of God of that 
not pass this nationalist phase that 
all this happens the voice of jesus is 
saying that the signal is the 
September so she reports here 
because it starts to rain because 
there starts he was saying this 
generation and those to whom this 
remuneration everything will happen all over there 
happened the last generation of history 
of the land and not more interaction 
history of the land where we saw the 
besides the problem 
I know shit that when he came today for 
lippi 18 that is not when thousands of 
apocalypse and 28 with 144 thousand 
Hyacinth 40 also do not die that they do not 
to die if the ju 
to be able to win 
The text shows that the Saints when the 
japan was growing very well 
the intention is that when the cup 
to be is the last generation of 
magazine the way being the star 
teen is in agreement with lucas 21 and is 
That's the thing when the road I expect 
that you have understood and expect 
Brazilian understood that it was 
debt sense 
this part was only a piece of what was left 
presentation from yesterday 
on Wednesday he will talk about the church 
what I say or what else I go 
is approaching there is usually a 
understanding of the world 
the separation of wheat from wheat tares 
remains in the church is that he remains 
in June laser is leaving the church that 
as if it were a building and a logo 
that has no name of the church that is 
church wheat is a text where people 
Are you going to study more calmly? 
means wheat and weeds and means 
is this shaken at the end of the world what 
means this is the century of durango is 
like this in the world and only gave to us 
understand to help you understand 
what is the role of the church triumphant 40 
loses in that time it failed to form and 
how would report it is 
advice to the church is to try 
find English company is Spanish 
this page here on page 4 so enter 
the 30 and the emportugal are on page 240 
3.3 god has on earth a church that is 
his chosen people who keep his 
it is guiding non-branching 
behold not another here but one 
truth is a sanctifying power. 
but the militant church is not triumphant 
to June among the wheat that is this poetry 
who keep his commandments 
he is driving right 
if not a militant sanctifier can not 
It's the first thing we see here. 
first thing we only have here 
maybe the first but one thing that 
must draw attention 
perhaps in the first skill in the house that 
leave more attention here death says 
explicitly you will not say 
precisely the militant church is not 
church phones left said that in addition 
this friction or free me a ghost 
So who kicked hard? 
because the church militant because he is 
Military Adventist Church Seventh 
18th but there is July 3rd 
t wheat and design and here said that the 
triumphant is not the Adventist church and 
dear that the triumphant church is not 
remembered among the 25 and the militants who 
he is reverted into laws and militant 
so we have to start 
consider these points still had to 
begin to consider this fund we have 
understand that the church has fans of 
cinema of venice in 2015 he already has a 
It earned as we identify who is 
the wheat that is the game we commented 
this a little yesterday to comment 
That's when we understand how it goes. 
happen some of our generation so that 
they are understanding how this is 
it would happen on the internet we have 
to see that since last year and only 
I have to see how God guided us. 
honest speech because god does not change because 
they never history repeats itself in this 
also be repeated just like in the game 
rebel past now just like in 2010 
It's also not the time now, we 
will see some examples of this rule of 
Wheat Tire Wheat 
This is going to the gospel. 
internal and another in the old 
boyd said he was proclaimed 
First of all it's not good that he's mine. 
mother said that it was first program 
he comes in genius 6 15 in which he debuts 
in relax give the first example he is 
white and I get two classes b2 
both these classes and even what it is 
we will call wheat from the tares a 
majority in the tax or virgin area 
prudent and I see that the fools where they come 
here on the planet you can not even sit down 
Lost Jonas Brothers team made 15 
min and the enmity that had a wife and 
entered only your seed those rim 
the head all lower than your heel 
in being able to understand pile in the genre 
wedge birth this will have on the head and 
players in the campaign has the 
ct woman birth of woman in 
church of God neither inside and the seed 
the front is the following it is quiet 
are two classes are the clash us 
to use more clearly 
if we will not use a clearer way 
wheat is what is saved is wheat is 
necessary game that is requested and lecce has 
in that gp 
so it will get easier for us 
studying accessories the city is easier 
It's cheap in the world and it's strange some 
more features we 've seen 
iphone will only be verified two 
languages ​​like isaías 28 size m in 
wheat is what the bible on line is 
old lady and tongue that a little there a 
little of what came out June and not 
want to hear the message the refreshment is the 
refresh that the rain is either in jeremias 
6 16 
they came back old used to find 
the rest of the baby that also the symbol 
of chivas and where according to the 28 
it is also on top of the opponent he is 
when I started at 28 but they do not want 
walk the paths but they do not want 
walking down the path so we have two 
we have to listen to my site chelsea 
today they are the same ones that return to the 
those who do not want to hear or 
those who do not want and do not want 
back to the old area and did not want to 
the game is one that falls out of the way 
the first overview before the first 
assembly not in first enrolled 
page 14 first written page 14 
Say well 
she has the vision of a path and the father 
Of her that I have in the fight behind the ear. 
