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Publish Date: 7/30/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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20 pink and girls do not lie 
yesterday we talked a little about what 
found surgery there we looked at one 
little what should tar b 
we saw that the rain in the Bible and 
we dare no one came nor the symbol 
of a message is on top of a 
message the word of god is the word 
antenna to doctrine knowledge in 
recognition to my niece line 
on the tongue because a little there a 
little here muktar Robow the area of 
ancient flag trails ancient goodbye 
illustrious sons of the prince 
who is in order to in principle the people 
saw the man also and also but there is 
we should ask for rain in time but 
showed today that we only have perillo 
time travel of squid to veto day and 
This is the point where we will come back. 
water and this point that we are 
approaching the time we need 
identify when the time that the rain 
start there letting go and identify 
when the time is when the board 
will start to fall because so we 
You can ask for the rain because you did not miss it. 
we can have by lewis you do not know 
When you come back down because I do not 
we know when it was free it is falling 
you can not ask for proof 
so we can not lose but it takes ct 
in the recipe so it's interesting that the 
bible scores then would be interesting 
that he points out we asked the rain 
Top I think that there we were born 
by no one, time can return to 
your beautiful story 
this is that story in women 
In this story we are not the three 
such messages in this story have 
of the three radical messages 
the generic versions are in apocalypse 
14 of the three letters reliquary ritalin 
by qualifying but without apocalypse 
fair in the apocalypse apocalypse point 
apocalypse pointing a moment where 
these messages 
flags repeated messages in the 
repeated and this is public 18 and there are 
apocalypse beginner there is no time 
of history in which there are moments in the 
story instead of putting that I go 
actually put down here 
she would put it as a pair stayed 
underneath and keep dancing with her 
because it is a repetition of the 
government listened to because this is not 
repeat this year is apocalypse fourteen 
this happens in the year of the Apocalypse 18 
and this happens and as it epoch nor 
sciotti the use the Japanese second person 
14 is the second message and 
apocalypse 14 he fell Babylon that 
fell the girl fell the second message of 
apocalypse 18 and 67 years fell with the 
fall fallen my name is a repeat 
of the error in the rep of this year and there board says 
the motto does not to aids in which in the lighting 
published today 18 in angel lighting 
that the woolen lighting report said 
uncle is angelic sejus is in the 3 
angelic message then we go 
repeat your beautiful 
You do not want to be repeating history. 
militarist lord of his brothers said 
this theme weekly protest there that she 
said the word like the requirement 
of the nei is parallel deviation that neither was 
fulfilled in the beautiful story was fulfilled 
women's history and will be repeated at 
of the letter the future insert will repeat at the foot 
the letter in the future and we launched 
old on the dollar and this time 
we are in this period right now. 
people will repeat this story is not 
hope that this plot repeat the 
story to understand how this 
story ran the best happened 
students and also understand how it was 
this story happened though 
It happened better so that we 
understand what we are going to pass 
it is for this period we will understand how 
is that it will happen today 18 and 
adolescence had marked the mixture of 
prophecy is also placed by the spirit 
prophecy was also the mayor guy is 
prophecy as rain angel health as it is 
the victory and that's what we will 
study more today 
and this is an important point 
an important point is that the Jewish people 
in the past is that it can rather in 
past they did not recognize Christ. 
they did not recognize in the crisis they did not 
will recognize the time of Jesus would come and 
in the national scenario the time in which 
venom in day nor as Jesus would come to me 
how did he among them think that 
jesus and ahv as a great king 
It is strange that you receive as a great and 
they did not understand the work of 
they did not understand I never went there 
crisis in our generation is the 
witnessing and in this generation not only 
we are witnessing a repetition 
in this event because 
jesus left represented by that jesus 
51 of the present consumer 
it is comforting the holy spirit is son 
know today people do not understand when 
he will come and look at people not 
understand how much they get through 
rain through léo and a half or as 
nor when I communicate years 
will come in a supernatural way 
who writes it holy spirit one 
girl in supernatural form 
they will understand how teachers 
will come do not understand how that 
holy spirit while not Banestes 
cone is going to read the text that is in 
1 to 1 
looking at the album only has portuguese 
is in a negotiation called 
mirador looks slowly in our days 
as in the days of Christ in us trance 
this morning 11 credit to a 
reading and an incorrect interpretation 
of the scriptures in reading and neither dvds nor 
this writing if the Jews 
had studied the word with the heart 
zealous and silas could rise without this 
her the word with the heart they throw themselves 
heart and humility as they were born and 
their study would have been 
rewarded by a true 
This avoids being rewarded by a 
true knowledge not only of time 
but also of the characteristics of the 
first - Christ not only of time 
again the characteristics of 
Christ first girl we see that 
The people are not studying 
are problems that may not be 
Raining they have no idea what it is 
happening at the time and this is not people 
have no idea what's happening is 
the time when Christ Mini says many 
act the same way today 
Alhambra hung multipurpose thereof 
way to why they did not have 
experience in the provinces messages 
covered in the first second third 
generic messages 
why had no experience right is the 
provinces and in the 
first hours of the 1st and 3rd messages is 
applied to anyone who is probing the 
scriptures in search 
randy that these messages I'm still in 
there is no searching in writing 
to seek is to prove that this message 
still is not expected and future they gather 
the speed of messages but fail to 
give your place of picture in history 
he met in the truthfulness we 
message to review the city but last 
In this place, what's the story? 
