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- we're back very much 
It's in this talk we're going to talk about 
the judgment of the living 
who is offering 60 he will know 
I live this is related to the rains 
of the night and cisterns sign for 
free day has some ways to 
launch the judgment of the living 
we have black needles to demonstrate beings 
that begins on September 11 that 
commented the bids fmi and I'll try 
show two ways that the unit of 
matter two ways is not more difficult 
join gym in pretending to the other a little 
faster and takes three a little more 
quickly we will begin by 
but difficult to be able Tramandaí 
pretend we will understand the logic 
that your mother it alencar we will 
next step and then will not cause 
a low 
Let's start with a text where in 
parables of jesus page 62 
let's recommend how tension in words 
due to the great maestro page 90 had 
in each epoch the new development of 
Truth is a truth of God for this 
the old truths are all essential to 
new truth is not independent of the 
old but an unfolding of it only 
understanding the old truth is that 
we can get new ones every time there 
is not really the message warns bi or 
we can not leave my truths 
are all the essentials in fact it is not 
independent of amfar if it did not 
surrounds and only understands in the 
spouts truths as we can understand it 
It's not over, we'll understand. 
now a beginning then our 
understand a biblical principle one 
biblical principle we call 
triple application that we are 
calling is triple that year people 
will see this with some stories and 
Let's find out if anyone new in this story 
We can start by talking about rome. 
in this plot will begin the legend of rome 
pagan that we will not accept any heathen 
which is exemplified here in this diagram 
which technical line will follow to pagan rome 
ascended to power for which pagan rome was 
ascend to power 
she had to conquer three areas 
have already achieved three 
geographical area we can open in there 
Daniel and we can not see and without Daniel 
eight from the night to the verse 9 verse from him 
says well and one of them left the chip 
very small, which has grown very 
the south to the east to the beautiful 
and 16 knew which was small 
grew very height guides she has the 
then we have paid geographic pomegranate 
the first geographical area 
after pagan rome we have rome 
Paul, after you pay, it's not there. 
will see that the paper path follows the same 
principle when there is this beast with 
two horns when stf to climb the 
papacy so he does not know how to climb 
need to fall three horns at home 
and three things are like pagan rome 
We are clothes, Paul, we bring the father. 
who needs to bring down three chips that 
need to drink a bar three things I think 
This is clear to us. 
who were inspired to write the 
people can read this in daniel 7 verse 24 
er is a fan of amnesty has 54 and as for 
10 x from that same kingdom got up 
10 Kings and after him to be 
other than the three 
and drop the 3 10 want to go to 
bunny lines mean that the 
no king shall arise and bring 
another one will be raised and 
difference in the first and ether and legislated 
River clothing girl tipping has 
which conquer three geographical areas 
a failure of anyone when you want three 
roma papal graphics have to conquer 
three horns 
in the same way if by the example of a 
and two of us will have the 
third party in the same way they have 
two examples we will find the 
third in a modern in a woman 
when the papacy after he received the 
mortal son 
after he continues to ride him 
will return to power in favor of power 
that he needs to win three places 
company has a criterion third place is 
in 2011 and ending on the 40th verse Mexico 40 
the second part of the verse of the hymn Time 
end the king of the south will fight with him and the 
second part told the king of the north if 
will raise the bill with cars with 
many knights in the first 
I passed the cavaquinho when they a 
camera with it the second power in 3d 
north he will send 
she is like a storm with the face of 
who work 
then that king of the north that the papacy 
then it will be sent to whoever gives the 
people are not going to study much about this 
now only this one on this train 
Time is just gonna mention this is not 
only in this one you want to understand more 
respect of this fight of the king of the north of the 
rio do sul if you have one more minute 
you can go to the ministry's website 
sequence and on the web page of the Ministry 
is to download the pdf called daniel 11 40 45 
you bar pf that would be wonderful 45 
explains all these verses and there 
It's going to be explain, it's not about me anymore. 
here the king of the north that the papacy 
but he has how is the first 
Miner southern king and where I am now in 
verse 41 and there it gets 40 and slow in 
glorious land cast already has the most 
second place 
in the second place and thus in verse 42 49 
43 53 he goes to egypt 
for rita who is the symbol of the whole world 
who symbolizes everyone agrees 
with the police and this idea when 
at the time in stress ok then we are there 
he first contest king of the south 
coming back to saic first conquest the law 
and then the glorious with the Sunday law 
in the United States to commit now 
this youzhny mikhail galley and then him 
makes everyone adore and the beast or 
be the whole world that everyone 
modern world needs to conquer 30 
between the powers we are going to say 
like this 
another law three powers went into exile 
so by the example of 1 and 2 
but we have the third party established in 
It will be a gesture if you can follow the 
Logic, ie we have 
seen here with rome is there when now 
we'll use another example from another 
let's use the example of elias 
You take 10 return it that too. 
demonstrates the same thing it is beyond 
many people on the coast day systems it is 
and he is on Mount Carmel, and he is 
keep caramel item and look up the fake 
moreover daughter parents enjoy false 
prophets and why only the prophets of 
baal enjoy neither will but we have a 
king at that time but his mother 
It's up to us to finish attacking, thanks a. 
