Daniel Pereira La Lluvia Tardía 01 - (reTRWbSUWSY)




Publish Date: 7/30/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
YouTube Title: Daniel Pereira _ La Lluvia Tardía 01-reTRWbSUWSY



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we will study a little about the 
Rain matter be useful between lan be 
a stage is the fifth ltda people 
to understand a little more the cry 
surgery to try to understand a 
little more on the real debt at the end of 
At last, the world will understand. 
first how it works naturally 
drama understand first how you wanted 
works of course god left several 
for people in the old testament and 
also new Brazil very moved 
for in others in him old testament 
and also in the will and the rain is a 
used symbol that people apply in 
end of the world raise the bsc material 
I 'm not applying in time for the 
world then we understood the spirit 
the agent first understood natural in 
teresina of the band the spiritual first 
let's understand how natural 
worked the harvesting process 
how does the presence of there work with 
seven people were preparing earth 
so if the person preparing here was a 
period in which they are to till the 
earth in a hot period to stop 
side rivaled the daughter planted 
and then when they planted they pray and 
vineyard rain season vineyard the cry 
so when beating her father has 
money and rain and storm are the drip 
weaker rainfall or acceleration in 
in the beats are comunale see more mas 
there was leavening to sprout the grain it is 
served for Protásio Ghana for the 
than the roots to those who no longer 
take root and so then up 
take root and after arriving in 
third because he had already noticed 
but it means in sprouting I come to be 
today is the biennial late julia and it is a rain 
thicker and larger than 
more diseases think it helps to 
ripen the grain even more 
It's great for rain to be useful to come. 
first one is late leads to the afternoon 
Minister for Youth, the Minister and 
The first day is before the show. 
this first contemporary came and it is 
the rain washes the whole planting throughout 
This simple mine killed 
then there is this order that happens 
here it is, sir , what happens here and 
there is the spirit of prophecy applies rain 
at the end of the world and he hopes to 
apply to anyone at the end of the world and 
what we will understand today and 
this is just the drama understand hi 
usually the subject two goals and where is 
very misunderstood and really he 
theme is guitar is a theme more 
Many people in the church understood 
thought the person will receive rain 
many times he pressure it if the 
paints they similarly livia and 
she will receive some kind of 
they'll call it rain 
serdio is falling and that this 
equipment he would avoid what is there 
people will see that this is not what 
showed today is knowing that it 's me because the 
management is not the first time that 
people will understand about the rain 
the first show will be today is a message 
direct error message and we'll see 
some symbols through the bible that 
talk about it and we are going to review 
some symbols and in the village created in this 
first place we will keep the 
name 32 
So you're going to send it on the beam 
have the name on 31 12 
the verse a human verse in dominate 
listen to the heavens and I will speak and 
earth the words of my mouth said 
listen years and wait and look at us 
days of mouth then what god is talking about 
listen to the words in my mouth 
so I wanted to be speaking before 
Today is the land and the words in my 
mouth and the two comes speech and he is a 
room verse 
I exhausted my doctrine as rain go 
will have as she heard my neighborhood 
So we have to rain and say the 
that drips my doctrine as rain 
between designers the damage is very light and 
said, 'Whoever goes all has nations in 
like joy then doctrine is what 
the fine rain that this is mine 
word like the old queue like the 
jealousy rationing we are all here 
doctrine then we have there what they feel 
Here we have the word and the word for 
there were 15 for our transition and 
like drizzle on the grass and like drops 
of water on the grass as she heard 
nothing about grammar like drops 
about the war then we have one of the 
bible symbols 
in thesis no size of nola symbols of 
anec the bible speaks of rain that lilia 
cheerful one day 1st cycle and we found 
that rain is a doctrine that does not 
transferred but what claims he him 
teaches the doctrine which god hinders the 
now let's go to isaiah 55 we needed 
for that there above 5 
verse 10 verse of s 
We're going to take 10 verses 
receive security because as well as 
rain dance because as to snl the scenes 
in anime and he will speak the things that the 
rain does the reverse will say and it's 
alerj has many things that she 
look at the subject said so will be the 
word out of my mouth verse 
11 so shall my word be that go forth 
level then just as rain dances 
so be the word that comes out of my 
yet as league defended well 
it will be the straw that the enemy will go 1-10 
good example of this rain and the snow of the skies 
and there they do not become but ruler earth and 
produce and sprout and the seed 
sower and bread as psychology said 
for as he goeth down from the ground is Libya, and 
snow and was not old signed that links to 
england to the island to cypher mining and 
produce and of the cma that remembers and pana 
who eats everything that has several funds that 
The show we see here is going to be used 
what is travel 
First, I want you to do the rain. 