therefore these are at risk. 
to divert the people about the 
message location 
therefore they run the deficit lines 
when it came to location 
of messages 
they do not see they do not realize the time of the 
end or when I quote the messages they 
do not see in the possible time at last me 
when I when and it is situated when it arrives 
the death touch message is talking about 
of sac lehmann ayala about 
people who do not want to take these 
government messages from line 14 to 
respect for people who do not want 
they take these messages there the 
people who take this message is because 
there you only want to apply in the 
future and what they want to apply only 
for the future 
they do not give their proper place in the 
history the trophy in ignorance of life 
he would be a prophet they would not 
they understand the time of the end 
they do not understand the last time that 
we want to understand today just odone 
size of the hero begins the message is 
reflected on our lady and is taken 
Forget message repeated on all three 
they have survived local history 
prophetic and seized intense due to 
place in history prefecture then 
people for not mixing the transmissions 
angelica 50 thing for us about them 
three messages lk they did not know if 
find they do not know by 2050 they 
they will understand about the rain 
they do not understand when the oil see 
Let's not test chosen messages. 
two page 387 kills read on tested 
is in our recipe took page 45 
and 46 for Israel during the phone 
50 years of my life I've had 
precious opportunities young woman has 
I had the 1st 2nd and 3rd messages 
the angels are represented as flying 
through the midst of heaven proclaiming to the world 
a warning message 
I understand a direct relationship with the people who 
lives in the last days of history 
no one hears the voice of these angels 
they are the symbol of the people of God 
work in harmony with the universe 
celestial men and women illuminated 
by the spirit of God and sanctified with 
fear of truth proclaim the three 
messages said so during the 
Past 50 years the debt and having 
you have the opportunity to get a 
knowledge and end the 
experience and the messages 1 and 2 and 
3º represents the angels and wrought by 
means of teaching proclaiming a message of 
warning world being a direct action 
with people who live in the last days of 
today's earthly history to voice in 
because it's a symbol that 
represents the people of God who work 
in harmony with a universe of 10 men 
and women enlightened by the spirit of 
God sanctified by truth proclaims 
excessively over the three messages 
we see that these three messages 
and we did not know that these three 
messages and these angels and if the 
blood is a symbol of the people who are our 
this symbol of the body and what it will be 
message then these angels are people 
that attempt to access in character relief 
in the next text messages choose 22 
center pages 
9.3 hands and lecce in text he is with 
the electoral message case took 12 
pages as well as five for the 
formula 1 may accompany or 
proclamation of the messages of the first 
of the second angels in the same way as 
second message from the third party 
beliefs were made in minds 
the power of the holy spirit was 
manifested listen to their leaders 
scripts point to point almost nights 
were devoted to the leader of the 
Word Search 
search for truth as treasure 
sir whether in the cv or we were spilled 
light on the prophecies and we know that 
we received the divine instruction a pamphlet 
transformer has followed the 
2006 first and second 
is also the company made in a 
genuine integration an investigation 
It was purse of the search word is not true 
as if he came for treasure 
hidden in others if light shed 
about the prophecy we had assumed 
introduction from me now you think one 
little with me, you think, Sunday 
these messages from the angels 
these messages from los angeles a 
messages that are messages and 
he shut up this one said the power of 
holy spirit was manifested here and 
that power to receive from the Serbs and 
manifested itself in the proclamation of the 
evangelical message 
his holy spirit in the history of Jesus 
that the shedding plants lame it 
would be afraid of him and regret 
pentecost of alcind of rain 
although Daniel soon received the 
Rain took in Brasilia he is receiving 
children of the saint in civil war in Libya 
as he was doing and did not 
believe in the path proclaiming the two 
angelic messages without 
proclaiming the succession of lula da silva 
a symbol of the cushion is a symbol of 
the line and this symbol of the 
message and look that slider leader 
study of the scriptures my common belief 
a story of darial people he 
acelerate clerk almost nights 
whole were given to the leader 
the name of the word that subscribers 
interest to investigate on was 
show our faces and follow me always 
I live if the word is a word that 
her the word of God is for areas that 
take the other sister who was the 
coach have search let's search 
of truth as of hidden treasures 
to seek her is true as she testified 
sousa, you have revealed to us 
Yes, sir, not knowing just us. 