away from the event until it goes 
that the people who arrived at this 
light was going to say that the people who called 
fell off the path falling and the night question 
today what this light will not ask 
to the one who thales who today responds 
the light of the midnight cry and neither 
I said that I had a fight and a love for girls. 
detours in others recklessly denied 
the light behind them and said 
who were not God who will guide them so 
the light behind them disappeared leaving 
making these cells so that 
thought and lose sight of the scene 
Jesus fell on the way down in the 
dark world inkhil that was not of 
Ospina knew from August he nevertheless 
followed in the light and was suspended 
so that they stumbled and 
view and white and the two fell to 
receive the round acuava on ipv6 is 
agreed that the 28 remind us how it was 
to 28 
Do you think these people who fell 
it was the third goal of the eye in the 
because they fell because they did not 
they wanted to go back to the old one they refused to 
light that was a prophetic light want 
in the profits that the rain is more 
advantage because they do not want to hear 
they do not want to go back to the old 
wants to get out of the way 
would be trying to stay on the path like this. 
which we identify as having entered into 
so not only the king as we identify 
that 30 design teams 
We've already gone over these examples. 
yesterday brought the basis of our poverty income 
defender does not want to strengthen them today but 
that they will reinforce them from the 
Noah and at the time he sent a message 
present days in a step 
those who accepted the message to those 
what is being done in nokia lighthouse 
between the ram and saved themselves save those 
who rejected the prophetic truth 
you have to respect is to actually enjoy 
truth present in the truth for example 
their time 
at that time nor were they out of Africa 
that were was the best you guys think 
they are wheat the game yesterday 12 a 
game and lost in the era of the same Abraham 
thing and not even the bastard gets a 
prophetic message to get out of sodoma 
in this line the name loki and accepted or that 
they will accept the message and believe 
in the unit the bé descended the collection sagem 
were half retired from the city and 
to remove the truth and are represented 
like wheat and celebrities as having the 
show who stayed in the city makes sense 
so we have also seen with them receiving 
a message from Babylon should 
increase to go bankrupt 
some wanted to stay in Babylon 
jewelry damaged a memory because it 
leaving time of Jesus the same thing and 
even with jesus came to me he was the 
Brazilians truth 
he had the truth the present has 
those who rejected Christ that 
chaff that a betrayal is not necessary 
can save those who accept that 
this is wheat wheat is always based 
in a test it's weekend problem that is 
the everlasting gospel whom he is born he 
attends to a present cheese truth in 
hand for that generation to whom it is 
essential generation accepts message if 
regenerated try wheat triticale 
He's got a knee that we're going to 
Luther's story 
we often have mentality 
often gives no monthly fee 
why the Adventist church of 
God because she and 107 in the n Church ã 
she can do whatever she wants to know 
that you want only the fact that you are 
you are saved that only by him 
being within the laws and who knows I 
I want to bring history back now 
fighting in 2003 took him to the 
history of time 
christ died christ in florian christ 
founded the church the Christian church 
a few years after many endorsements are 
much with this church that Christ founded 
and Antichrist formed Biblical prophecy 
Catholic church Catholic church 
christ formed in lake christ because he did not 
retired bettor now imagine luther 
to imagine his time and thus be able to 
knocking on his chest and saying yes 
christ church formed 
Could he do it? 
