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in our presentation of the day before 
whitelock and nat we started to 
watch 2000 to the story of emilie rite 
with a brick review of nice 2010 case and 
we are going to have a quick review 
dates that we discussed and we 
have seen that the story of emilia 
starts in 1798 to slip kg and 
rillettes so this is a period of 
forty six years 
enjoy the twenty and we watched 
have discussed this from people 
before and it's a sadness it's in 
three and made his age classes but 
if you are this message from the first second 
and third sleeve rousseau we have 
seen johnny it's sure of thriasos that 
during the history of the third age of 
recipes of these three years so there is 
this step san iker martinez and would 
so it's this step it's this 
event or beacons perceived prophecy that 
are an accomplishment of prophecy 
particular and vaty night day night in 
title we have 10 818 1833 is in 
fault and 1840 and deep that drills 
augusto it takes then he had 
April to 10,144 or 144 and October 2 
144 cochef they smell and of course you 
have 1798 disavowal nor benz 
it's this event michael reihs this 
are the important events of 
2008 story to betray Washington 
are described from apocalypse 10-10 piffaut 
week-end bobos we have already read 
previously but we will read it 
vestri verse 3 of apocalypse 10 and he 
cried out loudly as when a 
russian lion and when he screams at 7 
thunders made it tempting to see him again at 
we already read 
obviously all this is a lot of 
lamb that the person with the stool 
the daniel book and dsm trinity has 
in the year 1798 and line of three goals 
it's the lion of the tribe of sudden and 
yes that's the gory here is we 
let's see the lion roaring decision and 
this indicates the loosening of 
history 2008 
the green it service management of your 
ministry and that starts in 1798 that gets 
unfurls under his 7 thunders it's this 
step and we saw from the 
biblical commentary volume 7 2 of 
services in two sets to the line nerve 
itunes viven these are events that 
who are put on a line 
historical lipinska kubilai of pronovost 
and therefore the historical events that 
can put on a line of five of 
twelve trades that were completed in 
the history of thousands of under the 
message of the first of the second run 
we thought of the first time we have 
seen after the arrival of the first stake 
is done in 1798 and it's a message 
for those who follow satan including 
why does not he need it because the 
God's people who are in Babylon 
network the sixties 
and for good reason Chechen will say the 
papal persecution 2260 year and to 
how robert braun there was so they 
have received a call out of Babylon 
and dice three days a week end and in 
this story they came out 
literally from babylone there was a 
call to repentance because the 
judgment was about to arrive 
lightfoot windows seven apocalypse 14,7 
do school jean gaury free state disk 
home trainer dieudonné him glory because 
when his judgment arrived 
willy maywald man 2 rise up and miller a 
been the man who was aroused big has 
here we started two fingers from 
any teacher how his life itself 
completed the profession 
the twin and are a cinema and tina 
it's during the years from 116 to 2818 
and this swimsuit captive insight 
before this man who was a captive of 
satan before but like what he 
wants and he was therefore converted 
crystallizes bravo he started to 
study his bible younis sort period and 
during this two-year period as 
in our territory and five days he has 
been under the belief that in 25 
years fright night in night in vitro 
must be from 1818 to 1843 
of abidjan that the world would be judged neither 
the iphone china in agreement with daniel 8 
14 you do it a few years later 
higgins public accurate but city night 
in the one he started preaching from 
public way his message from 
18 years old 31 he received a license as a 
that preacher to be able to fish his 
message in 1138 you only have in 33 10 133 
and we know that this date they are 
33 is also an accomplishment of the 
professor marie tifo winston from 
of matthieu 24 when the stars falls 
from the sky 
lord the same year where ten ghost 
oxylan should have we discussed 
already doubt 1840 and to the strain mice 
it was the restriction of islam it's 
you find the white in two ways 
radicalizes wayne rose radical Islam 
was thus withheld egypt egypt at 
worthy sprinter but also the empire 
turkey ottoman was retained 
ap facing the nice tiger-cats they were 
a puppet of 
European kings of nations 
European night in armchair in 1840 and 
he did not make visby even have a few 
years ago and youbi coralie 
kleist is eligible had radicalized 
bad beats rhymes word and grandstands 
to the service moussavi will come from 
sarabia coming back so due from arabia 
south east of eyl jihad and they tried 
to initiate therefore the iron the third jihad 
of borgo and the bible tanus rolling 
south apocalypse trackbusters 13 norisko 
wah wah wah does not call that the 
third jihad but the unhappiness call 
misfortune the third tri-nations 
gateway is so they tried to 
set up this war to 
against the west of the west at 
sport as a restriction was put 
on them and this can be understood and 
find in the secular history of 
good prophetic reasons for which 
they were restricted ikos industry 
because in this story where I 
lies about skin god is in the process 
to raise a people to cornwall wright 
so called the merits hines 
of skin spirit and these people way and 
the boys reels seo is according to him the 
cam am from the bible have been 
sealed obenga of gaza where were put 
together gathered end and night spect 20 
and alone compared to that when you strain 
10 breath of fresh air at the cabins rigor 
god withheld this war that was going 
to take place in europe 
Gulfstream is taking shape anyway a decision 
sector so that this only could have 
place in peace in security 
Islam to panelists estrie so 
radical Islam was retained in this 
history cape town the control of au 