illicit relationship who is in 
deny and bid with whom with whom 
bell I'll meet then we have the 
false prophets demand makes ends up 
josé miguel we also have this 
the threefold union that is struggling 
against the people of God 
only when we see the history of 
Christ when I work for voters and 
John the Baptist sees the spirit of Elijah 
receives in the spirit he is joao batista 
must face the same problems 
problem was the king at that time 
there was a gay at that time his name 
herod hero herod was on a 
illicit relationship is 
beyond the relationship he no one with 
who with him days would disappear to go the days 
she does not even have a daughter on the 
she does the deception dance of the 
herodes to ask the head of one says to 
it's worth going to the head and when I 
I have her name salomé will make a 
application of this apocalypse apocalypse 
16 in apocalypse 16 we have the dragon 
in that of the cinema without truce the beast and a 
false prophet does he makes use of us 
will not go into much detail 
respect we do not understand each other and 
italy with the prefectures but the dragon 
state symbol 
but it is a symbol of the state 
ok head the symbol of the papacy 
I have already overcome this insecurity for the papacy 
and the Pope is not the land of the relationship 
and illicit and Protestant churches are 
called false prophets or the 
united states 
the Protestant churches in the states 
the reason they are false prophets and 
I did not have it because it does not 
owner that they should protest 
against rome and blocks should protest 
talk but they are allying with 
Blame them back on the line. 
only with drama of no they are 
coming back to your mother 
there are balls' not for the mother 
customary Protestants are called 
sons of Babylon wish to enjoy 
drawn and received not so salomé 
Daughter of the day will know that I speak 
6 the irony that the beast that is with a 
relationship with the kings of the 
blessed land that had triggered it 
cites the name of the land and here we 
We have to finish that the king will have a lot of 
head in terms of isabel that is not 
in the correct relationship with the end 
we have to know that we have a 
Correct Relationship with Scoreboard 
we are the prophets bauru we will or will not 
enjoy the city ​​are not real 
Who does not remember soon I'm fake. 
prophets remembers sampaio proved 
can you see logic made better music 
Apocalypse calls Zabel from Babylon the 
touch and love yourself without knowing about the fight 
maybe you can make it a bit clearer 
a little more clear examination 
this is apocalypse 2 verse 20 and cistern 
focus on verse 90 but some 
few things have a fancy contract that 
Let jezebel woman say 
prophesy teaches to deceive the 
servants to whom and how it is me 
sacrifice of idolatry there are some 
few things with gatti collars that 
this woman who knew what would be 
enjoy your essence and seek to win 
bag formicary was going to eat things 
means being born in a talking bag 
Shooting weeks he was had no 
church strip nor people solve perception 
of the papacy it is that his wife 
is pageviews abel is well 
Apocalypse Speaks It To Vocalist Alex 
This is very clear that it was very 
clear in our generation and not srf 
we want to go through these attributes 
island union 
the meeting also by the example of 
two then if for example the business 
we have established for our 
generation we have not only established for 
in that rsa that tire we have to 
and until October 31st , we should 
clear face created by the example of 
2 a thing established by him broke 
of 12 in consciousness was the daughter 
we see this with pomegranate I'm with a 
bunny the first second elias like 
he is the first and second and we too 
we have what it would be if he does not want to be him 
and now we'll see this with one more 
example and also showed a selection as 
It's beautiful, but we'll see it three 
sites of the apocalypse and his work on the 
selection when the three countries it is 
I'm going to delete it here and I was going to 
here and now we 'll see the 
characteristics of 3 to 2 
Let's know the characteristic of the 
the lipsy grin 9 announce the cup of 
Fire is good and we also did the take 
to understand - has undertaken to leave 
the group of nine of 11 to play in cinema 
and hold us not going too far 
details about each point has many 
details about cards but we will 
understand logic do not understand better 
understand the seven trumpets internet f 
also to the salts and I train and 
one or more studies just for Maria 
one but not necessarily learn and 
if we will pass them to you so that 
we can move forward in exchange we do not 
away for example we will endure 
we will understand by the example of 12 
to understand that for example the 
first and second years we will have the 
the third ae features 
we must achieve the characteristic of 
ter will be important then a first 
feature is in the subject 
the first feature that has 25 
name and the 5th grade touched its target and saw a 
star of heaven fell on the earth and was 
given posture even key 
pioneers understood that this is not a 
important point about the saes one point 
important thing about blu ray is that they 
are about the activities of the 
Islam is that this news program on 
activity and Islam with which the army 
from rome when she forgets the pours 
and we already said that yesterday and 
we could leave is that the remains of Rome in the 
last generation the United States that he 
even quoted from pomegranate the last generation 
of the United States but our train more 
the first and the second to the united 
the first second there we will see that 
was like the first Haitian 's first 
and we have it at hand and people understand that using 
We understand that there is no talk about the 
activity of Islam 
It does not have nor is that what is here 
diagrams and he is not here in the senate 
it is better said that it was directed by 
Monsignor, there is no evidence that 
was directed by the morning of the day 
come on the verse three years is free 
according to Andrew and the smoke came 
grasshopper on the ground and pedal and was 
given power as the power that has the 
Land champions in any series it 
does not like gafieira and felicia poder 
how scorpions take power on earth 
one of the characteristics of his services 
that criticism in the zaire is that they 
have unexpected attacks 
who so attacks so waiting like 
the champions as the subject with only 
This we go in the first there we have it 
also the first and the 2nd in the 
second iron line already mentioned 
they are against the armies of Rome that 
this meeting he reiterated 
Okay, now let's go 54 years and see if 
I'm in the room and told I was told that 
they did not give of grass of the earth nor 
no greenery or any tree but 
only to men who do not have in their 
God's seal parties and you will not go 
it will be worth my land to know something 
my tongue on the street if not only in the mind 
of men who did not have passwords around 
of 1,150 brothers the first ae 
the first time in a period of 
insulation guiné rpg ie they do not 
can hurt those who have the seal of 
He did not talk about winning those who have 
received from God is the reason they do not 
can hurt those who do not have the 
seal of God on those who have the seal 
of god and motive were the countries 
can neither her nor the debut of gold is 
because they are living in the 
sealing is why this is also in 
between me for you to have the seal 
of God and try to live in the period of 
launch for you guys can be sure 
I have had it coming in the 
period of full anyway for you 
received the seal of God is as follows 
Let's go to the Mohammedan character here. 