it could be and was a reference 
will the papacy truly rejoice in 
it would be the fact that they are connected 
of that product turns 
the same generation by the same machine 
or by an inheritance 
launches the first opera heritage in 
does not mean that the church of God that 
this cheese in the church of the day happened to 
The same thing at the time of Christ happened 
the same thing leads one to believe that people 
Go there, now. 
and look, the Jews were talking about the day 
so we are brawn's sons are 50 
we have the dream of brown 
we got there it was jesus turned to 
they and spoke in 500 thousand barrels book 
you are the son of satan is not 
because you have work blood or we 
Why do you have family? 
remember that you are of the people of God who 
been there and let's talk about it 
launch on it 
of all options page 329 
in Portuguese she said the towel rentería 
a Spanish series on page 54 santo 
all on page 4 536 11 
the Pharisees had declared themselves to be children 
of abraham jesus he said that this 
claim could only be ensured by 
through the practice of the general works jesus 
that stay this pretension 
the true children of Abraham lived 
as he himself lives a life of 
obedience to a true god who would come 
how it is united with real urgency in 
then we see that the Pharisees who 
they thought their son of Abraham 
he is to redeem and simply because of 
of the grechin heritage simply by 
cause of the inheritance that boy jesus 
deny it 
Mirex is the son of Abraham, you think 
reminded rich are in power beyond 
ctn that acts as abraham brothers the fact 
of you being in the Adventist 
seventh day and mothers who ct in this event 
and tsf madrid does not mean that they are 
real 27 one day this does not want 
say it 's a real damage 
Seventh -day Adventist 
true guardian of the commandments of 
true god who keeps 
commandments of god and mother of jesus 
of women is not simply 
because you have a name inscribed in the 
book is not simply not described 
in the book you have to act like the 
true Adventists acted focused 
ancient paths have been desired 
all nations can in the 154 of tacna 
in the conversation the heavens received the christ 
outside the raddho as messengers to 
bringing the gospel to the world was given 
first to them the opportunity 
become heralds of the kingdom and grace 
of God but Israel does not know the time 
of their visitation jealousy and 
mistrust of the bosses of the echoes 
maturity of the heart of the 
people drawing of jesus the sanhedrim 
to reject the message of Christ in 
kill him so jesus left 
he departed from the priests of the time of 
religious guides of the people who 
installed in the law and returned to 
another class to proclaim your message 
and mills who were to take the gospel to 
all nations 
so the landskrona leaders serving 
Christ did not know how to 
messengers beach and lifted the world 
years was first given in the 
opportunity will be of the kingdom of grace 
God pear he does not know the time 
This trust visitation has sent us 
a virtue and at the heart of the agency to 
the whole line of sado the message of christ 
and seek his death 
therefore that Russia for all of them 
besides not being from the temple of us 
religious leaders of the network would have been 
instructed on the other ale and heads 
class to proclaim your message and 
congregate who stayed in the inter he 
national towel as the light of the life of the 
men was rejected by the authorities 
in the days of Christ 
so it has been rejected in all 
subsequent prayers 
as the light in life we are was 
accessed by ecclesiastical authorities 
I decree this morning to test it on 
any excessive remuneration 
so it has been rejected in all 
subsequent prayers brothers jesus left 
of the priest's religious leaders 
was another class and 
but they were a people of God 
the collection of 11 
if they were a people of god in 
Jacarepagua deam why Jesus was they 
because it will not 
they were not open heart to 
to hear the truth they do not have 
heart of the goal for unilever in 
truth present raise percent 
So it 's good, the brothers, people need it. 
understand yet be established in week 
to reveal if you are understanding the church 
Jewish was God's church is right English 
care and career in this line during the 
The time that Christ was there 
during the crisis period there is the 
Adventist church is a people of God is 
unpublished and it was when they but they did not 
hear the truth the soft designs 
far in fact they do not want to listen 
Rain did not want to stay but do not want 
back to the old area and do not want 
dying to win in that language because 
Do you still think because you still believe? 
which is sure to be safe anyway 
remain nonetheless remain and 
that you are safe and believe that this is 
simply because he went to church 
established by god 
simply because it was tendered and if it is 
We'll see if we can. 