he was kept under control 
for several years jean raoul 
generation and then 
our own generation astrid began to 
be while the story starts to get 
repeat of sendai namek's advice 
secret ring game you can see from 
again the same dynamics take place where 
ten cost eye pro lighting for iphone 
we discussed slab of the date 
from april 244 ciao ciao from melrose quality 
dates of the affluent people show of 
how moved are the rites that in 
calculate their date their time as 
cuddly beinerman of widgets because they have 
combined the Roman calendar with the 
Jewish calendar and uses its designations 
hating 6 tons they used the same 
celebrity beauty staffing system 
of yesterday but they changed these are 
past 2 are they changed donkeys and 
shape wings and spring two years 
from winter to spring are 
springsteen must spring 2144 
with the beginning of the year by the king 
for iphone was so the beginning 
for them of the year of the 144 alone and I 
presume you've seen this before 
cards that are available yabi 
strong and active at the ritual and a year has 
sold 140 of tripoli street charlie 
miller and had produced the map of 243 
escaudain and she's called as well as 
paquin haiti because he predicted the 
return of crisis so in 1843 a ball 
writing to be free but in language 143 
1843 orders of the spring of 1843 
until spring 2005 art deco 
they thought that daniel 8,14 was going 
be accomplished by that date the second 
south day home at this stage 
but while that date were 
passed had realized their mistake 
stadium and high and sand reviews 
they are encumbered so their studies they 
have how they understood that this is 
was passing another young bills that politely 
tribe suffered a rotten summer it should not 
to be the year of 143 but it should be 
the year 44 settle down a bone x man down 
is particularly there was still 6 
so they were from the spring of 144 
until the autumn of 140 starts the era 
referrals from the holders of these 
standards in terms of size and there they have 
discovered that ultimately that this 
date was the second day of the seventh 
in accomplishing daniel 8 14 or 
soda light in haiti we saw that in 
will be notified prophecies prophet 
william miller is identified in the 
prophecy as being a prophet him 
jumped when we saw this as 
of the player but we saw that at 
from the book of 2.0 names cat wright 
a chapter 18 will be shed 18 teams 
at the best right in haiti what we 
brings to the year 10 818 an activity is 
while we will have lyon that opened 
his 19 8 yes we read of riders 
pros does that the lord will spark a 
prophet light moïse essoh mundo this price 
and that those people who refused 
to listen to this prophet or beat it shows 
and so would be destroyed prologue of this 
teacher nisand ps and not the app that 
this prophecy in his own period 
of time to big cydia like the 
other apostles and reading x10 pro sauce 
and in a particular way we read 
in conquering peaceful chapter is 
the in actors 3 street down we will connect 
that one 
antoine waechter neither betray his 22 and 23 
at 3 verse 22 and 23 because Moses said 
to the father the lord your god you 
will raise up among you brothers a 
prophet like me you will listen to all 
the things that will tell you it will happen that 
any soul that he will not listen to this 
prophet will be exterminated from the midst of 
only richman people application app benefits 
so stone is going to make an application of 
this new prophet to the musicians directs 
inoki this prophet 
originally it's moose drop stains 
courses exist but he will apply it to 
jesus your tweets and verse 20 and 
jesus christ who will send you to summer 
preached before 
yes but in application but we are 
do an application of the spurs nor to 
symbols sent meira that this person 
it is also a symbol of william 
mill the mayor of god you remember 
that jews and the chapter one in luc 
1 and a table or in Latin 
john dahlback from apple we will go back to 
this verse but he thinks it's him 
who wanted but there that miller ospina 
uttered toothpaste has been identified 
as this prophet the touch mouse 
who was so Moses said to have done himself 
we have ten teachers and the cases the 
conclusion of this prophecy gloves 
d'audard acté that I directed spirit 
pau jean michel so his father eric 
wright in cash and it would have been 
asked to listen to this person 
did not dare youtube destroyed otherwise it will be the 
people would be lost the referrals 
all want in Istria and we are told 
in verse 23,2 act iii and its 
details or bistro at that time they 
will be destroyed 
among the people of grandpa world price for 
the people enough the people of god 
we dance we made you say dance disco 
united title and then we saw that 
miller received his credentials in 
1933 and the gray morita 6 mt and in agreement 
with Jeremiah 6,17 and big blue is soaked 
so he started ringing the 
trumpet to that the pink annunciator 
anna lindh return of cain who proclaimed 
so the return of the king to the president of st 
george's or the purification of 
sanctuary the judgment in the iphone is 
given to 8 14 and say badly so this 
man was so a screaming voice 
in the desert strike and ports which so 
prepare the championship 
we started wit we saw that this 
edf esteem you and that's 58,12 at 
jump beam identified as you drive is 
also described as being the foundation of 
several generations 
this one we see there that make it a 
foundation that is being laid 
we saw and we also saw at 
producers writing crowd title 'because 
that he was producing the year 
of 143 in the countries that reigned there 
before he started preaching ten 
years ago 
but because it was for him the 
10th day of the seventh consecutive month of a 
profit from his movements 
so this date before that would be the 
first day of the seventh part question 
nitrites waly fall Helvetic August 23-24 
eastgate champêtre which represents so 
the trumpet festival streams us 
have seen spurs that this person 
is that the watchman annunciator or the 
sentinel are semesters and this 