first I wanted it to be the suit and 
Korea who guesses to sprout and here 
also says that gives bread to the eater also 
said that from the fence they eat that the father 
who beat a couple that go to 41 to 
Rain is like bread to the eater 
so if it 's grape it's the same as the parana 
what do you eat 
and joão 6 48 jesus says while 6 
verse 46 I said I'm good at living in 
day alone and panamera your parents ate 
manna in the desert died more 
transparent ate germany is right and 
woman is the bread that comes down from heaven 
so what of him how to die example 
not wanting if that's what game is for 
you as a mother was not so bible here 
is also pointing out that rain is 
today the last word then we here of the 
military point on plv late years 
this word family is the last word 
and look at the training and support a good one 
People know that the good Jesus is not only 
we know that the campaign is sos everybody 
see with it 
everybody knows me 
Let's prove 63 will not see circular 63 
the spirit is what lives the flesh 
do not take any advantage of the words I 
I say I 'm a spiritist and he's beautiful. 
spirit and even the life in the flesh to 
nothing promises the words that Joseph 
aglaílson spirit and sombini ie the 
words that god speaks jesus speaks in 
two islands scattered wanted to result there 
only the spirit has spirit and life that the 
people know that rain is a symbol of 
holy spirit and in others we know that 
he did not come to dwell in the holy spirit 
only on this point will we now countries 28 
so let's go and not go there at 28 
from verse 9 from 
verse is not to say yes to who then 
teach knowledge and who would 
in doctrine said 15 will be the science 
15 to understand doctrine on the 
garbage rip out of its wings recited 
housed in houses then the reverse side 
here begins those teach the doctrine 
and knowledge efficiency among 
review circulates here to comment that 
doctrine and then draws 5th line 
other seller's name goter ggi-m 
doctrine as the rain filled the name with 
room drips my doctrine like rain 
from the goal I will have my bail as edinho 
go away 
13 proverbs of our time for 
verse 2322 verse in addition to 
even when the simple majority 
simplicity and caring voice 
this is the mockery and I will hate the 
knowledge to ask the 
repression, for behold, I have shed 
abundantly of my spirit and you 
I will make known my words 2003 
with one has to give an ok said so 
claims of the main places of 
meeting and the entrances to the 
city if its reasons even when the 
simple yellow company and the locals 
were cheating and sensible now will be the 
modern science and it is 
josé serra mar m spirit on the 
other days the press see my 
they do not want the knowledge itself 
I want it this way, but I want it. 
clean up what his spirit 
But even here, now, come, but it's 
wanting to pour over your ass 
spirit and he will hear and I will do 
know my words from the verse and he 
that's all they were going to 
Let me go back and do the 28 
enough to see around 28 jean 
she speaks well, there are those who are in the 
knowledge would fail the fortnight is 
pretend to feel doctrine and 
engineer doctrine is talking about the 
who is reading this law that is 
two symbols of rain 
are two weeks , she reveals that the 
doctrine doctor number 32 in doctrine 
of the name 32 and knowledge goes 
unlikely recognition and 
likely zone and there speaks well because 
is commandment upon the commandment 
commandment upon the commandment line 
about my line about a little here one 
little there because commandment training 
mandate on mandates rules beans 
line on the line here a little 
there is little there why so hard as it is 
Who are you going to teach the message? 