so far that the people of God have 
conditions that could be commissioned 
if you accept 70 live live if you reject yourself 
reacts dies is not conditional when the 
scenery is not because I was sitting in church 
in the people of God is not because this is the 
elegant no choice of the day you are 
sure I want to remember what the 
bible talks about the album get out 
antenna on the roof of the militant church 
Chechnya to instability 
God says he will vomit in his mouth 
mouth because jesus because its use is of the 
the outside and the worker was beating 
in the doorway playing with him talking 
someone listening said 
the line of what he hears the message and 
another refreshing attempt to rap and 
rest or delicate and as soon as the 
eye drops and f that also shed eye drops 
bought gold committed white robes 
and have one of the white figures there yes god 
will save you 
so say slow down but if you 
refuses to hear the word of God in the 
this action and the word of the voice of 
God is the voice of God, you lose yourself. 
will always be vetoed from the mouth of God 
wanna be pretty there brother conditional 
if it is a motto to a militant church 
nor the legitimacy of all the churches of 
god on earth the whole church of god in 
money is conditional getting to teach 
if the people and apostasy rabbit enters the 
fields so they will see their judgment they 
they came next with this they break 
the lyon are written on line 2 also 
is that they will receive judgment that this 
my luggage the family then knew the 
You need to bear this in mind not 
help a lot right now because 
put our salvation because it was the 
case on screen so the security of our 
This is security until then. 
simply in an institution 
just not this is not being and 
because it was established by God because 
was established by God and she is not 
walking in the ways of the Lord is not 
to walk on the paths draws this is not 
It's like I had on bleus day. 
how to replace and in the ways of receiving and 
the Hebrews were worshiping idols 
and I do not know you're in the middle and 
it's medicine do you think you'll be 
save even worshiping idols you believe that 
It will be taboo there yet now. 
Then you hit my chest and I'm from 
people that God took from Egypt and I have 
the spi service and when I wanted to get out 
It annoyed but if you're there and one condition 
what a god does not remain there 
a connection that says do not remember you will 
receive the judgment of God 
Hocevar known atelier Hadrian the 
was the same 
women work in the church cup 
Protestant is the people of God at the time 
beauties of the church to respond to 
choice of days and at the time neither 
They accepted the truth present in the pick 
truth is understood by these messages of the 
Grammys who were feeding me and the grass 
and dirt but followed Christ in the 
heavenly sanctuary in the most holy 
they followed in the crisis in that story 
being this is the year older than 
rejected sus were called 
Babylon islands that will get serious 
problems of Lutheran Babylon the same 
thing I did not mention much of the 
hotel and when I returned the same thing in 
Other we do not care to comment on him having 
the whole reformation until the return to 
church reform that God established 
in reformá la iglesia that he 
established that he entered and apostasy 
enter you zoom in 
was part of this hot girl said to be the 
what if it is to pass this trust 
Withdrawn from this with the reform was son 
nor was the college were so 
worked like this was how it works in 
next month is in great conflict 
page 431 in English and Portuguese 
the next test until you find the 
things are well done in the spoken 
men can not 
reject the warnings that God in his 
mercy sends in the time of noah a 
message from heaven was addressed to the world 
and the salvation of the people depends 
the way would receive if the probes 
can not think mind influence the 
habits that received mercy 
message was sent from heaven in the world 
in full renewal of dreams depends 
the way you accept this message 
barbosa is saying their salvation 
depended on the week 80 by the savassi 
business depends on how they 
they accepted the message and the way 
military brothers need the gospel 
comes to produce two classes of 
Odor those who accept those 
rejecting rejected 
spirit was withdrawn from the sinful 
they perished in the waters of the flood 
on the days of Abraham mercy advisor 
contain with the compounds inhabitants 
sodoma and all these are from wives store 
daughters were consumed by fire and 
so it was in the days of Christ the son of 
God declares the unbelieving Jews 
of that nation your house will stay 
looking through the ages for the 
last days the same infinite power 
declare in respect of those who 
received the love of truth to 
save the drive and spirit of 
book removed this sinner who 
and belonged to the Nile waters and evil 
and all were consumed by the fire in 
I chose the unbelievers of that ratio and 
here in this house is here i 'm going home 
today this case of certain consideration in the 
last days he himself infinite power is 
clear oil he did not see mine 
love and dating him the truth to close 
television to receive the love of truth and 
of love of freedom next text is 
in Christ triumphant on page 57.3 in 
so it will be in the last days in history 
those who hear the message of the 
But I do not think they fell into the 
to moral infidelity just as on days 
from noah 
those who were not firmly 
accessed failed to stay until the 
end of your probation in this world 
that's true scouting by nuclear 
drop the moral currency 
of those impunity is good each one stays 
he be ready until the end 
if they had not rejected a single medium 
to save the boy, who is the only means 
of salvation 
the message your message would have been and that 
just think we would have been your life 
and salvation is the present truth 
We are talking about the time is not here in 
Our generation is not in truth 
brothers present this text speaks 
another very important thing 
those who were not firmly 
accessed allied in staying 
until the end of your trial time 
and do not stay an end reads until that 
there were several people who 
helped build the ark of Noah 
people stopped building because 
they were not based on the 
Truth you have all this message. 