I must also change the characteristic 
do not measure the mai is dealing with islam 
that analyze only unexpected taxi that has 
attack with the armies of 
rome when she has to say what they 
can not hurt those who have the seal of 
God it was not nothing of my supper that they 
are experiencing a period of training 
because I was living in the 
morning and this is what marks the first there 
and this is what marks the first and now 
we did the second area was not 
know according to there we'll focus psi 9 verse 
12 neighborhoods for free conca is not 
verse 12 
there is forgiveness 
let's go to verse 5 first forgiveness and nick 
in the second 5 and was allowed not to 
would kill more for five months in 
tormented his torment was 
similar to scorpion torment 
when it was a man, it was a god that he did not 
was it not that they killed that way? 
that tormented us five months as 
scorpion storm how and when it 
It's only because of cats that walk 
closing this agreement is thus 1299 
and began there in 1901 and 1907 in the event and 
1.449 and go in 1941 is like playing something 
as 150 years 505 given five months 
Thus begins in 5 times 30 5 and 6 have 
the same teacher in 30 days because the 
even it will be done in 30 and it is every day worth it 
a year and every day marina rodrigues 14 
numbers 1484 number of Catholics between 
45 and 55 30 while implying 
which began in 1999 ended and 1,449 
baby also determines the mp 449 is because 
now let's go to verse 12 hours not to 
know insurer to Haiti this past 
that after that it will sell 2 at 
first step is not the defender's 
then this is going to come 2012 more then 
Ok, let's understand a little more then 
that says the second then let's go 
understand a few more occurrences 
second verse al back 13 and Tech 
He touched their tones your comet and heard 
a voice that came from the four points 
come back from gold that was before God 
which of the day the sixth angel that had 
promise the sun of the four angels who are 
trapped by the great river 
and the four years were released so that 
were prepared for the hour day and 
year in order to kill and a third of 
men to see if there are 53 and 55 is sexual 
played a trumpet and a voice inside the 
four years and jumped from gold 
was facing a god of 5 to 6 years who 
trumpet would like to give the four 
are in the river bowl and have been rescued 
four years that are prepared for the 
hour he is half and elano in order to kill 
on the third part of the shoulders 
Our goal is not to found out 
You in your own time you in your 
own time of existence itself 
time to apply the one-day principle for 
year and apply this type of day for 
year from now, one month from the close of the fifth day 
and one month the mayor will continue 31 years 261 
year you have 361 apply this 
hour day month and year and applies to this 
time period there was in that year a 
period of 391 years 
this gives a period of 35 91 years and 15 
days that would be it is very accurate 
to show in presence they understood that 
this started exactly 1449 saw that 
only started in 1949 
so if you apply this date period 
and CSE period he accepts it will end 
in 1840 so ending in 1840 ok ok 
an important point an important point 
four winds were released at the beginning of 
four minutes were released. 
beginning of angels forgiveness four years 
they are loose for a period of time 
for a period of time this period 
of time I wanted time there those are 
loose at the beginning allowed to increase 
there it was allowed to torment us now 
they are allowed to kill the nail 
second two are allowed killed 
four today the other four rs is from 
the end of this time period but a 
determined period that a period of 
determined they will be restricted 
sr then has a restriction here in 1840 
between 30 and 40 with the number 4 labeled with 
the number 4 dial and that if you were the 
apocalypse 7 and there are alice and 
I'm not saying this happens in 
apocalypse 7 is not 100 being that only 
happens the company of cicinho but the 
symbol of four being restricted 
this year's 4 is still tricky marks a 
insulation period lower mark cnn 
Let's see progress and have a desire. 
It's silly if he stays or not and then 
these things I saw four angels who were 
on the four corners of the earth retaining 
four winds the earth so that no 
wind blow on the land my husband 
I found some of my first verse 
then it's only been four years since 
four angles and cans that have 
four corners of land lest 
time on earth and 
about May are at guarulhos 
so here four winds are restricted 
34 minutes is being 34 games are 
four religious and the next verses and 
celebrating the next five is not 
happening in the sealing period 
those thanking past him to me 
and we can see this in 3d verse by 
Sample 53 not saying I damaged the 
wing no trees table till 
are sealed of substances the games 
of our god that my sister 60 
women until water is 
surprised the reference itself and 
to the Egyptian people and to the 
reference in rivals 
got 40 I do not think anyone has the stamp 
god can not even in the retina then 
days then the second year 
still according to the ae the pioneers 
understood in the sieves they understood that 
was in the fall period 
that we are dealing with this period he 
would have taken the first era maomé 
the first one is bad and now we have 
Ottoman and is now in the human booklet 
it is also about Islam that also 
make unexpected attacks that are attack 
unexpected against the armies of clothes 
against the osama network 
so much that in 1553 553 the walls of 
Constantinople fell on seedlings and when 
also it is not because of the visual by 
cause of the alliance rome then only taxi 
fired against the streets of rome in 
tehran and we just see 
characteristic that they are living 
in the sealing period then we 
we have just seen the characteristics that 
he is living abroad follows the 
line baby pointed it happens to you and 
the other we read that in 1840 and then they 
Law 9840 of 1840 1844 and 1845 44 and 
marvelous manifestation of the power of 
God would be wonderful value 
manifestation was shed spirit 
if it were to give in to children it is not 
that they were given instructions 
we saw that he was getting 
We did not know that we were following the 
line and we see when the person receives 
The rain is being that the problem is that 
when it's a person, reef is beautiful she is 
going through this process will be slow 
they are going through this process 
it would be nice if she accepts the message that 
he is trying if she is being veiled 
it is being drawn and will be saved 
and of necessity she rejects the message 
that she had arranged she will not 
enter the ark of noah and will not enter 
on alert that even she will not get sodoma and 
he will not leave no she will not accept 
Christ to renew integrates she will not 
to accept even she will not accept the 
message from the sanctuary and will not be 
Featured sanctuary is only personal and 
lose him wait said that your 
lamentation is does not prevent them from 
wesley played this text before on file in 
url exception is a consolidation in 
truth ends when his connection to 
the truth and the rain and determine the 
rain came the doctrine he suffered the 
knowledge in which I was born then my 
niece line about a bit here one 
little animal that is about to return and 
of the older ones still have a 
message that if you accept that if you 
and f 
you are consolidating in the message and 
consolidated avoidance is receiving the seal 
of god suggests received then being 
You're judged on the tse and you're not looking for it. 