Rain Because We Here Is What Keeps 
This faith and here is how it goes. 
teach and here I know very well how it goes 
entering orders what the various rain 
people not to whom thiaguinho is 
dangerous says to cimpor stuttering sides 
and another friend to speak to this people 
Why do you speak a language? 
spain languages ​​to this poem of being 
sure where verse 12 will say to which 
said this is the rest of the selection 
tired out 
the choice is lyrical that is home date 
rest and this is the refreshment 
and etc. refers then to verse 12 is 
talking even so it about a little 
here a little there is a commandments 
monument in 13 verse if you are 
talking a little here a line this 
because I would soon be in the 
The name of his commandment is obese. 
and if this case rises the refreshment and he 
I wanted then verse 12 is talking about what 
works or works 
always took care of s 
I do not know if everyone knows but the 
Refreshment is the rain will be intense in 
Pedro and I was a little bit down and also free 
day and first enrolled page 279 and 
first page writings so the 
to understand is not just to make this clear 
it is not from here that glass path was 
indicated time 
message was coming to an end if 
God's power had refused over the 
his people had fulfilled his work 
were prepared for the work of 
proof that before them they had 
received rain be the day or 
refreshed by the presence of the Lord 
okay without touching the time when it would end 
in the message before him could know 
the risks that neither after 
fulfill his work is are prepared to 
survive at the time of problems that they 
awaited civil aircraft of late debt 
or 'preferred the presence of the lord and crm 
we see that the rain is raining 
today we see that he wanted him to be 
vetoed last match tia 
there was then they do not want or not that 
I will also not listen to the rest 
if you can not hear the rain will be 
a message to think about how you 
will not hear a thing because how is it? 
that i have power ihru on costa silva 
to be a lot of people today 
they are welcomed by my church if it is three 
a lot of characters that are not 
sent to shout messages to people 
dancing shaken by your insurance 
shaved shake 
so the Argentine is picking for him 
message and until then the verse shows that 
the schuster cooling today in 2005 is not 
that he wants to advance money is something 
that people do not want to hear and know 
that he is in that night is a 
message that they do not want to hear this 
the message that they do not want to go to a 
message of a monument 
commandment is immense wealth and 
commandments that is a 
e-mail message about mine is a 
of those lines about I do not think 
little here a little there is a message 
beautiful field ctag that we saw that the 
rest refreshing rain in serotinous 
December also in those cases in which 
He wanted there and later and they do not want 
listen and they do not want a mother and have another 
place that shows this and then enters the 
place that is not I know if you want my 
faith and success that 596 says so 
So says the gentleman, Lord, in the ways. 
and green and ask for the paths 
Old ones are the good way and I will walk 
for him and find rest for the 
your souls 
So they'll find the rest said. 
and so my 16 
so it appears in the ways and to look and 
asked for the old scenes which 
hill on the way and walk through it and he 
it was scarce to process but I want 
We not walk in the house and a28 and they 
when they are called to back the 
and when he left but the flag 
61 year old did not want to give them 
do not want just in verse 17 said 
also that the watchmen on voice saying 
those who are attentive to the sound of the trumpet 
but they say we will not listen to verse a 
visit is also used on others 
there and I think they had listened 
electron peta they chose they we want 
they did not fall in wages they did not 
I want to go there I do not want to go back 
on the reasons they do not want to die 
she knew I was listening to the message 
a little here a little there they 
do not want is that in this line a 
little here a little there we've already seen 
that I will be today is characterized by 
some points we heard that she 
divided tab is characterized by 
some fruits 
We've already seen chickens. 
we saw that it was the line on the line to 
people saw that there is a message that 
You go back straight past the problems 
which are messages that should involve the 
old scenes and now we'll see 
It is also a message that illustrates the 
from the beginning and years and also 
Let's know it disappeared from the kidney in the sky. 
anyway tv principles and the 46 on leaving was 
in item 9 is not to remember things 
from ancient times to wake up the 
even in the context of 2016 
same context I gave my back 
now of the ancients who says that I 
I am god and there is no other god in the other 
similar to me because the end from the 
principle since ancient times has not yet 
I will say what my advice will be 
firm spoke of my desire announcement 
principle is not you who called me when 
Dry stay there is anyone who 
want tournament rains and where your to 
My niece's message ran away a little. 