brother if you are studying this 
message that from 1989 onwards 
if you believe this truth that 
were revealed here in these times as 
daniel 1148 as well as tables in 
format areas and on the basis was 
you have signed is our 
Truths because if you are not signed 
in fact the prophetic truth 
you will be like those who helped 
build the ark 
but they came out that are signed in the 
truth present truth 
we need to apply this to our generation 
this foundation that was put here is 
talk about it in the campaign in italy 
recently descending peace 10 camping pitches 
2004 2014 was laid the foundation 
of this message you are not 
confirmed on the grounds 
you may end up like these people who 
will not remain faithful until the end of their 
test time 
you really believe that in a 
present truth for our generation if 
So study it, make sure you 
It is signed it as it really 
it is a truth that the present truth 
there there 
the next text is in irs tr church 
remaining thank you page 59.3 in 9.3 
In Portuguese we will see there is no Spanish 
come on god is guiding the exit of a 
he has a people a church on earth the 
which he has become custodians of his law 
entrusted to them their sacred deposit and truth 
eternal to be given to the world would correct 
the message at age 12 applies to 
Seventh-day Adventists and has had 
great enlightenment and are not those 
who have made great profession but not 
apa been with their leader 
contaminated looks at the gasoline that are 
vomited from your mouth 
keirrison dominated silva unless 
sorry for siblings 
If he repents, he will save his life. 
people will understand that if the 
Now we'll look at some 
symbols of the triumphant bible church 
the Bible and put some symbols 
clearly we see talking about the church 
we know that the church triumphantly 
god's banner 
some symbols like high hills 
glorious won 11 45 are symbols of the 
church has fans 
that stone that is plucked without hand 
entered daniel 2 and knocked down the statue 
and it's become a lot that the church does not 
Let's see some more symbols of the church. 
Let's go there at five and we'll see. 
the exiles of the people 
05 07 
the goalkeeper verse place in a universe two 
just to sing my suitcase and a half 
him a tour and tamim is a play and 
wait until April 11 in verse 7 
will say that this vineyard from the 
israel but instead of her grape the good ones 
verse two speaks of grapes bars 
I just remembered where I was at the end of the 
explanation of lucas content and then the 
Let's go a verse 5 my verse 56 from 
johnny cage is a little friend will consume 
finished and will grow 
I will not tell you that it was not my 
Look what God is going to do with your people. 
It's still right but it's God's people is not 
sure you are simply part of the 
body of god looks what god is going to do 
with its people because instead of good grapes 
management of new evidence and verse 7 will 
to say that the vineyard is the people of God is 
speaking of God's people 
Israel only now that in verse 25 of the 
people of israel and the people of israel and 
God is going to draw a banner that people 
will understand that the triumphant church 
Verse 25 to 27 50 
I always laugh in the hands of Jesus, congratulations 
were adopted in the middle of the afternoon when 
there was no life knowing in the 
assembling channels and without paying the 
week by the bay that wants to get ready 
Unfortunately, I got tired and entered. 
none of them dominate baby took a 
I dream to give the 56 speech and it 
he will raise this standard. 