we remembered our own three only for 
We are going to have this year's 
You have revealed yourself to us through 
bible teaches better not let him 
1965 is so do not regret it 
then turn yourselves to be erased 
of our sins for what comes the 
times of refreshing by the presence of 
lord verse 20 and I sent to jesus christ 
that already before the voice the employee said so 
so suddenly so with mateus 
so that the emboladas their sins 
so that there is the presence of the ceni 
time to see small and ms with 
today was announced before 
06 03 in you it's 60 stf so we know 
we follow on to know the masters 
They were 
When are you there day and night? 
we will be and will continue to know 
rain and recite now seek Lord of 
night of nights full nights of notes 
in will have in its exit with a certain work 
and he sends us to him and he turns us on 
a rain increases as be willing to 
connecting and selling the others as the language 
the first received the rain of 
January so to no one and if people 
repeat the story of the pioneers themselves 
not only take pt in the history of 
sieves the way we've won 
rain will receive rain 
the way that this decision to turn and 
one day it will be the same way but it is 
well the same way next text 
previewing the final page of Saints Two 
next ceiling 
before only finishing the last paragraph 
was shed light on the prophecies and 
we know that we received the instruction of 
Old village operates and to the battle of máximo 
parana was the last sentence out 
will be void on the prophecy in supine 
that we had received instruction from me 
is experiencing this is passing 
you should try our census 
is experiencing you 
normally sees in your in your routine 
you see it again in your routine and 
his divine institution all the 
prophecies you earth following tradition 
of me through the near prophecies 
text large end 200 2.3 next up 
element I'm stubborn and spain 178 
for traffic is an intense yearning that 
I await the time when events 
of the day of Pentecost are repeated with 
greater power than on that occasion 
joao says life being his other angel who 
had great authority until the minute 
its glory apocalypse 1811 then as the 
Pentecost Every Person Hears the Truth 
and services rendered on its own 
as you better understand what I said 
it was time when success will be repeated 
happens to 1 with greater power and who this 
vocation when he links to another 
amg is seeing another angeles in of zeal with 
great power england was a braga with 
surya apocalypse 71 however as the 
world as in no time he lost 
people will actually agree that it will be 
depth each work in their own 
language rock touch today called the public 
18 then if it goes beyond 
police the reason for crying today like her 
It's an angel who repeats the truth. 
Message beautiful story but it is even 
to which I repeat there is similar voter md 
in women are repeated in their 
games were repeated in the 300 logo the people 
Go ask your story. 
the euro returned to repeat this story 
open 18 with me licensor with me 
take over as 1 and then these 
things from heaven or an angel who 
had great power and the earth was 
illuminated with this now and after 
defend this year with great power 
england remembers when your blog 
so remember this memory and without the 
use of 1810 when there is a lack of 
delete them now and even sign with the 
Now we have to deal with a 
important subject for the other nodes 
we are a leader with an important subject 
here close to progression that this 
subject and the progression of a 
repetition and is subject to EPTC cent 
logic of the engineering management of 
time of jesus jesus 
we are going to business not only themes 
suddenly happens in our history 
and it is in this story we will have rains and 
where we only have to see her 
It's going to be called an early rain. 
she's going to love this line, she's got money and this 
ceased to be today and this as the 
is there but the spirit of prophecy 
also says yes but the spirit of 
prophecy also from before receiving the 
rain on Pentecost what areas are you going to 
there no one bt consensus the disciples of 
have received the drip 
the first one that is a type of 
early rain that you are a guide time 
It has money before the rain. 
measure that it is in a great way then 
the story of Jesus then select the 
we have the temporal rain and found 
serodia free theme to paraná and food 
late in the same way in our history 
There is Mass in this story. 