something beautiful to have the guns you reject 
but be in the theater you are not 
consolidating in fact you are 
gasoline you will actually lose your 
I regret to consolidate the truth to 
in 1840 44 this is what is happening and 
issuing 40 44 and did what it 
happening now brothers brothers Brazil 
has a shock between two weeks weeks 
because it has much to teach by the example of 
one and two for it came in from us 
Let's establish the third we go. 
establish in third now we go 
my third sister 
will exercise and you are following tell 
also having ligaments and soon 
He managed to get some of it back one 
little the video 
you can not take a 
is to happen in Greece a little to 
life is important you understand why 
It's important, a hundred read to me. 
Rev. 11 verse 14 NE 
I remember told me before the second 
oil is passed second ae 
behold, the third shall serve according 
space is who will exert n ready brother 
you can read here the rest of the apocalypse 
you will not see a place that says the 
third AIDS and fulfilled 
he will not will not see a place said the 
third, there are external cereals 
God give us a beginning but a target if a 
principle for this last generation to 
the latter in the tripling of prophecy 
biblical and tripling procev 
understand clothes pay new passage of 
a modern 
it was a one-page fault 
reminds a woman about the establishment 
of two thirds of this growth 
of 12 in third, understanding the first 
book according to him the boys in the first 
line is the second he's understood 
We at the end of the world are not our 
paper is the end of the world 
to pm when I got a little there 
psi is not the standard ieee this season at 
binds and to the Bible speaks the first and passed 
it is that first and foremost 
because even well 
she talks as he passed between the 
grades and that according to him passed and still 
sees the third all the line in third 
and when are we going to look for a 
third does not have money, it 's no problem 
the problem that left the principle 
and we're going to stay now we're going 
To apply this time we have to understand 
on the subject to understand is that the third 
eye care will be on will also have q ta 
talking about jo is also externalized it 
otherwise it's not like what you 're talking about 
so here we're talking about Islam and here goes 
being to the wise does not have to be 
giving of them leads line is who can not 
leave talking about why my strange god 
I was just wondering what he 'll have on the line. 
same principle also the same practice 
unexpected attacks on the tongue in attacks 
internal against Roma armies 
when this question of honor that later 
of 1840 44 who went to 1940 1944 to 
Bible prophecy speaks about a beast 
that came out of the earth and Bible prophecy 
the student had to the United States that 
only in the United States that will do with 
that everyone loves the same tank will be 
that all the value and the crossing and they 
are the accesses of the papacy and to jazz and 
perverse results rome 19 we have 
the third is started on September 11 and 
will be and start to fear with osama bin 
laden with loving us and not knowing 
write his name tattooed islam in 
unexpected counts when it attacks 
the united states where he 
was under his armies of Rome that 
He just does not know who this guy in Rome is. 
still this principle the elements 
that we have seen that the judgment of 
alive because it did not happen in the first and 
in the second to pm two sons were 
being judged here 
the rooster out I remember you developed this 
924 of 40 have no seasons in neuer held 
Do not block those who have the seal. 
of god and who does not give in discipline and 
full of people saw that it gave seal of 
God be on my girls are afraid 
days there are people living by the sides and 
has been in the restaurant 
judgment of living persons because it will 
and with that he is a character we see 
a second to sealing since the 
others even without receiving the nóis cnn 
illustrated by the retained salt quatrains 
that they were walking around the blocks 
and if we go to the history of 1840 44 
in 1941 and 1944 we have living people who 
he is a character there we have people alive 
cinema in life that are accepting the 
reject a message that is andré sá 
increase in live people 
Bible people who were 
in fact that he is 
while there our truth its lament 
And I'm sorry he's coming in right here. 
we will have elements and everyone here has a 
My daughter, this principle is 
correct is this conclusion that people 
Comes and we will not study 
right now the third ae 
but of course show that he started 11 
of September for the sake of demonstrating that 
started at 11 
as early as September 11 begins the judgment 
two of the living 
Why use this because it only comes out 
second time verse 4 moves has 
one focused on never 54 and also when 
said about it 
and when about according to 
that the Aymara with the period of 
judgment of living persons 
it's not that the ae 
uai marks a period of training with 
this war is no bigger there than the uai uai 
the mark a period and event two soon 
heroes we will have the same thing as 
exercise we want the same thing as the 
treasure began the second time began 
when we go there 
Ok let's have a little bit about the 
four winds and landing will be few 
the first 4 500 registered page 38 
24 years old who had a farm land work 
and I was going to meet there jesus 
was dressed in priestly attire 
he looked compassionately at the 
Then he raised his hands and 
with a voice of deep sympathy with my 
blood father of my blood 
I saw then that God was sitting on the 
big tutor white gold came out a light 
Annie's scale was extraordinarily 
shiny and poured to be round jesus 
following an angel with the mission of the party 
of Jesus when certainly at 4 years 
who had work to do on earth 
straightening up and down some 
thing in his hand and crying out 
large voice hold hold hold up 
that the servant of god be revealed in the 
I asked the assistant angel 
that I listened to do the four together 
He said that it was God who restrained 
the powers and cover up their angels 
when all were related to land and 
the four years had power in the part of 
God to hold the four winds were 
already about to drop the 
but as he loosened his hands 
of the four winds were about to blow the 
merciful eyes jesus contemplated 
the remnants that were not sealed 
and raising his hands to raise his hands to 
father alleged that he had shed blood 
for them 
so today he was ordered to fly 
speedily to the other 4 and to have to retain 
the four winds until the servants of 
God you installed in the fountain with your 
God alive 
the mother cells complained with good 
deep compassion missang for me 
blood blood in 2011 is the 
big white champion in the light nobody 
We will then have the final say because 
sighs and quickly at the age of 4 
have a certain value so that 
and avoid washing 
the milan mano that the mother was not 
19 Lieutenant Silva since the age of four 
than in 44 points 
However , keep advancing in the hands 
of inter priest followed with him when he 
I wanted blood for them in 
Consequently, he sent another year 
was the third of the four who climbed 9 
in all those circuses of God because 
thousands ahead with 16 four days 
winds were about to drop four 
winds are clear and holy that were 
ready to release it was clean to 
Give me my god, hold on. 