the standard in which relations are 
will whistle to come from the 
ends of the earth and got up 
for the actions of the Sunday law so that 
call all nations 
for those who did not receive it in the head 
we will see that these are the 
exiled people 
this has 624 a part for the mount is 
in the Hills Club and either be raised 
as standard got up and ran the 
they all nations 
the same symbol of the church then the 23 safe 
the standard of God that is raised and which 
it rains many people and these 
people will ask to teach 
old paths 
because the church that the singer is listening to 
the message has come to be today 
going back to ancient origins 
she gets the rest rain soon 
people go to church triumphantly 
How do they go to church? How's it going? 
that they go to the church that does not want 
listen to those who do not want to 
old paths 
this group does not know which paths 
ancient nations soon or go to church 
triumphant who knows the ways 
because they are going to ask about 
your paths 
even so brothers of 11 and more so 10 
to 12 
he will raise up the standard of nations 
and this will help rados israel 
They are the exiles from Israel who are 
October exiles exiles exiles isolated 
gastal and rejected 5068 so says the 
who brings together the dispersed 
israel in his israel pieces 
the standard that God still raises 
join and others who have already joined 
the others are the sheep of others 
shelters that involves the call alone other 
nations that involved called not to 
receive the mark of the beast 
so we have here the banner of 
god is a symbol of the triumphant church 
which begins in the land that calls the sheep 
the others at prices to not receive the 
mark of the beast 
Let's go to a game, just check it out. 
Let's go to Zechariah 9 
Let's see this farias catch snow 
I ask 16 said the Lord your God in that 
save day as the flock of his people 
that like stones and a crown this planet 
will be in your land 
these stones of a crown 
first peter 25 voice also like stones 
living or edified spiritual house 
priesthood to offer 
spiritual sacrifices acceptable to 
god by jesus christ as the spirit 
holy to sacrifice office 
affect or know the details of the 
spiritual case verse nine days but ye 
you are the chosen generation the royal priesthood 
holy nation the people acquired so that 
advertise the virtues of those who you 
called from darkness to his marvelous 
we know that before the time in the end the 
People are living in a dark period. 
in the number of darkness god called him 
of himself he has not taken out of darkness as he says 
the verse called us from the darkness to his 
Wonderful light generation elected last 
generation of terrestrial history is 
forming the triumphant church is 
forming the church of a vant that only the 
stones and a crown in 1917 can be read if 
a be no channel when starts 
September 11, 2001 they did not 
it is enough that they are not 
feeding the herd correctly 
this way as the story of Christ 
God leaving the 12 
and how that he pointed out that will put 
they are like pastor of the people 
jesus will put them as pastor 
let's see verse 3 against the shepherds 
He has kindled anger and punished goats, but 
lord of armies will visit his 
flock to the house to give and will do as his 
majestic horse in the fight who the house 
of the Seventh -day Adventist Church 
Are you going to talk about him? 
majestic horse in the fight will form the 
triumphant church and 104 shows it from him 
The corner stone will come out of it 's stake. 
their bow of war together 
will be every person 
on the run in Italy in my 
Who is from China, Christ the Christ? 
the time of the Jewish church that we 
church of the Jews that the stone said 
at the exit of the stone will leave the house of 
help and will be as majestic will 
to do as a mighty horse in battle 
who is the early church and who is 
this majestic horse in the fight 
apocalypse 535 talk about it 
sixteen pardon versu2 and I looked and one 
white horse and was sitting on it 
had an arch or also the arch and 
was given a crown and left victorious 
and to win 
the seals and the churches 
at least the first four 
they are parallel 
the first seal is parallel to the first 
so with the second third room 
the first seal is the white horse is the 
horse that conquers is the good horse in 
battle to leave the house to help 
this church that conquers which it has made use of 
this the first church is that the church 
triumphant is the symbol of the church 
triumphant is the horse of conquest 
he left victorious and to win 
it starts on the ground 
the triumphant church begins on earth 
still the same situation that people 
sees in our church history 
of the militant church is not the 
Infant Church militant Church 
church triumphal leaving ephesus the symbol 
of the church 
Let's go for 9 bikes to finish 
from 8 to 15 
I ask you to read very calmly. 