receiving rain without measure does not 
pronounced civil in Libya without fear but 
before it will come a drip smas 
andreev in the first he that is yours 
represented by rain as who is 
represented by releasing soon but 
To do this, we have to 
cut the line was to not only be able to 
be this one year so let's cut there 
To understand the story of Christ repeats itself 
at the end of the center and then in the zone 
understand that it would be a crisis if 
repeat and in your time this way the 
Pentecost in the history of Christ 
this way and Pentecost in history 
he adds, it's like a rain 
in extent it is as if it has been deferred without 
girl is when we go to preach with 
great power after Sunday law 
this year brought to practice with great 
to respond to Sunday law before 
the disciples receive a few drops 
of these civil disciples in the soil in the drops 
and when Jesus works on them the 
that is when the question about the 
spirit ears and he speaks receive the 
spirit and he alleges civil 
spirit and they spend ten days 
place closed and they spend days and days 
in the wrong place taking sin taking 
our sins just a problem of the 
only the problems of the week remain 
then you get the chivas and measure 
elevates if he sees it is several and a half 
in the same way the rain shops be useful 
the same way internally wins 
it is presented at the end of the world and is 
these represent the end of the world two 
steps in two steps the first 
punctuation more clearly leads to pointing 
but it is clearly a time when people 
receives great power at a time when 
at that time a great power but the 
but before that we still sin embargo 
I see the story of Christ as she 
would be so we'll get rain 
we do not remember then that they are 
musicians I see that they are in hotels before 
rain full and next time she should 
to complete 
in the next text on advice for 
church 343 next Tuesday is in 
able to recover on that page without 
belts the spanish team 
none of us have ever received the seal of 
God while karate has a stain 
scored even meet the zeal of the 
defects of character purified from all 
contamination class time 
so I think you 've already fallen on 
we as the thunderstorm fell on the cycles 
on the day of Pentecost no souza se 
turn with the apple supper from day 11 enters the 
character and without any blemish on the 
touches other remedies on defects 
we change the olympic example of the weapon 
of all the contamination in all the 
board will fall on the others as 
dropped to flat levels over the 
environment happens disciples said 
the fact of milk stock what he said 
be stressing that rain is today 
a message that is duty late is your 
message does not deny the fact 
name is of the election she goes 
accompany the drama of power that she 
will be to follow with great power as 
was on the day of his inauguration as was 
cease our bet that I want the 
People realize that I do not want you. 
feeling here is that before it was 
accompanied with great power that 
adapt and thus accompany with great 
also with a message 
it comes as a message and we have the 
option to accept receiving this message is 
clear the option to accept receiving 
message you can choose to listen to or 
refuse to listen we can not elect them 
they licked us we hate we could 
choose to walk on the way a wave in the 
way we can walk through the 
for a truck today it 's not like how much 
others and if you accept the message 
if you are in this message that you 
receives excessive sales rain 
sanctifies through the truth and feels 
stay in the truth then you will 
receive rainfall as it enters the 
that was the case, it is necessary to 
girl but for this we need 
qualify our defects of character 
to remedy the channel effects 
arm feel purify and improve 
of revenues will not change next 
text is in us 214 is in cuiabá it 
have and was until you moni took page 70 
They suggest that you do the brothers in 
great work of preparation those who are 
beautiful one year is shaping up to 
worldly model and preparing for the 
a sign of the beast those who distrust the self 
who humble themselves before God and 
purifies the soul by true obedience 
are receiving the divine mold and 
preparing to receive 
seal of God when the decree was 
published its permanent character shall be 
pure and undefiled for all eternity 
now the time to prepare the seal of 
god will never be put a forehead of a 
man woman in pure will never be 
placed on the forehead of a man or woman 
eat alone lovers of the world never 
will be placed the forehead of bonbons or 
fake tongue women the heart 
deceitful all who receive the seal 
must be immaculate god people 
candidates from heaven 
search the scriptures for yourselves 
so that you may understand the terrible 
solemnity for the present time is thus 
which is in the normal scene so the great 
work of preparing the same 
actually and always forward 
ok I know this sugar will remain pure 
stain for eternity 
now this time to prepare if and 
senators will never be at the 
front of a man and a woman without 
impure will never be put on the front 
ambitious human beings and the 
will never be put on the front of 
men and women decoration which 
misleading all who received the password 
they should rather keep before God 
and be candidates for teaching 
I invite you to open new progress 
john in vital testament open season 
essentially to see let's take 1 to 3 
year celebrates the circulation in the 
then these things angel seduction life 
who had great power to be in tune with 
his glory and cried out strongly with 
great voice saying fell fell the great 
chronicler of demons and conviviality 
of every unclean spirit and hiding places 
nevertheless , because the nations with 
that all the nations drinking coming to wrath 
publication and the kings of the 
with her and the merchants of the 
have enriched with plenty of 
its delights of being the biotronik 
he understands this year with great power 
and the earth was white in its glory and 
cried out with more potential for the fallen fall 
in the grass Babylon and dwelling demons 
and guard is all written in one world and 
Rise of the whole world comes, it 's stupid. 