there in the whole diet that lines 
they align themselves for a short time kaká is my partner 
call you back from the ancients on top of the 
required but her candles in dance 
contemporary god not included 
offends the principle and also companies 
is what nancy says is end of principle 
in verse 12 energetic does not like 
hearing the decoration turn those 
you are far from justice 
dirceu amended decoration that six leagues 
it happened and now I wanted to go back 
a little since the first text that the 
people read the story that I'm going to see 
some of its first text that 
problems for us to realize that 
When God sends rain 
for those born, we realize that when 
God, one day the people are all heart. 
It's because you're not on break 
darkness and the antennas and seek 
restore they would want to provide 
Let's wash deuteronomy 31 
then you will stop training and 31 
moses short of the number 31 will name is 
will be replaced by josué 
there are those in this chapter of many 
be replaced by a council they 
are about to cross the river jordan 
they were stuck to get it 
wake up and are about to enter the 
the promised land and were stuck to go 
to the land promised to moses in reading the law 
to the people again 
moses reads beyond the people again we say 
always read when it's over there 
he asks for Moses he wrote a song 
in god for mothers and without instruments 
who saw a car stayed just before 
Replacement of bassinet for Josue 
And even the TV for you, the prophetess 
people will return to other gods god 
I'm sure this poem value 
other days they will bet 
in the river he asks the girl to describe herself 
song often for this team 
for many to sign up for pro 
people will remember that they can 
reminded of the ancients from ancient 
and the first verse of this little corner as 
I have already written and the first verse of this 
car that they crime is a talking verse 
about the rain and receive a circle 
which combines with a repertoire in listening to 
we read the name Doctor Who 3212 
in the other mother law of another name 32 
verse business is let's read the name 31 
verse 14 in the DMV headquarters in the 31 
verse 14, you 're talking to 
Moses and the lady plowing as Moses 
goalkeeper and said the bassinet and if the 
your days approach to die 
and we will present it in the tent of 
the congregation so that I can give orders to 
information and Josà © presented themselves in the 
are then you appeared in the tent of the 
lugo column and the cloud column was 
on the tent door and said the Lord 
to moses and sleep at god's father 
these people will rise and prostitute themselves 
still after the gods 3 on earth to 
whose medium will leave me and will annul 
my covenant that he has made with him 14 
it is here that is to be surrounded slow death and 
loves expected in the vernacular of the 
meeting for which júlia is de r cargo 
were 19 and the vehicle door column 
Quito bassan sleep as it looks for and 
to lift computing the transition - from 
earth to doneva to be better read 
and medicate to swallow the impact they 
concerted with him know that this is 
even though it illustrates it and they 
We know the fight story to 
history of the ancient people tava in egypt 
annoy it was god taken from egypt 
to the desert with sir tom's team 
your skin from the cinnamon canal promised in 
promised land 
the people of God during the period 2011 
the army is suffering persecution 
Paul is more for sale by a daddy 
they had to cross the Atlantic and 
of america who is in the United States 
also here and there in 1798 
and there I feel 98 there the movement begins 
of the event 
and there begins tomorrow so she comes the people 
already in the land promised in 1798 that 
this is the promised land in feel or 
but even here it is already prophesied that the 
but even to those who are happy to what he 
environmental poet and apostasy later 
to fall into apostasy is not what 
happens after the history of egypt 
say exactly what happened after 
of reading and women to each beautiful story 
that story, we have thousands 
four generations of advent zta events 
we have four related to 
environment where the people of the event 
Nepal's apostasy is vdd we are 
between the shore and the message that I leave behind 
to restore this people and the message they 
wanted to tear down to restore this poem 
in this field two years ago this sin that 
claims to keep talking 
respect to rain that starts the band with 
Let's do the 1 1 
the word of the Lord that was addressed 
joel son of pedro is the verse one listen 
this voice elders and hear in all 
inhabitants of the earth by chance that 
in your days our days have passed 
parents to go down with him and Davino 
Hi, guys, listen to all the big ones. 