these are very serious words you can only 
in Spanish and Jonas look and family 
but do not destroy the whole house 
from jacob filming because here I tell you 
and he wanted to get married and if that spider was 
meanwhile accessing national 
Allegra night there it did not fall and it does not fall there 
only until 15 15 
but to water all sinners and impose 
did not want our fence in our house 
but in that the demand is to rule put 
examinations and identify as technician in 
file to pause the brother taboo in the 
he makes it clear that the symbol 
restoration of time is a symbol of the 
church is triumphant and here it is speaking 
that in this period of hard work he 
will raise the fallen tabernacle 
to sleep 
Understand brothers God loves his people but 
your girl's body made it will be 
shaken and from it he will take the wheat to 
triumphant church that will lead the 
heavenly barn 
Who does not like you and does not like to return to 
f1 f 
Okay, who is and gift is a symbol of all 
just know that daniel 11 40 and 45 and gift oab 
amon are those who after the law 
when the triumphant church is already 
raised by 144,000 management raised 
they call and moab amon the nations 
not to receive a head and they will 
come to want to know the ancient ways 
it was ours and every wet celebrity year 
andré leaves the team for him and he will be 
nor the boss to play and help the plant 
and saw his tongue and was a 
room without eating more fruit taps 
because in the management of your entire and never 
more will be at home the system meets the 
take at night to film the 
My time is over but I wanted to 
finish with one more point and you can 
to end with jeremiah 8 what was what 
which was to have used linux 2011 and he 
fits now also eight jeremias 
verses set forth on to the stork of the 
knows the times and the 
clothing and the group and the group and swallow 
observes the time of its renewal but 
my people do not know the Lord's judgment 
how come 16 
we are wise and the law of the Lord is 
with me with us 
behold, they have this in vain have 
worked the false pen of the scribes the 
shamed wise men beaten and imprisoned 
behold, they reject the word of the Lord 
wisdom because they have 37 9 
london saves his life in time 
iphan in the selective county 
as well as not only did not know nor 
should be with others and still 
better in my sights a liar 
breathe light and have advanced 
were convicted and maybe one day he 
brothers they do not know the time of their 
in other words he does not know the 
present truth that if they knew 
they would know the time of their 
presentation but they say we do not 
we are wise and the law of the Lord is 
with us 
We have the lens sir, we are the 
god's people 
but the bible says who has been working 
the false by the scribes verse 12 
perhaps they are ashamed of committing 
abomination in no way if 
ashamed or they know how to 
be ashamed to fall or between the 
who stumbles and stumbles in the time when I 
visit says sir 
stopped when they fall stumbles what 
they do not know within the bid 
they reject the light behind them 
they do not want to hear and verse 20 says 
It's the end of the summer and we do not 
We're saved, brothers, the fact that you 
to be in God's church 
the fact that you are Adventist Seventh 
does not give you assurance of your salvation 
and this is the purpose of this talk 
understand that God is raising the 
church triumphant 
If you want to be part of the church? 
You have to study truth gifts. 
so that you can enter the ark 
may sodoma come out of babylon you 
I can accept that it may enter 
the Lord in the sanctuary of the Most Holy 
it is over this season faith and so 
Do you enter the church with headphones you have? 
who accept the present truth study 
there you have to hear the voice of the prophet 
In case you want to access and for you that 
already study this message 
I want to remember that text that the 
We read of Noah's ark people 
participated in the construction of the ark 
but were not grounded in the truth 
they left 
because they were not 
was studying the truth 
gift is building the kitchen ark 
but they bet because they were not firm 
on the grounds laid down 
You have to stand on the fundamentals. 
of your message 
You do not see outside. 
Dear father 
Thank you so much for your many truth. 
Sometimes the truth is hard and I ask that the 
Lord help us to understand the 
help us study there would realize how 
It is important that we 
messages that we enter into this church 
triumphant that the Lord raised to 
May we be your banner. 
for the nations to call them to 
join the large crowd 
We know your loved your church and 
you reprimand her help us to hear 
this reproof when you hear your voice open 
the door for them so you can enter 
and so we are saved 
I ask for a special blessing on each 
person watching this video 
You can touch their heart to 
they study these truths and more 
wells and sanctify through the truth 
All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