because all natives determine the 
in its formulation and at the root of 
earth was indicated with ney without 
fall on the ground being heated to power 
in your teeth now pay attention 24 
now must win in verse 4 ac 
unicaldas 4 ac besides the girl verse 
4 there was another voice from heaven saying goes 
of my people, lest it be the 
partakers of my sins and to 
that not of her evidence 
who would and again that this cielo 
idea for the one who does not know the 
parties if they lose their sins or 
pass from this block already their sins and 
accumulate up to the sky and god remembered 
take care of her because all the sins in 
alleged killer of 11 is cast all 
The Mandalas teacher shows clearly 
I repeat prophecy but it is clearly the cup 
It will be full at the place he drinks. 
even girl calls when we call some 
years when we get this message 
comes out of it when we apply the 
messages if they there from him to 
economy is when we will call people 
have left their products before 
we will launch called the characters alias 
English and protest that southern zone 
the visa so that they did not in the week that 
she breathes local and neither does the girl 
I do not know if you noticed a problem that 
so following the steps you see problem 
that people generally think that 
rain only comes after Sunday law 
so if only people believe that she 
direction in Vienna and then elected 
animals to the Sunday in verse 4 but he 
not even carabineros stayed around 
lived in haiti said emma there is not 
evidence of apocalypse 18 verse with one 
what apocalypse and if I had to 
choose a disgust see hate and the board 
How do you solve this as we do not know 
if they are simple simple 
We understand how was the Christ story 
we hold a leaflet and even then 
how was the beautiful story 
we did not go there it would be better not 
we have nothing to fear for the future 
so we have nothing to fear about the 
future we now have nothing to fear in 
when to the future because we know 
as you have seen in the past because we 
We know how you did in the scripts. 
last year before coming the rain 
compliments before sending the 
So girl director will see first 
Fear the first year and the season 
how small drip your little da 
sentence as well as the apostles and 
disciples as well as those of 5 before 
receive the Pentecost antenna and civilian 
advice to receive the breath of Christ he 
they received it only by believing or 
That's what we're going for, and up. 
this Tuesday, he made his 
Bible commentary is volume 5 page 
So you only have Portuguese, English, you 're in 
Bible commentary globe in 5s in 
public comment took five page 
1.151 says the act of christ in the blowing 
about the disciples 179 in Spanish and in 
Portuguese and will bring him is gay that she 
it is all of Christ in its population 
they five fights of him the holy spirit 
since the holy spirit 
to convey his pass them 
transmitter and transmission pass 
herniated with a few drops before 
abundant bath to be given on the day of 
pentecost or a few drops years ago 
a vanny order that goes who goes 
be given to him and pentecostal them 
understand more fully the 
nature of this work and is to understand 
more fully to nature this work 
and 12 under the rain in two weeks if it comes 
Someone runs out of these gutters 
to understand more filament nature 
shade to understand but clearly the 
nature this work is in accordance with the 
our understanding of what rain 
tahiti acid according to it is not only 
food or not, and the way 
by which the kingdom of Christ dominion 
established on earth and the way 
which helena is it is because it welcomes the law and by 
this should be established on earth 
ok next text is in see the signs 
The next ten years have events is the 
last day to china 150 days ago 
rains and where there are amateurs being the 
of earth represents spiritual grace 
prepares the church for the life of the 
son of man but unless the rain 
fall season 
There will be no greenish 
vote if the rain does not make your 
the surgery does not develop the 
seed to perfection said 
nobody loses burn gave the 
earth represents the spiritual grace that 
prepares laws and lenny beach on the promenade 
he was in Peru unless there fell 
via has flat did not open life in the village 
green will not appear unless the 
the first showers there his work in the 
guitar day can not pressure anyone 
in the family 
So how do we prepare a lot? 
this is the small work we do 
to win and grow so much 
solidify through truth 
sanctifying in our work is true the 
Your truth is truth. 
Word is true that shapes rain 
prepare the program of christ for the 
less anyone there since they prepare it to us 
prepare for guinean cris days if 
preparing and studying the word of God 
This is how you unite through it. 
stop and receive divine guidance on 
his prophecies continuing direction 
of me through prophecy is how the 
people prepare for the life of Christ and 
if so I'm not so prepared to 
that he is not a human being who 
here is no human being who is here 
and will play with it and you will take the 
enem he will have stayed in third until 
purification produced in the 
spiritually not only are we 
understanding things spiritually and 
If I cry out to prepare and I 
I voted for you not only to see 
prepare them because as their next 
text so let's use next ceiling and 
rain stopped hasty health in the east 
rain hasty either in time 
sowing is necessary so that only 
germinate under the influence of 
rainfall fertilizers grow to have a 
tiller coming down near the end of the season 
the rains and where it matures large 
prepare for sickle 
beyond nature to represent the work 
of the holy spirit as the rain is worth 
probed first to make the 
seed germinate and then to mature 
the harvest the path of the holy spirit 
to carry on from a state to 
another process of spiritual growth 
the ripening of the grain represents the 
completion of the work of the grace of God 
in the soul by the power of the spirit must 
moral image of God and perfected in the 
karate must be completely 
make them like Christ 
the rain is now maturing in ceará 
earth represents spiritual grace that 
For the church, for me, it's soccer. 