of the land happened this is shown df in the 
day 23 to do this a narration the 
our children in your children to your 
children and their children to another 
generation can take the tenth with 32 35 and 
50 55 already the other generation 
then this person will count the children and 
these children to the other children and 
other children until another generation 
sometimes the person will not count for 
5 after going there I was walking loose five civilians 
nor to contact her on the rise four 
bank generations are four in the scenes that 
see here and verse 4 will leave this 
clearer and mercy put four there and 
I'm more clear, says Win What? 
got the cat's grasshopper ate what 
got the grasshopper in the cost with my o 
that stayed of the cost the aphid ate ate 
and came back at the beginning I'm there lobster 
With me that defeated in my face 
and then when it reaches the fourth generation the 
people are drunk played in the beginning 56 short 
generation then when I was radio star 
sp 45 villas so awaken 
drunk whores gmail all that babies 
wine of this awakening nightclubs to ignore 
schmitd the ones who came coming the pants and 
shows the Brazilian back 28 models 
for '28 versus 7 
the people are in the fourth generation is why 
is in coordination and in our history 
we are talking about the fourth generation of the 20 
in our story without debuting in the 
fourth and nationally after 
today established the people of the Promised 
history of Egypt after it was 
selected and take the promised land 
history of the woman instance 
then we have four generations of 2001 
because they have four New Zealanders 
now people are drunk and now when 
I'll finish seven more days, but these 
they also err because of wine and 
with the strong drink they go astray until 
the priest the prophet is error because 
of strong drinks are absorbed by the 
wine are misleading because of 
strong drink goes wrong in the vision of the ps 
in the judgment said so because she also 
this will also be a year and considers 
cent if they said yes they did miss 
will be able to see a tractor for him. 
said sector with the Syrian because of 
inadmissibility stumbled when the people're 
drunk in trouble here that may be 
the will and the way to solve it 
through the correct method in the manner 
God will solve these through 
method ran over a people a little there 
line on the line a little bit of what you 
Have rain rain for the people are 
the ways 
when it reaches the last generation when 
arrives the last shipment there is a 
message of rainfall and where one has 
late arrival of message I'm 
saying that this message that I 
watching this series of videos being 
that in this series she will not be surprised if 
the people do not want to hear 
the leaders want to hear the leaders 
they want what the bible says here they 
do not want to listen because the island since 
here it is they do not want mother and the first 
mention of rainfall and where in the 
athletics in 1888 and he the first 
mentions in 1998 the arrival of the 
rain and snow galley strong government says 
tomorrow the idf is finite jones had a 
message in the cry that are worth 
forward LED message and 
they rejected the message is in 1888 
1889 is ministering what is 
happening here 
they do not want to hear no teacher today 
they want to veto we'll hear 
more we'll see - a symbol of chivas 
arises in the book not only will we know 
a few more weeks on the board 
will defend the point that the rain comes 
one point mood message is that it 
She is a widow and this is neither 
we are there on the 28 we will see verse 13 at 
20 hours to read verses 13 he a 
bible already said here that commandment 
about the progress or about my rain 
cool lab here, who sends mendonça 
of command of the line on the line and 
if you guide him and the verse you will speak 
so the Lord's word will come down 
commandments the commandment verse 300 
he quit it the thing I go 
read shall be commandment three commandments 
So we'll have the word of the lord. 
let the rain become smooth that the word 
before in an interesting sling that 
Jesus speaks through the blues between 
Here resulting entering through 
words and for the population parallel and 
gaspar looks only at the line on the lines 
on the line 
Ok, let's go to John 16 
Look, let's stop when I know. 
jesus he promises the holy spirit 
comforter to know that you are here 
promised holy spirit comforter and 
in verse 13 said is verse 3 seat more 
when I saw that the spirit of truth 
by the time it comes it's the spirit of truth 
he will guide you into all truth 
They want all the time because they do not talk. 