story becomes made in maine becomes 
so a hoffman accomplishment there 
offers six of several professors 
hoffmann generation of several 
basics or two generations know why 
i know he is right thing and the notes 
in early writings and so-called writing 
leaves in the year 2008 150 icon 
rising christine steinmann will write 
write an interesting statement 
abacha on the cases discos and bistros 
who therefore describes that this story is 
a guy who triturates the card 243 she 
explains that there had been an error on 
the map saint-guillaume style one 
singular error to tripoli sweet way 
to die for 840 344 6 16 and she says 
and even if you will produce a 
new to the old map was to 
stay intact and a lot of people 
did not understand why saving 
provisions they are not going to talk about it 
during this presentation the wind stadium 
but we understand from the estrie that 
the fulfillment of this story 
in Daniel 8 armchairs June 14 
last iphone is here too 
the fulfillment of daniel 8 14 and 
eisenstein spirit of the sources of 
grow in itself and even if it is that 
to lists vying in half the wrinkles that 
was a mistake but learns 44 that has 
the real huge accomplishment in 
our history 
call of both the events we take 
happy we take these 
two event records 
since it's not an application north 
east because both events have 
an application in our history 
primo people to draw this remake the 
wings ty you look at this story and 
design are committed so many mistakes but 
all these errors were wanted by the 
lord and all those little detours and 
that we often tell ourselves that these are 
mistakes and that minerals do not 
did not know what he was doing 
we know it and see now we 
let's start seeing profits at the end of 
count it was achievements of 
the prophecy in application and that this 
an app for us at the end of the 
this we look top 10 one two three oven 
we looked at these four 
optical soizic events is called they 
we had marks we ticked yes 
it's sims of the Cevennes and we 
let's say it's an event beyond 
the same as that of the end when the 
first singer jack knight hippolyte 
also the end of the province of 
the approval 1.9 in october they are 44 
try stenosis focus ex us 
we have seen that it covers 46 years at 
bio this one but we also 
created in 2010 
it is the accomplishment of the messenger 
three years apocalypse fourteen soldiers or 
free state 
these three steps and three messages 
taken from the state of the white trees 
for iphone takes us from 1798 
up to 240 4 stars and risk of 
tornadoes is so this date of 798 
it is the time of the end that this 
monitoring but we will 
focus more on the end time 
youtube league from the west as soon as we 
Detry in ferrières final dilemma buzz 
beauty house daniel 11 40 
daniel 11 pour 40 and as much of hunger 
and as of late the south king I 
nothing against him and the king of the north gets 
stand up tells them about a product like 
swirl with carts and 
riders and a lot of ships there 
will enter the countries and overwhelm them 
and will ignore or dislike this ghost 
days we discussed these verses yesterday 
part of versed we do not have 
still discussed skeptics in zhuhai and 
tell us backup backup adobuzz 
we return to the verse for 
google call back roads but we will 
back to the controls we will look at 
singing to the hunawihr riders his future 
ex of each chair if we go 
in exodus 14 x force an exodus 14 
laughs you know we'll read the verse 
this exodus 14,7 and he prays 600 trolley 
elite and all the trolleys of egypt and 
captains on each of them nv snj 
and verse 9 may the Egyptians the 
pursued and all the horses and 
chariots of pharaoh 
these riders are armed the Athenians 
as they were camped at the edge of the 
sea ​​near philip roth in front of basle and 
are spacing apart from sculpture 
this passage of historical writings 
gipsy swing abruzzo it's 
the story of the Egyptians who pursue 
the Hebrews s gate bridge while they 
were going to the red sea annick 
week cart appendices and it connects the 
tanks and riders 
yes ten men and the town halls sad 
reindeer with army or strength 
military face mios then a samuel 
total jean 13 1 samuel 13 
a samuel 13 
each family cat potted puss the same 
will read verse 5 2 1 samuel 13 and the 
Philistines assembled to fight 
against yzeure israel and 30000 trolley and 
six thousand horsemen and a people was 
like the sand that is on the edge of the 
sea ​​an elemental multitude and that 
lose to mitch match ales of beethoven 
the oxford one did the history there he 
is alluded to the Philistines or the 
jewels campsites when they came 
to fight israel and charlier osm he 
had carts and riders to 
bourgoin your principles and have earned 
additional passages false kingston 
wayne a king 9 
kingston 9 
winx amyot you have to help families or 
the kings 
So we were in Samuel Camille Roy 
and after chronic he sole italie to box 
of the same you these two books after a 
famous music interview of a kings phase 
1 samuel samuel after a king the 
king's speech nine hours and little 
pour 22 a king 9h06 May 22 salomone 
wanted none of the children of israel to be 
served but they were men of 
war and his servants and his princes 
and his captains and leaders of these 
Chariots and his cavalry suspects 
but novo 
so we're talking about men of war 
kenneth which are heroes week in 
relationship with trolleys and 
riders whiteside agnelli the vein of 
this side so in daniel 11 40x 
pittsburgh charlie and week when 
refers to trolleys and 
rider store bars but the 
sad reindeer so he speaks forcefully 
military rmani mobilegov e6 and yaoundé 
it's a lot more Bible verses 
which deals with this issue of 
local currencies chips we will watch 
now so Greek ship at 5 years old we 
will now go into two chronicles 
facebook taurines lite we were at 
three or four pounds after two 
it's still echo chapters christmas we're going 
in the corner 
it's corey niwa of chronicles 9 21 
because the king's ships went to 
tarchiche with his serve them 
servants of dirhams 
once every three years the 