to provide a description of the 
four winds the retention of the four 
environments so that the people of God can 
doubts and so that when 
said he did not know the project 
brothers happen a little from 17 
Restricted December 1791 of Sandra have 
that this marks a period of isolation 
was the safe element the winds ensures 
90 until that heaven 144 thousand and six thousand 
hundred and forty-four million 
speaks a little of what is essential 
in apocalypse and now we're going 
understand when this happens she helped 
to understand when things happen 
I'll try to play for us in that 
point of the city ​​of itabela six o'clock 
It's Death Says and Happy Manuscripts Volume 
20 pages 217 only English is Portuguese 
only in English liberal handwriting 
well to have an angel holding the 
four winds represented as horse 
the insured in the four winds 
when we present common couples and 
trying to loosen up and attack 
about the easy of all looking earth 
get up crm have counted every phase and 
only leading to destruction and death in his 
brother brothers here two brothers here 
symbols of a symbol on the four 
winds of 11.15 in the area of ​​four 
she said that they are presented as 
curious horses that presented themselves 
like a gentleman 
in the diagram then it aggravates diagram 
this is represented as horses 
He is serious in creek. 
presented as a horse not to be 
happy people who do not look happy are 
furious then curió are prepared 
for war is prepared for the 
symbol of the zoo 
in the same way their bible in a way 
take in genesis 16 in that there are 
to open with me in my life when 
speaking of Israeli military israel that 
give it to the head of Islam that 
minerals trend of them in the bible 
public a symbol an economy took a 
symbol and 40 knows not who or why 
So we keep you in mind because 
we must understand s.mateus mounted a 
I'm a symbol saying all the verses 
11,11 also said today of the Lord in 
conceived this cdara luso and conceber x 
to give birth to a child to call itself the name 
for now without hearing the touch are 
read alienated choose the one that will 
here it is conceived and you will give birth only 
and love you in the month more because the bay 
acts flexibly and it will be judgment 
fierce and this is a saying 'you applied a 
symbol thickening israel a judgment 
fierce and his hand will be against all 
all against them emanate milky andré 
brother is not that what he refused today 
is not that what you see with this far and 
against all 
he detonated the 2nd and all tomorrow 11 of 
September george bush went to the united states 
bout went to the UN UN headquarters he 
said the speech and he stayed you are 
with us or against terrorism counts the 
heroic you are against us 
ct find in us all i lead 
all against all 
it was presented as a trial 
fierce city ​​as in our cows 
who also belongs to the family of horses that 
from my family sky 
this is the symbol of Islam and 
sport is saying that the four 
the fourth environment is the symbol of 
brave horses that upon horses 
whites of the blood of the four winds 
being in the four environments is the 
symbol of Islam and 5 and take things 
represents the four winds 
several streets representing 4 miguel 
grass earthquakes 
who was right but also horses 
curious but she was also determined to 
curve and horses to the visual 
according to the few lipsy of the 
thing I did not stick my foot and 16 and jesus 16 
when you talk about israel when you read it 
one more thing that said it will lead to 
destruction and death by the earth moves 11 
there it is not this theme and 9/11 is not 
winning said that they had about themselves a king 
and the angel of the abyss in bray to his 
name abaddon in Greek supported and abandoned 
means the judas lender and supported 
means of this new means 
destroyer brothers these four winds 
represented as curious horses 
second earth death joão 
léa and here their angel and what you 
yielded a king and law is named after the 
institution and today neglected to 
destruction and characteristic joy 
of the description is characteristic of 
Redistribution and that's what 
people see the theme and September 11 is in 
advertising she has teaching and b om 
September 11 goals the contract I mean 
which is Portuguese and karina assistance 
here is that when these four winds 
are being restricted and the 
comics is being as they are 
are about to drop it draws background 
this afternoon a little breath of a 
It was just September and it was released 
in September and from that moment and 
from this moment he begins to judge the 
sealing the 144 thousand with us 
show this 
He said he tested yesterday 
that text he is talking about when 
the new york towers fall on which 
alert the large buildings that carry it 
when the apocalypse falls and will be fulfilled 18 
11 to 3 
according to the cup of this other 
blue vehicle in greece and apocalypse 1813 
1883 is the rain being today's birthday and 
won because it was there when the big 
buildings began the big buildings 
have fallen because it was one of the 
great new york buildings fell ok 
now we will try to attack all 
this informations 
Look, I do not know if I'll be joining. 