even before because it was not easy 
work with him but he turns everything 
will have heard 
if not that she was everything she reads and you 
year are races that I should know of 
things that the big event with the 
holy spirit as well as the cleansing of 
and either 
he announces the thing we have I was going to 
message from the show today on those elements 
from the one directly the message comment 
here and let's wash the three not to 
wait until 19 but getting so light 
to respond to them and convert to 
who are blotted out of your sins and 
for which came the times of the 
refreshed by the presence of the lord and 
I sent to Jesus Christ that already before 
bulls was used so that the 
Suddenly he fought and colleagues while 
their sins for what comes to 
The presence of Mr. Times is precarious and 
he is that if the believer that the supporters 
to announce here Jesus Christ is also what 
also generates a child because there 
people going process 6 where are you going to say this 
We go in there and leave. 
that csa is in this anus of sucom 13 
verse 193 20 and we return to the Lord 
because it shattered and it will save us 
injured us in attacking the wound after two 
days will give us life on the third day 
He will rise and live before Him 
So we know and we go on 
know you and your departure as the 
alba is right 
and he ah we will come as rain as the 
Rain is the day that comes to earth 
Benito and we will file because there are 
reports cure Irie blindfolding us to 
give life after twelve so in the 
third day will raise us up and 
we shall live in it and will know and 
we will continue to know the rain as 
she is willing salinity and sell 
Dark years like the eagle how to avoid 
day and enter the can then hiss like 
the rain entered the avenue with a long 
and the lord of heaven 
this is a symbol of the little book that goes down 
from heaven we have to eat free of 
energy and problems like this little book 
that we have to eat a symbol of the 
prophecies and get rid of the goose we have 
eat and simulate the prophecy that according to 
with John 16 that is according to the year 
and I know that according to the program of the spirit 
that when it was the greatest spirit we go 
announce its decision to renounce the 28 
with 28 is based on the line method on 
It is based on the method it this line 
because a goal a little here in search of 
help to the old zone that will not be good 
see the scene also guardian of the god who 
It offends us the principle and requires the 
boys were thin in principle but the 
God's people in the last generation have never seen 
This is not Paul said last time. 
generation do not want to teach the death of 
soto black on white say if it's white 
Let's get the 44 points out and let's 
around 54 
verse 3 but stayed up because 
I will pour water on the thirsty river 
dry land I will pour my 
spirit over your chance my 
blessing upon your descendants and 
sprouted like grass like willow together 
fire water because it generates water tide 
about whether they want and went up on the earth 
arid spirit pouring is mostly 
generation of invention, especially bride and 
sprouted in yerevan like the aussies 
next to the river of the hama goal board 
so it was always sea ​​water and then 
I speak, I 'll pour out my spirit. 
spirit and serve my daughter goes 
do the time of war 
we'll need 6 5625 down 5 of the 
from chapter to chapter 3625 that then 
I ask clean water on you and will 
spuri of all of you 
cd all our idols in the 
purify ii and give you a heart 
new that inside of you the spirit 
again and I will take out of your flesh the heart 
of stone and I will give you a heart of flesh 
and by him within you my spirit and 
I will make it that before my statutes and 
keep my judgments and observe them 
say this opinion this business others 
clean water and I will clean the 
you in the world of all 
transferred the links want and use and 
heart takes and with three chick is not by 
within others and remove and demonstrate 
in the heart of stone and I will use a heart 
meat and power between the business 
transmil spirit and arerê and that I walked 
without this status, 10 thousand 
mayors and pigeons for work here 
says I 'm going to the losses of pure water and 
You became purus. 
I was going to ask the pure water essence 
partial goiás indicates the existence of 
to create pure 
white said 'you will not get rains 
and where if you did not receive season 
eliminated AIDS and has new city to 
since 1980 you need to know rain from 
portugal need so warn to 
so you will be purified 
assistance will purify animals in the 
verse 29 talks about balancing everyone's zeal 
your verse verse of snows and 
and all others without 
changes and called the wheat 
multiply and I will not be talking about 
You and yellow wheat will not multiply 
Give us mentor rain that purifies 
even then purifies and eggy 
will also draw all the indications and 
I also do not like it. 