tarchiche ships brings in gold 
ivory silver and wise men and swans 
desist at the solomon thistle there one 
talk about salomon esi begin stribe then 
that he starts to trade 
International Chrome Bone Trade 
international the way we try rome he has 
did the work with hiram elite oxbow 
chips and we indicate trachea and we are 
talk about ships going to tarchiche 
of the board and you can see some 
trading nations trading 
with these nations a single figure 
economic named awa and so ships 
become a symbol of a force to 
economic powers 
sandrine cevennes we will now dom 
without this sum, Psalm 107 
112 points that went through 23 sums without 
7,23 those who go down to the sea in 
ships trading on the 
large areas it is oxibar of that one 
ships must be mentioned 
of business who trade commerce ships 
race and love comes to business 
ships are a symbol of commerce 
in Ouémo and we will take another 
probable of shiwan proverb 31 to 6 
ginobili a passage where we should be 
a highly wagered medium a roadster 3 
914 proverb 31 verse 14 
she's like the merchant ships 
she brings her food by far this week 
good wife so they make a comparison 
with a godly woman our medicine 
chips like them from the merchant ships of 
brink food frankfurt that bring the 
food by far game chips 
archambault of economic and economics 
take to trade so again the 
ships are a symbol of commerce 
economic strength of 
Trade and City Hall gbagbo wants 
if he was or assignments and to a lot 
of biblical opponents who talks about that 
it's bat daniel alves vote so if 
we go back to daniel 11 40 
the opponents asp of the last part 
of the verse tells us what amazon world 
wind she 
it comes like a whirlwind with 
trolleys and riders a lot of a 
plane so we have chaory 
roh week ancients we have 
wagons of the swimmer riders and this 
symbol and it's a homily symbol of 
military and art and coming home 
economics 13 businesses forces 
the ex trade of merit restraint en 
common subtracted so it's a symbol 
military and economic force and 
i'm singing in this context and thursday 
in this context is this northern smoke 
states is the fulfillment of 
united states the kiala network which is the 
first military power and 
economic in the world 
9:15 am and we will re-read the 
beginning of the verse daniel 11 40 and 
as much of the end the south king will come 
against him and the king of the north will stand 
against him like a whirlwind with 
riders' carts and a lot of 
ships median sum 
we read that at the end time at 
restart and ryan russell showcase that we 
have already established that the time of the 
phase 1798 its six previous ellen 
white tells us so clearly at 
free office kde military but we 
are also able to calculate this 
he cleans to success using the 
1968 this is what we are told mdn the 
fraq weather in the south michigan 
the king of the south will push against him in 
Casinos are Canadian champions 
stream and then the king of the north will come 
content and guen like a whirlwind 
richard rios manager with tanks of 
horsemen and 
we saw then we hope that this 
installment is a repetition a 
it's for those of you 
who are who are new this level 
from the baby to the principal is a 
biblical principle important views number 
swing swing and during this 
week we used it at several 
thomas steinmann but often the bible 
movie style statement then goes 
repeat the declaration one of his sheets 
reading robbing proteins and if you 
did a superficial reading 
you're going to think it's two 
different things 
michael is like a list where you 
Quinn asked so hot that means 
that in the end it's sequential to 
wave however has only one place I have you 
showed hockey studies 
if you look with that name leave that 
it's not a price list of 
it's a repetition an enlargement 
oft nismo dancer and often there is 
more than two 
when you said i wind land when you 
see this repetition this island 
in six rounds 6 2 6 1 the students and no 
do not think of this as being a 
list to see them sequentially 
on this decision 
pnc it was said that it was abc warwick in 
stand by and we understood that 
it was a huge price it was a 
repetition an enlargement this one 
xbox1 we saw that the a and shapely 
equal it is an independent withdrawal 
and olic masters and and it's celebrating 
using the lean sony teach method 
by the writes and hazelnuts winch is 
dense and varied 28.16 euros hoped 
we are told that the synthesis that laughs 
of spirit pau will teach the people of 
god to dig about what truth is 
eugene deter music using this 
trumpet message 
usain you're strange lake who is a 
a new or a new language 
strange a good spirit for world the 
times and the god people do it 
will not understand info paito mozambique 
and they will fall they will go back 
kill me in sterling laye unless they 
are willing to investigate and 
struts to investigate severity 
because inside is so 
a power that has the ability to 
convert the stars there are talents 
there were 28 special way to him 
pay 10 to 13 
texting proof is talking to us about the 
method of proof by the text and 16 
wang main product complete 
healthy principles compares another 
principle that bone and trucks take 
language but he also speaks to us about 
the anthem highlights fries prone fries 
sentence on sentence ich tripoli and 
history about the history of sprints 
poetry rest and it's important for 
we understand this principle of a 
embargo lorenzo poor there is also a 
another biblical principle which is 
important or another law 
scholastic witi strip tease this is the 
mayor's water trap and that's a 
high art or high art mirror 
reflections or reflection a reflection 
c x16 
soul disco at 6 3 this break 
because esteem and networks thinking it was 
a mirror a reflection a reflection have 
been tested and we showed if 
we have a piece of paper that we 
pray past end and that has reasons the 
pure madness years after 
if you fold it you do not open 
new of the g10 reflection so you'll have 
this reflection and ribery top of nonsense 
main and everyone is familiar 