all information 
September 11 September 18 Apocalypse 
in apocalysis before we read and if yesterday 
life sketches page four sets of law 
but this left side of the page 
vegetable garden 17 hours when the incessant only 
Today I just do not know English is more 
tense in the south Spanish Portuguese 
we will have detailed in Spanish he of 
Portuguese brought a bit of 18 in 
Apocalypse beginner to us will read 
a text now let's use scissors that 
for me the strongest text of the children of 
prophecy that for me and more management 
strong spirit of prophecy that says 
something happens when it comes to 
police 18 they have to happen 
something when I saw him and him with me 
apocalypse 14 of worse than the text was a 
way in the mouth of this 14 we'll see 
some characteristics of the 144 thousand and 
we approve of the shame that is different 
case of 44min verse one 
verse and I looked over lamb on 
Mount Zion and with him 144 thousand that 
had in their foreheads written the name of 
your father 
Then I'll come here. Lamb was in 
weight in a dossier with him feel 44min 
pandemic was not him there and he it 
I wrote in the front I need it 
you pay close attention 
Diana you pay close attention sometimes 
we must make an effort to stay 
a little more attentive than sometimes 
need to be an outline that there wants more 
careful to follow the logic is that it is gone 
to follow and in verse 4 will talk about a 
characteristic of saints 44 thousand for 
514 evaluating a characteristic at 54 
min these are the ones that are not 
contaminated with women because they are 
these are they that follow the lamb to 
wherever you go 
these are the ones within and a man were 
bought as premises for god who 
for the lamb said these years that not 
I know when it's finished how you want it. 
that in these areas 
lamb no matter where you go 
overcoming in middles in training or even 
as first fruits they would stop from there 
lamb and the saint andré of 4,500 are the 
who follow the lamb where it ends 
dreams that are getting fat and that 
I need you to keep this. 
right of you keep humorist in 
one thing I want you to know 
remember whoever you want you remember 
that the 144,000 do not go through death is 
that he at 144 m does not pass for love has 
they go through the great tribulation they 
go there recorded the scene but they did not 
But without it, it 's not soon, it's not good for 
you go to heaven so I liked poerão and 
if you 1 144 thousand and 144 you will have to 
be judged alive in thesis the third 
place on Sunday everyone will go through 
judgment all even more difficult 
I will not die if so maybe later. 
dominated vanone they have to be judged 
I'm alive, a thousand were prayed and now I 
criticized some information that in the mind 
and obviously click or stay 
we have other examples of 
people who were thrown alive we have 
hundreds of people who were the 
hawks as elias as the line as 
In communion we can study but they 
We can also delete it, but it will 
adding more in these studies will 
present someone more educated than 
anyway the 144 thousand do not die 
in any way in any way he 
it was not soon they have to be played 
united i did not get up and so enrich 
with each biome everyone will go through 
judgment all the vacancies is for the function is 
one thing we have to understand 
the only thing we should understand and 
sea began judgment of the dead and 1,144 is 
who began to meet beautiful girls in 
1840 and what time the living have to 
be tried but in an hour 
ig you do not even have to be careful because they 
go to the sky alive because this is a 
pilot appears and soon as the 
judgment of the living and with my 
from 2000 up to the last generation and 
had the last renato gayucho that this 
text will say said do not want text is 
That's why for me it's one of the most 
strong the spirit of prophecy but that 
for me it is your strongest spirit of 
prophecy because this judgment of the 
the last generation because it is 
he takes care of the mark udinese does not want 
say that when it starts at night 
my generation is living in this line 
will see jesus come back from the doubts of heaven 
is the old study in tse 
I have tested happy manuscripts volume 16 
pages 40 
have very liberal teams volume of r 
yet every land shall be 
illuminated with the glory of the Lord's God 
the whole earth will be illuminated with the 
win this year 
brothers where the first owners take place 
happened apocalypse 18 but one 
apocalypse before verse let's not go there 
and to make sure you are 
feeling, let's go out there to see if 
I'm sure you're following and 
then these things life solution so 
far that had great power and the earth 
was dominated with its glory 
Then you know, it's another year. 
understand that his Latin group was 
enlightened antonio pagot said that this 
happened with the big parades of 
new york fell and even better than that 
happened with the large buildings in the 
bahia which fell on September 11 and 11 
September is all the land will be lit 
with the glory of the Lord all the earth be 
eliminated with the lord the pure improvement 
God's summer heart 
already the pure of heart bb alliance now 
this blessing 
Pay attention are those who are 
following the lamb to wherever 
will be following the lamb to where 
want him in the attention is the apocalypse 
14-4 apocalypse 14.5 thousand four hundred and 
forty-four thousand and eight hundred 
guardian who received the power 
of the angel who came down from heaven 
great power 
I just do not want to turn 
in the morning who wants to understand this year 
with great power is understanding that if 
70 is saying he does not want technicians 
still she is saying that the 144 thousand and 
by teaching her to feel 44min not 
go through death that does not pay because 
it is not that you come back to the doubts of the 
skies that come to this I'll see they know 
power from far away the goalkeeper picked them up 
nor could they even want to stay there in 
Up they live in the time of the angel 
apocalypse 18 months my time it 
focus this text is saying this 
time interest in September 11 who 
anticipate the large numbers have fallen 
when they are reported by the police 18 
3 5 million is there to feel 
among those who have followed that 
forget who is powerful that those are 
144 thousand are being born but in 
truth they already know can be the judge 
well to respond well this is the 144 thousand and 
844 thousand words in other words 
they are being sealed in this period 
they understood real without this period 
when I saw their game and 18 when 
no era said today it follows 
be able to follow this price 
said that jesus will return this text 
does not even use love see in this generation 
of September 11 he is reborn 
fm leadership and this is a lot of subject 
always good if they a very hot topic 
serious was seeing the last generation the 
sintab the last generation that you have 
made with his life the little lieutenant a 
Ascent is seeking a corrupting crown 
stressed to seek in the economy in choir 
took the eternal crown look with the 
Flashlight is time to think about time 
to stop and think I cry the world knows 
lucas 21 says the same thing never felt 
nothing is the same we do not have 
time to go there but that we do not 
time law for him is maybe we can 
do this in the next presentation that 
taking beauty of the next presentation 
but she also talks but would be finished 
When the rain has ceased, it begins to fall. 