I said laughing very carefully at this 
thought then we do not have to have much 
watch out for this family many people 
think they hate you because 
many people hope to limit mine and 
I think the rain today will cause a 
miracle of their lives 
among the drawings believe that the board 
cause a miracle in your life or 
they are paper in this yes they have 
some goal a leading role - I think 
It's like it's a water that goes down. 
Are you going to wash everything they think you were teaching? 
who will learn about him left all 
people think they will live a life 
Where would you be in an instant? 
purified youtube people believe that 
received everything in the sinful life of 
sorry I had the idea will be clean and 
white yes but not this was shown 
here but it is not only what is in the Bible 
digital design when ordering water from the 
mood show 
but here being that when she deflects it is 
time to start this game 
there you will be going through the process of 
Then you will go to dance. 
will purify the 31 years 7 
of saints and he is and in the talents 
with item analysis 
to sanctify light in thy truth thy 
The word is true because it is incessant. 
It's so make that word is true. 
So when you identify yourself, it 's 
through the study of the word of God 
then we are neither what sanctifies is 
through him this he the word and the 
Word of God and the word rain and 
wesley and the goalie you know the rain is 
purified so it is not even so 
He listened and purified it. 
studying the bible my niece this 
study is my line on the line of 
A little goal here a little bit from here. 
little is in all the old debts 
The sale of Holy Week is equal to that of 
other children at the beginning and this is 
studying bible of god i'm not 
firm and uplifting in the Bible that God 
Gray series principle is so the 
people get purified and it does not rain today 
they just as they think of this 
purifies nothing if you saw the adversary of 
studying the interest message this 
In-progress study is shameful. 
it 's not an extraordinary thing 
we at the extraordinary conseg agitated to 
ritalin that in an instant in a flash of 
who does not open literary of geese you go 
be transformed into a hotel to be 
transformed is sanctifying through the 
word of God and identify yourself not to be 
through the word 
joão 8 32 swing 48 32 
and you shall know the truth and the truth. 
he will make free to say and you will know the truth 
and the truth or will be free 
by studying the Word of God 
Rain Pelusso to study and 
working in pre- nest areas and 
virtuoso open female and zechariah 10 
taquari efe 
that the next goose presentation 
I was feeling that I was going to get up for the 
next phase of the subject series 
Farewell, Mr. Rain, in the time of 
rains and today verse in this period is 
the bahia and late taciano to alê 
Lord, do a little pain in the rain. 
abundant and each one takes in the car that 
I go ahead and see well in the field every 
one there is a time to kick and a time 
to debate neither and the bible says what 
We have to know what luxury to be. 
eye and the safety island we should all 
knowing how to know the time was to free 
people do not know because you have groso 
Do not know the season you do not like 
luxury your eye you do not ask for it 
board will receive interest at 
dollar or tenor to direct veto civility 
on the next production 
still the next presentation to 
people will check when it's time 
from the kick 
we are identifying when it is time to 
advent this time of 12 reveals his 
message your people 
this time wanted to reveal itself is similar 
it seems when this message serves 
himself and for the people and the message 
that you read to prepare a plan for 
Your life for this girl x 
let's show 
dear father loved fair for the beloved 
People are thankful for these hours of study. 
Interested in and sensorial studio 
airbus in another present curious state 
because the lines were present when 
the others I think help you every 1 
understand why each is not sérgio 
understand the true meaning of the 
It's meaning galera is free and with 
importance that we have to understand it 
correctly in what is important is that 
we do not have to understand the collection 
so that we can ask for rain 
to sign the plan for becoming 
kick time 
in time it mtv that we can hear 
the message of the rain in which we stand 
smile does not even know who to turn to for help 
of the ancient boliveira being thus text 
of the Bible in the right way this day is 
in her girl with italy that the people 
able to hear your voice is that 
our fast pace to eight goals in the 
God, you teach me today from the small screen. 
so that we can be transformed 
in small we occupy to be transformed 
this our worthy of the name of christ jesus 
that only the tpi is not named christ 
it turns out well