segment in the last days page 57 to 
united states 
the other inner membrane books in 
that India is not to be in a 
time and cease-fire so that in the 
hermine thanks to the influence of before 
appears in the shoots of the hard season 
great river prepared for the scene is lord 
in players the natural phenomena to 
to illustrate the work of the holy spirit 
so no one falls at the beginning so that 
the holy spirit for whom cable 
through the stages of the 
determination of the work and grace of the spirit 
holy when facing in image character 
God's abode we must be totally 
is transformed similar to 
little by little that today 18 that the license 
the title andré and won 10 
eliene launches in September I want the 
pay attention in the last third understood 
I liked to present your last tension 
that if today the holy spirit is given 
it if that holy spirit 2 of dengue 
rain and lead the government to take 
to hydrate it from one stage 
to the other from one state to another the 
process of spiritual growth he 
process of spiritual growth through 
people bringing rain a message not only 
we treat ourselves as being the fun message and 
She serves to do what she was going to serve. 
to be a spiritual teacher 
for spiritual growth and 
I believe that those who do not receive 
rain and the lane that those who do not see 
no one is not prepared to lose 
weight are not prepared for me is 
The implications of this 
makes a story then weeks and 
gay examples are becoming increasingly 
A serious one because you're doing this to yourself. 
does not receive the message then 15 
that if the tenor above message this 
message is coming from the jose pedro 
this year this month r who are boys of 
September 11 
You will not have spiritual grace for you. 
there will not have spiritual rife that will 
to prepare for the life of Christ that 
It will prepare for me is sad but I will 
study this message you need to 
read this message a message from rosh 
question what means that it is due 
to a hetero if he rejects the paths that 
this time rejects the ways you go 
be like those who do not want to hear 
This rain will make you look like those who 
do not want to go and messenger and the video to 
Bible says these people get lost 
he looked and Olhanense that if people 
being the first time the subject - the 
Good series needed in next text 
before we read another colleague athens 
here is back here we know if we go 
repeat your favorite 
we know we will repeat the story 
the woman here is death will make a 
parallel and that manuals being a 
she will speak of the work of 1840 is that he 
she speaks of the work of cs and 1,140 a 
1884 the family watching 44 
She'll say it was wonderful. 
manifestation of the power of God she flutters 
that I receive and I went there and 
He is a wonderful manifestation. 
his game the improvements the manifestation of 
faucets and was wonderful manifestation 
God's power choices improvements 
manifestation and could not be 
the rain and the sun wind and if it gives 
breastfeeding referenced right let's see 
calm we will accelerate to catch the angel 
in the message programming of the 
third angel should illuminate the earth with 
his glory feathered when his glory 
he is talking about an angel that he is 
speaking in Japan on the 18th he was 
license before recording as it 
protesting to memorize 18 plus one actor 
Welsh in if I had settlers who 
when the Judas lady is when she is 
angeles yen the earth dominated august 
now you will have to eliminate with your 
glory and still talking about his angel who 
illuminates your glory rs illuminating will have 
so you're talking today 18 in parallel 
now is the time for her to be a deck that 
said with this a work of ascension 
the power at times and seemed non-durable 
in itself a universelle of a power 
extraordinary it will make a good 
her to be a point and now she's going back to 
beautiful story and aeba to see there would be 
medalist the Adventist movement of 
1840 was a glorious manifestation of the 
power of god moving in the list 
dismissed 40 and 44 was a manifestation 
glorious little legs she's talking about 
Angel story to police 18 he is 
walking beside him the story of larri 
lic time and it comes another 
begins to speak only in the cry in 36 bi nor 
begins to record the reading thousands this 
events stop being for r 200 
the message of the first raised angel 
all the employees in some 
countries, it was my religious interest that 
this has been witnessed in any nation 
since the 16th century reform but this 
must be overcome by the powerful 
movement on the last warning of the 
third year 
in the first he was taken to the whole 
irritation and missionary on earth and in 
water celestini countries by greater 
religious interest abc here to view on a 
any country of retirement time 
silent by the tone this will be the 
overcome that powerful movement than this 
woman with programming is the last 
manifestation in the third in a powerful 