when is it coming 
lia commented khaer of this we won 
September which exhibit in 1970 the game lips 
and 18 when she returns there is 
today a generation of the last earth 
window feather turned the apocalypse 17 obina 
to vote in 15 and 17 years and I regret the 
144 thousand 
locate and have guard against me and the 
people have just discovered that it will 
end but then discovered that begins in 
our time that I started after the 144 
thousand receive power today because he 
You will still be able to see the degree soon. 
when we take the group 7 
leonel teller era existed and we 
Do you understand what you're talking about sealing 
of the 144 thousand he was speaking to Joseph 
has been shining since September 11 
Let's see the first few verses again. 
and then these four-year things that 
were upon the four corners of the earth 
we have four earthly winds for 
no wind blows on the ground nor 
about a law about the tree some and 
saw the rising angel rising sun that had 
a seal of the living God and cried with great 
voice of the four years that had been 
unify the land and one saying no 
damaged the land or the sea and 
trees until it has sealed in its 
parts of the seals cells of our god 
our picture and there were a number of sides 
were 144 thousand 
all children the children of israel 
after this route four company 24 years 
light of the earth that feared in the four corners 
so that it does not suffer 
some areas of the earth and not over human 
and language in the media, my other law that 
I know where the soil comes from and it's also thirsty. 
of a living God cries great of the four 
years here in milan and it can be used in 
earth and sister telling nine years 
release a cd and today I would be in my 
Belt 44min would be that of all tribes 
We can not be then will we saw 
yesterday a parallel of 1840 44 then all 
world leave his skin of 1840 1.054 is 
bosch parallel john september he reads 
guay assembly will keep it worth it 
speaks of the already controversial 18 he warns that 
page 611 conflicts in this way 
on the beltless panel or keep 
she compares with works of 1844 he is 
compared with 175 40 54 1840 have the 
according to 1940 - it is 
compressed second there and we have 14 being 
and we have 400 franchises and 
here we have just seen and here is the one in 
when 144,000 are sealed that when 
there are 54 thousand affiliates we saw that this 
begins today group 18 who is the one 
problem that starts in September and 11 
soon the sealing happens the group 7 
that when it has appeared to the restriction 
of the angels more than 30 she is in the winds 
since then we have four groups 
restricted that we do a parallel 
with the four years that are written here 
in this story that is to take the 
four years he also mentions that the 
bag this story is this story 
the Brazilian team has more then 
People showed here not only to show 
in attack the two two ways to command 
to show the living elements two 
forms the first form and the first out 
of the triple application of biblical prophecy 
and the tripling of the procedure in the 1st and 2nd there 
you have a third was the first 
second and third the first style 
light closing of the 1st and 2nd i encm 
living people being judged 
soon we also have many heroes 
black soon as well that began in 
September that when I left the trial 
of living there starting with the marking 
he knows the books starting there 
never as well as they looked at each other 
the second way of showing the second 
way to show I told you it's 
faster than him than to tehran in 
which manuscript texts do you judge? 
the volume 16 page 40 who is like forehead 
of handwriting release the volume of those there 
that the 144 thousand that 
She's still going to call me and know power. 
of the angel the police 18 hours in power of 
touch upon life context 
written page 411 and with the technician 
left after 400 people 
saw that today published 18 comes or September 
do not be as quiet as you have come and 11 is to have 
logo 144 000 sandwiches are selected 
in this period leading from this 
144 thousand are being selected 
at that moment that 144 thousand do not die and 
I feel when I go to sleep, it was not in 
to have a last generation of history 
the f1 and mark the latest generation 
the internet to finalize the study for 
who they were they leandro take one 
concept that exists and I wanted to 
a Portuguese bank and even take the 
county to draw a concert also that the 
people than people think it is 
judgment in local judgments 
characters even thinks that they refuse to 
meet people think that the 
judgment of the living something kind 
so believer counsels black widows 
so I'll explain so he's going to stay 
Your name may be passing in the sky. 
now is the past elected time and passed 
now excitement and you 're not ready and 
he is ready, he is lost 
you are close and the call continues it 
is also in our center gives a 
biblical show example that 
connect one in any premiere you are 
sure if you are indeed two ne 
but this does not exist in the bible because 
This is not infinite and lilian brothers 
people understand how things are going 
happen in our generation 
this week to understand how 
things happen 
we have to see how God helps 
in the past you have to see how it went 
As I wanted to be, people were left without 
spend to be imagining something to 
china and coast we have nothing to fear 
As for the future we have nothing to have 6 
future unless we forget the 6 
Monday 29 none as you announced 
in the past as to 100-98 last 
It is nothing new under the sun 
It's still not what I used to be. 
was what was to be also what was already 
the gazette nobody was the story if 
repeats history repeats itself with what God 
has thrown his people into all generations as 
It was even the cast group and I'm going to pass 
quickly why I was going to do 
quickly for this story of noah. 
is not he sent a prophetic message 
he on a mayoral stake with dreaming 
how much electron will see the bayern flood 
Do not want to talk 
that's how he played the people that way 
who did not play with him testing work 
sending a prophetic message but not 
mayor if he accepted the 
message that maggi also already presented 
in the ark he would come on alert and Joseph 
except his experience as was the judgment 
of the wicked consequences of the Olympics 
they took the message and refused to 
soon received the reward in a business 
follow the reward for death and went to 
coin that looks at sodoma and gomorrah 
Lend me the name of God, have you two? 
years there with a message saying bonsai 
and foster a prophetic message 
message design will fall fire from the sky 
It's going to be late in the afternoon and it's going to go. 