with this police principle as in the 
bible this is called the structure that 
is in forgiveness in elementary school 
this is called the reflection of the six one 's 
oil to six round atmani and that's it 
one of these few verses is there 
not a lot of fighting in ten rounds 
of heathrow that combines this rule with 
this is the first we would like 
see a can you he's widower daniel side 
11 40 and englund scam does that 
it's a repetition and an enlargement 
tells us that the king of the south will come 
against him after the king of the north will come 
against 6 after kaolin dubai and in 
English separated by a coma a 
1.12 semicolon death 
that borders this sentence is surprised of 
death price and a repeat rep 
the first sentence bbb repeats has failed 
steal a dinner it so you put it 
underneath brice oseary flexner cryan 
but it's also a good reflection 
a chiasm isolating a reflection the 
here is our line of thinking 
this one from blue line up all night line 
and we see that blue 
aline and that red too what we 
have written again levy tightens in 
below because you know and starwood 
estimated because we would like 
understand who the council is and 
you can see text proof news 
only if we make a proof 
by the text of this verse and will take 
the world in and we were taking 
let's take the word him and we 
let's go to this payment 
woodstock we would think of vat that the 
where eco-friendly is equivalent to 
nights of luy dulin who go him from bbc 
because it's the same word d to mike 
says meaning so right 
woods bagot if you read a word 
in the wilaya of oued saab 
just like the moussa bast at the beginning I say 
yes of sabine all the verses that speaks 
of the Sabbath speaks of the same thing of the same 
eye of the tarids one world 
remember we did that with 
a snack title of go sport in connection with 
the gospel in style links the news 
no you life isabelle l iss rebuild the 
remember we watched home or 
news from woodside in the go sport 
the good news of the gospel we 
just have to link that word news 
or last he has wonderful it takes 
with daniel 11 44 28 riding area at 
senate on news from 
from the east and the north it is brilliantly 
is everyone in agreement 
with its inx size than when the 
Bible speaks of news and goff high 
this is the gospel ja yes yes that's it 
is we found this yesterday alone and 
you betrayed 
if it is the case of machined system of cool 
using this method of proof 
by the text go zahia twenty aït bahi 
this talented verse 10 and 13 
pretext pretense taken is a precept 
you take it your wheels on the raid get 
rule lightweight riding we take the word 
news or at lichtenberg we are looking for 
in the Bible where these last ones 
many mistakes must and we will 
find daniel November 44 is cheesy 
our god tells us the news in 
from the north and east and smos 
read go sport but if it has to be 
so the face of the pretty wang gospel 
in spo it is only in his gospel 
decide before taste of this country it is 
so to avenge them the eternal who is 
mentioned the wave yet finished you 
crackles woodcock crackled we must 
divide the word of god correctly 
a search justice town hall alexandria 
if we use this rule for him 
use of the world is the signs and 
numbers you're going to think the word to 
him the same it's the same 
no one in the assault verse 
26.2 magnette and that's what a lot 
of spurs industry pipeline artists 
he thinks that in this verse there are three 
people who do not know it renault the king of the south is his 
king of north brych took place but I you 
will show steinbach mining windows and 
cry hassan so a good correction 
understanding included but small 
enlargement breasts is the case each 
game this shows us they do not know 
than the south king like ken stream when 
you come against un and scream 
that of the sind transport reflections 
you see the principle of reflection and 
king of weddings is the king of north of 
qingdao is the king of the north to come 
again stream will come against him from 
scream and that one 
kinshasa the king of the south the world is big 
east asian what this verse on stage and 
this cotton of the end of his life with a 
other cash counter who will have support 
against the king of the north and then the king 
of the north takes revenge against the king 
south and wendake heynckes river john 
two rooms and when the king of the north for 
his revenge on the king of the south 
cart hostni to have he uses for 
do this work loads of trolleys 
of the cavalry and ships tank or 
to die in your forest we already have 
identified ally of 30 aids 
we have here as much of the end of the spurs 
win we will repeat again 
this verse rico ah yes disdain and we will 
remember how we did 
and that at 16 we are told both 
trains become much hunger 
yapen to his passes and 2016 then he says 
that's what feeds loaned because 
that he will repeat it in modern times 
as much of the hungry country barely dropped 
past the mahb hybrid rice in over 
remember in the original version 
these armed attacks diene he has us 
as much of hunger and al kaoun bi2 points 
and b his decision 
it's a repetition of enlargement 
of its median savannah so much of 
the princess it's axa its happened and 
so much of the end also at iembe so 
a and b and qingdao 
it's the king of the south as against the king 
from the north the kings of our is the king of 
north like gaza finally against the king 
from the south following swift correa and it is this 
that we have the country's rating and we 
have repeated one intended to remedy 
this date where so much of hunger and 
seventeen in haiti at 1798 and 6 of 
it's the deadly wound whistled 
while they were inflicted on the 
king of the north and seventeen in the antilles in 
1798 white winter and we entered 
in detail in this story the six 
it's France do you want to be 
limits of events that the 
mortal wound to the papacy then that 
I am necessarily very worried because 
that just before 1798 this french 
revolution through the revolution 
French returns France switches 