movement on the last warning to 
people about the powerful boy too 
that the area in the latter is the 
potential that will be now I want you 
there's only one thing that you do not have 
service in 1840 in 1940 that the 
What happened happened 
according to what happened, what happened was 
finally this second then 
is a prophecy and talks about Islam 
and then there is a prophecy that looks on 
lan in 1844 and in 1744 we studied 
format areas traffic signs and 
tomorrow the line way people know that 
is standing just beyond the porridge 
we will treat who is in the straw beyond 
of Dominicans 
soon as we see the event that is 
paralyzing was not a child either 
be an event being auctioned 
with jolie pitt 18 as it already existed 
before and parallel with judith has to be 
parallel which 2140 has to separate it 
fest corolla 141 ms for the deaths of 
game 18 because he will not attend and 
at the time the demand of the girl of his 
Glory that has illuminated will have spent in the 
work of 1844 with him the work dismissing 40 
Mines saying 44 
ok we know the rooster took over 
transparency we do not know what 
happened in 1840 we can read the 
next text we can not only read is 
but it is clear in the studies 
in the management and implementation of 
Enjoy while you 're talking to 
respect of the second year of prophecy 
that results alessi all respect 
and according to his mother the prophecy of the Bible 
that visual speaks that she and we 
will see now and now we work at 
when I take it very well when it is 
that at that time not even if I hate you 
people know that it was a September that 
others know that it was released in 
September we understand that the arrival of 
third, the father who does not understand 
legal exercise and third ae 
and the third is where it happened on 11 
September and if what happened is 
theme is related to joão está 
related to the eliana it makes sense 
your stories tell these stories 
they are ballet 
are saying that I would have proclaimed 
new york will be taken by a wave in the 
I never said I said I saw the 
large buildings being built walking 
to walk around and review the scenes 
which is where it occurs when you 
get up to shake the earth terribly 
then if we fulfill our words of 
poverty 18 from 1 to 3 
the whole 18 chapter of apocalypse 
increase of belonging to what will come under 
however do not have a specific use that will come 
about new york 6 there is only one day 
large buildings will be overturned with 
force of god what number he is a light 
that I was told said that you are acting in the 
spiritual world of one institution 
Word of God in a touch with 
its incredible power and the great 
general building levels selection 
occurred that we can not even imagine this 
text is in notes come to stay page 
450 still do not want it so should not 
I have already stated that neither 
will appear alive for a work 
gigantic never led to joy to when 
Venus big hard to get up and floor 
transmission that would have on the scene 
curious when you get up to 
shake up elements of the earth in all 
and combines for the licentious time of 13 
whole chapter of the strands in 
landless with no particular goals with 
respect about new york 
the only one that cs that someday the great 
buildings the cities of the world 
one word sir a touch support 
mileto maciel the karan structure 
we can not imagine his character had 
in these scenes that will take place in new york 
the problem with this problem 
he is talking about September 11 he is 
can not get it right but if you are 
in europe but you see if the new photo 
before and after a September 
Was the photo New York happening? 
then do not be afraid 
you see that the only large buildings 
from new york 
you will see that it is the only large 
buildings year there the biggest gains but 
I was still your twin in history. 
resembles see on the internet a photo 
Before then, the old lady understands in the picture the 
people since after they fell after 
is that they have built a tower built 
was included, I found the 
tower is large and it is 
interesting and interesting that the 
third aif kosice haia on the 
activity of Islam which, in addition to 
to assign them or their armies 
from Rome did not even bring them 
they attacked clothes here they attacked the branch 
then the papacy do not have access to bullet did not 
have neither chief people access of the papacy 
No, I do not know they are in Japan. 
was an eastern was normal environmental 
but love and such fell yes but romario 
still fell and we know that at the end of 
world and we do not know who 
many accesses of the papacy 
I do not know that he also prepares us 
united states will be in the octaves union 
that they will go beyond the mechanical 
did not want to know how to pass the law. 
dominical justice should be thinking of 
do it and I want to think like that 
It will be something prophetic as those 
to overcome the prophetic or as that is what 
it's written by god or how is it? 