destroy society to destroy all 
if you listen to the angels' message and have 
eco team 
You leave the city you have in your family deserves. 
you reject the message of the angels 
military and federal selection you are 
burned in the cities what will be the suitcase 
if the same thing same song rules 
Babylon site will rebuild time 
will build those who refused 
this message here and that those 
who try to remain in Babylon 
staying the ninth time and I think he 
there was a situation of psalms or lost 
I find it fun that you think it permeates 
those who obey the voice of God there 
noise because I do not mean back 
of this Italian milan 
Look at the history of Christ, I'll remember. 
believe that the prophecy was fulfilled in the 
front of them cried olé teachers era 
one pin and up to 6 
those who accept Christ to whom 
hit the message of christ 
between these are saved this respect the 
I do not want this attack does not have 
share with him in heaven or part with him 
this is what he said believing 
in you do not eat of bread and chelsea 
having begun 
He is faithful, he has no part with me. 
nor for the economy is good always a 
present truth is actually a 
prophecy a prophecy and I say go 
accept this message or not and receive 
so these things and cetaf or not this 
defines if he was lost and only 
will decide if they interested but lost in the 
same thing as the story of a thousand thousand 
He had a message from him. 
strange to start but to accept that 
message went to the sanctuary that the 
does not want to hit the foot and 
followed for Felipe's victory over there and 
fulfill the purpose of god undertake 
It who rejected was called 
babylon amazon brothers what is the seal 
but what is your regret whatsoever 
That moment I do not have it here. 
but today the non-I leon do not have this 
text here and I do not have this text here 
in fact I have in fact this is 
batch n can not seek to educate 
is in final events page 219 let's 
the Spanish 
this was something 223 points is on events 
and in the last days for whom nothing 
simple 26 paragraph 4 soon the people of 
god is sealed in the forehead is not a 
seal or mark that can be seen but the 
consolidation in fact 
intellectually as well as spiritually 
that can not be shaken visit 
ready took the power of god and so year 
it is not a trademark that 
strengthens not a bond of mine or the 
truth both intellectuals and 
spiritually so that the roofs 
hungry furniture is ready as heaven and 
prepared to be in my view this 
sales ii and also was and have already started 
brothers his god's sister 16 and today is 
consolidation of the message that is 
consolidation of food actually 
the truth takes the flood 
in fact he actually is the one of the month 
May fire of the hamas silva ac milan was 
the truth has to leave Babylon 
remembers that I had to leave again in the 
Truth, I have to accept Christ. 
remember that the technique is to avoid the flu 
You have to enter the sanctuary. 
celestial by faith is very important that 
There is no one interested in celestial victory. 
which is by faith and not so much is a 
message every generation that the living 
a place that they are guilty based 
whether or not the message is accepted 
bidding does not limit our generation and 
in all schools following all the 
presentations will show that rainfall 
not wanting to show that he saw coming 
or September that neither the zte is the doctrine and 
there in the pina is the message and the message to 
rain message 
sakineh of a truth present in the 
truth as a prophetic message 
the soldier who is prefect as well as 
all other generations as well as in 
all this remuneration is the consolidation 
in fact the consolidation of this truth 
that's what will determine 
he will not receive the seal of God until 
now of violence at once 
Look at the Israel that will determine 
this if you are saved 
This is what will end before being the 
seriously request or lost it 
judgment of books and only has to be 
so a call that is going through 
your name is not sonae in beautiful woman 
brand is passing in your name is 
so God tested the people all the 
generations have got to prove when mobile 
antonini and god spoke edil salon i did not 
mute or not walked through it but the 
son of Jacob notions consumed as is 
what is 
the biblical verse malachi 6 malachi 
three verses this is because I know I do not 
so mute so the child's voice is already glued 
consumed because it is already on the way 
this iconic as there was 10 
consumed will not change the shape of your 
generation from a road was the way to 
thus playing the international plan in 
hands the last generation weeks he a 
latest generation is approved and this is 
I ask you to look at the content in time 
Time you that your review 
rebbeca rise revise their poles that 
I plan to see if you are walking in 
Lord's path and months try to walk in the 
my way and finances and daily 
are searching daily or looking for 
knows the canon if you are 
consolidating, in fact, whether 
stating, in fact, I think that when 
you live with me the forbidden abroad 
me again after the end 
nose but then she got so I 
I invite you to continue the personal prayer 
and is limited to continuous growth for 
so the port does not even deliver another 
Instead of giving your life to God instead 
more rise of the alliance and making a 
commitment to God and thus not 
commitment to god to study more 
your word decide more battle of 
ask for the rains and today asking for 
freedom even if it receives this rain and 
nor follow this line that this message 
that these try we will pray will advance 
dear beloved father and beloved 
many thanks for explanation 
controversial strikes end thank you for the 
his holy spirit very great power 
for being the spirit obliged by the 
very serious rain by lewis are matters 
very solemn that we are studying 
only that they are far beyond what they 
in others we are studying and I ask 
may you bring clarity to us that the 
pilot so I do not know the clarity that 
your segment stage that teaches 
them and food to act correctly 
to go correctly in the latter 
this soundtrack of the movie this world 
going to set in this world seems like a 
special blessing on each person and her 
initiated in particular on each person 
who is watching the videos that are 
the seers understand that their stroke 
its rain on them 
who is she in the fun knit between them 
can be convinced of sin whom 
states that they have committed a sin that they 
can be transformed into mickey spam 
be transformed through study to its 
word through this word 
through this message through 
finalize that they can prepare 
for your coming 
Who is this plan prepared for this 
help them at the moment of father's study 
his day and at the moment he studies and the 
bless you and give both babies bless us 
Thank you very much, many more 
sometimes not even right 
we ask and thank all of you 
we only ask is serious and not of jesus christ 
is not a Christian census