shaped kingdom hearts of kingersheim 
has passed from the king of the north 
from south east of eyl I think we have 
had it's apocalypse 11 opened this 
sentence me like the new dawn france 
has become a new power bravo 
16 a unique rate woods hope to enjoy 
the Bible says in keeping with the spirit of 
prophecy if to the right we should have the 
say differently to let newman 
italic style paoua it's a 
new manifestation of power 
Nicotine is therefore of France 
enter the scene as king of the south 
books and paperbacks and 
inflicting a lethal wound on the 
papacy happy swings and this was 
spent in europe ipe and civrieux re la 
papacy reigns over europe will go europe 
he puts his guts away from his mysteries 
babylone the member to wemade to slaps 
china remember how we 
did this relationship for two 
dairies story cyrus we based ourselves on 
the literal story of cyrus to babylon 
and sears did that God's people 
kind of babylone to get to the 
glorious country hussain mehsud 
so we see the same story of 
haiti tanks whose middle ages built 
likely babylone candidate for 
return to the country buriaud this decision 
we said that the only europe city 
united states and there is the pdc 
the old world new wave and this is the 
new world this of these is the sea 
they were the land 
facing symbol and three symbols that 
repeats the denial of saïbi who speak 
all of the same story 
rv like teen apocalypse press the iphone 
this meeting had apocalypse 17.8 
4:10 pm to awa and tells us that this 
power pc the beast's papacy the beast 
or right isa will rise to 100 km 
we will read new apocalypse 17 
the sight apocalypse 17 verse 8 the 
beast that you saw was no longer and 
she will show the bottomless pit and 
without harming the perdition 
it's this we see dead space we saw 
that this beast birds the ear that 
kate envy is dead 
she died charlie white horse and 
out timely mind she will rise or 
rise of the apf rise make it one of 
places as a kind of china and then to 
read to perdition wouri to toothpaste 
we have already identified four 
cabinet symbols to your good spirits 
mézois that we have already identified the 
meaning therefore the symbol of some 
thing rising from the bottomless pit 
What does it mean 
newman the style of this talk about it wants 
say a new manifestation of the 
power can u go back for supply 
chain and if we go back apocalypse this 13th 
streaks verse 3 focuses too much 13.3 and 
I saw one of her heads as if she 
was wounded to death and his wound 
mortal was healed and the whole world 
marvel and following the road or 
cd space so you see this beautiful of 
century boys of them received a 
mortal wound saint martin antilles 
in 1798 indicates steve lee woon and this 
lethal wound of a video is going to be 
time that heal one inscribes in total is 
cured and scan ps must or cash 
of birds rectif form of debt 
it will be a resurrection of this beast 
risen from the dead 
wally with the red sea dogs crowbar 
to aubin and when she resuscitates it's 
she rides from a well witches 
Occitan event news is that they 
represent a new event 
power held in thinking 
when the papacy line deneault the king 
bruschet top of his 21 years that was 
killed in 1798 is gonna come back va 
taïg khris bendjo port of qingdao and will 
take revenge on the king over 
the watering island 
when she does this work to 
reserves 2p she resurrects from and 
goods and events 
it will be a new manifestation these 
five beast if the same beast of opinion line 
of his better off mine but there are 
something new about it yes 
no and we know of pc is what the 
papacy it's a church symbol list 
which symbolizes a widow like your 
twenties the apocalypal 2.20 to fire like 
being who lie in bo the abel yes soro 
and we saw the baroque sharps 
smartphone jezabel is married to who has 
aie aie aie aie in the king 
and 3i jiabao 
and if this label are conducted on Saturday it's 
a woman symbol of the Turkish church 
instyle has a church relationship and to 
the church has no power to do 
anything patty schnyder 
on the other hand the state yes this wind taipei 
when the papacy and a pitt riser is going 
climb from the pit kids and grail 
from his tomb to start doing the 
war on the southern kings at the zenith 
what does she need and no but 
she needs an army of sums and 
the gaps but this is just a video 
far from the realities speak it will not be 
not the old army she had in 
this story there europe exists on 
glide nice the honor she will use 
the most powerful nation of the earth 
economic stress that owns the 
better weapon and the military force and 
economic forces says knight states 
united states cpc so we see the 
papacy the wii the rakes total success 
does the united states davis where 
she will use 
united states to accomplish the task then 
that she starts war with the king of 
but the south king in this story 
bose franz was France and not France 
was at your fingertips but at the end of the 
world is no longer France 
if st die yesterday they end up signing 
to the united player was named we have 
ended up saying it was russia in 
1989 this we will spend ps3 and sir 
damien traille tina let's go 
a little time to demonstrate that rather 
for nine 6 faye white white the who has 
we want to start with 496 500 8 538 the 
shales campaign of privacy la 
clovis libya conversion like the 
crash in big n strike 
when he became a Christian began 
on the side of the papacy might be 
Portuguese bigorre he made war 
with the Portuguese Visigoths who 
prepared to see it so that the clean 
papacy can sit on the throne of 
the land is 138 taipei follow to 
sixties the papacy ruled for a thousand 
two hundred and sixty nine Roma and the 
france but as the first are asked 
was the first eldest daughter of the 
papacy fpc papacy news isaf 
using this phrase from france the 
france to the clinton was so a kingdom 
three birdies therefore feels at a level 
it is a son of berriane swiss made a 
indeed sense to his parents his mother 
our work but another week level 
of taste but no it's a man a 
temarii they are married has been 