than that written by God that 
disaster of our century 
it was another acronym like you 
will say that the biblical as your s 
biblical questions but exactly what 
It occurred in the first and second al 
yes it hurt and certainly this is what 
happened in 1st and 2nd in attack of Islam 
she is one who is one of the armies of the 
of the pope when he came back 
as being welcomed and 18 of 13 cinema 
do not go pointers or point this as 
be it at the time or if I had to 
13 play for this work of 1844 and he is 
also like paradise with the work emília de 
144 here 84, and here a great 
movement of the nei what a great 
movement and here in our history of 
game of the year 
and here in this story may be theme 
there is this movement and cissa also 
this boy is carrying the message of 
The rain that is carrying the message is 
cleans a message to the other ancients 
elements here it the old scenes one 
Sunday message begins that line 
about languages plus a local competitor 
on a ball says do not want but that's it 
that says the next step but this is this 
is the next additional test of almost 1 
200 new events finalize event page 
damaging to keep internet pages 
for Rodriguez in Adventist churches 
Seventh-day should be and admired 
manifestation of God's power but she 
will not influence those who do not feel 
humbled before you open the door 
holds the heart by confession and 
regret in English 
the wonderful manifestation and surpassed in the 
bahrain favor of those who are not the 
lander my Lord my Vignette 
heart door did not happen 
will suddenly moment of manifestation 
power to illuminate earth the glory of 
it is manifestation of this power that 
illuminates the aunt Oreia coined today 
police 18 it's that time the news 
of their blindness consider it dangerous 
something that will wake your 
reigns who will follow consider 
thick skin that will awaken your 
fears and assert themselves both style and 
they will be able to resist him since the 
I did not act 
fat with your ideas and expectations 
they fought against the work of milan 
You know, sir, when your ideas are 
expectations your program the work because 
say they would not recognize the 
spirit of god if we have been in the work 
therefore the eyes because they say no 
we would have a xodó recognized spirit of 
god when we read it was time 
passing passwords next text only has 
Spanish your code the next Tuesday I 
I have Spanish which is also evident in 
Portuguese in the next paragraph as well. 
is in Portuguese better than in the 
at least in your notes you are in events 
and in the last days for making 74 
so the message will be that it will not be 
understood by those who cna 
walk in his patient glory and 
nostalgia maranhão a light makes the light that 
Illuminates the earth with false glories 
they paddle of a light to lead us 
countries because game 18 illuminates water 
its glory because it is tow license 
illuminates to have consumer and one radio 
message these a message that gives birth 
15 Which signaled to my feet your 
word light through my lamp ways 
for a kind of word there a light 
for that way to me and 
hands is not seeing this message either. 
six weeks we though that message 
It's okay if you hear this message. 
You're starting with the Holy Spirit 
if the time or get down in sachets is 
convinced by the holy spirit he looks 
Lord Orban in Persian by the rain and 
polycom that we were having cases 
because we are in time 
There are in the pina to free you day. 
can we is the tpn on the reef in the next 
he approaches the presence of this 
year we will see that the arrival of the 
18 of us will know that legacy 
of the said licensor on 11 May 
September and September the arrival of 
rain brand attached to it anyone from 
something very important too 
It points out a very important thing 
mine is the judgment of the children who 
circulates in scenes much more than this to 
People watch more calmly in the next 
presentation and I do not know if we will know 
with mask is as follows 
but if you were convinced that 
this message and embargoes is convinced 
what is necessary or if you still 
not convinced or if it will not be 
is convinced the government of ceará 
It's time for me to limit myself to praying for 
half an hour later to finalize the sound and 
after finalizing the lady if years or 
be the urns the staff with god made us 
go an hour if a professional with 
God and asked the Lord Ipirá knowledge 
God offer knowledge 
jokes rd you holy spirit and 
piauí in the holy spirit so that you 
can be more clear for you to 
You may have more clarity and you pass 
by this process and time is going through 
this process by studying the word more 
of God I'm going but the Word of God 
The more this message is coming, the more 
think that the interest that the board will 
to show celestial peace required to 
people, thank you for the opportunity to 
his word does not offer a 
opportunity can open worked that 
be clearer and have more topics 
wants to go beyond the themes that before 
seemed obscure that once looked like 
you are bells revealing the 
our lord reveals in the others 
for this is wonderful and these 
wonders for us we ask for the 
I stopped in the southwest and asked to free 
within a holy spirit but by the 
holy spirit to announce to us the 
things I had to announce in the 
things not we ask for with 
we ask for the best understanding not only 
God, we ask you to respond better. 
understanding of the studies my niece 
him the line studios on me in the 
old leaves by ancient paths 
so that through studies to 
which it is through them in the studio 
south Operation holy spirit and that is 
perhaps it would operate in the holy spirit 
we can not be transformed 
We can be transforming ourselves into 
prepare and plan to prepare us each day 
each come to receive to wait for the 
You seem to have Jean back in 
Streets in the skies I see that he was turning 
coming on this 95, I ask you to be 
with each one watching, if I saw 
these videos in meadow that I know 
never are they watching your 
of God and you disturb everyone and 
that to be everything is every student to study more 
this message to exclude masses and mensah 
that they can dig dig more to 
you to whom they can dig and dig 
Sea hidden treasure your advises 
choices for those with a special blessing 
for this day god in the mission zone 
special for this day 
I ask you in the name of Christ, Jesus, you took this 
I do not deserve this, it works well too.