gouaille and married women 
the naimo say that 
and the name of this church eyed peas and 
of the papacy and quang ninh north 
it's the king of the north or disks to 
staouéli have already spoken 
wang arrow when they got married 
have become a single flesh france la 
France as the king renault became 
so the king of the north does not want to be friends 
daily of 10 estrie but at the moment 
where you arrive at the end of this 
history an insulator and Islam or just 
polished triptych was used to punish 
so the papacy the Chinese relay 
study this case is also little 
qualifying 9 which we discussed yesterday there 
does not have long guesses at the side of the roads 
like the singers does not do anymore but 
the work to which it was agreed 
9 who had entrusted him this month god 
so I think that nice or strong dino 
so will place in the heart 
gold sites to nick night in this 
Russian satanic nation following pc who 
so follows the papacy title out for 
continue a destroyed by day for 
change sides and destroy so the 
misdated papacy on August 3 
he's going to turn away his bonus of wons he 
will therefore separate from the woman and 
reflections and so eat his sister shoe 
here is a french revolution of the wind 
during the french francis revolution 
zawada typhoid 
the France is identified and its 
manager as being therefore sodom and 
Egypt She is watching this saline 
country and egypt is the country of the south 
a single sentence like that so France 
takes the symbol of the king of the south al fida 
mike says I hope it makes sense to 
windham semester 
I would like to take you to 
stories before that 
sometimes is made of a form of racism 
we have to go a little bit to five hundred 
years ago at art galleries new 
chapter eyed peas christmas we go in daniel 
daniel 8 verse 9 and one of them 
pulled out a little horn that was supposed to 
extremely tall towards the south towards 
east to the beautiful country 
10 boss is hit by the drones in 
this verse tells us about a 
little horn of biguine stogran who has 
started to grow 
he grabs wax is great and says she 
grew up or really east east 
when to forget that and the country gorilla 
to Fiji below and south 
nardelli throne so now seven 
little horns what disappoints us who is going 
accomplish this task and paige lawrence 
and the pagan woman in the snow in town 
to pay 9 forex traders she will go 
east of peggy e and the south which 
must drop six pipeline tnp titles 
in no less 64 years 8 months 63 and -31 
albatross is this battle 
of Heilbronn that the pagan ace pagan adwea 
10 enemies with his enemies of this 
unbelievable liquid the lucid empires is 
to be friend kane by the Ottoman Empire 
old days and all that looks like 
to crises it is a symbol of greece 
an assistant to newton we know to 
from bike and run bike daniel 
diaries that the pagan Rome has overthrown 
greece said every rider that name and 
daniel 8.9 charge these streaks us 
show this story a we know it 
16,10 to water and we know it says 
the south also indicates the east 6 it's 
nothing is syria is gay and there it is 
the egypt of this look is one of the roles 
but there the Seleucids has them all 
geographical limits 
and if I show you the geography of 
chlorine sites this 
if that's standard in the most glorious 
so here it is Syria undecided and eyes 
and there is egypt that sell there 
z series a deferred from east but even if 
the series is identified as being at 
comfortable in this line of glory this in 
principle yes it's placed north of the 
Glorious country for the bolide design I 
all this symbolism and jean daniel eleven 
is presented in daniel 11 soldiers neither 
the coming of daniel 11 october and sam 
persisted we're going quickly 
some verses there 
we thank you ride and you want it again 
cyrus we will read last say it the 
verse 1 which tells us in the years the 
third year of cyrus king october the 
king of father france now jean paul j 
so here it is the kingdom of May spiked a 
tool biffaud grid so what is 
before greece you close the betas 
estrie we are all familiar with 
this story roudouane chapter and 
after 4 eleven the cat chapter 11 
ves wang in the verse a stir in the 
first year of darius the soymeans 
here guillaume gabriel xp kindt of lamb 
by the daniel mesguich ats torres in the 
So first year of the same Saïbi 
way I helped darius at webstory this 
i'm going to help cyrus from a post or pour 
2 caillebot begins to explain the 
cherrytree gabriel will start at 
explain the story coming here king 
the rising projects edi which will amount to 
kings one pierces a detail or ginsberg 
and you start to make war on the 
greece withdraws from sport go between 
but already it's the fight between the mezzo 
percent in greece of efg greece win win 
we know he won wind gries 
Greece is not it vestri pour 3 she 
will rise helplessly or even who will lead 
of great dominion and will do what he 
will want screenings this great war the 
story of verse 3 and the king of 
greece it is the king of greece of a 
artwork that do we know the name 
of this king mighty kind of greece this right 
powerful of greece to the exodus of grid 
it's alexandre the great 
single tube barry john degrees speaks to us 
so of Alexander the Great 
two funds is open this 4,6 windisch at 
standard he tells us when he gets up 
and mobile scanner broken his kingdom 
will be broken a false dividend not is 
divided to four parties they do not need 
not what gravity what are these 
four parts and this false jen we 
are at the exodus to this are the four 
alexander nadeau john roos's generals 
so these four generals and begin who 
started fighting and getting 
war each other 
a makeup bag and two 
of them are dead and where they are rising 
and they who stayed where you dianov 
we stay with two generals this is the case 
it's rising luc between the astonished eye 
but this place that it's luc rising has 
territoria and took the territory of the 
syria russia and I gave my learned 
the southern territory egypt soil 
of haiti john roos so these two generals 
biguines alone at detroit or 
they started to see what this guy 
who were given them tools shining 
ben spies that are shown so for 5 
and the king of the south will be powerful is one 
of these princes and he will become more 
powerful that he and dominate and his 
domination will be this a great dominance 
and was not nice sex and the 
first part of verse 6 it says 
after a few years they 
will ally and the daughter of the king of the south 
soweto that this parking savannah king 
he makes us speak south right and 
of the king of the North of the studios it's actually 
two verses who we are alexander 
on the two generals of alexander on the 
dock what serious and should make me are 
two styles of notes between mythix size 
what causes takes the north and all the 
put the south and dena authenty of the kings 
of our tests identified as being the 
king of the north declined from this after the 
king of the south 
it's been around for a long time 
has been around for a long time 
the team at the new maquis and dwan do not 
stop waging war 
Furthermore we can not As They reindeer 
as they come to their end drida 
we will read that daniel have in 
daniel 8.23 lee daniels 8 23 23 dany 
one will leave daniel 8.23 and towards the end 
of their kingdom 
when the number of transgressors will be 
accomplished he will raise a king in the face 
cruel and understanding things more 
obscure windows and grease when the 
scenes of the adwya starter strike is 
come we reach the sky when sins 
of Egypt have had hail are 
reached heaven or defeat the 
cabinets look when they have 
filled the cup of the iteka odious league 
within the Canadian kings of faith 
stone will send a king to the face 
cruel against them succeed king of 
pop dance 2 who is this king in the face 
cruel who will trample all who are 
find in front of him spillane beasts and 
the beast to make lamb serve to 
daniel this loot pony tempo that 
has stalled while all things are decided 
kings of faith carlton auxerrois at 
cruel face a disappointing weekend when 
he begins to dismantle and destroy 
greece is in a high tech form it 
did it in four steps 1 parts 
important can turn one 6 10pc 
the first is in lan - 68 games 
iphone bolt that we did not place 
on the annex field nothing but she gets 
find the meuse no they earn each 
premium paid 9 of daniel 8 and texts to 
surya she overthrows syria israel 
israel by giving one is egypt and the 
last these results happens even low 
remember in egypt and egypt the 
qingdao city 
it's the king of the south of kendo sources 
and there it was the king of the north 
so when our own when the pagan woman 
and space grace destroyed the mouth at the 
greece has whitelock kaino and so takes 
so she takes the title of king of the north 
only michael vick in pagan Rome becomes 
the king of the north to es17 writer tube 
then try 31 - 38 years of beating 
Bakhtin at the battle of actium of the six 
will be spitting there it is Cleopatra queen 
means the queen of Egypt gijn origin 
itself low remember it is not 
not issue 106 gray a joy that 
this figure grishin princess an egypt 
she's a Greek princess but who 
directs egypt and wang qing of 
Heilbronn and when the king of the north ace 
rome pagan lolita kandaw series at a 
already overthrown syria at the risk of 
kiteboard pipeau she has already submitted the 
god people funds will incite external of 
qingdao finally overthrows the king of 
kanye west as the sort office and at this 
moment the south king is no longer in 
the story this tiguan pc in lan - 31 
cervantino up to 10,798 huanta tall 
dj's 1 mile close to 1000 8800 year 
the king of the south is no longer in history 
six toros of king there it's just 
the history of the northern king oasis work 
and how they access goes up there in 
power the mecca these are lots 
then he puts a fingers of the Sunday 
spain share strong trump is at this 
moment there he is punished by the four 
trumpets go fast and that 
prepares the way for the papacy has acceded 
to the throne said fanny as street 
fighter and the papacy accedes to the throne 
finally 538 series men breaking dawn 
remember the papacy it's also the 
king of the north mixing lots she puts 
also a Sunday law the dudes 
are lots and when it establishes its 
Sunday law and that the beetle is 
she will also be punished 
it's not just lips 9 white the white 
house by two misfortunes mike bauer 
gamespy pc you start to make me 
war so had not turned upside down at 
entertainment and the elite gentlemen 
fail in their mission of a code 
so then just the rhythm network is going 
resurrect who serve him the king of 
he's going to resurrect the south king author has 
been a big audience 
after more than 1800 years little fencing 
greenhouse delegate but their southern month 
it's no longer the literal egypt of a 
fate of my team 
now it is called energy France 
France makes too much qingdao 
who thus assumes the role of the king of the south 
in this work and she thus fulfills her 
a reagan affidavit and after it is 
more in the story of new v6 of 3 
may m 
because this is the time of the end 
king of his line of our king of the north 
of isker dies the nbn then it's gonna be 
green this network is it will start to 
resurrect is there when he resurrects 
and wang junqing he wants to take the 
revenge on the southern king continues 
to install an appendix presentation is going 
continue our study on the 
following presentation the brilliant mind 
at verifone celestial father there was a 
destiny while we try to 
understand mid-size bar 
dinars in mind 
on the tone of hunger in our own 
story to post after minds she's us 
to have clear minds of we might 
a lot of things we have to 
can understand truths that you 
wish we see tobacco this 
who told us zeng that these things are 
of infinite importance of the holidays and 
bikers were they have an effect on 
a guru mentality mentality but this 
daichi lock the eternal gospel for 
our timely bendo to have and 
snowy expect us all our 
energies in destroy stalls for 
understand these truths prize to six 
we pray of anji sleep